Newport: Two busted for firearm thefts and drugs

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Feb 152017

Robert Bauman
Gun theft, burglary, drugs
LCJ photo

Anthony Garcia
Gun theft, burglary, drugs
LCJ photo

This week Newport Police got a tip that a stolen gun sale was about to happen in the 600 block of SW 9th. Newport Police and Sheriff’s Deputies cased out the location. When the suspects pulled up in a small tan hatchback the officers and deputies moved in. Both suspects were removed from the car and were quickly handcuffed.

Inside the car officers and deputies found a number of stolen rifles, a stolen handgun along with meth and drug paraphernalia.

Robert Bauman, 30, of Newport, was arrested and booked into the county jail for trying to sell stolen weapons, being a felon in possession of firearms, possession of meth and three outstanding arrest warrants. His alleged partner in crime, Anthony Garcia, 29, also of Newport, was booked for possession of stolen weapons, possession of meth, violation of parole and trying to get contraband into the jail.

Bauman’s bail was set at $280,000; Garcia’s bail was set at $150,000.

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State Legislature considers allowing suspended drivers to drive to and from gambling addiction treatment

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Feb 152017

Slot Machines
Commons photo

This morning the Oregon Senate Committee on Judiciary held a public hearing and work session on Senate Bill 252 that would allow people suspended from driving, to still be allowed to drive to and from a treatment center for their gambling addiction. The committee unanimously moved the bill to the Senate floor with a “do pass” recommendation.

This bill would authorize the Department of Transportation to issue a hardship permit to a person with suspended driving privileges to drive to and from gambling addiction treatment.

The Department of Transportation may currently issue hardship driving permits to individuals for particular purposes, such as driving to and from work, drug and alcohol treatment programs, and transportation of self or family to medical appointments.

The bill now goes to the full Senate for a vote.

The Lottery worked closely with bill sponsor Sen. Kathleen Taylor to draft the language for the bill and bring this issue to the Legislature. As Senator Taylor explained, “SB 252 aims to reduce barriers for individuals seeking treatment to address gambling addiction and minimize any negative impacts from gambling on the Oregon Lottery.”

Oregon Lottery Director Pack thanked Sen. Taylor for bringing this bill forward. “We have a fairly special and unique opportunity here,” said Pack. “We thought this was a great way to support folks who have problems and make sure that they can easily, or as easily as possible, get to treatment resources when they need it.”

The next step for the bill upon passage by the Senate, would be referral to the Speaker of the Oregon House, where it will be assigned to a House committee, and the House will begin its review of the bill.

Oregon Lottery proceeds provide funding for free, confidential and effective problem gambling treatment programs statewide. Since 1992, over $92 million in Lottery funds has been directed to fund problem gambling treatment. For more information on the Oregon Lottery visit

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Newport Fishing Vessel runs ground in Akutan Bay, AK

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Feb 152017

F/V Predator
Ran hard aground near Akutan, AK Crew OK.
Fishermen’s Wives photo

The Coast Guard responded to a mayday call this week from the Newport crew of the F/V Predator which ran aground near Akutan, AK. The Coast Guard came on scene and airlifted the crew to safety.

Reports say the vessel ran hard aground on some rocks causing an 8 inch crack in the hull. The crew broke out pumps but the water was coming in faster than they could pump it out. But again, the crew is safe.

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Weather or Not: Batten Down the Hatches

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Feb 152017

Wednesday, Feb. 15th – Lincoln County

Summary: Thickening clouds yesterday, rain by late afternoon, gusty winds, warm temps.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 59F/49F/31mph/0.33”
Depoe Bay: 60F/43F/43mph/0.33”
Newport: 59F/45F/46mph/0.20”
Waldport: 59F/43F/45mph/0.29”
Yachats: 61F/48F/47mph/0.31”

Newport Airport Conditions…
Ceiling: scattered @ 1,000’, broken @ 1,400’, overcast @ 2,000’
Visibility: 10 miles/Wind: SE 8 mph/Altimeter: 29.78”

A High Wind Warning issued by the National Weather Service for the Central Coast, remains in effect through 10:00am this morning near beaches and headlands.
A second High Wind Warning for all areas of the Central Coast is in effect from 1:00pm this afternoon through 6:00am tomorrow morning.

There will be two peak periods of strong winds. The first will affect beaches and headlands this morning. Another surge of strong winds will arrive this afternoon and last well into tonight. Winds near beaches and headlands this morning 25-35 mph with gusts to 55-65 mph. Then, near beaches and headlands this afternoon and tonight, south winds 40-50 mph with gusts to 65-80 mph. Coastal communities this afternoon through tonight 25-40 mph with gusts to 55-65 mph. Winds will be strong enough to affect travel as well as cause tree and/or possibly property damage and power disruptions, especially later this afternoon and tonight.

A High Wind Warning means a hazardous high wind event is expected or occurring. Sustained wind speeds of at least 40 mph or gusts of 58 mph or more can lead to property damage.

Forecast: Our short hiatus from the stormy weather came to an abrupt end overnight, and it looks like wet and occasionally windy conditions for the next several days. Along with the big breeze, periods of heavy rain are expected today and tonight with up to a couple inches possible, highs 55-60F and lows 45-50F. Tomorrow, the main storm system will have passed, leaving showers and possible thunderstorms in its wake. Cooler temps, too, as the high just reaches 50F. Outlook is for a chance of showers Friday and Saturday, rain likely Sunday and Monday, then showers Tuesday. Highs near 50F and lows of 40-45F throughout the extended period.

wxon-twitterBe sure to follow Weather or Not’s Twitter feed to keep current on this storm. You’ll get updated travel info and notification of any new advisories, watches or warnings. Follow @chrisburnswx.

