Jan 172014
The green light is lit for Sunday, starting 0730! Nelscott - Surf's UP! Ken Gagne photo

The green light is lit for Sunday, starting 0730!
Nelscott – Surf’s UP!
Ken Gagne photo

Those who would like to take in some of sights and sounds of the Nelscott Reef Surfing event are strongly urged to park at the Tanger Mall and walk across 101 to SW Coast Street. There is an empty lot at the top of the hill to view the competition. But you won’t see much unless you bring big lenses for your cameras or binoculars. The reef is considerably offshore so the naked eye is not really adequate.

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Jan 172014
57" Halibut caught on Captain Mike Sorenson's Miss Raven this week!

57″ Halibut caught on Captain Mike Sorenson’s Miss Raven

Public asked to help shape sport halibut season

NEWPORT – Halibut anglers will hear the details of the Pacific halibut sport quota for 2014 and have the opportunity to weigh in on open dates in the Central Coast Subarea spring all-depth halibut fishery at a public meeting in Newport on Jan. 29.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan.29, at the Holiday Inn Express, 135 SE 32nd St., Newport (South Beach). Attendees will be asked to comment on the spring (May to July) all-depth fixed dates between Cape Falcon and Humbug Mountain, back-up dates for the spring fishery (in the event quota remains after the fixed dates are completed), and the dates for the summer (August to October) all-depth season.

“We know that the sport halibut fishery is important to anglers, so their input is very important to ensure we have a good season structure,” said Lynn Mattes, halibut project leader for ODFW.

At the meeting ODFW staff also will report on the recent annual meeting of the International Pacific Halibut Commission, where the annual quota for the West Coast was set.

For those who cannot attend in person, presentation materials and an online survey will be available Jan. 24-31 on the ODFW sport halibut webpage. If you have questions or want to provide additional comments without attending the meeting, please contact Lynn Mattes at 541-867-0300 ext. 237or by email: lynn.mattes@state.or.us or Patrick Mirick at 541-867-0300 ext. 223 or by email: Patrick.P.Mirick@state.or.us. The fax number is 541-867-0311.

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Jan 172014
Our Home

Our Home

Global climate change has been blamed for a number of declining fishing conditions world wide, even here along the Oregon Coast with reports of rising ocean water acidification which is affecting oyster farm operations.

A United Nation’s scientific report has just been issued that poses grave consequences for humankind if substantial reductions in greenhouse gases are not forthcoming and forthcoming soon.

The details are found in this New York Times report. Click here.

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Jan 172014

commercial fishing rules

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Jan 172014
OSP Photo

OSP Photo

Oregon State Police report

A 20-year old Bend-area man was sentenced related to multiple crimes following a seven month investigation by Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish & Wildlife Division troopers in Central Oregon into big game poaching in the Metolius Wildlife Management Area.

In July 2012, OSP Fish & Wildlife troopers, with the assistance of U.S. Forest Service law enforcement and Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, completed the investigation and identified suspects. During the investigation, locks were discovered shot off gates leading to critical mule deer winter range habitat. Many of the wildlife animals were killed at night with the aid of artificial lighting. Troopers examined the remains of 20 deer and two elk. Several of the larger bucks’ carcasses were found with the heads removed, and some of the doe deer were shot and left to waste.

With the assistance of Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office, and Jackson County District Attorney’s Office, charges were filed and two men pled guilty and were sentenced.

One defendant, TYLER S. MITCHELL, age 20, pled guilty in in November 2012 to multiple charges and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, lifetime hunting license suspension, restitution, and 60 months’ probation.

The second defendant, COLE A. CRAIG, age 20, from Bend, was sentenced Friday, January 10, in Jefferson County Circuit Court and Monday, January 13, in Deschutes County Circuit Court. COLE pled guilty to a total of 23 counts, mostly wildlife crimes, including one count of Aggravated Animal Abuse related to an intentional act(s) outside of normal and acceptable hunting activities. Sentencing included:

Jefferson County Circuit Court
* 230 days in jail
* Lifetime hunting license suspension
* Lifetime ban on possessing firearms
* 5 years’ probation
* 400 hours of community service
* Pay restitution totaling $13,600
* Potential 30 month prison sentence for any probation violation

Deschutes County Circuit Court
* 4 months in jail concurrent with Jefferson County sentence
* 20 days in Deschutes County Jail
* 36 months’ probation with potential of 28 month prison sentence for a violation of probation terms
* 300 hours community service consecutive with Jefferson County sentence
* $11,971.37 in fines
* Lifetime revocation of hunting privileges

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Jan 172014

Reports say that a boat with multiple persons aboard has suffered motor troubles and is now drifting from the Alsea Bay Bridge to the mouth of river/jaws.

Rescue crews are enroute. Meanwhile, those aboard say they have life jackets on and they are attempting to lay anchor to try to stop their drift.

Male and Female aboard 300 yards west of Alsea Bay Bridge.

Boat is being towed to the Port of Alsea docks.

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Jan 172014
Courtesy graphic

Courtesy graphic

Oregon Employment researchers say a rise in Oregon employment will be slow over the next couple of years, but at least it will be steady. A recovering construction market that had already taken hold in the Portland metro area has no spread to two other major population areas, Bend and Medford. So they will now be doing their part to life Oregon’s overall economy.

For a comprehensive look at Oregon Employment Department forecasted trends Click here.

To track the recent history of job growth in Oregon since the economy crashed in 2008, here’s a bit of history of how Oregon has fared and what kinds of jobs are being offered. Click here.

