County Commissioner Doug Hunt expresses his gratitude….

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Nov 162018

Doug Hunt
County Commissioner

My sincere thanks to the voters of Lincoln County for their confidence in allowing me to serve a second 4-year term as their county commissioner. It’s an honor and a privilege and I look forward to working collaboratively with other county leaders as we endeavor together to address the challenges and issues faced by our residents and communities.

Among my many priorities, in addition to carefully limiting government spending of taxpayer dollars, some of the most critical are improving mental health care, working with other leaders to address homelessness and housing, and the creation of education and training programs for better paying jobs. As I continue my commitment to represent all areas of the county I will be listening, responding and advocating for the great people of our county.

Doug Hunt
Lincoln County Commissioner

Wyden: “I Oppose FERC Nominee Who Wants to Bailout Coal & Nuclear Corporations at the Expense of Everyday Americans”

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Nov 162018

Sen. Ron Wyden
Archive photo

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today announced that he will oppose the nomination of Bernard L. McNamee to be a Member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (the FERC or the Commission).

Wyden released the following statement:

“It is clear that Mr. McNamee played a pivotal role in developing the U.S. Department of Energy policy that would have reached into American household budgets to pad the pockets of coal and nuclear corporations—a policy so outrageous that it was rejected outright by the FERC.

Now, the Trump administration wants to put this person on the very Commission that rejected his plan. This is not just the fox guarding the chicken coop. This is putting the fox inside the chicken coop.

It’s obscene the lengths this administration will go to prop up its friends in the coal and nuclear industries, and at the expense of American families just struggling to pay their utility bills.

I will oppose any effort that will pick the pockets of American families to bailout uncompetitive, dirty energy—and that means rejecting Mr. McNamee’s nomination.”

Wyden today pressed McNamee on these concerns during a U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing. He also called on McNamee to recuse himself from any matters regarding specific rates and subsidies for coal and nuclear energy that would come before FERC if confirmed. Even if confirmed, Wyden will continue to pressure McNamee to recuse himself from these clearly conflicted issues.

Traffic Crash on 101 in Seal Rock

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Nov 162018

Report of a vehicle crash at 13232 NW Pacific Coast Highway. Two vehicles involved near the Ona Beach curve.

Both vehicles wound up in the ditch. Emergency responders just now coming on scene. Vehicles are said to be a pickup and an SUV.

The northbound lane of 101 is blocked by an emergency vehicle to gain control of the crash scene to prevent other vehicles whizzing through the area.

Turns out there are no injuries.

Lincoln Co. Firefighters Still On Duty in Fiery California

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Nov 162018

Camp Fire in California
Satellite photo

From Lincoln City Fire Captain Jim Kusz

It’s been one week since crews from Oregon headed south to Paradise, California, north of Sacramento, and east of Chico.

“Our people are doing okay!” That was what Strike Team 11 Leader, Andy Parker told Newport Chief Rob Murphy this morning. Sitting with Chief Murphy this morning awaiting to listen in on Oregon conference call from scene, it is hard to image the scale of damage and destruction done by this fire.

The “Camp Fire” has consumed 142,000 acres and is now 45% contained. Approximately 9700 homes, 144 multi-residential structures, and 336 businesses have been destroyed by the blaze. The death toll has risen to 63, with 631 civilians are missing.

Our crews are currently working a 24 hour shift, prepping structures near Oroville, California as the Camp Fire burns south of Paradise, California that was completely devastated. The task now is to prepare structures that may be threaten tomorrow where the fire is expected to push through. The teams are cutting low limbs from trees, and clearing areas of brush, as bulldozers cut fire lines.

The 26 member Strike Team 11 made up of personnel and equipment from Yachats RFPD, Central OR Coast Fire Rescue District, Newport FD, Depoe Bay Fire Dist., North Lincoln Fire and Rescue, Toledo Fire Dept., Polk County Fire District, and Dallas/SW Polk Fire. Jointing 16 sixteen teams, 290 Oregon firefighters, and nearly 50 engines and support vehicles to work the worse fire in California’s history.

