Lincoln County Schools – Trying some new things to improve education and with that test scores.

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Sep 172015
Steve Boynton Superintendent of Schools

Steve Boynton
Superintendent of Schools

Lincoln County Superintendent of Schools Steve Boynton met in person and electronically with a number of Lincoln County news reporters on Thursday and laid out a plan to begin to improve basic education and thereby raise student test scores dramatically over the next few years.

But with a 60% student turn-over year to year, that’ll be a tough mission. And by his own admission, with Lincoln County’s very high family poverty rate, the cards are already strongly stacked against he and the teachers. But they’re plowing ahead anyway.

Boynton says the two biggest factors in predicting academic achievement is the income of the student’s parents and whether their parents graduated from college. Lincoln County students don’t have much of either. That’s why 75% of students don’t do that well in school. But he also admitted that America’s education system is still running mostly on an old model. But new testing data is showing educators a way out of this dilemma.

The model takes note that when students fall behind they tend to stay behind academically because their classmates, and themselves, keep getting promoted to the next grade.

Boynton says Lincoln County Schools will launch a new program that focuses on each and every student. Their strengths, weaknesses and aptitude will all be examined and challenged. Boynton says if a student is having a problem with math, and it’s math he or she should have learned in a previous grade, that student literally walks down the hall and goes through the classroom door and takes a seat in a lower grade classroom and learns what he or she absolutely needs to learn – in any subject.

Educators around the country continue to call for all day kindergarten which Oregon now has. It establishes a better base of knowledge so kids are ready and primed to learn more and more by the time they’re in first grade. It’s like a jet-engine boost to their learning. Boynton says he’s excited about this recent addition to the school curriculum.

Boynton also says that there will be a full court press to help students that are under-performing, giving them lots of one-on-one teaching accompanied by close coordination with their families. And families must expect the school district to make a good case that students not only learn at school, but also at home – and that parents always play a crucial role in their child’s education.

Boynton says the schools must help children suffering homelessness and hunger. All students in the Lincoln County School District are provided breakfast and lunch at their school. Boynton says you can’t expect a child to learn anything when he or she is distracted by hunger.

Boynton told reporters that there will also be an emphasis placed on how children apply their knowledge. Boynton says the way kids learn is through real-life events. It’s this “application” approach to learning that shines a big light on how young people naturally learn.

More to come, for sure….

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Escaped youth facility inmate captured in Provo, Utah

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Sep 172015
Joshua Garvin, 22 Escaped from Tillamook Youth Corrections.  Captured in Provo, UT

Joshua Garvin, 22
Escaped from Tillamook Youth Corrections. Captured in Provo, UT

On September 12th, The Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) and the Oregon State Police requested the public’s assistance in locating a subject who escaped the Tillamook Youth Correction Facility.

On Wednesday Joshua GARVIN was located and arrested in Provo, Utah. According to Provo Utah Police, they received a tip that GARVIN was at a shelter in their city. When officers arrived at the shelter, GARVIN fled on foot, and after a brief chase was arrested without incident. GARVIN will be held in Utah pending extradition back to Oregon, and no doubt to a longer period of higher security incarceration than before he decided to run.

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Rogue Brewery & Port move ahead on Rogue’s expansion plans – little more to work out…

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Sep 172015
Rogues expansion area for more brew and storage space...

Rogues expansion area for more brew and storage space…

Rogue and Port of Newport officials met this week to continue working out details of Rogue’s plans to expand their facility at South Beach – just east of the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

The project will expand Rogue’s building footprint about 40,000 square feet and will fill in the area of the old boat ramp nearby that’s been closed for years. Yet to be worked out is the traffic circulation patterns that will result in the reconfiguration of Rogue’s operations as well as creating more parking. Cost of expanded parking and who will pay for it is still a bit up in the air. However, Port Manager Kevin Greenwood says he’s optimistic those details will be worked out amicably. Rogue wants to get all it’s permits in a row and ready for the construction season which begins in late March of next year.

