Oct 252013
Youngster gives Ken Gagne a piece of his mind...obviously doesn't like cameras.

Youngster gives Ken Gagne a piece of his mind…obviously doesn’t like cameras.

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Oct 252013

Bitterroot Winter Kay Walking Stick

Bitterroot Winter
Kay Walking Stick

Robert Kentta Siletz Tribes Cultural Treasures

Robert Kentta
Siletz Tribes Cultural Treasures

Dr. Tracy Prince Native American Art of Oregon

Dr. Tracy Prince
Native American Art of Oregon


LINCOLN CITY – Locals, visitors, children and families are invited to enjoy traditional and modern samples of Native American arts and culture, free food and family fun, at the third annual Native American Heritage Festival. This year’s event will be held from noon to 4 pm on Saturday, Nov. 9, at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, 540 NE Hwy. 101. All events are free of charge, and open to the public.

This event will honor the national Native American Heritage Month, and is co-sponsored by Chinook Winds Casino Resort and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians.

Throughout the day
* Opening reception, Crow’s Shadow Institute for the Arts, CHESSMAN GALLERY
Crow’s Shadow Institute for the Arts is a non-profit organization aimed at providing opportunities for Native Americans through artistic development. With an emphasis on contemporary, fine-art printmaking, the institute also functions as a venue for teaching the traditional Native arts practices of the Columbia Plateau region. This exhibit, on loan throughout the month of November, features prints by Lillian Pitt, Rick Bartow, and many others.

* Samples of smoked salmon and other traditional foods, CHESSMAN GALLERY
Provided by Chef Jack Strong, Chinook Winds Casino Resort. While supplies last.

* Make-and-take Native American crafts, ELIZABETHAN ROOM
Shell necklaces, feather fans and coloring pages, designed to celebrate Native arts and crafts traditions.

* Native American Book Sale, HALLWAY
A wide variety of themed books and gifts, offered by Bob’s Beach Books of Lincoln City

1 pm Presentation: “Cultural Treasures from the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians with Robert Kentta, AUDITORIUM
Councilman and Cultural Director Robert Kentta will bring priceless artifacts from tribes’ collection, and give an update on the ongoing effort to acquire and protect such pieces from the past.

2 pm Presentation: “Native American Art of Oregon” with Dr. Tracy J. Prince, AUDITORIUM
What differentiates Native American art in Oregon from Native art in other parts of the Pacific Northwest? How are Oregon’s history and culture represented in Native art and how can we learn more about our community’s values and aspirations by looking at the artwork? Prince has taught university classes on Native American art and literature for nineteen years. She studies traditions that have survived the suppression of Native identity and customs.

Native American Heritage Month began as American Indian Day, which was first honored by the Boy Scouts of America and the Congress of the American Indian Association, around 1912. The first government to recognize American Indian Day was New York, where it entered the record in 1916. The first month dedicated to the heritage of the First Peoples was in November 1990, designated by a joint resolution of Congress and approved by Pres. George H. W. Bush; it has been re-issued each year since 1994.

Native American Heritage Month is celebrated each November by museums, schools, historical sites, tribal governments and cultural institutions across the country, from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., to the Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico.
The Lincoln City Cultural Center, inside the historic Delake School at 540 NE Hwy. 101, is hosting its third annual Native American Heritage Festival on Saturday, Nov. 9.

The Lincoln City Cultural Center offers performances, fine arts, art classes and visitor information inside the historic Delake School at 540 NE Hwy. 101. For tickets and information, call 541-994-9994, head to lincolncity-culturalcenter.org, or become a friend on Facebook.

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Oct 252013
"The Art of Deception" VAC, Starting Nov. 1

“The Art of Deception”
VAC, Starting Nov. 1

“An Art of Deception” opens in the Upstairs Gallery on November 1 with an opening reception from 5pm to 7pm. Frank Werner is a wood carver and folk artist. Werner’s medium is wood and his subject is birds, specifically decoys and rigs of decoys. The word decoy comes to us from the Dutch expression “ende-kooy,” in which ende (duck) and Kooy (a sort of trap or cage) are combined. Decoys made of tule dating back almost 1200 years were discovered in a cave near Lovelock, Nevada in 1924.

Werner began making decoys without much thought to anything other than hunting ducks. In 1983, the Idaho Commission on the Arts began a survey of Folk Arts and Folk Artists in Idaho. He was “discovered and catalogued,” and, in 1984, ICA borrowed three of his cducks for a traveling Folk Arts exhibition. He is still involved with the Commission, working as a master artist for the Idaho Traditional Folk Arts Apprenticeship Program.

On his artistry Werner said “Decoys resemble live birds, more or less. Yet, I resist identifying them as representational art – such as a painting or a sculpture of some object. Mimetic art exists in order to represent something. Decoys exist in order to attract game to a place where it may be killed. The essence of this art form, its semiotic investment, its social, cultural and aesthetic identity emanates from what it is and what it is used for; not from what it looks like.” A variety of birds will be represented in this exhibit.”

