Newport: Traffic crash on 101 at No. 77th Court

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Jun 282016


Report of a solo traffic accident on 101 at NW 77th court.  Female driver either slightly injured or not injured.  Law enforcement and an ambulance enroute.


Witness said female is likely intoxicated.  Had a male passenger who appeared likewise intoxicated.  He’s walking southbound on 101 in the northbound lane.


OSP on scene there are injuries, though apparently not serious.

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It’s coming! IT’S COMING!!!….if only in pieces. But they’re on the way!

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Jun 282016
The first piece of Toledo's economic future, arrived at the Port of Toledo Tuesday!

The first piece of Toledo’s economic future, arrived at the Port of Toledo Tuesday!  Aja Vickers photo

The first piece of a giant boat lift arrived at its new home at the Port of Toledo Tuesday.  The multi-million dollar lift will not only put the Toledo Boatyard on the West Coast map but will also be one of the highest capacity ports that can handle just about any large fishing craft in the West Coast fishing fleet.  More pieces of the humongous lift will be arriving over the next couple of weeks.  It should be assembled and operating by mid-to-late August.  Below is a photo of a similar lift fully assembled.

Ascom lift filtering in to Toledo. Fully assembled by late August.

Ascom lift pieces filtering in to Toledo. Fully assembled by late August.

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Where there’s a will….

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Jun 282016

Where Theres a Will - Poster

Sam Price, a wealthy entrepreneur, has just recently passed away and, at his request, has been laid out in his townhouse. With the corpse in the bedroom, his immediate family—sister, brother, nephew and niece—have gathered to discuss their inheritance, a meeting that descends into acrimony over the division of property.

Theatre West is located at 3536 SE Hwy. 101 in Lincoln City. Tickets for the show are $14.00 for adults, $12.00 for seniors (60 and over) and for students (over 12) and $9.00 for children 12 & under. A special group discount is available at $10.00 per ticket for groups of 10 or more with a pre-paid reservation. $100 for season tickets (5 shows) for 2 persons.

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Lincoln City City Council reviews new VRD regulations – Stress, frustration and tears.

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Jun 272016
VRDs in Lincoln City

VRDs in Lincoln City

The Lincoln City City Council got an earful Monday night on proposed new laws that regulate Vacation Rental Dwellings. The proposed rules say that a VRD owner owns the license. AND IT’S NOT TRANSFERABLE. If the owner dies, and the owner is married, the wife has a full year to continue operating the home as a VRD. If not married, it’s the same for an executor of the deceased’s estate. After a year, the home reverts back to being just a home – not a VRD. A new owner can apply to the city to re-grant VRD status to the home if it complies with regulations on land use zoning and capped limits to VRD densities in any given area of town. Some of the rationale is that VRDs are spread throughout the entire city – some not appropriately. Some are in R-1 regular single family home zones. The point would be…the VRDs that are in and amongst “regular neighborhoods” would be allowed to fall away over time while VRDs in more properly zoned parts of town, largely west of Highway 101, would be encouraged, but not become the only kind of housing west of 101.

So there appears to be an effort to bring down VRD densities in some parts of Lincoln City in the interest of re-balancing the city’s housing situation. Part of that is to ensure availability of low and moderate income housing for citizens. It’s required by state land use law. In short, affordable housing cannot survive in the midst of a “VRD Gold Rush.” State laws require Oregon communities provide housing opportunities for all income levels.

They also talked about maximum numbers of people per bedroom in VRDs. The city proposed a 2 person per bedroom limit but it was criticized all evening long – especially among VRD owners who have large VRDs with huge bedrooms. They want at least three, maybe more per bedroom. Some suggested the cap on room occupancy should be tied to the total square footage of a VRD. Several VRD owners said (one tearfully) that a two person per bedroom cap would cause them to lose their VRDs and cause horrendous financial hardship. Others supported higher bedroom numbers because large families come to the coast for reunions and the two per bedroom limit won’t cut it.

Other aspects of the public session covered quiet hours – the city proposed between 10pm and 7am. Some wanted 9pm to 7am.

As for handling complaints, the city proposed very quick replies from owners or property managers when their renters make too much noise, create trash problems or parking problems. The city was proposing that stressed neighbors should call the police non-emergency line 541-994-3636. Owners or property management firms would have 2 hours to respond. Owners/property managers must also keep a log of complaints. If owners/property managers do not respond in the time-lines required, a judge could declare them guilty of failing to adhere to city codes and be eligible to lose their vacation rental license for the offending property. Not “three strikes and you’re out,” it’s “TWO strikes and you’re out.”

The issue will be back before the council within the next thirty days for more deliberations.

The rest of the city’s unveiling of proposed new VRD regulation will cover land use designations about where VRDs belong and how many nights they can be rented. Those aspects will come up at another council meeting.

This could take a while. The VRD process has already taken over seven years so a little more time can’t hurt if the result is a final solution for Lincoln City’s VRD challenge. This news story hits the high points, but if you’re a VRD owner or are deeply interested in the issue, go to Lincoln City’s main internet page and scroll down to where you see the VRD issue headlines.

