Life Mastery Classes at OCCC: Set Your Course to Master the Inner Seas

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Mar 222016
Uwe Kils graphic

Uwe Kils graphic

Life Mastery Classes at OCCC: Set Your Course to Master the Inner Seas

It is a tell-tale sign of bravery in the hearts and minds of central Oregon coasties: they desire to go adventuring into the “inner seas.” ​Two new self-mastery classes offered at OCCC last term will be offered again, due to full classes and high student ratings. “Superseded expectations!” “Teacher was very knowledgeable, and brought lots of resources, exercises, and hope.” “KUDOS for a very kind, gentle and intelligent class.”  “Promoted positive relationships and well-being.” And, “It was all new to me. I WANT MORE!”

The instructor, Dr. Cynthia Clayton, recently moved to Oregon. She has 40 years of background in metaphysics, is a graduate of Mindful Schools Fundamentals Course, and has a personal coaching system called Inner Energy Matrix. She relates:  

“We have all been transformed on our journey together these last 6 weeks of classes, examining our minds and lives for self-improvement possibilities, and nurturing values like happiness and self-love. I had students from their early twenties to octogenarians (80’s). Many were unsure of what to expect, but commented that they found it all interesting and helpful. I am very excited, and it’s an honor to offer these teachings once again. I think everyone is wonderfully surprised there is an emerging interest here on the Coast toward well-being, positivity, and wholeness. People are stepping up, taking control, being at the helm of their lives.”

Perhaps they understand, as poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox affirms:

“Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
Which tells us the way to go.
Tis the set of a soul
That decides its goal,
And not the calm or the strife.”
Classes begin April 27-28, Newport and Lincoln City. Tuition: $44/class 10% discount offered. Register now to save your spot.  Or phone (541) 996-6222   

Practical Metaphysics: the Art of Positive Thinking/ Discover the power of thought to mold your life. Take ownership of your happiness. Develop a foundation for attaining and sustaining optimum emotional and mental health. Learn techniques to manage stress and anxiety, and change mental habits that keep you stuck in negative thinking.

 Mindfulness Meditation (MM): Rewire Your Brain for Peace/ Discover a deep inner source of peace, well-being, and natural confidence; experience a new and unlimited part of yourself. Learn awareness, clarity, stability, ease, and acceptance. Science finds MM helps preserve the aging brain—gray matter shifts to positive centers. It rivals antidepressants, and helps addiction. Parents and educators welcome! 

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Newport High Graduation Night Tickets now on sale!!

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Mar 222016
Newport High School Courtesy photo

Newport High School
Courtesy photo

Newport High Grad Night Tickets sales! Tickets are $10 for 1, $25 for 3 or $50 for 7! Only 1500 tickets are being sold. Drawing to be held on May 6th! Check out the prizes!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 8.29.07 AM

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Farmer’s Market backs down – will move to accommodate shopping center tenants

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Mar 212016

Newport Farmers Market Archive photo

Newport Farmers Market
Archive photo

Rather than face a lawsuit brought by a nearby shopping center owner at 2nd Street and Highway 101, the Newport Farmers Market has agreed to move to a new location just a block away. Shopping Center owner Bret Fox contended the vehicle congestion on Saturdays for his store tenants, caused by the Farmers Market, was severely hurting their income.

So the Farmers Market has agreed to re-locate to an area slightly to the south and west of the shopping center. Their new location will be centered generally at Lee and 7th. Businesses in those areas operate primarily Monday through Friday. No business in that area objected to the market becoming a neighbor over the upcoming spring and summer.

New "temporary" location for this summer's Newport Farmer's Market mainly at 7th and Lee.

New “temporary” location for this summer’s Newport Farmer’s Market mainly at 7th and Lee.
Google graphic

Shopping Center owner Bret Fox said he fully supports the Farmer’s Market. But between the market crowds and their cars, it’s made the shopping center very difficult to access – especially for parking. Fox said a proposal was floated by the market to have a security guard screen cars going into the shopping center parking lot. Fox strongly implied that who would want to shop where you have to get permission to park from someone in a law enforcement uniform? Fox added that cars trying to get in and out of the shopping center cause dangerous back-ups onto 101.

When asked what he would do if the city continued to allow the Farmers Market to remain there, Fox said flatly he would go to court to stop it. Fox quickly added that the Farmers Market is a great asset to the community, and is extremely popular – so no matter where it’s located it would be just as successful. Market officials said they prefer to stay right where they are because they’re easily seen by passing motorists on 101.

City Councilor David Allen noted that court cases can take a long time to be resolved – certainly longer than the Farmers Market season coming up. At that point a representative of the Farmers Market came to the microphone and announced they’ll move the market to Lee and 7th because losing a season, due to legal delays, is out of the question.

