Dec 212013

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Port of Toledo: A Critical Link in the Region’s Economy
Provided by Port of Toledo and newly renamed “Yaquina Boatyard”

It might surprise some of you, but the sleepy little Port of Toledo is an active and vibrant link in many of the diverse aspects of this area’s economy. Did you know the Port of Toledo’s Yaquina Boatyard is the western most terminus of the P&W Rail Line?

Did you know that the Port of Toledo’s Yaquina Boatyard supports a commercial fishing industry that contributed 164.5 million to Lincoln County’s economy in 2012?

The Port of Toledo’s boatyard is the only facility in the Yaquina Bay estuary capable of hauling the region’s larger commercial vessels. The Port of Toledo is currently working towards a boatyard build-out plan to increase daily yard capacity from 1 large vessel to up to 9 large vessels to better serve our region’s viable commercial fishing industry. View boatyard Conceptual Plan with mobile lift as identified in the Port’s 2013 Strategic Business & Capital Investment Plan.

Did you know that the Port of Toledo plays a vital role in OSU’s wave energy research?

Since July 2012, the Port of Toledo’s Yaquina Boatyard has played a critical logistical role in staging, deployment and retrieval of wave energy test equipment for OSU’s Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center. NNMREC’s Pacific Marine Energy Center is the first utility scale, grid-connected wave energy test site in the United Sates and located off Newport, Oregon’s shore. The Port of Toledo’s Yaquina Boatyard serves as the central site for deployment of wave energy testing equipment, and provides intermodal connections for equipment transport between road, rail and water. More

Did you know that the Port of Toledo provides commercial and industrial property to local businesses?

The Port of Toledo has leased space to Yaquina Boat Equipment (YBE) for over 30 years. YBE business operations have grown to include marine services for vessels coming to our region from the Bering Sea to the South Pacific. American Grounding Systems, Inc. also leases industrial space from the Port of Toledo, manufacturing grounding straps that are shipped across the U.S. and around the world, and used at the international space station, in wind turbines, solar panels and by the aviation industry.

The Port of Toledo takes great pride in providing commercial and industrial space for lease. Units currently available include 6,570 sq. ft. industrial space, 3,640 sq. ft. commercial space, as well as developable land. Contact Bud Shoemake, Port Manager, for details.


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Dec 212013

Winter gulls high tide'n it Ken Gagne photo

Winter gulls high tide’n it out Yachats Bay
Ken Gagne photo

Rainbow over Cape Perpetua Alice Henton photo

Rainbow over Cape Perpetua
Alice Henton photo

Toledo Christmas lights

Toledo Christmas lights

xmas lights toledo 2


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Dec 212013


ODOT and OSP are racing to the scene of a rock and mud slide 50 miles north of Lincoln City on Highway 101 near Garibaldi. The slide is reported to be blocking the highway. ODOT reports that there are delays of a half-hour to two hours. Still sizing up the slide.

Check: for the latest information. Click here.

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Dec 212013

kyaq proofs


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Dec 212013

Chimney fire at home in the 400 block of NE 20th Place.

Chimney fire at home in the 400 block of NE 20th Place.

Firefighters send a heavy duty "mister" down the chimney to cool down the chimney.

Firefighters send a heavy duty “mister” down the chimney to cool down the chimney.

Mister sends steam up the chimney...

Mister sends steam up the chimney…

Creosote (3' of it) has now cooled down.  Time to call a chimney sweep,

Creosote (3′ of it) has now cooled down. Time to call a chimney sweep,

A chimney fire broke out at a home on NE 20th Place in Newport Saturday morning. Arriving firefighters discovered that the wall behind the wood stove was quite hot and so they quickly went to work to extinguish what was burning inside the chimney – which was described as three feet of accumulated creosote, or unburned residue from burning wood.

Fire fighters attacked the blaze from the bottom and the top of the chimney. Those on the roof used a simple garden-type hose with what looked like a “mister” on the end that they lowered down inside the chimney. Using a heat sensor, firefighters inside the home could see the heat gradient which showed at the base of the chimney and about three feet up from the bottom. Quite a creosote plug, to be sure.

Firefighters on the roof kept raising and lowering the mister down into the chimney, allowing it to hammer its way through the worst of the accumulated creosote down near the base.

Firefighters eventually got the creosote pretty well cooled off and also to establish that there were no breaches in the chimney that could lead to sparks escaping it. However, they told the homeowner that it’s critically important to have the chimney inspected and cleaned thoroughly before they have another fire in the wood stove.

The homeowner said that they don’t have that many fires in the stove, in fact rather few throughout the year. But firefighters say problems from creosote build up are caused more by infrequent use (and often without seasoned wood) than from burning a fire every day. They say it’s always smart to have a chimney sweep/inspector evaluate the chimney prior to the first fire of the Fall or Winter seasons. And if it needs sweeping, do it. Chimney fires are the leading cause of lost houses. It’s always better, they say, to clean out your chimney before it cleans you out.


