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A list of goals the Newport City Council and city staff have set for themselves and for future City Councils

Newport City Council 2016

Newport City Council

Review of the 2015-16 Fiscal Year City Council Goals

The 2015-16 Fiscal Year has been a transformative year for the City of Newport. Many public improvements are taking place along the US 101 corridor in South Beach addressing Safe Haven Hill, access to the OMSI property, improvements to Ferry Slip Road, implementation of neighborhood refinement plans, and other projects that are part of the Urban Renewal District for South Beach.

Camp Gray is in process of being completed by OMSI west of US 101. Furthermore, Oregon State University continues to move forward with planning for an undergraduate campus that will ultimately house 500 students in conjunction with the Hatfield Marine Science Center. This effort by OSU will have a significant impact on the City by expanding both Newport’s university student population, as well as adding faculty and support staff who will work in Newport. With these additions, the Marine/Science sector of Newport’s economy will continue to grow.

Discussions have been taking place regarding the regional role that the Newport Municipal Airport could play for the future on the Central Oregon Coast. In addition, discussions have also taken place on the best way to operate the airport. Work is underway on the construction of the Aquatic Center adjacent to the City’s Recreation Center. This facility should be completed by the end of 2016. In conjunction with OSU and other identified priorities, discussions have been ongoing on how to address workforce housing within the City of Newport. The City is proceeding with a $1.5 million retrofit to the City’s main Fire Hall funded entirely by grant resources later this year.

From a planning standpoint, the City created two new Urban Renewal Districts in 2015, the North Side Urban Renewal District and McLean Point Urban Renewal District will capture any growth of property tax revenue from incremental growth in taxable value with those funds remaining within the districts to create improvements that will improve the overall economic conditions of the City of Newport. Urban Renewal Districts of the past have created much of the infrastructure in the City of Newport that is now iconic such as the Boardwalk on the Bay Blvd, PAC VAC, and the Recreation Center. Urban Renewal also facilitated many of the improvements in South Beach that facilitated NOAA’s relocation to Newport.

Also in 2015, the local regulation and management of recreational marijuana and fluoridation of City’s water required extensive discussions with new regulations adopted for recreational marijuana and a decision to place fluoridation on the May ballot.

Significant headway has been made on a number of critical infrastructure projects including the 71st Street Water and Pump Station project, increasing water availability and fire flows to the Agate Beach area, inter-tie of the City’s water system with the Seal Rock Water District, Big Creek Wastewater forced main and lift station projects, Street and Bike path construction in South Beach, the initiation of construction of a New Aquatics Center, and many other smaller improvements. Progress is being made!

During this past fiscal year, staff dealt with a number of unusually and unanticipated issues as well. Severe weather in December caused a number of issues ranging from slides, damage to sanity sewer systems, road damage, and destruction of private property. With the recently declared Federal Disaster for these events, the City will be involved in a substantial amount of record keeping in order to make any claims for reimbursement for public expenses that resulted during the declared emergency. Furthermore, the City will be continuing to work for any opportunities for assistance to the home owners on NE 70th Drive.

Also in December, the City Police Department had to use potentially deadly force to address a situation on U.S. 101. While this did not result in the death of an individual, it did lay out an extensive process of review and evaluation by the District Attorney who found that the use of force was justified and also resulting in an internal review of this matter as well.

In addition to the items outlined above, during the first seven and a half first months of the fiscal year, the status of the goals established by the City Council for the 2015-16 Fiscal Year are as follows:

15.1.0 City Operations
15.1.1 Create an online dashboard that would include the financial reporting on project costs and schedules for Public Works projects (3). Status: Ongoing

Finance, Engineering, and I have met on a number of occasions to more this effort forward. The initial review indicated fundamental issues needed to be resolved in order to have the project information tie into the City’s financial software. This has been completed. We currently can run a complete appropriation to expenditure report for all projects. One challenge for presenting financial reports on projects that extend across fiscal years is that Oregon Budget Law requires tracking over a fiscal year while project management focuses on the project from start to finish. This requires tracking revenues and expenditures on a different basis than a fiscal year. We are currently working to add additional information for a report that can be produced for the Council that will show completion dates for contracted projects as well as contracted amounts. Once we have this information refined and corrected, we will be able to post this information online for public information as well as report regularly with our financial reports to the City Council on the status of these projects. Tim Gross has also assigned our new Project Manager to look at project management software which will help with the tracking and reporting of projects as well. This could result in a modification of the project report that we have developed to date.

