Apr 222014

Logs awaiting shipment Wiki photo

Logs awaiting shipment
Wiki photo

Newport Port Commission Tuesday

Newport Port Commission

Log exports appear to be on schedule

Newport Port Commissioners learned Tuesday evening that things appear to be “steady as she goes” for the commencement of log exports to the Far East starting this summer for Alcan Timber. Alcan is expected to process their logs in Toledo, and load them aboard ships at the International Terminal but only half-full because the riverbed off the terminal hasn’t been dredged deep enough yet.

Teevin is still gathering permits for the construction of their log export operation just off to the east of the International Terminal. Once those permits are issued for storm drains and stormwater treatment and for a few other odds and ends they could be ready to ship logs in half-full ships to the Far East as early as mid-November. The later start time is due to having to build their log handling and debarking yard just east of the terminal, starting July 1st. Teevin manager Eric Oien said the six million dollar project should be complete by late September or early October – and then they could begin shipping half-loaded ships.

Fully loaded log ships are not expected to set sail from Newport until after additional dredging is complete sometime in late November. Log ships ride lower in the water when fully loaded, so an extra deep channel will have to be dug out for them. That extra dredging is expected to start after November 1st, the earliest any construction activities can begin, “in water” under state law. All “in water” work must be completed by February 15th.

Meanwhile Port Manager Kevin Greenwood says he’s optimistic that the dredging will begin on time. He says the port has completed plans to make up for the loss of fish habitat in front of the terminal due to the dredging. He said such mitigation, required by law, will be achieved by expanding habitat right across the river behind the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Greenwood says all the paperwork should be signed in time to get the dredging permit approved and the dredging underway on, or just after, November 1st. It’s expected to take around two weeks to complete. Again, Teevin hopes to be shipping full loads to the Far East sometime in mid-to-late November. Certainly before the first of the year, Oien said.

Port hears a polite protest over proposed higher moorage rates

F/V Miss Raven and F/V Misty captains protest higher moorage rates.

F/V Miss Raven and F/V Misty captains protest higher moorage rates.

Some charter boat captains dropped by the port meeting to let the commission know they’re not at all happy to see their moorage fees rising 30-40%. One boat captain said his rate moorage rate was rising $700 – another said his total moorage fees were rising $2,000. They said such rates will severely eat into their profit margins. One said that their operations bring fishing tourists to Newport who not only fish, but they stay in hotels and motels and frequent local restaurants and gift shops, all of which boosts the local economy.

The sincere, if not earnest complaints caught the commission by surprise. Commissioners turned to their still new-in-the-saddle Port Manager Kevin Greenwood and asked, in so many words, ‘what’s with this?’

Greenwood and his finance director told the commission that they are in the process of categorizing the boats in the South Beach Marina so that the proper moorage rates can be correctly applied to each. A rather detailed discussion ensued during which the commission asked Greenwood to “fix the problem.” Greenwood and his finance director said they would. After the meeting the “fix” appeared to involve classifying the boats to their proper designations but maintaining the discount that charter boats have historically received for several decades, ostensibly for their over-sized contribution to the local economy.

A revised moorage schedule is expected back before the commission at its next meeting.

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Apr 222014
Newport City Hall

Newport City Hall


At the City of Newport’s annual volunteer recognition event held on April 22, the 2014 Alma B. Howes Award was presented to Lavonne and Al Bussey who have volunteered with the Police Department since August of 2010.

The Alma B. Howes Award is named in honor of a long-time city volunteer who made an amazing difference in the community. Each year, an outstanding volunteer is selected to receive this award, as it recognizes their volunteer commitment to the city, and exemplifies the type of energy and dedication that would make Alma B. Howes very proud.

The Bussey’s have taken on several long-term projects to help the Police Department and ultimately the citizens of Newport. These projects include: weekly checks of the fire detection monitors in the Police Department; regular foot patrols of the Bayfront; and serving as Municipal Court Bailiffs.

Police Chief Mark Miranda remarked that “the Bussey’s are always available to assist during emergencies.” They have also worked on major events such as the Newport Marathon, Loyalty Days Parade, Seafood and Wine Festival, and the Celtic Festival. They always respond where needed, without complaint, despite the frequently inclement weather.”