The council, which had just come out of a closed-door executive session involving the Farmers Market issue, instructed City Manager Spencer Nebel to issue a new permit for the new 7th and Lee location. Additionally, the city will paint a crosswalk across Second Street to accommodate market patrons who park in the courthouse parking lot and the city will fix street potholes in the area for pedestrian safety.

This should be the last temporary location for the spring/summer Farmers Market. Next year it should be able to return “home” to the parking lot on Angle on the south side of City Hall which they’ve had for years. Currently that lot is covered with machinery and building materials related to the construction of the new Aquatic Center. All that should be out of there well before the Farmers Market season starts up again this time next year.

In other council action, the council approved a tally of long term city goals. Those goals are quite lengthy and can be see in an earlier News Lincoln County story written on Sunday. There were some addition goals added that pertain to more emphasis on better promoting the arts in the city.

Mary Gilliam's home, partly on the bottom of Schooner Creek Canyon

Mary Gilliam’s home, partly on the bottom of Schooner Creek Canyon

This house is a total loss.

This house is a total loss.

The council also formally applied to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a grant to buy out seven homes along NE 70th which were condemned right after heavy rains last December. Rain soaked ground caused the ground underneath the homes to weaken and slide down the canyon – severely damaging two, and leaving five others threatened with eventual destruction. City Manager Spencer Nebel said the grant application is not a sure thing but added that based on the nature of the damage it would seem that the city would be in a top tier among communities seeking FEMA funds to help tie up loose ends from last winter’s storms. Word on whether the city gets the money should come fairly soon according to Nebel.

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More Japanese Tsunamis debris coming ashore near Bandon

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Mar 212016
Tsunami debris off Gold Beach near Bandon.  Should come ashore by morning.

Tsunami debris off Gold Beach near Bandon. Should come ashore by morning.

Derelict boat sighted off south coast near Bandon

A US Coast Guard helicopter crew spotted a portion of a boat, estimated at 25-30′ length, in the Pacific Ocean off the southern Oregon coast on March 16. After the Coast Guard attached a tracking buoy to the object March 18 and issuing a marine advisory, state and federal officials monitored it until Monday afternoon. The debris appears headed for the coastline and could reach the beach in the next 24 hours between Bandon and Cape Arago, though both the location and time are subject to change.

The craft, which could be the bow end, may have originated with the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan s east coast. If the derelict comes ashore on a sandy beach in the next day, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department will contract with a local salvager to secure it, then remove it from the ocean shore. During the removal operation, the department asks beach visitors to respect the work zone and obey any temporary beach or road closures.

There’s no sign of any hazardous materials on board. Biologists with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Hatfield Marine Science Center will remove samples of plants and animals to check for potentially invasive species, and attempt to confirm the boat’s origins.

Invasive species expert Dr. John Chapman of Hatfield Marine Science Center told News Lincoln County that he’s traveling to Bandon tomorrow and will be a part of the scientific inquiry of what’s left of the small vessel. Dr. Chapman says after carefully examining the photo it looks like it was carried out to sea after the 2011 Japanese Tsunami waves pounded the east coast of Japan.

Dr. Chapman last week examined a tote box that washed up on the beach at Don Davis Park in Newport. He said he took samples of the critters that were still aboard it, logged them, then made sure that the tote was properly disposed of.

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Loyalty Days Fun Run – the whole length of the parade route!

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Mar 212016
Start of Loyalty Days  Loyalty Days Fun Run Kerri Tyler photo

Start of Loyalty Days
Loyalty Days Fun Run
Kerri Tyler photo

The 2016 Loyalty Days 2 mile run/walk is simply about having fun! You can run, jog, or walk straight down traffic-free Highway 101, while hundreds of parade spectators cheer you on. This event starts just before the Loyalty Days parade, at 11:45 on Saturday April 30th.

The race begins on Hwy 101 next to Wal-Mart and travels south down 101, finishing just before Bay Street (next to Money Saver Motel). Hwy 101 will be closed to traffic well before the race and will not reopen until the parade is completed. Special buses will take runners back to the start.

Register online at or entry forms can be printed from the Coast Hills Running Club Facebook page to mail in. All info can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

Coast Hills Running Club puts on this annual event through a generous sponsorship from Pepsi and Bigfoot Beverage Company. Once again this year there is a special $500 award for the Lincoln County School with the greatest percentage of youth from their school who participate. Integrated Body Fitness generously continues to provide their facilities for number pick-up and awards. Gather your family and friends and join in this Loyalty Days celebration, NEW for this year, any parent and child that run together will receive special silver shoe-charms. There are also over-all winner prizes, and ribbons in age-groups. Everyone who participates gets a ribbon. You will have ample time to participate in this event and still enjoy the parade, but we request that you move to the side of the street if the parade reaches you.
Registration is ONLINE and is $10.00 for individuals (adults and non-students over 18) and $3.00 for Lincoln County School District students. T-shirts are $8.00. T-shirts are only guaranteed for those who register before April 24th. There will be day of race registration at Integrated Body Fitness, $20. for persons over 18, and $10. for students; limited T-shirts available for sale.

