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Coast Tree


Newport City Hall closing Tuesday a little early…

Newport City Hall

Newport City Hall will be close a little early on Tuesday, May 1st. Closing time will be 3:30pm as opposed to 5pm so that city employees can get caught up on what’s been going on with benefits packages, proposed changes and the like.

So if you’ve got business to do at Newport City Hall tomorrow…arrive early and get it done before 3:30pm!

Coast Guard rescues badly listing fishing vessel south of Columbia River mouth

Coast Guard photo

The Coast Guard early Monday escorted a fishing vessel that was severely listing and in danger of capsizing approximately two miles south of the Columbia River entrance.

The 53-foot steel hulled fishing vessel Ashlyne crew made a mayday call to the Coast Guard after the vessel began listing for an unknown reason. The crew then reported their 70,000 pound catch of fish had shifted in the fish hold, causing further listing and reduction in vessel stability as the Ashlyne attempted to return to port.

A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew out of Air Station Astoria, and a 47-foot motor lifeboat out of Station Cape Disappointment, deployed to escort the vessel back to Ilwaco. On-board pumps were able to keep up with flooding in the fish hold throughout the transit.

Ashlyne is home ported in Warrenton. No injuries were reported among the four man crew. Sea conditions were eight to 12 foot swells.

The Coast Guard has issued a captain of the port order restricting the Ashlyne from further movement until it is examined by Coast Guard marine inspectors, the cause of the flooding and loss of stability determined and all repairs are made.

Friendly face at the Toledo JC Market has been taken from us

April Ann Ernst
June 25, 1968 – April 29, 2012

A friendly face and a helpful heart has been taken from the Toledo community in the passing of April Ernst, a long time JC Market worker. April passed away from cancer on Sunday under the care of Samaritan Pacific Hospice. She leaves behind husband Jesse Ernst, and a large extended family.

A celebration of April’s life will be held at the Toledo Elks Lodge on May 6, 2pm, with a reception to follow. In lieu of flowers and cards her family requests that donations be made to Samaritan Pacific Hospice, P.O. Box 945, Newport, OR, 97365

Lincoln Beach’s answer to Easter Island

“Breaching Whale”
Steve Power photo

Oregon Coast photographer Steve Power came across more signs of creative life on our portion of the coast – what appears to be a breaching whale amid a sunken forest handsomely crafted by high energy visitors or locals. They didn’t leave their card. But they did leave an image worth Steve Power’s attention, and ours. We’re grateful that he shared it with us.

Whitney Moulton Jazz Quartet headed for Lincoln City

Whitney Moulton
Courtesy photo

Story from Lincoln City Cultural Center

The Lincoln City Cultural Center invites you to sit down, chill out and enjoy a quartet that revels in the straight up jazz tradition: the Whitney Moulton Quartet. Led by Moulton, a bass player with national touring chops, this ensemble will hit the center stage at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 12. For this concert, the quartet will feature local trumpeter and Lincoln Pops conductor John Bringetto.
Within four years of moving to New York City, Moulton performed and toured with jazz artists Sarah McLawler, Carol Sudhalter, Dick Griffin, Linda Presgrave, Emme Kemp, and many Count Basie Orchestra alumns. (more…)

Newport to Toledo: Expect delays on Highway 20 all week

Highway 20 getting a haircut
Brad Taylor photo

ODOT is out with their road shoulder clearing crews cleaning up the post-Winter storm damage to trees and hillsides. The winds of January and March blew down a lot of trees onto the roadways but now, they say, it’s time to move back in and clear out the trees that were weakened but didn’t quite finish falling.

Therefore, travel on Highway 20 between Newport and Toledo this week will take a little longer. Crews are taking up one lane of travel for heavy equipment. Watch for flaggers and pilot cars this week through Friday from 9am through 4pm. Expect up to 15 minute delays.

Once crews are finished with the Highway 20 corridor they’ll do the same thing from Waldport-east on Highway 34.

Newport: Black smoke coming from a control burn/brush pile

Firefighters and police were dispatched to a report of thick smoke rising up from a spot at the dead end of Hurbert off Cottage. When they got there they found someone burning a lot of green brush cuttings. He also produced a permit from the fire department for a control burn. A responding firefighter told dispatch that the permit was for 132 N. Hurbert.

Governor Kitzhaber’s Trip to Newport Cancelled

Governor John Kitzhaber has cancelled his trip to the Newport area this week. Kitzhaber’s news media office said the Governor is, instead, having to fly to Washington DC for meetings. News Lincoln County was told that he’ll be having discussions with the Obama administration on the hot topic of Medicaid waivers for states that are setting up hybrid medical insurance programs which seek to bring down health care costs while increasing coverage for those who have little or no insurance.

