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City Slickers vs Dueling Dealers for Family Promise @ Chinook Winds

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Dec 122017

Heather Hatten & Josh Blacketeer – Chinook Winds
Dueling Dealers

Ed Dreistadt and Ron Chandler – City Hall
City Slickers

City Slickers vs. Dueling Dealers

Don’t miss the challenge of the century! Lincoln City Hall, City Slickers have been challenged by the Chinook Winds, Dueling Dealers to see who can raise the most money for Family Promise of Lincoln County. The City Slickers team made up of City Manager, Ron Chandler and VCB Director, Ed Dreistadt is ready for the challenge as they have been inviting diners near and far to join them at Aces Bar and Grill on Wednesday, December 13th starting at 5:30pm. Aces Bar and Grill is located at the Chinook Winds Resort Golf Course.

The Chinook Winds team called the Dueling Dealers consists of Josh Blacketeer and Heather Hatton. Heather Hatton has been raising money in advance by getting sponsors for her 1,000 mile run this year, which she will be completing at the Taft 7-12 track earlier on the same day. Heather invites those who would like to help her celebrate her accomplishment to join her there at 3pm.

Both teams are working hard to raise tip money for Family Promise as both Ron Chandler and Heather Hatton volunteer for overnight stays with the program.

The Celebrity Server event consists of local “celebrities” who have volunteer to invite 20 or so of their friends to a local restaurant on a date that is determined by all parties involved. The event is open to the public. The restaurant offers to let the celebrities “serve” their friends and guests. In return, those in attendance tip the celebrity server, with all of the “celebrity tips” going to FPLC. All guests will order from the regular menu of the restaurant and pay for their meals as usual including the tip for the regular servers as they would normally. The Celebrity must earn the EXTRA tips from the guests by providing excellent service and fun entertainment.

Family Promise serves families in Lincoln County and they encourage families from Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport and other areas of the county to join in the fun. For more information call Family Promise at 541-614-0964.

Family Promise of Lincoln County invites your support through our Celebrity Server fundraising event. Family Promise of Lincoln County is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide shelter, meals and comprehensive assistance to homeless and low-income families with children in Lincoln County while they seek to achieve sustainable independent living. This is achieved through a collaborative community effort and based off a proven successful national model that partners with local congregations and social service agencies to provide practical and effective services.

Weather or Not: DIY

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Dec 122017

News Lincoln County’s weatherman is off for a few days. So, use the links below for do-it-yourself predictions, observations and conditions. Our daily ‘Weather or Not’ reports will resume Friday.

wxon-twitterNOTE: The ‘Weather or Not’ Twitter feed will still keep you posted on any major changes in conditions, and you’ll get updated travel info and an abbreviated forecast each morning tailored to the Central Coast. Just follow @chrisburnswx.

Summary: Observations

Forecast: Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Waldport, Yachats

Travel: ODOT TripCheck, Activity Planner, Coast Range, Cascades

Marine: Local Waters, Bar Reports

Tides: Tide Tables

NLH CEO Lesley Ogden lights up the LC City Council with views of new hospital

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Dec 122017

Two North Lincoln Hospital overviews.
Samaritan photos

Welcoming front entry to North Lincoln Hospital

Public entry corridor

Dining area with great views looking toward a garden to the west.

Outpatient services waiting areas

Hospital is designed to expand in ways that keeps it agile with multi-services in a consolidated area of the hospital. Fewer “hard walls” between services.

The Lincoln City City Council got “Wowed” Monday night when North Lincoln Hospital CEO Dr. Lesley Ogden laid out the hospital’s plans to re-invent itself in 2019.

Dr. Ogden says the new hospital will be a complete re-design. It will have a much more welcoming entry environment. Intake will be more comprehensive with a welcoming staff that will direct patients to either interview rooms, or to labs, medical testing and evaluations and provide far more out-patient services because that’s where today’s more advanced medicine is leading us. Everything, she says, will be within a short walk or a ride in a wheel chair or gurney.

As with the new hospital they’re building in Newport, hospital diagnostic, operating and recovery rooms will be multi-use – very versatile – programmed to prevent patients from having to walk or be transported long distances.

Dr. Ogden told the council that the new North Lincoln Hospital will be smaller in terms of beds – 12 beds for regular patient rooms – 4 beds for patient observation, like when they get out of surgery or after other complex treatments.

Dr. Ogden says the hospital will be full of floor to ceiling windows in public places to create a beautiful outdoor/indoor feeling which will create a more natural and healing environment.

Dr. Ogden added that the hospital will have a major supply of medicines strategically located for rapid access in the event of any local or regional natural disaster because when they hit, the coast can be isolated for extended periods of time. She says both North Lincoln Hospital in Lincoln City and Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport will be ready. Both will be newly built to withstand strong earthquakes.

2019 will be a big year for advanced medical treatments in brand new hospitals in both Newport and Lincoln City.

Christmas Party at the Newport 60+ Activity Center

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Dec 112017

Newport 60+ Activity Center Christmas Party!

Come and join in the fun! The Newport 60+ Activity Center will be hosting a “Beyond Fantastic” Christmas Party on Thursday, December 14th, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Enjoy root beer floats and help us decorate the Christmas tree in the Multi-Purpose room.

The Oregon Coast Recorder Society, led by Director Corlu Collier, will be here for the first half hour to provide Christmas music, including sing-along songs. A mix of both old and new music will fill the air!

