Lincoln County School Employee Arrested on Allegations of Sexual Assault of Children

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Jun 222017

Stewart Curry, 61
School Special Ed’n Specialist
Sexual assault of children

In January of 2015 the Newport Police Officers began a sexual assault investigation involving a Special Education Assistant at the Newport High School, and a female student. During the investigation it was learned that Special Education Assistant Stewart Douglas Curry, age 61 of Toledo, was observed exiting a locked storage closet at the school with a 14-year old female student.

The investigation remained open due to the limited information gathered from the original report. In May 2017, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office investigated Curry for an unrelated sexual assault case involving another minor child. The Newport Police Department, and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, combined their investigative efforts, and identified additional evidence related to the 2015 investigation. On June 15, 2017, investigators obtained an Indictment Warrant for the arrest of Curry on criminal charges of Rape in the First Degree, Sodomy in the First Degree, and Sex Abuse in the First Degree.

On June 20, 2017, the Newport Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, US Marshals, and the Oregon State Police SWAT took Curry into custody, without incident, at his residence on Yasek Loop in Toledo.

Curry is being held at the Lincoln County Jail on the above listed charges. His bail was set at $1,500,000. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to contact Det. Lance Cummings, 541-574-3348.

The Newport Police Tip Line is available at 541-574-5455 or Text-a-Tip at 541-270-1856

Weather or Not: Turning the Tables

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Jun 222017

Thursday, June 22nd – Lincoln County

Summary: Sunny, stiff sea breeze yesterday, light wind, clear overnight.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 63F/52F/41mph/0.00”
Depoe Bay: 62F/46F/33mph/0.00”
Newport: 61F/43F/35mph/0.00”
Waldport: 59F/47F/39mph/0.00”
Yachats: 62F/49F/36mph/0.00”

Newport Airport Conditions…
Ceiling: unlimited
Visibility: 10 miles/Wind: calm/Altimeter: 30.24”

A Special Weather Statement has been issued by the National Weather Service for the hottest temperatures of the year so far becoming likely across much of Northwest Oregon this weekend. The warm-up will take hold Friday with highs in the valleys reaching into the lower- to middle-90s, then peaking Saturday and Sunday in the 95-100F range. Temperatures Monday should fall back into the 80s. The coast is expected to reach into the 70s on Friday and the 80s on Saturday. Sunday could be a transition day as cooling may start to work its way northward along the coast, though the timing of this is still a bit up in the air. Temperatures in the 80s and into the 90s will be common at higher elevations as well. Prepare now for the coming hot weather. Stay hydrated, avoid exertion in the heat of the day, and find an air-conditioned building if possible.

Area rivers are still running high and swift, while water temperatures in the 50s are common. Use extreme caution, as fatalities in and around the rivers are way too common in this type of early Summer weather pattern. In addition, those seeking relief from the heat at the coast will face very cold ocean conditions, also a cause of death in this type of scenario.

Forecast: After a very wet and cool Spring, including a late-season storm just last week, the tables have quickly turned and we’re into full-tilt Summer, at least for a few days. Sunny and fairly windy again today, high around 65F. The sea breeze continues into this evening, fading after midnight, low of 50F. Tomorrow, temps warm to the low-70s with a light northeast wind. Outlook is for sunny and warm Saturday, high 80-85F, partly sunny Sunday, cooling to 65-70F, then skies become mostly cloudy Monday through Wednesday, some drizzle is possible and the thermometer drops into the low-60s.

wxon-twitterBe sure to follow Weather or Not’s Twitter feed to keep current on the latest conditions. You’ll get updated travel info and notification of any new advisories, watches or warnings. Follow @chrisburnswx.

Travel: In the Coast Range this morning, highways are dry, temps 40-45F. Willamette Valley roads are dry, thermometer readings 50-55F. The Columbia River Gorge has dry pavement, temperatures 50-55F. For the Cascades, highways are dry, 40-50F, the free air freezing level is 15,000 feet. * An interactive map of the latest Northwest/Central Oregon travel weather is available here. Also, motorists should always visit ODOT’s TripCheck before hitting the road.

