Tolerating the intolerable – eventually it comes to an end…

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Jun 232015

Oregon State Capitol 50 State Flag Display

Oregon State Capitol
50 State Flag Display

Mississippi Flag complete with Confederate symbol inset

Mississippi Flag complete with Confederate symbol inset

“Separate But Equal” is an old saying that describes the nature of America’s fifty states. But with the recent cold-blooded killing of nine Black church members in Charleston, South Carolina by a very young white supremacist, there are many states that don’t want to be compared equally with a state that flies a Confederate flag – a flag that flies over the South Carolina Capitol in symbolic defiance of the outcome of the Civil War – that Blacks are not slaves, not property, not animals to be slaughtered like “cattle of color.”

The Oregonian has captured that gut-wrenching angst among many Oregonians who are decrying the fact that a 50 state flag display outside our State Capitol in Salem includes the flag from Mississippi – a flag that contains a Confederate flag inset within its state flag. Here’s the story. Click here.

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Nelscott 101 project kicks into overdrive…

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Jun 222015
Nelscott "Before"

Nelscott “Before”


After close collaboration, ODOT and our contractor, K & E Excavation, Inc. have decided to expedite the construction of the full width of highway from 31st to south of 35th Streets.

This is the last remaining segment of highway in the project that doesn’t include a middle left-turn lane. The lack of that lane during the summer travel season would likely result in heavy congestion through the work zone. Therefore, we decided to speed-up construction and get the turn lane constructed and paved by July 9th; have temporary striping applied by July 13th; and enjoy the permanent highway configuration a month ahead of schedule.

K & E, which has many projects underway across the state, will add staff on an overtime basis to accelerate the construction. What had been scheduled to be completed in mid-August will now be finished in July. We’re convinced this will help the flow of traffic for the remainder of the summer and improve access to homes and local businesses.

Project progress
As we approach the final three months of construction, let’s take a moment and look back at what’s been accomplished since we began the project in April of last year.
· The sidewalks on the west side of the project are 99% complete.
· The historic Nelscott strip is complete (done in an amazing 48 hour period!).
· Two fish passage culverts were constructed on Baldy Creek
· The traffic signal and poles are up at 32nd Street. They won’t be activated for a while.
· The full width of the highway has been constructed from 31st Street, north and ready for top lift paving.
· We’ve completed six of the eight retaining walls.

We’ve already explained how the full width highway will be completed ahead of schedule. In addition to that, here’s what’s left to construct:
· The new 32nd Street will be built in August and will take about a month to complete.
· As part of the 32nd Street construction, the final two retaining walls will be built.
· In September, the final top lift paving will be done and the final striping will be applied.
· We will activate the 32nd Street signal in September, at the same time we apply striping.
· Also at the time of striping, we’ll complete the pedestrian crossings at 29th and 32nd Streets.
· After that, it’s mostly punch list items.

We want to take a moment and offer our sincere thanks to the community for the patience it has shown for the project. Construction is not easy to endure, especially when it’s on your Main Street, which also happens to be a major state highway. Thank you!

As always, if you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes for a safe and productive summer—

–Rick Little
ODOT Public Information Officer

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Lincoln City withdraws Southwest and Cutler City area Vacation Rental designation

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Jun 222015
Lincoln City VRD issue settled?

Lincoln City
VRD issue settled?

The Lincoln City City Council Monday night continued to dismantle several years of vacation rental zoning work by city staff, citizen committees and several city councils. The council unanimously cancelled plans to create a vacation rental district in the southwestern reaches of the city – some of which included the old Cutler City area. The council had earlier cancelled a similar effort in the city’s north central area just south of Chinook Winds.

Although a city survey last year indicated that a considerable majority of residents preferred tighter controls on vacation rentals, the voters in May decided quite the opposite which precipitated a complete reversal of efforts to try to reassess vacation rentals. How the city will address ongoing concerns about them is unknown.

Richard Appicello LC City Attorney

Richard Appicello
LC City Attorney

Later in the evening, City Attorney Richard Appicello asked for and was granted permission by the city council to refer allegations of his alleged malfeasance of office as City Attorney to state ethics and other reviewing agencies. The allegations, made at a previous meeting, were made by those who angrily opposed his role in developing vacation rental regulations and new zoning ordinances that would cluster VRDs in certain areas of town.