“CAL FIRE really appreciates our being here.” Oregon State Fire Marshal’s, Claire McGrew reported this morning during the state-wide conference call from the scene. McGrew and Deputy Chief Scott Magers of the Hillsboro Fire Department shared information this morning about the conditions and our crews. Both are down with our Oregon crews as part of the effort coordinating the teams that are a part of 5,596 firefighters from several states currently battling the fires in Butte County. McGrew also stated; that they be most likely working in Butte County for another week through Thanksgivings and could be returning next Friday. “It maybe sooner” McGrew said; “but CAL FIRE requested us for that long”.

“Please keep our crews, and the folks of Butte County in your thoughts and prayers.” Fire Chief Murphy.

Jim Kusz / District Captain

Water interruption coming Nov. 20 north of NW Wade Way and south of NW44th St. on west side of 101

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Nov 162018

Temporary water service interruption to the area north of NW Wade Way and south of
NW 44th St., on the west side of Highway 101, November 20th

The City of Newport Public Works Department advises there will be a temporary interruption of water service to the area north of NW Wade Way and South of NW 44th Street, on the west side of Highway 101, Tuesday, November 20th, from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Individual notices have been provided to the affected residences.

Contact person: Tim Gross, City Engineer/Director of Public Works, 541-574-3366

This is related to improvements being made to the wastewater collection system, specifically the construction of a new pump station at NW 48th St.

Thank you for your patience.

Weather or Not: Poor Air Quality

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Nov 162018

11/16/18 Patchy fog early, some sunshine later today, light NE breeze, high 55F, mainly clear tonight-Mon, lows 40-45F, highs 55F or so. Outlook: becoming cloudy w/ a chance of rain developing Tue-Thu, expect seasonal temperatures, highs about 55F, lows near 45F all week.

Weekend Travel: Dry pavement and smoky in the Valley, Gorge and Coast Range; in the Cascades, the free air freezing level remains well above the highway passes at 8,000′ to 10,000′ through Sunday night.

An Air Quality Alert has been issued by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for much of Oregon, in effect through tonight. Smoke from local wood stoves and other sources have combined to create unhealthy air quality in many parts of the region including the Central Coast. The National Weather Service expects winds to clear smoke from the Willamette Valley starting Friday evening. South of Eugene and other parts of the state may continue to experience stagnant air conditions and poor air quality through the weekend. Local smoke levels can rise and fall rapidly, depending on fire activity and weather factors including wind direction.

The Oregon Health Authority urges residents of affected communities to take steps to avoid health problems during smoky conditions, including:

* Avoid strenuous outdoor activities when air quality is unhealthy.
* Those with heart or lung problems, as well as young children, are especially vulnerable. These people should stay indoors while smoke levels are high.
* True high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and non-ozone producing electrostatic precipitator (ESP) air cleaners and filters can help keep indoor air cleaner.
* Reduce other sources of indoor smoke. Avoid burning cigarettes and candles; using gas, propane, wood-burning stoves and furnaces; cooking; and vacuuming.
* If you have heart disease or lung disease, such as asthma, follow your healthcare provider`s advice about prevention and treatment of symptoms.

Newport’s proclamation dealing with Climate Change

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Nov 152018

Earth heating up


Approved recently by the Newport City Council

WHEREAS, climate change, created by atmospheric warming caused by greenhouse gases, has reached a critical level; and

WHEREAS, science has shown that climate change is a result of human activity; and

WHEREAS, climate change on the Oregon coast will result in higher wave heights, more powerful winter storms, shoreline erosion, rising sea level and tidal height, hypoxic nearshore ocean waters, seasonal temperature changes, more acidic ocean waters, and changes in forest cover; and

WHEREAS, the impact of addressing the effects of climate change on the Oregon coast may be measured in lost lives, economic losses, an increased cost of living, and

WHEREAS, climate change has a profound effect on the residents and visitors of the City of Newport and the Oregon coast; and

WHEREAS, it is incumbent upon everyone to seek innovative solutions to reduce the impact of climate change on the atmosphere, oceans, forests, fisheries, and energy and water sources; and

WHEREAS, it is important for the City of Newport to be a leader on the Oregon coast in seeking solutions to this crisis.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sandra N. Roumagoux, Mayor of the City of Newport, Oregon, and, on behalf of the Newport City Council, do hereby urge the residents and visitors of the City of Newport to do their part in reducing climate change impacts by seeking innovative solutions to this human-caused problem. I further urge residents and visitors to promote, by example, energy efficiency, a healthy environment, and a sustainable economy, to address this very serious and profound crisis facing our globe.

