Oct 182014
Fishing Rock  Lincoln Beach Steve Power

Fishing Rock
Lincoln Beach
Steve Power

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Oct 182014
Courtney Campbell Life & Death according to our cultural understandings  of it all...

Courtney Campbell
Life & Death according to our cultural understandings of it all…

Contemporary American culture is commonly portrayed as death-denying or death-defying. However, other cultural traditions understand our mortality as a teacher about living a purposeful life. Can acknowledging our mortality bring greater meaning to life?

This is the focus of “Cultural Diversity on Life and Death,” a free conversation with Courtney Campbell on Sunday, November 2 at 2:00 p.m. at the Newport Public Library. This program is sponsored by Oregon Humanities.

Campbell is the Hundere Chair in Religion and Culture and a professor in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion at Oregon State University. He has been on the faculty at OSU since 1990 and has received numerous awards for teaching and scholarship. Campbell serves on the board of directors for Benton Hospice, the ethics committee for Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, and coordinates the program in medical humanities at OSU.

Through the Conversation Project, Oregon Humanities offers free programs that engage community members in thoughtful, challenging conversations about ideas critical to our daily lives and our state’s future. For more information about this free community discussion, please contact the Newport Public Library at 541-265-2153 or go to www.newportlibrary.org.

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Oct 182014

A falling tree has taken out a power line in Lincoln City at 1940 SE 23rd. Power line is on the ground sparking. Pacific Power has been notified and is said to be on their way to repair things.

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Oct 182014

Yachats Sunset Ken Gagne

Yachats Sunset
Ken Gagne

Gull and Surfer glow Kerry Terrel, Bayshore

Gull and Surfer glow
Kerry Terrel, Bayshore

Kerry Terrel

Kerry Terrel

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Oct 182014
In migration to Lincoln and other counties to the south is pumping up the regional economy.

In migration to Lincoln and other counties to the south is pumping up the regional economy.
Ken Gagne photo

A recent economic status report, updated to within a year ago noted that Lincoln County’s economy is being supported more and more by a category called “transfers.” That’s economists’ lingo for RETIREES and young investors who do a lot of day trading. The net effect is more and more money pouring in to Lincoln County that has little to do with timber, tourism or fishing.

And lo and behold now comes another report that shows that Lincoln and other mid-to-southern counties are seeing a rapid in-migration of these “transfer” families and individuals based on from where they file their income tax returns.

These remarkable trends are found in The Oregonian. Click here.

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Oct 182014


School Board Seeks Applicants for Budget Committee

The Lincoln County School District Board of Directors is seeking to fill three vacancies on the School District Budget Committee.

Vacancies exist in Zone 1 (Lincoln City area), Zone 2 (Agate Beach, north to the southern end of Lincoln City), and Zone 5 (south county-Waldport area).

Those interested in serving in this volunteer position may not be employees of the school district, must currently reside in the respective zone, and must be registered voters. A complete description of the zones is on file at the school district administration office in Newport, as well as at the Lincoln County Clerk’s office at the courthouse in Newport.

The positions in Zones 1 and 5 are for full three-year terms, to serve through June 30, 2017. The Zone 2 position is a one-year remainder term, to serve through June 30, 2015.

Applications are available on the school district website (www.lincoln.k12.or.us), and at the district administration office ( 459 SW Coast Hwy. in Newport). They must be received by Laurie Urquhart in the district office by Friday, Nov. 7. The board hopes to appoint representatives to these positions at the next regular board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 18.

For more information, call 541-265-4403.

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Oct 182014
Newport Airport Ribbon Cutting It's back in service after runways rebuilt largely with federal money... Jim Fitzgerald photo

Newport Airport
Ribbon Cutting
It’s back in service after runways rebuilt largely with federal money…
Jim Fitzgerald photo

After many months of work and the expenditure of nearly ten million dollars, a much upgraded Newport Airport runway system was officially dedicated and re-opened this week.

It was quite a good return on the city’s investment – less than a million in city money and other resources got them nearly $9 million more from the Federal Aviation Administration. The project completely renovated both primary runways, new electronics to aid in take offs and landings, upgraded storm drains, runway lighting and signage.

Mayor Sandra Roumagoux and several other dignitaries cut the ceremonial ribbon to officially re-open the airport to normal traffic. It was quite a trick for Fed Ex to keep their package delivery service going there for a while – basically flying packages into Corvallis with a quick truck run to Newport for continued distribution around the county.

Lots of dignitaries surrounded the podium, including a uniformed member of NOAA who was quick to point out he was NOT from the Coast Guard.

Recent rescue of a group of young people trapped on a rock at Rocky Creek during huge storm surf.

Recent rescue of a group of young people trapped on a rock at Rocky Creek during huge storm surf.

At the end of the dedication a few speakers reminded the gathering that the Admiral of Coast Guard District 13 (Seattle) and local Coast Guard Commanders will take part in what is sure to be a very contentious Town Hall Meeting Monday night at the Newport Campus of Oregon Coast Community College. The gathering crowd is expected to hear again that the Coast Guard’s need to trim its budget includes closing their Oregon Coast Air Rescue unit based at Newport. In addition, the Coast Guard will be going from 5 rescue helicopters down to three, with one back-up.

Thus far Coast Guard officials have only offered the explanation that they’ve been ordered to trim budgets, six million of which will be saved by closing down the Newport operation. They say that with the advent of advanced survival suits and personal satellite locator beacons, rescuers will spend less time looking for survivors and be better able to more quickly return them to dry land.

Those who sail for a living, as well as many coastal residents, recoil in disbelief that such words could even come from the mouths of Coast Guard officials. Fishermen know that even those who work wearing survival suits can be knocked or swept overboard and that their survival time in the water would be far less than the time required for a Coast Guard helicopter to reach them based on just two choppers available for the whole central coast. The situation is even worse for recreational fishing boats that may toss civilian charter fishing customers into the water without a survival suit on at all and be dead in 20 minutes. A recent rescue of five such victims occurred off Depoe Bay with one person nearly dying – and that was with a helicopter arriving on scene in mere minutes. Same for the rescue of five young adults recently from extremely high surf at Fogarty Creek – waves starting to top the rock they clung to. A Newport-based helo saved the day in that rescue operation as well.

The only theory that locals have come up with that might explain the Coast Guard’s dismissive attitude toward their erosion of service levels, is that the decision to cut back was made in Washington DC – far away from the hurricane force winds and the mountainous seas off the Oregon, Washington and Alaskan coasts. “They just don’t know what the conditions are here in Oregon,” they say. “We have no 80, 70, or even 60 degree water temperatures off our shores. It’s downright cold all year long. Survival times are short at all times!” They also point out that cold water upwellings from the frigid sea floor, that brings up nutrients for fish to feed on, is what makes the fishing so great. But it can also kill quickly.

The town hall meeting begins at 5:30pm, Monday night, at Oregon Coast Community College.

Meanwhile congressional aides in Washington continue to tell local news media that the Oregon members of the U.S. House and Senate are still negotiating with the Coast Guard in an effort to get them to delay their final decision until other rescue resource management arrangements can we worked out.

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Oct 182014

All Call Out: North Lincoln Fire Rescue is enroute to Taft High School for a general fire alarm.

Nothing that sounds like there’s a real fire.

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Oct 182014

Power outage in the Avery Street area of north Newport, beyond the city limits. Tree fell on some power lines.

The power company is already in the area tracking it down. No word on how long it might take to restore power or how wide spread the outage area.

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Oct 182014

helo kid

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