Shamrock Run needs volunteer photographers!!

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Feb 062016
Shamrock Run needs photographer volunteers!

Shamrock Run needs photographer volunteers!

Looking for volunteer photographers to help us capture participants enjoying the Newport Shamrock Run. This event has a 5k, 10k, and Kids Run and a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit the Toledo Elementary School.

We are looking for enough volunteers to have photographers out on the course as well as at the start/finish line.

The event will last just a few hours on Saturday March 12th with participants checking in around 8-8:30am and photographer volunteers needed about 8:45am to capture some of the costumes and folks visiting prior to the start time of 9:30am. Finishers of 10k will be approximately 90 minutes after that. Food/Drink/Awards afterwards at Rogue.

All volunteer photographers will be given a race t-shirt, food/drink at the post-race award party, and maybe a few other goodies and thanks for participating in this charitable event.

If you are interested, please send an email to: and it will reach the Photo Director, Kerry Terrel.

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Male body washes ashore 7 miles north of Florence

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Feb 062016

coast guard logo

The body of an unidentified male has washed up on the beach about seven miles north of Florence.

The body was discovered early Saturday afternoon and reported to Oregon State Police which has launched an investigation into who the man may have been and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Two fishing boats went down off Coos Bay in mid January killing three crewmen – two from the F/V Eagle III and one from the F/V Sara Jo.

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Newport: Raw sewage spilling from 48th Street pump station

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Feb 062016

Reports coming in to News Lincoln County indicate the 48th Street sewer pump station started overflowing again Saturday afternoon, dumping raw sewage onto Agate Beach near the Agate Beach Wayside.

Public Works crews ran out there and discovered that for some reason, one of the two pumps decided not to self-activate like it’s supposed to. So for a time the pump station backed up and out poured the sewage into the creek, rather than to the sewer plant at South Beach.

Public Works Director Tim Gross told News Lincoln County that they have no idea why the pump didn’t kick on like it was supposed to. He said the pump station requires two pumps to keep the sewage flowing properly to the South Beach Wastewater Plant. Both pumps badly needed replacing so they got one overhauled and put back in to service. The second pump is currently being rebuilt. Gross said it should be back to the 48th Street pump station in about a week. In the meantime the temporary back-up replacement for the second permanent pump is all they have to rely on to ensure both pumps are shouldering the load. But he added that once the rebuilt pump is back in service this shouldn’t happen again.

Gross said the entire 48th Street pump station is getting a complete rebuild starting in the Summer of 2017. Several other pump stations in the area also being rebuilt.

Gross reminds us that a lot of Newport’s sewer lines and pump stations are decades old – some older than half a century and it’s just going to take time to bring them up to date. And he adds that finding all the money to pay for it won’t be easy.

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Oceanlake Elementary goes on lock-down – Suspicious man wants inside “to pick up his kids.”

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Feb 062016
Oceanlake Elementary Lincoln City Google Earth image

Oceanlake Elementary
Lincoln City
Google Earth image

On Friday at 1:35 pm, staff from Oceanlake Elementary school called 911 to report an unidentified was at the front door pushing the call button to gain access to the school. Staff said they didn’t know who he was. When they asked for his name he refused to answer and continued to repeatedly push the door buzzer. The man was described as a white male adult, wearing a grey sweatshirt and blue jeans.

Staff learned that the man had earlier contacted a janitor at a rear door to the school, but was told to go to the front of the school and check in with the office if he wanted to pick up his children. When the man appeared at the front door he was visibly agitated and upset.

Because the man refused to identify himself and continued to try to gain access into the school, the school was placed on lockdown. Lincoln City Police Officers responded to the location with full flashing lights and sirens. When the police pulled up, the man had left.

As a precaution, a Lincoln City Police officer remained on scene at Oceanlake Elementary until the end of the school day. Additional officers were posted at each school in Lincoln City for the final bell release. The man did not return to Oceanlake Elementary.

If anyone has any information about the man or his identity, please contact Sr. Officer Oscar Escalante at the Lincoln City Police Department at 541-994-3636.

