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Here comes the Samaritan House….better’n ever!!

Summer Newsletter 2022

The Nuts and Bolts!

Our Grand Opening invitation above from 2003

When Samaritan House acquired the motel in the early 2000’s,

it came with challenges of an old building inside and out. Some of you may remember it’s “old life” as the Tides Motel.

We have been continually updating and fixing as needed over the

years and now it’s coming time that we focus on this

community’s investment and shore up our building.<


Families served in 2021-2022

Over 50 Adults and children stayed in our 10 apartments &

participated in our 10-month program

Over 450 Rolls of toilet paper and paper towels were given to residents

300 Toothbrushes, bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste,

hand soap, calendars, Kleenex, notepads & pens, small bag of chocolate

200 Towels, wash clothes, hand towels were given to residents

150 Sheet sets and pillows were given to residents

Items replaced 2021/22, need replaced due to broken,

stained or units cleaned

3 Microwaves – $80

2 Refrigerators – $480

3 Toasters – $75

2 coffee pot – $60

3 Futon mattresses – $450

2 Futon frames – $720

4 Twin mattresses – replaced by donation!


1 set Dishes replaced – $80

1 set of Pots and Pans – $100

1 set of Silverware/ cooking utensils – $80

6 sets of Curtains replaced – $120

Total Cost:  $ 5,315.00

You can see the cost of business over the last 19 years & the wear

and tear on the units yearly serving our families here at

Samaritan House can really add up.

In between each resident moving out, the opportunity for us to do inventory

and a walk through to make sure it is ready to go for the next resident. This is when items are marked to be replaced, fixed, painted, heaters replaced, light fixtures, curtains/rods, mattresses, etc.

This is not the glamorous side of business, but still a part of what we do behind the scenes & done quickly so we can move the next family in.

This is a necessary part to keeping our doors open like we have for 34 years.

The majority of the items listed above have been donated or purchased

with donations by YOU our generous donors. You believe in the mission of

what we do for Lincoln County and have been faithful in seeing that

we continue to serve year after year.

We wanted to take this time to let you see how important your donations are

and support is to Samaritan House as a whole. To know that we are being

good stewards with the money & donations you give to support us.

If you are looking for ways to support or sponsor any of the items above, please reach out to the office 541-574-8898 or email lolakathleenjones@gmail.com or Sherrie.Samaritan@gmail.com.



Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just go in and replace all the items

above and start with a New clean slate for all 10 Units.

Now that would be a blessing for all!


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