Lincoln City man may have accidentally shot himself – bleeding badly

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Feb 212019

A 49 year old man at 6431 SW Logan Road reportedly accidentally shot himself in the arm. Lincoln City Police are on scene. They took the gun away. Paramedics are a few minutes out.

Life Flight is enroute to North Lincoln Hospital where they’ll “hot load” the man, taking him right out of the ambulance and immediately put him aboard the chopper for a fast flight to a trauma center in Portland.

Man accidentally shot himself in his left forearm. He’s in great pain but conscious and talking.

Victim is now at North Lincoln Hospital, waiting for Life Flight to arrive. The chopper is within five minutes of landing.

Life Flight is 3 minutes out.

Life Flight has landed. Ambulance crew is quickly loading the victim into the chopper.

Mad Hatters Tea Party!

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Feb 212019

Clint Perry photo

Mad Hatters Tea Party, Newport

Did you see any white rabbits crying, “I’m late?” running around Newport?

Yesterday, a very important date in the annals of tea parties, a gathering of wild women wearing wilder hats took place at the 60+ Activity Center in Newport. This is an annual event and includes a “Fashion Show,” door prizes, snacks, and lots of fun. This year, a magic dragon (Sadly no, it wasn’t Puff, he has gone back to the shores of Honalei) appeared for the delight of visitors.

Lincoln City burglary suspect traced to Keizer, near Salem

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Feb 212019

On the morning of February 15th Detectives from the Lincoln City Police Department, Keizer Police Department and Salem Police Department executed a search warrant at 3725 Pleasant View Drive NE in Keizer, OR. This search warrant execution resulted from ongoing residential burglary investigations, which had occurred in Lincoln City on February 14th. During the search of the Keizer residence officers and investigators recovered property that was reported stolen from two Lincoln City residences. Also recovered during the warrant execution was a quantity of suspected methamphetamine and several firearms.

53 year old Timothy Vance, of Keizer, was taken into custody for felon of possession of a firearm.

The investigation is on-going and was the result of interagency investigation by Salem PD, Keizer PD and the Lincoln City Police Department.

Newport City Council goes after scheduled airline service – again.

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Feb 212019

The Newport City Council asked City Manager Spencer Nebel and Newport Airport Manager Lance Vanderbeck this week to explore an offer for airline service between Portland and Newport. Boutique Air is a well establish “short hop” commercial air service in 17 states across the country.

Boutique Air is offering one flight a day to Portland and one flight returning to Newport starting at around $45 each way. Boutique Air is also offering straight through baggage routing to American and United Airlines – so no luggage lugging once you arrive in Portland – if you want to fly those two airlines.

What allows this proposal is a half-million dollar state grant to Newport to help start up the service. Flights would leave Newport in the morning with a return flight in the late afternoon/early evening. The aircraft are King Aire twin-engine 9 passenger planes as well as single-engine PC-12s.

Several veteran city councilors indicated that although SeaPort Airlines tried to provide the same service nearly ten years ago, which didn’t pencil out, Boutique Air will not provide four round-trips a day like SeaPort – just one. Start small, grow over time appears to be Boutique Air’s business plan.

Airport Manager Lance Vanderbeck says if Newport wins the half-million dollar grant, air service might start up in about a year.

Weather or Not: Heads-up for Black Ice

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Feb 212019

2/21/19 Sunny today, high 45-50F, light breeze, increasing clouds tonight, low 35-40F, rain tomorrow, up to 1/4″ expected, high 45-50F. Outlook: rain Sat, showers Sun-Mon, a chance of rain again Tue-Wed, temperatures near seasonal with highs in the upper-40s, lows in the upper-30s.

Beaches Today:
Surf Height…………..12 to 16 ft.
Weather………………Partly cloudy. Highs 45 to 50.
Wind…………………North 10 to 15 mph with gusts to 20 mph.
Tides (South Beach)…
High tide…9.0 ft at 01:37 AM PST.
Low tide….1.2 ft at 07:19 AM PST.
High tide…9.5 ft at 01:27 PM PST.
Low tide….-0.8 ft at 07:45 PM PST.
Sunrise – 7:06 AM PST. Sunset – 5:53 PM PST.

Travel: A Special Weather Statement has been issued for black ice this morning in all of Northwest Oregon. Showers continued through last evening, followed by clearing skies and temperatures at or below freezing overnight. Any moisture left on untreated surfaces will likely freeze making for treacherous driving and walking conditions. Temperatures will remain below freezing through Thursday’s morning commute. Slow down and allow for extra time to reach your destination. Bridges and overpasses are likely to freeze before surrounding surfaces do. Black ice is difficult to see, especially on poorly-lit roads.