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Seaside Police Officer cut down trying to serve felony assault arrest warrant

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Feb 062016
Officer Jason Gooding Murdered while trying to serve a warrant on a wanted man in Seaside.

Officer Jason Gooding
Shot dead while trying to serve a warrant on a wanted man in Seaside.

Friday night at 9:22 PM Seaside Sergeant Jason M. Goodding and a partner police officer made contact with Phillip Ferry, age 55, from Seaside. FERRY was walking down Broadway and was known by the officers to have a warrant for his arrest. Sergeant Goodding and the other officer attempted to place FERRY under arrest for the felony assault warrant. FERRY resisted and the other officer deployed less than lethal force, a taser. FERRY fired a shot and struck Sergeant Goodding. The other Seaside police officer returned fire and shot FERRY.

Both Sergeant Goodding and FERRY were transported to local hospitals. Sergeant Goodding and FERRY died at the hospitals due to their injuries.

Sergeant Goodding was 39 years of age and lived in the Seaside Community. He is survived by his wife and school aged children. Sergeant Goodding graduated from Sherwood High-School and earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University. Sergeant Goodding was hired by the Seaside Police Department in April of 2003. During his tenure he worked as a patrol officer, detective, and a patrol sergeant. Sergeant Gooding also dedicated time to his community by coaching several different sports teams within the Seaside area.

Senate Bill (SB) 111 establishes protocols when an agency is involved in an officer involved shooting investigation. SB 111 mandates a separate agency lead the investigation. The Oregon State Police has been asked to conduct the investigation with the assistance of the Clatsop County Major Crime Team. The Major Crime Team is comprised of officers from Seaside Police Department, Astoria Police Department, and the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office, Cannon Beach, Warrenton Police Department, and the Oregon State Police.

There will be no additional information regarding the officer involved shooting until the investigation is completed.

The Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation will assist with the funeral of Sgt. Goodding. The date and time will be made available as soon as possible.

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Toledo woman loses home to early morning fire – seeks community help.

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Feb 062016

Nothing left of Virginia Tardaewether's home on Yaquina Bay Road.

Nothing left of Virginia Tardaewether’s home on Yaquina Bay Road.

3am Thursday fire got to big of a head start for Toledo Firefighters to save it.

3am Thursday fire got to big of a head start for Toledo Firefighters to save it.

Click photos to enlarge
Toledo Firefighters were called out at 3am Thursday morning to a report of a growing house fire on Yaquina Bay Road. They pulled up to see flames 30 feet in the air coming from a wood house. There wasn’t much they could do but contain it and prevent it from causing a forest fire.

Owner Virginia Tardaewether and her two roommates and pets are now homeless. Virginia was visiting her new granddaughter in Florida at the time and has elected to stay there until she can get her homeowner’s insurance to begin covering the loss. She’s also working to help her roommates to recover their losses as well. Both roommates got out, but one of them suffered burns while trying to put the fire out while it was limited to a corner of a room.

Bottom line: Friends have set up a Go Fund Me account to receive donations to help Virginia and her roommates secure new clothes and a new place to live while a new house is built. Anyone who would like to donate whatever they can to help ease the trauma of this tragedy can do so by simply clicking here where you’ll also see more photos and more details on this huge loss.

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Weather or Not: Dialed-in for Drying

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Feb 062016

Chris Burns Weather

Saturday, Feb. 6th – Lincoln County

Summary: As predicted, the long drawn-out wet and windy siege we’ve been under for almost two months went out with a bang yesterday. The storm front arrived about noon and the breeze started picking up. By 4:00pm, sou’westers were gusting 50 mph and the rain began. Total precipitation was around a quarter of an inch before the tap was turned off in the evening. The quick-moving weather system slid off to the east by midnight, the overcast broke apart and the wind was down to 5-10 mph. This morning, scattered clouds and a light east wind portended a dry day.

