Nov 222013

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Nov 222013
A Free Holiday "Prop-osal" for those who love history and the sea!

A Free Holiday ‘Prop’osal for those who love history and the sea!
Free Admission Dec. 1, 11-4


If you have yet to visit the Pacific Maritime & Heritage Center, you won’t want to miss the Annual Holiday Open House for the Lincoln County Historical Society on Sunday, December 1st from 1 to 4 pm. Admission to the museum, located at 333 SE Bay Boulevard in Newport, will be free for the entire day, beginning at 11 am.

Festivities will take place in the cheery warmth of the “Great Room” and will include assorted refreshments and live musical entertainment throughout the afternoon. In addition, attendees can browse the gift shop and check out all current exhibits on display in the museum. It’s going to be a fun day, and a great opportunity to visit this spectacular building on Newport’s historic bayfront.

For more information, call 541-265-7509.

buy local banner 11-25-13

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Nov 222013
Brrrrrr cold out there...

Brrrrrr cold out there…
Ken Gagne photo


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Nov 222013
Rigoberto Martin-Lopez, 20, DUII, Reckless Driving, No Drivers License, Immigration hold

Rigoberto Martin-Lopez, 20, DUII, Reckless Driving, No Drivers License, Immigration hold

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of a possible DUII driver traveling northbound on Highway 101 in South Beach. The reporting motorist reported that a white Chevrolet truck was driving at varying speeds and crossing over both the center line and the fog line.

Deputies caught up the vehicle traveling northbound on highway 101 near SE 50th Street. A second motorist was following the vehicle with his hazards on as he was calling 911.

Deputies stopped the vehicle on Highway 101 near SE 32nd Street. Deputies found the driver, Rigoberto Martin Lopez, 20, of Waldport to be obviously intoxicated. They also observed open beer bottles, spilled beer and bottle caps scattered around inside the truck. Martin Lopez told deputies he did not have a driver license or any other form of identification.

Deputies took Martin Lopez into custody for DUII, Reckless driving, and Failure to carry and present an operator’s license. Martin Lopez submitted to a breath test which measured his BAC at .23% which is nearly three times the level of being presumed drunk behind the wheel. He was lodged at the Lincoln County Jail with a no bail hold since he is being referred to immigration authorities.

Although we don’t have the names of the two motorists who alerted authorities and stuck with the suspect car until the deputies could get there, they know who they are and we’d like to thank them for showing some initiative in helping our law enforcement keep our roads and highways as safe as they can be – especially during the “holiday” time of the year.


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Nov 222013

(Portland, OR) — Governor Kitzhaber today outlined new resources, support, and accountability for Cover Oregon to help boost enrollment in health insurance. The Governor announced that Greg Van Pelt, former CEO of Providence Health System Oregon and current president of Oregon Health Leadership Council, would lend his expertise and provide an independent, outsider’s view of Cover Oregon, with a focus on making sure that Cover Oregon is dedicating appropriate resources, and in the right way, to improve the system and secure coverage for Oregonians signing up for plans beginning in January.

“We made a commitment to Oregon and we’re going to keep it,” said Governor Kitzhaber. “Greg will bring an outsider’s eye to a challenging situation and a wealth of management experience to ensure that we are doing everything we can to get the system up and running – from start to finish for every Oregonian.”

Mr. Van Pelt retired earlier this year after 38 years with the Providence System, where he led the organization through major changes related to health care reform. “It’s important that we get this right for Oregon,” he said. “Everyone has worked too hard, and come too far, to not meet our goals together. Projects of this scope are not without their challenges, but I have every confidence that if we all step up, we can and will make sure that everyone who wants and needs coverage is enrolled in the right plan.”

The Governor also announced that he’s asked Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Director of the Oregon Health Authority, to oversee the application, eligibility and enrollment process itself. Dr. Goldberg will be focused on ensuring that applications are processed quickly, efficiently, and accurately, and that everyone who has applied for coverage is enrolled in a plan.

