Jan 252015

New record high temperatures were set along the Central Coast on Sunday afternoon.
Sunday’s High/Previous Record High…
Lincoln City: 67F/60F in 2003
Depoe Bay: 70F/61F in 1977
Newport: 70F/61F in 1977
Waldport: 65F/Ties 65F in 1989
Yachats: 71F/65F in 1989

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Jan 252015

Southbound and northbound lanes shut down.  Driver in black car badly injured.

Southbound and northbound lanes shut down. Driver in black car badly injured.
James Warren photo

Traffic backed up both directions.  Big law enforcement/medical response.

Traffic backed up both directions. Big law enforcement/medical response.
Belinda Goody photo

Car that was headed south and was hit head on by the SUV

Car that was headed south and was hit head on by the SUV
Ron Meadows photo

Took a while to get the injured car driver out.  Badly hurt.

Took a while to get the injured car driver out. Badly hurt.

An early afternoon crash on Highway 101 just south of Newport sent multiple persons to the hospital, at least one with very serious injuries. Initial reports indicate that a northbound SUV crossed over the center line and hit an oncoming car head on inside the big curve just south of South Beach State Park. The female driver in the car was trapped inside her car’s wreckage as Newport Fire Rescue extracated her with steel jaws and power saws. She was rushed to PCH for an evaluation of her serious injuries as part of an assessment in order to send her to a valley or Portland area trauma center. No word on the extend of injuries to the person in the SUV.

Traffic was backed up for more than an hour on that very busy stretch of 101. After the wreck was cleared, at around 2:05PM, traffic began moving in both directions. Names and hometowns of those involved were not immediately released.

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Jan 252015
Callie is missing.  If you've seen her or know where she is call her owner at  541-961-8318

Sunday update: Beckie says she found Callie several blocks from home – muddy from nose to tail. But otherwise she’s fine. A couple of quick hugs and a kiss and into the tub she went!

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Jan 252015
Meccore Quartet Courtesy photo

Meccore Quartet
Courtesy photo

Neskowin Chamber Music

The prize-winning Meccore Quartet will present the fourth concert in the twenty-first season of Neskowin Chamber Music on February 15, 2015 at 3 p.m. The group was formed by four of Europe’s most celebrated string players in 2007.

They have toured many European countries and made their North American debut in 2013. Members are: Wojciech Koprowski, violin; Jaroslaw Nadrzycki, violin; Michal Bryla, viola; and Karol Marianowski, cello.

They won second prize—and three additional special prizes—at the London International String Quartet Competition at Wigmore Hall in 2012. The group also received top prizes at the Paolo Borciani Competition in 2011, the International Chamber Music Competition in Weiden (2010), and the Max Reger International Chamber Music Competition in 2009.

As postgraduates at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, they worked with Alfred Brendel on the interpretation of Beethoven’s music. Brendel said that Meccore “has impressed me as an outstanding young ensemble.”

The Meccore Quarter directs “Q’arto Mondi,” an international chamber music festival featuring top quartets from around the world that takes place annually in Poland. After being featured many times on European radio and television, the quartet’s Schubert recording was recently named one of the best accomplishments on the Polish cultural scene. The group was also nominated for the prestigious Paszporty Polityki award.

Concerts take place at Camp Winema, located three miles north of Neskowin, just off Highway 101. Season tickets are $110. Individual tickets are $25. For more information, call 503-965—6499, write Neskowin Chamber Music, P.O. Box 1044, Pacific City, Oregon 97135, or check the website: www.neskowinchambermusic.org.

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Jan 252015

A surfer that was originally believed to be in distress has wound up back on the beach at Devil’s Punchbowl State Park. He’s fine.

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Jan 252015

Chris Burns Weather

Sunday, Jan. 25th – Lincoln County

Summary: Lincoln City got the jump on the rest of us yesterday by setting a new record high temperature of 60F. High clouds filtered the Sun through part of the day, but that didn’t keep scads of visitors from heading to the Central Coast. The beaches and wayside parking areas looked typical of a July day, not January. Generally, temps rose to about 60F and winds were light. A little fog developed in the late afternoon and evening, but skies cleared entirely around 10:00pm. Lows were in the 40s. This morning, it was partly cloudy and east winds were blowing 10-15 mph with some gusts into the 20s.

