Master Gardeners Roundtable Series

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Aug 142018

Newport, OR

Lincoln County Master Gardener Association brings back its popular Gardeners Roundtable Series starting August 23. The first session features a demonstration on how to build your own Raised-bed Cloche.

Cloches started out as glass jars placed over individual plants to protect them from cold weather. Now they refer to many types of structures that shelter plants from wind and cold. Gardeners growing vegetables on the coast will benefit from a longer growing season and the options to growing a wider variety of crops. Any plant that is frost-sensitive or requires a longer growing season, such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, melons, and citrus do much better in a cloche.

“Using some wood boards, pvc pipe, UV-treated plastic and a few tools that most people have around the house, it will only take a couple hours to build a 8 x 4 foot cloche,” says Cathi Block and Jeff Olsen, the two Master Gardeners who will build the cloche. “We will provide a detailed materials list and go over all the steps necessary. This is a fool-proof way to learn how to make your own cloche in time for the cold season growing period.”

The cloche building session will take place on the lawn outside of the Community Room at Oregon Coast Community College, South Beach on Aug 23 from 9:30 to 11:30. Participants should bring a folding chair or blanket to sit on the berm for a good view of the action.

Reservations Requested.
Call the LCMGA office at 541-574-6534, ext. 57410 or go to to reserve a seat. Your RSVP ensures adequate seating and handouts. Attendance is free but donations to offset facility fees are welcome.

The 2018 Fall Roundtable Series takes place each 2nd and 4th Thursday from August 23 to October 25. Go to the LCMGA website at for a full list of topics and locations.

About Lincoln County Master Gardener Association (

The Lincoln County Master Gardener™ Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the statewide Master Gardener™ program administered by Oregon State University Extension. Its primary goals are to:​​
* Help Lincoln County residents become familiar with best practices developed by university researchers.
* Promote the benefits of growing vegetables, herbs, natives, and other ornamentals.
* Help gardeners understand and overcome Oregon coastal gardening challenges.
* Provide scholarships for college students to pursue scientific study related to gardening topics.
* Develop demonstration gardens to showcase techniques and provide real-life examples of gardening methods.

Foster gardening activities and learning opportunities for all ages.

About OSU Extension (
The Oregon State University Extension Service celebrates over 100 years of educational outreach. The OSU Extension mission is to convey research-based knowledge that is reliable, relevant, and reachable for Oregon residents to improve their lives, homes, and communities. OSU Extension manages the Oregon Master Gardener program which delivers research-based horticultural information through a network highly-trained volunteers.

To learn more about the Roundtable Series, please contact:
Ann Geyer, LCMGA Education Coordinator
Lincoln County Master Gardener Association

Ambidextrous Space Alien dressed up like a human…coming to Newport Library!

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Aug 142018

The last TRULY LIVE! Show of this summer at the Newport Public Library August 15th!

Wow, this summer certainly flew by. Not only is this guy LIVE (so far) on stage he also has a very good video to entice everyone to come see him do amazing things in confined spaces!

Learn about signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate at free seminar

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Aug 142018

For men who can’t sleep through the night or get through a round of golf without making a trip to the bathroom, there is a solution.

Join board-certified urologist Jeffrey Palmgren, MD, at a free seminar where he’ll share information about the signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate, and the surgical and non-surgical treatment options available.

The seminar will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m., on Thursday, Sept. 20, at the Health Professions Education Center in Lincoln City, located on the campus of Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital. Registration is required and space is limited. To register, visit or call 855-873-0647.

Lincoln City City Council covers a lot of ground Monday night…

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Aug 132018

Sitka Spruce
Regatta Park, Lincoln City
“Nuu-K’wii-daa-naa-ye” “Our Ancestor”
GaryGuide photo

Naming 400 year old Sitka Spuce Tree in Regatta Park

The Siletz Tribe asked the Lincoln City Parks and Recreation Department and the City Council to name a 400 year old growth Sitka Spruce tree at Regatta Park. The Spruce stands tall over a spot on one of the Regatta Park Trails.