Appicello said in the past that a sizable number of permanent year round residents voiced their complaints about many who rent vacation homes – that they cause excessive noise, abundant blowing trash and a parking lot atmosphere when there isn’t enough room on the street – all of which degrades the very essence of living in a definable neighborhood and enjoying all the benefits that “normal” neighborhoods provide. Appicello has stated he was only responding to those concerns and was given clear direction from several sets of city councils over the years to address those issues – not the least of which was the last city council, four members of which decided not to run again in last month’s election.

The council vote was 5 to 1 to approve the accusations being referred to the state agencies. The idea is to give those agencies the facts of the VRD issues as faced by the city and to gauge Appicello’s role as city attorney in addressing those concerns as he went about crafting new regulatory ordinances to bring about needed changes. Mayor Don Williams, who owns a number of VRDs and who has been an outspoken critic of VRD regulation changes, voted no.

North Lincoln Sanitary gets a 3.74% rate hike effective July 1st

North Lincoln Sanitary gets a 3.74% rate hike effective July 1st

Garbage pickup rates rising a little

North Lincoln Sanitary was awarded a 3.74% rate increase to reflect the rising cost of doing business – some of that due to dropping income from recyclables, while the amount of recyclables being picked up has risen – mixed waste 5%, woody debris up 2%, causing the total tonnage of materials going to the landfill to drop 3%. Income from recyclables to North Lincoln was $38.50/ton in 2013. Today it’s just $17/ton. North Lincoln’s Tina French said some of that drop is due to China no longer accepting recyclables at the same rate as in previous years. Likewise a lot of woody

The average bill of a North Lincoln Sanitary District customer will, again, rise 3.74% which comes out to 46-cents per month.

Algae bloom at Devils Lake

Algae bloom at Devils Lake

scum on devils lake 4-8-14 dlwid photo

Voyager and Lake Drive LID edges closer to approval

For the past few years, Lincoln City has been trying to convince many homeowners around Devils Lake to put in permanent sewer systems so their ancient septic tanks can be removed so they no longer leak only partially treated sewer into the lake. The result is frequent green mucky algae blooms that are harmful to pets and their owners not to mention aquatic life – both animal and plant. And it looks disgusting. Hurts tourism too. Algae blooms also cause special events with fun activities on the lake to be cancelled.

While the Devils Lake Water Improvement District plans to install lake-bottom-mounted oxygen aeration systems to accelerate the breakdown of the scum and toxins, the city of Lincoln City is launching a small scale replacement of septic tanks in a neighborhood on the southwest shores of the lake – replacing the septics with a real city sewer system. Through some grants and loans residents of Voyage and Lake Streets will soon no longer contribute to the algae blooms in Devils Lake.

City officials hope that when the new system is up and operating that it will catch-on all around the lake. Mandatory septic inspections are on the horizon because of the ever increasing number and severity of algae blooms that too often cripple the lake, regardless of the season, the weather, temperature or lake level. City officials say that the Department of Environmental Quality has taken note of the worsening health of Devils Lake and could act anytime to declare that old and no longer working septic tanks around the lake are being allowed to pollute a body of water that is home to endangered coho salmon. So the clock is ticking on several fronts. The council said all the elements should be in alignment on the Voyage and Lake Street project by the next city council meeting.

Nelscott Reef Competition Ken Gagne photo

Nelscott Reef Competition
Ken Gagne photo

The big wave events at Nelscott Reef – Who gets to run them?

And the city council flirted with the “proper criteria” by which to properly chose which special surfing event promoters should run the annual Nelscott Big Wave competition off the beach at Nelscott. A rather pointed-debate has broken out between those who believe that a “local surfer” with historic ties to the event should be given the permit to conduct the event and those who support an international network TV production crew.

To be sure, the city council is always looking to pump up the number of tourists who motor into Lincoln City – filling city restaurants, motels/hotels, stores and shopping malls. More is always better.

To that end, City Manager Ron Chandler and City Finance Director Debbie Mammone developed a checklist to properly weigh the competition between those who want to put on the event. Both said the criteria should include; the number of years they’ve put on the event; whether they’d fulfill the requirements of the city permit; whether they maximize overnight tourist stays in local hotels and motel; the strengths of their marketing and promotional programs – local, regional, international; how well financed they are; their experience and expertise at putting on such big wave events; whether they have solid sponsorship support; and how likely are they to continue putting on the event for years into the future.

