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And now…more than just a few events keeping LC City Hall vibrant…

Lincoln City City Hall, Library and other activities…


Mayor Wahlke

I maintain an office at City Hall with nor- mal office hours of 10 to 3 on Tuesday and 2 to 4:30 on Thursday, or you can make an appointment by calling 541-996 -1205. Please come talk to me and let me know your thoughts about what is happening in Lincoln City. You can also reach me at swahlke@lincolncity.org. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Do you know a student grades 4-12 who has thoughts about how the City should be run? The Oregon Mayors Association 2021-2022 “If I Were Mayor” student contest has kicked off. Submissions need to be submitted by April 8, 2022. However, Lincoln City can only submit one entry in each category, so if we have more than one entry we will need to choose a winner prior to April 8th to be entered into the statewide competition.

There are three categories, grades 4-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12. There are different ways to enter for each catego- ry. Statewide winners will receive mon- etary prizes. Contact me if you would like more information. I would love to see what our students think about being mayor of Lincoln City!

Plastic Pollution & Recycling Modernization Act: SB582

This Act, passed at the last Legislative session, updates Oregon’s recy- cling SYSTEM by leveraging producers to create a system that works for everyone. The law goes into effect January 2022 with programs and changes to start in July 2025. It will take a number of years to educate and prepare for its effective launching. (And you thought affordable hous- ing is taking a long time! Wheels DO move, and forward.)

This Act requires producers of packaging, paper products and food ser- vice ware to share responsibility for effective management of their prod- ucts AFTER use. They will finance improvements to the recycling system and assist in making Oregon’s recycling programs convenient, accessible and responsible. Local governments will maintain their local role in over- seeing collection and education in their communities. The “Education” component of Act is already being set in motion through the work of the Regional Sanitary Waste Advisory Committee (R-SWAC) in Lincoln Coun- ty. This group is composed of representatives from each of the three County Waste haulers, (North Lincoln Sanitary Service) and a local city representative (Councilor Casper.)

The Regional SWAC is primed and ready for interaction with the Lincoln County Community through a new educational program, “Coastal Charac- ters” that will be initiating radio, newspaper, and social media ads about the importance of recycling. Recycling is something that residents and businesses can all participate in – the goal is to educate ourselves and visiting tourists about what little effort it is to keep our coast clean, if we just all DO IT. In Canada there are signs that suggest people deposit gar- bage in cans—and they DO IT. In Iceland, there is NO GARBAGE laying around – they pride themselves in NOT having any rogue garbage.

For further information, or Q and A about SB 582, check this website:

https://www.oregon.gov/deq/recycling/Pages/Modernizing-Oregons- Recycling-System.aspx

By the way: YES, OREGON IS THE FIRST STATE TO INITIATE THIS TYPE OF COMMITMENT TO A RECYCLING ISSUE. We have public beaches and public trash cans—-let’s use them!!

New Childcare Ec Dev Tool

Lincoln City (or Lincoln City City Coun- cil) added a new Ec Dev Tool to the Toolbox to specifically address the need for childcare in town. Interested childcare businesses can apply for as- sistance by completing the application, available online at: https:// www.lincolncity.org/departments/ economic-development/economic- development-toolbox-loan-and-grant- programs.

Funding for this program is first-come, first-served with completed application. The first funding request for this new Ec Dev Tool will be in the next fiscal year budget.

With budget approval, applications could be processed starting July 1, 2022 and if approved, funding could be available late August/early September. Additional questions can be directed to the Economic Development Coordina- tor, Jodi Mescher: jmesher@lincolncity.org, 541-996-5365.


Driftwood Public Library COVID-19 Update

In response to the increase in cases and the transmissibility of the omicron variant, as of Sunday, January 9th, face shields and bandanas will no longer be acceptable face coverings in the library.

Driftwood staff will switch to wearing a KN95 or N95 mask.

The library will re-promote our curbside services as an alternative for those who are practicing social distancing or who are unable to wear a mask.

DPL is also in contact with Lincoln County Public Health as a possible dis- tribution site for free at-home COVID-19 tests. This is a role libraries throughout the country have played. Should we receive tests, we will stipulate that people experiencing symptoms of illness should not come into the library to pick up their test kits.

Parks & Recreation January 2022 Events

Upcoming Meetings

  •   Jan. 15 – Youth Basketball games begin at Community Center
  •   Jan. 20 – American Red Cross Blood Drive – 11am-4pm @ Community Center Large Meet-ing Room
  •   Jan. 22 – Intro to Wellness – Exploratory workout featuring Strength & Balance, Gentle Yoga, Aqua Deep/Shallow workouts. $10 and registration is through Oregon Coast Community College.
  •   Jan. 25 – Taft HS swim team home meet @ Com- munity Center pool – 3:30-6pmYouth Basketball has 175 participants on 18 teams. Big thanks to our sponsors! We have $10,250 in team sponsors for our 2021-22 fiscal year thus far. Practices began the first week of January with games starting Jan. 15.
  • Check Lincoln City Hall’s schedule of upcoming public meetings:  Check their website. 


Winter Cleaning Include a Garage Sale?

Yes, you need a permit! Per city code LCMC 5.8 to have a garage sale in the city limits you must have a permit. The purpose of requiring the permit is to limit the number of garage sales per year at one location. This prevents flea markets and other such busi- nesses from being established in residential neighborhoods without the proper hear- ings, variances and permits.

Garage sales shall be allowed twice each calendar year for a maximum of fourteen (14) days. All signage for the sale must follow LCMC 17.72.030. All signs must be re- moved within one (1) day after the sale completion.

This permit is free and easy to obtain. The application can be found on our website www.lincolncity.org/documentsandforms or by contacting the Finance Department at 541.996.1211. To read the codes in their entirety please go to: https:// www.lincolncity.org/government/city-charter-and-laws

Public Works Winter Update & Service Request Form

With winter upon us, street crews have been busy maintaining our streets and storm system. While we strive to keep up, after an event the crews need time to respond safely. We ask that people be very careful when driving, walking and biking.

Lincoln City has five street crew personnel and often it will take time to respond to events.

  •   In icy or frosty conditions we apply a liquid de-icer (magnesium chloride) howev- er if the pavement is wet, it will wash away immediately so we only apply this treatment during times of cold, dry weather.
  •   One recent event was icy and wet, the de-icer would not have been effective. When there is ice on the roads we apply sand; however Lincoln City has one truck and it takes time to reach all of the icy streets. Even with sand applied, roads, especially hills and curves, will remain icy.Reporting hazards can be done through a number of ways. Please use this link to the City’s website. https://www.lincolncity.org/residents/service-request-form


Email mphillips@lincolncity.org and tell us you want to be added to the email list to receive monthly updates and an- nouncements from the City.us

To view meeting agendas and minutes visit: www.lincolncity.org.

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