The proposed name for the tree was picked by members of the Confederated Siletz Tribes and vetted by the city Parks and Recreation Department. The city council veritably gushed with goodwill toward the Siletz Tribe for coming up with the name for “Our Ancestor,” or Nuu-K’wii-daa-naa-ye” in the Siletz language. The council will prepare the proper notifications and new signage, to declare the new name of the tree that began its life over four centuries ago and if the universe is willing, will continue to stand majestically over the trail at Regatta Park. The declaration was a deeply and profoundly proud and honorable moment for the tribal members, the city council and citizens in the audience.

City Councilor calls for city community news website to debunk false information
City Council Riley Hoagland made a pitch to his fellow councilors that Lincoln City City Hall should have a social website to more efficiently interact with the citizens of Lincoln City. Hoagland lamented that there is entirely too much false or accidentally erroneous information on the street about all kinds of things. He said the city should have it’s own web bullhorn to knock down bad or innocuous information about city operations and decisions the city council makes in trying to keep the city running on all cylinders. Councilor Hoagland suggested the website be called “Hey Lincoln City! Is this true?” No formal action was taken on Councilor Hoagland’s idea.

Lincoln City’s water situation

The council noted that several cities up and down the Oregon Coast – some of them in Lincoln County – are asking their citizens to use the least amount of water in their homes and businesses due to low water levels in local municipal reservoirs and rivers. The council asked city Public Works Director Lila Bradley to give everyone a quick update on Lincoln City’s water situation. Bradley reported that Lincoln City’s water supplies are in fine shape and that everything is humming right along at the city’s water treatment facility on Schooner Creek.

And just before adjournment…

….Mayor Don Williams wrapped up the council meeting with a complaint that he noticed that many drivers headed down the hill that he lives on, don’t always stop at the stop sign at the bottom at Highway 101. In maybe sending the police department a not so veiled request for stepped up enforcement he also mentioned that he hears many trucks on Highway 101 using their very loud and disruptive air brakes, even though their use is illegal in that part of Lincoln City. City Manager Ron Chandler told Mayor Williams he’ll definitely look in to it.

Have you seen this sweet soul looking for its master?

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Aug 132018

A couple were camping between Yachats and Waldport at Beachside State Park last Saturday, and their dog, Haley, got spooked and bolted. She is 4 years old, shy but sweet, likely very scared, and might still be trailing her lead.

If you See Haley, call 541-510-8050.

Call for applications to sit on Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation Board

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Aug 132018

The Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District (Lincoln SWCD) is seeking interested persons to serve on the Board of Directors. District Directors must be elected, but Associate Director positions are also available. Lincoln SWCD was established in 1955 and assists Lincoln county residents and communities in managing natural resources on rural, agricultural, forested, and urban lands. Lincoln SWCD’s program services focus on water quality monitoring and improvement, watershed enhancement, invasive species control, and monitoring salmonid spawning and habitat.

Lincoln SWCD’s Board of Directors serve to work as a unit in planning and overseeing implementation of the District’s programs. Duties include:
* Stay informed of local conservation issues.
* Promote the District’s work to local landowners.
* Promote the District’s work to legislators and other decision makers regarding the districts fund.
* Work effectively with District staff and cooperating agencies.
* Implement District programs effectively.
* Ensure the board’s policies and activities are consistent with the policies of the Oregon Dept of Agriculture, Natural Resources Division and the Oregon Soil and Water Conservation Commission.

Associate Directors do not vote on District decisions but serve to augment the Board’s knowledge and experience level, and assist with District programs and activities. Associate Directors may be appointed by the Board of Directors and do not have to run for election.

The following Board Director positions are up for election on November 6, 2018:
Positions: Zone 1, 2 years;
Zone 2, 4 years;
Zone 4, 2 years;
Zone 5, 2 years;
At-Large 2, 4 years

Zone boundaries, eligibility requirements for Board Member and Associate Director positions, and copies of the required elections forms may be obtained at the SWCD Office located at 23 North Coast Highway, Newport, OR 97365.

