Apr 122015
Highway 18, 15 miles east of 101. Looks like somebody tangled with a guard rail.

Highway 18, 15 miles east of 101. Looks like somebody tangled with a guard rail.

The wreck has been removed. Traffic back to normal. But use caution in the area headed westbound. The road crew put down absorbent but there still might be a bit of slipperiness on the pavement.


Reports say that emergency responders are working a traffic crash on Highway 18 about 15 miles east of Otis. Traffic is backed up. Check Tripcheck.com for the latest.

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Apr 122015
HIllary Clinton, makes it official, She's running for President

Hillary Clinton, makes it official,
She’s running for President

The Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Clinton-Bush dynasties are very much in evidence – Hillary Clinton announcing today she’ll seek the Democratic Party nomination for President. But of course Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, is expected to announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination which leaves many Americans shaking their heads wondering are there any other family names over the past 20 years that might have been tragically left out, accounting for the current condition of the country.

Here’s more of the unfolding drama as the country rumbles off down the road to the 2016 Presidential Election. Click here.

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Apr 122015

Chris Burns Weather

Sunday, Apr. 12th – Lincoln County

Summary: Yesterday’s weather played tricks on us. Just about the time you thought the showers had finally passed, another one would suddenly interrupt the sunshine. And then, as quickly as it appeared, the shower disappeared. Cool unstable air was the culprit. In fact, the atmosphere was wobbly enough that a couple of cold core funnel clouds were produced, but none actually touched the land or sea. Precipitation from the showers amounted to less than a tenth of an inch, the breeze was blustery out of the west and high temps stopped in the mid-50s. Overnight, a few more light rain showers and drizzle were recorded along with lows around 40F. At daybreak, it was all-clear on the rain radar, skies were mostly blue with a light east wind blowing.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 56F/46F/34mph/0.08”
Depoe Bay: 53F/41F/34mph/0.04”
Newport: 54F/37F/28mph/0.08”
Waldport: 55F/40F/26mph/0.06”
Yachats: 54F/42F/25mph/0.01”

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Forecast: Okay, kids, no tricks today as mostly sunny skies are expected sans showers. The thermometer should come up to about 55F with winds light and variable. It’ll be a great day for whale watching, helping Surfrider with its Otter Rock/Devils WON PARTLY CLOUDYPunch Bowl beach clean-up or hiking in the woods. The next illusion pulled out of the rabbit’s hat will be unveiled tonight when clouds begin filling in ahead of an approaching storm system; low temps around 40F and winds switch to the south. What is projected to be the last trick for the week comes tomorrow with sou’westers 10-20 mph gusting 25 and up to a quarter inch of rain. Outlook is for a chance of showers on Tuesday, and then a stretch of Spring with sunny days, partly cloudy nights, northwest winds and mercury readings between 60F and 45F.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, patchy fog, partly cloudy, with 55-60F. Valley destinations are expecting patchy fog early, mostly sunny later and a high of 60F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for scattered showers, partly sunny, light west wind, temps near 60F. For the Cascades, there are areas of black ice on the highway passes, temperatures are 20-30F; isolated snow showers and partly sunny, the snow level is at 3,000 feet. Outlook for weekend travelers at the lower elevations is mainly dry roads through tonight; meanwhile, the free air freezing level rises above the Cascade passes tonight to 6,000 feet.

Surface Rescue

Call or email George today!

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 47”; a gain of 6” since yesterday; an overall gain of 6” in the past seven days; 72” less than this date last year; 88% below the 30-year average Snow Water Equivalent (total amount of moisture in the snow pack).

Ski Report – New Snow/Base/Condition…
Mt. Bachelor 1”/46”/wide variety
Mt. Hood Meadows 3”/34”/packed powder
Timberline 5”/67”/fresh snow

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Marine: Winds are variable 10 knots this morning with seas 10-11 feet at 13-14 seconds. A Small Craft WON SCAAdvisory for hazardous seas is in effect through this evening. Steep NW swells 11 feet at 12 seconds are projected today along with a WNW breeze 5-10 knots gusting 15. N winds 5-10 knots tonight, veering W after midnight, swells 10 feet at 13 seconds. Tomorrow, a storm system generates SW winds 20-25 knots by afternoon and lumpy seas around 8 feet. Outlook is for WNW winds 10-20 knots on Tuesday, swells rising again to 10 feet; a northerly breeze 10-15 knots Wednesday and Thursday, with long-period swells building from 9 feet to 14 feet late in the week. Always check the latest Bar Reports before you venture offshore.

