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Lincoln County Alerts: ODOT wants you to know…

Yaquina Bay Bridge
Frank Covacevich photo

ODOT has advised that there will be single lane traffic on the Yaquina Bay Bridge Thursday night, December 2nd.

ODOT has announced that there will be single lane traffic on the Yaquina Bay Bridge on the night of Thursday, December 2nd.  Closure is anticipated to be from 7pm on December 2nd until 4am, December 3rd.

There will be traffic control with message signs north and south of the bridge including warnings of lane closures.

Baroque and Beyond for the Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 8

A holiday season concert with the Newport Symphony. Special time of the week at Newport Center for the Performing Arts. Two concerts Wednesday, December 8. One at 2:00 pm and the second at 7:30 pm with a 6:45 pm preconcert talk by Music Director Adam Flatt.  An intimate program of baroque and contemporary classics will usher in the holiday spirit. As part of the program, we will unwrap a special gift from one of our own musicians. A new flute concerto in its first performance anywhere! Fantasy for Flute and Strings, composed and performed by the NSO flute player, Adrian Dee.  Adrian says, “I love the sound of flute and strings together. The piece is joyful, rhythmic, tonal, and very accessible. I hope you enjoy it.”

In addition to the World Premiere, this concert includes specific holiday music and more. Some warm and pleasing works that include Johann Sebastian Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 3; Considered by almost all music lovers as most popular Concerto Grosso ever written. William Grant Still,  Mother and Child; The second piece by Still performed this season. The audience loved the one performed in November. Everyone attending this concert will adore throughout the feeling of closeness, of serenity, of peace and plenitude. A special new arrangement by Oregon composer, Dave Robertson, providing a Christmas Medley full of memorable holiday songs. Ralph Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on Greensleeves; The wonderful timeless and commonly heard melody that everyone loves makes the holidays very special. Lucas Richman: A Hanukkah Celebration; Arranged from several traditional Jewish folksongs. The arc of the piece is precisely that of the holiday itself, uncertainty resolving to joy. Finally, Arcangelo Corelli: Concerto Grosso op. 6 no. 8, (“Christmas Concerto”); This work includes the inscription Fatto per la notte di Natale (made for the night of Christmas).

The performance on Wednesday evening includes a pre-concert talk by Conductor Adam Flatt at 6:45p.m. Due to the pandemic the post-concert Wine Down receptions supported by Flying Dutchman Winery will not take place at this time.

There are Vaccination and Mask Protocols for attendance at this event. Detailed information available on the symphony website; www.newportsymphony.org

Tickets, $27 and $42 (plus fees) and $10 for students are on sale at the Performing Arts Center box office, by calling 541-265-2787 or online at NewportSymphony.org. The Center is located at 777 West Olive in Newport.

A pat on the back to those who know that seconds mean everything


Off to another rescue. 

The Oregon State Marine Board recognized heroic life-saving efforts by Sheriff’s Office deputies, marine safety officers and private citizens, in five separate counties this season, during the agency’s virtual post-season conference held on November 18.

The Life Saving Award recognizes individuals who have exhibited heroism, going above and beyond the call of duty, by directly attempting to rescue one or more persons involved in a water-related incident.

Newberg-Dundee Police Work with Boaters on Rescue

On the afternoon of November 21, 2020, Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office and Newberg-Dundee Police Department were notified of a call involving two paddleboarders on the Willamette River near Rogers Landing. The caller reported that they had picked up a stranded paddleboarder on the edge of Newberg. Two paddleboarders had been on the river and were separated for about an hour. The air temperature was in the low 40’s and the river level very high with little daylight left.

Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue sent boats to Rogers Landing to aid in the call. Prior to either agency getting a boat on the water, Sgt. Cooke responded to Rogers Landing. He located the vehicle associated with the paddleboarders in the parking lot. He contacted two private citizens in a boat at the ramp, identified as Pete and Wendy Brentano. Pete is a volunteer firefighter with St. Paul Fire District. The Brentano’s took Sgt. Cooke onboard and began their search downstream from Rogers Landing looking for the missing woman.