Dated: November 5, 2018
Sandra N. Roumagoux, Mayor


A letter to Newport residents from Bill Kucha who advocated for the Newport Proclamation dealing with Climate Change:

I am thankful that the mayor of the City of Newport, Sandra Roumagoux, has made as one of her final actions on behalf of the Newport City Council ‘A Proclamation Recognizing Climate Change Awareness’. I am impressed that our city mothers and fathers have stepped forward to address this most urgent situation we face. I hope that our citizenry embrace and acts on her words and takes them to heart.

As she states in the proclamation, “I urge the residents and visitors of the City of Newport to do their part in reducing climate change impacts by seeking innovative solutions to this human caused problem. I further urge residents and visitors to promote by example, energy efficiency, a healthy environment and a sustainable economy to address this very serious and profound crisis facing our globe.” Signed by Mayor Sandra Roumagoux and dated November 5, 2018.

I encourage each and everyone to read her entire Proclamation found contained in the above.

Bill Kucha

ODFW reducing emergency Chinook fishing restrictions on portions of Yaquina and Alsea Rivers

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Nov 152018

ODFW is reducing emergency Chinook fishing restrictions on portions of the Yaquina and Alsea Rivers beginning Saturday, Nov. 17, after additional spawning surveys observed an increase in the numbers of fish in these rivers.

On the Yaquina River, about six additional miles of the river will reopen. Chinook fishing will be open from the mouth to the Elk City boat ramp from Nov. 17-Dec. 31. (The former boundary under emergency regulations was the Cannon Quarry Boat Ramp.)

Click here for details

On the Alsea, about 14 additional miles of river will open. Chinook fishing will be open from the mouth to the Five Rivers Bridge from Nov. 17-Dec. 31. (The former boundary under emergency regulations was the Highway 34 Bridge below Taylors Landing.)

The Chinook bag limit for all waterbodies in the NW Zone, including the Yaquina and Alsea Rivers, remains 1 chinook per day and 3 for the season between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31.

Welcoming front entry to North Lincoln Hospital
Under Construction

ODFW announced emergency Chinook fishing restrictions in the Northwest Zone on Oct. 26 to protect low fall Chinook returns. Since that announcement, portions of the Siletz River and now the Yaquina and Alsea rivers are reopening due to an improving outlook for Chinook in those areas. ODFW staff continue to monitor returns in coastal rivers and will continue to evaluate fishery regulations as new information becomes available.

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For the latest on Northwest Zone fishing regulations and opportunities see or just click here.

Down the Donut Hole: The Medicare Coverage Gap

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Nov 152018

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Duane J. Silbernagel
Financial Advisor
Waddell & Reed

Down the Donut Hole: The Medicare Coverage Gap
By: Duane J. Silbernagel

One of the most confusing Medicare provisions is the prescription drug coverage gap, often called the “donut hole.” It may be clearer if you consider the gap within the annual “lifecycle” of Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage. This also applies to drug coverage that is integrated into a Part C Medicare Advantage Plan.

Annual deductible –

Prescription drug plans typically have an annual deductible not exceeding $405 in 2018. Before reaching the deductible, you will pay the full cost of your prescriptions, although you may receive negotiated discounts.

Initial coverage period –

After you meet the annual deductible, your plan will pay a portion of your prescription drug costs, and you will typically have a copayment or coinsurance amount. A 25% coinsurance amount is the standard coverage required by Medicare, but most plans have different levels or “tiers” of copayments or coinsurance for different types of drugs.

