Dec 192013
1st Day of New Year Hike Beverly Beach State Park Starts 9am

1st Day of New Year Hike
Beverly Beach State Park
Starts 10am

Beverly Beach State Park Celebrates
2014 First Day of the New Year Hike
January 1st, 2014.

Start time for hike is at 10:00 a.m.

Looking to start the New Year off right? Oregon State Parks, in conjunction with America State Parks, will celebrate the 2014 First Day of the New Year Guided Hike at Beverly Beach State Park. Join us on January 1st for a guided hike on the Spencer Creek Nature Trail as we walk along the creek to take a closer look at the variety of conifer trees, native plants and wildlife in the park.

The hike will begin at the Beverly Beach day use parking lot and will be approximately 1 hour long and covering 2 miles of trails around the campground. Hot coffee and tea will be available for participants to warm up. The New Year Hike will take place rain or shine.

For further information regarding the Hike, please contact Ranger Renee Fowler at or call (541) 270-9127.


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Dec 192013
1st performance in new Waldport High Theater! "Inspecting Carol" Thursday, 7pm

1st performance in new Waldport High Theater!
“Inspecting Carol”
Thursday, 7pm


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Dec 192013
Bald Eagle surveying the possibilities on the breakfast table below... George Pickering photo

Bald Eagle surveying the possibilities on the breakfast table below…
George Pickering photo


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Dec 192013

Newport Parks & Rec Committee Ready to plant a new one...

Newport Parks & Rec Committee
Ready to plant a new one…

Parks & Rec Director Jim Protiva helps to create new home for Baby Tree.

Parks & Rec Director Jim Protiva helps to create new home for Baby Tree.

Mayor Roumagoux hangs ornament on the little evergreen.

Mayor Roumagoux hangs ornament on the Little Evergreen.

Newport’s Parks & Recreation Committee Wednesday fulfilled one of many requirements to maintain Newport in good standing as a Tree City USA city – one of over 3,000 such treeful communities nationwide. The committee, with the assistance and wholehearted endorsement of Mayor Sandra Roumagoux, planted a little evergreen just outside the city’s indoor recreation center.

Newport became an official Tree City USA last April after committing to the Arbor Day Foundation that the city would conduct appropriate urban forestry management practices, create an official city tree board, enact a community tree ordinance and to properly celebrate Arbor Day – the last Friday in April.

Lincoln City is also a Tree City USA city.


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Dec 192013
Chris Burns Central Coast Weather

Chris Burns
Central Coast Weather

Thursday, Dec. 19th – Newport, OR

Summary: Jack Frost sneaked in the back door overnight, stepping on the thermometer and squashing it down a couple of degrees below predictions. That, along with high humidity and leftover moisture on the roads from yesterday’s rain, gave us this morning’s black ice and frosty windshields. About every kind of weather hit the Central Coast in the past 24 hours, which started with light rain, went to partly sunny, followed by showers and then clearing. Area highs topped out near 50F, with the lows just at freezing or slightly below. Winds remained light.

Past 24 hours high/low/rain…
Lincoln City/Depoe Bay: 49/32F/0.06″
Newport: 48F/32F/0.02″
Yachats/Waldport: 47F/30F/0.02″

Forecast: A Special Weather Statement for black ice is still in effect, with no specific expiration time today. But after sunrise, temperatures will begin rising to a high around 45F. Light winds and mostly sunny skies most of the day. Another storm system is approaching so we should see increasing clouds by late this afternoon, and rain developing overnight, low about 34F. There’s the wrinkle… depending on exactly when the precipitation arrives and how far the mercury drops, there’s an outside chance of a wintery mix, i.e., snow, sleet or freezing rain tomorrow morning. Outlook is for warming to 50F on Friday, lots of rain, an inch or so, and blustery conditions with winds rising to 15-20 knots. Rain turning to showers over the weekend, drying by mid-week, highs in the upper 40s to over 50F, lows in the mid-to-lower 40s.

Travel: Highways 18, 20 and 34 passes are cold (mid-20s) and icy this morning. As the day progresses, it is expected to warm to about 40F — however, for much of the day be cautious of shady spots which may remain below freezing and icy. Snow is forecast in the Coast to Valley highway passes late tonight into tomorrow with accumulations up to an inch on the pavement. Snow is also likely tonight in Corvallis, lasting through tomorrow morning. Cascade passes are expecting 4-8 inches of snow before it warms up and turns to rain Friday night.

Marine: N winds this morning are still up around 20 knots with steep seas 10 feet at 10 seconds. The breeze is expected to fade through the day and the seas subside to 7 feet or so. There’s a Small Craft Advisory for winds in effect until 10:00am, and for seas until noon. Depoe Bay bar is restricted for all recreational and uninspected passenger vessels. Yaquina Bay bar is unrestricted. A brief break in the rough conditions is expected from this afternoon until midnight when a front arrives bringing SW winds 20-25 knots gusting 30, and seas hovering around 6 feet. Outlook is that by tomorrow, the wind veers to W and drops by afternoon before building again Friday night to 25 knots. Saturday, NW wind 10-15 knots gusting 20, seas building to 10 feet or higher. Light westerlies Sunday and Monday with seas 7-9 feet.