They located what they believed to be the missing person’s paddleboard on a private dock three miles downstream of Rogers Landing. Sgt. Cooke went onshore and followed tracks up through a field toward NE Parrish Road. He eventually located the person and was able to direct medical staff to their location. The other paddleboarder was transported via ambulance with hypothermia.

Sgt. Cooke’s swift actions, with the assistance of the Brentano’s in their personal vessel, helped ensure the missing woman was located and received medical care.

Multnomah County Marine Officers Credited with Save 

On the afternoon of December 15, 2020, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a boat on fire in Multnomah Channel. It was reported that four people were on board: two adults, two children, and two dogs.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s River Patrol Unit responded from Columbia River station, while patrol deputies on land searched for access points to the river in this rural section of Sauvie Island to help direct rescue boats. Portland Fire & Rescue, Scappoose Fire, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, and the U.S. Coast Guard also responded. As emergency crews were en route, it was reported that the family had jumped into the river and were attempting to swim to shore. Responders knew that time was of the essence. The river temperature in Multnomah Channel was around 43 degrees, and the air temperature was approximately 50 degrees.

Marine deputies arrived and located the family and their two dogs huddling in shallow water. Sgt. Steve Dangler jumped in the water to assist the man who had become immobile from hypothermia. Family members were loaded onto the patrol boat as Dep. Scott McDowell kept the vessel steady. Sgt. Dangler kept the man and a dog warm for a prolonged period. The family and their pets were eventually transported by the sheriff’s boat to a nearby dock for transportation to a local hospital for hypothermia.

Jefferson County Marine Officers Recognized for Life-Saving Efforts 

On June 26, 2021, Jefferson County Sheriff deputies noticed a group of young men running into the water near the Crooked River boat launch at Lake Billy Chinook. The young men were swimming to an offshore floating dock. Initially, deputies thought they were racing each other until they heard a person yell that someone was drowning.

Deputy Marty Kaczmarek turned around and saw that there were two people struggling to stay afloat. One person was submerged with just the top of his head visible. Dep. Kaczmarek removed his vest and gun and immediately jumped in the water with two other bystanders.

Dep. Kaczmarek and the two bystanders swam out to the floating dock where the two swimmers were struggling. Dep. Kaczmarek, with the help of a bystander, grabbed one victim and swam him back to Sr. Dep. Melody Zistel, who was now standing in the water up to her neck. Sr. Dep. Zistel helped pull the victim to shore with the two men.

The first victim was breathing but couldn’t talk and was out of breath. Three more men swam out and pulled the second victim from the water as Dep. Kaczmarek and Sr. Dep. Zistel was tending to the first victim.  Sr. Dep. Zistel coordinated the medical response and both men were taken to the hospital.

The deputies’ quick actions, along with other civilian bystanders, directly led to two lives being saved.

Yamhill County Marine Officers Recognized for Life-Saving Efforts

In the early evening on June 26, 2021, Deputy Rob VandeBergh and Marine Safety Officer Jose Dominguez were patrolling the Willamette River via boat on the way back to Rogers Landing. While en route, they slowed to investigate a bonfire on the shoreline. They heard a person calling for help as they motored toward shore. They then located an unoccupied boat anchored in the river and, after a brief visual search, located struggling in the water downstream of the boat. They quickly maneuvered the patrol boat to the person, threw her a personal floatation device, and pull her to safety.

Dep. VandeBergh and MSO Dominguez transported the victim to Rogers Landing where she was assessed by medics, who found her suffering from physical exhaustion. Based on the victims’ statements, and the assessments of the medics, without the intervention and quick deployment of the flotation device and the successful water rescue, this individual would likely have drowned. Dep. VandeBergh and MSO Dominguez actions directly led to a life saved.

Linn County Marine Officers Recognized for Life Saving Efforts

On August 4th, 2021, two boaters were surprised by a surge in water volume and were able to contact Linn County Sheriff’s Department for assistance.

A boat operator and his girlfriend were taking a new boat on its maiden voyage from Sunnyside Park on Foster Reservoir. The two traveled up the Middle Fork Santiam River toward the base of Green Peter Reservoir dam where the operator had previously visited. The operator did not see a sign, which was obscured by brush, warning of intermittent releases of water from the upstream dam.