One aspect that should please those who promote and conduct the annual Seafood & Wine Festival, is that they are welcome to use some of Rogue’s new building for part of the event instead of relying exclusively on those big white tents that seem to be blown up and damaged by high winds nearly every year. The Newport Chamber of Commerce favors it obviously, and Rogue says they’d love to have all those people seeing Rogue up front and personal even if they don’t make wine. And the Newport Port Commission favors the project because it means more lease income for the port. Those dollars will come in handy because the income they had counted on from the recently revamped International Terminal hasn’t materialized largely due to the collapse of Chinese demand for raw log exports.

Meanwhile, alternative income sources are being explored by marketing the International Terminal to Willamette Valley farmers who had been shipping their produce and other products overseas using the Port of Portland. Teevin Brothers are again interested in providing that service and are working closely with the port on making the terminal ready with a big “lay down” area where products are placed out in the open so that ships, equipped with their own cranes, can quickly load up and then head out. There are also plans to acquire cranes permanently stationed on the terminal to load more conventional freighters.

Additionally, Newport’s Urban Renewal Agency seems poised to help the port finance storm drain facilities that have yet to be constructed on the terminal and which may be extended to the Hall property for further development of their property. By helping to finance those infrastructure improvements it could put parts of the International Terminal back on the tax rolls as well as improving the value, for tax purposes, on the Hall property because, word has it, they have some development ideas for McLean Point.

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Fishin’ with Chris

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Sep 172015

Chris Burns - Fishing

Week of September 17th

In the Creel: There will be at least one more summer all-depth halibut opener; it’s this Friday and Saturday, September 18th and 19th! Wild Coho angling remains slow offshore but opened in the rivers on Tuesday. Chinook haven’t been anything to write home about all summer, but catches picked up a little during the past week. Bottom fishing has kicked in again with many boats landing limits, while the Fat Lady is singing for albacore as tuna move even farther offshore and off the bite. Crabbing is excellent with pot-pullers regularly bringing up a half dozen or so Dungies per person. The razor clam closure continues border to border, and tides are marginal for bay clamming. With the addition of native silvers this week, the rivers are offering a good range of options including summer steelhead and cutthroat trout. This week’s Fish Tale: There’s no such thing as too much fishing gear.

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Salmon River: The fall Chinook fishery is off to a fair start by boat and bank anglers catching fish from the month of the bay through tidewater. Trolling or casting lures or baits during the incoming tide can be effective. Cutthroat trout fishing from upper tidewater through the lower river can be effective during the early mornings with sea-runs moving through this time of year.

Siletz River/Bay: The fall Chinook fishery has been producing some fair results in the lower bay up to the Chinook Bend area. Trolling or bobber fishing through the high slack seem to be the most productive. Cooler temperatures and some rain will coax fish closer to the head of tide this week and move more fish into the system. The wild Coho fishery is on now through November 30th with a daily bag limit of 1 adult Coho and a seasonal limit of 2 adult Coho (in aggregate with other areas with the same bag limit). The lower bay and tidewater section typically produces the best results early in the season. Summer steelhead fishing is slow in the middle to lower river. The upper river above Moonshine Park is still closed to public entry because of high fire danger. Cutthroat trout can be found in most sections with sea-runs found in the middle to lower river this time of year.

Yaquina River/Bay: Anglers are catching fall Chinook from the lower bay up to the Canyon Quarry boat launch area. Trolling herring or spinners during the incoming tide through the high slack is a good option. The wild Coho fishery is open now through November 30th with a daily bag limit of 1 adult Coho and a seasonal limit of 2 adult Coho (in aggregate with other areas with the same bag limit). The lower bay up to the airport boat ramp typically produces the best results early in the season. Cutthroat trout fishing is slow to fair from upper tidewater to the lower reaches on the mainstem. The mainstem Yaquina and Big Elk Creek are good places to try casting small spinners or spoons as well as bait fishing near the head of tide.

Alsea River/Bay: The fall Chinook fishery is producing fair results so far this season. Anglers are having the best action from the lower bay up to Taylor’s Landing during the incoming tide. The wild Coho fishery runs through October 15th With a daily bag limit of 1 adult Coho and seasonal limit of 2 adult Coho (in aggregate with other areas with the same bag limit). The lower bay typically produces the best results early in the season. Cutthroat trout fishing is fair in the lower mainstem below the confluence with Five Rivers. With the low and warm river conditions the best opportunities will be in the early morning when water temperatures are the coolest. Small spinners are typically productive as well as small spoons or fly fishing with nymphs or streamers.

