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Are Oregon forests becoming clear cut much faster than trees can grow?

Northern Lincoln County.  Part of a pattern of timber clear cuts that are stripping forests and threatening water quality for wildlife, fish and places for human recreation in many areas of Oregon.  (Google Maps)

In a special report in The Oregonian newspaper, it’s been claimed that Oregon’s stance on logging has involved cutting forest lands far faster than they can be replenished. On top of that, state forestry management based in Salem seems to be on a financial sinking ship prompting calls for more and more timber harvesting. As with many natural resource stories ‘it’s complicated.’

Here’s the story in the Oregonian. Make sure you have a big mug of coffee before you start reading here.

Here we go…

Lincoln County Courthouse

From:  Lincoln County Assessor, Joe Davidson
Lincoln County Treasurer/Tax Collector, Jayne Welch October 17th, 2019

Property Tax Statements, Values and Levies

Joe Davidson – Regarding Tax Rates and Values 541-265-4102,, 225 W. Olive Street, Room 207, Newport, OR 97365 or Jayne Welch – Regarding Tax Collection 541-265-4139,, 225 W. Olive Street, Room 205 Newport, OR 97365

Please find enclosed information regarding 2019-20 assessments and taxes. If you have questions, please call or email.

Tax Statements

2019/20 property tax statements for Lincoln County are expected to be mailed out on October 21st, with initial payment due by November 15th. Full payments made by November 15th will receive a 3% discount and two-thirds payments will receive a 2% discount. At least one-third payment must be received by November 15th to avoid delinquent interest charges. For those making one-third payments, the second payment will be due by February 15th, 2020, and the third payment will be due by May 15th, 2020.

Tax payments can be made electronically through the county website, mailed with a postmark on or before November 15th, dropped off at a payment box located in the county courthouse parking lot, or in person at the tax office located in room 205 on the second floor of the county courthouse. As a reminder, payments will no longer be processed at local banks. Please visit the following webpage for more information:


Overall, real market value in Lincoln County is up approximately 9% from 2018, while countywide assessed (taxable) value has increased about 4%. These percentages include the value of new construction and development.

Most property owners will see a typical 3% increase in their assessed value due to Measure 50 – a constitutional amendment approved by Oregon voters in 1997. When Measure 50 was first implemented, a “maximum assessed value” was assigned to each property which equaled the 1995 value minus 10%. For the years following, each property is assessed on the lesser of its maximum assessed value from the previous year plus 3%, or its real market value. So long as the real market value remains higher than the maximum assessed value, the assessed value can increase up to 3%. This is the most common scenario. However, there are situations where a property’s assessed value may increase more or less than 3%. Following are two primary reasons:

1.) New construction, development or other changes to property considered an “exception” event may add to or lower the property’s assessed value.

2.) If, following a market downturn, a property’s real market value falls below its maximum assessed value, the property is assessed at its real market value. The assessed value may fluctuate up or down annually with the market, with no limitation, until it returns to or above the maximum assessed value. At that point, the assessed value will once again be restricted to 3% annual growth under Measure 50.

For 2019, approximately 16% of properties in Lincoln County are assessed at their real market value, down from 19% last year. With increasing market values, these properties may see assessed value growth of more than 3%.


Total property taxes, fees and special assessments are up approximately 3.4% over last year. Most property taxes are a product of assessed values and underlying district tax rates. Along with changes in assessed values, new voter-approved levies may impact total taxes in certain areas of the county. This year, two local options levies were approved.

  • –  Bear Valley Special Road District was approved by voters to impose a ten-year capital improvement tax to pave and improve roads within the district’s service area. The new temporary levy of $4.54 per $1,000 assessed value will offset maintenance funds needed from the district’s permanent levy. This will result in a net increased levy of $3.29 per $1,000 assessed value for properties within the district’s service area.
  • –  Yachats Rural Fire Protection District was approved to renew a five-year local option levy of $0.59 per $1,000 assessed value for properties within the district’s service area. There is no tax rate change as a result of this renewal.Within Lincoln County there are 75 local taxing districts, including education districts, health districts, city, county, port, local fire, water, road, special assessment districts and urban renewal. All of these have distinct tax rates, and most have different geographic boundaries, so overall tax rates for individual properties vary by location.Taxes Imposed


Operating Levies & Bonds Urban Renewal
Special Assessments
Add Tax & Penalties




$113,959,259.13 $4,305,672.46 $752,049.12 $86,659.23

$117,656,901.87 $4,619,385.62 $771,326.51 $105,753.52

$3,697,642.74 $313,713.16 $19,277.39 $19,094.29





Tax statements will display total amounts imposed by individual districts, along with current and prior year property values. Values for both years are categorized by land, structure, total real market value and total assessed value. Taxpayers disputing their property values are encouraged to contact the Assessor’s office. Appraisal staff will be available to answer questions and review properties for value adjustments up to December 31st, 2019. Taxpayers also have the option to file petitions with the Board of Property Tax Appeals until December 31st, 2019. Appeal rights are described in detail on the back of the tax statement.