15.1.2 Proceed with the discussion of regionalization of the Newport Municipal Airport with various stakeholders (3). Status: Completed
The Regional Airport Review Task Force began meeting in July and held their last meeting on February 17, 2016. Their report will be provided to the City Council, Airport Committee, and to the Public Advisory Committee on the development of the Airport Master Plan in March 2016.

15.2.0 Facilities & Infrastructure
15.2.1 Install Street lights for the Newport Library (5). Status: Ongoing
Funds were allocated, in the amount of $50,000, for this purpose. At the request of the Library Director, the Budget Committee shifted this funding for the renovation of the elevator at the Library. This change was adopted by the City Council. There will be a new request in 2016-17 Fiscal Year.

15.2.2 Proceed with the replacement of an HVAC system at City Hall (3). Status: Ongoing
In the budget, funds were provided for the engineering and architectural services for this project. Engineering anticipates having a contract for the design of this system which will be placed under the existing roof of City Hall to increase the longevity of the HVAC system. It is anticipated that an architect will be under contract in the next two months.

15.2.3 Move forward with Stage 2 of the Library Strategic Plan (3). Status: Completed
$150,000 was appropriated for the creation of a teen space at the Library. Of this amount, $100,000 is being paid for by the Library Foundation with the City committed $50,000 for this project. Work is currently underway to complete the teen room.

15.2.4 Develop a long-term financing plan for City facilities and begin funding that plan (3). Status: Ongoing
The development of this plan will need to be outsourced due to time commitments and expertise. Will include a budget number to embark on this type of facilities planning as part of the 2016- 17 fiscal year budget.

15.3.0 Community Development 15.3.1 Pursue City beautification. Pursue City beautification with flower plantings. Status Ongoing Implement stronger code enforcement. Status Ongoing Proceed with annexation of certain South Beach properties. Status: Ongoing Make modifications to the billboard ordinance (6). Status: Ongoing

This is a multi-part goal. In the area of maintenance, the Council budgeted additional contractual labor to help better maintain the existing park, trails, and bathrooms at a higher level than before. Please note that current staffing for these activities is through park maintenance/custodial. Also the City and Library have contracted for maintenance services due to the limitations of time our in-house staff have for this purpose. The Council will need to explore increasing contractual services and staffing to make a more significant impact on beautification projects.

A new Urban Renewal District was formed north of the Yaquina Bay Bridge that will generate funding in the future for streetscape enhancements, benches, public art, and billboard removal. How the funds can best be utilized will be determined with future City-wide and neighborhood specific planning efforts. Utility undergrounding is underway in South Beach along SW Abalone Street and is being planned for US 101 between the bridge and 35th Street and along SE Ferry Slip Road. Once finished, that work will significantly improve the streetscape in the area. Community Development has a limited role in code enforcement, as much of that is handled by the community service officer who works out of the Police Department. That said, the Department has actively coordinated with the Police Department to resolve nuisance issues, enforce sign codes to reduce clutter (e.g. the northwest corner of Harney and US 20) and enforce building codes to resolve public health and safety issues. A work session will be held on annexation issues later this spring.

15.3.2 Proceed with an update of the City of Newport’s Parks Master Plan (5). Status: Ongoing Partial funding was included in the 2015-16 budget. There will be a request to fund the balance in the 2016-17 Fiscal Year budget so this effort will proceed as outlined in last year’s proposed budget.

15.3.3 Make a concerted local effort, involving the building owners and lot owners in the City Center to repair their buildings (3). Status: Ongoing
The new urban renewal district north of the Yaquina Bay Bridge includes the City Center area. Funding for a business façade improvement loan/grant program is an eligible project. The City is embarking on a community visioning effort, which will inform a subsequent refinement planning process that will focus on the transportation network and buildings of the downtown area. This will provide business owners with important information so that they can make long term investment plans, and should align nicely when urban renewal funding will be available (2019-2026 timeframe).

