Cottage fire in Lincoln City – Quick knock-down by NLFR

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Aug 182018

North Lincoln County Fire-Rescue raced to a report of a house fire in the 200 block of SE Port Avenue, Lincoln City.

Preliminary reports say that the fire was quickly knocked down in a small cottage-type home, upstairs area. Everybody got out okay. No injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

T-Bone Accident near Foulweather

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Aug 172018

Traffic Crash at Beverly Beach. Traffic backed up for a while. Eric Pena photo

Report of a T-Bone accident on Cape Foulweather. One driver is trapped in his vehicle. Watch for fire trucks and police cars. Keep it slow in the area.

Letter to the Editor: Climate Change

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Aug 172018

Climate Change: An Urgent Threat, But Also An Economic Opportunity
by Bill Kucha, Newport

This August, the Oregon Legislative Coastal Caucus holds its seventh annual Economic Summit in Lincoln City. The first day focuses on capping carbon and investing in a clean energy economy. I hope that Clean Energy Jobs will be identified as a key way to take action.

By passing Clean Energy Jobs in 2019, Oregon can become a national clean energy leader. The bill makes polluters pay for the climate pollution they pump into our air and water, cap the amount they can pollute, and invest the proceeds from the cap into clean energy solutions.

Already, Oregon is home to 48,000 clean energy jobs. The clean energy jobs industry offers employment at all skill levels, from construction workers, to engineers, designers, manufacturing workers, salespeople, secretaries, custodians and more. When Clean Energy Jobs becomes law, companies will increase their investment in the clean energy economy, and it will grow. The bill has specific provisions to make sure that rural communities like ours receive specific benefits to grow our economy and increase jobs in Lincoln County.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time, but with that threat comes tremendous economic opportunity. I urge everyone attending the economic summit to commit to do their part to pass Clean Energy Jobs in 2019.

Bill Kucha
Depoe Bay, Or
541 765 2451

Crime Scene at Agate Beach – A body in the tunnel

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Aug 172018

Nikolous Hinton, 29
Body found inside tunnel at Agate Beach Wayside

Friday morning at 7:42am, Newport Police were dispatched to a report of a “man down” at Agate Beach Wayside. Responding officers arrived on scene and immediately found the body of a deceased male. The victim was identified as Nikolaus Christopher Hinton, 29 years old, from Newport. The case is currently under investigation.

Anyone with information or knowledge of Hinton’s activities during the last 36 hours, please contact Newport Police Department Tip Line at 541-574-5455 or text-a-tip to 541-270-1856.

Witness says Newport Police were called today to the Agate Beach tunnel that runs under 101 on a report of a dead body inside it. The area has been cordoned off with crime tape. Unconfirmed reports indicate the body was dumped in the tunnel after the person had been brutally beaten.

Siletz Community Activist Running for Mayor

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Aug 172018

Willie Worman (front) competing in GP sponsored paddle boat event at Toledo Wooden Boat show.

Long time Siletz community activist and GP Mill worker Willie Worman has thrown his hat into the Mayor’s Ring. It nearly goes without saying that Mr. Worman has made it plain that drug and burglary problems in his hometown of Siletz has reached crisis levels and he’s not going to put up with it.

As a result Mr. Worman formed a Siletz Neighborhood Watch type program so there are more eyes and ears on the streets. That information is routinely shared with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. Recently Siletz agreed to enter in to a contract with the sheriff’s office to dramatically upgrade patrol services to keep pressure on drug dealers and other unsavory characters in the area.

Residents of Siletz, by nature, are living in a semi-isolated area off Highway 229 that links Toledo to the south end of the Lincoln City area. But with stepped up patrols, it does put more pressure on those who would degrade the area’s quality of life because Siletz is an out-of-the-way community.

Mr. Worman has two other aspiring community leaders – both filing for seats on the City Council – Gail Johnson who is a volunteer firefighter and cares deeply about the community – and Tim Shank who works for his family’s business in Newport, Pioneer Printing. Mr. Shank is a life-long resident of Siletz and is committed to community improvement and involvement.

Letter to the Editor: Newport Pulling Out of “The County Commons” Project? Maybe, maybe not….

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Aug 162018

Letter To The Editor: From Carla Perry, Common Sense-Lincoln County

All Lincoln County residents are invited to attend a Newport Urban Renewal meeting dealing with a proposal to have the city of Newport invest heavily in the Lincoln County Commons renovation project at the county fairgrounds. The meeting is set for Monday, August 20, 5:30pm, Newport City Council Chambers at City Hall.

The city will consider withdrawing any and all city urban renewal funds from the project.
(Editor’s note: The city will also consider providing financial support for the project.)

At the June 30 meeting of the Newport Urban Renewal Agency, County Counsel Wayne Belmont indicated the County would move ahead with the redevelopment of the Fairgrounds property even if they did not receive the $3 Million they were requesting from the City of Newport. This is welcome news, because it allows the City to reconsider alternative uses for those funds.

In response to Mr. Belmont’s statement, Common Sense-Lincoln County representative, Gerry Barrett, sent a letter to the City of Newport asking that the City formally notify the County it is withdrawing from consideration the allocation of any Urban Renewal funds towards the Fairgrounds redevelopment project. In response to that request, the Newport City Manager scheduled a special Urban Renewal meeting and the public is invited. Please consider attending to share your opinions on this topic. If you cannot attend, letters can be submitted to Peggy Hawker at

The meeting is scheduled for Monday August 20th at 5:30 p.m. in the Newport City Council Chambers.
The agenda packet will be on the City’s web site by the end of the work day on Thursday August 16.

Thank you,
Carla Perry


Memo to the City Council by City Manager Spencer Nebel – Friday Afternoon

Respectfully submitted,
Spencer Nebel, City Manager
City of Newport


An Open Letter to the Newport Council and the Lincoln County Commissioners

At the July 30th meeting of the Urban Renewal Agency, City Council member Dietmar Goebel asked Wayne Belmont, County Counsel and chief booster for the effort to redevelop the County Fairgrounds, whether or not the County would still move ahead with this project if the City of Newport was not willing to commit spending $3 million dollars in Newport Urban Renewal funds.

Mr Belmont replied, “Yes.”

This is very welcome news. Apparently, the Commissioners have identified alternative funding sources for their project, which is an endeavor that will never pay for itself. This now allows the City of Newport to reconsider alternative uses for these much-needed funds.

Therefore, on behalf of CommonSense-LincolnCounty, we ask the City of Newport’s Urban Renewal Agency to formally notify the County Commissioners that they are withdrawing from consideration the allocation of any Newport Urban Renewal funds towards the Fairgrounds redevelopment project.

Thank you
Gerry Barrett
Newport, Oregon