Mar 232015
Winds to 60mph on headlands and beaches! Steve Power photo

Winds to 65mph on headlands and beaches!
Steve Power photo







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Mar 232015
Toledo Library Book Sale Saturday, 10-3 downstairs

Toledo Library Book Sale
Saturday, 10-3 downstairs

It’s time again for the eagerly anticipated Toledo Public Library Annual Book Sale. This year the library will be open for business on Saturday, March 28th, from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm, in the Library’s downstairs meeting room.

Prices this year are $1 for hardbacks and $.50 for paperbacks, unless otherwise marked. Children’s materials are $.25. Patrons who spend twenty dollars or more will be entitled to a free t-shirt.

The Toledo Library is greatly indebted to its many patrons who donate their books and materials over the year. This year, there are a number of children’s picture books available.

The book sale is managed by members of the Toledo Library Advisory Board. All proceeds are used for books and materials purchases at the Toledo Public Library. Lines form early!

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Mar 232015
White Clematis CH Gardens photo

White Clematis
CH Gardens photo

Starting Clematis From Seed: Learn the New Easy Method

Saturday, March 28, 2015, 10am – 12pm, Connie Hansen Garden, 1931 NW 33rd, LC

For decades clematarians have struggled starting clematis from seed. Germination could take anywhere from 10 days to three years, and much mayhem could befall the seeds between sewing and germination. Recent experiments by hobbyists and professionals all over the world have yielded a new simple, easy method for starting clematis seeds. A few variables are necessary to accommodate such a far flung and wide ranging genus, but reducing the wait from three years to three months for the most stubborn species is a Godsend!

Join Rogerson Clematis Collector Linda Beutler as she demonstrates the tips and tricks of this new seed starting method, and leave with easily transportable baggies of seeds to start your own clematis collection!

Linda will also bring a selection of clematis appropriate to the coastal climate for sale, benefiting the Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection.

Connie Hansen Garden,1931 NW 33rd Street, Lincoln City, 541-994-6338 or $5 donation to the Garden suggested.

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Mar 232015
Tomato Barrel Carl Palmer photo

Tomato Barrel
Carl Palmer photo

Want a ripe Tomatoes during the month of July?

The following is a message for anyone who wants extra fresh good tasting organic salads all summer, but does not have either the time, energy, money or space to maintain a garden.

We will be holding a TomatoBarrel Workshop Wednesday March 25 1-3 pm at the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon in Lincoln City.


Tomatoes for the salads can be grown in a TomatoBarrels©. It is portable and uses the heat storing capacity of its 30 gallon water reservoir to keep the tomato plants’ feet warm. This enables a faster and longer growing season and a minimal need for watering. You can expect ripe salad tomatoes during the month of July.
Tomato production is always late on the Oregon Coast because of the large amount of cold Oregon rain; the Coast’s ground is cold until usually June or early July. With a TomatoBarrel© you can start planting as soon as you build your barrel.

The barrels are mobile and can sit anywhere – on a deck, in a yard, on a sidewalk – they can be easily located in the sunniest area throughout the season. Since they are not in contact with the ground and they have 30 gallons of water stored in the bottom they stay warmer. They also only need to have water replenished about once a week.
Click Here or for more details.

Lettuce/Greens Carl Palmer photo

Carl Palmer photo

Salad Greens

To grow the Salad Greens a Lettuce Tub© is used. It will be introduced and demonstrated first the time during the Earth Day Celebration 11 am – l pm Saturday April 18 at the Lincoln Culture Center, 540 NW U.S. 101, in Lincoln City, OR 97367.

It is a new technique not seen on the Coast that allows you to grow salads greens hydroponically without electricity, pumps, or wicks of any kind.
This new technique is very simple. Fill the Lettuce Tub© full of nutrient rich water and cover with the lid. Place the salad plants, (up to nine (9)) Lettuce, Watercress, Spinach, Chard, Parsley, Kale, etc. in the net pots. The seedling gets water from the Tub, and will send out longer and longer root as the level goes down.