Past 24 Hours High/Low…
Lincoln City: 60F*/53F/*Previous record high, 58F in 2003.
Depoe Bay: 60F/43F
Newport: 59F/45F
Waldport: 54F/46F
Yachats: 58F/50F

Several locations in Northwest Oregon set record highs yesterday:
Troutdale, 63F, previous was 61F in 1984
Salem, 64F, tied previous 64F in 1935
Eugene, 68F, previous was 65F in 1935*
* It was the fourth warmest day on record for the month of January since 1890 for Eugene airport. The warmest temperature ever in January was 69F, set on two days in 1931 and one in 1914.

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Forecast: While the Valley is socked-in with dense fog and low clouds, it appears our area is still on track to see the thermometer ascend the scale today to 65-70F or a bit higher; records will more than likely fall. Along with mostly sunny skies, WON PARTLY CLOUDYexpect moderate east winds. Tonight, the breeze turns light southerly and lows dip to the low-50s. Sunshine pays a return visit tomorrow, but an onshore wind flow will moderate the mercury to about 60F. Outlook is for increasing clouds and a chance of rain Tuesday, showers possible Wednesday, partly sunny Thursday and mostly sunny Friday through next weekend, with unseasonably warm temps of 45-60F.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, areas of fog early, partly cloudy by afternoon, highs 60-65F. Valley destinations are under a Dense Fog Advisory, cloudy skies and a high of 55F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for areas of fog this morning, then mostly sunny, east windy, temps near 55F. For the Cascades, there is bare pavement in the passes this morning; sunny with the freezing level at 13,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is dry pavement with patchy fog tonight in the Valley and Coast Range, clear in the Gorge and Cascades; the freezing level remains high at 13,000 feet through tonight.

Highway 101 Travel Advisories…
* A project to smooth the asphalt on Highway 101 north of Newport will restrict travel to a single lane tomorrow, January 26th, from 8:00am until 4:00pm. An asphalt grinder will be working from Beverly Beach State Park to the Newport city limits (Mileposts 133-136). Traffic will be controlled by flaggers, creating delays of no more than 20 minutes.

* Beginning tomorrow, ODOT will begin installing netting material on the Siuslaw River Bridge, designed to keep birds from nesting beneath the concrete spans. Travel will be restricted to a single lane on Highway 101 at Florence. The work continues daily through Thursday, January 29th, from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Bridge traffic will be controlled by flaggers with delays of 20 minutes or less.

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 35”, a loss of 1” since yesterday; an overall gain of 1” in the past seven days; 14” less than this date last year; 81% below the 30-year average Snow Water Equivalent (total amount of moisture in the snow pack).

Ski Report – New Snow/Base/Condition…
Hoodoo 0”/8”/closed
Willamette Pass 0”/18”/closed
Mt. Bachelor 0”/45”/spring or soft
Mt. Hood Ski Bowl 0”/5”/open for tubing only
Mt. Hood Meadows 0”/32”/soft wet granular
Timberline 0”/28”/soft wet

Marine: Seas are still up around 8-10 feet at 13 seconds this morning with E winds 10-15 knots. As of WON SCA8:00am, Depoe Bay bar is closed to recreational vessels 36 feet and less, and to uninspected passenger vessels 32 feet and less. Yaquina Bay bar is closed to recreational and uninspected passenger vessels 26 feet and less. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas remains in effect through this evening. Expect W swells 10 feet at 13 seconds today and tonight with NE winds 5-15 knots, veering S and rising after midnight to 10-15 knots gusting 20. Tomorrow, southerly winds 15-20 knots occasionally gusting 25 with 9 foot seas at 14 seconds. Outlook is for breeze and seas to subside on Tuesday as SW winds fade to 10-15 knots and seas drop to 7 feet. Wednesday and Thursday, look for easterlies 5-15 knots with swells 5-6 feet.

