Showing up for those who show up all the time…

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Jul 162016
Toledo residents - one most notable - show up to support Toledo Police in their protection of the community at noon Saturday. Pauline Morrison photo

Toledo residents – one most notable, artist Michael Gibbons and wife Judy – show up to support Toledo Police for their protection of the community – at noon Saturday.
Pauline Morrison photo

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Newport: Traffic Crash – Highway 101 at Oceanview Drive

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Jul 162016

Highway 101 @ Oceanview earlier today. Kali Slentz photo

Highway 101 @ Oceanview earlier today.
Kali Slentz photo

Car vs truck with trailer Doris Posner

Car vs truck with trailer
Doris Posner

12:48pm – Two vehicle crash at 101 and NW Oceanview Drive. Everyone is out of both cars. One 68 year old female has a head injury.

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A film on the continued spraying of pesticides and herbicides on private forest lands

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Jul 162016

Herbicide spraying BLM photo

Herbicide spraying
BLM photo

Consider attending a film showing of “Behind the Emerald Curtain,” an award-winning documentary on the practice of clearcutting and pesticide spraying in our industrial forests. It’s an educational and fundraising event for Citizens for a Healthy County. The film will be shown Friday, July 22 at 7 pm at The Congregational Church of Lincoln City, 1760 NW 25th St. Lincoln City.

The committee says the film exposes the harmful practice of pesticide spraying over clearcut industrial forests on our communities and our environment. They say the practice has caused serious illness and even deaths. The committee contends that aerial spraying of pesticides was deemed so harmful that it was banned on federal forests over 30 years ago, yet those same pesticides are still legal and sprayed today over private and state forests. They further contend that these chemicals contaminate the streams we fish from, the watersheds we drink from and the soil we grow our food in. In addition they claim that it poisons our wildlife and increases cancer and a series of other
degenerative diseases in our communities.

Citizens for a Healthy County has filed a citizens’ initiative to appear on the May 2017 ballot (corrected) to ban aerial spraying in Lincoln County. The committee invites all interested citizens to come and learn and to discuss this issue facing our county.

For more information, email us:
Their webside is:

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ODOT roadway construction update

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Jul 152016

Highway 20 project entering final phases which includes closures.  Stay current on updates.

Highway 20 project entering final phases which includes closures. Stay current on updates.

Lincoln County

US 20 PME: UPRR – Eddyville (Phase 4) (U.S. 20 MP 16 – MP 21)

Project Summary:
Construction of landslide mitigation and geotechnical features over 350,000 cubic yards of earthwork.
Construction of roadbed, aggregate base and asphalt concrete pavement
Installation of drainage, guard rail, striping, and signing
Installation of a wildlife crossing culvert under the new roadbed
Erosion control
Re-routing public traffic onto the new alignment

Remarks: Construction of Phase 4 continues with drainage and excavation work near the west end of the project at approximately MP 16. Expect periodic flagging with minor delays of up to 20 minutes. Expect increased truck traffic on the existing U.S. 20 due to material hauling and deliveries on both the East and West ends of the project. Material hauling hours will increase near MP 16 about 12-14 hours per day. Expect heavy truck traffic from 7a.m. to 8 p.m. Night paving work is scheduled to begin on July 27. All other work is taking place well away from the existing U.S. 20 alignment.

US101@ NE East Devils Lake RD (U.S.101 MP111.0 – MP111.6)
Project Summary:
Add a left turn lane on U.S. 101 at NE East Devils Lake Rd
Create wider shoulders and improve sight distance in an effort to reduce crashes

Remarks: All work is now complete except for permanent signs, planting, and seeding. Permanent sign work will be taking place during the day. Occasional flagging may be necessary, expect minor delays. Seeding and planting work will not begin until September. NE East Devils Lake Road is now open at all times.

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A message to the public from The Union of Concerned Scientists

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Jul 152016

NOAA computer graphic showing growing hot spots around the world.

NOAA computer graphic showing growing hot spots around the world.

union of concerned scientists logo courtesy

Submitted by Union of Concerned Scientists

Just last year, we were thanking CNN for going a year without debating the reality of climate change. This was after our report, Science or Spin? Assessing the Accuracy of Cable News Coverage of Climate Science, pointed out that the biggest step that CNN could take to increase the accuracy of its climate coverage would be to stop hosting debates about established climate science and instead host debates and discussions about whether and how to respond to climate change through climate policy.

Unfortunately, it looks like CNN has moved in a dangerous new direction. Now they’re hardly mentioning climate change or its causes.

According to a new study by Media Matters, in the weeks following announcements that 2015 was the hottest year on record and that February 2016 was the hottest month on record, only one of CNN’s three woefully inadequate news segments about these temperature records made any mention of “climate change” or “global warming.”

And none of CNN’s reporting addressed global warming pollution from the fossil fuel industry or any of the other ways in which humans are causing global warming.

At the same time, CNN aired 23.5 minutes of American Petroleum Institute (API) ads, compared to just five minutes of coverage about climate change or the temperature records. API earned a starring role in our recent Climate Deception Dossiers report because of its efforts over many years to deceive the public about climate science and solutions. And now they’re getting more air time on CNN than the news about one of humanity’s greatest challenges. CNN has refused advertising before for ads that could have harmful consequences – shouldn’t they account for the consequences of continuing the fossil fuel industry’s climate denial and deception in the face of devastating climate change?