The Governor’s changes will allow Rocky King and his team at Cover Oregon to focus on getting the website fully functional and assure Oracle meets its milestones and deadlines. At a Friday morning press conference, the Governor also urged Oregonians to submit their applications by December 4 to begin the enrollment process. “The plans are competitive and affordable, and staff and community assisters are ready to help answer questions and determine eligibility for financial assistance,” the Governor said. “And it’s all hands on deck to help Oregonians get signed up for the coverage they want and need.”

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Nov 222013

Preying on those who can't stop.

Preying on those who can’t stop.

97% payback means it's still all gone at the end of the day.

97% payback means it’s still all gone at the end of the day.
The Oregonian photos

Being a “temporary” quarter-century resident of Nevada gives this writer a kind of insight into stories like these that I wish I didn’t have. But it’s a fact of our humanity that whoever or whatever designed our bodies made lots of room for addictive-driven behavior, especially when it comes to gambling. Those who design gambling machines employ brain development experts who know how to read cranial “pleasure centers.” They’re hired guns to provide sensory suggestions and feed-back to gaming machine designers who take copious notes on how to make those specific areas of the brain light up like the holiday tree at Rockefeller Center.

The Oregonian is running a story today that broaches the dirty little truth about ANY state’s video game lottery. Regardless of how noble a purpose the proceeds may be invested to benefit society as a whole, it none the less victimizes many in particular who lose control of their lives, courtesy of “life destroying fun made perfectly legal.” And although there are those who point to cigarettes, drugs and alcohol as rival competitors, none drain the bank accounts and the futures of those who get hooked as is found in the sound and fury of gambling video machines.

Here’s the story in the Oregonian. Click here.

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Nov 222013


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From Elise Jordan, Manager, Newport Farmers Market

Newport Farmers Market open Saturday November 23rd 10am-2pm at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall on 3rd st. in Newport

We are excited to announce our Farmers Market Basket Raffle. You can win a bounty of everything spectacular the market has to offer! Tickets are $1/piece or $5/ 6 tickets and will be on sale at the Lemonade Project Table and the Information Table. All proceeds will support the sustainability of our SNAP match program which is a $6 token match program, this wonderful program makes local food items more accessible.

The Newport Farmers Market boasts an incredible variety of nature’s bounty, even in the winter months our farmers offer high quality, seasonal locally grown produce: Kale, Squash, Honey, Apples, Bok Choy, Hazelnuts, Peppers, Pumpkins, Garlic, Potatoes, Lettus varieties, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey

Souperb is a great first stop on your way into the market, a family tye dye tradition serves up a new savory soup every week!

Volta Deli and Pacific Sourdough offer the freshest baked goods on the coast.

Old River Coffee is always a crowd favorite, and delicious roasted coffee beans make a great holiday gift!

Come sample Gingifers Kitchen specializing in homemade preserves & try Luv n’ Salsa perfect snack for game day!

We hope to see you there! For more weekly updates and information Like Us on Facebook.

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Nov 222013
Big flames, lots of water, smoke and live fire training for local and regional volunteer fire fighters.

Big flames, lots of water, smoke and live fire training for local and regional volunteer fire fighters.

This is the weekend that generations of memories, both fond and otherwise, go up in flame and smoke, rising into the skies over Waldport. The old Waldport High School will be used for aggressive live fire training for many local and regional volunteer firefighters. We’re told that if it’s done right, a relative novice can get ten years worth of real firefighting experience in an afternoon with this kind of opportunity. Firefighters from Lincoln and two other counties are converging on site from 8am Saturday through Sunday evening. There will be fires set, fires put out, set – put out, set – put out…for hours on end.

Crestline Drive will be shut down starting 7:30am Saturday morning at Edgewood up top, to Highway 34 at the bottom. It’ll be reopened sometime Sunday evening. Nearby neighbors are STRONGLY URGED to keep their windows closed and their PETS INSIDE. Central Coast Firefighters say ALL ASBESTOS HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THE BUILDINGS. So not to worry. But breathing smoke in general is not healthy anyway! So if you live closeby, recreate out of the area, grab a good book, or surf the internet. The fire training will run ALL WEEKEND, even overnight. They’re wringing out every minute of live fire training they can with this terrific opportunity to impart precious knowledge and experience, all aimed at saving our homes, businesses and the lives of our fellow citizens.

