Sep 202014
Serena Profitt Four years old - would have been five next month.

Serena Profitt
Four years old – would have been five next month.

Memorial Services for Serena Profitt, forever 4 years old, are being held today (Saturday) at 2pm, Faith Baptist Church in Lincoln City. The church, at 5750 Highway 101, will gather family and friends of Serena’s who have been in devastated at the death of little Serena from E coli contamination. Family and friends described Serena as a bubbly, loving and joyful little girl who contracted the toxic bacteria sometime in late August while visiting with family and friends. Health officials say that Serena and a five year old boy both came down with the bacterial infection. The boy is reportedly recovering at a Seattle area hospital.

When Serena became lethargic and suffering stomach cramps, her parents took her to the North Lincoln Hospital Emergency Room. There, she was diagnosed with a rotavirus, a stomach disorder common among children and the elderly. Her family said they were told that it would soon pass. A day or two later when Serena was still suffering the illness, they took her to a pediatrician who, the family says, also diagnosed her as suffering from a rotavirus and sent her home saying she’d get over it.

The next day the family raced her up Highway 18 to Willamette Valley Medical Center in McMinnville where they immediately diagnosed her with an advanced case of E coli poisoning and rushed her to a children’s hospital in Portland where she died a short time later.

County and state health officials continue to try to track the source of the deadly bacteria that killed Serena. Those officials have cleared the Roadhouse 18 restaurant where family members contended that she and her male playmate had shared the same turkey sandwich. Health officials report they found no sign of any contamination nor any absence of food preparation regulations as specified under their restaurant license. It was later learned that Serena and the boy had swam in local body of water in the area that might have been the source of the E coli. Those water bodies were also checked but by then the exposure to the E coli was pushing two weeks prior. They found no E coli.

Health officials reminded the public this past week that tracking down such incidents is very difficult unless at least 10 people come down with the same illness. They need a large number of victims to have had the very same exact experience with something very specific to give them a high probability of its source. Too few victims too often end up with more question marks than answers.

One thing that investigators can point to however, is that the strain of E coli the two children suffered is most commonly found in contaminated food. Health officials also say that there were no other cases of E coli in the area at the time that Serena and her friend came down with their infections. Officials remind everyone that preparing food for any occasion absolutely requires a thorough hand wash before anyone lays a hand on something that’s about to be eaten at home, at a picnic or in a restaurant.

One health official told a news conference in Newport that they may never be able to conclusively prove exactly where the bacteria came from.

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Sep 202014
Mike Miller Park, Newport Faith Chakerian photo

Mike Miller Park, Newport
Faith Chakerian photo

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Sep 202014

Chris Burns Weather

Saturday, September 20th – Lincoln County

Summary: After a little fog and low cloudiness yesterday morning, the sun reigned for the remainder of the day and we had classic Summer conditions, including northwest winds 15-20 mph gusting 25. The thermometer rose to the upper-60s and no precipitation was recorded. We archived the zillionth stunning sunset of the year and saw clear skies going into the overnight period. Just before dawn, Jupiter and a tiny slice of waning crescent Moon were visible off to the east. By sunrise, the sky was blue, it was foggy on the beach and lows dropped mainly into the low-50s.

Past 24 Hours High/Low…
Lincoln City: 67F/56F
Depoe Bay: 68F/53F
Newport: 68F/50F
Waldport: 66F/51F
Yachats: 67F/53F

Forecast: A warm and sunny last hurrah for Summer is on tap today for the 59th Annual Indian-Style Salmon Bake at Depoe Bay, and SOLV’s Yaquina River Clean-up. How hot it actually gets this afternoon will depend on the strength of the expected east winds, but highs of 75F or a little above would be a reasonable guess. Seasonal changes begin tonight with increasing clouds, patchy fog, lows of 50-55F and winds switching to southerly. Much cooler tomorrow and Monday with the mercury hitting 60F or so, mostly cloudy skies and southwest winds of 10-15 mph. Outlook is for our first real Autumn-style weather system to arrive sometime Tuesday with rain likely by nightfall. Wednesday and Thursday, rain (up to an inch) is projected, along with blustery southwest winds. Look for showers on Friday, maybe lasting into the weekend; highs of 60-65F, lows 50-55F through the extended period.