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Dec 212013
Devils Lake - Lincoln City Steve Power photo

Devils Lake – Lincoln City
Steve Power photo

Like many important local news stories, information on the health and ecological effects of human beings on Devils Lake are always high profile in the local news media. But they tend to come out in drips and drabs and the Devils Lake Water Improvement District certainly knows that. It’s hard to keep a big enough perspective to keep “the big picture” in our minds. But the district has done that for us, here toward the end of another year of working on the lake to improve it.

The DLWID has just issued a “State of the Lake” report that’s easy to read and offers everyone that big picture as we look ahead to a new year. Click here.


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Dec 212013
Chris Burns Central Coast Weather

Chris Burns
Central Coast Weather

Saturday, December 21st

Summary: The official beginning of Winter is concurrent with the solstice at 9:11am today. We also experience the shortest ‘day’ of the year. Sunrise at 7:50am, sunset at 4:39pm, giving us 8 hours, 49 minutes of daylight. Benign conditions this morning to kick off the new season. Clouds have thinned and a filtered waning gibbous moon was visible before daybreak. The winds have settled down from yesterday’s 20-plus knots; peak gust was southwest at 37 knots on the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Temperatures rose quickly to near 50F with the storm’s arrival. Rainfall amounts were generally around half an inch.

Past 24 hours high/low/rain…
Lincoln City/Depoe Bay: 52F/38F/0.55″
Newport: 50F/34F/0.55″
Yachats/Waldport: 48F/35F/0.41″

Forecast: Mostly cloudy skies with a 50-50 chance of light rain for your weekend activities; patchy fog and light westerly winds. You might take your sunglasses along for occasional holes in the overcast. Highs in the low 50s, lows in the mid 40s. Expect a bit of a break in precipitation Sunday night. Outlook is for the next weather system to come in on Monday with another round of rain, about half an inch, and southwest winds gusting to near 25 knots. Then the picture changes. Beginning Tuesday, we should start seeing more sunshine again with highs near 50F and a little cooler at night, say 35F or so. Partly to mostly clear the rest of the holiday week.

Travel: Highways 18, 20 and 34 passes are just wet today, around 45F, and no problems are anticipated until Christmas Eve when ice and freezing fog are a possibility. Cascade passes could see gusty winds and another 2 inches of snow today and tonight before the freezing level rises above them tomorrow.

Marine: At Stonewall Bank buoy this morning, winds are down to NW 10-12 knots, with square seas 10 feet at 10 seconds. Depoe Bay bar is restricted for all recreational and uninspected passenger vessels. Yaquina Bay bar is restricted for recreational and uninspected passenger vessels 20 feet and less. A Small Craft Advisory is in effect through this evening for seas, which are expected to build to 13 feet today. Westerly winds 5-10 knots through the weekend, seas remaining 9-11 feet. Outlook is for another weather system to pass through on Monday bringing enhanced winds from the SW 10-15 knots gusting 20, seas around 7 feet. By mid-week we’ll be back in a northerly flow with breezes 10-20 knots and seas staying about 7-9 feet.

On the Beach… Cloudy, showers, light winds, patchy fog, surf 12 feet or higher.
12/21 Sat 01:53 PM 7.82 H
12/21 Sat 08:43 PM 0.32 L
12/22 Sun 03:37 AM 7.47 H
12/22 Sun 09:04 AM 3.61 L

In Short: Light rain showers, light winds, then stormy and eventual clearing.

White Christmas Countdown: Dec. 24th-25th — Eve, mostly clear, patchy fog, low 35F; Day, fog early, partly cloudy, high 47F.

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Dec 212013

toledo elks

P.S. There is a Kids Christmas party today (Saturday) at 1 pm. The youngin’s will decorate cookies, sing Christmas carols and enjoy storytime. Santa will be there too! They’ll have four small bikes to give away and every child gets a treat bag and stuffed animal. Merry Christmas from the Toledo Elks Lodge!


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Dec 202013

engrave nd

EngraveD will be playing at the Nauti Mermaid Bar & Bistro for New Years eve. They are an all original band with 4 members who all sing -Tanner-on drums, Josh-bass & guitar, Austin-guitar, and myself-vocals. We currently are the number 3 band on the rock charts in Eugene, Oregon, and are a drug/alcohol free band that raises the roof off wherever we go!. They start at 9pm doing an hour or so of acoustic music which is awesome and then they break out the electric guitars and their drummer trades in the Djembe for a full kit to become a double bass pedal mad man and rock it out the rest of the night!

EngraveD is a lively act with music that appeals to young and middle of the road age groups. They boarder on basic/alternative rock music and also have some screamo which puts the “Metal” title on our genre but they go both ways with catchy originals and fun updated covers that appeal to all!

Go…have fun…bring in the New year…Nauti Mermaid, on Highway 101, between NW 13th and 14th, ocean side of the highway.


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Dec 202013

Report of a traffic collision at Highway 34 at SE Gibson Road. One female driver is complaining of neck pain.

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