Nov 052014

Lincoln County election 2014 is almost over…got a little more counting to do but the spreads are so obvious that it’s doubtful much will change when the last of the ballots are counted. At the clerk’s office they said they have a few more hours of counting and it’s already 11pm (midnight time last week). So the following numbers reflect 90% of the count.

Terry Thompson looks like he’s got another four years on the commission, besting challenger and soon-to-be-former Mayor of Lincoln City Richard Anderson by nearly 2,000 votes or a spread of 56% to 44%.

In the race to replace Anderson as mayor of Lincoln City, Don Williams will more than likely be the winner with a nearly 500 vote advantage over challenger and current City Councilor Roger Sprague.

In Lincoln City Ward 1, Susan Wahike bested Nathan long. In Ward 2 Jim Davis ran off and left D. Riley Hoagland by a wide margin.

In Newport, Mayor Sandra Roumagoux held off challenger and current City Councilor Dean Sawyer 1,876 to 1,413 as of last count.

For Newport City Council the top three winners were Wendy Engler, David Allen and Mark Saelens. Incumbent Councilor Dick Beemer and former Airport Manager Dennis Reno didn’t make the cut.

In Siletz, a real nail biter. John Robinson sits at 89 votes with Ron Hervey at 79. That’ll have to wait probably until November 18th for a final tally.

In Toledo, Billie Jo Smith out polled incumbent Mayor Ralph Grutzmacher 494 to 405. That’s probably a big enough gap for Smith to feel confident about her win.

For Toledo City Council two incumbents were re-elected – Terri Strom and Michele Johnson. Also Julie Rockwell made the top three. Julie Rockwell, however, is just 33 votes ahead of fourth place finisher Jerry Seth, so that could come down to the final count.

As for the voter measures, Lincoln County voters voted no on helping Oregonian youngsters pay for their college education. The driver’s card measure also went down. Measure 89 on no sex discrimination passed. Measure 90, doing away with Republican and Democratic primaries as we know them was defeated by a huge margin in Lincoln County as it was statewide. Recreational marijuana passed by a big margin, 61% to 39%. The statewide margin was a lot closer, 54% yes, 46% no. And for GMO labeling, in Lincoln County it was a squeeker, barely in favor, less than a thousand vote spread. It failed statewide 51% to 49%.

If you’re reading this early Wednesday morning we’ll have up the last of the count but there’s not enough votes still out to make much of a difference. But you never know.

Of course Senator Jeff Merkley was sent back to the Senate for another six year term, beating Monica Wehby by a wide margin. Governor Kitzhaber safely outdistanced Republican Dennis Richardson.

And as you all no doubt know, the Republicans re-took the U.S. Senate. The Republicans didn’t win enough seats, on their own, to override a presidential veto without the cooperation of more than a few Democrats. As for exercising the Senate filibuster tactic, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada pretty much let the Republicans have free rein in the use of the filibuster. Nearly three hundred filibusters at last count. We might look to see if the Republicans change the rules and ban the filibuster for as long as they’re in the majority.

In 2016 the Republicans will have far more seats up for re-election than they did this election. It’ll also be a presidential election which always makes for great political spectacle. We’ll have two more years of “austerity” to get through and evaluate as to whether we’re all better off in 2016 than we were in 2014.

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Nov 042014
Rep. Kurt Schrader D-Oregon File photo

Rep. Kurt Schrader
File photo

Schrader Election Night Statement

Congressman Kurt Schrader (OR-5) released the following statement after his victory in the General Election Tuesday night:

“I am grateful for all the Oregonians who turned out to support my campaign during this election. It’s an honor and privilege to return to Congress as your representative for Oregon’s 5th district.

I look forward to continuing bi-partisan efforts to improve both the local economy and the national budget. I will continue to keep constituent outreach services a top priority. I will work hard to encourage an environment that allows employers to plan, invest and create more and better jobs.

We need a robust transportation and infrastructure plan. We need to pursue comprehensive immigration reform to make things right for Oregon businesses and families. We need to push our O-and-C timber lands bill to put jobs back in the woods while preserving our fragile forests.

I truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you once again in Congress, and I look forward to facing future challenges on behalf of the people of the 5th Congressional district. Thank you.”

