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Brett Kavanaugh: How do you feel about the outcome?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh
The next Supreme Court Justice replacing outgoing Justice Anthony Kennedy

NewsLincolnCounty has opened a forum on how people feel about the outcome of today 50 to 48 Senate vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the replacement for the moderate Justice Anthopny Kennedy who recently retired.

Speak your mind. Keep it clean. Stick to the issues. No personal attacks. Send your thoughts to:

By the way, the views and opinions expressed here on this topic do not necessarily express the views and opinions of those of, its staff or advertisers. The views and opinions of the writers are strictly their own.

I feel pretty certain that someday we will all be quite proud of the outcome and proud of the work that Judge Kavinaugh does for all the American people notwithstanding the obvious single party opinions of our current Senators. Right now I feel quite unhappy with myself for voting for them.

Bob Seeley
Lincoln City


I’m a registered Democrat and delighted to see another conservative on the Supreme Court. I do not like the way the country is going too liberal, with sanctuary cities, lack of cooperation between federal and state law enforcement, protesters in the streets, open borders. We can’t keep taking the world’s unfortunates without some clear system that apprehends those entering illegally. Primarily, our generous social systems are overloaded to the max, as well as our schools. Some workable limit must be developed.. I think a conservative leaning Supreme Court is the last hope for some reasonable control of immigration. In addition, such a court will respect the constitution as it was written and the amendments that have modified it, most important in these overly passionate times. And I expect the next election to return democrats to congressional leaderships.

R. L. Carter
Lincoln City


I find it disappointing that someone you probably would not hire to work for you has been confirmed to a very powerful position in our government. There was enough evidence brought (even publicly) that I don’t want this person deciding important legal cases – his judgment is suspect.

And I don’t care how much you like beer, a person who professes his love for it in a rant as he did is showing poor judgment.

Rusty Henrichsen


I am happy Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn in. Kavanaugh was an outstanding Judge on the DC appeals court and is the only Judge that has twelve decisions used by the Supreme Court affirming his rulings.

Liberals should be ashamed at the performance by Democrats who tried to use Kavanaugh to stop any new Republican being appointed to the court. They lied about his record, the leaked confidential victim information, they illegally posted confidential information on Republican Senators, and they declared guilty violation Constitutional protections of innocence unless proven guilty.

Ginsburg, Sotomayer, and Kagan are far left Judges who vote their beliefs and not Constitutional law yet Republicans helped confirm them because a Democratic President nominated them. Those days are gone. Wait until a Dem is President and watch liberals complain when anyone they support is opposed.

Jeff Merkley helped change longtime rules for Judge appointment so liberals could stack the DC court. Now he complains because Republicans are using the rule to appoint Republicans.

This was never about Kavanaugh but about liberals not wanting five RepuBlicans on the court. Voters decided otherwise.

Thom Clark
Newport, Or


Good to see bunches of people with placards on the street in Newport today against abortion.

Is there now a way clear to get some votes to support enforcement for women who have been abandoned during their pregnancies? Is there some political encouragement for comprehensive healthcare for the little ones who need dental and glasses along with foster care for children suffering various drug dependency issues from the parents? Is there a chance that the surge in interest will extend to affordable housing and meals for low income families who cannot otherwise afford more children?

I am so excited by this new turn of events! Yes, it will be expensive, but together we can meet the challenge. Oregon is a trend setter to be proud of.

Sharon Scarborough
Waldport, Oregon


The time has come to stop the juvenile name calling and finger pointing. If you are truly disgusted at the recent Senate circus, then use your duty as an American. Get out and support the candidate of your choice and VOTE at the upcoming election. Enough the childlike antics for the cameras. Write, call, email and visit your elected representatives. Let them know what you expect from them.

Terry Zwetzig
Newport Oregon


I have no problem with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, I think too much panic has been put forth by our two Senators. Everything will be fine.

Leo Schulz


Mr. Del Ball’s diatribe speaks volumes about where we are as a nation right now. But, let’s quickly look at the facts as we know them.

Dr. Ford came forward on behalf of the country because she became aware that someone she believed had wronged her in the past was being nominated for the highest court in the land. She had reported this incident to her therapist years ago and her friends were also aware of it. She was not a Democrat shill, doing the bidding of the Democratic party. She was and is a sincere citizen who felt honor bound to inform the public and our legislators about this man and his background so that we would have a complete picture of the person who was going to be placed on the highest court in our country.

We can never know exactly what happened to Dr. Ford. We have her honest words about that. We do know that Judge Kavanaugh has lied about his past – lied about his drinking and carousing and attitude towards women as a high school student and then while in college. He has lied about these things according to many who have also come forward. He was not saintly as a youth and that is not even the issue here – many of us were not saintly, either, as young people. But, rather than taking the high road and admitting that he might have possibly done some things he regrets now, he stonewalled the issue and lied about his past. That is not a person who deserves a place on the Supreme Court. It simply is not. He is a liar and he will now sit on the highest court and make judgements affecting your life and my life in the future.

Getting back to Mr. Ball’s comments. The Democratic party is not responsible for the Holocaust or The Great depression or Hurricane whatever. The Democratic party has given the American people great leaders and has provided to all of us Social Security, Medicare and a myriad of other programs that have made people’s lives better. We are a party of Social Justice – supporting the little guy, not big business and multimillionaires. We believe in helping people who cannot help themselves. If he cannot see this, then he is the problem in this country and we are all in trouble. He has a right to put forward his argument using a sound basis for it. He has no right to belittle the Democrats or anyone else who believes that we should know everything about a candidate for high office or the bench.