Travel: Smoke from area wildfires may affect travelers in Northwest Oregon today as east winds return. In the Coast Range today, sunny, areas of smoke and 85-95F. Valley destinations will be sunny with areas of smoke and highs of 90-95F. For the Cascades, sunny, windy; the freezing level is at 15,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers is dry pavement with warm and smoky conditions tonight but cooling and clearing tomorrow.

Marine: Hopefully, you netted some Coho yesterday before the season closed at midnight, because conditions are rough this morning. Swells are up to 10 feet at 13 seconds, winds are N 15-20 knots and it’s foggy. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay bar is closed to recreational vessels 30 feet and less, and to uninspected passenger vessels 28 feet and less. Yaquina Bay bar is unrestricted. A Small Craft Advisory is in effect until 11:00am from 10 to 60 miles offshore for N winds of 15-20 knots gusting 25; lighter N winds 10-15 knots near shore. Seas of 7-8 feet and patchy fog are also expected today. Tonight, a wind reversal to southerlies 10-15 knots gusting 20 and seas of 6 feet. S winds 10-15 knots tomorrow, seas 5 feet and patchy fog. Outlook is for S winds 5-15 knots, a W swell of 4-5 feet and patchy fog Monday and Tuesday. Swells to 12 feet and gusty southerlies are forecast for Wednesday, along with rain, as an organized Fall storm system arrives.

Click here to download the Chris Burns book, "Family Voyaging"

On the Beach… Sunny, breezy, surf 6-7 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
09/20 Sat 11:10 AM 6.99 H
09/20 Sat 04:51 PM 2.48 L
09/20 Sat 10:49 PM 7.45 H
09/21 Sun 05:15 AM 0.83 L

In Short: Mostly clear, windy, warm, then cooling and rain.

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Sep 192014

Yet another stabbing in Siletz Friday night – across from NE 247 Bagley, just off Logsden Road on the east edge of town. The victim is said to have been stabbed in the head and is bleeding heavily.

Fire Rescue and law enforcement is enroute. Law enforcement response times are quite long because law enforcement is out patrolling other areas of the county. Paramedics are hesitant to go in without law enforcement protection.

Victim is being taken to Egbert Avenue, near Logsden Road and away from the crime scene, to be put under care of paramedics. First law enforcement units sound like they’re still a few minutes away. Call came in at 11:45pm.

Alleged stabber has been detained by law enforcement.

Another injured party is now being checked by paramedics. Reports say that alcohol played a role in the incident.

Once again, these kinds of situations show the increasingly difficult task law enforcement and paramedics face in responding to emergencies and crimes in Siletz. The tribe recently pulled its support for stepped up coverage sending Toledo contract police units back to their home turf. It leaves the Sheriff’s Office, which is already stretched pretty thin, to scramble the best they can. Residents of Siletz have told that it’s feeling more and more like the Wild West around Siletz.

At a recent joint Siletz City Council and County Commissioners meeting, county commissioners said they wished they could provide more law enforcement but the budget just isn’t there based on other major needs in the county. They said the sheriff’s budget has grown, but mostly in parole and probation operations and in the jail. Commissioners said both are mandated programs that must be allowed to go toward the front of the line.

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Sep 192014

Mayor Candidate at Toledo Street Market

Provided by Billie Jo Smith

Billie Jo Smith, a candidate for Mayor in Toledo, has a booth at the Thursday Street Markets on Main Street this month. She has lived in Toledo since 2000, and currently serves on the Budget Committee. Smith represented Toledo on the Lincoln County School District Board of Directors for four years, and is a retired educator.

“The Market provides a casual atmosphere where people enjoy chatting about all kinds of things, and the ‘state of the City’ is a lively topic,” says Smith. “It’s giving me an opportunity to meet people and really listen to their ideas and concerns.”

