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American Red Cross Preparedness Webinar

American Red Cross (ARC) Preparedness Presentations

ARC is hosting preparedness webinars every Tuesday in March from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Whether you are motivated to start building your preparedness kit, or need a refresher course, these classes are designed to help families and individuals learn how to be better prepared. Information and links can be found at the Red Cross  Cascades webpage.

·         March 9th: Wildfire Safety

·         March 16th: Earthquake Safety

·         March 23rd: Flooding Safety

·         March 30th: Home Fire Safety

2. Oregon ShakeAlert Kick Off – March 11th

When disaster strikes, being prepared can make a big difference. A preparedness tool called ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System will be activated in Oregon on March 11.  Already in place in California, ShakeAlert detects significant earthquakes quickly and sends an alert to people before shaking arrives at their location. The time between receiving the alert and feeling the shaking, gives people critical seconds to protect themselves.

No action needs to be taken on March 11 and no sign up is required. These important alerts come automatically on most cell phones making a distinctive sound and a text message that reads “Earthquake Detected! Drop, Cover, Hold On. Protect Yourself.” The ShakeAlert message is available in Spanish for phones set to receive alerts in that language. Another way to receive ShakeAlert notices is to download the QuakeAlertUSA mobile app.

While there is no way to know when an earthquake will strike, the precious seconds of advance warning provided through ShakeAlert will give people time to take protective actions to reduce risk, minimize casualties and reduce damage.

Learn more at shakealert.org or Lincoln County Emergency ManagementWhat’s Happening Now .

3.    Fire Safe Oregon – OSU Wildfire Wednesday Webinars

Are you ready for the next wildfire season? Last summer’s wildfire events impacted most Oregonians and we learned that EVERYONE living in Oregon should be prepared for a wildfire emergency. Every community is different though, and it can be difficult to navigate all of the resources.

On March 17, OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension along with state and local agencies and community partners, will launch Wildfire Wednesday’s lunch and learn, “Fire Aware. Fire Prepared.” program. This statewide campaign will help Oregonians prepare for the reality of wildfire through greater awareness and actions.

Wildfire Wednesday Webinars Sessions (12:00-1:00pm PST):

·         March 17: It takes a village!

·         March 31: From the home to the landscape

·         April 14: Building community for better preparedness

·         April 28: Ready, Set, GO!

·         TBD: Fire preparedness in my area

·         May 19: A land of fire

·         June 2: When fire hits

·         June 16: After the fire 

WEBSITE For More Information – Fire Program Online Webinar Guide page, at beav.es/FAFP 

4.    Lincoln County Wildfire Readiness Season…coming soon.

Public Safety Officials and Lincoln County Emergency Management should be releasing our 2021 Wildfire Readiness Season calendar of events by end of March. Areas we will focus on are specific to Lincoln County :

·         May 1, Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

·         2021 Lincoln County Wildfire Readiness Presentations

o   Updating our 2020 presentation

o   Due to COVID our presentations will be hosted virtually and recorded then made available on our county website

o   We will break out the 2-hour presentation into sections for easier viewing:

§  Access and Functional Needs Preparedness

§  Animal and Livestock Preparedness

§  Evacuation Notifications and Process

§  Emergency Sheltering

§  Fire History, Local Risk and Community Readiness

§  Insurance Considerations and Business Protection

§  Wildfire Smoke and Health Risks

§  Recovery after the Fire

o   Presentations will be scheduled to begin in April through May


Virginia “Jenny” Demaris
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
Emergency Management Division
Office Phone: 541-265-0616
Lincoln County Call Center: 541-265-0621
Email: vdemaris@co.lincoln.or.us
Website: https://www.co.lincoln.or.us/emergencymanagement
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lcemergencymanagement
Lincoln Alerts – Emergency Notifications: www.co.lincoln.or.us/alerts


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