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Join Oregon Coast Aquarium staff at South Beach SOLV Clean-up Saturday, March 31

SOLV volunteer beach trash picker-uppers

News Release from Oregon Coast Aquarium

Join the Aquarium staff and volunteers as we celebrate clean seas with Oregonians from all over the state by cleaning up our beaches on Saturday, March 31st. The Aquarium will be cleaning up South Beach State Park in Newport. Look for the Aquarium registration table in the parking lot near the beach. Anyone from the public is welcome to attend, although young children should be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Please make sure you wear appropriate clothing for this event, which may include a rainproof outer layer, hats and close-toed shoes. For questions, please contact the Aquarium at (541) 867-3474 Monday through Friday during regular business hours or at by email.

Volunteers needed at Oregon Coast Aquarium

Aquarium photo
Release from OCA

The Oregon Coast Aquarium Seeks Adult Volunteers
Spring Training Begins April 7th

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is offering a variety of volunteer opportunities during Spring volunteer training. In addition to interpretive volunteers, the Aquarium is seeking volunteers to work behind the scenes in facility maintenance, in the gift shop, helping out at special events, assisting the Aquarium exhibits team, and doing clerical work in the administrative offices. Enrollment is open now for Spring Volunteer Training which begins April 7th and continues each Saturday through May 12th from 9 am – 5 pm.

Volunteers working in positions other than interpreters will attend the April 7th date only. Those interested in learning more about marine life and the coastal environment can sign up for interpreter training, which includes a series of lectures and hands-on activities. Volunteers learn about the history of the Aquarium, animal care, coastal habitats and animal biology. They also learn how to share their knowledge with visitors as Aquarium Interpreters.

“Each session we are so fortunate to bring in wonderful new volunteers whose zest for learning is exhibited in their dedication and commitment to volunteering.” said Carmen Morgan, Manager of Volunteer Services. “It is so rewarding to see new volunteers mixing with current volunteers and developing friendships that are a result of the common love for the ocean and its inhabitants.” Morgan said the training offers people an opportunity to share the Aquarium’s mission of educating the public about the coast and its animals, as well as its efforts to protect and conserve marine habitats.

One change that volunteers will see this Spring is that the Aquarium is combining its youth and adult interpretive volunteer training. Upon conclusion of the course, youth and adults will continue to work alongside each other, with slightly different focuses while interpreting in the Aquarium.

Cool Benefits: Benefits include discounts in the gift shop and cafe, free membership (after serving 50 volunteer hours), Aquarium passes, invitations to special events and evening enrichment programs. Volunteers have the satisfaction of expanding their personal marine knowledge while giving something back to the community by supporting the Aquarium.

Find Out More: The Aquarium asks for a one-year commitment of one half-day shift each week, or a half day every other week for people with special needs or who commute long distances. The Spring training classes are held all day from 9 am- 5 pm. Classes run for 6 weeks beginning April 7th through May 12th. A $40 fee is required for materials for interpreter positions. A $20 fee is required for volunteers working in other positions, which covers a uniform piece and materials. Participants in the adult program must be 18 years or older. For adult volunteer training information email Carmen Morgan, Manager of Volunteer Services at

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational attraction dedicated to the highest quality aquatic and marine science programs for recreation and education so the public better understands, cherishes, and conserves the world’s natural marine and coastal resources. For more information, visit the Aquarium’s Web site at or call (541) 867-FISH.

Fabulous February at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Everyone loves a kiss from Lea the sea lion. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is offering activities to chase away the winter blues this month, including Valentine’s Day sea lion kisses, a “Pop the Question” special for sweethearts and $5 admission for Lincoln County Residents is being offered on “Wonderful Wednesdays.”
OCA photo

Fabulous February at the Oregon Coast Aquarium
Provided by Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Cindy Hanson

Newport, Oregon–The Oregon Coast Aquarium is offering activities to chase away the winter blues this month, including Valentine’s Day sea lion kisses, a “Pop the Question” special for sweethearts and $5 admission for Lincoln County Residents is being offered on “Wonderful Wednesdays.”

“Pop the Question” Special is a unique marriage proposal being offered to would-be grooms or brides looking for a memorable way to pop the question. Two divers emerge from one of the Passages of the Deep tanks holding up a sign asking “Will You Marry Me?” The proposals are available February 11 and 12 at 9:30 am, 10:30 am and 11:30 am. Cost is $75 plus admission. For additional information or reservations, call Kandy Smith at 541-867-3474, ext 5319.

Sea Lion Kisses are being offered February 14 at 10 am and 2 pm. Cost per person is $25 for members and $30 for non members. Ages 8 and up. Reservations can be made by calling (541) 867-3474, Ext. 2313.

“Wonderful Wednesdays” for Lincoln County Residents continues, offering five dollar admission each Wednesday for Lincoln County residents, with proof of residency. Admission price is for all ages; 2 and under are free.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a private, not-for-profit aquatic and marine science educational facility offering a fun and interesting way to learn about Oregon’s unique coastal ecosystem. The Aquarium is dedicated to teaching marine wildlife and ocean conservation through responsible management and exhibition of marine life. For more information, visit the Aquarium’s Web site at or call (541) 867-FISH.