Marine: Winds are light nearshore but blowing N 20 knots gusting 25 at Stonewall Bank this morning with choppy seas 8 feet at 7 seconds. A Small Craft Advisory for winds is in effect through Friday night. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas is in effect through this evening. There will be persistent north winds on local waters through Saturday due to high pressure over the NE Pacific and thermal low pressure over NW California and S Oregon. The winds will be strongest south of Cascade Head, with frequent gusts of 25-30 knots. Winds within 10 miles of the coast will weaken during the nights, and become offshore through the early mornings. The stiff breeze will build steep and choppy seas that will reach heights of 8-10 feet south of Cascade Head at times. Weak low pressure develops across the area Saturday night and holds through Monday, resulting in a southerly wind reversal for waters mainly within 10 miles from shore. * Full text of the latest marine forecast is available here. And, make sure you check the latest Bar Reports before venturing offshore.

On the Beach… Sunny, breezy, surf 6-7 feet (moderate).
* For those coming to the Central Coast to cool off, remember that the ocean is still incredibly cold and swimming in it can rapidly cause hypothermia, loss of motor control and drowning. If you want to get your feet wet, fine, but total immersion in the frigid waters can be a killer.
* Tides
06/22 Thu 12:11 PM 6.91 H
06/22 Thu 5:22 PM 2.14 L
06/22 Thu 11:37 PM 9.56 H
06/23 Fri 06:26 AM -2.20 L

In Short: Clear and windy, then sunny, light winds and very warm, cooling next week.

Expect the Unexpected: What to Do If You Become Disabled

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Jun 212017

Click here for Details

Duane J. Silbernagel
Financial Advisor
Waddell & Reed

Expect the Unexpected: What to Do If You Become Disabled
Provided By: Duane J. Silbernagel CFP®

In a recent survey, 46% of retirees said they retired earlier than planned, and not necessarily because they chose to do so. In fact, many said they had to leave the workforce early because of health issues or a disability.¹

Although you may be healthy and financially stable now, an unexpected diagnosis or injury could significantly derail your life plans. Would you know what to do, financially speaking, if you suddenly became disabled? Now may be a good time to familiarize yourself with the following information, before an emergency arises.

Understand any employer-sponsored benefits you may have

Disability insurance pays a benefit that replaces a percentage of your pay for a designated period of time. Through your employer, you may have access to both short- and long-term disability insurance. If your employer offers disability insurance, be sure to fully understand how the plan works. Review your plan’s Summary Plan Description carefully to determine how to apply for benefits should you need them, and what you will need to provide for proof of disability.

Short-term disability protection typically covers a period of up to six months, while long-term disability coverage generally lasts for the length of the disability or until retirement. Your plan may offer basic coverage paid by your employer and a possible “buy-up” option that allows you to purchase additional coverage.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 40% of private industry workers have access to short-term disability insurance through their employers, while 33% have access to long-term coverage. For both types of plans, the median replacement amount is about 60% of pay, with most subject to maximum limits.²

Consider a supplemental safety net

If you do not have access to disability insurance through your employer, it might be wise to investigate other options. It may be possible to purchase both short- and long-term group disability policies through membership in a professional organization or association. Individual policies are also available from private insurers.

You can purchase policies that cover you for life, until age 65, or for shorter periods such as two or five years. An individual policy will remain in force as long as you pay the premiums. Because many disabilities do not result in a complete inability to work, some policies offer a rider that will pay you partial benefits if you are able to work part-time.

Most insurance policies have a waiting period (known as the “elimination period”) before you can begin receiving benefits. For private insurance policies, this period can be anywhere from 30 to 365 days. Group policies (particularly through your employer) typically have shorter waiting periods than private policies. Disability insurance premiums paid with after-tax dollars will generally result in tax-free disability benefits. On the other hand, if your premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars, typically through your employer, your benefit payments may be taxable.