An air gap is created between the surface of the water and the bottom of the lid. In this gap, the plants send out smaller horizontal roots to absorb oxygen, called “air roots”
You can expect salads greens in 4-5 weeks after you put the plants in the Tub. Continue reading »

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Mar 232015

Chris Burns Weather

Monday, Mar. 23rd – Lincoln County

Summary: Yesterday brought the full gamut of rain, sun and brisk southerly winds.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 58F/45F/29mph/0.36”
Depoe Bay: 57F/44F/24mph/0.35”
Newport: 55F/43F/28mph/0.50”
Waldport: 57F/44F/31mph/0.77”
Yachats: 57F/47F/34mph/0.74”

* A High Wind Watch has been issued by the National Weather Service WARNING NWS SWSfor the Central Oregon Coast which is in effect from this afternoon through late tonight. South winds 30-40 mph with gusts to 60 mph. The winds will begin after 5:00pm this evening and continue until an hour or two after midnight. These winds could be strong enough to cause tree damage and power disruptions. The winds could also cause difficulty for high profile vehicles such as trucks, campers and vehicles pulling trailers. A High Wind Watch means there is the potential for a hazardous high wind event. Sustained winds of at least 40 mph or gusts of 58 mph or stronger may occur.

* A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for the Cascades which is in effect from 4:00pm this afternoon to 7:00am Tuesday. Snow is expected to increase late this afternoon and evening, then decrease Tuesday morning. Snow levels will be below Cascade pass elevations, around 3,000 to 3,500 feet. Snow accumulations of 6-10 inches are possible in the Central Oregon Cascades, with 5-9 inches in the North Oregon Cascades. Windy conditions tonight will cause areas of blowing snow. Be prepared for snow covered roads and winter driving conditions. Carry extra provisions should you be delayed while traveling through the Cascades.

* A Wind Advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service which is in effect from 9:00pm this evening to 5:00am Tuesday for the Central and South Willamette Valley. South winds 25-35 mph with gusts 45-55 mph beginning around 9:00pm this evening and continuing until 4:00am to 5:00am tomorrow morning. Locations include: Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Albany, Salem and McMinnville. The winds could be strong enough to cause tree damage and power disruptions. The winds could cause difficulty for high profile vehicles such as trucks, campers and vehicles pulling trailers.

* A Gale Warning goes into effect for local waters this afternoon (see Marine below).

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Forecast: Ya’d think it was January, not March, looking over the range of weather notices issued this morning. With the calendared Winter season passing mostly unnoticed, Spring is certainly grabbing our attention. Expect fairly heavy showers today, WON WINDY RAINYpossibly some thunderstorms dropping small hail, the breeze building to 15-20 mph gusting 30 and the mercury grasping at 55F. The big blow comes tonight when sou’westers ramp up to 30-40 mph gusting 50-60 and heavy rain ensues; up to an inch is feasible. Things start settling down tomorrow as a chance of showers, mostly cloudy skies and diminishing winds are projected. Outlook is for a slight chance of rain Wednesday, Summer on Thursday with sunny skies and highs around 65F, still sunny Friday but cooler at 60F, a chance of rain again Saturday and back to partly sunny on Sunday.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, showers and thunderstorms early, rainy and windy later, with 45-50F. Valley destinations are expecting showers, possible thunderstorms, breezy and highs of 55-60F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for showers, possible thunderstorms, moderate southwest winds, temps near 55F. For the Cascades, there’s packed snow and it’s snowing hard on all highway passes this morning, temperatures are right at 30F; 2-4 inches of snow accumulation is expected today, the snow level is below the passes at 2,500-3,000 feet. Carry chains or traction tires; studded tires are legal in Oregon through March 31st.

Surface Rescue

Call or email George today!

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 24”; a gain of 1” since yesterday; an overall loss of 1” in the past seven days; 91” less than this date last year; 94% below the 30-year average Snow Water Equivalent (total amount of moisture in the snow pack).

