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September 13, 2020

Due to extreme fire danger and limited firefighting resources currently available, Corvallis Parks and Recreation closed the following natural areas on Friday, 9/11. They will assess daily and reopen when possible.

Bald Hill Natural Area, Brandis Natural Area, Chip Ross Natural Area, Forest Dell Natural Area, Herbert Farm Natural Area, Marys River Natural Area, Noyes Natural Area, Orleans Natural Area, Owens Farm Natural Area, Timber Hill Natural Area, Witham Hill Natural Area

The McDonald-Dunn Forest and Starker Forests are closed to public use. The Siuslaw National Forest, including Marys Peak, is also closed.

More information for Benton, Linn, Lincoln, Marion, and Polk counties can be found at the following websites:

Oregon Office of Emergency Management Oregon wildfire resources: https://wildfire.oregon.gov/

Benton County: https://co.benton.or.us/wildfireresponse

Linn County fire information: http://www.co.linn.or.us/

Linn County Sheriff’s office has an evacuation and fire live map: https://www.linnsheriff.org/fire_live_updates_sept_2020/

Linn County Evacuation Zones: https://linngis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=348a6e7fc2ab458293679f2b736dc676

Lincoln County: https://www.co.lincoln.or.us/emergencymanagement/page/whats-happening-now

Marion County: https://www.co.marion.or.us/Alerts?AlertId=83

Polk County: https://www.co.polk.or.us/em/wildfire-information

To find an open Red Cross shelter: https://www.redcross.org/get-help/disaster-relief-and-recovery-services/find-an-open-shelter.html

Safe ash cleanup tips: https://www.ourair.org/ash-cleanup/

Air quality: https://cfpub.epa.gov/airnow/index.cfm?action=airnow.local_state&stateid=38&mapcenter=0&tabs=2

Fire Status: https://caltopo.com/map.html#ll=44.82568,-123.11279&z=9&b=mbt&a=modis_h red ~ within one day, yellow ~ previous day, green ~ two days ago, blue ~ three days ago, purple ~four days ago


Here are our activities in the next 2 weeks

Once the Marys Peak Group is allowed to resume offering and conducting outings by the National Office of the Sierra Club and by Governor Brown’s phase-in levels, would you in the meantime be Interested in Becoming a Leader for Sierra Club Outings?

If you enjoy sharing Oregon’s incredible outdoors with others, then we hope you will become an outing leader for the Marys Peak Group (MPG), the local group of the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, Having new leaders is critical to MPG’s goal of getting people out into Oregon’s outdoors. We’d love to have you!  Doing so will add to the number and variety of hikes and outings we offer.

Having a love of the outdoors is the essential characteristic of an MPG leader. The purpose of MPG’s outings is to share parts of Oregon that you have discovered and enjoy. A background or interest in any of the natural sciences is a wonderful plus but not necessary.

What are the Advantages of Becoming an Outing Leader?

  • Provides an incentive or motivation for you to find new trails in Oregon
  • Opportunities to share those or your favorite trails with others
  • Sharing your pleasure & joy will help get people out enjoying nature
  • Meeting and interacting with other lovers & enjoyers of the outdoors
  • Chances of learning new insights from participants on your trips
  • Strengthens your organizational skills


Ken Fitschen, Assistant Chair, Jules Moritz, Outings Chair, and Robert Verhoogen, Chair Emeritus, will make the process as smooth as possible. Contact one of them via e-mail if you are interested in finding out more about becoming an outing leader:

– Ken Fitschen’s e-mail = kenfits@comcast.net

            – Jules Moritz’s e-mail = mpg.outings.leader@gmail.com

            – Robert Verhoogen’s e-mail = rverhoogen@mac.com

2)         Bill Sullivan Presentations:

Marys Peak Group is not currently leading hikes due to the coronavirus pandemic, following the guidelines of the National Sierra Club and of Governor Brown. To help make up for the loss of the canceled live Bill Sullivan March presentation, our Marys Peak Group has decided to share two of his video presentations to maintain our programming commitment, in anticipation of the day when we can safely travel around the state and hike together again.  In the meantime, we offer these arm chair travel adventures, created by the West Linn and Deschutes Public Libraries:


New Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBbBJMoQyJY&feature=youtu.be


New Hikes in Northwest Oregon:   https://youtu.be/G_soKBtMXNM

“The focus of the presentations is on the need for social distancing to avoid overcrowding as trails reopen. I also talk about the upcoming permit system, fire damage, and newly built trails.”  – Bill Sullivan

NOTE:  There will NOT be any Peak View mailings UNLESS there is new information to report from OSU Forestry, the Sierra Club National office, or the Governor’s Office about the opening up of recreation areas, or from our Executive Committee.

1) Newcomers to MPG outing events, please view the new GENERAL OUTING POLICY on our MPG website by clicking on copying and pasting

< http://oregon2.sierraclub.org/marys-peak/outings >  and then clicking on < Get Outdoors/Outings and Policies > before pre-registering for or attending an outing. 

2) Carpooling: Given the changing gas prices when car-pooling, take a moment to ask the leader for the suggested reimbursement rate per passenger per hour of driving for the outing. 

3) Contacting Marys Peak Group:  Marys Peak Group contact information is obtainable at https://oregon2.sierraclub.org/marys-peak/contact.  Listed are the Executive Committee members and the Administrative and Program Coordinators.

4) Facebook: Marys Peak Group – Sierra Club is on Facebook.  Check out MPG’s Facebook page to view pictures of past hikes and events, and learn about upcoming opportunities.  Post pictures from hikes and outings you participate in! Copy and paste the address  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marys-Peak-Group-Sierra-Club/159377960779

5) Minutes of the MPG Executive Committee can be viewed at the aforementioned website by clicking on the About Us/Ex Comm Meeting Minutes tab or by clicking on https://oregon2.sierraclub.org/marys-peak/minutes  for the minutes of the virtual meeting, July 28, 2020.


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