On the Beach… Mostly sunny, light breeze, surf 10 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
04/12 Sun 01:26 PM 0.27 L
04/12 Sun 08:21 PM 6.38 H
04/13 Mon 01:44 AM 3.04 L
04/13 Mon 07:38 AM 7.13 H


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In Short: Partly cloudy, light wind, stormy, then dry and clear.

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Apr 112015
Youth baseball!

Youth baseball!

Baseball erupted on the majestic Oregon Coast on Saturday with the opening of Lincoln City Youth League action on three fields at Kirtsis Park. Youngsters of all ages participate in the organization, from T-ball to Majors. (Photo by Jim Fossum)

To view the day’s action, go to SportsLincolnCounty.com or click here.

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Apr 112015

Found up Yachats River Road.

Found up Beamer Creek, five miles off Yachats River Road.

lost dog heart shape yachats river road

We found this dog today. No collar, or anything.

From what I can tell, she’s a bulldog. She’s white and brindle, with a white heart on her back hips.

She was found up Beamer Creek, about five miles from Yachats River Road.

My contact info is jilbooking541@gmail.com or 541-547-4251

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Apr 112015

Waterspout spotted near Salishan - Lisa Olsen

Waterspout spotted near Salishan – Lisa Olsen

Yaquina Head Lighthouse Waiting patiently for Spring Donna Plummer photo

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Waiting patiently for Spring
Donna Plummer photo

Starfish!  They're making a come-back on the Oregon Coast! Julie Sacchetti photo

Starfish! They’re making a come-back on the Oregon Coast!
Julie Sacchetti photo

And photographer Ken Gagne also comes up with pleasant evidence that our five legged friends are indeed growing and thriving once again...

And photographer Ken Gagne also comes up with pleasant evidence that our five-armed friends are indeed growing and thriving once again…

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Apr 112015

5:19pm- Traffic accident (possibly a solo wreck) 12 miles east of Newport on Highway 20. Watch for emergency responders.

6:45pm- Update from a reader out that way…

It’s at Mile marker 17 1/2 mile west of Thornton Creek Road. Looks like a red suburban going too fast in the curves flipped on it’s driver side facing east in the westbound lane. At 6:45 traffic is backed up both ways – there are flaggers directing traffic.

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Apr 112015

lcso patch

A transient that was described as suicidal was reported Saturday afternoon as trying to get traffic to hit him on Highway 20, a half-mile east of Newport.

Reports from the scene indicate that the transient was standing in the eastbound lane of 20 very close to a well known transient camp south of the highway.

A deputy sheriff managed to get to him in time and subdued him. However, there was another report that because traffic was backed up, somebody rear ended the car that was, at the moment, the last in line waiting to be flagged through.

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Apr 112015
"View in the Stanford Gardens" Michael Gibbons

“View in the Stanford Gardens”
Michael Gibbons

“View in the Stanford Gardens” oil 8″x 10″ Custom gold wood frame

1st Weekend Toledo Art Feature Artist Michael Gibbons “Wild Garden” theme
Saturday May 2 11:am-5:00pm- Sunday May 3 Noon-5:00pm
Gallery Michael, Gibbons 140 NE Alder St. Uptown Arts District
(541) 3336 2797 michaelgibbonsart@charter.net www.michaelgibbons.net

Complimentary Oregon wine & cheese reception.
The artist will give an informal talk each day at 1:00pm About his experiences painting en plein air.

Michael Gibbons is the featured artist May 2 & 3 in the 1st Weekend Toledo Art monthly event. “Wild Garden” (the last in this series of themed 1st Weekend events) was chosen by the artist who paints regularly in
gardens, both wild and tame. “View in Stanford Gardens” painted by the artist in Mendocino ala prima (outdoors on site) in a brief 3 hours as the sun slowly descended, captures the golden glow that bathes the entire area. Soft lines and rich colors including the house used as an architectural feature make up this typical “Gibbons” landscape scene. Continue reading »

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