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Pumping up Lincoln County School District future leaders and learners…in a little bit different way…

Lincoln County School District has received $100,000 Grant from the Oregon Department of Education to Expand Paid Opportunity to Classified Staff

Through the Growth of Your Own Teachers Rural Teacher Pathway Project Classified Staff Can Become Licensed Educators

The Lincoln County School District and Oregon Coast Community College have partnered together to provide a pathway for LCSD classified staff to become teachers or other licensed staff.  In an effort to diversify our workforce, LCSD received a Grow Your Own grant from the Oregon Department of Education to provide financial opportunities to existing staff to pursue further education in becoming a licensed educator.  Preference will be given to those classified staff who are bilingual, bicultural, biliterate, or meet other diversity criteria.

The LCSD will now offer three education pathways, the above pathway for classified staff, along with two ongoing Pathways for students who graduate from LCSD. The programs offer paid classroom experience while enrolled at Oregon Coast Community College through the Early Childhood Pathway, or an Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) related to an elementary education degree in partnership with OCCC and Western Oregon University. 

Interested staff can learn more about the new program by attending an information session. Two upcoming dates are planned:

1/20/21, 4-5 pm

Zoom Link:


1/27/21, 4-5 pm

Zoom Link:


Who is eligible and what is the process for Classified Staff?

1.  Current classified staff with at least two school years (6 hours daily) of successful service to the District.

2.  Applicants from Lincoln County School District who are bilingual, bicultural, biliterate, or otherwise diverse.

Diverse Categories

  • Race

  • Ethnicity

  • Language

  • Gender

  • Culture

  • Religion

  • Differing abilities

3a.  Applicants who meet the criteria and interview successfully with Lincoln County School District Human Resources Director.

3b.  Applicants who meet with Ben Kaufmann, Navigate Program Manager, at Oregon Coast Community College (process information below) and are accepted into OCCC.

4. Employees who successfully take OCCC education courses (winter and spring term up to 12 credits per term) and continue to work 4 hours daily in LCSD.

Program Specifics

  • Selected employees will work 4 hours in their existing positions and be released for the remaining hours of their position with no change in benefits or pay.

  • The daily release time is to engage in college-level education-focused coursework and observe in LCSD classrooms.

  • Employees would take education pathway courses through OCCC or continue on from an Associate’s Degree to a 4-year degree reimbursed at the OCCC course rate

  • All associated OCCC tuition and fees paid for by LCSD

  • All associated OCCC books paid for including the use of a Chromebook

LCSD Requirements

  1. Submit one letter of recommendation from a current supervisor.

  2. Submit one letter of recommendation from another LCSD employee.

  3. Submit a one-page essay, within the application, describing why you want to be a teacher or other licensed educator.

  4. Apply online at: Rural Teacher Pathway Program Application

OCCC Requirements

  1. Apply to OCCC at http://www.oregoncoastcc.org/getting-started/

  2. For the K12 Teacher Pathway: Make an appointment with Ben Kaufmann, OCCC Navigate Program Manager, ben.kaufmann@oregoncoast.edu, or Student Services at (541) 867-8501

  3. Bring high school and/or college transcripts if possible

  4. Learn about scholarship information and transferring to WOU!


Hard to Fill Positions

Lincoln County School District experiences difficulty in filling these positions and is always looking for staff to fill specialist positions in addition to traditional classroom teachers.

  • Speech Pathologist

  • School Psychologist

  • Reading Teacher

  • English as a Second or Other Language Teacher

  • Special Education

  • Music

Still have questions?
Jennie Scarborough, LCSD Human Resources Specialist 



Tiana Tucker, LCSD Human Resources Director 



Ben Kaufmann, OCCC Navigate Program Manager 



Kristin Bigler

Communications Specialist

Lincoln County School District

541-270-3366 Cell

541-265-9211 ext. 415 


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