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Newport Symphony Orchestra: July 4th, 2917 Concert….

Newport Symphony Orchestra’s 2017 July 4th Concert
Broadcast Saturday at 4:00 on KNPT & KYTE

The Newport Symphony at the Ocean’s traditional Independence Day celebration continues this year on the air. You are invited to celebrate July 4th with the NSO, wherever you may be, via a very special encore broadcast of the Orchestra’s 2017 free community concert on Saturday, July 4 at 4:00pm on KNPT AM 1310 and KYTE FM 102.7. From 7:00pm-10:00pm the concert, with added photo montage of previous July 4th concerts, will be available for streaming at

Music Director and Conductor Adam Flatt and the NSO present a rousing concert including the popular annual salutes to the Armed Forces and members of the Newport fleet. The program makes a nod to great American musical favorites including John Williams’s “The Olympic Spirit”, a medley of Henry Mancini’s marches, Richard Rodgers’s selections from “Carousel” and “Victory at Sea,” and much more.

So, grab a barbecue and your radio this Saturday beginning at 4:00pm for a good old fashioned July 4th concert with the Newport Symphony Orchestra on KNPT AM 1310 and KYTE FM 102.7, or tune into the stream online beginning at 7:00 pm at

A live performance will not take place this year in response to COVID-19 restrictions.

This concert is made possible by the generous support of Yaquina Bay Communications and Oregon Coast Bank.

Letter to the Editor from Heather Haugland….



With the 4th of July right around the corner, I have been thinking about freedom.  Perhaps I have been thinking about it more than usual because of the pandemic.  I do not choose to give myself the freedom to live as I did before Covid 19.  My thoughts have turned to freedom not only because of my restrictive choices for myself, but also because I cannot understand the choices many others are making.

You have the freedom to not wear a mask, but why wouldn’t you?  It’s a no brainer:  You have more protection and so do those around you.

You have the freedom to worship in a group without masks and healthy distancing, but why would you?  Aren’t most religions based on sacrifice?  Why wouldn’t you proudly sacrifice for others?

You have the freedom to visit friends and family that you are not quarantining with, but why would you?  Do you not love them enough to stay away so that you don’t risk their lives?  Especially in these times of Zoom and Skype and a dozen other face to face computer communication avenues to choose from.

Is your vanity so great that you would risk your life (possibly bring germs home to your loved ones) for a haircut?  You’re kidding.  Right? Why would you?


You have the freedom to make good choices.

You have the freedom to be kind to others.

You have the freedom to live responsibly.

You have the freedom to live without hate.

You have the freedom to make this world a better place.

Instead of griping about the freedoms you think are being infringed upon, embrace the abundance of freedoms that will lift all of us up.  Freedoms that are right there at your fingertips.  Freedoms that will make you glad to be alive and glad that you live in a country that supports those freedoms.

Wearing a mask isn’t a burden or a political statement:  It is common sense.  It protects you and those you love.  Exercise your right to protect your family by protecting yourself and others from Covid 19.

Heather Haugland

Lincoln City, OR

Newport’s water situation is still hangin’…but there’s hopefully progress in the making

Newport Water Treatment Plant is struggling – reduce your water usage!

Newport’s fresh water treatment plant – the one that allows us to wash dishes, cloths and flush toilets – has been on the fritz for a week, at least.  City Public Works Director Tim Gross and his crew have been trying to figure out why the treatment plant is not filtering enough water that goes to homes and businesses throughout the Newport area.  And because of that, the city has asked everyone to not water outdoors for any reason – be it lawns, car washing or boats.

Gross and his employees have been pulling their hair out because just last week everything was working fine – this week they can’t seem to fill water tanks anywhere within the city’s water distribution system.  And it also makes the fish processing plants down on the Bayfront a lot less than happy.

For some reason the water filtering system is clogging up with material that suddenly showed up a week ago which means the plant is not allowing the water through the filters and on to the distribution system that carries the water all over town.

Public Works Director Tim Gross says he and his crew have spent hours and hours trying to find out what’s clogging the filter system.  Gross got on the phone to the manufacturer and it caught them by surprise as well.  In fact a company engineer hopped a plane from their manufacturing plant in the mid-west and joined Gross and others trying to get to the bottom of it. 

A preliminary inspection only produced an over-all puzzlement of the situation.  It was suggested that the water plant’s filtration system just simply failed but the company representative said it makes no sense that the entire array of filters would fail all at the same time.  It was also pointed out by Gross that efforts to clean out the filters were only marginally successful and soon the entire filtering system was nearly non-functional again.

City workers traced water intake, processing and storage, but they kept getting nowhere. And with the 4th of July weekend coming up, the city is in very shallow water.  The Seal Rock Water District has graciously shared some of their water with Newport but there’s a limit because their plant can only serve their limited distribution system – so sharing, by necessity, is limited.

The company that built the filtration system quickly agreed that until they figure out what’s going wrong with the filtration system Newport should rent a couple of semis with sand water-filters in them – drive them out from Salt Lake City and hook them into the city’s water system temporarily.  At least the water would start flowing fast enough to get the city back on its feet.

So that’s what the first of next week looks like.  But it still remains that the original filtration system isn’t working very well.  The filters still malfunction and water output is between a third and half-capacity. 

But Gross and his crew will have sand-filtered water coming from the back of semi’s, along with other treatments probably by the middle of next week and hopefully they’ll figure out what’s going on with the regular filter system and what’s taking it down. 

