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Coast Rep. David Gomberg gives legislative update to Newport Chamber and at a town hall meeting in Toledo

Coast Rep. David Gomberg Addressing Newport Chamber of Commerce Friday at Shilo Inn

Coast Rep. David Gomberg
Addressing Newport Chamber of Commerce Friday at Shilo Inn


Addressing the Friday luncheon of the Newport Chamber of Commerce Friday, Coast Rep. David Gomberg said one of the biggest issues facing the legislature is getting more funding for K-12 Education. He said the critical question is, where is the money going to come from? At the moment, he said the target seems to be the Public Employment Retirement System by removing out of state income tax supplement payments to retirees who don’t pay personal income tax in the state they live, limiting cost of living allowances based on the size of one’s retirement check and others. And of course, raising taxes.

Gomberg said robbing Peter to pay Paul on K-12 funding is not the way to go. He told chamber members there are many Oregonians who haven’t paid state income taxes in years. There are also back taxes owed, still on the books and tax credits and incentives being given to green energy generators, some of whom are receiving excessive benefits – these and more totaling over a billion dollars that are still on the table. He said the Oregon Department of Justice should sue the Wall Street banks and investment houses who defrauded Oregon’s retirement accounts out of $150 million in connection with the Wall Street crash. “We ought to go after that money before we hit up PERS retirees and the taxpayers,” Gomberg said.


Gomberg said Oregon’s commercial and recreation fishing industries were recently abused in Salem when the staff of the Land Conservation and Development Commission, after three years of public hearings and recommendations on where to put wave energy machines, surprised everyone by insisting another area be added to the fishing grounds withdrawal list without conferring with anyone – an area of Pacific City in the Netarts area. Gomberg said the move was unexpected and flies in the face of all the hard work completed up and down the coast by the fishing industry, wave energy interests and local government leaders constructing the now complete Territorial Sea Plan.


Gomberg said he has a few bills that he’s introduced which include requiring that any salmon sold in Oregon should be labeled whether it’s natural salmon versus genetically modified salmon (GMO). Another bill – local brewers like Rogue Ale should be able to retail sell their beer in more than just one other location. Gomberg said it should be at least five. Another bill – setting aside funds to ensure that when the Research Vessel Oceanus is retired that marine scientists can have a replacement craft; not only for the Hatfield Marine Science Center but for other scientific agencies and institutions to use. And finally, a bill that will create a new Oregon license plate that features the Oregon Coast. (more…)

Toledo: Business 20 road settling near old firehouse getting closer look

Newer cracks uphill from originals - closest to old fire hall

Newer cracks uphill from originals – closest to old fire hall

Business 20 cracks original lower area

Business 20 cracks original lower area

toledo business 20 cracks lower cu1
Toe (bottom) of the hill appears stressed

Toe (bottom) of the hill appears stressed

Click photos to enlarge

The Toledo City Council Wednesday night approved a modified approach to fixing Business Highway 20 between the JC Market and the old fire hall. The slumping in the roadway first appeared last year and was limited to the northbound lane just as the road begins bending to the east. But since then, another set of cracks and slumps have appeared just north of the original cracks, cutting across both north and southbound lanes. “A hill on the move,” according to Toledo Public Works Director Adam Denlinger.

Denlinger told his city council that what was originally thought was a $115,000 road settling repair job may eventually grow into a $400,000 repair project. Whatever the amount, Toledo’s share of the cost is 10.2% of the final tally. City councilors said at an earlier workshop on the issue that the road is too important to be abandoned or treated as a second rate throughway. Denlinger said it means the council is “all in” for the proper fix.

That fix is to be determined after a detailed analysis of the hillside which overlooks at least one house. The house, according to Denlinger, is facing the toe (bottom) of the hill which appears to be under a substantial amount of stress. He says a lot of water may be moving through the hill as the groundwater drains downhill. He said a geologic engineering analysis will reveal what’s going on, which will then determine what the fix is.

The timeline for all this, says Denlinger, is still a little foggy, but the worst case scenario is for the study to be conducted through next winter to gauge water movement through the hillside and its effects on earth movement. However, Denlinger said there may be enough rain storms still left in Mother Nature for this year to where they might be able to get sufficient data to determine a fix this Summer. So a lot is still up in the air.

The council told Denlinger to work with ODOT engineers in determining the best way forward.

