Apr 172015
Beach Bark Saturday, April 25 Lincoln City

Beach Bark
Saturday, April 25
Lincoln City

The Beach Bark hits the sand on Saturday, April 25

On Saturday, April 25, a local charity wants to collar a few kind-hearted supporters and give local pets a new leash on life.

The Beach Bark Fund provides direct cash support for any pets in need. “If a dog with no obvious owner is hit by a car, or if a family can’t afford emergency veterinary care for their cat, the local vets know they can provide medical care to these animals based upon the Beach Bark Fund,” said Kip Ward, creator and founder of the Beach Bark, along with his wife, Kandi.

There are two Beach Bark Fundraisers each year. The next one is coming up Saturday, April 25. “There’s no charge to walk in the Beach Bark,” Ward said. “We raise funds by donations at the end of the walk and, of course, our fresh-grilled hamburger meals, available at the end of the beach walk.”

The Beach Bark will begin at 11 a.m. sharp at the D River Wayside in Lincoln City. Walkers head south on the beach to the Nelscott Canyons beach access, where they’ll head up the hill to Fleet Street, and then down to the Eventuary. The events center will be serving $6 hamburger lunches. Beer and wine will also be available for sale, according to Eventuary manager Karen Richards, who will be on hand to volunteer as well.

After lunch, there’s a short walk along the sidewalk on Hwy. 101 back to the D River Wayside.

“Often, Barkers find this walk too short, so we encourage them to head south past Nelscott on the first leg, getting as much beach time as they and their dogs need, before doubling back and then coming up the hill to join us for lunch,” Richards said.

The Eventuary provides free raffle tickets to all Beach Bark walkers for prize drawings, and extra tickets will be available for sale. 

For more information, find The Beach Bark or The Eventuary on Facebook, or call 541-994-4166.

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Apr 172015
Senator Ron Wyden D-Oregon

Senator Ron Wyden

Despite passing at the polls, those engaged in legalized marijuana in Oregon still face stiff regulatory opposition from the federal government. Those running recreational or medical marijuana outlets can’t deduct from their federal income taxes wages paid to their employees or rents to their landlords. And banks are not allowed to do business with them.

Senator Ron Wyden says such discrimination should end and so he’s introducing legislation to put legitimate marijuana businesses on equal tax footing with other businesses.

Here’s more on the story from The Oregonian. Click here.

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Apr 172015

Chris Burns Weather

Friday, Apr. 17th – Lincoln County

Summary: In classic Summer style, yesterday’s weather included the traditional elements of sunshine, highs around 60F and northwest winds blowing stiffly throughout the afternoon. The one thing atypical of a Summer day was the big surf. Waves well above 10 feet rushed up the beaches and pounded rocky shores during much of the day, while surfers found a decent break. Haze developed over the sand in the late afternoon, and shortly after sunset a low-level marine cloud deck settled-in blocking out the stars for most of the night. Low temps were generally 40-45F. The overcast was still in place at daybreak and winds were light out of the east.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust…
Lincoln City: 61F/45F/34mph
Depoe Bay: 60F/41F/24mph
Newport: 59F/37F/24mph
Waldport: 58F/39F/35mph
Yachats: 58F/44F/28mph

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Forecast: Expectations are for the patchy fog and low clouds to dissipate as skies become sunny again today. The thermometer should rise to about 60F and northwest winds are projected to rebuild by afternoon, gusting 20-25 mph or better. WON PARTLY CLOUDYIncreasing clouds from a minor weather disturbance are possible tonight, lows around 45F. Tomorrow will probably be a rerun of today with sunshine after morning clouds, highs about 60F and northerly winds. Outlook is for sunny and warm Sunday and Monday, highs 60-65F and afternoon northwest winds; partly sunny on Tuesday, high 60F, and then unstable conditions with a chance of showers for Wednesday, Thursday and maybe Friday.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, patchy fog, sunny with 65-70F. Valley destinations are expecting sunshine and highs of 70-75F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for sunny skies, light west wind, temps near 75F. For the Cascades, there is bare pavement on the highway passes this morning, temperatures are 35-40F; sunny, the free air freezing level is 11,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is dry roads throughout Northwest Oregon including the Cascades where the freezing level will remain around 11,000 feet.

