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Siletz: Smoke coming from residence on Takelma Court

A dryer fire filled a Siletz apartment with smoke Thursday morning on Takelma Court. A neighbor called 9-1-1 saying that her child’s bedroom was filling with smoke that was coming from a next door apartment. Firefighters pulled up finding that the housing manager had opened the door and so they went right in to find the dryer, just burning away. The wall was being scorched but it had not yet caught fire.

Firefighters doused the flames and made sure the fire had not spread to the walls. Later they dragged the burned out hulk to the street where they inspected it. They believe the dryer’s lint filter was clogged, causing the dryer to overhead and ignite.

Firefighers say checking lint the filter on your dryer regularly is absolutely necessary to prevent fires. And cleaner lint filters makes your clothes dry faster which saves on your utility bill.

Accused Siletz home robber facing even longer list of criminal charges

Armando Aranda

Accused robber and burglar Armado Aranda, jailed last week after a home invasion incident in Siletz, has had a much longer list of charges filed against him. Aranda now faces three charges of robbery, two charges of burglary, one charge of assault, two charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, two charges of delivering methamphetamine to a minor, possession of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine, being in a place where illegal drugs are used, theft, menacing and criminal mischief.

Aranda and co-suspect Jose Torres were arrested last week after what law enforcement described as a gun-drawn invasion at a home in a Siletz mobile home park off Ferry Street. A description of the robbers went out went out over the police radio. Two of the three were captured the next day in Newport, one on NE 34th, the other on NW 33rd Place. Authorities say there were no drugs taken from the Siletz residence.

The investigation continues.

Toledo prepared to end police patrols in Siletz at year’s end

Toledo City Council, Tuesday evening

A visibly frustrated Toledo City Council sent a message to the Siletz Tribal Council Tuesday night, that unless they agree to a certain minimum fee for service, the Toledo Police Department will not be patrolling the streets of Siletz as of 12:01 am New Year’s Day.

The dispute stems from reductions in fees the tribe pays Toledo for patrolling the streets and investigating crimes committed in Siletz and on tribal lands around Siletz. Toledo Police Chief David Enyeart says the last offer from the tribe was to provide only enough revenue for 40 hours a week coverage which he says would not provide back up support for an officer if he got into a dangerous situation while on patrol or answering a call for service.

Chief Enyeart told the council that the cost of an officer to patrol Siletz is $126,000 a year when you figure in full time salary, retirement, medical coverage, patrol car, equipment, uniforms, and occasional overtime. He said it takes a minimum of two officers working closely together to cover the area 80 hours a week and to respond to the the high level of calls they get from Siletz. Chief Enyeart said the latest offer from the tribe is no where near the $252,000 minimum required by Toledo Police.

The Toledo City Council sympathized strongly with Chief Enyeart’s predicament and reinforced their commitment to provide police services to Siletz but only if the tribe covers the real costs of providing that service. Enyeart said he’s convinced that the tribe is truly grateful for the current level of police coverage but that they can only provide so much money. So, come next January 1st, Toledo Police will not be providing police protection to Siletz unless the tribe comes up with the minimum cost for service.

With diminishing revenues coming from the tribe, and fewer hours of coverage, Chief Enyeart has had to eliminate one officer position on the force over the past 18 months. If Toledo Police pulls out all together, it could cost the department yet another position. But Enyeart said they may be able to avoid that if funds were found somewhere else in the Toledo city budget.

With the possible withdrawal of police services by Toledo, it would leave only the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to step in and resume covering the area like they did up to five years ago. But with their deputies scattered all over the country, it’s highly unlikely they could come close to offering the regular patrol activity now provided by Toledo Police.

The town of Siletz itself has no real tax base to speak of and therefore could not afford to hire a police force without a tax override from its voters. One irony is that the Siletz municipal court levies fines based on tickets written by Toledo Police officers. Without those regular police officers, the muni court and the income it generates for the town goes away too.

The Toledo City Council told Chief Enyeart to inform the tribal council that the minimum fee for police coverage is $252,000 a year for two officers. Without that, the town is back in the hands of the county Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Dennis Dotson offers two officers to be responsible for the town of Waldport at an annual cost of $350,000, one hundred thousand more than what Toledo says is their minimum price for giving Siletz even a higher level of patrol services.

Chief Enyeart is expected to sit down with the tribal council toward the end of the month to try to salvage comprehensive police services for the Siletz area. But again, it comes down to covering costs, he says.

Siletz: Utility Pole Fire, 3199 Siletz Highway

Correction: Responding Fire Department was Toledo Fire (High reach truck)

Report of a utility pole fire at the top. Thought to be an osprey nest built on the top of the pole. The nest is burning. Toledo Fire is responding.

Toledo Fire on scene, reporting a fire atop the pole appears to be out and that there is a small fire burning at the bottom of the pole.

Power company on scene says fires are out. Pole is okay. Still delivering power. However, a firefighter told 9-1-1 dispatch that there are a number of birds loudly protesting…wondering what happened to their home.

Siletz Valley Friends of the Library holding “Book & Bake Sale”

Siletz Library

The Siletz Valley Friends of the Library are sponsoring a “Book and Bake” sale on Saturday, August 11 outside the Siletz Library at 255 S. Gaither on the main street of Siletz. It will be from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., which coincides with the Siletz Pow-Wow parade at 10:00 a.m. Both paperbacks and hardbacks will be available, with lots of both fiction and non-fiction. Some videos, music and children’s books will also be for sale. Most paperbacks will be priced at .50 and hardbacks will run from $1.00-$5.00.

The Friends are also baking an assortment of goodies for sale, so come get a muffin or cookie to munch on while waiting for the parade!

This fundraiser will help to defray the cost of power washing and repainting the library, which has developed a gray-green mold in the 5 ½ years the library has been open. The project will cost approximately $18,000 and The Friends of the Library have taken on the task of raising the funds. For more information, call the library at 541-444-2855.

Siletz: Apartment Fire on Egbert Ave

Triplex in 300 block of Egbert, Saturday, Siletz
Photos from Kristy Kelly, Siletz

A Saturday afternoon apartment blaze in Siletz badly damaged a back apartment in a tri-plex in the 300 block of SE Egbert Street. No one was home at the time. Fortunately a passerby spotted the smoke and flames coming up from the back of the building and called 9-1-1. Siletz Valley Fire, with just three firefighters immediately on scene, managed to knock down fire very quickly. They immediately launched an aggressive overhaul operation to make sure the fire hadn’t spread to the rest of the building. Firefighters said they found some minor fire extension and extinguished it.

Smoke and heavy fire damaged the south downstairs wall of the lower apartment making it uninhabitable. One good thing, however, was that the family dog was saved by the building owner and the fire department coaxing it outside.

Cause of the fire remains under investigation although fire fighters say it appears it originated inside the south wall which could mean an electrical wiring problem.

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