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Coast Tree


Enjoying the “Luck ‘o the Irish” has never been easier or more fun!

Grow your own Shamrocks
for years in a cute terrarium!
Get them from Lincoln County 4-H youth program

Grow Your Own Good Luck!
From Lincoln County 4-H

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the 4-H Youth Program is offering another fun fundraiser that promises to bring a little luck of the Irish to Lincoln County. 4-H youth throughout the county are selling Lucky Shamrock Planting Kits for just $10 each – and they are guaranteed to grow!

Designed to start indoors and move outside if desired, the shamrocks will begin sprouting in as little as five days and will last for years. The included windowsill terrarium is small enough to fit on any windowsill and the plants can last weeks without water.

DuneCraft, the US company that makes the Sprout ‘n Grow Greenhouses, aims to “bring learning to life” – a goal that is quite compatible with the 4-H program’s objectives. The company works to create products that are fun and educational, providing background information about the plants and science behind each product.

All age groups can have fun growing the clovers and discovering their own lucky shamrock. So find your nearest 4-H member or leader and order yours today! Orders must be received by February 28 (pre-paid only), with pick-up scheduled on March 14.

For more information or to see about ordering, please contact the OSU Extension Office, 541-574-6534.

Oregon State University Extension’s new home in Lincoln County!

Soon-to-be new offices for OSU Extension
Bay Road at Vista

After many months of dreaming, thinking, planning and shopping, it appears that Lincoln County’s OSU Extension educators will have a new home that they can actually work in rather than taking turns sharing little tiny rooms. Their old facility, immediately north of the Newport Senior Center, will soon be “dealt with” as future developments near the new Walgreens show up on the drawing board.

The new home of the extension offices will be at the corner of Bay Road and Vista Street, right before you hit the International Terminal. It’s the former home of Curry Marine. Lincoln County Commissioners, who direct a portion of local property taxes to the extension, is working out the final financial arrangements to buy the building. County Counsel Wayne Belmont says they expect to make some renovations to the building and have the extension open for business by July 1st.

Extension Director Sam Agima says they’ll be leaving a facility with 3,500 square feet on NE 2nd and moving into their new one on the Bay Road with around three times the floor space. Agima says it will finally allow various groups, organizations and program leaders to sit down a single table and get their work done. No more having to scrounge meeting space somewhere off campus.

The OSU Extension is coordinated by Oregon State University, but each county has their own facilities to house OSU Extension activities. The extension covers areas Forestry, Master Gardeners, Child Resources and Referrals, Youth Development, Fisheries, Agriculture and Nutrition.

Is more Red Alder in our future?

Red Alder
Wikipedia photos

If there is anything that can be called a smarter tree for many areas of the Oregon Coast, it would have to be Red Alder which is described as a nitrogen fixer that frequently exceeds the market value of Douglas Fir. The Oregon State University Extension Service is offering a workshop for timber land owners to explore Red Alder as a preferred alternative to Douglas Fir in some cases.

The workshop will reveal key steps in alder management including stand establishment, tree spacing, pruning, harvesting and marketing. The workshop will also go over potential values and benefits from alder in a forest and the tools for evaluating options.

The extension service has scheduled this workshop for May 8th. Deadline for registering is May 4th. You can stop by the extension office at 29 SE 2nd Street in Newport or register on line by clicking here.

Thinking about going after that “Green Gold?”

So, are you among those who have a little extra ground to grow something on to supplement your income? Have you been thinking about growing Christmas Trees. Do you know much about it? If not, Oregon State University Extension has a cheap seminar coming up to give you the “inside scoop” on what you need to know before you start committing yourself to your new endeavor. Here’s what is on their flyer:

Monday, February 13th from 1:30PM – 4:30PM
Toledo Public Library
173 NW 7th Street
Toledo, OR

This class is designed to help you understand the Christmas tree industry, what it is, and how it works. If you are thinking about becoming a grower, start with this class. You’ll learn about what it takes to be successful: the time, equipment and labor needed to produce quality trees—including production costs. Learn about Christmas tree production trends in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and the nation from Chal Landgren, OSU Christmas Tree Specialist. Christmas tree marketing will be discussed highlighting challenges in recent years.

You need to pre-register for this class by Thursday, February 9th. Class fee is $15 to cover the costs of printed materials and breaks. Register by coming to the office at 29 SE 2nd Street, Newport, 541-574-6534, or mailing in the registration form that can be found by clicking here.

Office hours are 8AM – noon and 1PM – 5PM Monday through Thursday, and 8AM – noon on Friday.

You know you like to dig in the dirt and have splendid salads!! So don’t just sit there, SIGN UP!

2012 Master Gardener Classes
Sponsored by Oregon State University Lincoln County Extension

Just look at these happy people, surveying the Earth’s bounty through their good gardening techniques taught to them by OSU Extension! These pictures were taken during the last Master Gardener harvest at the “Lighthouse Garden” high above Government Park in Newport. Master Gardeners who want to do more than just their own gardens often volunteer to work with other master gardeners and friends at local community gardens. It’s informative, provides healthy eating and is just plain fun! So create create meals and salads just like grandma used to make! Sign up for Master Gardener classes NOW!

The sign up deadline has been extended through the holidays! A few spaces are still open for registration. Classes start Jan. 10th at Oregon Coast Community College campus. Cost is $195.00 (kept at 2007 level) for 13 full day of classes. You’ll save far more than your tuition when your new gardening skills kick in and you enjoy your own harvest!

For more information call 541-574-6534×10, or pick up an application package at 29 SE 2nd Street, Newport or go online at

No gardening experience required just enthusiasm to learn. Classes taught by OSU Faculty, local experts and horticultural specialists.

Thank you for your support of OSU Lincoln County Extension and the Master Gardener Program.

Liz Olsen
MG Program Coordinator

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