Coverage gap –

When you and your plan combined have spent a specified amount on drugs for the year ($3,750 in 2018), you enter the coverage gap. In 2018, you pay 35% of your plan’s price for covered brand-name prescription drugs and 44% of the price for generic drugs. The gap is closing over the next two years (see chart). You remain in the coverage gap until you reach an annual out-of-pocket spending limit ($5,000 in 2018). Spending that counts toward the limit includes your deductible, copay, and coinsurance; the manufacturer’s discount on brand-name drugs in the coverage gap; and your out-of-pocket payments in the gap. It does not include your premiums, the amount the plan pays, or your payments for noncovered drugs.

Catastrophic coverage –

Once you have reached the out-of-pocket limit, you receive catastrophic coverage with much lower payments. In 2018, you would pay the greater of 5% of drug costs or $3.35/$8.35 for each generic and brand-name drug, respectively. Some plans have more generous coverage in the gap. You may be able to avoid the coverage gap by using generic medicine, when appropriate, to lower your drug costs.
For more information, see

I hope you found this beneficial and informational. For more information about me and my services, visit my website: Thank you for your interest.

Duane Silbernagel is a Financial Advisor in Lincoln City, Oregon offering securities through Waddell & Reed, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC. He can be reached at (541) 614-1322 or via email at

This article is meant to be general in nature and should not be construed as investment or financial advice related to your personal situation. The article was written by an independent third party, Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. (Copyright 2018) and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Waddell& Reed is not affiliated with website and is not responsible for any other content posted to this website. (10/18)

Congressional and State Redistricting: Lunch Hour Town Hall

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Nov 152018

Redistricting Forum in Newport – Nov. 27th from 11 am to 1 pm
Atonement Lutheran Church, 2315 Hwy 101, Newport

Please join the League of Women Voters of Lincoln County as we tackle a big issue: Redistricting. The 2020 U.S census and the process of redistricting will have a huge impact on Oregonians, especially since Oregon may receive a sixth congressional district. Come on November 27th, 11-1:00 pm to the Atonement Lutheran Church in Newport and learn about our current redistricting process, how it affects elections here in Oregon, and what reform could look like.
• The League of Women Voters of Oregon has received a grant from the League of Women Voters of the US Education Fund to create a program for state-based education that aims to promote a reform to our current redistricting process here in Oregon.
• The LWVOR and LWVUS have positions on redistricting that call for a reform that would require an amendment to the Oregon Constitution to create an independent redistricting commission with strict criteria for drawing district boundaries.
• The League supports redistricting reform that would make our system less susceptible to abuse and unrepresentative distortions. With an independent redistricting commission, we would take the process of redistricting out of the hands of partisan politicians and back into the hands of voters.
• The goal of reforming our redistricting process is to change who draws the lines of our districts, increase transparency and public participation in the redistricting process, clarify the requirements of where district lines get drawn, and to close the loopholes in our current system by clarifying redistricting criteria and requirements.
• The League supports reform because we focus on the lines, not the politics.
• Voters should be choosing their representatives, not representatives choosing their voters.
• A fair process benefits everyone regardless of party affiliation.

Free Medicare Seminar, Friday November 16th in Newport

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Nov 152018

Free Medicare Seminar, November 16th,
Offered by OCWCOG and SHIBA

Are you confused about Medicare? Please join us for a two-hour “ABC’s of Medicare” Seminar on Friday, November 16th at 10:00 am. Our experienced Medicare Counselors can make Medicare easier for you to understand. This is being held at the Samaritan Center for Health Education in Newport. Please call to register at 541-574-2684. We have private appointments available also. Let us know how we can help!

Click here for Details

This is a free, impartial seminar covering all aspects of Medicare including Parts A and B, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D), and Medicare Supplements (Medigaps). This seminar is open to anyone with an interest in Medicare and will be conducted by a certified SHIBA volunteer. There is no charge for the seminar and no products will be sold or promoted. SHIBA is a non-profit, volunteer-based program sponsored by RSVP of Lincoln County.

This presentation will benefit anyone who is eligible for Medicare within a few months or is new to Medicare; current beneficiaries who would like to better understand Medicare benefits and options; and spouses and other relatives of Medicare eligible clients.

