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Update from Lincoln County Schools

October 2, 2020


Dear Lincoln County SD Staff, Families, Community and Friends,

We have been watching our county and state metrics on COVID very closely. Our county numbers now allow us to open some grades for in-person instruction for grades K-3, some special education structured learning center classrooms associated with those grades, and some of our high school Career Technical Education or CTE classes. Grades K-3 can open under the Exception rule for a full day but only part week education (hybrid) and CTE for 2 hours per day under Limited In-Person Instruction rules. Please read below for details.

Edmentum, our fully online program K-12 has begun and will continue into the foreseeable future. Our Comprehensive Distance Learning K-12 online LCSD teacher-lead educational program is in full swing.

The following is the latest LCSD update:

Kindergarten Starts. On Monday, October 12th, and Tuesday, October 13th we plan to welcome the first cohorts of our kindergarten students in our LCSD schools. This is allowed through the Oregon Department of Education K-3 exception based on our school and county metrics. Your kindergarten student’s school will let you know whether they will be part of the in-person Monday/Thursday cohort or the in-person Tuesday/Friday cohort. The students will continue to spend their off days virtually as they are currently participating right now. If you are not comfortable sending your kinder at this time, you will need to contact your building principal to let them know you prefer to continue in the solely CDL model. If your kinder is currently in Edmentum and you would prefer to move to the in-person hybrid/CDL, please fill out the Change of Academic option form on the Fall 2020 section of the website to connect with Zach Lillebo, the Edmentum administrator by October 2nd (today) to change your placement. Your school will be contacting you with more detailed information soon about in-person instruction. This is the first step in bringing our next grade levels of 1-3 back into our schools as soon as we are able.

Career Technical Education programs start Monday, October 12. With the ability to bring back limited in-person instruction, LCSD is planning to start with small Career and Technical Education courses that require hands-on experiences for certification and program development. Schools are working directly with students, families, and transportation to fill cohorts of ten students for some programs of study. These students will only be allowed on campus for a total of two hours a day and will also experience limited hybrid instruction in a second course while on campus.

Structured Learning Center programs start for Kindergarten students Monday, Oct 12. Kindergarten students that access structured learning center classrooms (SLCs) will start on October 12th. They will be working with their teacher and the instructional assistants that support the program. SLC programs consist of multiple grade levels; the grades other than kindergarten will continue with online learning also with their teacher and instructional assistants. As more grades are phased in, these grade levels will also be phased in for the SLC programs.

Athletics starts Monday, Oct 12. As schools begin slow reopenings for academics, our athletic programs will also begin the much-awaited OSAA Season 1. LCSD will begin Season 1 with Strength and Conditioning workouts led by coaches. As workouts progress, LCSD staff will continue to evaluate our ability to begin to utilize equipment, indoor spaces, and possibly county competitions prior to Season 2 beginning in December. Unlike the speed and agility training we had hoped to run this Summer, Season 1 requires complete athletic clearance. Contact your school’s athletic office for more information.
Internet Challenges: There are essentially two internet challenges: no connectivity and slow connectivity. Please read more details about what you can do.
No Connectivity

Landbased connectivity offered via cable or telephone companies are the best option. The district has contracts and/or partnerships with these services. Please contact your school to start the process of seeing if one of these providers can assist you rather than the provider directly.

Spectrum (Waldport, Newport, and Lincoln City
WAVE (Siletz, Depoe Bay, and Lincoln City).
Pioneer Connect (Waldport, Eddyville).

A Cellular hotspot is the next option. LCSD has a robust comprehensive distance learning model that can need a large or unlimited data plan. Most of the hotspots the district purchased in the spring might not have sufficient data for a month of virtual learning. It is recommended that these hotspots be used as a supplement and not as the primary internet connectivity solution. We have retooled with an unlimited data hotspot that is being distributed this week with a focus on the McKinney Vento students.

Other connectivity possibilities include wireless access via community businesses and organizations. Although far from ideal, internet access is available outside the schools in the district. The district is actively working to expand other solutions to bring internet service to the homes of our students.

Slow Connectivity

The technology team can offer these suggestions to improve the performance of home networks:

Turn off webcams when not needed
Keep the number of open tabs to a minimum
Limit devices while students are learning
Have the Chromebook as near as possible to the wireless access point
Contact your service provider for additional tips

Thank you for hanging in there with us as we navigate the challenges of internet connectivity in our district. If you need to explore internet solutions for your family call Sherry Fitch at 541-265-4400 or Aracelly Guevara (Spanish) at 541-574-7638. This link also has additional resources to support students.

Attendance. Continuing to monitor attendance is one of the most important ways schools can account for student engagement and wellbeing during a pandemic across any instructional model. There is a strong relationship between attendance and student achievement. Attendance this year is based on a combination of participation and interaction. For students participating in CDL, if they do not participate in a live class session, they can complete coursework outside of live class hours and/or communicate with their teachers to meet regular attendance requirements. Parents will be notified if their student misses a live class session. For full-time Edmentum students, attendance is based on the total time of interaction/participation. The daily target for Edmentum students in grades K-3 is 2 hours 20 minutes, for grades 4-8 it is 2 hours 30 minutes, and for grades 9-12 it is 2 hours 50 minutes. Participation reports are run on a weekly basis and absences will be reported to parents if a student does not meet the weekly target for regular attendance.

Meals. Meals Available to All Youth in Lincoln County Meals on the Bus Information

Families in Lincoln County with children aged 0-18 are once again eligible to receive FREE breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each child daily. Youth are able to participate in this meal service once per weekday at a bus delivery stop or curbside pickup site in their local area.

Lincoln County School District in continued partnership with Sodexo Nutrition Services and First Student Bus Company are committed to providing food for the youth of Lincoln County. This countywide breakfast and lunch service is being provided under new, short-term waivers issued by the US Department of Agriculture.

Curbside pickup meal sites will be operated at Taft 7-12 School, Newport Middle School, Toledo Elementary School, and Crestview Heights Elementary School from 12:00 pm-1:30 pm Monday – Friday.

Newly created meal delivery route details will be published on the District website at Be sure to check this page on the District website for the most current information as well as details of how to receive FirstView live tracking and notifications of meal bus services.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I leave my on-line class to pick up meals if not at a designated lunchtime like my schedule shows?
o Yes, teachers know to be flexible. Please turn your camera off while eating.

What if I need meal accommodations or have questions about the menu?
o Contact nutrition services at (541) 336-2156

What is the extra produce for in the bags?
o You may have noticed some extra fruit and vegetables in your meals like avocados, snap peas, and sweet peppers. This is brought to you by the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. We hope you enjoy this extra item.


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