Ski Report – New Snow/Base/Condition…
Hoodoo 3”/3”/closed
Willamette Pass 3”/3”/closed for season
Mt. Bachelor 3”/41”/fresh powder
Mt. Hood Ski Bowl 3”/12”/tubing only
Mt. Hood Meadows 1”/22”/packed and fresh powder
Timberline 2”/23”/it’s snowing

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Marine: It is stormy this morning with SW winds 25-30 knots gusting higher and rough seas 10 feet at 11 seconds. A WON GALESmall Craft Advisory for winds is in effect through early this afternoon when it is upgraded to a Gale Warning through late tonight. Southwest winds 20-25 knots gusting 30 today with combined seas 8-10 feet at 10-12 seconds. Tonight, S winds 25-30 knots gusting 40 and very rough seas building to 14 feet at 12 seconds. The breeze veers to NW tomorrow morning, 10-15 knots gusting 20, then backs to SW 10 knots in the afternoon; seas subsiding to 9 feet at 12 seconds. Outlook is for southerlies 10-15 knots with some higher gusts Wednesday, and then northerlies 5-15 knots Thursday and Friday with seas slowly falling to 7 feet. Always check the latest Bar Reports before you venture offshore.

On the Beach… Showers, breezy, surf 8-10 feet (moderate).
* Oregon Parks and Recreation is hosting Whale Watch Week through this Saturday at twenty-four designated sites along the coast. Trained volunteers from the ‘Whale Watching Spoken Here’ program will help visitors spot gray whales migrating north from Baja California to Alaska. Details and site locations are available here.
* Tides
03/23 Mon 09:19 AM -0.60 L
03/23 Mon 03:41 PM 7.77 H
03/23 Mon 09:20 PM 1.51 L
03/24 Tue 03:33 AM 9.08 H

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In Short: Showers, thunderstorms, rainy and very windy, then breaking up.

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Mar 222015
Depoe Bay City Council

Depoe Bay City Council

A way forward on harbor issues -

Depoe Bay City Councilors, noting that plans to upgrade The World’s Smallest Harbor were going too slowly, decided to initiate a “Harbor Summit” to speed things up. They decided that attending that summit will be the Harbor Commission, the Harbor Master Plan Committee, and the City Council. Several councilors cited what appeared to be irreconcilable differences between members of the two harbor committees, something the city council wants to resolve.

Depoe Bay Harbor It needs a lot of work

Depoe Bay Harbor
It needs a lot of work

The council decided on the summit in order to get everyone around the same table and map out what the council believes are the three biggest issues – the need for new dock pilings, new docks in positions 2, 3 and 4 and improvements to the harbor’s fuel dock.

Mayor Mattila said the town doesn’t have the money to shoulder the full cost of all that, so the town will have to apply for state and/or federal funds to get it all done. And he quickly added that those sources of funds don’t come without a very detailed plan – complete with engineering estimates that can pass close scrutiny.

Because he’s had years of experience bringing groups of people together despite divergent opinions, the council appointed City Councilor Steve Sparks to “facilitate” the discussions at the summit. In fact they appointed Councilor Sparks Chairman of the event.

The city has already launched some of the paperwork necessary to get applications in to state and federal agencies – however, the long-evolving “Harbor Master Plan” will eventually have to pass muster – the sooner the better, according to Mayor Mattila.

The date and time of the “Harbor Summit” will be announced very soon, according to the council.

Medical Marijuana The Oregonian photo

Medical Marijuana
The Oregonian photo

Adopting medical marijuana sales regulations within Depoe Bay City Limits –
The city council, fresh off discussions about the issue with their city attorney, decided to back off from establishing very strict regulations on medical marijuana dispensing within the city limits. The council decided to go along with state recommended regulations, but adding one special Depoe Bay regulation. The council decided there shall be no medical marijuana dispensing within 1,000 feet of the Neighbors For Kids Center at the south end of town. The council pointed to the state authorizing such a prohibition if a dispensary is too close to a facility at which the primary activity deals with children on premises. The council voted to make it a component of the town’s business license.