Central Coast Reservoirs and Lakes: Fishing for the various warm water fish species is fair to good during the summer months. There are numerous lakes in the Florence area that can provide good opportunities for boat and bank access.

Saltwater angling and shellfish harvesting…
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Weather or Not: A Dollop Short

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Sep 172015

Chris Burns Weather

Thursday, Sep. 17th – Lincoln County

Summary: Unlike typical weather systems this time of year, yesterday’s was a day late and a dollop short. It was tardy by about 24 hours and then arrived in segments with cloudy skies and fairly warm temperatures preceding the southwest wind. And finally, the main precipitation didn’t show up until almost sunset and then it came in waves during the night instead of a traditional steady rain. Overall however, predictions were pretty accurate when we peruse the stats, except rainfall totals were a bit less than projections. By early this morning, it looked like the heaviest downpours had passed and the breeze faded to a light southerly.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 67F/56F/19mph/0.48”
Depoe Bay: 65F/53F/19mph/0.26”
Newport: 66F/52F/25mph/0.33”
Waldport: 66F/54F/33mph/0.18”
Yachats: 68F/57F/31mph/0.29”

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Forecast: We’re on the mend. Recuperation may take most of today as a few more showers are probable, but there may be some sunbreaks later, not much wind and highs around 65F. Patchy fog is likely tonight with the wet ground and some clearing WON SUN-RAINabove; lows of 50-55F. Tomorrow, mostly sunny after the morning fog burns off, light winds and a high of 65F. Outlook is for a nice weekend with mostly sunny days and partly cloudy nights, a slight chance of showers on Monday, and then mostly clear Tuesday and Wednesday. Daytime mercury readings should be about normal at 65F, but overnight lows may begin dipping into the 40s early next week.

Fire Restrictions: The Oregon State Parks fire ban continues on all beaches, in all coastal state park campgrounds south of Reedsport, and in all of Central, Eastern, and Southern Oregon. The ban includes open flames and, in some areas, charcoal briquettes.

Surface Rescue

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Travel: In the Coast Range, showers likely with 60-65F. Valley destinations are expecting showers and highs of 65-70F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for showers, west winds gusting 20 mph, temps near 70F. For the Cascades, there is wet pavement on the highways this morning, temperatures are 40-45F; showers and breezy today, the snow level is at 7,000 feet.

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Marine: The wind is blowing WSW 10-15 knots this morning and seas are 7 feet at 9 seconds. For today, SW winds 10-WON MARINE WX15 knots gusting 20, swells 6 feet at 9 seconds with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. The breeze hangs around the southerly quadrant at 5-10 knots tonight and tomorrow, seas 6 feet subsiding to 4 feet. Outlook is for N to NW winds 5-10 knots Saturday and Sunday, veering to N 10-15 knots on Monday, swells 4-6 feet. Always check the latest Bar Reports before you venture offshore.

On the Beach… Mostly cloudy, showers, breezy, surf 6 feet (moderate).
* All beach fires are banned until further notice.
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
* Tides
09/17 Thu 09:04 AM 1.87 L
09/17 Thu 03:20 PM 7.65 H
09/17 Thu 09:43 PM 0.78 L
09/18 Fri 04:06 AM 6.50 H

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In Short: Mainly overcast, showers, then clearing and drying.

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Depoe Bay approves regular marijuana sales by medical marijuana dispensaries

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Sep 172015

Depoe Bay City Council Tuesday evening Approves recreational marijuana sales by medical dispensary in the city

Depoe Bay City Council
Tuesday evening
Approves recreational marijuana sales by medical dispensary in the city

Marijuana retail outlet near Denver.

Marijuana retail outlet near Denver.

Depoe Bay City Councilors Tuesday night unanimously approved the sale of recreational marijuana by medical marijuana dispensaries until the state sets up stand-alone recreational outlets. The whole idea is to trigger regular marijuana sales early so as to take away a lot of customers that would otherwise buy marijuana from the black market.

The council’s action allows a medical marijuana dispensary within the Depoe Bay city limits to sell regular marijuana starting October 1st and from then on until the state Oregon Liquor Control Commission establishes regulations for recreational marijuana grows, processing, wholesaling and retail to the public. Those regulations should be in place sometime after the first of the year.

