Jan 312015

Law enforcement has been trying to catch a couple of motorcyclists traveling at very high speed headed west toward Newport on Highway 20.

Other officers who spotted them said they were moving at something over 100 mph.

Watch for law enforcement that will be greeting them at the city limits.

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Jan 312015
DBFD Depoe Bay Station Depoe Bay

DBFD Depoe Bay Station
Depoe Bay

The Depoe Bay Fire Department’s motto is “Whatever it takes.” And you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t believe that Depoe Bay Firefighters live by that motto. But with the growth in the area and higher volumes of traffic on Highway 101 especially, that motto is getting stretched really thin. Calls continue to grow yet volunteers are getting harder to come by – not because people don’t care but, rather, so many local residents travel outside the area for work.

Fire Chief Josh Williams says some days a fire truck goes out with only one person on it betting that by the time it arrives on scene of whatever problem there is – traffic accident, gas leak or fire – volunteers will show up and take care of business. Williams says it’s worked in the past but these days it’s getting real tight out there.

And so, the Depoe Bay Fire District Board of Directors has decided to ask residents within the district, from Salishan south to Otter Crest, to pay (on average) $10 a month more on their property tax bill – at least for the next five years. That ten bucks will fund seven new full time positions (they now have 5) which will mean a minimum of three firefighters, 24/7, will roll on a call while the volunteers catch up.

Chief Williams reminds the public that Federal OSHA rules require that before firefighters can go into a burning building there must be at least two firefighters to go in, and two firefighters to remain outside for support – radio communications – hose coordination – fire truck water flow, etc.

The Depoe Bay Fire Board determined that current staffing levels of five full time staff simply isn’t enough anymore. They need at least seven more full time staff to provide a predictable level of immediate response regardless of when a call for help comes in. And again, it can be for a medical call, a traffic accident or building fire. Chief Williams says on average, 70% of their calls are for medical emergencies, 25% for water rescues and 5% for actual fires.

Chief Williams says the request for higher funding will be on the May 19th ballot. He said if the measure passes, it’ll be the first tax increase for the fire district in 23 years.

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Jan 312015

CELDF banner

From Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Improve your understanding of the features in our government, long-time in the making, that today make it so difficult for the voice of the people to be heard, much less taken into account, by our elected leaders. These same features allow corporations to exercise power at the expense of the peoples’ health, safety, and well-being and that of our environment and ecosystems.

In this free three-hour workshop on Monday, Feb. 2, 6-9 p.m. at the Newport Public Library Meeting Room, learn how communities across the country are working to regain their constitutional right to live in a healthy and safe environment.

The instructor is Kai Huschke, Northwest Representative of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. Kai will lead you through the following:
* Why we have a corporate dominated, state-assisted structure of law (which allows aerial spraying of pesticides, fracking, and sludge-dumping on agricultural land.
* What happens when communities try to find justice within that system.
* What communities are doing to reclaim their rights for the sake of health and democracy for people, communities, and nature.
* How Oregon counties are creating “community bills of rights” to protect their communities and move them towards sustainability.

* Although not required, donations will be gladly accepted.

For further information and to sign-up, please call 541 961 6385, or write [email protected]

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Jan 312015

What nearly killed him... Jan 17, I-84 east of Portland

What nearly killed Kaleb Whitby…
Jan 17, I-84 east of Portland

Kaleb Whitby Trapped within a foot of his life... Sergi Karplyuk photo

Kaleb Whitby
Kaleb Whitby trapped within a foot of his life…
Sergi Karplyuk photo

What nearly became the coffin of Kaleb Whitby

What nearly became a coffin…
Oregonian photo

A young Washington farm family shares what they went through when their breadwinner was within 12″ of being killed on an icy I-84 earlier this month.

And yes, it’s “that guy in the truck” picture. Kaleb’s story is in the Oregonian. Click here.

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Jan 312015

Chris Burns Weather

Saturday, Jan. 31st – Lincoln County

Summary: The Portland TV stations sent us another steady stream of visitors yesterday as Valley residents escaped the fog and heeded forecasts of Summer-like conditions on the Central Coast. And, they were right. Sunny skies and temperatures near 60F generated a fair amount of cha-ching in local cash registers. Adding to the impression of a Summer day was a northwest breeze 10-15 mph gusting into the 20s during the afternoon. The day closed with a stunning sunset as camera shutters clicked away and couples held hands on the beach. Skies stayed clear overnight; winds were light and the mercury dipped to the low-40s. At daybreak, it was mostly clear with a bit of patchy fog and a light northeast breeze.

