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Celebrating our Fire and Rescue Heros at the Lincoln County Fair!

five alarm fun

Five Alarm Fun – August 15 & 16 2015 at the Lincoln County Fair

From Firefighter Greg Musil – Depoe Bay Fire and Rescue

We are pleased, and honored, that the New Lincoln County Fair asked us to be part of this year’s Fair. They staff of the Oregon State University 4H Extension Service, who are running the Fair this year, have been great to work with and have given us everything we need to make Five Alarm Fun a successful event.

Because the Fairground will be crowded this year with all the displays, demos, performers, animals, vendors and events, they have given us all of Harney Street, next to the Fairgrounds, from 3rd to 7th Streets to hold Five Alarm Fun.

We are bringing together fire departments and antique fire truck collectors from all over Oregon, even a couple from Canada, to an “Old Fashioned Oregon Fire Muster” right here at the New Lincoln County Fair.

These events were popular in the past, the last big one in Oregon was in 2002.

There will be fire trucks of all ages:
From an 1800’s steam powered pumper up to the modern apparatus in use by Oregon Coast fire departments today.

All of the Coast fire departments, from Yachats up thru Lincoln City are taking part in putting this on, along with visiting departments and collectors from the Northwest.

There will be firefighter competitions both days, but there will also be lots of activities for the kids and families who want to come meet some of their real-life action heroes and try out some of the equipment that firefighters use to save lives and protect their communities.


We will kick off Saturday morning with a 10:00 Fire Truck Cruise along the waterfront, across the bridge, and back, ending up at the Fairgrounds where they will setup on Harney Street for the various events that will take place Saturday and Sunday.

Back at the Fairgrounds, around 12:00 till 5:00:

The fire trucks will be on display all day, right on Harney Street next to the Fairgrounds. Some of them are for looking only, but others will welcome you to climb aboard and see what they are like.

The kids will get a chance to use a real fire hose to douse make-believe flames in a house. Hit the flames in the windows with the hose and they disappear just like the firefighters do when they respond to a structure fire. We have Five Alarm Fun fire helmets for the kids who come by.

There will be a Bucket Brigade: see what it was like to fight fires in the 1800’s when the whole community had to pitch in passing buckets of water to the fire fighters. See if you can match the 1,500 or 2,000 gallons per minute that modern fire engines can produce. That would be 1,500 buckets of water every minute!

Midnight Alarm: you are on a cot sleeping in the middle of the night when the claxon goes off. Jump up, put on the turnout gear the firefighters use, and run to the truck.

And Waterball: you will be using a fire attack hose line to push a ball to your opponent’s goal.
We have some groups who are coming with their own team of 3 to 5 people to challenge, or you can just show up and we will form a team with others. You will have firefighters to help you gear up and get ready to go. This is always GREAT FUN. Come prepared to get wet.

The Lincoln County Rope Rescue Team will be demonstrating their rappelling and rescue skills from Newport’s 100’ high ladder truck right there on Harney Street.
This is a joint, specialized, technical rescue team, composed of fire fighters from all the area fire departments.
We may not have many high-rise rescues, but they are often called on to rescue injured people from the area’s cliffs.

The Oregon Department of Forestry fire fighting team, based in Toledo, will be here with Smokey the Bear as well as a laser light table so show how wild fires spread so rapidly and dangerously.
That is unless they are back out fighting fires!

And there will be various displays by Pacific West Ambulance, the Oregon Fire Service Museum, and others.
At the Oregon Fire Service Museum area, you will be able to make a donation and take a few swings with a sledge hammer at Bash-a-Car.
Then Sunday, we will have the fire fighters cut those smashed cars apart with their Jaws of Life to rescue the victims trapped inside.

Saturday’s fire fighter competition will be Fire Attack: hooking up the engine to a water supply, pulling attack line hoses, and knocking down cones. It is a timed event to see which fire crew can get water on the fire first.

The fire fighters will also show how fast they can respond to a Midnight Alarm.
Let’s see if they can beat the times of everyone else who tried it out!

Around 4:00 we will have a couple of exciting action displays:
First the US Coast Guard from the Newport station will perform a helicopter rescue
This is the technique you might have seen Kevin Costner perform on the Guardian, hoisting them to safety from a ship at sea, or an inaccessible beach right here on the coast.
And if you didn’t see Kevin Costner do that, all you had to do was read the account of a Coast Guard team saving 4 lives just 3 weeks ago on the Oregon Coast.
Then they will land their helicopter there on the street for folks to see first hand.

After that we are going to light a real fire in a living room right here on Harney Street!
The Siletz Fire Department has built a special trailer with 2 living rooms
First we will set fire to one of the living rooms and let everyone see how quickly the room turns deadly from smoke and heat.
Our fire fighters will douse that fire.
Then we will light the same fire in the next living room.
But the 2nd room has an automatic home sprinkler system
And you will see how this system could save your house, or even your life.

Sunday: 10:00 till 4:00

The antique right up to modern fire trucks will be on display again.

We will have the fire attack hose running again so the kids can try their hand at a real fire hose.

And the Bucket Brigade will be running for anyone to try their hand at old fashioned fire fighting.

Fire fighters will demonstrate their auto extrication skills on the smashed cars from the Car Bash.
This is the skill they practice constantly, and are called on to use quite frequently, to save lives in vehicle crashes.
They literally cut the car apart from around the trapped victims so they can be removed without further injury.
I can still remember the days when fire fighters grabbed whatever clothing they could and pulled the person out to lay them on a stretcher.
There are a LOT more people alive today since we gained new tools and learned better methods!
One of fair organizers told us she owes her life to one of the Coast fire departments who extricated her from a life threatening car crash on 101.

And then from 1:00 till 4:00 you will see the firefighters in some serious Waterball competition
Waterball actually teaches firefighting skill:
Using an attack line to accurately put water on the fire.
So it’s a lot of fun, but also a practical firefighting ability.
Some fire department is going to take home a first place trophy for being the best on Sunday

4:00 It’s time for Professional Bull Riding at the Fair!

While you are here visiting and having fun at Five Alarm Fun, talk to one of the fire fighters you will see everywhere about becoming a volunteer yourself:
All of the Coast fire departments depend on volunteers.
We don’t just hand you a helmet and send you charging into a fire.
You will get the same quality training that fulltime paid fire fighters get.
You will learn that medical and rescue calls are far more frequent than fires.
And you will learn how to save lives.
Ask any one of us to show you around!

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