Miranda affirmed his support and recommendation of Lavonne and Al Bussey for the Alma B. Howes Award. He added that “they are a great team, and they greatly contribute to making Newport an awesome place to live and visit.”

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Apr 222014

Rollover accident on Highway 101 between Marsh and Spruce just south of Seal Rock. Man out of the vehicle. Maybe a DUI from reports from the scene.

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Apr 222014


The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce will hold its weekly luncheon at the Shilo Inn on Friday, April 25th, at NOON. Chamber members and guests are invited to attend. The program will be Lincoln County Commissioner Candidate Forum. Cost is $12 per person. For more information call 541-265-8801. The Shilo Inn is at 536 SW Elizabeth Street in Newport.

And the League of Women Voters are also devoting time to the upcoming election this Saturday, 2pm at Oregon Coast Community College when they present a candidates forum there. Should be interesting. The league program begins at 2pm and wraps up no later than 4pm.

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Apr 222014

fiesta lccc

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Apr 222014

From sea to valley Ken Gagne photos

From sea to valley
Ken Gagne photos

yachats valley farm gagne

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Apr 222014

Toledo Police and several other agencies are trying to track down an adult male who jumped out of a car that had been pulled over for a traffic violation. He is believed to have been the passenger.

They’re in the middle part of town, trying to track him down. They do have paperwork on their computers on the guy.

5:00pm The foot race is apparently over. The supervisor has called off the search. They can’t find him. Last described as a white male, tatoos, jeans. May have lost him in the 9th and Fir area.

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Apr 222014

Olalla fishing thing

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Apr 222014
Willamette Queen Courtesy photo

Willamette Queen
Courtesy photo

Provided by Newport Senior 60+ Activity Center

Willamette Stern Wheeler River Cruise Plus Carousel Ride!

Well, spring time is here and what could be better than a trip up the river on a genuine paddle stern wheeler boat? Imagine the wildlife and beauty of the Willamette River Queen as we head towards Keizer, and perhaps on to Independence, depending on the tide. You may be able to try your skills at the helm and get a certificate from Captain Richard, he is a really nice guy. “I would highly recommend it,” and “A fun time was had by all and I would recommend it.” These are just a couple of quotes from people who have gone before and know first-hand how fun this trip can be!

Along with the Willamette River Queen cruise we will visit the Carousel – what fun! Then we can check out the shops at the Riverfront Park. So, be sure to pack a lunch, your camera, and we can enjoy the park as we eat our lunches.

We leave from the 60+ Activity Center around 8:30 am and return to the Center at about 5 pm. This trip is only $40 which includes transportation to the park in Salem, the ride on the great Willamette Stern Wheeler, and a Carousel Ride. Our floating magic is scheduled for Wednesday, May 7.

Come drift away with us!

Visit our website: www.newportoregon.gov/sc
Find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/NewportSeniorActivityCenter
Give us a call at 541-265-9617

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Apr 222014
Christin Johnson, 4 Just diagnosed with leukemia.

Christian Johnson, 4
Just diagnosed with leukemia.

Over a month ago, little four year old Christian Johnson of Lincoln City started acting peculiar. He was suddenly always tired. He didn’t feel good. It quickly got to the point that his parents took him to the doctor – and were horrified at the news. Christian has leukemia.

Off to Portland they went, to Randall Children’s Hospital at Emanuel Medical Center. After a barrage of tests doctors confirmed to Christian’s parents that he has leukemia. They immediately set up an aggressive treatment program. It involves, among other things, twice a week trips to the hospital for an extended period. And of course, the medical bills are already coming in.

Those who might think about contributing a few dollars (or a lot of dollars) to the Johnson family in their time of great need can do so through the website GoFundMe.com. It’s a nationally renown method of allowing caring and compassionate people to contribute what they can in a way that let’s them give their love and best wishes to victims of disease or accidents, regardless of whether or not they know them – and of course by those who know the family all too well and who feel their pain and sorrow as if Christian was their own.

To donate, just click here.


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