Jan 212014

osp patch

Monday’s five car accident that was initially believed to be a major disaster area near Eddyville, wound up being a minor fender bender. It was one of those instances where one person tells another person, who amplifies it while they tell another person who expands on it, and another…and the last one calls 9-1-1 – relaying that it’s the end of the world in Eddyville.

No injuries.

Stuff happens.

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Jan 202014
Sen. Ron Wyden "TPP can work well for America...IF..."

Sen. Ron Wyden
“TPP can work well for America…IF…”

Despite his office being inundated with with citizen calls for scrapping the controversial and highly secretive pending Trans Pacific Partnership trade act, Senator Ron Wyden told a Portland area gathering this week that while there are problems with transparency, and there’s too many people trying to shove it through the Congress too quickly and without full transparency and accountability, “There is still a lot in the trade pact, that if fully vetted and examined, can greatly benefit Oregon and the country as a whole.” But he also admitted that the way the entire issue has been handled was not okay. But as the soon to be chairman of the power Senate Finance Committee, which oversees all U.S. trade deals, Wyden pledges to keep a bright shining on what’s proposed and he intends to ask President Obama to slow the process down in that anything good for the country is worth taking the time to fully understand it before any vote is taken by the Congress.

Here’s more on the story in The Oregonian. Click here.

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Jan 202014
Coast Rep. David Gomberg files for 2nd term.

Coast Rep. David Gomberg files for 2nd term.

From Representative David Gomberg, D-Central Coast

State Representative David Gomberg has filed for reelection to represent the Central Coast and Coast Range in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Representative Gomberg said “It has been an honor serving Oregon and the people of this large, diverse, and stunningly beautiful district. I am proud of the work I’ve done to reinvest in education, grow and strengthen small businesses, and protect our vulnerable senior and disabled citizens.”

“As a business owner, I look forward to continuing my focus on economic vitality, equitable treatment for all people, and efficient delivery of state services,” he added.

Last legislative session, Rep. Gomberg successfully pushed bills that created an Office of Small Business Assistance in the Secretary of State’s office, prohibited neglectful long-term chaining of pets, and added an historic $1 billion to create the largest statewide K-12 budget in Oregon’s history.

In the legislature, Rep. Gomberg serves on the Housing and Human Services Committee, Education Committee, and Ways & Means subcommittee on General Government. In addition, Rep. Gomberg sits on the Small Business Task Force and the Governor’s Commission on Senior Services.

“I am so grateful for the community support I have received so far. I’m excited to continue learning from constituents to help better advocate for local businesses, vulnerable seniors, and children.”

RepGomberg, and his wife Susan, own and operate Gomberg Kite Productions, International, a designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of specialty kites and banners. They have traveled the world demonstrating their kites at parades, festivals, and sporting events. More recently the couple has opened a chain of retail kite stores along the Oregon Coast from Lincoln City to Seaside.

To contact Rep.Gomberg’s campaign by email: David@ElectGomberg.com.

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Jan 202014

Oops...Mr. Sun sank a little to early...out of sync with his rear light show! Greg Anderson Photo at Yachats

Oops…Mr. Sun sank a little to early…out of sync with light show!
Greg Anderson Photo
South of Yachats

South Beach MLK Day Julie Sacchetti photo

South Beach Sunset
Julie Sacchetti photo

The crabs are trembling on the bottom...poor dears... Ken Gagne photo

The crabs are trembling on the bottom…poor dears…
Ken Gagne photo

Riding the wind - Just blows ya away..... Behind HMSC Doug White Photo

Riding the wind -
Just blows ya away…..
Behind HMSC
Doug White Photo

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Jan 202014

gray coast banner

Provided by Gray Coast Tax Service

With the recent Target credit card data scandal, the growing epidemic of identity theft is becoming more of a worry every day.

Gray Coast Tax Service has free booklets available that may help ease that concern. Taking Charge: What to do if your Identity is Stolen is a booklet published by the Federal Trade Commission that is full of information about the important first steps to take if you suspect someone is using your information. This free 43+ page book has addresses and information on contacting the 3 major credit bureaus, placing fraud alerts, and step by step instructions for taking care of credit cards, bank accounts, medical records and all the places that can be compromised by identity thieves. It also contains additional information on safeguarding yourself against identity theft.

Being informed is the best tool you have to protect your identity. For more information on the most recent Target notifications, read this Forbes article:


And for helpful information from the IRS visit the IRS identity web page:


For your free copy of the Identity Theft booklet from the Federal Trade Commission, stop by Gray Coast Tax Service in Depoe Bay, at the north end of town across from Columbia Bank. Open Monday – Friday from 9-5, and Saturday from 10-3.

on line at www.GrayCoast.com

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Jan 202014
The Affordable Care Act being signed into law in March, 2010.

The Affordable Care Act being signed into law in March, 2010.

Stories like these are coming in from around the country that those who were vehemently opposed to even the thought of Obamacare are beginning to change their minds once they find that what they’ve been paying for medical care doesn’t go very far in treating illnesses – especially for medical catastophes like cancer.