Toledo Food Pantry’s 5K Shamrock Run a sloshin’ soggy success…

Toledo Food Pantry 5K Run Saturday, Toledo Waterfront

Toledo Food Pantry 5K Run
Saturday, Toledo Waterfront
Over 100 runners!

...and they're off on a three mile run...around the port, up A street, east on 11th, east on Burgess, south on Business 20, south on Main and back around to the north and then south to the waterfront.

…and they’re off on a three mile run…around the port, up A street, east on 11th, east on Burgess, south on Business 20, south on Main and back around to the north and then south to the waterfront.

toledo food pantry 5k leaving port area
Heading down Main Street

Heading down Main Street

Still coming down Main...

Still coming down Main…

End of Main, headed back to the port via Butler Bridge Road

End of Main, headed back to the port via Butler Bridge Road

It was blustery, rainy and it was cold – a typical late Winter day Saturday on the coast. But to the delight and surprise of the Toledo Food Pantry, more than a hundred runners showed up to pay an entry fee to raise money to help feed Toledo’s hungry families. And there’s a lot of them; 156 families a month according to a pantry official. Funding and surplus food have been shrinking while the need for food has been rising. With unemployment checks running out, many families are desperate. So the Toledo Food Pantry, like so many others, are having to turn to their individual communities to find creative ways for residents to chip in and help fill the gap. And from the looks of the pantry’s Shamrock 5K Run, good and generous hearts abound in and around Toledo – each and every one making a big difference.

At the end of the event, sponsors provided food, drink, commemorative shirts and other accessories courtesy of Food Share, Oregon Coast Bank, Bank of the West, Pig Feathers Barbecue/Twisted Snout, Mo’s Restaurants, Yaquina Bay Oysters, Pepsi distributor Bigfoot Beverages, Toledo Rotary, Copeland Lumber, Port of Toledo and the trash was handled by Dahl. Shirts for the runners from Advertee’s. Other sponsors helped as well. They even had live music for the finishers provided by the James and Julz Kasner Band.

We’re all going to be seeing more of these kinds of fundraisers on behalf of our local food pantries because Federal surplus food supplies have been cut IN HALF and other assistance agencies have had their budgets cut as well, absolutely requiring each community pull together to help ensure that no family in their area goes to bed hungry.

First Weekend Art Walk in Toledo: “Going Green” April 6 & 7

First Weekend in Toledo, April 6 & 7 "The Vickarage" Michael Gibbons Galleries

First Weekend in Toledo, April 6 & 7
“The Vicarage”
Michael Gibbons Galleries

On April 6 and 7, the Toledo arts community is “Going Green.” The artists located in the Uptown Arts District one block above Main Street have special shows planned for the weekend, each with their own interpretation of the theme.

The Yaquina River Museum of Art will be showing a select number of paintings from the Musuem Permanent Collection. The YRMA was founded in 2002 by Michael and Judith Gibbons with the express purpose to leave a legacy of art to the community. The mission of the Musuem includes creation and preservation of an exhibition environment and focus on works of art generated by and about the land and people of the Yaquina River watershed region. To that end, much of the Permanent Collection has been generated from artists who have worked, temporarily lived or passed through this area. Many artists from the Toledo community are represented in the Collection.


Yaquina River Museum of Art Artist Michael Gibbons

Yaquina River Museum of Art
Artist Michael Gibbons

The YRMA is always seeking art and the volunteer curator, Michael Gibbons, welcomes a conversation with anyone interested in exploring the possibility. Volunteers are most welcome for the open days. Please contact Rosa Decembrini, Office Manager. Museum hours are Wed.-Sun. noon-4 pm. Refreshments courtesy of the Friends of the Musuem, which will be open from 11 to 5 each day of First Weekend and is open noon to 4:00 pm Wednesday through Sunday. The School House (Circa 1887) Exhibit and Office space is located at 151 NE Alder Street in the Uptown Arts District. For more information, call (541) 336-1907 or email yrmaoffice@questoffice.net.


Gallery Michael Gibbons is featuring “Quiet Refuge,” a 15″x18″ oil painting that was painted en plein air (in the big air) in Lake Oswego, OR. A public garden now turned private beckoned to artist Michael Gibbons and others to catch “Spring” through their art, much as we look for a change of season in April every year.