Thank you,
Rich Harrar


Over the years, I have voted Republican, Democrat, Independent and Libertarian. I have always tried to ensure the brilliant move by our Founding Fathers, a balance of power between Executive, Legislative and Judicial, kept a balance. Those voting only along party lines challenge that balance. Now with millions of dark money flowing into elections thanks to the Citizens United vote by the Not-So Supreme Court the balance of power is at best on life support.

The nomination hearing of Mr. Kavanaugh was not about the rule of law nor guilt or innocence. Rather, it was about the fitness of one who lied under oath and demonstrated strong partisan politics was suitable to be on our most important court for the remainder of his life. What are we to do from here?
File suit against Mitch McConnell for abuse of power related to; a) changing the number of votes required for nomination from a 60% to simple majority and b) refusing to schedule a hearing of Judge Garland for eight months thus weakening the Supreme Court.

Petition the Supreme Court to overturn Citizens United.

Never vote to give any one party control of either the Senate or House.

Require any candidate for national office to provide ten years of tax returns.

Institute age and term limits for all members of Congress.

Looking at our current white house resident, in the future, be careful what you asked for!

Steve Salisbury


I am tremendously impressed with how the Republican Party has once again maintained their reputation for putting Party before Country. Heil, Trump!

J Hansen

I would have liked a Supreme Court with Judge Garland on it, but Mitch gave us Kavanaugh instead. A sad day for the nation and the Supreme Court.


Senator Jeff Merkley

“Today is a dark day for America. An individual totally unsuited to the bench has been confirmed as a Justice, harming the integrity and the legitimacy of our Supreme Court and our entire judicial system.

“Over the last several weeks, I have heard from countless survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Many of these individuals saw their own stories reflected in the experiences of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez. They were concerned that the Senate would not treat these brave women fairly, and they were right. The Judiciary Committee did not hear from a single one of the 28 witnesses they offered. The FBI, at the command of the White House, did not interview a single one either.

“This is a travesty of justice. The Senate Republican leadership, instead of setting a stellar example for all of America, has brought shame on our Senate and our nation. We must do better, far better.

“In addition, Brett Kavanaugh is unfit to serve based on his partisanship and his record of repeatedly bending and breaking the truth.

“Today’s outcome makes it that much more difficult to reclaim our “We the People” democracy — but let it be a call to action for every American who cares about saving government of, by, and for the people.”


Senator Ron Wyden:

Here’s why I voted no on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court

“Brett Kavanaugh has neither the character nor the judgment to sit on the Supreme Court. When senators asked him legitimate questions, he responded with a temper tantrum. Imagine if a female nominee defensively snapped at a male senator about his drinking habits. That would be ballgame, then and there. When you can’t trust someone to tell the truth, they do not belong on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh stands credibly accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. The record shows he lied about his history with warrantless wiretapping and his personal history on matters big and small.

I fear many survivors will conclude that coming forward with their story will prove pointless, and there is very little likelihood of justice. On the other hand, the signal to boys is this: Even if you engage in violence against women and lie about your conduct the power structure is going to protect you.

Congress must change course. It’s time to take these attitudes toward women and sweep them out like the cobwebs from an abandoned stage and start over. The Senate failed in its duty today, but I am proud to have opposed this unfit nominee.”


Judge Kavanaugh is a wonderful judge. I’m joining others at Lincoln City pubs for a beer celebration today.

We need to get on with voting-in enough new Republican Senators in November that we are never held hostage by RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) again! It is also absolutely critical that Republicans hold the House, to prevent the Democrats from turning this into an ongoing circus. They have stated their goal is to impeach President Trump, Vice President Pence, Justice Kavanaugh, and even Justice Thomas. They cannot be allowed to win.

And just a reminder, NeverTrumpers would have preferred a 6-3 radical hard-left activist court right about now. The next time any one of them claims they are a conservative, remind them that President Trump stands to leave office with an 8-1 Constitutionalist Supreme Court, and remind them that there’s nothing conservative about eschewing due process and the foundational principles of our justice system by embracing “believe all women” over “innocent until proven guilty”.

Democrats have become the party of Resistance, the Republicans have become the party of Results. Yesterday Unemployment Rate Dropped To 3.7 Percent, Lowest In Nearly 50 Years, more women, hispanics, and blacks are employed than any time in history. Why no positive comments about Republicans in your newsletter? Why should Republicans buy from your advertisers?

Young people are walking away from the Democratic Party. #WalkAway

Bob Bofelli
Lincoln City


In JUSTICE Brett Kavanaugh we have a smart, honorable, moral, and competent Constitutionalist who will look out for the best interests of our republic.
THANK YOU Brett Kavanaugh and your family for enduring this vile terrorist attack from the Borg Democrat Party. God bless you.

The Kavanaugh’s were attacked for the “crime” of serving their country, despicable. I’ve never in my life seen a more horrific act of political barbarism than that exhibited by the Bolshevik left over the past month. The left’s abject savagery will NEVER be forgotten; at least, not by me. Telling people to interrupt and scream at people in restaurants you don’t agree with makes me sick. KAVANAUGH IS CONFIRMED!!!!!!

Next step: Remove truculent Democrat Borg from our government entirely – stop the left’s hatred…VOTE GOP!

MAGA Sending money to Trump #VoteWithYourWallet #RedWave

Del Ball,
Lincoln County Conservative



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