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Fire at Newport Airport

Newport Airport Friday morning

Smoke from an overheated electrical circuit at the Newport Airport set off a smoke alarm and a full response by Newport firefighters. On arrival, firefighters traced the source of the smoke to the south wall of the kitchen area on the ground floor, southwest corner of the main airport terminal. They shut down the power and began checking the circuit which had heated up the wall. Firefighters dug into the wall to see if there was any fire extension and they said they found none. An investigation was launched as to what caused the circuit to overheat.

Waldport City Councilor Dann Cutter pulls out of State House 10 race

Dan Cutter, right pulls out of State House race
News Release provided by Dann Cutter

Waldport City Councilor Dan Cutter, citing his general pleasure with who is already running for Oregon House District 10, has pulled out of the race himself. Here is his announcement made just moments ago:

Four months ago I announced that I would seek the vacant seat in Oregon’s House of Representatives District 10. When I announced, my primary concern was the lack of a strong ‘moderate’ voice for our coastal district stepping up. That is no longer the case – both in the primary and in the general, my opponents are reasonable and thoughtful choices for the region.

In running for office, one asks for a lot from family and friends, from employers, and from the electorate. While I am willing to run a strong campaign and continue to ask for support against someone with a radical agenda on either party (as we so often see), I am not willing to ask these concessions today when my opponents are fundamentally decent people who would make good Representatives.

In the end, the Party committee chose to back a candidate I had suggested to them after I announced – there is no ego loss involved here, they felt that my suggestion was better suited to their current structure and I agreed. I could fight the fight – and would if I felt the GOP pulled to the far right or if the opposition didn’t reflect coastal values and needs – however that does not appear to be the case. Jerome Grant is a good man. I still have a lot to personally contribute, but can do that in many different ways.

As of today, I have withdrawn my name for consideration for the seat. I will remain a city councilman, I will continue serving my community, and I will continue to be involved in state, regional and local politics. And I very likely will be back later when perhaps the sacrifices are not so great on my family and work, and the challlengers not so similar to my own message and ideals.

Running for office is never an easy decision, nor is stepping away from a campaign; I thank you all for the interest, kind words, and support you have shown.

Thanks, Dann

Newport Food Pantry Update

From Newport Food Pantry
Katherine Myers, Manager

Yesterday, I spoke with a woman who is in constant pain because she can’t visit the dentist and feed her children. There are several young men who request ground meat instead of chicken or beef pieces because, as children, their dental needs were not taken care of and it hurts when they chew. I shudder to think what the future holds for the 600 plus children who are members of families who rely on the pantry to supplement their food supply. Good nutrition and medical care are so important and there are not adequate resources to help all who are in need.

As spring approaches, we look forward to planting the garden and receiving healthy produce from generous gardens around town. In the meantime, we are in great need of healthy nonperishables such as dry red beans, split peas, white beans, and black beans. Brown rice never stays on the shelf very long. Hearty soups are very helpful for those who have limited cooking facilities. Canned meats and any other shelf stable protein are always in great demand. Canned fruits like pineapple and pumpkin are very much appreciated. And low sugar/high fiber cereals are an easy breakfast for those without kitchens.

Food donations can be dropped off here at the pantry Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM, and Saturday morning until noon. If hours and/or pantry location aren’t convenient for you, many wonderful organizations and businesses keep our food collection containers on site. For a complete list, go to and click on the donate link. We also purchase some food and have regular expenses that need to be met. Join our Hunger Action Monthly team by downloading the form at

We are so appreciative of the generosity that defines the Newport community.

Katherine Myers
Newport Food Pantry

Newport’s Blessing of the Fleet

Photos Courtesy Fishermen’s Wives

From Newport Fishermens Wives

The Newport Fisherman wives will again be sponsoring a strong tradition in Newport’s fishing community called the Blessing of the Fleet. The Blessing of the Fleet is a community ceremony honoring local fishermen and their families. The Blessing is open to any and all who wish to ask blessings on their fishing vessel, charter vessel, pleasure craft, or research vessel.

The Blessing of the Fleet began as an old world Sicilian custom emphasizing faith and perseverance – qualities that have long fueled those who go to sea to earn their living. Since the 1950’s Newport’s Blessing of the Fleet has continued the custom of asking for prayers for protection at sea, bountiful catches, and peace of mind for the families at home.

The Blessing is on the third Saturday in March (March 17th), because it falls at a time when many Newport fishermen are in port gearing up-coming seasons; Chinook salmon or the Oregon pink shrimp season. Dungeness crab season continues through August, although many of the crabbers will have put away their gear and will be readying for other fisheries.

The day’s events start at 8 am with a Memorial Service at the Fishermen’s Memorial Sanctuary at Yaquina Bay State Park. This service is meant to offer support and encouragement to the families and community while remembering Lincoln County fishermen lost at sea. Participants are encouraged to bring a flower to add to a communal bouquet in remembrance of their friend or loved one.