The two boaters beached the boat to swim to shore. About the time they decided to leave, the water began quickly rising. They were separated by the rushing water and the female became trapped on the rocks. The male had tied the boat to a tree and the boat was now stuck in an eddy with water rushing past at a high volume.

The male called for help and a short time later, Sr. Deputy Stuart Spangler and Marine Safety Officer Lexi Heyerly arrived. Sr. Dep. Spangler and MSO Heyerly deftly maneuvered the patrol boat in the swift water and were able to rescue the female. At this time, Dep. Dan Graybill arrived in a separate boat crewed by Sgt. Chris Houdek. Dep. Graybill maneuvered the patrol boat into the rapids and Sgt. Houdek threw the male a rescue line and was able to pull the male to the Sheriff’s boat and bring him aboard.

The actions and teamwork of the Linn County Sheriff’s Office staff likely saved a life and led to a positive outcome.

The Marine Board is incredibly grateful to these individuals for helping keep Oregon boaters safer. Oregon’s waterways are enticing exhilarating -and inherently dangerous. Everyone can do their part when recreating by planning ahead, having the right gear, and being aware of changing conditions.

For more information about the Marine Board, visit https://boat.oregon.gov.

Water rescue in Lincoln City

8pm – Two tourists walking along the beach in front of The Sea Horse in Lincoln City have disappeared in the water.  North Lincoln Fire Department says they’re looking for the two beach walkers, but so far no sign of them.

8:27pm – Someone said they saw them and they were okay.

Preparing for their upcoming years and making way for newer craft

“The Intrepid” heads for new home up the coast”

The  Coast Guard rescue crafts Intrepid, Victory and Yaquina head for points north to be semi-retired on November 17th near Tillamook and undergo some upgrades. These fast moving rescue craft have been workhorse powerhouses for almost 65 years.  Equipment failures at sea and difficulty locating replacement parts for strategic components triggered overhaul work orders and re-location to the Tillamook Coast.

The Victory is self-righting and self-bailing along with a range of 700 miles – able to tow 750 tons and hold 40 “survivors” and take them back to base.  The Victory left Yaquina Bay for the last time at 2am November 17th by being towed behind a 47-foot motor lifeboat.  It was followed by her sister ship Intrepid which had arrived from Coast Guard Station Coos Bay and was towed behind another 47-footer motor lifeboat.  The four boat armada literally leap-frogged from station to station until they arrived at their final destination, Cape Disappointment, site of the National Motor Lifeboat School.

Another sister ship, the Triumph II, was already stationed at Cape Disappointment when the Invinciple II arrived from Grays Harbor, Washington under its own power.  All four will eventually be hauled out for maintenance and preservation.

Major House Fire on SE Spy Glass Ridge Road, Lincoln City

2:17pm – Lincoln County firefighters are racing to a house fire on SE Galley Court.  Neighbors say there’s smoke in the area.

2:21pm  – There may be some confusion about the source of the smoke.

2:22pm – The fire is in a big home on SE Spy Glass Ridge Drive.

2:24pm – Family dog has been rescued.

2:40pm – Fire’s out.

Residential Fire in Depoe Bay

11:49am  Residents at 120 Spruce Court suddenly saw smoke coming out of their kitchen stove.  They quickly called the Depoe Bay Fire Department who quickly arrived on scene.  Firefighters found a kitchen stove ablaze and quickly knocked the fire down.   No major damage to the house but the stove might have to be replaced.

The numbers just keep on climbing due to “Never Vaxx’ers”

Oregon reports 862 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, 50 new deaths

  • Samples for 528,125 tests have been reported positive.
  • Samples for 7,471,621 tests have been reported negative.

COVID-19 weekly cases and hospitalizations decline, deaths rise.

Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reports 5,698 new cases of COVID-19 during the week of Monday, Nov. 15, through Sunday, Nov. 21. That represents a 2.4% decrease from the previous week, despite a 19% increase in reported tests.  There were 133,410 tests for COVID-19 for the week of Nov. 14 through Nov. 20. The percentage of positive tests declined slightly to 6%, down from 6.5% the previous week.  The overall incidence of reported COVID-19 in Oregon varied by county vaccination rate but continues to be less in counties with higher vaccination rates and the lowest in the five counties where the vaccination rates were more than 70%.