The Newport 60+ Activity Center is located at 20 SE 2nd Street, Newport, OR. For more information, call 541-265-9617. To see a complete listing of trips, events, presentations and classes:

Senator’s Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley call for Trump’s resignation over sexual misconduct allegations

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Dec 112017

Sen. Ron Wyden calls for Trump to resign. If he won’t, a full-on investigation….
Archive photo

Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and a number of other senators have called for the immediate resignation of President Donald Trump – and if he won’t resign, they want a rigorous investigation to include those who claim they have been sexually victimized by Trump.

The story is in The Oregonian. Click here

Lincoln City Mayor-owned warming shelter facility declared “not permitted.” City Manager says “Shelter operator can appeal.”

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Dec 112017

A warming shelter on SE 48th, a block north of 101, owned by Mayor Don Williams. Doesn’t have correct zoning or an operating permit.

The co-manager of a new Lincoln City homeless shelter and homeless services non-profit agency told the city council Monday evening that they’ve been busy offering food, clothing, toiletries, job referrals, identification cards, bus transportation as well as overnight accommodations during nights when the temperature is forecasted to drop below 40 degrees. The shelter is inside the old Taft Fire Station owned by Mayor Don Williams who charges the agency rent.

Warming Shelter President Patrick Alexander told the council that over the past couple of weeks they’ve operated the overnight warming shelter for 102 people and have served them nearly 300 meals.

Trouble is, the shelter is located inside a building which is not zoned for a homeless or warming shelter according to City Planning Director Richard Townsend. To apply for a zone change would take at least two months, according to Mr. Townsend, because zone changes automatically trigger public hearings that include those living nearby – residents and business owners – who have a legal right to be heard on any zone change as prescribed by state and local land use law. However, City Manager Chandler said Mr. Alexander and his group have a right to appeal the city’s decision to the City Planning Commission no later than December 16th. Mr. Chandler then offered an ‘interesting’ observation, “There may be an issue with the word used by Mr. Alexander that they were ‘open’ as a warming shelter as opposed to being ‘used’ as a warming shelter.”

And that’s where they left it.

ODF Slash burn triggers phone call to 9-1-1

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Dec 112017

An Oregon Department of Forestry crew is burning slash near the intersection of Highway 101 and Immonen Road, across from Mossy Creek Pottery. There was the suggestion that the blaze was excessive, even for a slash burn. Caller said the burn was getting away from those on scene. Depoe Bay Fire is enroute.

ODF has an engine enroute.

More fire equipment and personnel from Depoe Bay and Lincoln City is enroute. Sounds like there is a real problem.

A Christmas Tree can be delightful – but also DANGEROUS…

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Dec 112017

Heceta Head Victorian Home dressed up for Christmas

With the holiday season in full swing, State Fire Marshal Jim Walker urges citizens to remember fire prevention when decorating and entertaining.

From 2012 through 2016, Oregon fire agencies reported there were 3,510 residential fires during the holiday period from November 22 through January 15. These fires were reported to have resulted in 14 deaths, 194 injuries, and more than $61.2 million in property loss.

“This season is a busy and exciting time of year, but don’t let that distract you from keeping your family and friends safe from fire,” says Walker. “By following a few important prevention tips for Christmas trees, decorations, and candles, you can help ensure your holidays remain happy.”

Click here for details

Tree care and decorating tips:
* Choose a fresh, healthy tree with a deep-green color and flexible needles.
* When you get the tree home, cut off the bottom two inches of the trunk. This creates a fresh, raw cut for the tree to soak up water.
* Water your tree daily. A tree may consume between a quart and a gallon of water per day.
* Place the tree at least three feet away from any heat source such as a fireplace, woodstove, space heater, heating vent, baseboard heater, or radiator.
* Use only noncombustible or flame resistant materials to trim a tree.
* Always unplug tree lights before leaving home or going to bed.
* If using a woodstove or fireplace, keep it screened at all times. Keep ribbons, boughs, and other decorative materials at least three feet away.
* After the holiday season or whenever your tree dries out, promptly dispose of it and other dry greenery. Burning a tree in a stove or fireplace is extremely dangerous; proper disposal includes recycling or pick-up by a disposal service.
* Never burn wrapping paper in the fireplace or wood stove. Wrapping paper burns at higher temperatures than wood and can cause a chimney fire.

For more info Click Here!

Electrical safety

* Maintain your holiday lights. Inspect holiday lights each year for frayed wires, bare spots, and broken or cracked sockets.
* Do not overload electrical sockets. Do not link more than three light strands, unless the manufacturer’s directions indicate it is safe.
* Protect electrical cords from damage. To avoid shock or fire hazards, cords should never be pinched by furniture, placed under rugs, located near heat sources or attached by nails or staples.
* Make sure all extension cords and electrical decorations used outdoors are marked for outdoor use.

Click here for details

Candle safety

* Consider using battery-operated flameless candles, which can look and smell like real candles.
* Never leave a burning candle unattended. Extinguish candles when you go to bed, leave a room, or before leaving the house.
* Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn. Keep candles at least one foot from combustibles including clothing, curtains, upholstered furniture, greenery, and decorations.
* Always use a sturdy non-combustible (metal, glass, or ceramic) candleholder. If a sturdy non-combustible candleholder is not available, the candle can be placed on a non-combustible plate.
* Place candles out of reach of small children and pets.
* Avoid candles with items embedded in them such as twigs, flowers, or leaves. These items can ignite or even explode.
* Always use a flashlight — not a candle — for emergency lighting.

General fire safety

* Keep combustibles at least three feet from heat sources.
* For increased protection, have working smoke alarms on every level of your home (including the basement), in each bedroom, and in the hallway outside each bedroom.
* Make a home fire escape plan and practice it with your family and any overnight guests.
* Keep escape routes clear of clutter so you can escape quickly in case of fire.

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