And just in case you still want to know more about Oregon’s job situation, here is a report that outlines precisely which jobs that employers are having a tough time filling, that may give job seekers some insight as to what kinds of training or education they might pursue. Here’s a quick look at which jobs are the most difficult to fill, according to employers:

* Fence erectors
* Agriculture products graders and sorters
* Physical Therapists
* Bus/Truck mechanics – diesel
* Insurance Sales Agents
* Teacher Assistants
* Hair stylists and cosmetologists
* School bus drivers
* Packaging and filling machine operators and tenders
* Computer controlled machine too operators, metals and plastics
* Welders, cutters, solderers and brazers
* Lots and lots of others.

For a complete list, Click here.

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Jan 172014


From Lincoln County Schools

Board Reports

Board Vice Chair Liz Martin announced that the Board would like to name the gym at Sam Case “Rinearson Court” in recognition of Superintendent Tom Rinearson and his many contributions to LCSD over the last ten years.

The Board approved this idea, and noted their desire to hold the February 11th board meeting at Sam Case to dedicate the gym as mentioned.

Lincoln City Urban Renewal Presentation

Director Kurt Olsen of the Lincoln City Urban Renewal Agency introduced Lincoln City representatives in attendance (Mayor Dick Anderson, Assistant Urban Renewal Director Alison Robertson, and Finance Director Debbie Mammone), and presented a proposal developed by that agency. Mr. Olsen reported they would like to amend their Year 2000 Development Plan in order to fund infrastructure projects, thus allowing development in the north end of Lincoln City. Expected results of this plan include an increase in construction excise tax funds to LCSD as well as local construction jobs.

Mr. Olsen noted the urban renewal agency will meet on January 27th at 5:00 p.m. in Lincoln City Council Chambers to discuss the plan and receive input on it.

Student Representatives

Newport Intermediate Counselor Erin Carey presented a slide show of the many activities in which students there have participated. She reported students are learning about respect as well as character education and leadership skills.

Fifth grade students Jillian Thompson and Hattie Imbler-Bremner shared a presentation about the leadership and anti-bullying skills they are studying. Continue reading »

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Jan 172014
David, Kathy & 4 year old daughter.  Daughter and David are at her side at OHSU in Portland.

David, Kathy & 4 year old daughter. Daughter and David are at her side at OHSU in Portland.

Kathy Patten-Roberts has passed away at OHSU Medical Center in Portland where she had been fighting for her life since suffering a stroke last week. Kathy leaves behind husband David and their four year old daughter Ashley.

A candlelight vigil was held Tuesday evening at the Toledo Riverfront Park. Memorial arrangements are pending.

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Jan 172014
Sen. Ron Wyden D-Oregon

Sen. Ron Wyden

Washington, D.C. – Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Mark Udall (D-Colo.), and Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), members of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, reacted to today’s speech by President Obama outlining his directive on reforming surveillance powers. The senators have been longtime advocates for reining in over broad surveillance powers and protecting Americans’ privacy. They issued the following statement:

“After the long push to rein in over broad surveillance powers, we are very pleased that the President announced his intent to end the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records. Ending this dragnet collection will go a long way toward restoring Americans’ constitutional rights and rebuilding the public’s trust. Make no mistake, this is a major milestone in our longstanding efforts to reform the National Security Agency’s bulk collection program.

We also believe that additional surveillance reforms are necessary, and we will continue to push for these reforms in the coming weeks and months. In particular, we will work to close the “back-door searches” loophole and ensure that the government does not read Americans’ emails or other communications without a warrant. We will work to ensure that intelligence activities do not recklessly undermine confidence in American IT products and American IT employers. We will also continue to press for meaningful reforms of the outdated Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court process. This should include the establishment of a strong, independent advocate to ensure that the Court hears both sides of the argument.

We take seriously Ben Franklin’s admonition that a society that trades essential liberties for short-term security risks losing both. That’s why we have advocated for these reforms, as we believe it is possible to keep Americans safe while protecting our treasured constitutional rights and liberties. Today’s announcement does not include all the reforms we have sought. The President has listened to some of the advice of his independent panel of experts and endorsed some of the reforms we have long advocated. The fight to protect liberty and increase security is far from over.

The groundswell of public support that has built for these reforms over the past several months shows that the American public shares our view of the importance of reining in over broad and unnecessary surveillance powers that infringe on Americans’ constitutional rights. Today’s announcement is vindication of that activism and we look forward to working with the President and our colleagues to push forward on these reforms in the weeks and months ahead.”

Sen. Jeff Merkley D-Oregon

Sen. Jeff Merkley

Merkley Statement on the President’s NSA Speech

“It is unacceptable that our government has indiscriminately swept up millions of cell phone records of law-abiding citizens. This is an outrageous abuse of Americans’ privacy. I’m glad the President has acknowledged the concerns with bulk collection and will explore options to remedy those concerns. It remains to be seen whether significant changes will be made, and I vow to continue to advocate for substantive reforms to protect Americans’ privacy.

“The FISA court also needs dramatic reforms. I support the President’s proposal of a public advocate in those court proceedings for the constitutional privacy rights of American citizens. I also appreciate the President’s commitment to declassify FISA court opinions, which is the principle embedded in my 2012 amendment to the FISA Amendments Act Reauthorization. Secret law cannot be tolerated in a democracy.

“Our nation is stronger when our civil rights as Americans are respected. I will continue to work with the Administration, Senator Wyden, and other colleagues to ensure our constitutional rights are honored in our laws and by our government.”

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