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Coast Tree

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Coast Tree

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Sema Roofing



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Coast Tree


Waldport home goes up in flames this morning.

A fire broke out at 211 E. Darkey Creek Road this morning, just east of Waldport. The 8:30 am fire consumed 70% of the single story ranch home, owned by a family that was out of town at the time.

Central Coast firefighters pulled up to see the 24-hundred square foot home engulfed in flame. There wasn’t much fire fighters could do save it other than keeping the blaze from spreading to adjacent homes.

No one was hurt battling the blaze. Names of the owners have not yet been released but a commercial vehicle parked in the drive has a sign, “Erik’s Home Remedies” on the side.

A state fire marshal is on scene along with Central Coast Fire Protection District Fire Chief Derek Clawson who are trying to ascertain the cause of the fire. They hope to have more information tomorrow.

Food Share food bank shelves are nearly bare. Pleas for public’s help!

Food Share shelves are nearly empty. Calls for help!

Put your donated food next to your trash cans at the curb!

The Lincoln County garbage haulers are coming to Food Share’s rescue again this September. They are responding in a vital way to fill Foods Shares bare cupboards during Hunger Action Month. The haulers say they want to make it easy to help feed the hungry by giving their customers a chance to donate at curbside.

From September 20th to 24th,Thompson’s Sanitary, Dahl Disposal and North Lincoln Sanitary are staging a County Haulers Food Drive, picking up donations of non-perishable items during their runs. Customers are encouraged to leave donations on their regular service day in a bag next to their carts. (more…)

Proposed regional gas pipelines appear to be “shaking out” as many predicted they would.

At least four competing natural gas pipeline companies have been dukeing it out for the past few years to provide long-term supplies for the Pacific Northwest. But due to a lot of factors it appears that it’s all over but the last minute shouting. There seems to be a winner that once again will put the Oregon town of Malin on the map. And apparently at the expense of Coos Bay. Here’s the story in today’s Portland Oregonian:

Suicidal man nearly does himself in on a cliff near Sea Lion Cave

A despondent Eugene area man was found Friday night hanging upside down in brush 75 feet down a 1,000 foot cliff overlooking the ocean just north of Florence. Oregon State Troopers got a report that the suicidal man, from Elmira, west of Eugene, had used his cell phone from an area just south of Sea Lion Caves off Highway 101. There, they found his pick-up, parked at an overlook of the sea.

Troopers shined their lights down the cliff and saw the man hanging upside down in brush 75 feet below the overlook. He was not responsive to shouts from above, nor was he moving.

Siuslaw fire rescue personnel repelled down to the man, hooked him up to their gear, and were pulled back up to the cliff top. From there the man was loaded aboard an ambulance for a quick trip to the hospital. His injuries were thought to be serious.

Troopers say had it not been for the brush on an outcropping, he would have fallen onto the rocks far below.

Two men wounded by accidental gun shot near Yachats

10:25pm– One victim delivered to PCH. Other victim being loaded aboard Lifelight near Yachats for flight to Corvallis trauma center.

9:58pm–Lifeflight out of Benton County has been launched. Lifeflight arrival on scene expected to be around 10:20pm. One victim to be Lifeflighted while the other is being transported to PCH, Newport.

Update 9:52pm– Law enforcement and one ambulance has met up with the gunshot wound victims. An additional ambulance is enroute to the 5500 Road and Highway 101 to offer further aid. Both are expected to be enroute to Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport very soon.

Two men who were wounded by an accidental discharge of a firearm are both headed down the 5500 road toward Highway 101 in search of aid. They are coming down the Cape Perpetua overlook road. The accidental shooting was said to have occurred six to eight miles above that location. An ambulance is racing to the intersection of the 5500 Road and Highway 101.

Reports say that one was handling the gun when it accidentally went off, the round going through the handler’s hand and lodging in another man’s arm. Both are bleeding. They are applying pressure to their wounds.

Sheriff’s deputies and an ambulance are enroute to intercept them, again at the 5500 road and Highway 101 in the Cape Perpetua area. One victim is in a black Toyota pick up, the other in a brown Ford Bronco II. Law enforcement is on the 5500 road now, trying to track them down.

Suspicous item evacuates CL PUD building on No. 101.

The entire Central Lincoln People’s Utility District complex was evacuated at around 10am this morning after a suspicious object was spotted in a men’s restroom.

Arriving Newport Police checked to see that everyone was safely out of the building, and then went about checking out the item. After briefly examining it, police determined it to be no threat.

However what they did learn moments later was that a CLPUD employee had received a commercially manufactured “gag gift” the day before, and that he unintentionally had left it in the restroom. The item was returned to the man and all building employees were allowed back into the building.

Case closed.

Powerful earthquake strikes New Zealand. Experts claim NO Tsunami is expected.