Travel: In the Coast Range this morning, there’s wet pavement, temps 45-50F in the passes. Willamette Valley highways are wet, temperatures near 50F. The Columbia River Gorge has possible spots of ice, thermometer readings near 32F. For the Cascades, expect spots of ice with rain and 32F in the passes, carry chains or traction tires. * An interactive map of the latest Northwest/Central Oregon travel weather is available here. Also, motorists should always visit ODOT’s TripCheck before hitting the road.

Marine: Winds are S 30-40 knots this morning with rough combined seas 16-17 feet at 11 seconds. A Gale Warning is in effect through this afternoon. A Storm Warning is in effect from this afternoon through late tonight. Winds and seas should begin subsiding tomorrow; no additional storms are predicted through Sunday. * Full text of the latest marine forecast is available here. And, make sure you check the latest Bar Reports before venturing offshore.

On the Beach… Rain, very windy, surf 10-15 feet (moderate).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
02/15 Wed 09:09 AM 1.95 L
02/15 Wed 03:12 PM 7.35 H
02/15 Wed 09:10 PM 1.54 L
02/16 Thu 03:44 AM 8.20 H

In Short: Heavy rain, high wind, then showers and unsettled.

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House fire in Waldort – Bed on fire – occupants evacuating

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Feb 142017

Report of a bed on fire at a home at 735 SE Bird Avenue in Waldport. Residents are evacuating.

One female from the home may have been injured. Medic unit enroute.

Arriving fire crews report smoke in the area. People have evacuated. No flames seen from the outside.

Sounds like fire crews have the situation under control. No additional fire units are needed.

Fire is dead out. Firefighters are rolling up their hoses and heading back to station.

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Cow self-rescues leaving rescuers holding an empty rope…

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Feb 142017

Never under-estimate the power of a cow even if it’s bogged down in river mud.

Fire-Rescue firefighters from Waldport, Yachats and Toledo were confounded by their inability to quickly rescue a cow that had wandered into high water, sinking deep into the mud at Elkhorn and North Beaver Creek Roads.

Firefighters tried a number of tactics but none worked. So they called in a vet from Newport and ordered a large animal harness from somewhere in Toledo.

While firefighters looked on, little did they know that the cow was about as fed up with the situation as they were. Just before the harness from Toledo pulled up, the cow gave it the “ole bovine try” and got enough feet unstuck to make some progress up the incline to drier ground. And once self-rescued it slogged farther up the hill toward the barn.

Rescue over.

Return to base.

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Yachats: Surf Rescue off 101 at milepost 170, south of Yachats

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Feb 142017

Coast Guard Helo Rescue crew with two VERY LUCKY young men they rescued at Bob Creek south of Yachats

Two men enjoying the beach at Bob Creek State Park south of Yachats had their fun interrupted Tuesday when a big wave hit the beach, knocking one of them down and pulling him into the surf. As the other tried to rescue his friend, a strong surge shoved them both into a cave that was part of a large rock outcropping from the beach. Both were unable to escape the cave due to strong wave surges in the area. They remained trapped inside the cave.

Another person on the beach called 9-1-1 and alerted local fire rescue which quickly raced to the scene. Here’s the sequence of events:

Yachats Fire-Rescue is racing south on Highway 101 south of Yachats at Bob Creek, on a report that two young males are stuck either in or just outside a cave facing the ocean at that location. Yachats Fire-Rescue is enroute.

Coast Guard Rescue Helo in Newport has been notified so they can launch immediately if needed.

Rescuers say they can’t get to the two trapped males. Coast Guard helo out of Newport has been given a “go” to launch and rendezvous at Bob Creek State Park, south of Yachats in Lane County.

Can’t find them.

Rescuers now say they’ve spotted the two. A rope rescue team has been dispatched to the scene at Bob Creek State Park.

The rescue is gathering right at mile post 170, six miles south of Yachats. Coast Guard helo has been summoned to the scene.

The Coast Guard has lifted both stranded males up into the helicopter and are being flown to the Newport Airport to meet an ambulance to take them to PCH in Newport to be checked out.

Visitors to any Oregon beach should be very respectful of the power of strong wave surges. Don’t jump out of your car and make a bee-line for the water. Be cautious. Approach the beach carefully – notice how the waves are breaking and how far up the beach they reach.

Take note of how steep the shore bottom drops away from the beach. Some beaches drop off very fast with water depths going from two feet to 20 feet in less than a few steps. It’s called an underwater cliff. And you can’t see them even if you look closely. If you can’t see the bottom, don’t go out there. Steep drop offs are more common in rocky coastal areas. Long wide beaches are the safest places to enjoy the ocean.

And never-ever-ever turn your back on the ocean. Sneaker waves can build up offshore and come in far more powerfully than what you were seeing just moments before. And when they hit they can knock you off your feet, then pull you out into deep water, far from shore. People die every year along Oregon’s coastline due to sneaker waves.

When you’re at the beach, be alert! Know where you are and watch your children like a hawk. Oregon waves are a lot more powerful and thicker than waves in California because Oregon is a lot closer to where the waves are generated in the north Pacific. They’re a whole different animal. Treat them accordingly.

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Psychiatrists Send Plea to New York Times: President Trump Is Psychologically Dangerous and a Dire Threat to the Country

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Feb 142017

Donald Trump
Gage Skidmore photo

Although it’s been on the minds of many millions of Americans, a medical profession that specializes in psychological disorders has finally given voice to this rising tide of truly nervous concerns about President Donald Trump.

A psychiatric association has written an open letter to the New York Times that admits that the letter violates the canons of professional propriety, but they say they can no long keep quiet about a person who they claim is a clear and present danger to the country, if not the world.

The story broke first in Europe. Click here.

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