Fire out at Newport home at 7035 NE Echo Court

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Jan 132019

Newport firefighters are enroute to 7035 NE Echo Court on a report of a fire in the laundry room. Reports say somebody grabbed a fire extinguisher and soaked the burning washing machine. Fire is reported to be out.

Traffic Crash on Highway 18, ten miles east of 101

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Jan 132019

Report of a traffic crash on Highway 18 (Salmon River Highway) ten miles east of the intersection with Highway 101. Emergency responders are enroute. No word on injuries.

Reports from the scene indicate that one vehicle went in to an embankment. The other vehicle left the road near the Salmon River, near the confluence of the Salmon River and Prairie Creek.

Reports from the scene indicate there are no injuries.

Update on vehicle hitting mother and baby in a stroller

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Jan 132019

Mother and infant in crosswalk on the right. Vehicle on 14th turned right onto 101 and hit them in the crosswalk, per LCPD.

Saturday afternoon Lincoln City Police Officers responded to a report of a vehicle hitting a mother pushing a baby in a stroller near Hwy 101 and NW 14th Street. When officers arrived on scene they found a woman and her 18 month old child had been struck by a vehicle while in a crosswalk on Highway 101. The child had sustained some obvious injuries to her face. Emergency Medical personnel from North Lincoln Fire & Rescue and Pacific West Ambulance arrived on scene and began medical treatment of the woman and child.

The subsequent investigation determined that the woman, identified as 21 year-old Anayely Barbonio-Gutierrez of Lincoln City, was pushing her 18 moth old child in a stroller across Highway 101, from the west to east, in the crosswalk at the intersection of NW 14th Street. A vehicle driven by 40 year-old Shawn A. Miller of Otis, was making a right turn from NW 14th Street onto Highway 101 and struck the woman and child in the stroller while they were in the crosswalk.

Mrs. Barbonio-Gutierrez and her child were transported by Pacific West Ambulance to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital for further medical examination and treatment of their injuries, which are believed to be non-life threatening at this time. The driver of the involved vehicle, Shawn Miller stayed on scene and cooperated with the investigation. Mr. Miller reportedly did not see the woman crossing the highway with the stroller until just before hitting them. There were no signs of impairment observed on the driver and speed is not believed to be a factor in this crash. The driver of the vehicle was issued a citation for Failing to Yield to a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk.

The members of the Lincoln City Police Department would like to remind all drivers to use caution while traveling on, or turning onto the highway from the side streets and be aware of pedestrians crossing the roadway.

Weather or Not: Dangerous Surf Today

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Jan 132019

1/13/19 Mostly clear today-tomorrow, E winds 10-15mph gusting 20, highs 55-60F, low 35-40F. Outlook: increasing clouds Tue, rain likely Wed-Sat, possibly windy, high temperatures in the low-50s, lows in the mid-40s. A good chance the soggy weather will continue in the long term.

Beaches Today:
Surf Height…………..12 to 16 ft.* (see statement below)
Weather………………Mostly sunny. Highs 55 to 60.
Wind…………………East 5 to 15 mph with gusts to 20 mph.
Tides (South Beach)…
High tide…7.7 ft at 05:12 AM PST.
Low tide….3.3 ft at 11:23 AM PST.
High tide…6.1 ft at 05:03 PM PST.
Low tide….2.4 ft at 11:02 PM PST.
Sunrise – 7:52 AM PST. Sunset – 4:58 PM PST.

* A Special Weather Statement has been issued by the National Weather Service for a building and powerful ocean swell which will provide the potential for dangerous sneaker waves along the Washington and Oregon coasts on Sunday. Water may rise further up on beaches than observed within the previous 30 minutes and easily sweep unsuspecting beach-goers into the frigid water. A number of sneaker wave incidents and fatalities have occurred under similar scenarios in the past. Please use caution if you plan on recreating on area beaches and avoid jetties on Sunday.

Weekend Travel: Mainly dry roads in all of Northwest Oregon; an Air Stagnation Advisory continues for the Valley, E winds gusting 30-40mph in the Gorge, patches of ice possible in the Coast Range tonight. For the Cascades, breezy, the free air freezing level is at 7,000′ rising to 10,000′.

The 1st thing you should consider when having a problem with someone…

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Jan 122019

Click here for details

You have a serious disagreement with — name the other person – your plumber, your boss, your contractor, your mechanic, your neighbor, your spouse. Do you need a lawyer, an arbitrator, or a mediator?