The story is in the Daily Kos. Click here.

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Jan 202014

Moonset in Lincoln City Linda Davis photo

Heading toward moonset in Lincoln City
LInda Davis photo

Rather pretty outside in Yachats this morning... Ken Gagne photo

Rather pretty outside in Yachats this morning…
Ken Gagne photo

NOAA ships - to keep oceans healthy. Fishermen to reap the bounty if they're successful. Julie Sacchetti

NOAA ships – to help keep oceans healthy.
Fishermen to reap the bounty if they’re successful.
Julie Sacchetti

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Jan 202014

Chris Burns Weather

Monday, Jan. 20th – Lincoln County

Summary: About a 60/40 split yesterday as far as the sun to clouds ratio went (and the Seahawks versus the Niners). But with mostly calm conditions, highs of only about 50F didn’t feel so bad, especially since we were rebounding from a frosty morning. Some fog started developing late in the afternoon, and even thickened a little before the east wind returned late in the evening and whisked it away. Those winds built overnight to 10-15 mph with a peak gust of 31 at Newport. This morning it’s clear as a bell with a bright, waning gibbous Moon, it’s not frosty and east winds are down a pinch.

Past 24 hours high/low…
Lincoln City: 51F/40F
Depoe Bay: 50F/35F
Newport: 50F/34F
Waldport: 50F/36F
Yachats: 50F/35F

Forecast: Holiday visitors returning east to the Valley today will have a great story to tell. It’s about that magical land to the west where the sun always shines and you can see farther than a quarter mile. The Central Coast is in for another gorgeous day with sunny skies and a high of 60F or so. East winds are forecast to be around 10 mph, but you should expect higher gusts if you’re planning outdoor activities like hunting for glass objets d’art on the beach at Lincoln City today. Mostly clear tonight with a low of 40F. Outlook is for a brief break Tuesday and Wednesday as another weak weather disturbance takes a shot at us. Not too much predicted other than increasing clouds tomorrow and a slight chance of rain tomorrow night and Wednesday. Then it’s back to the same old, same old, with mostly clear skies the rest of the week. Highs in the 50s, lows around 40F, light to moderate east winds.

Travel: Highways 18, 20 and 34 are open but below freezing this morning with icy/frosty spots and areas of fog; temperatures rising to 50F later today. Highway 34 has been the worst for icy patches recently, so heads-up if you’re using that route. There is dense fog mainly east of the Coast Range passes. Highway 101 should be fine with coastal areas in the 40s. Valley destinations have frost this morning and areas of fog, dense at times, through tonight. In the Cascades, highways have mostly bare pavement with icy spots; the freezing level is around 9,000 feet. There’s a chance for snow showers in the Cascade passes from Tuesday night through Wednesday night.

Cascades Snow Pack… 51”, no change from yesterday. NOTE: This new feature will give you the daily snow pack at the main Mt. Hood SNOTEL site at 5,370 feet of elevation. We’ll also provide monthly reports and yearly comparisons.

Marine: It’s a trade-off this morning with falling seas and rising wind. The E wind is up to 15-20 knots offshore but seas are down to 8 feet. Depoe Bay bar is restricted for recreational vessels 26 feet and less. Yaquina Bay bar is unrestricted. The shorter seas will be short-lived as they’re expected to rise again later today. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas goes into effect this afternoon and runs through tomorrow afternoon; wave heights building to 12 feet tonight, subsiding to 9 feet tomorrow. Winds today out of the E 5-10 knots gusting 15 with higher gusts near shore, veering to SE tonight and tomorrow, 10-15 knots with gusts to 20. Outlook is for a weak front to pass through local waters Tuesday night causing the wind to go south, so to speak, for a while, but return to NE by Wednesday, 10-15 knots gusting 20. Seas through the extended period more Winter-like at 9-12 feet.

On the Beach… Mostly sunny, breezy at times, surf 8-12 feet.
01/20 Mon 08:35 AM 2.94 L
01/20 Mon 02:18 PM 7.5 H
01/20 Mon 08:43 PM 0.97 L
01/21 Tue 03:25 AM 8.0 H

In Short: Clear, occasionally breezy, then increasing clouds.

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Jan 202014

Nelscott Reef wave riding competitors Sunday. Steve Power photo

Nelscott Reef wave riding competitors Sunday.
Steve Power photo

Nelscott waves, Sunday Carl Baker photo

Nelscott waves, Sunday
Carl Baker photo

Take offs had some pretty decent vertical drops down the wave faces. Ken Gagne photo

Take offs had some pretty decent vertical drops down the wave faces.
Ken Gagne photo

Ken Gagne photo

“You take the high road and I’ll take the low road.”
Ken Gagne photo

Like swallows returning to Capistrano, surfers get swallowed up in big waves every winter off Lincoln City’s Nelscott beach. A reef about a half mile offshore provides spectacular waves that surfers fly in to compete in an event that is part of a world wide scheduled series of surfing competitions.

The waves were forecasted to be 8 to 10 feet but as you can see, some of them were pushing upwards to 30 feet, so it was a good event for the surfers as they added to their world-wide point tally.