Lincoln County has general contact numbers for tax and value-related questions. These are also displayed on the tax statement:

Tax Questions: (541) 265-4139 Value Questions: (541) 265-4102

Traffic Crash on Yaquina Bay (Newport) Bridge

11:50 am – Traffic crash on the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport.  No word on injuries.  But traffic will be a mess for a while while the situation is cleaned up.

12:15pm – Mess cleared out.  Traffic getting to normal

Remembering those who have gone before us….

Newport City Hall
Hwy 101 @ Angle Street

City of Newport Memorial Bench Policy – DRAFT VERSION – City welcomes comments

The intent of this memorial bench policy is to recognize and assist Donor’s plans to commemorate or honor family or friends within the City of Newport. To maintain consistency throughout the City of Newport Park System, the Parks and Recreation Department has selected a standard bench style. This policy establishes funding requirements and standards for all bench donations establishing a 10-year sponsorship.


The City of Newport maintains a list of available locations where memorial benches can be placed; these locations are based on need, public convenience, ease of maintenance, and other factors. Donors are responsible for all costs associated with purchase and delivery, and maintenance of memorial benches.

The number of memorial benches will be limited, must not interfere with normal park use or maintenance operations, and shall not detract from the prime recreational use of an area. Memorial benches will only be allowed at public locations identified in a master list of existing and proposed bench locations.

All memorial benches will be added to a City data base with status, location, donor information, and the person memorialized.


Applications for memorial benches may be picked up at the Newport Recreation Center or by going to clicking on Memorial Donations. Applications will be submitted to the Newport Recreation Center and reviewed for approval by the Parks and Recreation Director.
The City will procure and install a metal plaque on the memorial bench with the size, font and design specifications, as well as the approval of the message, at the discretion of the Parks & Recreation Director or his/her designee. Inscription plaques will be limited to 75 characters or less, including spaces, to fit on a plaque measuring 2”x 8”. The plaque will be securely inset or surface-mounted onto the seat-back of the bench by the City.

Sneaker Waves – They’re real, they’re strong, and they kill people and dogs….

Jenni Remillard caught on video an oncoming wave at Nye Beach that looked like a typical low-profile shore-break wave. Jennie’s video reminds us all that you can’t judge a wave by how high it is – even close to shore. The power of these waves to knock people over and sweep them out to sea happens all too often.

As waves finally get close to the shore, they tend to bunch up – fast waves colliding with waves that have been slowed down by the rising shoreline. The result is a combination of waves bringing their momentum and surge up onto the beach with brutal power. And when they’re done, they retreat with the same force dragging logs, shore debris and even people with their dogs back out with them.

If the sand is flat and soaked it’s a dead give-away that sneaker waves could be on the menu.

Children’s RxR play area debut at Yaquina Railroad Museum in Toledo

Yaquina Pacific RxR Museum
Google Maps

Play Train Dedication in Toledo Railroad Park

In November of 2018, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz awarded over $3,700 to the Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society Museum for materials to construct a four car Play Train structure. This was recently completed and placed in the Society’s Railroad Park at 100 “A” Street, Toledo, Oregon. The Society was assisted in this effort by Instructor Greg Wood and the students in his Waldport High School Career Technical Education class who built the track and play train cars.

As the individual pieces were produced, they were transported to the Museum site and installed on a child protective ground cover. Finishing touches were provided by Society members and a dedication of the play train will be held at the Museum on Friday, November 1st, at 4:00 pm followed by a reception and refreshments.

At the same time, recognition and appreciation of a Lincoln County Master Gardener Team, led by Kharizma McNulty, will be conducted in thanks for all their hard work this last summer on behalf of the Museum. The team totally replanted all the flower and planting urns on the Museum’s platform which has produced a very welcoming appearance and introduction for visitors to the Museum.

All are invited to come to the dedication and appreciation ceremony at the Museum at 4:00 pm on the afternoon Friday, November 1st.

North of Siletz: House fire at 7861 Siletz Highway

6:15pm – Report of a house fire at 7861 Siletz Highway.  Lady caller to 9-1-1 seems to believe the fire is electrical in nature and that flames were seen by the caller.  The house is about 2/3rds the way between Siletz and the mouth of the river.  A very isolated area.

6:24pm – Lady caller says the fire is out and there’s no need for firefighters.  One fire truck will continue to the scene to ensure that the lady’s assessment is accurate.  Fire can linger in a smoldering state for hours before re-erupting and destroy a home or business.

6:26pm – Firefighters are on scene to inspect the home.

