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Important Information from the Lincoln County Fire Defense Board

Lincoln County Fire Defense Board
To: All Media

Date: Thursday, September 03, 2020

For Immediate Release

Lincoln County Complete Burn Ban Notification

The Lincoln County Fire Defense Board, and the nine fire protection agencies are announcing the
closing of all burning effective this Friday, September 4, 2020, at 08:00am. The fire ban applies to
wood, charcoal, and other flame sources that cannot be turned off with a valve. Liquid fuel stoves or
cooking devices that CAN be turned off with a valve are permitted but cannot be left unattended. This
ban includes fires in campgrounds and on the beaches.

Fire danger is at an extreme high. Lower than normal fuel moisture levels along with forecasted
hotter/dryer weather compound the danger. Local fire agencies have limited resources to respond to a
wildland fire.

This burn ban will remain in effect until conditions moderate and notification provided by the Lincoln
County Fire Defense Board. Please contact your local fire agency if you have any questions.

Below is contact information for all Lincoln County Fire Agencies:

North Lincoln Fire & Rescue Depoe Bay Fire District
Newport Fire Dept./N.R.F.P.D
541-996-2233 541-764-2202 541-265-9461

Seal Rock Fire District Central OR Coast Fire Dist. Yachats Rural Fire Prot. Dist.

541-563-4441 541-563-3121 541-547-3266

Siletz Valley Fire District Toledo Fire Dept./E.L.C.R.F.P.D Oregon Dept. of Forestry (Toledo Unit)

541-444-2043 541-336-3311 541-336-2273

Robert Murphy

Fire Chief, Newport Fire Department/Newport R.F.P.D.

Lincoln County Fire Defense Board Chief


Lincoln County Sheriffs’ Office – Emergency Management:
When to Call 911
, Examples:

Call 911 (Dispatch)


Call NonEmergency #
Other Agency Resources
Any immediate danger to life, limb or property
Non-Emergency EventsNo Crime or  Emergency Involved:
House or building fires

Medical emergencies, i.e., chest pains, trauma injuries

Someone is threatening or attacking you

Crime in progress

Aggressive dog attack

You have heard gun shots in
your area

Vehicle accidents

Impaired/unsafe driver

Concerns or to report:

Unpermitted neighborhood burning – yard debris, etc.

Lost or loose animals in your neighborhood

Noise disturbances

Vehicle break ins

*See the Non-Emergency Phone Numbers for Dispatch Centers  erving Lincoln County Communities

Non-emergency ambulance transfers

Copies of police/fire reports

Power outages

Driving directions or road closures (tripcheck.com)

*See the Lincoln Co. Public Safety Info Sheet for additional contact numbers
* When calling from landline or cell phone

Speak clearly, be calm when a caller is upset, it is hard to understand what they are saying or to get vital
information quickly

State which emergency service is needed and why (e.g. Fire, Police, Ambulance)

State your exact physical address (where you are at the time of the emergency)

o Mobile (cell) Phone Calls: If you do not know the exact address look for landmarks, i.e., mile markers,
addresses on mailboxes, street signs, highway signs, nearby parks, businesses, etc.

Stay on the line until your Call Taker tells you to disconnect
. If calling from mobile (cell) phone and you are driving,
pull to the side of the road and stop before calling.

If you can’t speak or hear when calling 911

After dialing, leave the phone off the hook and make noise to let the Call Taker (Dispatcher) know you have an

Calling from a landline (hard wired phone): Your address will appear on the call taker’s screen

Calling from a mobile (cell) phone: The Call Taker may get latitude/longitude close to your location

Text-to- 911: Give clear identifiers to where you are located and what your emergency is
Public Safety Tips
Make sure your address is
visible on the outside of your house or at roadway, especially at night
o Posted in your home for guests or babysitters to use if they are calling from a mobile phone

Teach children when to call 911, when not to and their home address; be sure a phone is within reach and
they know where to find it

Keep mobile phones secure so they don’t accidentally call 911; but if that happens do not hang up, stay on the
line and explain the situation to the Call Taker

Other Information

Non-Emergency Dispatch Center Phone Numbers (Lincoln County)

Located on the next page

State Highway Information – ODOT:
www.tripcheck.comor “511” on your mobile or landline phone
Disclaimer: This list is not all inclusive and should be seen only as a representation of call types/circumstances.

Source: Willamette Valley Communications Center and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

Revised: 12/11/18
Non-Emergency Phone Numbers for

Dispatch Centers Serving Lincoln County, Oregon Communities

Community Areas
Number to Dispatch
Business Number
Depoe Bay, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach

Police: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
5412650777 5412654277
Fire: Depoe Bay Rural Fire Protection District
5415745809 5417642202
East Lincoln County (Elk City, Harlan, Burnt Woods, Eddyville, Chitwood, Nashville)

Police: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
5412650777 5412654277
Fire: OR Dept. of Forestry
5419299154 5413362273
Fire: Toledo Rural Fire Protection Dist.
5413365555 5413363311
Lincoln City (City)

Police: Lincoln City Police
5419943636 5419943636
Fire: North Lincoln Fire and Rescue District 1
5419943636 5419943100
Newport (City and North/South)

Police: Newport City Police Dept.
5415745807 5415743348
Fire: Newport City Fire Dept.
5415745808 5412659461
Fire: Newport Rural Fire Protection Dist.
5415745808 5412659461
North Lincoln County (Otis, Rose Lodge, Kernville)

Police: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
5412650777 5412654277
Fire: North Lincoln Fire and Rescue District 1
5419943636 5419943100
Seal Rock

Police: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
5412650777 5412654277
Fire: Seal Rock Rural Fire Protection District
5415745811 5415634441
Siletz (City and Unincorporated Areas)

Police: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
5412650777 5412654277
Fire: Siletz Valley Rural Fire Protection District
5415745812 5414442043
Toledo (City)

Dispatch: Toledo City Dispatch
5413365555 5413365555
Police: Toledo City Police
5413365555 5413365555
Fire: Toledo City Fire
5413365555 5413363311
Waldport (City and Unincorporated Areas)

Police: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
5412650777 5412654277
Fire: Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue
5415745810 5415633121
Yachats (City and Unincorporated Areas)

Police: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
5412650777 5412654277
Fire: Yachats Rural Fire Protection District/So. Lincoln Ambulance
5415473266 5415473266
Other and State Agencies

Oregon Department of Forestry (Toledo District)
5412654231 5413362273
Oregon Department of Transportation (Lincoln Co Highways)
5033620457 5417574211
Oregon State Police Dispatch and Newport Office
5033753555 5412655353
Pacific West Ambulance (ASA Zone 1, 2, 3 & 4)
5415745814 5419946690
South Lincoln Ambulance (ASA Zone 5)
5415473266 5415473266


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