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Final round for those who want to fill a vacancy on the Newport City Council

The deadline has come and gone for those who want to fill a vacancy on the Newport City Council. Two of the candidates have served before; former councilor and mayor Bill Bain and former councilor Jeff Bertuleit.

Three others, however also thrown their “spare time” into the ring. Oly Olson, Jr., a well known civic activist, who is involved in trying to find an alternate route for logging trucks to once again drop off logs for foreign export from the Port of Newport Terminal. Olson is already a member of the City’s Budget Committee. If appointed Olson said he would like to help shepherd discussions and cooperation between the city, county and Port of Newport to produce more economic activity in Newport and the region. Olson is retired from the National Park Service with duty stations in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and the Wawona portion of Yosemite National Park.

Another well known local Newport resident vying for a spot on the city council is Mark Saelens who is Lincoln County’s manager for Sustainability and Materials Management. As for why he’s applied for the job Saelens wrote in his application; “I have been thinking about the Newport City Council for a couple of years, but until now did not feel that the time was right for me to pursue such an endeavor. But with recent changes in the city council I believe the time has come for me to utilize my extensive background in science, government, policy, decision-making, consensus building and service to the community in a way that will greatly benefit the Newport City Council.” Saelens says his government experience will help in Newport’s budgetary challenges, policy development, regional and local resource management and law enforcement issues.

The fifth applicant was filed by someone who obviously had other intentions than seriously applying for the job. When asked why “Diana” (no last name) wanted to serve on the council the reply was what appeared to be a tearful farewell to friends who belonged to a fan club. Clerk-Recorder Peggy Hawker said another aspect she found “interesting” was the return e-mail…from Japan. You never know what you’ll get for a filled-out application form when it’s available on the internet.

Former mayor Bill Bain said he wanted to put his 14 years of service to Newport back to work for the city. Bain said consensus on an issue may not always be possible or in the best interest of the city. Bain said that most decisions are made by consensus and the city continues to move forward. But in those instances where consensus cannot be reached “The resulting decisions must still be fully supported without efforts to derail or otherwise counter the decision, overtly or covertly.”

Former city councilor Jeff Bertuleit, who was defeated by incoming Mayor Sandra Roumagoux for the job, says he knows his way around the city and its more pressing issues and wants to be a positive force in moving the city forward. As for consensus building he said “A consensus decision is one that has given everyone a chance to express their opinion and facts and consider everyone else’s input to reach the best possible outcome. It may not have been the total choice you or others may have wanted, but choices have to be made to move things along.”

The vacancy on the council will be filled by a vote of the city council when it convenes its first meeting of the new year next Monday night, 6pm.

State Representative-Elect David Gomberg appointed as Vice Chair Human Services and Housing Committee

Rep. Elect David Gomberg
District 10

Representative-Elect David Gomberg will be sworn in as State Representative for House District 10 on January 14 during an organizational session of the Oregon Legislature. District 10 ranges from Waldport to Tillamook and inland to Sheridan along Highway 18.

Gomberg has been named Vice Chair of the Human Services and Housing Committee. He will also serve on the budget writing Ways and Means Subcommittee for General Governance and the Education Committee.

“These are great committees,” said Gomberg. “Senior concerns are critical to my new district where half of the population is over the age of 55. A leadership position on Human Services will allow me to continue the great work that Jean Cowan has provided on aging and senior issues.”

“The Education Committee is an ideal place to advocate for our students, our schools and our community colleges.” Gomberg added that it is unusual for a freshman legislator to be appointed to the influential Ways and Means Committee. “I will, of course, be focused on job creation and economic development. But all things considered, I’m pleased with these appointments and the opportunity to champion issues important to Central Oregon Coast.”

Gomberg also announced that Angie Allbee of Newport will be serving as his Chief-of-Staff and District Liaison. The local office phone number will be 541-921-2038. Ethan Krow will serve as Legislative Assistant.

Representative Gomberg has reported his legislative priorities are stimulating the local economy, improving funding for education, overcoming barriers for small businesses, creating local jobs and improving the health and safety of his constituents.

The House will meet for an organizational session January 14-16, 2013, which will include the swearing in of all House members, the official election of the presiding officers and introduction of bills. The 2013 Session will officially begin February 4.

Gomberg can be found in Office 371 on the House side of the Capitol. His mailing address is:

Representative David Gomberg
House District 10
900 Court St
Salem, OR 97301

After January 14, Gomberg can be reached by phone at 503-986-1410 or by email at

For more information, please contact Angie Allbee at (541)921-2038.

Three candidates so far vying to fill vacancy on the Newport City Council

Newport City Hall

Three well known figures in and around Newport are vying for a vacancy on the Newport City Council to fill a vacant seat created when councilor Sandra Roumagoux won the Mayor’s race in November.