Visitors to the Thursday Market will find her in the City Hall parking lot on September 26. The Street Market is open from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

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Sep 192014
Great Blue Heron caught in the emergence of Fall... Maggie photo

Great Blue Heron caught in the emergence of Fall…
Maggie photo

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Sep 192014
Lots of these landed this salmon season...

Lots of these landed this salmon season…

From Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

“This has been the absolute best September we’ve ever had for ocean coho fishing,” according to Eric Schindler, ODFW ocean salmon project leader. “There were more fish in the quota than we thought we’d ever catch in September, but fishing has just been phenomenal.”

“The good news is that anglers can continue to fish for Chinook between Cape Falcon and Humbug Mt. through the end of October,” Schindler added. Coastal streams and the Columbia River also remain open for coho.

According to Chris Kern, ODFW administrator for marine and Columbia River programs, the final total will be over 100,000 angler trips for the 2014 ocean salmon season, the highest in 10 years. The total number of coho caught since June –which will exceed 83,000 – is the most since 2003. Overall, the 2014 ocean salmon seasons yielded almost one salmon per angler per trip for the entire season, which is much higher than average.

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“The September coho fishery has been very popular and productive thanks to good coastal coho returns,” Kern said. “We can’t always count on these kinds of returns, but this year is a great example of the kind of opportunity these fish can provide under good conditions.”

The 2014 fishery also demonstrated how important these fisheries are to coastal communities and the Oregon public, Kern added.

While the ocean coho season is ending, coho fishing continues to be outstanding at Buoy 10 near the mouth of the Columbia River, where the crowds have largely gone home, the bag limit is up to three hatchery coho, and anglers have averaged more than two kept coho per person so far this week. Coho fishing, including the retention of wild coho where allowed, is also starting to pick up in coastal rivers and streams, and coastal Chinook fishing is expected to be very good as well.

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Sep 192014

Siletz Fire and law enforcement is enroute to 200 block of South Gaither on a report of an assault there. Siletz has had a string of these kinds of incidents this week.

Woman 20 weeks pregnant assaulted. Medics responding in, not waiting for law enforcement to arrive first.

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Sep 192014

Newport Fire is enroute to NW 57th and Biggs in Agate Beach on a report of a repeat case of burning too much debris at one time. Fire is scaring the neighbors…blaze is in a driveway.

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Sep 192014
This year's calendar cover

This year’s calendar cover

Photographs Sought for 11th Annual 2015 Newport Calendar

Newport LAZERQUICK is now seeking photographs for its 2015 Newport Calendar. The scenic calendar features memorable and unique images celebrating Newport’s scenery and personality as captured by local photographers.

Landscape format color photographs must have been taken by the submitting photographer. Please limit to five photos. “Remember these are for a calendar,” said Reed. “All images must be of good quality and high resolution and show Newport from a distinct perspective.”

Photos may be submitted in .jpg or .tif format on a cd, emailed to or uploaded to our ftp site. Include your name, email, phone or way to contact you. If you have a caption, please include. Here’s the link. Click here.

Photographers whose work is selected will receive 2 copies of the completed calendar. Deadline for submission is October 31st. The photographers will retain all copyright privileges to their own photograph and are providing Newport LAZERQUICK a one time use of their photo for the 2015 calendar.

This is the eleventh year Lazerquick will publish the calendar. Reed said, “We’re very happy and proud to publish this calendar. They’re popular as gifts. The photographs are printed on acid free cover paper and are works of art. They can be framed after using the calendar. People tell us they love to show their friends and family this beautiful place where we live.”

There are two versions available, one with local events that are scheduled and the other without.

The calendar will be ready for purchase November 28 and will sell for $15.00 at LAZERQUICK, 145-C North Coast Highway, Newport 97365, in the JC Center at the junction of Highways 101 and 20. The calendar can be ordered by calling 541.265.6425 or online. There is a $5.00 shipping charge if necessary to mail.

Rose Reed
145-C North Coast Highway, Newport, Oregon 97365

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