Surface Rescue

Call or email George today!

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 50”; a loss of 4” since yesterday; an overall gain of 8” in the past seven days; 65” less than this date last year; 85% below the 30-year average Snow Water Equivalent (total amount of moisture in the snow pack).

Ski Report – New Snow/Base/Condition…
Mt. Bachelor 0”/48”/firm packed and spring soft
Mt. Hood Meadows 0”/33”/wax warm for spring skiing
Timberline 0”/73”/no snow report

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Marine: Winds are light easterly nearshore this morning, but blowing N 20 knots offshore with rough seas 11-13 feet WON SCAat 14-15 seconds. A Small Craft Advisory for winds is in effect through late tonight. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas is in effect until 1:00pm this afternoon. N winds rising to 20-25 knots this afternoon with choppy swells 11 feet subsiding to 9 feet at 15 seconds. Tonight, northerlies continue at 20-25 knots and swells dip to 8 feet at 14 seconds. As we head into the weekend tomorrow, look for N winds 15-20 knots in the morning building to 20-25 knots gusting 30 in the afternoon along with rough 7 foot seas. Outlook is for N winds 20-25 knots gusting 30 for Sunday, too, and swells 7 feet subsiding to lumpy 5 footers. Monday and Tuesday, N to NW winds 10-20 knots, swells rebuilding from 7 to 9 feet. A chance for gale force winds arrives with a weather system on Wednesday. Always check the latest Bar Reports before you venture offshore.

On the Beach… Becoming sunny, breezy, surf 9-11 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
04/17 Fri 12:02 PM 8.02 H
04/17 Fri 05:55 PM 0.38 L
04/18 Sat 12:11 AM 9.17 H
04/18 Sat 06:36 AM -0.96 L


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In Short: Clearing, windy, cloudy, then mostly clear, warmer and breezy.

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Apr 162015

A bumpy bay and a stiff northwesterly breeze wore out a kayaker in Alsea Bay.

A bumpy bay and a stiff northwesterly breeze wore out a kayaker in Alsea Bay.

Central Coast Fire came to his rescue and gave him a lift back to the Port of Alsea parking lot.

Central Coast Fire came to his rescue and gave her a lift back to the Port of Alsea parking lot.
Glen Weaver photos

A kayaker set out on Alsea Bay early this afternoon, but the breeze and all the paddling proved too much for a lady who was beached far from the Port of Alsea where she put in.

So, Central Coast Fire, on a report of a kayaker in trouble responded to the scene at the foot Maple and 101. They learned the kayaker was fine – just tired. So they gave her a lift back to the Port of Alsea parking lot where her adventure into bumpy water and a steady northwesterly breeze was cut short.

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Apr 162015
Sen. Ron Wyden D-Oregon

Sen. Ron Wyden

It looks like the heat got too hot for a lot of members of Congress as negotiations continue on what is being billed by some as the biggest slug to the gut of American families since NAFTA.

This time it’s the Trans Pacific Partnership Act, and the rivers of opposition have lately been swamping public opinion on what has been a 100% secret, behind-closed-doors discussion of what future trade policies, rules and restrictions may be in store for the U.S. depending on what the new treaty actually contains.

Senator Ron Wyden has seen a major revolt among his own Oregon supporters who are tired of all the secrecy and small pieces of information leaking out – which by themselves have set brush fires of public outrage at what those bits and pieces represent.

Here’s an editorial written by Wyden and Rep. Blumenauer: Click here.

This week, Congress is taking the most definitive steps yet towards approving Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), or what you might have heard referred to as “fast-track authority.”

It’s important because it will determine how President Obama and future Presidents negotiate an important trade agreement – the Trans-Pacific Partnership – as well as future trade deals.

I know that trade is always controversial, but I can report to you that I have successfully fought to include critical new protections as part of the TPA.

