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Hiking for good health!

Perpetua Coast
Wikipedia photo

Info from USFS

Stay perpetually healthy by exploring the multitude of public trails along the spectacular Central Coast region of Oregon on June 2, National Trails Day.

Start at the U.S. Forest Service’s Cape Perpetua Visitor Center on a fee-free day for a list of available trails and services throughout the pristine Pacific Coast forests and rocky shores.

In partnership with the City of Yachats, you’ll find information on hiking and biking, wildlife viewing, exploration of protected marine gardens, ocean view lodging, excellent area restaurants, and up-coming coastal events. On the way, discover National Trails Day’s special focus trail; “Amanda’s Trail, a walk to remember our cultural past and better navigate our future.”

At Amanda’s bridge (directions available at Visitor Center), Tribal Flutists will be performing as part of Tribal Ceremonies from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Naturalist/Cultural Interpreters will also be on hand from many organizations;
Representatives of the Siuslaw National Forest along with partners from Oregon State Parks and Recreation, Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, GoYachats, City of Yachats Trails Committee, Yachats Chamber of Commerce and other family oriented organizations will be present at the Cape’s Visitor Center to direct you to Amanda’s Trail and other appropriate adventures for visitors of all ages and abilities.

Cape Perpetua Visitor Center summer hours as of May 30: Open every day, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Beginning Memorial Day weekend, the Devil’s Churn Information Booth will be open Thursday – Monday, 10am to 4pm. and is located off Highway 101 within the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. You can contact the Visitor Center by phone at 541-547-3289.

For more information about the Siuslaw National Forest visit our web site at http://www.fs.usda.gov /siuslaw or call 541-750-7000. Stay in touch through twitter.com/siuslawNF and www.facebook.com/DiscoverSiuslawNF.

Sheriff Dotson: Traveling/hiking in the woods

Hiking in Oregon, Courtesy photo
Sheriff Dotson


Each year thousands of people take to the back roads and hiking trails to enjoy nature and each year people become lost or injured. Many find they are unprepared for the situation. Here are some tips on how we can prepare for our ventures into the back roads and hiking trails.

* Leave a written and current plan with a family member or friend that includes the following:
– Departure and return times.
– Emergency contact information.
– A map of your intended route.
– Your medical conditions should you become lost or injured.

* Become familiar with the area you are hiking by researching maps, calling the US Forest Service (USFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or even the local Chamber of Commerce for information. You can also access information on several mapping sites on the Internet. Know the possible hazards.

* Be prepared for an emergency. Your vehicle should have the essentials to support you for several days. The same goes for hiking. Most of the people we search for in this county go into the woods or back roads unprepared for the conditions. Carrying a backpack or daypack with essential items can save your life if you get lost or injured while venturing into the woods or back roads. (more…)

The sun’s out!! Time to talk SWIMMING!

Courtesy photo

A message from the folks at the Newport Municipal Pool


The City of Newport Swimming Pool is now taking registrations for youth group swimming lessons levels I-IV. There are two blocks of eight 30 minute classes offered at $48.00 per block. Block One: February 27th –March 1st and March 5th – 8th. Block Two: March 12th – 15th and March 19th – 22nd. All lessons are held Monday through Thursday evenings 5-5:30 p.m. Participants must be a minimum of 4 years of age. Registration is to be done in person at the pool.

Private lessons are also available. Call the pool for additional information at 541-265-7770.

Lincoln City City Hall is all ears about walking and biking…

Lincoln City
Courtesy photo

Walking and bicycle riding along the Oregon Coast is among life’s more pleasant and frequently spectacular experiences a human being can have. And it just so happens that Lincoln City planners are in the midst of developing a walking, hiking and biking master plan that the city will then carry out over the years ahead.

But before they finalize the plan, they want to hear from Lincoln City area residents as to what important aspects of the plan should be included, or perhaps taken out.  So they are inviting the public to come down to City Hall and offer their observations and suggestions on how to make the plan the best it can be.  As you walk in you’ll go from station to station, complete with maps, aerial photos and Google Earth images showing existing conditions and comments already made.  They’ll ask you about safety and way-finding programs as well as a “design toolkit” showing needed bikeway and walkway improvements.  Children are also invited to attend.  They’ll be provided with coloring sheets and crayons but no supervised child care.

The Walking and Biking Plan is being funded by ODOT and is not expected to be formally adopted by the City Council until next fall.

Again, that’s Saturday,  January 28th, 11:30am to 2:30pm in the Lincoln City Council Chambers at City Hall at 801 SW Highway 101.  Parking and bike racks are available at the south end of he building accessed off SW Harbor Avenue (rooftop parking).   Additional bike racks and handicapped parking are available in front of City Hall near the elevator entrance.