City Councilor Kip Ward was noticeably perturbed at the criteria, inferring that the “local guy” who claims to have started the event years ago should get the council’s green light. The council as a whole decided to review the proposed criteria and to return in two weeks and decide. Mammone and Chandler both urged the council to make a decision soon because the event is coming up later this summer and whoever is selected will need to have their entire promotional strategy well in place and the logistics of putting it on already in place.

The council indicated they’ll be ready to make a decision at the next city council meeting.

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Lincoln City:  Swimmer in distress off Mo’s

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Jun 222015

Female adult swimmer is off Mo’s screaming she can’t touch the bottom.  North Lincoln Fire Rescue is enroute.


Woman managed to make it back to shore.  Woman is hypothermic.  

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Dividend Income – What’s it all about?

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Jun 222015
Click ad for details

Click ad for details

Duane J. Silbernagel Financial Advisor Waddell & Reed

Duane J. Silbernagel
Financial Advisor
Waddell & Reed

By: Duane Silbernagel

In a word, very. Dividend income has represented roughly one-third of the total return on the Standard & Poor’s 500 index since 1926.*

According to S&P, the portion of total return attributable to dividends has ranged from a high of 53% during the 1940s–in other words, more than half that decade’s return resulted from dividends–to a low of 14% during the 1990s, when the development and rapid expansion of the Internet meant that investors tended to focus on growth.*

And in individual years, the contribution of dividends can be even more dramatic. In 2011, the index’s 2.11% average dividend component represented 100% of its total return, since the index’s value actually fell by three-hundredths of a point.** And according to S&P, the dividend component of the total return on the S&P 500 has been far more stable than price changes, which can be affected by speculation and fickle market sentiment.

Dividends also represent a growing percentage of Americans’ personal incomes. That’s been especially true in recent years as low interest rates have made fixed-income investments less useful as a way to help pay the bills. In 2012, dividends represented 5.64% of per capita personal income; 20 years earlier, that figure was only 3.51%.*

Note: All investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal, and there can be no guarantee that any investing strategy will be successful. Investing in dividends is a long-term commitment. Investors should be prepared for periods when dividend payers drag down, not boost, an equity portfolio. A company’s dividend can fluctuate with earnings, which are influenced by economic, market, and political events. Dividends are typically not guaranteed and could be changed or eliminated.

*Source: “Dividend Investing and a Look Inside the S&P Dow Jones Dividend Indices,” Standard & Poor’s, September 2013
**Source:, “S&P 500 Annual Returns” as of 3/13/2015

I hope you found this beneficial and informational. For more information about me and my services, visit my website:

Thank you for your interest.

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Lincoln City: Traffic crash East Devils Lake Rd and 101 – Power out to 4,000 customers until 8pm – detour in place.

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Jun 222015

Highway 101 power pole crash

Long stretch of power lines are on the ground north of Lincoln City. Courtesy photo

Long stretch of power lines are on the ground north of Lincoln City.
Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

1:33pm update – Highway 101 is down to one lane of traffic at the north end of town, but appears to apply to semi’s only which cannot take the detours. All other traffic is being re-routed to East Devils Lake Road. If you’re heading Northbound from south Lincoln City, turn right (east) onto E. Devils Lake Road at the Tanger Outlet Mall. From the north coming into Lincoln City, turn left (south) onto East Devils Lake Road. Another detour you can take if you’re headed west on Highway 18 is to turn left (south) onto North Bear Creek Road. You’ll eventually turn onto Schooner Creek Road and it’ll drop you off on Highway 101 as the south end of Lincoln City. And of course, if you’re headed north on 101 toward Lincoln City enroute to Portland, you can turn off at Schooner Creek Road, turn onto No. Bear Creek Road and get onto Highway 18 that way.

Report of traffic crash on 101 near East Devils Lake Road. Law enforcement and ambulance enroute. Watch for emergency vehicles.

Single vehicle rollover into a power pole. There are live power lines on the ground.

Female driver is out of the wreck. She appears to be okay. But again live power lines around the accident.

Pacific Power is on scene dealing with the power lines.

Traffic backed waaaaay up in both directions. Power lines still draped across 101 at East Devils Lake Road.

Power to 3,000 to 4,000 customers will be out until around 8pm tonight. Highway 101 is closed at the crash site. All traffic on 101 and to Highway 18 is being diverted to East Devil’s Lake Road. It’s going to be a very long day for everybody.

Call for citizen photos!
Send to:

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