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Need job training or more education to improve your “hireability” or make your current job safer?

OCCC Photo

Colleges and universities across the country are bulging at the seams for a good reason. It’s the old saying about “The old world is gone but the new one hasn’t been born quite yet.” That’s why so many Americans are taking time out from their unemployment or normal routines to return to school to learn higher end job skills or get totally re-trained for up and coming new industries and services. And Oregon Coast Community College is doing its part to help local residents be better prepared for the new world of employment emerging all around us and the country.

Here is a list of classes being offered at Oregon Coast Community College for the Fall Semester. Click here!

Registration for returning students and for non-credit classes begins on September 12. Registration for new students begins on September 15. Classes begin on September 26.

Prospective students should
*take the college placement test at the Central County Campus (Newport) or North County Campus (Lincoln City). Placement
test information can be found at www.oregoncoastcc.org/html/assessment_placement.html
*make a new student orientation/advising appointment. How to schedule an appointment can be found online.
*check the class schedule at http://sharknet2.occc.cc.or.us/Schedule/.
*register for classes online (advising required) at the times listed above. Log in at

For projected dates of future online schedules, please refer to OCCC’s academic calendars at the following link: http://oregoncoastcc.org//html/academic_calendar.html.

OCCC now has a revised Facebook page. It is a work in progress. If you haven’t done so already, please “friend” Oregon Coast Community College. We hope to include timely updates on what is going on at OCCC.. There will be several references to the OCCC web page: www.oregoncoastcc.org

For additional information, contact OCCC at 541 867-8501 (Central County Campus) or 541 996-4919 (North County Campus).

So what are you waiting for?

Artist Lynne Taylor featured at Coastal Arts Guild Luncheon

Click on photos to enlarge.

Gaston, OR artist Lynne Taylor to speak at Coastal Arts Guild Luncheon, Thursday, September 1st.

The first Thursday of each month, the Guild holds a luncheon for members and guests at the Visual Arts Center from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM and invites Lincoln County residents interested in the arts to attend.

Always fascinated by the beauty of nature, science and spirituality, Lynne initially chose the science path, studying biology at the University of Buffalo and at Binghamton University graduate school, receiving a Biology and Teaching Master’s Degree. Eventually, wanting to be more available to her growing son, she changed her career to the artistic path. She continued to be inspired by the mysteries of the natural world, and by integrating science with spirituality, and she reflects these ideas in her paintings. Lynne often creates paintings based on an insight, a mental picture from a visioning meditation, a scientific conjecture, or a dream. She has also been working on a series involving her Celtic ancestry, using Celtic symbols and the rose, her birth flower.

Each painting has the goal of giving the viewer a new way to look at the universe, either from a tiny corner, or an expanded vision. Uniqueness is essential. Her collection includes Celtic Rose heritage paintings, paintings that are incorporations of science, spirituality and ancient history, dream image spiritual pieces, environmental statements, and the integration of all peoples: a vision
for world peace.

Oregon’s trees suck up nearly half of the state’s carbon footprint

When the endangered spotted owl came along and caused huge reductions in forest harvesting back in the 1990’s, it left a lot of trees standing doing what trees do best; sucking in carbon dioxide and putting out oxygen. A recent survey finds that this imbalance in harvesting has worked better than anyone thought in getting the state’s carbon footprint reduced by nearly 50%. The story is in the Oregonian. Click here.

Free back to school BBQ and School Supply Giveaway!

Back-2-School Resources Available for Newport Kids

Newport youth and their families are invited to a FREE Back-2-School Barbecue and School Supply Giveaway!

Tuesday, Aug. 23, 11 AM to 2 PM & 4 PM to 7 PM

Yaquina View School Gymnasium, 351 SE Harney St. in Newport

This free, family fun event will provide back-to-school resources for Newport school-aged youth in need. There will be food, clothing, and hygiene items. Kids can play games while their parents visit the information tables.

Families unable to attend may call the Salvation Army office at 541-265-6814 to reserve school supplies.

Political Roustabout Bill Sizemore pleads guilty to Income Tax Evasion. Gets jail time.

John Kruger, AG (L), Bill Sizemore (R)

Bill Sizemore pleads guilty to three felony counts of Oregon Personal Income Tax Evasion

Oregon Attorney General John Kroger today announced the guilty plea and sentencing of Bill Sizemore on felony tax evasion charges. Sizemore was indicted by a grand jury in October of 2009 for failing to file state income tax returns for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

“Everybody has to pay their taxes,” said Attorney General Kroger. “There are no exceptions.”

William Lee Sizemore (DOB: 6/2/51) pleaded guilty this afternoon before Judge Claudia Burton in Marion County Circuit Court to three counts of Oregon Personal Income Tax Evasion, a Class C Felony. Sizemore received a presumptive sentence under Oregon Sentencing Guidelines of 36 months of supervised probation. As part of his probation, Sizemore must immediately serve 30 days in Marion County Jail and will not be eligible for early release.

Under a plea agreement, Sizemore must also adhere to a number of additional probationary terms. Specifically, he must:

· Complete 100 hours of community service following his release from jail;
· Repay the state for his court-appointed attorney’s fees;
· Adhere to a battery of conditions that mandate expedient compliance and candor with the Oregon Department of Revenue;
· Within 120 days, file tax returns for the years 2006, 2007 and 2008;
· File all future income tax returns on time;
· Comply with all laws, including tax laws; and
· Complete his three-year probationary term without any violations, in which case the Department of Justice will make a good faith consideration as to whether his convictions should be converted to misdemeanors. This is a routine provision in plea agreements offered to all eligible defendants.

Evidence in support of the charges against Bill Sizemore was uncovered during a civil lawsuit against several entities that he controlled. That lawsuit established that Sizemore set up a sham charity to hide political contributions to various ballot measure campaigns with which he was associated. As a result of that case, Sizemore was banned from managing any charity pursuant to a 2009 court order.

SeaPort Air: Gone but not forgotten…

SeaPort Air

Although SeaPort Air pulled the plug on their airline service to Newport recently, the final chapter in their relationship with Newport is apparently not not quite ended. City councilors this week, citing what they believed was inadequate legal notice of SeaPort’s intent to discontinue air service, now claim that SeaPort owes the city around $600 in unpaid space rent at the Newport Airport. The council declared that because a contractual thirty day notice was not received by the city, SeaPort therefore owes unused rental space even though the rental fees were waived for a time in Newport’s attempt to help reduce SeaPort’s financial losses during the early summer months. Newport Airport Manager Gene Cossey was instructed by the council to write SeaPort Air a letter to that effect, demanding the $600 they claim SeaPort owes.

Phone calls to SeaPort air by NewsLincolnCounty.com were not immediately returned.

In the meantime, NewsLincolnCounty.com has learned that SeaPort Air has initiated brand new air service to Boise, Idaho, with side runs to Idaho Falls, ID and to Pendleton, OR. SeaPort also has a flight from Pendleton to Portland and from there to Seattle.

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