Some of my best friends are lawyers. I use them to write a deed, a will, navigate through complicated permit processes or to write a business contract. For most conflicts, however, hiring a lawyer should be a last resort. Start around $200 an hour and recognize that you are approaching the conflict as a fight, and you’ve hired a mercenary to fight in your place. A trial is public, and if you are on the witness stand, expect embarrassing and difficult questions. Someone is going to win. Someone’s going to lose. Maybe you both lose. Win-win trials are as rare as jumbo jets in Newport. Everyone is going to get bruised (except the lawyer). You don’t have to go through this.

You could engage in arbitration. Arbitration takes many forms, but the essence is that someone or a small panel acts as a judge and hands down a decision. The process is usually similar to trial before a judge, but the process is more flexible and it’s usually private. Both public trial and arbitration are adversarial—win-lose contests. So what’s different about mediation?

First, a mediator decides nothing—not the law, not the winner or the loser. The parties to the conflict decide everything from what to talk about and how to do it. Most important, you can agree on terms in mediation that are impossible in arbitration or trial. Often the terms no one imagined before mediation.

The mediator uses his or her training, experience, and knowledge of negotiation and psychology to clarify the issues and the options that might resolve the conflict. A typical mediation has several stages that may take place within an hour or over days, weeks or even months depending on how complex the conflict is.

I have helped landlords and tenants resolve conflicts in less than an hour. I’ve conducted a year long divorce mediation that involved several houses, businesses, inheritance, and taxes. Over a period of two years I helped a California landowner successfully negotiate with the state department of transportation over damages from taking land for a highway expansion.

A typical mediation goes through these stages:

First, each party states a position—I want (often “demand”) such and such.

Often after some blowing off steam and bitter accusations and history in which each side tries to establish virtue and demonstrate the other’s considerable flaws, we arrive at stage two, what does each party need. Often the demand is for money, but we want money only to satisfy a need—transportation, rent, medical bills, or, sadly—revenge.

Stage three—what options can we think of to meet those needs. Here is where mediation does what neither the court or arbitration can do. If the issue is money, for whatever need, we an agree on a payment schedule. In one case two women agreed to exchange a gun for a saddle and bridle. Discovering options is usually easier if the mediator understands the subject matter from personal experience.

Once we have an option that both parties accept, we are ready for stage 4—the agreement.

The mediator writes an agreement spelling out the terms very precisely—who will do what, when, how, where. A signed agreement becomes a binding contract.

This very brief sketch doesn’t include a lot that can and usually does go on in mediation. The mediator’s role is to help the parties move from the past and present into a better future by staying on point and listening to each other. This requires the mediator not only to be a very good listener, but to be able to read body language and tone of voice and to pick up on small points that might open possibilities no one has thought of.

What’s the difference between mediation, a court decision, or arbitration? Mediation is voluntary, flexible, informal, and far less expensive. Most important the participants decide the case. The mediator has not decided anything.

Wallace Kaufman
PO Box 756
Newport, OR 97365 USA
541 995 4785
cell 541 351 5205

Surfer off Punchbowl said to be in trouble – saves himself – on dry land

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Jan 122019

A surfer thought to be in some trouble off Punchbowl (Otter Rock) prompted beach observers to call 9-1-1 and tell them to come rescue him. But before rescue personnel could get out from under their rollup doors, the surfer managed to keep his wits about him and make it back to shore. He’s fine. Calls for help cancelled.

Advertisement – A well experienced special events company is for sale – A great way to make people happy while you make a good living!

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Jan 122019

Wedding/Special Events Business For Sale

Unique Business opportunity to start your own Event Rental business. With this opportunity, you could be one of the only specific Event Rental Companies on the Central Oregon Coast.

The inventory includes a wide variety of items to provide customers with equipment for most any type of occasion. Among the items there are pole frame tents, several kinds of tables, many styles of chairs, dance floors, staging, dinnerware, silverware, glassware, lighting, propane heaters, pipe and drape, specialty linens, decorations and props, various portable bars (including a Tiki Bar), a 16′ box van (2003 GMC), one of the top rated Event Rental programs for your computer, Social Media forum for use and developing, an established phone number for the business, and many numerous other items.

These items range from being recently purchased to being part of the inventory for a while. We are retiring from this business, and will offer some assistance on the initial startup and use of equipment as part of the sale. Also many vendor partnerships that we have established will be included.

We also have many regular and annual return customers/businesses that are available to you for future clients. Upon sale, the buyer will be responsible for moving the items to a new location or taking over the rental of the space we have.