"Quiet Refuge" Michael Gibbons

“Quiet Refuge”
Michael Gibbons

The “greening” of the landscape is a particularly joyous time for Gibbons, as he loves nothing better than being outside to capture the changing colors on panel and canvas. The multiple award-winning artist’s work is collected nationally and many paintings are shown in his gallery. Look for his work in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, December 2012, Page 98 in the feature article entitled “Oregon’s Art: As Diverse as its Landscape.” Join the artist for Oregon wine and cheese each day of First Weekend Art. Gallery Michael Gibbons is located at the 1926 Vicarage, 140 NE Alder Street, and will be open from 11-5 Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call (541) 336-2797 or email michaelgibbonsart@charter.net or see www.MichaelGibbons.net.


"Young Curiosity" Ivan Kelly

“Miss Curiosity
Summer Doe”
Ivan Kelly

Ivan Kelly grew up in the green rolling hills and valleys of County Antrim, Ireland, and consequently loves painting the landscape and its animals in a classical realism style that captures the true character and ambience in each animal in their natural landscape. This particular fine Spring day, as he was capturing the estuary landscape on his easel on the outskirts of Toledo, a young doe quietly came out to watch. Thus was borne new subject matter for his canvas, “Miss Curiosity, Summer Doe.” Ivan was awarded “Signature Member” status in the National Maritime Art Exhibition of American Society of Marine Artists, which will be featuring his Oregon sand dune painting at Coos Bay Art Museum during its National Exhibit of Maritime Art, March 22nd. Join Ivan during First Weekend where new wildlife and harbor oil paintings will be featured Saturday, April 6th, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm and April 7th, 12:30 – 5:00 pm at Ivan Kelly Gallery-Studio. 207 East Graham Street, Toledo. One block above Main Street. For more information, call (541) 336-1124 or see www.IvanKelly.com and email: info@ivankelly.com


Produced by one of artist Becky Miller's young students in Eddyville

Produced by one of artist Becky Miller’s middle school students in Eddyville

As part of this month’s “Going Green” theme, Becky Miller Studio will be celebrating the nurturing of budding creativity. Becky has been teaching oil painting to middle school students at Eddyville Charter School since mid-December under a special artists-in-residence program that also brought in many other members of the community to teach courses such as geocaching, canine obedience, digital photography, marine science, engineering, aerobics, archery, plant identification, and more. As part of this enrichment program, Becky is hosting a show of her students’ paintings in her studio this month. The 10-13 year olds’ work is primarily comprised of wildlife paintings. All of the children are first-time oil painters. Refreshments will be served. Becky Miller Studio is located in Toledo’s Arts District at 167 NE 1st St. For more information, call (503) 504-7289 or see www.BeckyMillerArtist.com


Toledo: DUII Accident, East Slope Road at SE 10th

DUII driver slides toward slough but stopped by guard rail at E. Slope @ 10th Toledo

DUII driver slides toward slough but stopped by guard rail at E. Slope @ 10th Toledo

toledo pu crash sw corner tracks railtoledo pu crash 10th east slope front side

Toledo Police say a man driving an extended cab pick up headed south on East Slope or East on 10th was driving too fast for conditions and left the road, sliding toward the slough at East Slope and 10th. He narrowly missed a line of large river rock that marks the boundary of the river park. Fortunately the pickup was stopped by a guard rail, but just barely. The right set of wheels managed to get on the slough side of the guard rail, but the left set smacked up against it and stopped the vehicle.

A Toledo Police officer on scene said the driver appeared to be drunk. There were no injuries except for the damage to the pickup and to the guard rail which did its job. Again, it prevented the vehicle from rolling over into the deep mud of the slough and producing serious injury or even loss of life.

St. Paddy’s Day Eve in Toledo!

Irish musical favorites from Norm Halsey and SolaLuna co-owner Wayne Plourde of The Rusty Rovers

Irish musical favorites from Norm Halsey and SolaLuna co-owner Wayne Plourde of The Rusty Rovers

WHERE: Holy Toledo Tavern, 155 N Main St, Toledo
WHEN: Saturday, March 16th, 6pm to closing

Come celebrate St Patrick’s Day this Saturday, March 16th, at Holy Toledo Tavern. Live music will start at 6pm with Irish favorites from Norm Halsey and Wayne Plourde of the Rusty Rovers. At 8pm, Henry Cooper and Leonard Maxon will carry the party through the rest of the night. Irish drink specials all evening. Sláinte!



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Coast Tree

Sema Roofing


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