This new TPA framework means that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will represent a real opportunity for workers in Oregon and around the country. We know that tens of thousands of small businesses depend on exports to succeed.

Foreign companies have a much easier time selling goods here than Oregon businesses do selling their goods overseas. That needs to change, and I’ve fought to ensure the TPA will take us there.

But we didn’t stop there. I fought to level the playing field between American businesses and global competitors, so that everyone involved upholds our progressive values and basic American principles.

To that end, I helped secure critical protections for labor rights, the environment, and fundamental human rights as part of the TPA. We can demand a trade deal that protects our values in a measurable and enforceable way, rather than merely paying lip service to them.
This TPA instructs the President that human rights are a core negotiating objective of our trade agreements – for the first time in history.

It requires our trading partners to adopt and maintain international labor standards, raising the bar for workers around the world.

Trade deals we make will insist that other nations live up to international environmental agreements, attacking overfishing, illegal logging and other threats to the planet.

Defending and expanding a free and open internet becomes central to our trade policy – ensuring that we don’t allow repressive regimes to break up the internet into country-sized pieces, and rejects policies like those found in PIPA and SOPA.
And finally, this TPA requires that no trade agreement can override U.S. law without congressional approval, and that trade agreements are made available to the public for 60 days before the President signs it – a level of transparency that we’ve never had before.

On balance this agreement represents trade done right for workers and businesses here in Oregon and all across America.

Ron Wyden

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Apr 162015

family help

Families are invited to a fun, free activity from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., Thursday, April 23, at the East County HELP Center, located at Toledo Elementary School, 600 S.E. Sturdevant Rd.

The HELP Center Family Night will include a community meal, arts and crafts, and reading activities for children, including a book to take home and keep.

The clothing closet will be open for browsing through the selection of new and gently used clothing for all ages and genders. Plus, this will be a great opportunity to meet the HELP Center’s newest advocate, Rebecca Hooper.

For more information or for assistance with transportation to this event, call Tim at 541-336-4357.

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Apr 162015

Rollover vehicle - took a long time to get victim out. East Devil's Lake Road and 101 Donnie photo

Rollover vehicle – took a long time to get victim out.
East Devil’s Lake Road and 101
Angela Hanson photo

Other vehicle show every sign of a head on... Angela Hanson photo

Other vehicle show every sign of a hard impact…
Donnie photo

1:45pm- Two vehicle crash on Highway 101 at East Devil’s Lake Road. One vehicle has rolled over.

1:54pm- One driver trapped inside one of the vehicles. North Lincoln Fire Rescue is breaking out the cutting tools.

2:31pm- Fire Rescue are still trying to get the driver out of the car. It’s nearly an hour since the accident. That car must be a crunched tin can.

2:39pm- Victim is out of the car.

2:50pm- Victim is in the ambulance and it’s just a few blocks to the hospital.

3:02pm- Wreck removal just about complete. 101 should be back open to normal traffic by 3:10pm.

Call for citizen photos:

Send to: Dave@NewsLincolnCounty.com

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Apr 162015


Lt. Curtis Landers Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Lt. Curtis Landers
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Curtis Landers says in the face of what appears to be a set back for what remains of the Lincoln Interagency Narcotics Team (LINT), the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is preparing to step into the breach with three detectives that will soon be working in ways similar to LINT.

Landers says two crime statistics in Lincoln County are high and are related to drug trafficking – crimes against property and crimes against persons. He said focusing on drug activity is a strategy for going after both.

Landers says he expects to have three Sheriff’s detectives on the street by mid-summer and expects their efforts to dovetail, where possible, with Lincoln City, Newport and Toledo Police Departments.

Landers says when LINT was formed 24 years ago, things were very different back then compared to today. Today’s instant communications, the ability to share information electronically – even to be in the same room at the same time via secure video lines are common tools that can greatly improve efficiency among investigators. He said they’re confident the law enforcement community throughout Lincoln County can still collaborate very effectively to fight drugs.

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