15.3.4 Encourage economic development by being friendly to small businesses and finding ways to make Newport a better place for small business success (3). Status: Ongoing
The Community Development Department worked with key stakeholders to update the Nye Beach Design Guidelines, eliminating ambiguous language making it easier for business owners to understand the rules they need to follow for new development or when they are expanding businesses. The Community Development Department extended access to building services to 7 days a week, will be assuming mechanical permitting from the County within the Newport City limits (providing one stop shopping for permits), and is going live with ePermitting this spring so that businesses can submit applications and in some cases obtain permits online without having to drive to City Hall. Lastly, the Community Development Department issued 182 building permits in calendar year 2015 with a total construction value of $21,957,649. This is on par with pre-recession levels of permit activity (e.g. 2006/2007) and is a 19% increase over the number of permits issued last year. Land use actions, where owners or businesses obtain approvals for new development, were similarly up over last year’s numbers with 67 approvals being issued (a 76% increase). All of these permits were issued within established review timelines with only two appeals (one building and one land use), both of which were upheld.

15.3.5 Create a larger more prominent display for Coast Guard memorabilia within the City of Newport (3). Status: Ongoing
There has not been any significant work on this initiative so far this fiscal year. We will have a report for the Council consideration by May on this matter.

15.4.0 Public Safety
15.4.1 Pursue the hiring of a Fire Prevention Officer/Emergency Manager (6). Status: Completed
As part of the proposed budget, I did not recommend funding for this position however as part of the Budget Committee discussions when the school was not able to partially fund a school resource officer position, at a staff level we recommended the creation of an emergency coordinator and cost center. This position is currently being advertised and it is anticipated that the position will be filled by April.

15.4.2 Assign to the LINT Team (4). Status: Dropped
As part of the development of the budget, I did not recommend funding for a new position designed specifically for the LINT Team. The department was willing to consider naming one of the existing positions to the LINT Team once the department staffing situation stabilized. Since that time the LINT Team has disbanded.

15.4.3 Jointly fund a School Resource Officer with Lincoln County Schools (4). Status: Ongoing
At budget time, this position was funded assuming 50% of the funding would come from the school district. The schools were not able to fund this position and as a result those funds were shifted over to help create an emergency coordinator position as described earlier. Ongoing discussions are being held by the schools.

The Goals prioritized by the City Council are identified by the numbered items (i.e. 1.1, 1.2). The number within parentheses indicates the number of Councilors who identified this item as a priority in the Goal Setting process. Goals indicated with “C” have been included by consensus.

16.1.0 Personnel
16.1.1 Pursue funding to create a deputy City recorder position (5).
16.1.2 Pursue designation of a police officer as a canine officer and acquirer a new dog (5).
16.1.3 Maintain funding for an assistant planner in the Community Development Department (4).

16.1.4 Increase resources for the Finance Department to proceed with project management tracking

Other items identified by the Council during the goal setting session but not prioritized as goals:
* Make employee safety officer a full time position (1).
* Create a drug detective position (1).
* Hire fire prevention officer (1).
* Create a traffic enforcement officer (1).
* Provide financial support for volunteer recruitment (1).
* Hire an HR assistant.
* Increase funding for the training for the Public Works Department relating to reorganization

16.2.0 Human Resources
16.2.1 Conduct a comprehensive review of all job descriptions of City employees and then complete
a salary study for all employees of the City(C).
16.2.2 Pursue a comprehensive reorganization of the Public Works Department (C).

Other Items Identified by the Council during the Goal Setting Session but not prioritized as goals:
* Fund additional Public Works employees (2).
* Fund a preparedness guide book (1).
* Continue focus on training in the Police Department (1).
* Create a City wide safety training calendar (1).
* Implement photo ID badging for all City employees.
* Cross train Public Works employees on various jobs to create a higher level of proficiency.
* Provide funding for safety fairs.
* Continue funding for safety including jackets, vest, safety glasses, gloves, etc
16.3.0 Community Development
16.3.1 Complete a comprehensive parking study for the Bayfront, City Center, and Nye Beach(C).
16.3.2 Complete a review of the system development charges for the City of Newport (C).
16.3.3 Review the roles and functions of City advisory committees (C).
16.3.4 Secure the second half of funding so that a Parks Master Plan can be initiated in the 2016-
17 Fiscal Year (4).
16.3.5 Develop a mountain bike trail system on reservoir property which would also include a
walking trail with disability/wheelchair access (3).
16.3.6 Investigate relocating National Guard Armory to the airport/South Beach (3).
16.3.7 Promote housing for all income levels, incorporating the requirements for smart growth and
livability (3).

