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Toledo Pool Recreation District Seeks Senior Lifeguard Instructor

Toledo Pool
On the grow….

Greater Toledo Pool Recreation District
P.O. Box 583 Toledo, Oregon 97391
174 NW 7th St. Toledo, Oregon 97391

POSITION TITLE: Senior Lifeguard-Instructor
CLOSING DATE: Open Until Filled
Employee Type: Part time +

This is the only Senior Guard- Instructor position and can be very demanding and high stress at times. Employee will need to possess the ability to multitask in a high pace environment while maintaining positive working behavior and the ability to lead even when challenged.

This is a regular part-time+ (employee can expect to work 25 hours per week or more), non-exempt position. Employees will be eligible for a free family swim pass as part of their employment package. Full employment package details available during interview.


This is a safety-sensitive position responsible for the safety and general welfare of all patrons of the Toledo Swimming Pool. This position requires constant surveillance of patrons in and around the pool area and enforcement of all rules and policies of the Greater Toledo Pool Recreation District. This position is responsible for creating a safe and positive atmosphere that promotes member safety and engagement in accordance with the Greater Toledo Pool and Districts policies and procedures. Provide leadership and supervision to lifeguard staff.

The Senior Lifeguard-Instructor is a lead lifeguard position under the direction of the Pool Manager. The Employee is required to understand all positions and be willing and able to perform the duties of each position. In addition, employee must be able to instruct swim classes as assigned by the Pool Manager in accordance with the American Red Cross and The Greater Toledo Pool skill requirements.

This position is a mandatory child abuse reporter based on ORS 419B.005 to 419B.050.

This position works under the direct supervision of the Pool Manager, or their designee.

Give direction to lifeguards and instructors regarding pool operation and duties, including the ability to delegate task in an effective and fair manner.
Help coordinate and implement swimming lessons for both The Greater Toledo Pool Recreation District and the Lincoln County School District.

Report major mechanical problems and the need for supplies in a timely fashion to the Pool Manager.

Supervise swimming areas as a lifeguard.
Monitor and establish a safe swimming area and pool building when on duty.
Explain and enforce the rules and regulations of the pool, protecting against misuse and vandalism.

Implement emergency procedures at the pool when necessary; provide emergency care and treatment as required until relieved by emergency medical services personnel.

Present a professional appearance and attitude at all times. Represent the District in a positive manner and maintain a high standard of customer service. Create a positive experience for patrons through professional and courteous behavior, and assure a positive team-oriented environment is shown to the public.

Ability to work successfully with colleagues and with the public of all ages and abilities.

Answer telephones, greet patrons and interact with the public in a positive, welcoming and professional manner. Provide information and assistance regarding schedules, registrations, program descriptions and other information over the phone and in person.

Use a cash register, point of sale and computer to take payments; sell concessions and swim gear items; and sell, record, and update patron memberships.

Follow all safety rules and procedures for work area.
Perform routine housekeeping chores, such as daily cleaning and maintaining bathrooms, decks, bleachers, and office areas, and keep accurate housekeeping records.

Perform mandatory chemical testing and keep accurate record of the results of the tests as mandated by state rules, regulations and district policy.
Attend regular trainings for lifeguarding skills, facility procedures, implementation of emergency action plans and other trainings and staff meetings as assigned. Demonstrate retention of skills and integrate skills with other staff. Lead in-services and meetings as directed by the Pool Manager.
Develop and maintain positive and productive relationships with colleagues. 
Respect diversity in the workplace when interacting with patrons and district employees.

Respond positively to correction and accept direction. Be accountable in seeking resolution of misunderstandings, conflicts, and performance problems of self or others.

Adhere to the chain of command and responsibilities contained in the Greater Toledo Pool Personnel Policy Handbook.

Maintain regular job attendance and adherence to working hours as defined by district and pool policy.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Pool Manager, or their designee including but not limited to additional duties listed below.

Develop and implement recreation programs (Swim Lessons, Swim Club, Aqua Class, Lifeguard training, etc.) as assigned.

Responsible for the opening and closing of the pool facility.
Ability to organize and instruct people of all ages and provide assistance to patrons in and out of the water as needed.

Act as a facilitator when groups use the facility, informing the group of pool policies and procedures, coordinating activities and ensuring a safe and positive experience.

Regularly perform clerical duties.

This is a safety sensitive position which requires compliance with the District’s random drug and alcohol testing program.

Knowledge of pool operations of an aquatic facility. Understand pool operation and maintenance procedures including but not limited to basic knowledge regarding pool chemicals, pumps, filters, vacuuming, and backwashing procedures.

Good knowledge of Oregon safety and health codes for public swimming pools; safety procedures for storing, handling, and using toxic chemicals Take chlorine and pH checks as needed or assign and supervise pool staff members in this task. Make proper chemical adjustments when needed and the ability to care for such facilities needs as directed by Pool Manager or their designee.

Must have and exercise the ability to work successfully with the public of all ages and abilities. The ability to write and speak English clearly. The ability to identify and prevent hazards, implement solutions and maintain a safe environment. The ability to perform basic arithmetic. The ability to assume a schedule of flexible working hours, which may include but not limited to early mornings, evenings, weekends, split shifts, special events and holidays.


Must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
High School Diploma or equivalent.

Must currently hold and maintain current American Red Cross Certifications for Lifeguarding for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid and CPR/AED. (Copies will be kept in the pool office).

The following specific experience is required: 36 hours of successful course work and in-water experience dealing with Red Cross Lifeguard Training, 36 hours of successful in-water and course work dealing with Red Cross Water Safety Instructor training, including Lifeguard Instructor Training, or the ability to obtain both within 6 months of employment (unless approved by Pool Manager).

Aquatic Fitness Instructor and NSPF Certified Pool Operator Certification highly desired, but not required at this time.
Minimum of two year in-water teaching Red Cross swimming lessons. Swim Team and Swim Club experience is desirable.

Complete the Mandatory Reporter, OSHA Hazardous Chemicals, and Blood Borne Pathogen training online, prior to start date. (See Pool Manager for more information).

Must wear required uniform and PPE while on duty.
Relate well with public and be highly reliable.

Mandatory to attend and lead when directed regular in-services and meetings.


While performing the duties of this position, the employee is frequently required to sit, stand, move, swim, communicate, reach and manipulate objects, tools or controls. The ability to stand for periods of 20 minutes or longer and to perform Lifeguarding duties without rest is required. The position requires mobility. Duties involve moving materials weighing up to 25 pounds on a regular basis and may infrequently require moving materials weighing up to 100 pounds. During emergency situations may require following training protocols to remove victims up to and heavier than 350 pounds. Manual dexterity and coordination are required over 50% of the work period while performing job duties. All guards and instructors of the Greater Toledo Pool Recreation District are expected to “Stay in good shape.” You will be required to swim the Red Cross 300 yard swim as defined in Greater Toledo Pool Policy.

All offers of employment are subject to successful completion of a complete background check, reference check, and in the case of safety sensitive positions, drug and alcohol testing.

The Greater Toledo Pool Recreation District is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, military status, association with members of a protected class, membership in other protected groups, association or political affiliation, injured worker status, veteran status, nonsupervisory family relationships, disability (except for bona fide occupational qualifications), or any other protected class or work relationship relating to terms of employment, provision of service to the public and access to public facilities.

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