The Governor was to have signed a state Marine Reserves Bill designating three marine reserves off the central coast as well as attend a groundbreaking for Rogue Brewery’s expansion at South Beach. The spokesman said the Governor regrets the quick change of plans but that he’ll try to reschedule his visit to the coast as soon as possible.

Food going for cars at the expense of good nutrition?

Courtesy photo

Although the American people are told to “eat your vegetables” for a healthier life, less than 2% of American farmland is aimed at producing them. Vast acreages, owned by large agri-corporations, are producing sugar beets and corn, much of which are aimed at producing gasoline additives, a process that many critics claim produces more pollution in the making than in the smog prevented on our streets, and freeways.

Oregonian reporter Eric Mortenson reports that the Union of Concerned Scientists want to turn that situation around. Here’s his story. Click here.

Familiar face at Toledo JC Market has passed away

News Lincoln County has been informed that April Ernst, always a welcoming face at the Toledo JC Market, has passed away. Fundraisers had been conducted on her behalf in her fight against cancer. However, we are told she lost her battle.

Near sunset on Yaquina Bay courtesy Shannon Jaus

Shannon Jaus photo

Shannon Jaus looked out her window at the Embarcadero this week and captured a trademark scene of Yaquina Bay nearing sunset. With the harbor still packed with pleasure boats, it appears that we’re on the dawning of a new Summer season, once we get a little closer to mid-May. Soon Shannon will have a lot fewer craft to capture with her iPhone as they’ll all be out sailing on the bay or beyond the breakwater bar. But maybe Shannon will track them down again with her handy iPhone and catch them in action enjoying iconic days between the blues of the sky and water, and the greens of both sides of the bay.

Habitat for Humanity announces new ReStore for Lincoln City – Opens June 1

Those who have slightly used or would like to buy slightly used household components from kitchen cabinets to electrical devices, sinks to windows, building materials, furniture and appliances can donate or shop for those items at Habitat for Humanity’s new ReStore in Lincoln City that will open June 1st. The new Lincoln City ReStore is located just south of Bear valley Nursery and Landcaping Company at 2150 SE Highway 101.

Those who would like to donate to the new ReStore are asked to call 541-614-1060 to arrange a donation appointment. The ReStore will begin making those appointments starting May 16th.

For additional information, including applications to volunteer at the new Lincoln City ReStore, call the number above or inquire on line at

The Great Waldport Garage Sale – Upcyclers Welcome!

Saturday, May 12, ~ Waldport’s Great Garage Sale: “Upcyclers Welcome!”

Come visit Waldport, scavenge our attics, basements and barns during this all day event! Spend the day in Waldport, “where the forest meets the sea” and take some treasures home with you!

Maps will be available in the late afternoon on Friday, May 11 at:
* The Alsea Bay Bridge Interpretive Center, 620 NW Spring Street & Hwy. 101 (milepost 155.9);
* Pacific Office Solution, 250 NW Hemlock (Hwy. 34); and select locations around town.

Held annually on the Saturday before Mother’s Day and sponsored by the Waldport Chamber of Commerce,,

And for South Lincoln County citizens who would like to do a little spring cleaning and make some extra cash in the process just contact the folks at Pacific Skinny, 541-563-7100, to be put on the map. It’s Free, it’s Fun, and it’s time to clean out the garage!

Boat Rescue At Salishan Tip

Two people in a stranded boat off Salishan Spit are being rescued at this hour. Appear to be ok. Waiting for rescuers to retrieve them.

Back on the beach. Units clearing.

Loyalty Days just around the corner…

It’s getting to be Carnival Time !

The Davis Shows Carnival, a highlight of the Newport Loyalty Day and Sea Fair Festival for over 40 years, will open Thursday, May 3rd. The Carnival will be located in South Beach at the Marina. A special thank you goes out to the Port of Newport and Rogue Brewery. The Carnival will run all four days of the festival, May 3rd – May 6th.

Rides for all ages are available, as well as carnival booths offering a variety of prizes. To assist the carnival enthusiast, Davis Shows offers a daily ride arm band pass. Good for one day – all day – all rides – and for an unlimited number of rides !!. To save even more, a pre sale of carnival daily arm bands is being offered. They are $21.00 each and good for one day. A savings of up to $ 5.00 per arm band. Pre Sales are now available by dropping by JC Market in Newport and purchasing them at the information desk.

Once the carnival opens, regular daily pricing will take effect at that time. The hours of operation for the carnival will be: Thursday, May 3rd 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Friday, May 4th, 12:00 pm to Midnight. Saturday, May 5th, 11:00 am to Midnight and Sunday, May 6th 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

So, gear up now for the Davis Show Carnival with the pre-sale of all day ride arm bands and beginning May 3rd!

Only underground radar appears likely to salvage Oregon’s “Drake’s Landing” claim

Sir Francis Drake
Where did he REALLY make first landfall on West Coast??

