Helping baby oysters thrive along the Oregon Coast

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Oct 192018

Baby Oyster
Nutrition on the half shell
Wikipedia photo

Red seaweed
NOAA photo

Merkley, Wyden Announce Sea Grant Funding for Oregon Projects
More than $1.3 million will support research in seaweed and oyster production

PORTLAND, OR — Oregon’s U.S. Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden today announced two National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) Sea Grant awards for Oregon—one finding new ways to cultivate red seaweed, and the other helping the oyster industry’s baby oysters survive.

“Oregon’s coast is not just beautiful, it’s also one of our state’s most significant economic drivers,” Merkley said. “These grants will facilitate valuable research for our seafood industry, and I will continue to use my seat on the Senate Appropriations Committee to make sure these important Sea Grants are funded.”

“These key research resources will help our state’s world-renowned seafood industry continue to grow and create jobs along the Oregon Coast,” Wyden said. “I am gratified that our state earned this Sea Grant funding and will keep working to make sure this valuable and proven science-based program receives the support it deserves.”

The awards are among 22 projects amounting to $11 million in NOAA Sea Grant awards to further advance the development of a sustainable marine and coastal aquaculture industry in the U.S.

Oregon’s winning projects were awarded more than $1.3 million: $576,781 will fund projects designed to develop a new cultivation technology increasing the scalable production of red seaweed, an economically valuable commodity. And $725,261 will go toward projects developing probiotic treatments to improve survival rates of young oysters, helping the U.S. shellfish industry—valued at over $200 million—produce high-quality oysters at hatcheries.

Creative Coast Initiative at the VAC!

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Oct 192018

Visual Arts Center
Nye Beach, Newport
Google Maps

From: The Coastal Arts Guild

THE COASTAL ARTS GUILD NOVEMBER SPEAKER WILL BE CHARLES ROBINSON from Oregon State University’s Outreach and Engagement program in Corvallis. He will be addressing “Creative Coast Initiative” and an exhibition that will be on display at the Visual Arts Center beginning November 2nd.

CAG hosts this luncheon each month on the first Thursday at the Newport Visual Arts Center’s 2nd floor classroom/meeting room. The program will begin at 11:00 with the featured speaker followed by lunch. CAG invites those interested in the arts to attend.

Charles Robinson was instrumental in launching the Creative Oregon Initiative as an Extension Reconsidered initiative in 2015 which seeks to continually explore new ways in which OSU Extension can better serve the ever-changing needs of Oregonians.

At OSU, they believe that connections to the landscapes and the people of Oregon define our experiences as teachers, students and citizens. The Creative Oregon initiative’s mission is to take students out of the campus and studio and into the landscape and encouraging collaboration with all Oregonians. This initiative provides coordinated, integrative arts teaching and learning opportunities for OSU undergraduate students. Each year they work with a distinct Oregon landscape teaming with Extension staff and others who live, work and study with the land in that distinct region.

Each OSU class taking part in Creative Oregon excursions consists of students from many different disciplines – students from drawing, sculpture, video, music composition, theater and photography may all take part together. The students acquire inspiration and first-hand knowledge of the landscape and the people who live and work there. They also create works of art on site and experience the process of documenting public art creation.

For additional information and an invitation to attend the CAG Luncheon, call Mary Holt at 541-765-4599. She can also provide information about the Coastal Arts Guild, which is a terrific avenue to appreciate the many arts forms and a fun way to meet likeminded people. CAG is a volunteer program which staffs the Visual Arts Center and serves the arts community of Lincoln County. CAG welcomes new members and there are no membership fees.

Fire Alarm on Lancer Street – North of Depoe Bay

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Oct 192018

Report of a fire alarm going off at 325 Lancer Street just north of Depoe Bay. Firefighters are enroute to the scene.

Arriving fire units say it’s a three story home. No smoke showing.

Port of Newport kicks on the high beams – Rondy’s moving forward

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Oct 192018

Int’l Terminal left of little bay (center) and Rondy’s property on right (left of LNG tank)

Newport Port Commissioners this week approved the hiring of a firm that will help the port refine its plan for growing facilities that stretch from the Yaquina Bay Bridge to the recently partially constructed International Terminal on the north side of Yaquina Bay, east of the Embarcadero.

Port officials say they will hold several public meetings so local residents and all marine-related businesses can weigh in on what they’d like the port to offer in terms of services and berthing. Port Commissioners say they would like to have the plan ready for review early next year.

In the meantime private property owned by the legacy Hall fishing family, just to the east of the International Terminal, is about to see some serious construction activity. The Halls have long expressed their intention to build facilities on their land, adjacent to the International Terminal, to accommodate the support needs of the local fishing fleet including fishing net and gear storage in several buildings, along with other marine services.

The Port Commission also approved a contract with a dredging company to dig out and around mostly the eastern end of the NOAA docks at South Beach. The docks are usually dredged once every five years – but now is required every other year. The somewhat fickle Yaquina River has been depositing far more sediment on the river bottom in and around the NOAA docks than was forecasted when they were being planned and constructed nearly ten years ago.

Surf Rescue Off Yachats

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Oct 192018

Yachats Fire-Rescue is trying to assist a boater in distress at the Yachats jaws, where the river meets the ocean.

Boat is back underway. No longer in distress.

Getting Serious About Affordable Housing….

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Oct 192018

Rep. David Gomberg

Measure 102 will help our communities
Submitted by State Rep. David Gomberg, D-Otis

People who work on the Oregon Coast should be able to afford to live on the Oregon Coast. But ask any new arrival where they are living and watch for the reaction! From Astoria to Brookings, nurses, first responders, fisherman, shop keepers, teachers, office workers, and trades people are no longer able to afford local neighborhoods.

As Representatives for nearly half our coastline, we hear the impact that housing affordability has on families, seniors, workers, and the local businesses that need those workers. We joined our colleagues in the Legislature in voting nearly unanimously to refer to voters a measure that will make it easier and more efficient to build affordable housing: Measure 102.

Measure 102 will remove an outdated restriction that prevents affordable housing bond dollars from being used in partnership with nonprofits and affordable housing developers. This will give a boost to smaller cities and towns who otherwise might not have the ability to carry out an affordable housing bond.

This measure includes added safeguards, requiring local governments to complete annual audits and to publicly report spending of bond funds. If Measure 102 is approved, bond funds will be treated just like other funds for affordable housing, within a strong system of accountability that ensures residents with low incomes are being properly served.

Not only is taxpayer investment protected, but Measure 102 will make your tax dollars go further, by allowing access to new funding sources. Please join us in voting yes on Measure 102.

Representative David Gomberg represents the Central Coast and Representative Deborah Boone represents the North Coast in the Oregon State Legislature.