The Runyan Gallery, open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm (November through April) , is located on the first floor of the Newport Visual Arts Center, 777 NW Beach Drive on the Nye Beach Turnaround.
“From Ancient to New: The Art of Contemporary Tapestry,” by Cheryl Silverblatt, Tapestry Weaver, Astoria, OR

Plato's Red VAC, opens Nov. 1

Plato’s Red
VAC, opens Nov. 1

Buddah's Forest VAC, Opens Nov. 1

Buddah’s Forest
VAC, Opens Nov. 1

“From Ancient to New: The Art of Contemporary Tapestry” opens in the Coastal Oregon Visual Artists Showcase on second floor of the Newport Visual Arts Center on November 1 with an opening reception hosted by OCCA from 5pm to 7pm. Stop in and meet Cheryl Silverblatt, tapestry weaver/fiber artist from Clatsop County. Working in a relatively small format, she says, “tapestries that I am currently weaving are a perfect (and unique) size for the Showcase environment. With the exceptions of “Signaling PEACE” and “Texturae Fibratae: Hoof,” the pieces are framed without glass so ideal for seeing through glass.”

Silverblatt will display a series of three “jewel” tapestries, two tapestries mounted on paper, one tapestry hanging free from a bamboo pole and the special signal flags PEACE in the Showcase space to introduce contemporary tapestry/fiber art to those who are unfamiliar and revive interest for those who may be familiar with fiber art but not the contemporary fiber art scene.

Using the same ancient techniques as the Coptic Christians used to adorn tunics and medieval weavers used to create wall hangings, she states, “My small pieces are not paintings in yarn but are about the interlacement of yarn, warp and weft, to create a textile. Particularly, it is the fiber, its nature, texture and hand that interests and excites me to weave in abstract motifs, highlighting the special characteristics of wool, silk or linen. Weaving row by row, making cloth and image at the same time is tapestry weaving. Exploring contemporary themes and materials while creating a textile is my passion, an ancient art made modern.”

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Oct 252013
Reser Salads recall

Reser Salads recall

Beaverton based Reser Fine Foods Company has recalled over three hundred prepared salads and other food items after CANADIAN food inspectors detected Listeria contamination. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration was notified and the recall was ordered by the company. The story is in the Oregonian. Click here.

Here is Reser’s news release to the public on the issue: Click here

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Oct 242013
Newport Recreation Center Behind City Hall

Newport Recreation Center
Behind City Hall

Just like City Hall extended the welcome mat to Newport citizens to meet and evaluate for themselves the three finalists for Newport City Manager, City Parks and Recreation Director Jim Protiva is also throwing out the welcome mat to Newport citizens to meet the four candidate finalists for city Sports Coordinator. Whoever is selected will be filling some rather large shoes (literally) of Liam Hughes who left the post recently to take the Parks and Recreation Director’s job in Sister’s Oregon, just north of Bend.

Protiva says they’ve narrowed the very long list of applicants to four individuals. They are Michael Cavanaugh of Decatur, Georgia. Daniel Friese of Citrus Heights (near Sacramento), California, Quincy Bejester of Jacksonville, Illinois and Sander Weis of Toledo, just east of here off Highway 20!

Protiva says the public meet and greet with the Sports Coordinator candidates will begin Friday, the 25th, at 5pm in Rooms 124 A&B at the Recreation Center. They are the large rooms just off to your right as you enter the center’s front door, behind City Hall.

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Oct 242013
NOAA image

NOAA image

A group of high powered weather forecasters are expected to converge on Portland soon and get out their best computer forecasting models and then stick their necks outs to predict the kind of winter we’re likely to have this year. But we’re told that based on ocean temperatures way out into the Pacific, this winter will likely be a toss-up. The story is in the Oregonian. Click here.

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Oct 242013
Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

The Coastal Arts Guild presents mixed-media artist Frances VanWert at the OCCA’s Visual Arts Center

The Coastal Arts Guild (CAG) welcomes Frances VanWert to the guild’s November 7th luncheon. VanWert is a mixed-media artist who will share her compositions that emphasize color, shape and texture.

Frances VanWert has a definite preference for abstract art which she feels is an acquired taste like fine wine. She explains it is the process of refining and reorganizing a realistic image or a mental concept to reveal the “essence” of a subject, without regard for its personal appearance. It is pure design without apparent reference to a subject. Abstract art creates visual possibilities that offer a divergent analysis for each viewer. In this way, the viewer becomes part of the creative process.

Her background includes art classes at the University of Oregon and the Sitka Center. Showings have been at several galleries in Gig Harbor and Tacoma, WA, as well as in Portland, OR. She moved here to Newport in 2004, established an art co-op in Nye Beach, and is an active member of FOR ARTSAKE and the Oregon Coastal Arts Guild.

CAG holds a luncheon on the first Thursday of each month for members and guests from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts’ Newport Visual Arts Center and invites those interested in the arts to attend.

For additional information and an invitation to attend CAG’s luncheon, call CAG member Linda Anderson at 541-265-5228 or Bobby Flewellyn at 541-563-8548.

To learn more about the Coastal Arts Guild, a volunteer program to staff OCCA’s Newport Visual Arts Center and serve the art community of Lincoln County, call Carol Deslippe at 541-265-2624, or Mary Peterson at 541-574-8221. The Coastal Arts Guild welcomes new members.

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Oct 242013

siletz haunted house

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Oct 242013

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Oct 242013

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 1.06.40 PM

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