To completely swap out the water filters could cost the city upwards to $250,000. The filters are supposedly still under warranty – but probably not at full value. So they’re going to keep trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

So Mr. and Mrs. Newport, until they figure this thing out, conserve, conserve, conserve.


Missing Newport girl found – returned home…

Twelve year old River Engle who went missing Wednesday morning just before 10am from her neighborhood at NW 56th and Gladys, Agate Beach has been found.

She is back home, safe and sound.  Her parents are very grateful for those who helpd to bring River back home.

OSU Survey: Covid-19 infection rate 3.4% among the Newport community

Corona Virus

Newport, Ore. — Preliminary results from door-to-door sampling by Oregon State University suggest that 3.4% of the Newport community had the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 on June 20-21.

The study, Team-based Rapid Assessment of Community-Level Coronavirus Epidemics, known as TRACE-COVID-19 for short, began in Corvallis the weekend of April 25-26.

In Newport, 30 two-person field teams canvased 30 neighborhoods, with 336 of the households visited, or 71%, agreeing to participate. In all, the field workers received samples from 569 people, and 13 tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

“Our results indicate the virus is relatively prevalent in Newport,” said Ben Dalziel, assistant professor in the Department of Integrative Biology and co-director of the project. “We know this because previously undiagnosed infected individuals are present in a random sample of participating households across the city. This indicates the potential for significant further spread unless strong actions are taken to reverse the course of COVID-19 in Newport.”


More “Income Rescue” Legislation coming out of Washington DC?

Leader Schumer And Ranking Member Wyden Introduce Bold, New Legislation To Extend Expanded Unemployment Insurance & Require Program Continue Providing Benefits Until Each State’s Economic Conditions Improve

Sens. Schumer And Wyden Call For Long-Term Unemployment Insurance Support As States Grapple With Sharp Rise In COVID-19 Cases

New Proposal Would Take Politics Out Of Extending Unemployment Insurance And Protect Working Families’ Living Standards 

Washington, D.C.—Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senate Committee on Finance Ranking Member Ron Wyden (D-OR) today introduced the American Workforce Rescue Act, bold, new legislation that would establish “automatic stabilizers” to ensure unemployment benefits remain available for working families during periods of persistent unemployment, a priority for Senate Democrats in the next COVID-19 bill. Specifically, Leader Schumer and Ranking Member Wyden’s proposal would extend the $600 increase in weekly UI benefits, which Senate Democrats secured in the CARES Act, beyond July 31st, 2020 until a state’s three-month average total unemployment rate falls below 11%. The benefit amount then reduces by $100 for every percentage point decrease in the state’s unemployment rate, until the rate falls below 6%.

These critical, enhanced unemployment insurance benefits included in the CARES Act are set to expire at the end of July 2020.Meanwhile, more than 33 million Americans are currently receiving unemployment insurance or are still awaiting benefit approval. Over-burdened, under-resourced state and local-governments are grappling with unprecedented economic turmoil—and many Americans who returned to work have again been laid off.

While enhanced unemployment benefits are set to expire in 31 days, it’s clear the unemployment crisis will not. Senators Schumer and Wyden’s legislation gives American families confidence that they will be able to draw on these vital UI benefits to pay rent and put food on the table  as long as the economic crisis continues. Expanded unemployment benefits established in earlier COVID-19 legislation remain a critical lifeline for workers and families. All Americans—particularly lower-wage workers and communities of color ravaged by COVID-19—must remain equipped with the resources needed to stay afloat during the current, pandemic-fueled economic crisis, and the recovery period to come.

Senators Schumer and Wyden’s bold, new legislation would extend critical unemployment benefits in each state based on economic conditions—not arbitrary cut-off dates established by Congress that disregard need. The American Workforce Rescue Act also extends the 13 weeks of extended benefits provided by the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program in the CARES Act until March 27, 2021, and these benefits will remain available for as long as a state’s unemployment rate is above 5.5%, with the number of weeks of benefits available increasing by 13 for each percentage point the unemployment rate increases between 5.5% and 8.5%. Additionally, the bill extends other critical unemployment benefits included in the CARES Act, including the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), which provides coverage to the self-employed, gig workers, and others who are not eligible for traditional unemployment insurance, through March 2021, after which the benefits are tied to states’ unemployment levels.

Coronavirus relief must meet and reflect the country’s economic condition. Leader Schumer and Ranking Member Wyden’sAmerican Workforce Rescue Act meets this challenge.

“If we fail to renew the $600 per week increase in UI, millions of American families will have their legs cut out from underneath them at the worst possible time—in the middle of a pandemic when unemployment is higher than it’s been since the Great Depression,” said Leader Schumer. “The American Workforce Rescue Act would tie the extension of enhanced UI benefits to economic data—not politics. As the need goes down, so will the benefits. As the need goes up, so will the benefits.”

“Donald Trump has simply given up on fighting the virus and cases are surging in state after state, with many businesses closing their doors for a second time,” said Ranking Member Wyden. “In the face of exploding outbreaks and unprecedented economic pain, it would be unconscionable to allow supercharged unemployment benefits to expire in a month. Supercharged unemployment benefits need to be extended and tied to economic conditions on the ground. Workers who have been laid off twice in four months should not have to worry about whether they’ll be able to pay rent come August.”

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