Other items identified by the Council during the goal setting session but not prioritized as goals:
* Evaluate alternative bridge location when replacement of the Yaquina Bay Bridge is required (2).
* Explore alternative crossing methods of Yaquina Bay (1).
* Implement a Tree Master Plan (1).
* Work with Fred Meyer to establish a gas station in Newport (1).
* Inventory City properties.
* Construct a new flag pole monument in front of City Hall
* Complete the bicycle pump track.

16.4.0 Capital Outlay
16.4.1 Review operations and plan for the start-up of the new Aquatic Center in conjunction with
the Recreation Center (C).
16.4.2 Make improvements to the Betty Wheeler Field to address drainage problems (3).
16.4.3 Conduct a seismic study of the airport runways and facilities (3).
16.4.4 Develop parking for the City Hall Campus to address the pool, 60+ Center, Police, and
Farmers Market needs (3).
16.4.5 Continue with reinvesting to renew the City’s infrastructure (C).

Other Items Identified by the Council during the Goal Setting Session but not prioritized as goals:
* Upgrade firearms range building and firearms training equipment (2).
* Extend water and sewer services for economic and land development around the airport (2).
* Prioritize the capital improvement projects including a more comprehensive review of project
schedules (2).
* Repair City clock and Landscaping around the clock (2).
* Install flashing lights on all crosswalks on 101(2).
* Complete the Fire Hall seismic retrofit (1).
* Fund demolition of the former wastewater building to be used as a safety and training site for
the Fire Department (1).
* Refurbish the fuel farm (1).
* Pursue and acquisition with AIP Funding at the airport.
* Complete Airport Master Plan.
* Provide financial support for annual fly in event at the airport.
* Develop shovel ready plans for infrastructure upgrades at the airport.
* Support grant application for automatic weather observation system and pilot repeater.
* Coordinate with ODOT on the design and construction of the of the SW 35th Street
* Develop a pavement management program and funding mechanism.
* Gracefully retire the old swimming pool.

16.5.0 Equipment
16.5.1 Install four security cameras at the Library (3).

Other Items Identified by the Council during the Goal Setting Session but not prioritized as goals:
* Obtain a back-up generator for the Agate Beach Fire Station (2).
* Update security systems in IT (2).
* Install a permanent camera system in City Hall for broadcasting meetings (1).
* Install security cameras for all city facilities inside and outside (1).
* Purchase three-day survival kits for city employees to use if they are working during a natural
disaster (1).
* Purchase gas monitors in addition to other safety equipment (1).
* Update registration of software for the management of the recreational facilities (1).
* Update for laptops for the Library (1).
* Provide additional financial support for IT.
* Replace the Parks and Recreation vehicle.
* Purchase a new canine car for the Police Department.
* Install speed monitoring on school access routes.
* Have survival kits for three days in all City vehicles.
* Replace SCVA units for the Fire Department.
* Replace Microphone covers in the Council Chambers.
* Replace chairs seats in the Council Chambers.

16.6.0 Operations
16.6.1 Undertake a comprehensive sewer and water rate study (C). 16.6.2 Review and write comprehensive water and sewer policies (C).

Other Items Identified by the Council during the Goal Setting Session but not prioritized as goals:
* Reestablish City Newsletters (Quarterly) as an enclosure in the water/sewer bill (2).
* Implement a $.5 gas tax year round for the paving of gravel roads in the City (2).
* Review all City fees to make to it more friendly for development (1).
* Reestablish funding for non-profit (social service) agencies that provided services within the City
* Review and rewrite the City’s investment policy (1).
* Work to develop clear policies relating to public lighting, trees and sidewalks (1).
* Reestablish community and neighborhood watches.
* Create a facilities budget cost center.
* Fund historical records preservation.