Review the Social Security disability process

The Social Security Administration (SSA) pays disability benefits through two programs: the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. SSDI pays benefits to people who cannot work due to a disability that is expected to last at least one year or result in death, and it’s only intended to help such individuals make ends meet. Consider that the
average monthly benefit in January 2017 was just $1,171.

In order to receive SSDI, you must meet strict criteria for your disability. You must also meet requirements for how recently and how long you have worked. Meeting the medical criteria is difficult; in fact, according to the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR), about two-thirds of initial SSDI applications are denied on their first submission. Denials can be appealed within 60 days of receipt of the notice.³

The application process can take up to five months, so it is advisable to apply for SSDI as soon as you become disabled. If your application is approved, benefits begin in the month following the six-month anniversary of your date of disability (as recorded by the SSA in your approval letter). Eligible family members may also be able to collect additional payments of up to 50% of your benefit amount.

SSI is a separate program, based on income needs of the aged, blind, or disabled. You can apply to both SSI and SSDI at the same time.

For more information, visit the Social Security Disability Benefits website at, where you will also find a link to information on the SSI program.

¹ 2016 Retirement Confidence Survey, Employee Benefit Research Institute

² Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Compensation Survey, 2016

³ NOSSCR web site, accessed March 2017

Note: About 20% of Americans live with a disability, and one in four of today’s 20-year-olds will become disabled before retiring.
Source: SSA, Disability
Facts, 2017
The average age of SSDI recipients in 2015 was 54.
Source: Fast Facts and Figures About Social Security, 2016

I hope you found this beneficial and informational. For more information about me and my services, visit my website:
Thank you for your interest.

Duane Silbernagel is a Financial Advisor in Lincoln City, Oregon offering securities through Waddell & Reed, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC. He can be reached at (541) 614-1322 or via email at 
This article is meant to be general in nature and should not be construed as investment or financial advice related to your personal situation. The article was written by an independent third party, Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. (Copyright 2017) and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Waddell& Reed is not affiliated with website and is not responsible for any other content posted to this website.  (06/17)

Tax hike to preserve Oregon Medicaid enroute to Gov’s desk for signing

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Jun 212017

Governor Brown
Archive photo

A bill to raise $550 million in health care taxes on hospitals and health care plans, in order to fund Oregon’s Medicaid program, is on its way to Gov. Kate Brown’s desk. The bill was passed on a bipartisan vote in the Senate. Governor Brown says she will sign it.

Here’s the story in The Oregonian. Click here.

Motorcyclist down at milepost 131

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Jun 212017

Depoe Bay Fire on scene of a motorcyclist injured after failing to negotiate a curve and ending up off the roadway at milepost 131.5 on highway 101. Pacific West Ambulance en route.

Pacific West Ambulance transporting motorcyclist with lights and sirens to the hospital. Depoe Bay Fire personnel are on board to assist with providing care.

Hit and run on Forest Service Road 17

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Jun 212017

Pacific West Ambulance, North Lincoln Fire, and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responding to a report of a vehicle hit and run accident with airbag deployment on Forest Service Road 17, 2.5 miles from Drift Creek Camp Road. 39 year old male with ankle pain and 27 year old male with rib pain. The suspect vehicle is described as a gold Honda Odyssey.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on scene reporting the vehicle is off the roadway, and the victims do not want an ambulance.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy saying there was no hit and run. The vehicle went off the roadway on a tight corner.

Possible surf rescue off Devils Punchbowl

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Jun 212017

Depoe Bay Fire, Pacific West Ambulance, and US Coast Guard responding to a possible surf rescue off Devils Punchbowl. Paddleboarder about 2 miles offshore struggling to get back to land.

Paddleboarder is on shore and not in distress.

Sunrise on the coast…

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Jun 212017

Someday in “the sweet bye’n bye” we’ll find a way to underground all utilities….