Applying for that position is former Newport Mayor Bill Bain, current City Councilor Jeff Bertuleit (whose term expires December 31st – he rain for mayor and lost) and Lincoln County Solid Waste District Manager Mark Saelens.

The deadline for applications to be turned in to the City Clerk Recorder’s office is December 28th, 5pm. So there’s still time…

A post election message from Coast State Representative-Elect David Gomberg

Lawn signs have been picked up or blown away. The radio ads have stopped. And mailboxes are filling with holiday catalogs instead of candidate brochures. Everyone is glad the election is over. On a personal note, I am relieved to no longer see my face in trash-bins at the Post Office.

For me, the real work starts now. I will be representing an area stretching from Waldport to Tillamook and inland to Sheridan. It is a large district blessed with natural beauty and wonderful people. I am proud to have been elected, humbled by your trust, and ready for the responsibility. I am more grateful than I can say.

Those Portland representatives with a district they can see from their own doorstep have no idea. I now represent eight cities, portions of four counties, two tribes, a Federal penitentiary and 100 miles of beach. We are a diverse collection of communities and not everyone here will always agree with me. I respect those with opposing views and will actively seek out common ground wherever I can find it. I believe that working together, we can make things better.

Oregonians are tired of politicians who see everything through a partisan filter. We all know that no person, group, or political party has a monopoly on the truth. Oregonians have a right to expect their elected officials to work together, even when they disagree, to achieve meaningful results. And twenty-five years of marriage has taught me that compromising isn’t losing…

The new legislative session will convene in January. My priorities as a legislator are the same as those I talked about as a candidate: education, job creation, and health care. These are broad issues but there are finite and specific programs which can help address each.

· We have struggled to fund K-12 education. Our kids and grand-kids deserve the best education we can provide! And we can do better to support community colleges where funding has been on the decline. I intend to be an advocate for rural community colleges, two of which are in this district.
· In a tourist based and production economy, transportation is critical. We need to focus on the highway and rail systems that bring customers to the coast, and transport fish, timber, and dairy products to market.
· I want to be a champion of small businesses. I understand that small businesses create most new jobs in this region. And I also understand how small business can be burdened by a plethora of special taxes, fees, and regulations. (Our company was named Business of the Year in Lincoln City for 2012.)
· The availability, affordability and quality of health care are particularly important outside Oregon’s metropolitan population centers. Here on the Coast, even people with health insurance often can’t afford to use it because of high deductibles. And we need to focus on helping keep seniors safe, healthy, and secure in their own homes.
· There is a delicate balance here between preserving our magnificent environment, and creating or maintaining jobs. Coastal legislators have taken a lead in working to protect our forests, oceans, parks, and waters, and also our people and our local industries.

I’m a small business guy in a small business district. By that I mean that most people here either work for or retired from smaller businesses in tourism, farming, fishing, dairy, forestry or health care. The decisions I make will each be tempered by my small business experience. How will businesses and employees of businesses like mine be affected? How will communities like mine be affected? How will families like mine be affected??

Here on the Coast, we face big issues. But we also need to be aware of small ones. Regulations affecting beach use or fireworks; rules designed for large businesses that burden smaller ones; power outages and communication black-outs; beach clean-up. A legislator from the Coast needs to stay on top of small issues so they don’t become big problems.

For the past six years, the Central Coast has been well represented by Jean Cowan. We owe her a debt of gratitude for her lifetime of service and good work. I’ll have to work hard to earn the respect and the effectives she has exercised on our behalf.

I also want to thank my former opponent, Jerome Grant. In a year characterized by negativity and attack politics, we never once exchanged a disparaging word. I shared my ideas; he shared his. And then the voters made their decisions.

In the next few days, I’ll be assigned to committees, get an office, finalize staff, and complete local and Salem phone numbers. Angie Allbee will be working as my Chief-of-Staff and district liaison. I welcome visits in the Capitol and comments on legislation or issues.

Thank you so much for the honor of representing you.

Representative-Elect David Gomberg

League of Women Voters preparing for the home stretch for the upcoming election…

The League of Women Voters of Lincoln County will meet at 12 noon on Thursday, September 20 at the Newport Public Library. Plans will be finalized for a busy schedule of voter service activities scheduled for this fall. League members will assist with voter registration, candidate fairs, distribution of voter guides and a ballot measure presentation.

Information will also be available about the annual grapefruit (and other fruit) sales. Rose Lewis, member of the League of Women Voters of Oregon, serves as liaison with the local League and will attend this meeting.

The meeting is open to the public and interested persons are invited to attend. The League of Women Voters is a grassroots, nonpartisan political organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government in order to build better communities. Both women and men are eligible for membership. For more information about the organization, call Ruth Kistler at 541-574-8145.

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