But in the meantime, to buy up to a quarter ounce of marijuana a day from medical marijuana dispensary(s), customers must be 21 years of age.

All dispensary-sold marijuana is certified not to be black market in origin. Dispensary marijuana is certified as to where it was grown and laboratory inspected to ensure no toxic chemicals were used in the growing or processing of the product. It’s been said that “some” black market marijuana has a certain amount of pesticide residue in it which medical marijuana does not.

When regular marijuana stores get their OLCC regulations in hand and open next year, their product will also be laboratory tested to certify that no pesticides or other toxic chemicals were used in the growing or processing of the product.

Currently, any Oregonian 21 years of age or older has the right to possess up to an ounce of marijuana at any time. And they may possess up to four marijuana plants at home to grow their own supply.

After the first of the year, the state, cities and counties will be able to tax the sales of regular marijuana. A 20% state tax takes effect January 4th. If cities and counties want to put their own sales tax on marijuana, it’s limited to 3% and is expected to be aimed at helping local police departments and sheriff’s offices to step up law enforcement after marijuana sales kick into high gear.

Depoe Bay’s approval of regular marijuana sales beginning October 1st means they join Newport, Lincoln City, Waldport, Yachats and Toledo in authorizing the temporary sale of recreational marijuana by medical dispensaries until the OLCC establishes regulations sometime next year.

Depoe Bay is expected to get its first medical marijuana dispensary approved a bit later this month. There’s a hearing next week on a dispensary applicant’s request to be the first dispensary to open in Depoe Bay. It’s expected to set up shop in the recently closed Boneyard Barbecue building on 101 just north of the downtown core.

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Big drug round up going on in Siletz?

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Sep 162015

u.s. marshal's office portland

Although there has been no confirmation from law enforcement, residents of Siletz today were witnessing what looked like a massive sweep of the community, producing arrests of suspects on undisclosed charges but which many believe were related to the drug trade.

News Lincoln County has learned that the entire operation was launched and managed by Federal Marshals which clearly implies that whatever criminal activity was going on was within AND outside Oregon.

There were descriptions of people being taken into custody and being placed aboard paddy wagons – up to 20 people by some witness counts.

Again, the U.S. Marshal’s Office is reported to be the lead law enforcement agency. Presumably they’ll have something to report fairly soon.

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An obvious OOOoooops!

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Sep 162015
Nobody hurt...except maybe their driving record.

Nobody hurt…except maybe their driving record.

South Beach: Exited a driveway too wide or turned too soon at an intersection. Or somebody might have pulled out in front of them. No word on what was inside the truck. Didn’t look like there were any injuries – except a black mark on somebody’s DMV record.

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Marys Peak meadow restoration, closures delayed until Sept. 22

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Sep 162015
Nearing the summit of Marys Peak

Nearing the summit of Marys Peak

Marys Peak meadow restoration, closures delayed until Sept. 22

Corvallis, OR – Visitors to Marys Peak have a little more time to enjoy the trails and day-use areas before an upcoming restoration project begins. Siuslaw National Forest officials were informed today that equipment delays will postpone the start of a project to restore the meadow ecology atop the popular recreation area.

The Marys Peak Meadow Restoration Project is designed to restore vistas and open meadow habitat to historic levels within the ecologically significant botanical area. Due to a variety of factors, including past and present human activities on the peak, trees had begun to grow into the meadows. Not only do these trees impact the scenic view, but they’re also changing the ecology of the meadows, which are a rare and important ecosystem in the Oregon Coast Range.

Connor’s Camp, the East Ridge Trail and Forest Road 2005 will be closed when work begins Tuesday, Sept. 22. On Thursday, Sept. 24, Forest Road 3010 will be closed at the Mile Post 5.5 gate past Connor’s Camp, preventing access to the top of Marys Peak. Other area trails (including the North Ridge Trail from Woods Creek) will be closed starting Sept. 24 until restoration work is completed.

By respecting closures, individuals will ensure their own safety, the safety of the workers, and will allow the project to proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible. For more information on this project, visit To check on the status of Marys Peak closures, visit, which will be updated as areas reopen

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