Entrants were competing for $5,000 in prize money and other prizes. Contestants fly in from around the world to compete at Nelscott, some arriving by private jet at local airfields.

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Jan 202014

Sen. Jeff Merkley D-Oregon Lincoln City Town Hall Sunday

Sen. Jeff Merkley
Lincoln City Town Hall

merkley town hall lc jan 19

Oregon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley met with around 100 residents of the Central Coast Sunday at noon at the Lincoln City Cultural Center to give a wide ranging update on what’s happening in Washington D.C., especially as it pertains to Oregon. Merkley also took many questions from the audience.

Senator Merkley said there is more small port dredge money headed for the coast, acknowledging that small ports, as is the case along the Oregon Coast, are very important to the coast economy.

In a move to reduce compliance costs for recreation and commercial fishermen, Senator Merkley’s bill replaces fish observers for recreational and commercial fishing operations with electronic log books. The devices replace a time-consuming and expensive compliance process that requires physical observers to be present on fishing boats.

Senator Merkley said he helped to bring about the expansion of Head Start and K-12 education – both for young students and more funds for regular public school students

Merkley lauded President Obama for announcing new restrictions on the National Security Agency when it comes to keeping phone records on ordinary Americans. But Merkley added that the proof of the NSA course correction should be paramount.

Speaking of the beleaguered American middle class, Senator Merkley noted that the U.S. lost a lot of jobs at the beginning of the longest recession in history, commencing 2008. He said of the jobs lost, 60% were family wage jobs. But as for new employment, as the country sputters to pull itself out of the economic muck, only 40% of the jobs coming back are family wage jobs.

Senator Merkley said the Congress has addressed so-called “Liar Loans” which allowed those who should never have gotten a mortgage between 2000-2007, to never let that happen again. Merkley also pointed out that the country could pull itself out of the recession by simply rebuilding the country’s water and sewer facilities, roads, highways, bridges, schools and other critical facilities. Also offering easier access to vocational retraining and to higher education at colleges and universities.

Merkley said the U.S. is falling behind other countries and regions of the world that keep up with such facility needs. He said Europe spends 5% of their Gross Domestic Product on facility needs, China 10%! The U.S., a meager 2%. Merkley said the country deeply needs to invest in those facilities and its people.

Merkley said there have been some encouraging signs that America has truly learned something about the 2008 crash – something Merkley called high stakes gambling by Wall Street Banks using hometown bank assets which caused millions of people to lose their savings, their retirements, their homes and their future. Merkley said that regulations that put up a firewall between Wall Street and Main Street banks has survived a horrendous onslaught of lobbying pressure to keep the gambling roulette wheel spinning. “It was a pleasant surprise, to find out that those writing reglations for the new law stuck to their guns,” said Merkley.

But Merkley lamented the fact that so many Wall Street CEO’s and money managers deliberately played fast and loose with the country’s money and yet no one’s been put on trial or sent to jail. “Too big to fail, too big to jail,” has been the rule of thumb set by the U.S. Attorney General’s Office. “Yet, the girlfriend of a drug pusher was sent to prison for 15 years after police found her boyfriend’s coffee can full of money hidden in the house without her knowledge,” said Merkley. Merkley also pointed to fines levied against some Wall Street firms that are but a tiny fraction of the huge profits they made during unethical transactions. “It was treated like just another cost of doing business,” Merkley told the crowd. “That’s not right,” he said. “This country’s symbol of justice, the blindfolded woman holding the scales has been ignored. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, all citizens are held to the same high standards of protection or prosecution under the law. Our U.S. Department of Justice is letting us down.”

On other matters Lincoln County Health Services Director Cheryl Connell reported that they are signing up local citizens left and right for Medicaid and Affordable Care Act coverage, since the Cover Oregon computer sign-up system is still not operating properly. “We’re doing it with paper applications, and that certainly is working,” Connell said.

When asked his position on the proposed and highly controversial Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, Merkley said he opposes any “fast track” approval as proposed to the Congress. Merkley said such agreements can affect the lives of every American citizen and that before there is any vote on it, it should be held in abeyance until the full content of the agreement is known. Merkley said the short and long term effects on the American economy, laws and relative competitiveness should be fully explained and documented. He added that the U.S. has lost five million manufacturing jobs over the last few years which has been terrible for the American economy and very hard on families who now scramble just to make ends meet. Merkley said after Citizens United, the bullhorns of Wall Street and conservative PACs have shouted down the voices of the people who need help. Merkley said the first three words of the U.S. Constitution starts with the three words, “We the people,” not “We the powerful.”

Merkley lamented the Republican Party’s continued filibuster in the Senate that blocks the extension of unemployment checks for the long-term unemployed. Those benefits for some ran out in mid-December. As the year wears on, millions of jobless individuals and families will be out in the cold if those benefits are not extended. Merkley said the soonest that a reconvening Congress could act on it is now January 27th. Federal officials urge those who have lost, or will soon lose, their extended unemployment benefits, to continue to file for those benefits since if and when they are reinstated, you’ll get back pay from the time you were cut off.

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