Oregonian reporter Lori Tobia has taken note of an attempt at history buffs to finally, officially, and with great certitude declare Drake’s Bay, California as the correct location where Sir Francis Drake first set foot on the American West Coast. Of course, she quotes a number of Oregon history buffs who continue to contend that Drake landed in Oregon, according to hand written ship records showing Drake’s ship latitude of 44 degrees. Here’s the story from Lori. Click here.

Steve Power: McCabe Church on the hill…Yamhill Valley

McCabe Church
Steve Power photop

Photographer Steve Power decided to stop riding the bullet train on Highway 18 and get off onto some side roads. He says the views are very different and very beautiful. Here’s a shot of one of the splendid scenes that he wanted to share with us!

Upon seeing Steve’s beautiful photo, Joyce O’Dell-Lehmer provided access to a website that contains a brief history of the namesake of the church:

Charles Cardwell McCabe
Oct 11, 1836 – Dec 19, 1906

McCabe was born and raised in Ohio and taught school for a short time after receiving a degree from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1860. The same year he married Rebecca Peters and a son was born to them the next year. But, in September 1862, as the Civil War was developing, he helped raise a regiment for the Union Army and served as chaplain for the 122nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

He was eventually captured by the confederates and sent to Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia becoming chaplain to the other prisoners of war. To rally their spirits he would lead them in singing, which, according to his biographer, Frank M. Bristol, could often be heard beyond the walls of the prison. A favorite song was, ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’. McCabe had memorized the lyrics, written by Julia Ward Howe to the tune of the raucous ‘John Brown’s Body’ song, when they were published in the February 1862 edition of the Atlantic Monthly.

McCabe contracted typhoid fever in prison, then, became part of a prisoner exchange resulting in his release. Ill health forced his resignation from the 122nd. Upon recovering, he worked as a fundraiser for the Christian Commission often singing, ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic”. An accomplished vocalist credited with popularizing the song, McCabe became known as the ‘singing chaplain’. President Lincoln attended a meeting in Washington D.C. where he heard McCabe’s story of being a prisoner of war, afterwards joining in the singing of ‘The Battle Hymn’. McCabe wrote to his wife that when the singing stopped, “Some shouted out loud at the last verse, and above all the uproar Mr. Lincoln’s voice was heard: “Sing it again!” The following year, McCabe was invited to sing the song at Lincoln’s Illinois funeral services. Years later, McCabe would receive a hand-written copy of the lyrics from Howe. The song was ultimately sung at the funerals of both Howe and McCabe.

After the war, many churches called on McCabe for help with their finances. In a journal entry, he writes, “I seem doomed to raise money.” He toured the country singing, evangelizing and speaking about ‘The Bright Side of Life at Libby Prison’. The actual speech varied with the audience but, as a fundraiser, it was a huge success.

In his later years, McCabe co-edited several hymnals. He was appointed Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1896, and, as part of his job, traveled extensively both nationally and internationally, sometimes covering 80,000 miles in a year. In 1902 he became Chancellor of the American University, primarily a fundraising position, as the Methodist-affiliated institution did not begin accepting students until 1914. He died in New York in 1906.

post note: Though Charles Cardwell McCabe was appointed a bishop in the Methodist Episcopal church, he was so well thought of by so many people that when he moved from being a Chaplain to a Bishop, most people continued to call him Chaplain McCabe as a term of endearment. Even his biography is entitled, ‘The Life of Chaplain McCabe’. So, with all due respect to his role as Bishop, we are referring to him, as we suspect he might have preferred we all refer to him, as Chaplain McCabe.

Another helpful political campaign primer

Ballot Research Made Easy
Provided by League of Women Voters

There is a new cost free online source for Oregon voters seeking ballot information. The League of Women Voters has launched a comprehensive online non-partisan Election Guide throughout the state. Anybody can log on to and enter their address. Extensive information on the candidates and ballot measures pertaining to that address is displayed. Voters can read about the candidates and even fill-out a sample ballot to reference when filling out the actual ballot, once it arrives in the mail.

Using the new web-based system, the League communicated with the candidates, who were able to directly enter biographical information and responses to written questions on the website. “Candidates, no matter what their political party, were given the opportunity and encouraged to participate,” says State League President Robin Wisdom. also links to the Oregon Secretary of State’s office for full information on voter registration.

Traditional paper non-partisan Voters Guides are still available through Local Leagues across Oregon. Members of the Lincoln County League have placed these Voters Guides in the County Clerk’s office at the Lincoln County Courthouse and at libraries, community centers, senior centers and assisted living centers throughout the county. In addition to the regular Voters Guides, there are copies in Large Print and Spanish and there is an Easy Guide Version.

The League of Women Voters formed in 1920 out of the suffragist movement, which gave women the constitutional right to vote. The League is devoted to the work of informing voters about community issues, candidates and government. “Go to to get informed and remember to vote,” says Wisdom.

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