Local government and booster groups outline future support for easing homelessness.

Grace Wins Haven
Lincoln County and Newport chipping in to expand homeless services.

It’s not the fastest growing service for the homeless and the down-and-out in Lincoln County. But forward momentum appears to be on the horizon.

In speaking before the Lincoln County Commission this week, homeless advocate Betty Kamikawa of Grace Wins Haven gave the commissioners a rather thorough update on the state of affairs of fighting homelessness in Lincoln County. Kamikawa told the commissioners that they’re heartened by the recent addition of grants from the city of Newport and Lincoln County to take Grace Wins Haven to a much higher level of service to the homeless. And there’s lots of homeless people in Lincoln County. Additionally, Lincoln County ranks #2 of all Oregon counties struggling with addictions, including the social and deadly side-effects of Opioids. Tillamook County is ranked #1.

Kamikawa told the commissioners that it’s time to take Grace Wins Haven and other groups to the next level in our community’s battle with drugs, lack of housing, low paying jobs (when they can get them) and worsening hopelessness.

Kamikawa said Grace Wins Haven has only enough donated resources to run a homeless drop-in center during the dry months of the year and a homeless shelter at the Fairgrounds in winter. These services help the homeless develop somewhat of a daily routine where they can get back on their feet and access portable showers and porta-potties. Expanded porta-potties are contemplated at the rear of City Hall and behind the County Courthouse. Grace Wins Haven also offers two free meals a day, and a safe place to store their belongings. The homeless can also use Grace Wins Haven as a place to get their mail, instructions on how to get a legal ID, Social Security card, access to medications, take showers and wash their clothes. Also, access to local job listings and disposal of hypodermic needles use for insulin shots for diabetes. Not for drug users, but for genuine health care purposes.

Despite everything they’re doing now, Kamikawa says it’s only the beginning of what they hope will soon be an expanded list of other services to the homeless, including car camps so the homeless can stay close to the only belongings they have left.

Kamikawa again thanked the County Commissioners for stepping-up to help support the services Grace Wins Haven provides. She also reminded the community that Grace Wins Haven relies heavily on useful community gifts and donations, including heart-felt volunteering by the citizens of Newport.

For those who would like more information on helping to support Grace Wins Haven’s deeply important services just call them at 541-265-1974. They’re located at 437 NE 1st Street, Newport. By the way, they’re celebrating the latest upgrade to their facility. Mayor Dean Sawyer will be holding the big scissors and with the assistance of good-hearted friends, they’ll all cut the ribbon together. Festivities run from 5pm to 7pm with good eats, good people and goodwill.

Male body found buried near Rose Lodge northeast of Lincoln City

Sheriff Curtis Landers
Lincoln County

From Lincoln County Sheriff Curtis Landers:

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, along with members of Lincoln County Search and Rescue, and the Lincoln City Police Department, resumed searching a property on Widow Creek Road for missing person Cameron Shelden.  Searchers used drone technology and dogs trained to detect human remains and excavation assistance from the Lincoln County Road Department.  The team searched extensively in the  large area of difficult terrain and heavy brush, but Mr. Shelden was not found.

Then Tuesday morning the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the property owner advising a deceased subject was located on the property.  Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives responded to the property and were directed to a location outside of the area previously searched with the excavation equipment.  Detectives located the remains of a highly decomposed subject in dense vegetation.  The subject was presumptively identified as missing person Cameron Shelden.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office requested the Oregon State Police Forensics Services Division respond for scene processing.  More forensics analysis will be conducted.  The case remains as an open death investigation.

Photo on left is near the area where the buried body was unearthed and transported to a forensics lab to attempt to determine cause of death.

Newport woman loses life in crash

Car on Highway 20 suddenly left the road and rolled down a hill four miles east of Newport

Tuesday afternoon at noon Oregon State Police (OSP) and emergency personnel responded to a report of of a vehicle crash on US Highway 20 near milepost 4. Once on scene, it was determined the driver,  Linda C. Dodson, age 68, from Newport, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The preliminary investigation revealed Dodson was driving a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder East on US Hwy 20 four miles east of Newport. A witness reported seeing the Pathfinder start to swerve and then it veered off the road from the south shoulder. The Pathfinder went down an embankment, struck a tree, and rolled onto the passenger side of the vehicle.

Dodson was pronounced deceased at the scene. Dodson was traveling with her dog “Lucy.” Lucy was rescued from the wreck and transported to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. Lucy was transported to a local veterinarian where she was evaluated and released. Friends of Dodson retrieved Lucy to care for her.

During the course of the investigation, a separate non-injury crash occurred near the crash site and was considered a secondary crash. The second crash occurred when vehicles were slowing down for the fatal crash and one vehicle rear-ended another.  

Toledo Fire Department, Oregon Department of Transportation, Toledo Police Department, and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department assisted OSP. The highway was blocked or partially blocked for seven hours.

Dune Buggy drivers…play safe and polite out there….

Near Reedsport
Oregon Coast

Upcoming public check point at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area to be relocated to 10 mile OHV Route

Reedsport, OR – The previously scheduled OHV public check point at Umpqua Riding Area will now be held at 10 mile OHV Route from 11am – 1pm.

Forest Service officials are reminding riders that the purpose of the checkpoints is to verify compliance with existing OHV regulations. Forest Protection Officers and Law Enforcement Officers will be issuing citations for OHV users who do not comply with sound limits and other off-road regulations such as use of safety flags, OHV permit stickers and OHV safety education cards.

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (ODNRA) is managed for multiple recreational uses, both motorized and non-motorized. Due to its unique topography, varied recreational uses and proximity to residential areas, currently a 93 decibel sound limit is applied to all OHVs within the ODNRA.

For more information about regulations at the ODNRA, visit https://go.usa.gov/xPk3H or call the ODNRA Visitor center at 541-271-6000. For information regarding State of Oregon off-highway vehicle regulations, visit https://www.oregon.gov/oprd/ATV/Pages/index.aspx.

Traffic Alert: Highway 20 four miles east of Newport

U.S. 20 Corvallis-Newport Highway is blocked by a serious crash at milepost 4, two miles west of Toledo. The eastbound lanes are closed. Traffic is being flagged through the area and there is a long backup. The road is expected to be blocked for several hours for crash investigation and cleanup. Travelers are advised to take alternate routes or delay travel. Check TripCheck.com or call 2-1-1 for current road conditions.