Vision 2040
This fall the City Council accepted a report from the Community Visioning Work Group to initiate a comprehensive community visioning effort later in 2016. After accepting the report, the City Council appointed a steering committee to develop a request for proposals (RFP) for consultants to facilitate the community visioning process for the greater Newport area. It is expected that this visioning process will incorporate the views of many key stakeholders located within the City of Newport to develop a long term vision to help guide future development and policies in the community. This will include outreach efforts to all community stakeholders including those who do not normally interact with local government. The key provisions of this report are outlined below:

Community Vision
A vision for the City of Newport should create broad aspirational descriptions of the quality of life that the community desires in the future. These concepts can be divided into several appropriate categories and should serve as the long-term target for future planning efforts, particularly as the Comprehensive Plan is updated. In order for a vision to be sustainable, it needs to be based on a statement of values, and in the forefront of future city decision making processes. Furthermore, a vision needs to be revisited on a regular basis. The community vision should be the focus of annual goal setting sessions and appropriations processes to continue to determine specific steps for reaching the city’s vision.

Guiding Principles for the Visioning Process
The Work Group identified several guiding principles for this undertaking.
1. Encourage the community to thoroughly participate and engage.
2. Engage Greater Newport Area participants, respecting all perspectives and opinions.
3. Establish a value based approach to addressing complex issues.
4. Strengthen relationships between community leaders and citizens.

The Work Group felt that the visioning process should go beyond the current city limits and current urban growth boundaries and encompass the Greater Newport Area.

Vision Target
Traditionally, a community visioning project will identify a target year in which to focus the visioning effort. The Work Group discussed a range of years from 20 years to 50 years. The Work Group recommends that a Greater Newport Area visioning process focus on 2040.

A successful visioning process will include participation by many different groups and individuals within the Greater Newport Area. The Work Group has identified a list of participants that should be included in the community visioning process.

Potential Topic Areas of a Community Visioning
A community vision should focus on a number of key areas that will be defined as part of the visioning process, for example, they may include, but not be limited to:
* Education
* Health
* Environment
* Economic Development
* Tourism
* Research/Science
* Commercial Fisheries
* Governmental (NOAA, US Coast Guard, OSU, EPA, and others) o Industrial development
* Maritime commerce
* Infrastructure
* Transportation
* Maritime
* Safety/Disaster Preparedness
* Neighborhoods and Districts
* Arts
* Culture
* History
* Recreation
* Sport fishing

Engagement Tools
The visioning process needs to facilitate broad participation and reach populations not previously reached, including, but not limited to:

* Collection of organizational visions from other community groups (i.e. schools, Port, OSU, etc.)

* Public opinion surveys
* Stakeholder’s surveys
* Focus group discussions
* One on one interviews (personal, phone)
* Use of existing advisory boards and committees
* Participation by other governmental entities
* A speaker’s bureau
* Community events
* Youth events
* Public meetings
* Online interaction (Including Websites, social media)
* Newsletters
* Media
* Multicultural outreach using translation services
* Community celebrations focused on the visioning process

Other similar means to involve the community
Outcomes of Visioning Process

The Work Group defined four desired outcomes critical for the success of the visioning effort, including: vision; core values; realistic strategies to guide sustainable and ongoing implementation; local public engagement building community capacity. This process will create mechanisms to ensure that the community vision becomes a primary consideration of all future planning, updates to the Comprehensive Plan, and the annual appropriations process by the city and other organization to ensure that efforts are moving the community in the necessary direction to fulfill the visionary concepts identified through this process. A key component of the visioning process will be to identify these mechanisms to ensure that the vision will in Newport’s future.
1. Mission
2. Core values
3. Realistic strategies to guide sustainable and ongoing implementation
4. Local public engagement building community capacity

A comprehensive visioning process will likely take year to complete. The Visioning Steering Committee developed a comprehensive RFP. Proposals are due to the City of Newport on March 4, 2016. The Steering Committee will then conduct a review of the proposals received and likely conduct interviews of the firms to determine who will provide the best services for conducting a community wide visioning effort. It is anticipated that the visioning process would be initiated by summer 2016 and completed early in 2017. The approved vision would then be available to begin guiding the City of Newport, including future goal setting sessions to work towards the realization of the community vision.

A properly executed visioning process should provide the framework for development of longer term goals that will be reviewed on an annual basis and modified as necessary from time to time. This will provide great continuity from year to year to allow the Council, staff, advisory boards, and community to focus on longer term strategies to implement various aspects of the community vision. This will be an exciting process and will give the community an excellent opportunity to play a meaningful role in carving out the vision for the future of the greater Newport area.

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