On the Beach… Mostly sunny, a little breezy, surf 8-10 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
01/25 Sun 10:01 AM 1.67 L
01/25 Sun 03:56 PM 7.51 H
01/25 Sun 09:58 PM 1.11 L
01/26 Mon 04:39 AM 9.13 H

In Short: Mainly clear, warm, east winds, then cooler with showers.

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Jan 242015

A male is pounding on the door to a house at 3858 NW Jetty. Woman afraid to answer it. Doesn’t know who the man is. Police are enroute.

Police determined that the man was confused as to which house he was staying in. Police are escorting him down the street to the right house.

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Jan 242015

North Lincoln Fire Rescue was called to a report of a male who had fallen over a high drop-off to the beach near the Chinook Winds Casino Resort. Rescuers found him on the beach between the casino and the hotel. He was up and walking around.

Fire Rescue was with him and were preparing to walk him back to the stairs and up to the bluff above to the hotel. But he wandered off and now rescuers can’t find him. They think he may have taken off toward the casino. 29 year old male.

They found him. Was inside the casino. He says he wasn’t seriously injured in the fall.

Victim now near the casino complaining of chest pains and says he doesn’t know where he is. Medics enroute.

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Jan 242015
Mike - Gardening at the end of a long stick....

Mike – Gardening at the end of a long stick….

From Carl Palmer

Mike has a problem.

He feels alone and trapped. You see, Mike’s a gardener who cannot get on his knees to do a garden any more. He really wants to have a garden but does not have the body strength to do all the physical work.

He was having coffee last week with his friend, Marcia, and telling her about his troubles. He told her how the cost stops him from building a taller raised bed. Mike told Marcia he felt like giving up.

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Marcia told Mike she used to feel exactly the same way. In fact, when Marcia was in a similar situation, she felt like most gardeners, as they get older, many give up gardening because of the work. She also felt shortages of time, energy and money are a big hurdle to building a taller raised bed. But then Marcia told Mike she found “A two foot high Raised Fabric Bed”, and it changed everything for her.

Raised beds - the way to get the job done while sitting down...

Raised beds – the way to get the job done while sitting down…

Marcia discovered having a Raised Fabric Bed allowed her to sit down while doing her gardening. In fact, “A two foot high Raised Fabric Bed” helped Marcia with a lot more than just that. She explained to Mike how it helped her to make better root structure for the plants, keep pests at bay like gopher and moles, quickly warms in the spring and releases excess heat in the summer, shaves a week off the vegetative growth cycle, and turns any deck or patio into a garden area.

Marcia also told Mike she started seeing results with her two foot high raised fabric bed” in less than a day – and it cost just $35.

After Marcia finished sharing her experiences with Mike, he realized that he could act right away and have a no dig, no tilling garden. And he could sit down while doing all his work in the garden. And Mike immediately signed up for the Free Workshop at the Sustainable Living Center. You can as well!!

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The next free workshop is scheduled for Sunday, February 22nd at 1:00pm, a free, no obligation workshop and see a 150 Gallon, 45 inch Diameter, No Dig, Air Pruning, No Slug Electric Fence Raised Fabric Bed being built during a two hour workshop at the Sustainable Living Center located at 6349 South Highway 101 in Taft area of Lincoln City.

The Center is just south and next to ProBuild on the same side of the Hwy 101 and right across the highway from Street Car Village. On Sunday, since ProBuild is closed, please park in their parking lot and walk south to the Center.

Again, there is no cost or obligation for the workshop and if you bring an electric drill you will be able be given the opportunity to assemble a 150 Gallon, 45 inch Diameter, No Dig, Air Pruning, No Slug Electric Fence Raised Fabric Bed, regardless of the weather. If you choose, you can take it home for the just the cost of the material of $62. The Fabric Raised Bed without the “No Slug Electric Fence” is $35. Larger sizes up to 60 inches will be available for assembly.

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Jan 242015
Joining the AB family along with 10 Barrel of Bend

Joining the AB family along with 10 Barrel of Bend

Anheuser-Busch is on the prowl again, more firmly allying themselves in the craft beer market that is taking vast numbers of youthful beer lovers by storm. But it is, shall we say, a “perfect storm” with A-B’s just announcing their purchase of Elysian Brewing of Seattle.

The story is in The Oregonian. Click here.

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