Oregon Legislature moves rent control bill through the House – Governor likely to sign it.

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Feb 212019

Affordable Housing going up in Oregon.
The Oregonian

A wide ranging rent control bill may soon be on its way to Governor Brown, despite vigorous opposition from the Republican Party. The bill passed out of both houses of the Oregon legislature and is now on its way to acquire the governor’s signature.

Here’s more from The Oregonian. Click here.

County Commissioners give green light to acquire “calming dog.”

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Feb 202019

District Attorney Michelle Brannan gets the green light to acquire “calming dog” to help children better navigate the judicial system.

Lincoln County District Attorney Michelle Branan asked for and got permission from Lincoln County Commissioners to acquire pre-trained dogs that comfort young children when they’re in court. Branan told the commission that children are often traumatized by abusive parents but that the calming effects of a properly trained dog can help to turn that around. Budget for the first dog is well within the parameters of the county’s budget.

The commission agreed to apply for a grant to train the dog. lhe one in the photo is a stuffed dog.) The new animal will take a year to get up to speed.

Newport: VRD’s in red zones proposed to be phased out

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Feb 202019

Red areas show VRDs being phased out in single family zones. Blue areas are proposed VRD zones.

The Newport City Council was presented this week with a big challenge surrounding vacation rentals popping up more and more in regular neighborhoods – clearly an irresistible force against an immovable object. Those who own VRD’s don’t want to change the trend, or “invasion” as some regular residents call it. Those who live in regular houses contend their quality of life is rapidly falling due to many out-of-town VRD renters taking up a lot of the parking, throwing loud parties, leaving trash all over and generally making lots of noise. Regular residents say it’s not only stressful, it’s lowering their property values.

So the city council referred the issue to a council-appointed informal committee to study the issue. The committee recommended the above map to the city Planning Commission supposedly to get a handle on the rapid rise of VRDs in regular home areas. Red on the map is where VRDs are in regular housing areas. These VRDs would be phased out over time and would be invited to re-emerge closer to the Nye Beach and Bayfront sections of Newport – all closer to tourist attractions and facilities.

Most of the VRD owners told the council that they’ve invested heavily in their properties and they want to keep them. One elderly VRD owner said she wants to leave her home to her granddaughter, but under the proposed changes, she can’t because it would no longer be in a VRD approved part of town. Others asked the council to do the right thing – don’t pull the financial rug out from under them. But regular residents contend that more VRDs will simply remove more homes from the market thereby worsening the area’s severe housing shortage – certainly for lower income families. Others demanded more vigorous enforcement of Newport VRD regulations. Some called for a separate VRD code enforcement team to patrol the city.

The city council scheduled a council-only workshop to examine the issue on March 4th and come up with workable ideas on how to fix things. They’ll try to find workable options on where VRDs belong and how to keep their owners from losing a lot of money. Should they be phased out over five years, ten years or some other time interval? Or will they be grandfathered in and when the VRD owner sells the property, it’ll go back to being a regular house.

Once the workshop produces a list of options, they’ll be presented at a city council public hearing set for March 18th at City Hall where ideas will be presented and compromises hopefully reached.

Weather or Not: Cool Conditions Continue

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Feb 202019

2/20/19 Showers today, up to 1/2″ precip, NW winds 15-20mph gusting 30, high 45F, tonight, a chance of showers, low near freezing, mostly sunny tomorrow, high 45F. Outlook: rain Fri-Sat, showers likely Sun, chance of rain/showers Mon-Tue, continued cool, with highs 45F, lows 35F.

Beaches Today:
Surf Height…………..13 to 17 ft.
Weather………………Cloudy with showers. Highs around 45.
Wind…………………Northwest 20 to 25 mph with gusts to 30 mph.
Tides (South Beach)…
High tide…8.8 ft at 12:57 AM PST.
Low tide….1.7 ft at 06:29 AM PST.
High tide…9.9 ft at 12:37 PM PST. (King Tide)
Low tide….-1.4 ft at 07:04 PM PST.
Sunrise – 7:08 AM PST. Sunset – 5:51 PM PST.

Travel: A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for the Cascade highway passes and foothills through 4:00pm this afternoon with 2-5″ of new snow expected; another inch or so of snow along with areas of ice tonight. Freezing fog and slick roads possible in the Valley tomorrow morning.

News Lincoln County: A message to our business community…

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Feb 192019

First off, we want to thank each and every reader for putting their faith and trust in We are Lincoln County’s #1 source of local news in terms of the shear number of readers and how often readers turn to to learn what’s going on in Lincoln County and outside the county. For our staff and our many contributors, it’s a labor of love and commitment because we know that the strength of our community depends on all of us – it’s not a spectator sport.