As one of the largest news organizations on the planet and a leading network covering key issues like science, the presidential election and more, we need CNN to do better.

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Kids aren’t hatched but fish are…come see the difference….

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Jul 152016

Siletz River Fish Hatchery  Siletz Tribal photo

Siletz River Fish Hatchery
Siletz Tribal photo

Free youth fishing Sunday at Siletz hatchery

Logsden – Youth 17 and younger are invited to a free fishing event on Saturday, July 16 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Siletz Tribe’s Lhuuke Illahee Hatchery near Logsden.

The event is sponsored by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. It will take place at the hatchery pond, which has been stocked with rainbow trout for the Siletz Tribe’s annual Culture Camp and this public event.

A feature of ODFW’s Outdoor Program, the event will include everything participants need to enjoy some quality fishing, including rods, fly rods, reels, tackle and bait. Volunteer instructors will be on site to demonstrate how to gear up, cast, land and even clean fish.

The event is open to the public, and no pre-registration is required. Anglers 11 years old and younger do not need a fishing license. However, anglers 12-17 years of age will need a youth license, which can be purchased for $10 at any ODFW license agent, ODFW office or on-line at ODFW’s website. The $10 youth license includes angling, hunting, shellfish, and the Columbia River Endorsement. Licenses must be purchased in advance as they will not be sold on-site the day of the event. Admission is free, and participants must be accompanied by an adult. Anglers are subject to a 2-fish bag limit.

To get to the Lhuuke Illahee Hatchery from the coast via Highway 20, take Highway 229 north to Siletz and turn right (east) onto Logsden Rd. The hatchery is 5 miles past the Logsden Store on the right (milepost 13). Parking will be available at the hatchery or as marked along the Logsden Road.

If driving from the I-5 corridor, take Highway 20 west to Blodgett, and then go north on the Summit Highway (Hwy. 180) toward Nashville. From Nashville, go north on the Logsden Road (Hwy. 410) for about 9 miles. The hatchery will be on your left near milepost 13.

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Sen. Merkley: USA 100% renewable energy by 2050

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Jul 152016
Hybrid geothermal project southeast of Bend. Courtesy photo

Hybrid geothermal project southeast of Bend.
Courtesy photo

Archive photo

Archive photo

The Oregonian photo

The Oregonian photo

Merkley Announces Plan to Introduce Major Renewable Energy Legislation at Netroots Nation Gathering. Legislation would require the U.S. to convert to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

ST. LOUIS, MO—Today, at the 2016 Netroots Nation Annual Conference, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley announced his plan to introduce legislation that would require 100 percent of American energy to come from renewable sources by 2050.

Merkley made the announcement during a panel he hosted at the Netroots Nation Conference titled Keep It in the Ground: Getting the Federal Government Out of the Fossil Fuel Business.

Joined by business leader and philanthropist Tom Steyer and Murshed Zaheed, Political Director of CREDO, the panel focused primarily on the Keep It in the Ground movement and Merkley’s signature piece of legislation, the Keep It in the Ground Act. Merkley introduced the landmark legislation in 2015 to help accelerate the transition to clean energy by ending all new federal leases for oil, gas or coal extraction on public lands and waters.

In his opening comments, Merkley announced his intention to introduce a set of bills over the next several months that would move the country away from fossil fuels entirely and toward a 100 percent renewable energy future by 2050.

“There is no more time to wait to address climate change,” said Merkley. “We are living each day with the dire consequences of global warming and they are only getting worse. We recently hit the ominous milestone of 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, each year we are cataloguing hotter and hotter average temperatures and the impacts of a warming planet are affecting our way of life, our health and our safety. We must end our use of carbon-emitting fossil fuels and we must start now. That’s why over the next several months I will introduce legislation that will get us to the goal of relying on 100 percent renewable energy sources by 2050. It’s a big goal, but it’s one we can and must achieve. Nothing short of our existence on this planet is at stake.”

Merkley’s announcement was immediately lauded by leaders throughout the environmentalist community.

“I’m 100% behind Jeff Merkley in his call for 100% renewables. Jeff’s right: the engineers have done their job, and given us cheap renewable energy to work with if we want it,” said Bill Mckibben. “Now we need to match their ingenuity with our political will, and actually make it happen. And fast–because climate change is happening fast.”

“Getting to 100% renewable energy is the moonshot for our generation, an ambitious goal that can help bring our country together,” said May Boeve of “Getting off fossil fuels and switching to clean, renewable energy will help create millions of jobs, revitalize our communities, and save our planet. With the impacts of climate change only getting worse, we don’t have a moment to lose. As we go ahead, we must continue to ensure that this transition is a just one, prioritizing communities who are the front lines of the climate crisis, and helping fossil fuel industry workers who will need to transition to new opportunities. Senator Merkley has shown tremendous leadership and we are proud to join him and the millions of Americans in taking this bold step forward together.”

“Transitioning to 100% clean energy will lower electricity bills, create well-paying jobs, and save thousands of lives American each year,” said Sarah Shanley Hope, Executive Director of the Solutions Project. “Senator Merkley’s bold leadership is exactly what the United States needs to make 100% clean energy possible for 100% of the people.”

Merkley also announced that he will seek input from members of Congress, interested members of the public and partners to help design policies to as he drafts the legislation to achieve the goal of a transformation to all renewable energy sources.

Submitted by Sen. Merkley

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