Click here for details

The seminar is sponsored by OCWCOG and SHIBA. It will be held at the Samaritan Center for Health Education, 740 SW 9th Street, Newport on Friday, November 16th, from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

This is an informational opportunity offered at no cost to community members. Follow-up one-on-one counseling appointments will be available.

Reservations may be made by calling 541-574-2684 but are not required. Drop-ins are welcome.

LCPD makes arrest in connection with “shooting”

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Nov 152018

Isaiah Patron
Claims was shot at, but was not the case.

Lincoln City man who claims he was shot at turns out to be quite the storyteller. Winds up in jail with nearly a $100,000 bail.

Monday afternoon at about 3:34 pm, Lincoln City officers responded to 950 SE 32nd St on a report of a gunshot victim. The victim reported he had been walking along SE 32nd St when a car pulled up, the driver of the car fired a gun at him, and the bullet hit the cell phone he was carrying in his hand. LCPD detectives recovered the cell phone, which did in fact have damage appearing to be caused by a bullet.

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In the days following the initial report, LCPD detectives conducted on-going follow up in order to determine the identity of the alleged suspect who fired from the vehicle. During the investigation, detectives determined the victim, 21-year-old Isaiah Padron of Lincoln City, made a false report to police in reference to the “drive by shooting.” Padron admitted to causing damage to his cell phone and minor injuries to himself when he accidentally discharged a firearm while in the bedroom of a family member’s home.

During this investigation, LCPD recovered the handgun used in the incident and determined it to be listed as a stolen firearm taken during the burglary of a Central Oregon home.

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On Wednesday Padron was taken into custody for Filing a False Police Report, Reckless Endangering, Theft I by Receiving, and Disorderly Conduct, and lodged at the Lincoln County Jail.

The Lincoln City Police Department appreciates the community’s support and all the information provided, which helped bring this case to a close.

Click here for info

Lincoln County Commons proposal available for public review

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Nov 152018

County Commons Master Plan

A final Master Plan for redevelopment of the Lincoln County Commons has been completed and is now available for public review on the county website. The document will be formally presented to the Master Plan Visioning Committee at a public meeting on Thursday, November 29th at 5:30 p.m. at the Lincoln County Courthouse in Newport. The committee will be asked to propose any final changes to the plan before forwarding it to the Fair Board and the County Commission for action.

Included in the $9.8 million proposal are a 15,000 square foot exhibition hall to replace the current structure of the same size; a 20,000 square foot covered pavilion supplanting the existing outdoor arena; rehabilitation of the existing livestock barn; re-purposing the floral building as a new home for 4-H; and a flexible landscaping plan to accommodate functional and recreational uses.

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The capital portion of the project will be financed in part through $2.75 million that the county has already banked in dedicated transient room tax funds, with the remainder coming from a thirty-year revenue bond that will be repaid from future room tax income.

Ongoing operating and maintenance expenses will be covered through a combination of operating income and ongoing room tax revenues. The plan looks at a variety of scenarios (slower and faster growth of the room tax, lesser and greater utilization of the property) and in all cases, after the first year, projects that the combination of rental and room tax revenues will cover all of the operational needs.

Click here for details

Additionally, the City of Newport’s Urban Renewal Plan identifies up to $3 million in possible project participation, to be determined with the Urban Renewal Agency, which is not included in the $9.8 million, but would help support the redevelopment of this area and functionality of the site for multiple purposes.

The County Commission assumed control of the Fairgrounds property in 2009 and launched a multi-year public process to develop both a plan for the site and a sustainable operational blueprint. An initial master plan was completed in 2014 and this document represents the final step in that process.

Weather or Not: Back on the Sun Train

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Nov 152018

11/15/18 Sunny today after areas of fog, light E wind, high 55F, patchy fog/mixed skies tonight-tomorrow, low 40F, high 55F. Outlook: mainly clear Sat-Mon, increasing clouds Tue, chance of rain developing by early Wed, then rain likely for several days, highs 55-60F, lows 40-45F.

Thanksgiving Day: There’s a 50-50 chance of rain or showers along with light to moderate winds and a high temperature near 55F.