Oregon Coast Aquarium: Whale Tales go cross-country…

Info/Photo provided by Oregon Coast Aquarium

Newport, Oregon— A new season of outreach is underway as Oregon Coast Aquarium educators travel all over Oregon in their colorful education van, bringing marine science to grade schools throughout the region.

Last week, the Aquarium outreach team took their program to Toledo Elementary School, where enthusiastic students learned to do the “Whale Wiggle” and saw how whales use their baleen to feed, similar to how we might “squish water through our teeth.” “We love the Aquarium,” said Bob Shindelman, Principal of Toledo Elementary School. “Our students ask lots of questions and answer lots of questions. They really know a lot about the marine environment here.” Shindelman said classes from the School visit the Aquarium often to see what’s new.

Because there are many places where students aren’t close to the ocean to be able to experience it, the Aquarium Education Department “takes the shore to their door.” Each school year, the Aquarium’s outreach program goes on the road to reach those students in an effort to foster awareness of the ocean. “Perhaps I’m a little biased being from Eastern Oregon, but I really want to get more schools from the east side of the state involved,” said Jenni Remillard, Aquarium Outreach Coordinator. “These are kids who are much less likely to be able to visit the Aquarium, and it is great to be able to reach them.” Remillard said there are still a few openings for schools in Eastern Oregon.

The assemblies are age-appropriate with “Flippers, Fur and Fun,” “Shark Shenanigans,” “Tales of Whales” and “No Bones About ‘Em” for kindergarten through second grade and “Dressed for Success,” “Sense-ational Sharks,” “What About Whales?” and “From Tubefeet to Tentacles” for third through fifth grade students.

This outreach effort enables the Aquarium to extend its educational services to schoolchildren in rural and other underserved communities, who might not otherwise be able to travel to the coast to visit the Aquarium. In addition to being used for outreach to schools and for offsite teacher workshops, the van is also employed to transport youth volunteers on field excursions and service projects.

The is painted with a mural of marine life found at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Upcoming outreach destinations include eighteen weeks in counties throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The van is made possible by grants from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, Trust Management Services, LLC and the Jackson Foundation.

Sea of Lights – Oregon Coast Aquarium through tonight!

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Brad Taylor video

Information provided by Oregon Coast Aquarium

Wander the grounds of the Aquarium as you’ve never seen them before – festooned with holiday decorations and tens of thousands of colorful twinkling lights and lighted displays. Our guests can also visit with Santa in his sleigh next to our enormous and beautifully lit Christmas tree while enjoying holiday music by Coastalaires and The Central Coast Chorale Hand Bell Choir. Kids can delight with holiday-themed face-painting while parents take pleasure in shopping the relaxed atmosphere of our Aquarium Gift and Book Store, which provides a huge variety of ocean-related merchandise including apparel, jewelry, toys, books, videos and more.

Admission is $2.00 per person with two items of non-perishable food, pet food or new unwrapped children’s toy. All collected toys will be donated for the Newport Fire Department’s Holiday Toy Drive. ($5.00 per person without food or toy.) Admission is free to members.

This event is great for family members of all ages

Oregon Coast Aquarium: “Sea of Lights” December 2nd and 3rd!

Oregon Coast Aquarium photo
Sea of Lights
Click photo to enlarge

Story provided by Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium will be decked out for the holidays surrounded by a sea of twinkling lights, holiday music, a new photography exhibit and unique gift ideas. The 19th Annual Sea of Lights is a festive holiday celebration Friday and Saturday, December 2 and 3 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm both evenings. A tradition for many families, visitors come from all over the region during the holiday season to visit the Aquarium, shop and spend time together at the beach. Admission to the Sea of Lights is $2 and two items of non-perishable food, or pet food, or a new unwrapped toy, or $5. Admission is free to members.

At the Sea of Lights, there will be a big lighted tree in the lobby, lots of lighted small trees and thousands of colorful lights outdoors. Guests will enjoy face painting, holiday music and a visit with Santa while parents snap photos. After visiting with Santa, guests can stroll through a sea of twinkling lights to the sounds of holiday music by the Coastalaires and the Central Coast Chorale. The gift shop will be open with holiday displays and gift ideas. In addition, a bake sale and children’s craft area will be offered.

The Sea of Lights will offer visitors a final chance to see Swampland before it ends January 3, an exhibit that showcases three different types of swamps from the western hemisphere and the animals that live in them, including an American alligator, a giant anaconda and a chance to “swim with the piranhas” in a crawl-through display.

The Sea of Lights also provides an opportunity to see Beauty and the Birds, a photography exhibit featuring birds in their native habitats. The photographers, Susan and Steve Dimock, are Bandon residents who love nature and the Aquarium. Their work features Oregon coast landscapes and birds, including Aquarium puffins. The Aquarium uses the gallery space within the Passages of the Deep exhibit to highlight artwork that shows off the beauty and complexity of the natural environment of the Oregon coast.

In addition to holiday festivities and new exhibits, the Aquarium will also offer a variety of gift ideas for conservation minded visitors. “The Aquarium is a wonderful place to get some unique and lasting gift ideas,” said Libby Scott, Aquarium Development Manager. “Not only will you find gifts that your friends and family will love, you also support the Aquarium and marine conservation.” Scott said the Aquarium is ideal for those looking for a festive and peaceful shopping experience. (more…)

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