Newport Airport Conditions…
Ceiling: unlimited
Visibility: 10 miles/Wind: ENE 6 mph/Pressure: 30.32”

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 56F/45F/41mph/0.28”
Depoe Bay: 54F/41F/45mph/0.22”
Newport: 55F/39F/45mph/0.15”
Waldport: 56F/43F/47mph/0.27”
Yachats: 57F/44F/52mph/0.23”

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Forecast: Today marks the beginning of a dry spell which should last into midweek. Expect partly to mostly sunny WON SUN-CLOUDSskies with a high around 55F this afternoon and light east-southeast winds. Some fog develops tonight under a partly cloudy canopy and lows dip to 45F. Mostly sunny tomorrow and warmer as the mercury heads for 60F. Outlook is for sunny with unseasonable highs of 60-65F Monday and Tuesday, mostly sunny Wednesday, high 60F, low 50F, then a return to wet and possibly windy weather Thursday and Friday with temps dropping back to seasonal – highs of 50-55F, lows of 40-45F.

Travel: In the Coast Range this morning, there are possible icy patches on the highways and about 35F in the passes; patchy fog, partly sunny today, temperatures near 50F. Willamette Valley destinations are expecting patchy fog, partly sunny, the thermometer rising to 55F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for a chance of showers, light west winds, highs of 50-55F. For the Cascades, highways have packed snow, slush and spots of ice, temps are 30-35F, carry chains or traction tires; a chance of snow showers and partly sunny today, the snow level is 3,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is mainly dry roads but foggy at times through Sunday night at the lower elevations; gusty east winds developing in the Gorge; in the Cascades, the free air freezing level rising from 7,000 feet tonight to 11,000 feet by tomorrow night.

Surface Rescue

Call or email George today!

Marine: The storm has passed and winds are down to WNW 5-10 knots this morning but remnant seas remain, 12 feet at WON SCA13 seconds. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas is in effect through this evening. SW winds 5-10 knots becoming SE 10-15 knots today, swells 12 feet at 12 seconds subsiding to 10 feet this afternoon. Tonight, SE winds 10-15 knots gusting 20 with seas falling to 8 feet after midnight. SE winds continue tomorrow at 5-10 knots gusting 15, swells 7 feet. Outlook is for E winds 5-10 knots Monday, then southerlies 15-20 knots Tuesday and Wednesday with swells 8-10 feet throughout the extended period. Always check the latest Bar Reports before you venture offshore.

On the Beach… Clouds and sun, light breeze, surf 6-10 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
02/06 Sat 10:13 AM 9.12 H
02/06 Sat 05:03 PM -0.37 L
02/06 Sat 11:42 PM 7.64 H
02/07 Sun 04:55 AM 3.20 L

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In Short: Mixed sky, light wind, clearing, warmer, then back to wet.

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Seaside Police Officer mortally wounded while serving arrest warrant

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Feb 062016
Seaside Police Officer shot  dead while serving an arrest warrant.  Gunman shot by officer's partner.

Seaside Police Officer shot dead while serving an arrest warrant. Gunman shot by officer’s partner.

A 39 year old detective sergeant serving an arrest warrant at a downtown Seaside business didn’t have a chance to exercise the warrant before bullets were coming at him from the person he was supposed to take into custody. The officer went down, but his partner opened fire on the assailant and hit him.

The as yet unidentified gunman was rushed to a local hospital where he was undergoing treatment for gunshot wounds. The officer he shot died of his wounds. He had been with the Seaside Police Department for 13 years.

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Minimum Wage Bill blows out of committee and onto Senate floor

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Feb 052016
Deschutes County lumped in with Valley/Eugene rate

Deschutes County lumped in with Valley/Eugene rate

In a bold move to provide a large boost to Oregon’s minimum wage, Senate democrats quickly passed a new minimum wage bill out of committee and onto the floor for debate and eventual vote.

If eventually signed into law, and Governor Brown said she would, the minimum wage in the Portland Metro would be $14.75 an hour, in Lane and Deschutes Counties it would rise to $13.50 and hour and $12.50 everywhere else. The minimum wage in Oregon is currently $9.25 an hour, two dollars higher than the federal minimum wage.

Here’s more on the story in The Oregonian. Click here.

Another Oregonian article gives more background in the democrats engaging in a maximum battle with republicans over a higher minimum wage. Click here.

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