There were 268 new COVID-19 hospitalizations, down from 356 last week — a 25% drop.  There were 214 reported COVID-19-related deaths, up from 183 reported the previous week, bringing the state’s toll for the pandemic to more than 5,000. The past three weeks of data for COVID-19 related deaths also reflect ongoing data reconciliation of COVID-19-related deaths that primarily occurred from May to Aug. 2021, as reported last month.

Today’s COVID-19 Weekly Outbreak Report shows 61 active COVID-19 outbreaks in senior living communities and congregate living settings, with three or more confirmed cases and one or more COVID-19 related deaths.

OHA releases new COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough report

OHA’s most recent update on COVID-19 breakthrough cases, released today, found that 71.5% of the 5,875 reported COVID-19 cases between Nov. 14 and Nov. 20 occurred in unvaccinated people.  There were 1,672 breakthrough cases, accounting for 28.5% of all cases.  The average age of the breakthrough cases during that period was 46. Twenty-eight breakthrough cases involved residents of care facilities, senior living communities or other congregate care settings. There were 71 cases in people aged 12 to 17.  To date, there have been 43,398 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases in Oregon. The average age of all cases is 48. Breakthrough cases have been reported in all 36 counties.

Cases of COVID-19 are far more common in unvaccinated people. The report shows that the rate of COVID-19 in unvaccinated people is 4-1/2 times higher than in vaccinated people. To date, 4.4% of all vaccine breakthrough cases have been hospitalized and 1.2% have died. The average age of vaccinated people who died was 81. 

Vaccination remains the most effective tool to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The number of vaccine breakthrough cases identified in Oregon remains very small when compared to the more than 2.9 million Oregonians who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.  The latest breakthrough report can be found here.

COVID-19 hospitalizations

The number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 across Oregon is 391, which is 13 fewer than yesterday. There are 97 COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit (ICU) beds, which is five more than yesterday.  There are 51 available adult ICU beds out of 681 total (7% availability) and 347 available adult non-ICU beds out of 4,098 (8% availability).

Please do not visit an emergency department for COVID-19 testing, unless you require emergency care for your symptoms. Emergency departments in Oregon are under significant strain. You can find a test here.

If you have a medical condition that doesn’t require emergency care, contact your provider. An urgent care center may also help you get the care you need and will save emergency departments from added strain.

More information about hospital capacity can be found HERE!!

Vaccinations in Oregon:

Today, OHA reported that 23,407 new doses of COVID-19 vaccinations were added to the state immunization registry on Nov. 23. Of that total, 11,823 were administered that day. There were 2,548 initial doses, 556 second doses and 8,655 third and booster doses. The remaining 11,.584 doses were administered on previous days but were entered into the vaccine registry on Nov.23.  The seven-day running average is now 18,737 doses per day.

Oregon has now administered 3,479,971 doses of Pfizer Comirnaty, 58,111 doses of Pfizer pediatric, 2,222,628 doses of Moderna and 241,258 doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.  As of today, 2,930,891 people have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 2,650,699 people have completed a COVID-19 vaccine series.  These data are preliminary and subject to change.

Updated vaccination data are provided on Oregon’s COVID-19 data dashboards and have been updated today.

COVID-19 cases and deaths

There are 50 new COVID-19 related deaths in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 5,116, OHA reported at 12:01 a.m. today.  OHA reported 862 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. today, bringing the state total to 387,485:

The new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported today are in the following counties: Baker (10), Benton (12), Clackamas (71), Clatsop (11), Columbia (14), Coos (13), Crook (7), Curry (7), Deschutes (88), Douglas (37), Harney (1), Hood River (8), Jackson (67), Jefferson (2), Josephine (12), Klamath (21), Lane (67), Lincoln (15), Linn (51), Malheur (7), Marion (68), Morrow (2), Multnomah (93), Polk (23), Tillamook (4), Umatilla (15), Union (5), Wallowa (5), Wasco (3), Washington (94), and Yamhill (29).

For all the latest data on COVID-19 in Oregon, visit OHA’s data dashboards.

For more information, visit healthoregon.org/coronavirus.