Once the school is reduced to a pile of charcoal and other debris, it’ll be hauled off, leaving a flat open area to become part of whatever park and recreation facility the community comes up with. The city, the school district and a local non-profit-type group are trying to figure out the best way forward and what kinds of sports, playground, walking paths and community garden type things that might go on there.

Again, lots of memories going up in smoke this weekend. Probably more than a few teary eyes will flow. But not for the area’s oldest student of Waldport High – Lester Hall, age nearly 103. We’re told Lester graduated in 1929 – THREE high schools ago.

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Nov 222013

Chris Burns Central Coast Weather

Chris Burns
Central Coast Weather

Friday, Nov. 22, Newport, Oregon

Summary: I got a kick out of talking to Central Coast residents yesterday who were describing the weather as “like a summer day.” The temperature was only in the upper 40s, but with sunshine and calm following a mid-20s low, it apparently felt like summer. In the past 24 hours, the low was again in the upper 20s to around 30. However, with the arrival of the E winds overnight (peak gusts around 20 knots), temperatures actually rose in most locations. This morning there’s a range from 40 in Lincoln City, to 31 in Yachats, with Newport about in the middle. Clear, dry conditions with low humidity have also put a ‘snap’ in the air — static electricity jumping from my finger to my cat’s ear sent him scurrying under the bed last night.

Past 24 hours high-low…
Lincoln City/Depoe Bay: 47F/36F
Newport: 48F/28F
Yachats/Waldport: 48F/26F

Forecast: Continued dry, clear and chilly with slowly warming temperatures. But brisk E winds, 15-25 knots, will make it feel colder (more like winter today). Daytime highs should be around 50 with overnight lows in the mid-30s, and getting a little warmer each day. Not much change in the near term. Outlook is for the wind to ease by the weekend and veer to the south. At least some clouds appear likely by Sunday, with a threat of some light precipitation by Turkey Day.

Marine: It’s gusting 20-25 knots out of the east this morning between shore and 20 miles out. Seas are about 5 feet. Expect less breeze by tomorrow, with easterlies 10-15 knots, gusts to 20, and seas remaining about 5 feet or so. Slow change to SE winds over the weekend, but no significant increase in winds or seas during the next few days.

On the Beach…
Breezy, cool, surf 4-5 feet (building next week)
11/22 Fri 02:16 PM 7.55 H
11/22 Fri 09:18 PM 0.38 L
11/23 Sat 04:21 AM 6.9 H
11/23 Sat 09:34 AM 3.91 L

In Short: Cool, sunny days, clear nights, winds easing.

For more information on the supreme overhead, go to Chris’ weathersite by clicking here.

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Nov 212013
Third time in the last 24 hours that the fire department has been out on VAC false smoke alarms.

Fourth time in the last 24 hours that the fire department has been out on VAC false smoke alarms.

The second floor smoke alarm has gone off again. Fourth time in past 24 hours.

Fire units headed for the Visual Arts Center for the second time today for a similar call – smoke detector on the second floor is going off. Firefighters not quite yet on scene.

Firefighters say one occupant thought she smelled smoke. No one evacuated the building. Firefighters tracked the problem down to a malfunctioning second floor smoke alarm – the same alarm that erroneously called out firefighters this morning as well as last evening. Assistant Fire Chief Rob Murphy said the alarm company will likely be asked to come out and inspect the system. He said the system is old.

The city is already facing the expensive prospect of replacing the building’s elevator. The VAC has become a sore spot with the city in that it’s costing the city way more in expenses than it generates in income, especially at a time that the city’s general fund is stressed and there is a huge need to begin replacing the city’s sewer and water collection and distribution systems. That process of replacing the system is estimated to cost some three million dollars a year for the forseeable future. Past generations of residents were not asked to create a sinking fund to take care of such things and now it’s coming due all at once.

The city is pursuing grants and loans at a time that many other American cities are also scrounging for money to replace their own systems. There is lots of competition out there. Newport is also moving forward on possibly establishing a new urban renewal district along Highway 101 from the downtown north, and east on Highway 20, in an effort to raise property values and therewith tax revenues that can be applied toward utility reconstruction.


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