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake has struck about 20 miles northwest of Christchurch, New Zealand, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

No immediate tsunami alert has been issued and no injuries have been reported.

The earthquake was 21 miles (33 kilometers) below the Earth’s surface, the geological agency GNS Science said.

The temblor hit at 4:35 a.m., shaking thousands of residents awake, New Zealand’s National Radio reported.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said “no destructive widespread tsunami threat existed, based on historical earthquake and tsunami data.”

Christchurch police reported some road damage and power outages in parts of the city of 400,000 people, with a series of sharp aftershocks rocking the area.

New Zealand sits above an area of the Earth’s crust where two tectonic plates collide. The country records more than 14,000 earthquakes a year – but only about 150 are felt by residents. Fewer than 10 a year do any damage.

So…you want to sell your products or services to NOAA…

Provided by Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County and Small Business Development Center of Oregon Coast Community College

Another FREE training session will be held to help small business owners learn what it takes to be able to sell to NOAA and other federal governmental agencies. Many small business owners don’t consider selling their products or services to government agencies, yet those that do often get paid well as a result. (more…)

Telephone scam lurking around Newport/Lincoln County

A warning from LC Sheriff’s Office

Several people in Lincoln County, including employees at the Lincoln County Courthouse, have reported receiving unsolicited phone calls from the TLC Credit Union stating that their TLC debit card has been de-activated and solicit information via touch tone to correct the issue.

The TLC Credit Union was contacted and reported that the phone calls are not from them – they are machine generated scam calls being made to random phone numbers in the area. The scam has been reported to the Department of Justice.

If you receive this, or any, phone call or e-mail requesting personal or financial information do not provide any information. Businesses do not operate in this fashion. If you are contacted by a business requesting contact, never reply with the contact information provided by the solicitation. Locate the contact information of the business through trusted sources of information.

Mark Meister, Patrol Sergeant
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
225 W. Olive St.
Newport, Oregon 97365
Phone: 541-265-0684
Fax: 541-265-4917

Lincoln County Fire Departments begin talks of how to collaborate to increase service and lower costs.

North Lincoln Fire District HQ

The worst recession in over 80 years is causing a lot of people to think about better and/or less costly ways of doing business. And that includes Lincoln County’s fire departments. The far-flung departments, with mile and miles of twisty country roads between them, usually start out on a fire call all by themselves, oftentimes wondering if they will have enough manpower or equipment to handle what they’re racing to. Most of the time they’ve got enough, but sometimes they don’t and so they quickly call for mutual assistance from other nearby departments to jump in and help. (more…)

Join the Siletz Tribe for their “Run to the Rogue”

Provided by: Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians

You are invited to join Siletz Tribal members and friends on Sept. 9-11 for the 16th Annual Run to the Rogue.

This event is a 234-mile relay run/walk in memory of the Siletz Tribal ancestors who were forcibly removed from their homeland in Rogue River Country in the mid-1800s and marched north to Siletz to the confinements of the Coast Reservation. This annual relay run is the closest Tribal members can come to their ancestors’ experience on the forced journey from their homeland.

The run begins in Siletz on Sept. 9 at 9 a.m. at the Siletz Tribal Community Center and ends Sept. 11 at Oak Flat on the Rogue River.

Please keep the following in mind:

• Volunteers are needed for this three-day event to run, walk or help out with camp setup, cleanup, cooking and other areas.
• Youth can participate but need a designated adult committed to traveling and camping with the youth.
• Camping sites, meals and runners’ support and refreshments are provided along the route.
• An orientation session will be held Sept. 9 at 8 a.m. at the Tribal Community Center in Siletz.

If you wish to participate or would like more information, please call 800-922-1399 or 541 444-2532, ext. 1373 or 1290.

Fly Fishers settle their major issues by “taking it outside…”

The Central Coast Fly Fishers will meet Thursday, 9/9, to hear Master Caster and FFF Certified Fly Casting instructor, Dwight Klemin discuss and illustrate “A Casting Stroke For All Occasions.” Prior to the meeting, Klem will meet with members in the parking area to demonstrate his casting excellence. On Saturday, 9/11 an all day casting clinic will be provided with group and individual instruction. Meetings are held at Bayshore Beach Club in Waldport. Information: Alan Canfield, 541-563-6976.

Another “Hands Across Yaquina Bridge” event coming up September 18th!

Yaquina Bay Bridge

Last year they made it about a third of the way across the Yaquina Bridge. This year they’d like to make it at least half-way. And by that they mean a lot of recovering and recovered drug and alcohol dependent people will join hands in their annual “Hands Across the Bridge” celebration of their new lives. The event will also encourage others to make a commitment to themselves and to those who love them to begin rescuing their lives from the destruction of addiction to drugs and alcohol. (more…)

Toledo City Councilors dive into the low income home renovation business.