Newport City Council: What to do about city recreation programs, taking down Mt. NOAA, and evaluating the city manager

Newport Recreation Center

Action Plan for Newport Recreation Programs

The Newport citizens task force, charged with how to lower the cost city recreation programs, appears to have come up with what Parks and Recreation Department Director Jim Protive predicted they would come up with early on. After contacting many city and non-profit organizations that run public recreation centers, the task force learned that they are all heavily subsidized. They simply don’t pay their own way; subsidized to the tune of around 50% on average which is right about where Newport recreation programs sit.

The Newport City Council, however, did receive some recommendation from the task force, namely, employ more hands-on management of the recreation center, the pool and the senior center so cost savings and program efficiencies could be handled by a quasi-independent manager in each facility. Each facility already has something like a manager, but not a fully fledged manager. The task force recommended the “managers” be given a chance to do the job. Parks and Recreation Department Director Jim Protiva told the council “I’m fine with that.”

Another recommendation by the task force was that the city should help to establish a 501-c3 non-profit group that can act as a fundraising arm for city recreation programs. Such non-profits play a major funding role in many communities around the country. The council said the city should get busy on that idea as soon as possible.

In the end, the council learned that its recreation programs are heads and shoulders above what like-sized communities have elsewhere in Oregon but that the challenge will be to keep subsidies as low as possible through tighter management and through funding help from a dynamic non-profit that powerfully represents the programs to the community and asks for more community support, both financially and by volunteering at the three facilities.

Taking down Mt. NOAA

The Newport City Council Monday expressed “a deep interest” in taking a lot of what’s left of “Mount NOAA,” a big pile of sand that was dredged from Yaquina Bay to make way for the new NOAA docks and marine headquarters buildings. City Councilors said they have a use for the sand as fill at the northwest corner of the Newport Airport. That is where the city council would like to see the Erickson family build their new air museum. The museum is currently reviewing an offer from the Port of Tillamook to have it stay and expand there. The air museum earlier signed a letter of intent with the Port of Tillamook to stay, but the letter expires in March, we’re told.

City Councilors say they would like to commit to moving the sand to fill-in a low lying part of the airport, on the northwest corner. City councilors believe it would make a good spot for the museum – a museum that is a proven tourist attraction. Councilors say if they can find a way to lure the air museum south to Newport it would enjoy an entrance to the north of the main airport entrance so as to not conflict with normal airport vehicular traffic. The council also said it would demonstrate some verifiable proof that Newport sincerely wants to be the new home of the museum. But Councilors also contend that even if the museum decides to stay in Tillamook, it still makes sense to develop the airport property since most of it will develop eventually. And what is it about the word “free” that is confusing about the price for the sand.

Evaluating City Manager Jim Voetberg

And the council Monday began planning for another quarterly evaluation of City Manager Jim Voetberg. They say they’re looking at the long term, complete with Voetberg setting city goals in collaboration with the city council and then measuring progress on those goals.

Voetberg has been a controversial figure at city hall having written bonus checks to a number of recent city retirees in exchange for them not suing the city. Voetberg was also the target of a recent civil rights lawsuit against him and former City Attorney Penelope McCarthy for alleged discrimination. The city settled out of court for nearly $200,000. The city’s insurance carrier picked up the tab. Another lawsuit was recently filed against the city, brought by a former volunteer firefighter who claims she was sexually groped on the job by another firefighter, filed a complaint but was basically ignored by Voetberg. And a survey of Newport city employees, as well as among city councilors conducted last Summer, showed Voetberg the object of many complaints centered around trust and credibility among employees and his leadership skills by the city council.

Voetberg has stated to his city councilors in the past that the city can always do better in its management practices and blamed a major part of city employee unrest as human resource weaknesses among a few department heads, weaknesses which he claims can be rectified with “supervisor training.”

Newport Recreation needs volunteer basketball coaches!!

Newport Parks & Rec photos
Story provided by Newport Parks & Rec

Youth Basketball Coaches Needed!

The Newport Parks and Recreation Department is in desperate need of volunteer coaches for our youth basketball program. This is a great way to help the youth of our community. We have already held signups and a huge number of kids have signed up to participate. This has left us with a major shortage of coaches for teams from the 1st grade though the 8th grade.

Our 1st though 6th graders have practice 2 nights a week and games on Saturdays. The practice times can be somewhat flexible to the coaches schedule. We are also in need of a coach for one of our 8th grade boys teams. Games at this age are Monday and Thursday evenings, and practices are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The end of season tournament is usually on a Saturday.

If you have interest in coaching please contact Liam Hughes at the Newport Recreation Center (541) 574-5453 L.Hughes@NewportOregon.gov.

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