Rep. Kurt Schrader

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Nov 042014

County Commissioner Terry Thompson looks to be the trending winner for county commission. Pretty hefty margin over Dick Anderson.

Don Williams looks to be the next mayor of Lincoln City with a 400 vote margin over city councilor Roger Sprague.

The three top vote getters in the Newport City Council race are Wendy Engler, David Allen and Mark Saelens. Incumbent Doctor Richard Beemer is close behind but will 15% of the ballets left to count fill the gap and then some?

Mayor Roumagoux is winning handily over City Councilor Dean Sawyer, 1,750 to 1,300, roughly.

John Robonson in Siletz is in a tight race for mayor, but prevailing thus far.

For Toledo Mayor, BillieJo Smith leads incumbent Ralph Grutzmacher by 52 votes
out of 684 cast.

Toledo City Council – the top vote getters are incumbents Terri Strom and Michele Johnston with Julie Rockwell coming in 3rd, which if it holds, that’s the next three folks on the council.

The measure for driver’s cards, for those who can’t prove they belong in the country, is failing hugely in Lincoln County. So is the measure for top two primary winners advancing to the general. Lots of Republicans and Democrats like things the way they are.

Recreational marijuana is passing in Lincoln County by almost a two to one margin.

Lincoln County wants GMO labeling and the Library District revenue issue is passing by a wide margin.

On the state scene, it’s Merkley by a wide margin over Wehby for Senate, Kitzhaber is way out in front of Richardson, the driver’s card issue is failing, so is the top two primary issue, but GMO labeling is winning rather well as is recreational marijuana, by a fairly wide margin.

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Nov 042014
Newport City Council Archive photo

Newport City Council
Archive photo

Salmon as a tourist draw

The Newport City Council Monday night declined to write a check to the group that is trying to establish a new Spring Chinook run in Yaquina Bay. The council said there is no doubt that the project would be a big tourist draw in the form of recreational fishers, but there are management and legal issues that must be worked out first.

City Manager Spencer Nebel said that there appears to be a legal question whether net rearing pens for young salmon qualify as permanent facilities capable of lasting ten years, as required by the rules of the tourism facilities grant program. The council decided that such a legal question will have to be settled by the city’s new city attorney who doesn’t start work until later this year.

Secondly, the council wants to make sure the net pen facilities and their operations are adequately funded – that the program is robust and will survive financially for many years to come. And the council wants assurances in writing that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is “on board” with the whole Salmon for Oregon master plan and that a financial support commitment from ODFW will be forthcoming – an issue coming up before the next state legislature.

Salmon for Oregon’s Jim Wright assured the council that all those questions will be answered to the council’s satisfaction. The council gave him until April of next year to get everything in writing and delivered to council.

Representatives of the city’s tourism facilities grant award advisory committee blasted the council for offering such, as they called, special treatment for Wright and his group when no such treatment was been offered to other applicants who were not chosen to receive funds. City Councilor David Allen took issue with the allegation saying that the city council sees great value in the salmon project and that councils are, by nature, allowed to be flexible depending on circumstances.

So Mr. Wright will be back before the council next April with his finished paperwork and evidence of long term commitments of financial support for the Spring Chinook fishery.

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Where to put a new bicycle pump track

Those sponsoring a new bicycle pump track was similarly disappointed in not getting formal approval of their own project – the track proposed to be located at the southwest corner of Coast Park near the Performing Arts Center. City Manager Spencer Nebel said that after meeting with surrounding tourist accommodation property owners, and hearing their concerns about excessive noise and after hours activities (even though outlawed), it would be in everyone’s interest to have the pump track group find another location.

Nebel said the way the project came forward without any comprehensive review by city-wide staff, property stakeholders or council involvement indicates a need to have projects such as these to be first reviewed by committees advising the council. Nebel said sponsors of such proposals should first make their pitch to the city council where it likely would be referred to a citizens advisory committee to fully examine it – in this case the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. The committee will review it, make any adjustments to operations or location, and then forward those recommendations to the city council. Nebel said it’s a much open and transparent process that really should be standard procedure for the city. In this case, Nebel said, it wasn’t.

