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Corona Virus Vaccination Update

Vaccination for seniors in Oregon begins Monday

Starting Feb. 8, people age 80 and older can begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The Oregon Health Authority is committed to getting all older Oregonians vaccinated. There will be more seniors who want to get vaccinated than there will be vaccines available to them.  

When will you be eligible?

Everyone 65 and older will be eligible for vaccine by the end of February. Here are dates that each age group becomes eligible for the vaccine:



Number of Oregonians 


80 and older 

February 8, 2021 


1B, Group 2 

75 and older 

February 15, 2021 


1B, Group 3 

70 and older 

February 22, 2021 


1B, Group 4 

65 and older 

March 1, 2021 


1B, Group 5


Next week, OHA will launch a new tool that will allow people to determine if they are eligible for a vaccine and register to get email alerts or text notifications about vaccine events in their area. The tool will be open to all Oregonians and information will be available in 11 languages. We will provide information about how to access the tool in Coronavirus Update after it goes live. In the meantime, Oregonians can: 

  • Call 211 or 1-866-698-6155 (TTY: dial 711 or call 1-866-698-6155)


Visit covidvaccine.oregon.gov, text “ORCOVID” to the number 898211 for text/SMS updates in English or Spanish, email ORCOVID@211info.org or call 211#MyORHealth horizontal rule

What to expect when your student returns to school 

Across Oregon, some schools are starting to reopen. If your student is returning to school, you may be worried or hopeful or both. For students who return to the classroom, some things will look different. Here are some new health and safety routines to know about: 

Staggered arrival and dismissal times: This cuts down on crowding in hallways and common spaces. Your student may be assigned to a particular entrance and exit. There might be stricter sign-in/out processes to make contact tracing easier.
How you can help: Schools are asking caregivers to keep drop-off and pick-up as brief as possible.

Face coverings: Students from kindergarten up must wear a face covering indoors and outdoors, as well as on the school bus.
How you can help: Make sure young students can get their masks on and off without help. Wash masks daily. If you can, pack a spare mask in your student’s backpack.

Outdoor learning: Some lessons may happen outside when weather allows.
How you can help: Pack extra layers; make sure your student has rain gear.

Meals at school: Students may be asked to eat outdoors or in classrooms instead of in the cafeteria. School meals will not be self-service or buffet-style.
How you can help: Young students often struggle to open containers. If your student brings a packed lunch, make sure they can open all their food and drink so that they don’t have to ask for help.

Ready Schools, Safe Learners has all the latest health and safety information


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