Depoe Bay’s current moratorium on medical marijuana dispensing within the city runs out on May 1st so they’re in a hurry to get their own regulations on the books before the state determines those regulations for them. Lincoln County Commissioners recently decided to simply adopt proposed state regulations as their own with some minor adjustments to one or more of those regulations.

Commons photo

Commons photo

Mayor Mattila proposes establishing a revenue raising municipal court in Depoe Bay.
Citing his frustration that fines for traffic tickets written within the city limits of Depoe Bay are not finding their way into city coffers – or perhaps not a big enough share of those fines – Mayor Mattila presented to the council his idea of establishing a Depoe Bay Municipal Court. With a court in Depoe Bay, the Mayor reasoned, Depoe Bay City Hall would receive a more proper portion of the court fine receipts. Mayor Mattila also raised the idea of hiring a city code enforcement officer to cite city property owners into court if they did not satisfactorily comply with city laws dealing with nuisances like noise, unsightly junk and trash strewn properties and the like.

The council learned from their attorney that hiring a judge and a code enforcement officer is not cheap and that the revenue generated may not cover the costs – even if both positions were just part-time.

The council decided the next step would be for city staff to explore ways that such operations are run in other Lincoln County cities like Waldport and Toledo. But both those cities are considerably more populous than Depoe Bay so staff will have to use a pretty sharp pencil to keep comparisons reasonable in terms of income-to-cost ratios.

Before the vote, Councilor Kathy Wyatt observed that the city is already very busy with a wide array of other issues and so the municipal court idea should be put off for a while. When the roll call came the vote was 5 to 2, with Councilors Wyatt and Jerome Grant voting no.

Fleet of Flowers

Fleet of Flowers

Putting more muscle into Depoe Bay Community fundraising events.

And finally, Councilor Steve Sparks said it’s time that Depoe Bay improve the way its community fundraisers are supported. Sparks said events like the Salmon Bake, the Wooden Boat Show, Crab Feed, Fleet of Flowers and others seem to go from year to year, spearheaded by a group of local citizens who are, more and more part of the Baby Boomer Generation. Sparks said many of them are either running out of peak energy or they’re simply passing on. Sparks said it’s time to focus on a new method of conducting these fundraisers.

Sparks suggested that the council begin thinking about creating a non-profit foundation whose full-time job would be to fundraise for the town, using already established fundraising events and maintaining, if not improving, their quality and profitability.

The city council gave Sparks’ idea a thumbs up. So it’s officially on the council’s radar.

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Mar 222015
The Little Waterspout That Could(n't) Mark Nessel photo

The Little Waterspout That Could(n’t)
Mark Nessel photo

A number of Yachats residents and visitors took copious quantities of pictures of a waterspout that appeared just offshore Sunday. But for some reason it could not hit critical mass to become a fully developed one – not that anyone was disappointed, of course.

Mark Nessel got a great shot of the failed attempt and we thank him for sharing!

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Mar 222015
The Taft High School girls basketball program will be led by Lincoln City Community Center Director Karl McShane next season McShane has been named to replace Dan Mock as coach, Athletic Director Shelley Moore, said. (photo by Lonnie French).

The Taft High School girls basketball program will be led by Lincoln City Community Center Director Karl McShane next season McShane has been named to replace Dan Mock as coach, Athletic Director Shelley Moore, said. (photo by Lonnie French).

Lincoln City Community Center Program Director Karl McShane will replace Dan Mock as head coach of the Taft High girls basketball program, Athletic Director Shelley Moore has confirmed. In other coaching changes already announced, Joey Arce Torres will take over for Nicole James as girls soccer coach as Nicole James moves to the boys team to assist her husband, Justin.

Read full story at or click here.

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