Toledo Falls in to first weekend

Gracies Garden
Michael Gibbons

Every month, Toledo galleries and studios open their doors to art lovers for a behind-the-scenes look of local artistry. Toledo will be showing its colors November 2nd and 3rd as the streets taken on their autumn hues. The public is invited to each location to visit with artists and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Featured during this month’s First Weekend Art Celebration is the Yaquina River Museum of Art’s Permanent Collection focusing on North and Southwest art. Visit the Museum and enjoy work donated to the Museum by the prolific artists of the region. Complimentary refreshments will be offered to visitors as they peruse the Museum’s Schoolhouse Exhibit space. The Yaquina River Museum of Art will be open Saturday and Sunday from Noon-4PM at 151 NE Alder Street. For more information on the Yaquina River Museum of Art, visit

The Privateer
Ivan Kelly

Across the street, Michael Gibbons Signature Gallery will be giving a special spotlight to “Gracie’s Garden”, a painting not previously shown within the gallery’s space. “Gracie’s Garden” depicts a mysterious garden path that leads into blooming rhododendron bushes that are iconic features of our coastal landscape. Stop in the gallery and enjoy complimentary Oregon wine and cheese. Michael Gibbons Signature Gallery, located at 140 NE Alder Street, will be open from 12PM-4PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Over on Graham Street, Ivan Kelly will be featuring his big game, landscape, and maritime paintings. Kelly is a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists. Ivan Kelly Studio & Gallery, located at 207 East Graham Street, will be open 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday and noon to 5 pm on Sunday.

On Main Street, assemblage artist Janet Runger will be featuring her sculpture work in Crow’s Nest Gallery & Studio. Stop in to see her newest creations and the interesting stories they have to tell. Visitors will have the opportunity to peruse her popular magnets, cards and original works of art. Crow’s Nest Gallery & Studio, located at 170 N Main Street, will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Beach Box
Janet Runger

Further South on Main Street, Frank Jones will be featuring his vibrant landscape photography of the Oregon Coast. Francyfolk Photos and Music, located at 227 S Main Street, will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days.

Just across the street from Francyfolk artist Michael Hicks will be featuring his graphite drawings and watercolor works. Art lovers can see his beautiful depictions of nature, portraiture, and more at his gallery space located at 240 South Main Street from 10AM-5PM both days.

The Beach
Frank Jones

Check with the Coast Guard before you go for your boat keys….

Major Oregon river bar entrances on the Central Coast were closed Thursday and Friday night, as the U.S. Coast Guard warned of dangerous crossings and inclement weather.

For the Yaquina Bay station in Newport, the Coast Guard reported that the captain of the port closed the bar to all vessels “due to deteriorating weather and limited search and rescue capability.” Boats that are currently at sea were advised to stay out until the breaks subside. The Coast Guard says they’ll go out Saturday morning early and check conditions. But it’s still pretty rough out there. Commercial fishing boats and larger are allowed out, but not smaller personal craft and sailboats.

The Coast Guard reported 18 to 22-foot breaks at the Siuslaw River bar, and 22 to 24-foot breaks at the Umpqua River Bar.

Huge waves have been breaking on the Oregon coast all week, and the National Weather Service issued a warning to coastal visitors and residents on Sunday that waves were expected to reach 20 feet.

And a word to the wise. Don’t walk the beaches. Admire the power of the sea as seen from the safety of  your parked car.

The National Weather Service says the big waves could continue in to Monday, but then begin to taper off.

Road Closure means stock up on water : NW Hurbert from 3rd to 6th, Oct. 21

Temporary water service interruption
NW Hurbert from 3rd to 6th
Monday, October 21, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Chris Janigo, Senior Project Manager 541-574-3376

The City of Newport Public Works Department advises there will be a temporary interruption of water service on NW Hurbert Street from 3rd to 6th Streets, on Monday, October 21, 2019, from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Residents may need to stockpile water for use during this time frame.

This is related to the public improvements being constructed on NW 6th Street. Thank you.

Dine-Out for My Sisters’ Place – Tuesday, October 22 in Newport!!

We are hosting a fundraiser on Tuesday the 22nd at the Anchor/ Newport Brewing Company from 6pm to 9pm. They have graciously agreed to donate 50% of the Dine-In proceeds to us. It’s a pretty big night for us even beyond the fundraiser. We will be announcing that we are changing our name and sharing some other big news about what is on the horizon for us. The name change announcement has been greatly anticipated. This is part of a statewide trend in Domestic Violence agencies to become more gender neutral in name to better reflect the populations we serve. While we have been serving all people seeking safety and support for years, it’s exciting to be reflecting the true scope of our work in our name.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), we couldn’t think of a more perfect time to unveil our plans. Below are some additional talking points about the event.

-Great food, drinks, and atmosphere from the Anchor
-Live music: Sons of the Beaches
-Prizes galore will be raffled off throughout the night
-Silent Auction
-DVAM Swag
-Signature Purple Mocktails & Cocktails (The Anchor will also be donating 50% of the proceeds from these in addition to food purchased during the event.)
-Exciting announcements about MSP


Coast Tree


Coast Tree


Coast Tree