Measure 21-177 discussions…

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Apr 212017

The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of News Lincoln County, its staff and advertisers.
From: Tom and Meridee Wiley

I disagree wholeheartedly with this Measure 21-177. I side with our community leaders like our Sheriff and County Commissioners who point out how the poor wording of this Measure will lead to unintended consequences including vigilantism, expensive law suits, and the loss of important, regulated tools used by farm, forest and fishing families to put food on their table.

I also wholeheartedly believe that those who support the Measure are entitled to their opinion. This is an important issue which should be discussed and better understood. Many Measure 21-177 supporters completely disregard legitimate concerns raised about the ordinance. The best public policy is achieved with input from all stakeholders. It seems that the Measure supporters did not consult with the Lincoln County residents working in the industries that will be affected. Farmers, foresters and fishermen were not given an opportunity to provide input before the Measure was written. They are now doing what they should do in the policy process, letting people know how this Measure will impact their business and our community.

Rather than welcoming the dialogue, concerns are dismissed by Measure supporters as “fake”. Individuals with roots in the county going back generations are labeled as corporate shills and our elected officials are accused of manipulating the truth.

This is not conversation. This has become a shouting match and it is not the right way to do things in Lincoln County. Regardless of your opinion on aerial spraying, Measure 21-177 is not the way forward.

I encourage everyone to read the complete Measure and understand the full content. Measure 21-177 contains more language than the simple concept of banning aerial spraying. The Measure was crafted by a non-profit from Pennsylvania with a larger agenda. Oregon state law controls aerial spraying on private lands and a county ordinance will not be able to supercede statutes without legal debate and costs to Lincoln County residents with little hope of success.

Thank you,
Tom and Meridee Wiley

================================================================ invites any and all citizens to express their views on Measure 21-177. is offering a forum on the issue and is not accepting any political advertising related to Measure 21-177. Send your thoughts or opinion on Measure 21-177 to:

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Scammers at it again!

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Apr 212017

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is warning everyone that there’s more scamming going on over the phone – callers claim to be working for the Oregon DMV and claim that your vehicle registration or some other aspect of your vehicle(s)’s legal status is in question. They demand payment under penalty of arrest, lawsuit, or withholding from state income taxes.

It’s all B.S. – as usual.

The DMV says they never use the phone to contact Oregon citizens about their vehicles. If your registration expires, you’ll get pulled over by police and likely get a traffic ticket for having expired plates. That’s it.

So if anyone calls and demands you set up a way to get money to the caller, JUST…HANG…UP!


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More views and opinion on Measure 21-177

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Apr 212017

The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of News Lincoln County, its staff and advertisers. Their views are strictly their own.

From: Michael Guerriero, Yachats

The showering of clearcut forest lands with a full array of chemical pesticides is proven to be toxic to humans, fish and wildlife distant from the target of the spray. Yet, ballot measure 21-177 is more than a choice to enact a ban on aerial spraying. It is also the choice to challenge a power structure that protects the people who are doing the spraying. One may say that these people are regulated and permitted by the state and federal governments. However, in the case of aerial pesticide spraying, the corporate chemical and agricultural industries have written their own lax regulations. These lax regulations are enacted and governed by the regulators and governments that the corporations own through political contributions. The dismantling of the EPA is a clear example of the fate we face.

How can an individual and community have any say in poor decisions made by people whose liability for their actions is essentially eliminated? It is by enacting local law that supersedes the regulations that have permitted the poor decisions. Only in the unlikely event that our own county government refuses to enforce this local law, it will then have to face the non-violent direct action of people who seek to enforce the local ban on aerial spraying as citizens of Lincoln County. After all, the non-violent direct action that is protected by the measure would only be a result of the timberlands owner who would defy this valid law placed in effect by the voters of Lincoln County. And, in order to clarify the definitions of language in the measure, the Lincoln County Commissioners could make modifications. This legal stance has proven to be effective in many communities across the nation. Why not here?

If you believe that multinational corporations are making decisions which infringe on our inalienable right to live in peace, health, safety and happiness then vote yes on 21-177. If you are threatened by the consequences that are the results of aerial pesticides near your home or water source, vote yes on 21-177. If you have compassion for the wildlife and fish killed by this treatment of land, vote yes on 21-177.

Michael Guerriero
Yachats invites any and all citizens share their views and comments on Measure 21-177 on the May Ballot. Send your views and opinions to: is not accepting any political advertising on Measure 21-177.

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Weather or Not: The Crown Jewel

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Apr 212017

Friday, Apr. 21st – Lincoln County

Summary: Showers early yesterday, mixed skies in the afternoon and overnight.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 58F/44F/17mph/0.11”
Depoe Bay: 56F/40F/15mph/0.10”
Newport: 55F/41F/20mph/0.09”
Waldport: 56F/41F/18mph/0.05”
Yachats: 54F/43F/23mph/0.05”

Newport Airport Conditions…
Ceiling: unlimited
Visibility: 10 miles/Wind: E 14 mph/Altimeter: 30.34”

Forecast: Today is expected to be the crown jewel of the month with mostly sunny skies, light east winds and the warmest temperatures so far this year, 65F or higher. Partly cloudy early tonight, then increasing clouds, low around 50F. If the sky retains any clearing at all just before dawn, the peak of the Lyrid Meteor Shower will be visible with 30-40 meteors per hour. We’re back in the (rain) gutter tomorrow morning followed by showers in the afternoon, southerly winds gusting 25 mph and much cooler as highs only reach 55F. Outlook is for showers likely Sunday, rain Monday and Tuesday, showers Wednesday and Thursday. The mercury is projected to be a little below average with highs in the low-50s and lows about 45F all week.

wxon-twitterBe sure to follow Weather or Not’s Twitter feed to keep current on the latest conditions. You’ll get updated travel info and notification of any new advisories, watches or warnings. Follow @chrisburnswx.

Travel: In the Coast Range this morning, highways are mostly bare but spots of ice are possible, temps 30-35F. Willamette Valley roads are dry, thermometer readings 45-50F. The Columbia River Gorge has dry pavement, temperatures 40-45F. For the Cascades, highways have spots of ice this morning, 30-32F, the free air freezing level is 4,500 feet but rises to 7,000 feet by this afternoon.

* Outlook for weekend travelers is for wet highways at the lower elevations; snow possible in the Cascades Saturday night through Sunday night as the snow level drops to near the passes, carry chains or traction tires.

* An interactive map of the latest Northwest/Central Oregon travel weather is available here. Also, motorists should always visit ODOT’s TripCheck before hitting the road.

Marine: Winds are E 10-15 knots this morning with seas 6 feet at 11 seconds. High pressure over local waters this morning will move inland this afternoon with a weak offshore flow developing. A weakening occluded front will move across the area Saturday. Then, an active weather pattern is expected through most of next week with small craft advisory winds and seas 8-10 feet. * Full text of the latest marine forecast is available here. And, make sure you check the latest Bar Reports before venturing offshore.

Notices to Mariners… Yaquina River Light 37 is currently extinguished. Yaquina River Buoy 30 has been reset on station.

On the Beach… Sunshine, light wind, surf 4-5 feet (low).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
04/21 Fri 08:39 AM 6.47 H
04/21 Fri 03:14 PM 0.90 L
04/21 Fri 09:59 PM 6.83 H
04/22 Sat 03:49 AM 2.54 L

In Short: Mainly clear, warm, light breezes, then cool, wet & windy.

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