Election forms and information may also be found at:

Each candidate must file a “Declaration of Candidacy” and a “Petition for Nomination Signature Sheet” with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Division. The filing deadline is 5:00 p.m. on August 28, 2018.

More information about Lincoln SWCD can be found at Questions about positions can be directed to, or phone: (541)-265-2631

Lincoln County’s Public Radio Station KYAQ, 91.7 Online Auction!!

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Aug 132018

KYAQ’s Online Auction is now open until Sunday August 19th at 6pm at

KYAQ encourages everyone in Lincoln County to log onto and click on the link for the silent auction. In addition to all of the wonderful items donated by local businesses, artists, and musicians, there are three donated items that commemorate or were done by the late Rick Bartow. One is Rick’s Nye Beach banner dated 2012 which was donated in Sally Carr’s name who was a huge supporter of KYAQ. Also by Rick is his last CD, Dry Ground with Rick and the Backseat Drivers. And, Kit Sugrue kindly donated a limited edition print of Rick that she painted! These and many other quality items are available until Sunday the 19th at 6pm! Thanks for supporting KYAQ!

KYAQ Staff

Financial Facts That Might Surprise You!

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Aug 132018

Click here for Details

Duane J. Silbernagel
Financial Advisor
Waddell & Reed

Quiz: Financial Facts That Might Surprise You
Provided By: Duane J. Silbernagel

If you have a penchant for financial trivia, put your knowledge to the test by taking this short quiz. Perhaps some of the answers to these questions will surprise you.


1. The first organized stock market in New York was founded on Wall Street under what kind of tree?
a. Maple
b. Linden
c. Buttonwood
d. Elm

2. Who invented the 401(k)?
a. Congress
b. Ted Benna
c. The IRS
d. Juanita Kreps

3. Which three U.S. bills together account for 81% of the paper currency in circulation?
a. $1, $20, $100
b. $1, $5, $20
c. $1, $10, $20
d. $1, $10, $100

4. Small businesses comprise what percentage of U.S. businesses?
a. More than 39%
b. More than 59%
c. More than 79%
d. More than 99%

5. Which U.S. president signed Medicare into law?
a. President John F. Kennedy
b. President Lyndon B. Johnson
c. President Richard M. Nixon
d. President George W. Bush


1. c. Buttonwood. On May 17, 1792, 24 New York City stockbrokers and merchants met under a buttonwood tree outside of what is now 68 Wall Street. Their two-sentence brokers’ agreement is known as the Buttonwood Agreement.1

2. b. Ted Benna. A 401(k) is a tax-deferred, employer-sponsored retirement savings plan. Although the name comes from Section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code, this type of retirement savings plan was created by Ted Benna in 1979. At the time, he was a co-owner of The Johnson Companies, a small benefits consulting firm.2

3. a. $1, $20, $100. The $1 bill represents about 29% of the total paper currency in circulation. The $20 bill represents about 22%, and the $100 bill represents about 30%.3

4. d. More than 99%. Despite their size, small businesses are a big part of the U.S. economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses (independent businesses with fewer than 500 employees) comprise 99.9% of all firms and account for 62% of net new jobs.4

5. b. President Lyndon B. Johnson. President Kennedy recommended creating a national health insurance program in 1961, but it was President Johnson who signed the Medicare bill into law on July 30, 1965. President Nixon extended Medicare eligibility to certain people under age 65 in 1972, and President Bush expanded Medicare to include prescription drug benefits in 2003.5
3 Federal Reserve, Currency in Circulation: Volume, December 2017
4 U.S. Small Business Administration, August 2017
5 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

I hope you found this beneficial and informational. For more information about me and my services, visit my website:

Thank you for your interest.

Duane Silbernagel is a Financial Advisor in Lincoln City, Oregon offering securities through Waddell & Reed, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC. He can be reached at (541) 614-1322 or via email at 
This article is meant to be general in nature and should not be construed as investment or financial advice related to your personal situation. The article was written by an independent third party, Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. (Copyright 2018) and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Waddell& Reed is not affiliated with website and is not responsible for any other content posted to this website.  (08/18)