Past 24 Hours High/Low…
Lincoln City: 56F/46F
Depoe Bay: 59F/40F
Newport: 59F/41F
Waldport: 58F/39F
Yachats: 57F/45F

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Forecast: The honeymoon is about over. People hawkish on sunshine have one more day before pluviophiles get their turn. Today is probably the last chance for a while to attack outdoor projects on the Honey Do list. Mostly sunny skies early and WON SUN-CLOUDShighs of 55-60F will give way to increasing clouds through tonight, low around 45F. Rain is on track to develop tomorrow, high 55F. So, between the game and the rain on Sunday, alfresco undertakings will rapidly slide down the priority scale. Outlook is for an overall change to wet and sometimes windy weather for the week ahead. Though right now there aren’t any real barnburners lurking out there, rainfall amounts some days could reach half an inch or better and winds may approach 30-40 mph at times. Temps remain above normal between 45F and 60F throughout the extended period.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, spots of ice and patchy fog early, then mostly sunny, highs 50-60F. Valley destinations are expecting areas of fog, gradually becoming mostly sunny and a high of 50-55F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for spots of ice, patchy freezing fog, mostly sunny skies, east winds gusting 25-30 mph, temps near 45F. For the Cascades, there are spots of ice on all highway passes this morning; partly cloudy with the freezing level at 9,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is mainly dry tonight, and then rain with wet pavement tomorrow and tomorrow night; Cascade snow levels are projected to remain above the passes at 5,500 feet with icy spots possible during the nights and mornings.

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 32”, no change since yesterday; an overall loss of 4” in the past seven days; 26” less than this date last year; 86% below the 30-year average Snow Water Equivalent (total amount of moisture in the snow pack).

Ski Report – New Snow/Base/Condition…
Hoodoo 0”/1”/closed
Willamette Pass 0”/18”/closed
Mt. Bachelor 0”/42”/firm packed
Mt. Hood Ski Bowl 0”/3”/open for tubing only
Mt. Hood Meadows 0”/30”/loose frozen granular
Timberline 0”/28”/packed

Call Craig today at 541-270-4565

Call Craig today at 541-270-4565

Marine: Swells are running 6 feet at 14 seconds this morning with the wind NE 5-10 knots. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay and WON MARINE WXYaquina Bay bars are unrestricted. Mainly light nor’easters 5-10 knots with a few gusts to 15 today and seas 5 feet at 13 seconds. Expect an overall change to southerlies for the week ahead beginning tonight with S winds 5-10 knots gusting 15. Tomorrow, S winds 10-15 knots gusting 20 and seas building to 7 feet at 12 seconds. Outlook is for a seasonal SW blow on Monday, 25-30 knots, with combined rough seas of 13 feet. A NW breeze on Tuesday, 5-10 knots along with a 9 foot swell, but back to southerlies 15-20 knots on Wednesday, swells around 6 feet. Gales with seas rising to 20 feet are possible toward the end of next week.

On the Beach… Mostly sunny, light breeze, surf 4-5 feet (low).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
01/31 Sat 09:21 AM 8.95 H
01/31 Sat 04:25 PM -0.01 L
01/31 Sat 11:06 PM 7.06 H
02/01 Sun 04:08 AM 3.47 L

In Short: Mainly clear, patchy fog, light winds, then wet and windy.

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Jan 302015
Computer Classes at Newport Public Library

Computer Classes at
Newport Public Library

The Newport Public Library will offer the following FREE computer classes during the month of February.

· Making Valentines with “Publisher” software will be offered Friday, February 6 at 9:00AM. This class will show how to select card styles and graphics to make unique, individual cards.
· Introduction to “Evernote” will be taught on Friday, February 13 at 9:00AM. This class shows how to get organized by keeping track of lists, notes, websites, and more. At 10:00AM Introduction to Facebook will be taught. This class covers how to create an account, add friends, “like” pages, and protect your privacy.
· On Tuesday, February 17, Beginning Excel will be taught at 6:30PM. This class teaches the basics of creating a spreadsheet and adding rows and columns. Intermediate Excel will be offered at 7:30PM. This class teaches how to balance a checkbook, use multiple worksheets, and create charts.
· Beginning Excel will be taught again at on Friday, February 20 at 9:00AM and Intermediate Excel will be offered at 10:00AM.
· A class on Creating Resumes with Word Templates will be taught on Friday, February 27 at 9:00AM. Then at 10:00AM Genealogy Research Using HeritageQuest is offered. This class will teach students to use HeritageQuest to search for U.S. Census records.

All classes are free and last one hour. Registration is required. For more information, please call (541) 265-2153 or check the library website, www.NewportLibrary.org.

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Jan 302015
Herbicide and pesticide spraying in Oregon forests. Archive photo

Herbicide and pesticide spraying in Oregon forests.
Archive photo

The EPA says it got tired of waiting for Oregon to take action to clean up its coastal rivers and creeks of pollution, from logging especially, and has declared Oregon, as a state, out of compliance with federal environmental protection laws. And that will likely lead to huge cuts in federal grants and other aid to the state. The EPA points out in their order that out of 22 coastal states in the country, Oregon is the only one not in compliance.

EPA and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration last year fired a warning shot across the state’s bow with a similar finding hoping that the state would improve forestry environments as they related to the coast range and urban areas, but apparently they weren’t satisfied with the state’s response. So today, EPA tightened the screws.

The story is in the Oregonian. Click here.

The Daily Astorian also has an article on NOAA’s and EPA’s action. Click here.

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