Toledo City Council, Wednesday night

The Toledo City Council, taking the lead from the Lincoln County Land Trust, has decided to get into the low income home reclamation business. The city will be using just over $40,000 in federal housing (HUD) money as a revolving fund. The Lincoln County Land Trust, a non-profit group, will target old “fixer-uppers” in Toledo and begin the process to buy them. The trust will bring some money to the table and so will Toledo with it’s revolving fund. Together they will buy the houses, renovate them, and then sell them (not the land, it’s the trust’s growing asset collateral) to low income families. The sale price of the houses will exceed the investment made by Toledo and the Land Trust. Both the trust and the city will thereby get their money back with Toledo’s revolving fund ready again to be reinvested. (more…)

Toledo’s broken sewer main to be fixed by end of the month.

The Toledo City Council swallowed hard Wednesday night as they wrote a check for nearly $100,000 to fix a broken sewer main that ruptured nearly two weeks ago inside the town’s sewer plant off Butler Bridge Road. The council also heaped praise on the city’s public works crew who has kept the damaged pipe from spilling anymore raw sewage that flows through the pipe. They also praised Public Works Director Adam Denlinger for being committed to a permanent fix rather than a cheap patch job.

The sewer line that ruptured, in green on the left, did so inside the boundaries of the plant near the white box in the picture. Denlinger says the contractor they’re hiring will drill a new pipe route, in yellow, from the road median, under the railroad tracks, up the hill and come out near where the old pipe ruptured. They will tie in a new line, brought along by the bore drill. They will then abandon and seal off the old pipe which Denlinger says has always been a problem since sewage always pools in it when pressures are down. He says that pooling ate through the pipe over the sixty years it has been used. (more…)

Heard of 9-1-1? Well here comes 2-1-1, probably in December.

We all know what 9-1-1 is. It’s the number you call in an emergency. Well, 2-1-1 is sort of the same thing, except its to connect the caller with all manner of assistance of a minor-to-medium emergency, like medical help, referrals to psychological services, counseling, and other “human services.” It’s in partnership with United Way which is the funding arm for so many of those kinds of services.

The Lincoln County Commission was told Wednesday that the Lincoln County version of 2-1-1 is in the formative stages and may be ready for a “live” launch sometime in December. (more…)

A big expansion to Lincoln County Transit coming in 2012.

Lincoln County Transit “On the Grow”

It’s a ways out, but Lincoln County Transit will be providing public transit between Newport, Lincoln City, Corvallis and with rider options to continue on to Salem too, every day of the week, starting in mid-2012. It means that Lincoln County Transit runs will more than double its reach to Corvallis. With those integrated routes, riders will be able make a big loop from Lincoln City to Newport, then to Corvallis, then to Salem, and then back to Lincoln City. (more…)

Coastal Progressives Update

Provided by Coastal Progressives, Unedited:

Network: Lincoln and South Tillamook Counties
Provided by Coastal Progressives,
A member group of the Rural Organizing Project *
Advancing democracy in rural Oregon

Announcements for September 1, 2010 (more…)

10 year old rape case lands Newport man in jail.

Donald Crabb, Jr., 50

The Lincoln County Grand Jury has handed down indictments of rape and sexual abuse against Donald Crabb, Jr, 50 of Newport stemming from allegations made by two young women who claim Crabb raped and abused them ten years ago. Their stories prompted the grand jury to issue 87 charges for the time period in which the crimes allegedly occurred.

A minor traffic violation prompted a traffic stop on Crabb who came up “wanted” on the officer’s computer screen. He was taken into custody and lodged in the county jail on charges of Rape, Sexual Abuse, and Contributing to the Sexual Delinquency of a Minor.

Crabb is being held in the county jail in lieu of $1.5 million bail. Authorities ask that anyone who may have information related to this case to call Newport Police Detective Brent Gainer at 541-574-3348.l

Naked man causes evacuation of Waldport hotel

Demetrius Distefano, 38

At around midnight last night, Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a report of a naked male adult wandering around the Waldport Beach Resort Hotel trying to get inside several guest rooms.

Senior Sheriff’s Deputy Lance Cummings located the subject on the second floor of the hotel after the suspect had pulled at least two fire alarm boxes. With the fire alarm blaring, several guests evacuated their rooms. The fire department arrived minutes later.

While investigating the incident, deputies discovered that two fire alarm boxes were not only pulled, they were ripped off the wall in a hallway. Deputies also found telephone wires that were pulled out of an access panel. They also came across a flooded guest room caused by water being left running in the bathtub.

The subject, identified as 38 year old Demetrius Distefano from Frendale, CA, was taken into custody and lodged at the Lincoln County Jail for Criminal Mischief II and Disorderly Conduct I. His bail was set at $30,000.00.

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Coast Tree



Coast Tree



Coast Tree