Hearing all that, the council voted to send the pump track proposal to the city’s Parks and Recreation and Advisory Committee for their review and recommendation. Two alternate locations were mentioned: as an add-on to the city’s skate park at Spring and 8th – the other possibly south of the bridge. Track supporters made it clear they would prefer to have the facility north of the bridge because they don’t want young kids riding across the Yaquina Bay Bridge on a rather narrow sidewalk.

The matter will come back to the council in early December.

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Making sure Agate Wayside improvements fit in with the neighborhood

The council also responded to some Agate Beach neighbor complaints about being “left in the dark” about plans to use state grant money to build new bathroom and shower facilities, better parking, and trail improvements to the Agate Beach Wayside, just south of Lighthouse Drive. Neighbors were especially critical of the idea of building boardwalk-type access to the beach from the intersection of Gilbert and Agate Way.

City Manager Spencer Nebel explained that there had been a lull in progress since the original ODOT permission to use state funds for the improvements to the wayside. But now everything is moving ahead rather quickly. New deadlines for spending the grant money have been set and the city is trying to hurry things up while not shortchanging the public, surfers, swimmers, and not the least of which are the neighbors. Nebel pledged to fully engage the neighborhood at a November 18 meeting. ODOT officials will be also attending. Based on what the neighbors express and discussions on what physical constraints are in play, the design consultants will go back to work for a month and reconvene another public meeting in mid-December to hopefully hammer out design options.

Community Director Derrick Tokos said depending on how things go, actual construction on the upgraded wayside could be underway next fall with completion by late 2015 or early 2016.

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Nov 042014


Lincoln County Commissioners are seeking candidates for the county planning commission who really care about how Lincoln County will look like in the future. Even in how it looks today!

The planning commission has a number of openings for those who are concerned about how Lincoln County’s lands are build on, or not built on, the quality of neighborhoods and streets, commercial development and how it all connects together.

Those interested in serving on one of the most influential commissions in local government, which DIRECTLY affects everyone’s day to day quality of life, should call 541-265-4192. That’s the county planning department. They’ll help walk you through the application process.

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Nov 042014

Jillian McCabe, 34 Murder, Aggravated Murder, Manslaughter

Jillian McCabe, 34
Murder, Aggravated Murder, Manslaughter

London McCabe Forever 6 years old

London McCabe
Forever 6 years old

The headline may say it all on the psychological condition of Jillian McCabe shortly before she threw her 6 year old autistic son off the bridge. Saying that she heard voices and then did the last thing a murderer would want to do, confessing to law enforcement immediately after the act, makes one curious if McCabe is schizophrenic.

Here is a National Institute of Mental Health description of schizophrenia and behaviors that are common for those who suffer the condition. It’s well worth reading all the way to the end where it gets rather compelling.

Click here.

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Nov 042014
Jillian McCabe, 34 Murder, Aggravated Murder, Manslaughter

Jillian McCabe, 34
Murder, Aggravated Murder, Manslaughter
No bail hold

Latest on the death of London McCabe, 6 year old boy thrown from the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

From Newport Police:

At about 6:25pm Monday evening a female called the 9-1-1 dispatch center to report that she had thrown her six year old son, London McCabe, off the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Members of the Newport Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the Newport Fire Department responded to the scene. The Yaquina Bay Bridge was closed to all traffic for about an hour. The US Coast Guard rescue helicopter also immediately responded to the area, arriving in minutes.

At 10:23pm a call was received of a body spotted in the water at the Embarcadero Resort, 1000 SE Bay Blvd. Officers responded and determined that the body was that of the victim.

McCabe had been located at the Yaquina Bay Bridge earlier and was being interviewed by detectives. She was subsequently arrested by detectives for Aggravated Murder, Murder, and 1st Degree Manslaughter. She was booked into the Lincoln County jail without incident and is under a no bail hold.

Newport Police officers were assisted by the Lincoln County Major Crime Team which is made up of members from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln City Police, Toledo Police, Oregon State Police and the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office.

This investigation is continuing. Anybody who may have seen something while crossing the Yaquina Bay Bridge is asked to call Detective Mitch France at 541-574-3348.

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