And because it’s not a spectator sport we’re reaching out to Lincoln County’s business community to join our family of advertisers who enjoy tremendous daily, if not hourly exposure to our 40,000+ readers. By the way, that’s many times the readers of competing local news outlets throughout Lincoln County and beyond.

So, it’s to our local business community that we invite you to see just how inexpensive it is to advertise on We beat all our competitors hands-down. And we can do that because internet-based news is the least costly method of relaying news to the greatest number of people in any community. The internet is faster, more resilient, more updateable and enjoys far more readership participation than all other media combined. And our internet advertising rates give local businesses the absolute lowest rate per impression than any other media, hands down! And with rotating-screen ads, there’s nothing like the relentless consistency of internet advertising.

So the next time you ponder where your precious advertising dollars should go, give us a call at at 541.351.1408. Or email: News@NewsLincoln It will amaze you how much farther your ad dollars with go with

Dave Morgan

Free Medicare Seminar, February 22nd,
Offered by OCWCOG and SHIBA

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Offered by OCWCOG and SHIBA
Feb 192019

Are you confused about Medicare? Please join us for a two-hour “ABC’s of Medicare” Seminar on Friday, July 27th at 10:00 am. Our experienced Medicare Counselors can make Medicare easier for you to understand. This is being held at the Samaritan Center for Health Education in Newport. Please call to register at 541-574-2684. We have private appointments available also. Let us know how we can help!

This is a free, impartial seminar covering all aspects of Medicare including Parts A and B, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D), and Medicare Supplements (Medigaps). This seminar is open to anyone with an interest in Medicare and will be conducted by a certified SHIBA volunteer. There is no charge for the seminar and no products will be sold or promoted. SHIBA is a non-profit, volunteer-based program sponsored by RSVP of Lincoln County.
This presentation will benefit anyone who is eligible for Medicare within a few months or is new to Medicare; current beneficiaries who would like to better understand Medicare benefits and options; and spouses and other relatives of Medicare eligible clients.

The seminar is sponsored by OCWCOG and SHIBA. It will be held at the Samaritan Center for Health Education, 740 SW 9th Street, Newport on Friday, February 22nd, from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

This is an informational opportunity offered at no cost to community members. Follow-up one-on-one counseling appointments will be available.

Reservations may be made by calling 541-574-2684 but are not required. Drop-ins are welcome.

Weather or Not: One Bright Spot

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Feb 192019

2/19/19 Rain today-tomorrow, total precip around 1″, light breeze, then increasing winds tonight-Wed, SW 15-25mph gusting 35, high temps 45F, low 40F. Outlook: a bright spot with sunshine on Thu, chance of rain Fri, rain likely Sat, showers Sun-Mon, highs reach the upper-40s and lows dip into the upper-30s.

Beaches Today:
Surf Height…………..7 to 10 ft.
Weather………………Cloudy with a chance of rain. Highs 45 to 50.
Wind…………………West 5 to 10 mph with gusts to 15 mph.
Tides (South Beach)…
High tide…8.3 ft at 12:16 AM PST.
Low tide….2.3 ft at 05:38 AM PST.
High tide…10.0 ft at 11:45 AM PST. (King Tide)
Low tide….-1.6 ft at 06:21 PM PST.
Sunrise – 7:10 AM PST. Sunset – 5:50 PM PST.

Travel: A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the Cascades from 4:00pm today through 4:00pm tomorrow, up to a foot of new snow expected in the foothills and highway passes, the snow level at 1,500′.

Waldport Beachcomber Days new logo!

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Feb 182019

Maria Altamirano’s logo drawing has been selected by the Waldport Beachcomber Days planning committee as the student winner reflecting it’s 2019 theme, “Legends of the Sea.”

The Waldport High Senior’s artwork will be featured on all aspects of the June 14-15-16, 2019 event. Placed proudly on everything from advertising to t-shirts.

Beachcomber Days is excited to be working with the school and many other organizations, businesses and community members this year to present Beachcomber Days 2019, Legends of the Sea.

The highlight of the Beachcomer Days is always the Saturday parade held at noon. Beachcomber Days is so much more, from vendors to great food to music to slug races.

This year’s Beachcomber Days promises to be the most exciting ever. More fun events, an expanded kid zone, headliner entertainment, a better beer garden serving craft beers, and much more to do on Sunday.

So mark your calendars now! June 14-16, 2019, Waldport is the place to be!