On the Beach… Mostly sunny, cool, light wind, surf 8 feet and dropping.
12/19 Thu 12:38 PM 8.64 H
12/19 Thu 07:35 PM -0.33 L
12/20 Fri 02:25 AM 7.4 H
12/20 Fri 07:32 AM 3.67 L

In Short: Cool, sunny, then rain and wind, showers.

White Christmas Countdown: Dec. 24th-25th — Partly sunny, chance of rain, high 48F, low 36F.

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Dec 192013

If “The Big One” hits the Oregon Coast with a 9.0+ earthquake and a following 80 foot tsunami, the Lincoln County school district wants to make sure that if it happens during the school day, kids will get emergency supplies that will see them through the immediate aftermath.

Councilors learned that a grant through the Lincoln County Office of Emergency Services and the Lincoln County School District would provide the Toledo area with about $15,000 in emergency supplies for Toledo school kids to tide them over until things settle down. The funds, which would require some financial contribution from the City of Toledo must be applied for no later than January 1st.

Councilors were a bit hesitant at first – Mayor Ralph Grutzmacher saying “$15,000 worth of emergency supplies is not adequate to meet the needs of all students at Toledo Elementary and Toledo High School. However, he admitted, it’s better than nothing. Mayor Grutzmacher questioned whether Toledo Elementary would be a strategically smart site to set up disaster survival supplies. Grutzmacher reasoned that both Toledo High and Elementary schools are on the other side of the slough, which would isolate the schools from the main part of town if a tsunami were to strike Toledo. He wondered if Arcadia School, with four roads leading out of it – instead of just one in the case of Sturdevant Road – wouldn’t be a better location for the official assembly area and the place for supplies. Councilor Jack Dunaway observed that the the Toledo Fire Station, just around the corner from Arcadia School already has the capacity to feed and care for many people in the event of a damaging earthquake.

In the end the council approved an application for some of the disaster preparedness funds. The applications are due in by the first of January, and it’s first come first served. There are not enough funds to go around for each school in the district.


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Dec 192013
Michelle Amberg Toledo City Manager soon to be Creswell City Administrator

Michelle Amberg
Toledo City Manager soon to be
Creswell City Administrator

Toledo City Councilors Wednesday night began what will be a month long period of saying goodbye to City Manager Michelle Amberg who has been named the new City Administrator of the city of Creswell, 10 miles south of Eugene. Creswell is a town that has half-again as many residents as Toledo and is right off Interstate Five.

Amberg told the council that the Toledo City Charter requires the council hold a public meeting on choosing a way forward to replace Amberg. It also addresses the role of an Interim City Manager who can be a placeholder while a new city manager is chosen.

Amberg says an Interim City Manager, under the city charter, has the same powers as a regular city manager except he or she cannot hire or fire any employee without the official consent of the council. Amberg says she has the names of three strong candidates who would qualify as Interim City Manager.

The council decided to hold a public meeting on Monday, December 23rd, 6pm at City Hall, to begin the process to replace Amberg.

Wednesday night’s meeting was the first official chance for councilors to express their thoughts about Amberg’s service as city manager. Both Mayor Ralph Grutzmacher and Councilor Jack Dunaway expressed their thanks for Amberg’s service to the city which has left the city with what they called clearer procedures and strategies for moving the city forward. Mayor Grutzmacher said he was very sorry to see her go.

Amberg responded that being City Manager of Toledo has been an important learning experience for her and that she’ll be available for conversations after she’s gone.

Amberg gave her official 30 days notice Wednesday night meaning her last day on the job will be January 17th.


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Dec 182013
Sen. Ron Wyden D-Oregon

Sen. Ron Wyden

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) issued the following statement regarding today’s report from the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies.

“I was particularly pleased with the Review Group’s finding that the information collected by the NSA bulk phone records collection program ‘was not essential to preventing attacks and could readily have been obtained in a timely manner using conventional section 215 orders.’ I have been arguing for two years that the program’s effectiveness has been overstated. This panel of surveillance experts came to the same conclusion.

There is a lot in this report for a reformer to like. The panel recommends ending the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records by the government and strengthening legal protections for Americans’ personal information. It recommends closing the “backdoor searches” loophole in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It also proposes significant reforms to the FISA Court, including the creation of a civil liberties advocate to argue major cases before the court.

When combined with the U.S. district court ruling on the likely unconstitutionality of bulk phone collection earlier this week, this report will help to galvanize support for surveillance reforms both with the public and within Congress. It is my hope that the President takes the advice of this panel and supports meaningful surveillance reforms that will protect both privacy and national security.”


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Dec 182013
Black Ice is back.  Go slow, tap your brakes to gauge tire traction.

Black Ice is back. Go slow, tap your brakes to gauge tire traction.






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Dec 182013
Yachats Sunset Looks like a weak storm coming ashore... Ken Gagne photo

Yachats Sunset
Looks like a weak storm coming ashore…
Ken Gagne photo


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