Please contact Danielle or Roy Emerick @ 541-264-8481 for more information or questions. Here is a link to their ad on Craig’s List. CLICK HERE.

Mother’s plea for help for son who has come down with lymphoma

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Jan 122019

Mother needs help to pay medical bills for son who has come down with lymphoma.

I was wondering if you could run Alex’s gofundme campaign again…we are in a financial bind currently with him being unable to work at this time…he has two more chemo treatments and hopefully he will be released by his doctor to go back to work at the end of February…..until then we need help keeping up with rent, utilities, and such. (in our family it is just Alex and I..his father passed when Alex was only 22 months old. I had Alex at 43 years old and I am now 65 receiving only S.S. due to health issues.)

If you do run it again…please use the link I am providing as it includes all updates that I have posted……Click here………………..Thank you, Sincerely Calvena Ainsworth

Click here for details

Lincoln City: Vehicle hits a pedestrian pushing baby stroller on NW14th near 101

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Jan 122019

A vehicle has hit a woman pushing an occupied baby stroller in Lincoln City at NW 14th near Highway 101. Emergency responders are enroute.

Emergency responders are on scene tending to the victims.

Both mom and child are enroute to North Lincoln Hospital. Does not sound like it’s life threatening.

Surfer in distress just south of Devil’s Punchbowl, Otter Rock

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Jan 122019

A surfer was yelling in distress and people on the beach called 9-1-1 and the Coast Guard. The surfer has climbed up on some rocks, but getting off them would be very difficult. Coast Guard is considering use of a helo.

Coast Guard helo is approaching the rocks the surfer is on top of.

The surfer managed to paddle back to the beach between swell sets. He’s okay.

Weather or Not: Lotsa Sunshine

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Jan 122019

1/12/19 Sunny days, clear nights today-Tue, E winds 5-15mph, highs 55-60F, lows 40-45F. Outlook: rain likely and breezy at times Wed-Fri, then continued wet in the long term forecast. The thermometer stays seasonal with highs 50-55F and lows 40-45F during the 10-day extended period.

Beaches Today:
Surf Height…………..10 to 14 ft.
Weather………………Partly cloudy. Highs around 55.
Wind…………………Southeast 10 to 15 mph with gusts to 20 mph.
Tides (South Beach)…
High tide…7.6 ft at 04:32 AM PST.
Low tide….3.6 ft at 10:22 AM PST.
High tide…6.6 ft at 03:59 PM PST.
Low tide….1.7 ft at 10:18 PM PST.
Sunrise – 7:52 AM PST. Sunset – 4:57 PM PST.

Weekend Travel: Bare highways in the Valley, though an Air Stagnation Advisory is in effect, a chance of frosty spots at night in the Coast Range, dry and windy in the Gorge. For the Cascades, mainly clear with the free air freezing level well above the passes at 8,000′ through Sunday night.

A message from those providing winter shelter from the storms….

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Jan 112019

From: Traci Goff Flowers, Grace Wins Haven and the Newport Winter Shelter!!

With the changing of the shelter from just a Hazardous Weather Shelter to a Winter Shelter our needs are getting bigger!!! Between Grace Wins Haven and the Newport Winter Shelter we will be working round the clock 5 days a week. Our Current biggest needs are listed below:

Volunteers – lots and lots of volunteers!!! We need to people to help at the day shelter and the winter night shelter. We need people to prepare Dinner and Breakfast for the winter Shelter. We need volunteers to help serve food, sort and organize donations, help in the clothing closet, do intake paperwork with guests, help folks write resumes, do laundry, etc. There is plenty of warm and gratifying work for everyone – even if you just have an hour or two we can use your help!!

Don’t have time to Volunteer? Donate!!! We always need financial support to cover costs associated with both facilities( Rent, Electric, water etc,,,) as well as to purchase supplies and help people obtain ID’s, gas vouchers, etc… We also need supplies donated beverage items ( Juice, Milk, Coffee, hot chocolate, etc), food that can be cooked in a toaster oven or microwave, cleaning supplies toilet paper, Clorox wipes, hand soap, dish soap, bleach, etc. Paper Products (Paper plates, hot and Cold cups, Napkins, bowls) Plastic ware etc….

We have some large one time needs as well… A set of Pots and Pans, Electric griddle, (2) Cold Beverage Dispenser, Hotpads, Kitchen towels, Kitchen Knife set, and a 12″ Skillet.

To Everyone that helped us get this far we are so thankful for each one of you!! We could not have made it to this without each and everyone of you!!! To get more information, to donate or volunteer a few hours, call Traci Flowers at 541-265-1974!!