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Beachcomber Days in Waldport – 57 years of fun and celebration “Where the Forest Meets the Sea”

Central Coast Fire Rescue hot dog/sausage fundraiser because you can watch a parade on an empty stomach!

Central Coast Fire Rescue hot dog/sausage fundraiser because you can’t watch a parade on an empty stomach!

beachcomber 13 cg color guardbeachcomber 13 chinese dragons1

Beachcomber Days has been rippling from one end of Waldport to the other the past few days. Saturday was the main event, the parade that had a little bit of everything Waldport has become over its 102 years of existence. According to the Waldport Museum website, Beachcomber Days was originally launched in July of 1957, as a prelude to a traditional 4th of July celebration. It included a “Princess Court” of Waldport High School students, a parade, a water skiing show and then 4th of July evening, the Lions put on a fireworks show overlooking Eckman Lake.

Today, that same 4th of July show is enjoyed by a huge crowd that covers the east side of Alsea Bay near the downtown. Explosively beautiful pyrotechnics are shot off from a sandspit at the south end of the Bayshore area.

Saturday’s Beachcomber Parade contained all manner of fire trucks, ponys, beauty queens and venerable old timers like 102 year old Lester Hall enjoying the free ride and the accolades and whistles from well-wishers lining Hemlock Street and 101, along with 95 year old Connie Hunter riding shotgun in a white classic Volkswagen. This year’s parade was considerably sparkled-up with the appearance of Chinese dragons that performed along the parade route as well as in front of the new Chinese restaurant on 101, south of the light. Now THAT’s effective promotion of a new business in town.

There was also a wide array of live music available to enjoy. For more pictures and some video of the music, just click on the “Continue reading” link below. There are three music videos at the end of the photo gallery: Chinese Dragons, Roosterfish and Pacific Coast Wind Ensemble.

beachcomber 13 grandpa frank

beachcomber 13 vouchers for needy

beachcomber 13 meals on wheels

beachcomber 13 beaver creek kayaks

beachcomber 13 love share shelter

beachcomber 13 the beet goes on

beachcomber 13 beet goes on

beachcomber 13 men in little cars

beachcomber 13 classic cars
beachcomber 13 ford ranchero

beachcomber 13 old cars

beachcomber 13 old sedan with flame

beachcomber 13 log truck fully loaded

beachcomber 13 misc2

beachcomber 13 crowd mcu

Mayor Susan Woodruff (Right) with Waldport First Gentleman Ray Woodruff (Center)

Mayor Susan Woodruff (Right) with Waldport First Gentleman Ray Woodruff (Center)

beachcomber 13 boat

beachcomber 13 lutherans

beachcomber bugs

beachcomber 13 last century's forestry

beachcomber 13 girls on horses

beachcomber 13 pony

beachcomber 13 more ponies

beachcomber 13 whs 30 year alumni

beachcomber 13 china dragon pink

beachcomber china dragon red

beachcomber 13 china dragons playing cards in the street

beachcomber 13 roosterfish

beachcomber 13 kids play area

beachcomber 13 kids play bounce house

beachcomber 13 wide of vendor area

beachcomber 13 vendors wide2

beachcomber 13 vendor knitting

beachcomber 13 vendor pottery

beachcomber 13 vendor hats dishes

beachcomber 13 food vendor

beachcomber 13 misc3

beachcomber 13 dog friendly vendors

beachcomber 13 vendors tent

beachcomber 13 audience flag

beachcomber 13 crowd wide

beachcomber 13 bikes kids

beachcomber 13 clown bicycle

beachcomber 13 clown cu

beachcomber 13 longhorn car

beachcomber 13 clowns astoria

beachcomber 13 clowns on bikes

beachcombers 13 waldport rebels

beachcomber 13 misc bicyclists

beachcomber 13 chinese dragons1

beachcomber 13 Von Taylor with Lester Holt riding shotgun

beachcomber 13 job corps

beachcomber 13 citizens patrol

beachcomber 13 misc

beachcomber 13 rescue boat

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