Further public comments on all this can be emailed to City Hall:

The City Council Monday evening also formally approved a ballot issue for the November election – Should Lincoln City have a 3% sales tax on the sale of “retail/recreation” marijuana? The council approved it and now City Attorney Richard Appicello will make sure to get all the paperwork into the county elections clerk to make sure it’s on the ballot.

And speaking of ballot issues, if you’re a citizen of Lincoln City who wants to get a referendum or initiative on the ballot dealing with city issues, the council approved a new fee so that whoever wants to put something on the ballot will pay a fee to cover some of the city staff time to review and process the request. Recently a Lincoln City citizen filed three petitions involving 18 various versions of them. Staff said it occupied a good part of their work life just reviewing them and checking to see if they were legally constructed and complied with state laws dealing with such measures. The council Monday night authorized the city to charge a flat non-refundable $500 fee per submitted ballot issue.

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Lincoln City City Council to review new Elk’s Lodge owners plans for parking – it’s complicated!

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Jun 272016

Some deals are in the eyes of the beholders...

Some deals are in the eyes of the beholders…

What was once a major center of Lincoln City community activity is back in the running to be all that and more again very soon.

Since the city declined to buy the old Elk’s Lodge at 22nd and 101, claiming the Elk’s wanted too much for it, a local contractor decided he’d buy it. He’s local contractor Mike Bradley. What better buyer than a contractor because the old lodge needs a ton of work to bring it back to its former glory.

Bradley and his wife Lila wants to restore the old building and return it to its former self and then some – a meeting place, fitness center, performance hall, restaurant, bar and a few other fun things. Just like the good ole days. But one thing holding the project back is that despite it being surrounded by an small ocean of parking spaces, none of them belong to the old property except for a few spaces right up against the building. So Bradley needs some help from the city. He wants to enter into an agreement with the city to let his new business complex use some adjacent city parking to make it work.

The city planning commission reviewed the request recently and reacted rather positively. But they left the heavy lifting of the decision to the city council. That’s because Michael Bradley is married to Lila Bradley, the city’s widely respected and frequently lauded Public Works Director.

Some city residents are strongly suggesting that there is a “conflict of interest” or some “ethical impropriety” about the deal.

The planning commission drilled down into the issue. City Attorney Richard Appicello told the commission that the Elk’s Lodge, a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, always had access to city parking which the city graciously allowed for years in the spirit of being a good neighbor. The city didn’t charge the Elk’s for the parking because the lodge was a regular community booster and ran many special events and programs throughout the year to benefit the people and business community of Lincoln City.

But Michael and Lila Bradley are not a non-profit agency. But the planning commission was impressed with their plans to literally bring the property back to life in ways that would continue the Elks Lodge legacy.

Elks Lodge dead center in the picture.

Elks Lodge dead center in the picture.

Appicello told the commission that the Bradleys do own something that the city definitely needs from them. And that need is continued CONVENIENT access to the city Community Center from the north – without drivers having to drive east on 22nd and loop back to the west, or south on 101 and loop back up to the north. Use of the old Elk’s Lodge driveways make it a straight shot. And that’s worth something to the city because who doesn’t absolutely love the Community Center?

So there appears to be some initial interest in drawing up a contract between the city and the Bradleys, that puts a value on those lodge driveways as convenient access routes to the Community Center. That way the city is sharing some of it’s parking east of the lodge in exchange for better access to the Community Center from north 101.

But is it legal? Appicello says it is, adding that such partnerships between the public and private sectors go on everyday all over the country. The benefit could also be defined as an added economic, social and cultural rejuvenation for the community.

The city council will review the case at their July 11th meeting.

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Governor Brown lauds U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down Texas abortion restrictions

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Jun 272016

Governor Kate Brown  celebrates High Court's overturning of Texas abortion restrictions.

Governor Kate Brown
celebrates High Court’s overturning of Texas abortion restrictions.

Governor Kate Brown Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Affirming Safe, Legal Abortions
‘Today’s decision is a triumph for women’s health.’

Governor Kate Brown issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-3 ruling today in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which would have restricted women’s access to reproductive health services:

“Today’s decision is a triumph for women’s health, and an important one for our nation. Not only did the Supreme Court’s action protect the rights of women in Texas, it signals to other states the fate of hostile policies that threaten women’s constitutional rights and our ability to control our own bodies and health decisions.

“While today gives me hope, I know our fight for women’s reproductive health rights is not over. In the steady barrage of attacks to limit abortion access, I stand firm in supporting the rights of women to control their own bodies. We must be vigilant in addressing health disparities for our sisters of color and women and families living in poverty. I support contraceptive equity and age-appropriate health and sexuality education for all young people. Together, with our communities and like-minded leaders, we can build a legacy for women and families that ensures the future health and well-being of our state.”

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Yachats: Car in a ditch near 101 and Aqua Vista Loop

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Jun 272016

Off 101 near Aqua Vista Was found unoccupied

Off 101 near Aqua Vista
Was found unoccupied
Ken Gagne photo

Report of a silver car in the ditch at 101 and Aqua Vista. Appears to be unoccupied.

Emergency responders found no one around. Notified law enforcement.

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