Also the Newport Fisherman’s wives display a Ribbon Trail. This trail of ribbons symbolizes Lincoln County commercial fishermen who lost their lives at sea while working to harvest fresh wild seafood and make a life for their family. Since 1900, out of 116 fishermen lost, only 38 were recovered and brought home to rest. The remaining 78 were taken by the sea forever. Each ribbon represents someone’s husband, father, son, brother, and friend; each are memorialized at the Fishermen’s Memorial Sanctuary at Yaquina Bay State Park.

The Newport Fisherman’s wives are focusing this year’s events on the importance of safety. Fishing is the most dangerous occupation in the United States. The Fisherman Safety and Survival Training is essential to ensure fisherman can respond to emergencies while at sea and save lives. The survival/immersion suit races highlight the importance of training on vessels. The training is critically important. It becomes second nature having the muscle memory to put on the survival/ immersion suit and the training done on each vessel makes all of the safety and survival equipment familiar for use. At 9:30 am the Fisherman’s Wives sponsor Survival Suit races which occur at Port Dock 3. Teams-of-three don survival suits while being timed. They enter the bay and swim out to a raft – anchored about 50 feet from the Port Dock 3. Participants include local commercial fisherman, active coast guard, and NOAA personnel. If you are interested in putting together a team of three, entry forms are available at England and Schiewe Marine Supply stores on the Newport bay front.

The boat parade gets underway at 12:45 PM, from the area near the Port’s international terminal. The USCG Search & Rescue Helicopter (if available) and the motor lifeboats of Station Yaquina Bay signal the start of the parade. All vessels will follow the lead vessel of their fishery, or category, from the international terminal heading west, turning just in front of the bridge before heading east to pass in front of the coast guard motor lifeboat, were local ministers will bless each vessel. Also on board the local coast guard vessels will be the Newport Loyalty Days Court. The broadcast can be heard over KNPT 1310 AM beginning at 1:05 PM. Vessel registration forms are also located at England and Schiewe Marine Supply on the Newport Bay Front.

Ending this special day is the Highliner Competition at 3 PM. The Newport Fisherman’s wives would like to invite Fishermen and all others to compete in a race involving fishing related tasks, such as crab pot stacking, net mending, coiling, knot tying, among other things. Show off your skills and race to become Newport’s first Highliner with a chance to win $500. A $15.00 sign up fee will be taken at the event. Event sign up is at Port dock 7 starting at 2:00 PM.

For more information contact the Newport Fisherman’s Wives at 541-574-5555 or email

Rescuing poor, hungry and emotionally distraught children. Would a small property tax override help restore them?

The League of Women Voters, like many other community minded organizations, have taken note of the economic stress that infects millions of American families. Lot jobs, lost homes, broken marriages, hunger, drug and alcohol addiction, depression and other mental health issues plague our families and especially our children.

But with the reduction in revenues coming into state coffers, there is precious little left to send to local communities to help families which are suffering in every county of the state. Children who are raised in such troubled families often fail to do well in school which means later on they fail to do well in life. And so the cycle repeats itself.

The League of Women Voters of Lincoln County have invited two local family advocates to give a clear picture on the status of Lincoln County families, including an assessment of what is happening to our community’s children. They are Barbara Dougherty of the Lincoln County Commission on Children and Families and Jane Lehrer of the Children’s Trust Fund. They will be guest speakers at the March 15th meeting of the League at the Newport Library, corner of Nye and West Olive. The program starts at 12noon.

Information wil cover recent forced reductions in state programs for children and how those changes have affected their ability to provide critical services to families in Lincoln County. They will also be talking about a proposal to ask Lincoln County voters to pick up some of the lost revenue that the state no longer has to give. That proposal is a small property tax override that would help stop the loss of these services and to provide a real safety net for our troubled families, made worse by the prolonged recession.

Everyone is invited to come and learn more about this important issue. Light refreshments will be served and guests are welcome to bring a sack lunch if they wish.

For more information, please call the League of Women Voters, 541-265-7532 or

State hiring freeze comes off; goal is 11 to 1 supervisor-to-worker ratio. May take a while.

State Capitol, Salem

A hiring freeze enacted by Governor Kitzhaber last November, when tax collections were slumping, has been lifted, thanks to the Legislature’s rebalancing of the budget. But it doesn’t mean that more state hiring in eminent. That’s because of a provision in the budget adoption; state departments are supposed to work toward an 11:1 supervisor to worker ratio. How departments will be able to accomplish that fete in view of the fact that no two departments are alike, in the nature of what they do or how they do it, puts the issue very much up in the air. The story is in the Statesman-Journal. Click here.

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