The Covid-19 is still showing no mercy….

November 23, 2021

Oregon reports 869 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases,       51 new deaths

PORTLAND, Ore. There are 51 new COVID-19 related deaths in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 5,066, Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reported at 12:01 a.m. today.

OHA reported 869 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. today, bringing the state total to 386,634.

Link to today’s OHA media availability

This afternoon OHA Director Patrick Allen; Colt Gill, Director of the Oregon Department of Education; and Dr. Dean Sidelinger, Oregon State Medical Officer and State Epidemiologist answered media questions and provided an update on the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic in Oregon.

Here are the talking points and here is the video.

COVID-19 extra dose tracking at Oregon long-term care facilities

Starting today OHA’s Long-Term Care Facility Vaccination dashboard, available here, will include extra dose information that allows the agency to continue to track vaccination efforts at nursing, assisted living and residential care facilities licensed by the Oregon Department of Human Services’ (ODHS) Office of Aging and People with Disabilities.

Long-term care facilities are currently required to report COVID-19 vaccination data to the state, effective June 1, 2021. On Oct. 18, this requirement was expanded to include reporting of extra doses, which refers to any COVID-19 vaccine received after completion of the primary series, either as a booster dose or an additional dose.

The dashboard will continue to be updated on a weekly basis.

“This tool is an important resource for OHA and ODHS to monitor regional and statewide trends, and for facilities as they plan for ongoing COVID-19 vaccination needs,” said Rebecca Pierce, Ph.D., manager of the Healthcare-Associated Infections Program in the OHA Public Health Division’s Acute & Communicable Disease Prevention Section.

“Extra dose data provide a more complete picture of vaccination coverage in long-term care,” she said.

The extra dose information on the dashboard can be used to track vaccination progress over time. The dashboard makes it possible to monitor based on different filters, such as by region or county.

As of November 1, 3,785 staff members have received an extra dose, representing 26.3% of staff reported as eligible and 14% of all staff among reporting long-term care facilities. For residents, 6,576 have received an extra dose, representing 40.4% of residents reported as eligible and 28.8% of all residents among reporting long-term care facilities.

Tremendous progress has been made by Oregon long-term care facilities in surpassing the state 80% benchmark for staff and resident COVID-19 primary series vaccination. OHA and ODHS have continued to collaborate with facilities, labor, trade associations and long-term care pharmacies to communicate and educate facility operators to provide extra doses for those who are eligible. The agencies will continue to ensure ongoing vaccination is available to residents and the workforce serving them, both of whom have faced extreme hardship during this pandemic.


Two car crash 33 miles east of Newport near Burnt Woods

10:29pm – A car crash has interrupted traffic on Highway 20 just after 10pm Wednesday.  The exact cause of the crash, at milepost 33,  has not been released. The crash is in an area called Burnt Woods.  Unknown if anyone has been injured.

10:54pm – The accident involved two cars.  One of them took off after the crash.  Authorities are looking for it.

Newport Area Weather: Not quite so friendly through Friday evening…



* WHAT...Sneaker waves possible.

* WHERE...In Washington, South Washington Coast. In Oregon, Central Oregon Coast and North Oregon Coast.

* WHEN...From Thursday morning through Friday evening.

* IMPACTS...Sneaker waves can suddenly knock people off of their feet and quickly pull them into the frigid ocean, which may 
lead to serious injury or drowning.

*High tide occurring Thursday afternoon may bring the period of highest threat, especially over the WA 
coasts where the higher seas will be occurring.

Stay out of the water to avoid hazardous swimming conditions!

Remembering Pearl Harbor – 1941

Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

The eightieth anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Naval Fleet in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor will be commemorated with a brief ceremony on Tuesday, December 7 at 11:00am at the Don and Ann Davis Park at the west end of Olive Street in Newport. Survivors of surprise attack will be honored as will those who were lost.

Those attending are requested to observe social distancing and to properly wear face masks. Survivors’ families, all veterans, and the general public are invited.

On December 7, 1941—the date that President Roosevelt declared would “live in infamy”—over 2400 people died when the US Navy fleet suffered a devastating air attack, leading to the United States’ entry into World War II.



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