Registration at: Participants must pick up their race number between 9:00 and 11:15 on the day of the race at Integrated Body Fitness, located at 1111 S. Coast Hwy. You can also register for the race during this time. Buses will transport runners and walkers from Integrated Body Fitness to the starting line. The last bus leaves the Integrated Fitness at 11:15. Come enjoy this family fun event.

For more information contact Kerri Tyler at 503-360-5684 or

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Otis: Drug Dog attacks 2 year old boy, then his mother.

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Mar 212016
Belgian Malinois Similar to German Shepherd Wikipedia photo

Belgian Malinois
Similar to German Shepherd
Wikipedia photo

Sunday afternoon, Lincoln County Sheriff’s office Animal Service Deputy David Martin responded to an Otis residence on a report of a dog that had attacked a two year old boy and the boy’s mother. Deputy Martin learned both victims were transported by ambulance to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital in Lincoln City.

The investigation revealed the dog involved is a four year old male Belgian Malanois, which at the time, was an inactive drug detection dog for the Grand Ronde Tribal Police Department. It is still unknown why the dog attacked the child but when the mother attempted to pull the dog off the child she was then attacked. The next door neighbor was alerted to the attack when the mother threw a stick at his window causing him to look outside. The neighbor fired one round from his shotgun over the top of the dog that was still actively biting the mother. When the warning shot failed to stop the dog he fired a second round into the dog which stopped the attack. The dog was determined to be deceased when Deputy Martin arrived on scene.

The child was later transferred to Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland where he was treated and released for multiple bite wounds. The mother remained in Lincoln City and was also treated and released for multiple bite wounds.

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First Tom McCall Day Approaches! Preserving the “Oregon Story.”

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Mar 212016

Gov. Tom McCall Reading by kerosene lamp during the 1973 Energy Crisis

Gov. Tom McCall
Reading by kerosene lamp during the 1973 Energy Crisis

From Bill Hall, Lincoln County Commissioner

Oregonians will celebrate the first annual Tom McCall day on March 22, which would have been the former Governor’s 103rd birthday. The Tom McCall Legacy Project, an educational non-profit group, is encouraging all Oregonians to take this opportunity to learn more about how McCall shaped the Oregon we live in today.

The Legacy Project wrote and advocated for the bill the Oregon Legislature approved and Gov. Kate Brown signed last year, establishing the yearly observance of McCall’s birthday. McCall’s eight years as governor (1967 to 1975) were marked by a number of innovative ideas, including a law preserving public access to beaches, the first Bottle Bill in the nation, and the first statewide land use planning system.

McCall accomplished all of these things, and many more, with a trademark wit and candor. In his single most famous statement, he urged people to come and visit Oregon again and again, “but for heaven’s sake, don’t move here to live.”

“More than half of all Oregonians now here didn’t live in Oregon when Tom McCall was governor,” said Lisa Nowak, Legacy Project founder. “They’re too young, or have moved here since then. If we’re going to hold onto the things that make Oregon special, it’s vital that people learn about what McCall called the Oregon Story.”

More information about McCall, his era, and the Legacy Project can be found at: Nowak urges Oregonians to visit the website, which includes the history of McCall and his era and links to SOLVE and 1000 Friends of Oregon, the environmental organizations McCall helped to launch.

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Calling all drifters and outlaws!!

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Mar 212016

wild west stampede 2

Chamber’s Annual Banquet & Balloon Auction Set for April 9

Table reservations and tickets are now on sale for the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce’s highly anticipated Banquet and Balloon Auction presented by the News-Times. The event will be held on April 9th at 6:00 p.m. at the Best Western Agate Beach Inn. Dinner and entertainment is included in the ticket price along with an opportunity to bid on hundreds of silent and live auction items. This year’s theme is “Wild West Stampede” and prizes will be awarded for the best old west inspired costumes.

With over two hundred and fifty Chamber Members attending this event, it’s a great opportunity to advertise your business while treating yourself, your employees and friends to an enjoyable evening out. Ticket prices are $45 per person or $395 for a table of eight. Purchasing a table includes eight tickets, sponsorship recognition and table advertising for your company. Western Title & Escrow, US Bank, Bigfoot Beverages, Newport Café, Rogue Ales, Holiday Inn Express, Salishan Spa & Golf Resort, Mariner Enterprises, the News-Times, Walmart, and Breach the Moon Gallery have already secured Table Sponsorships. Hurry, tables are limited! Additional Banquet & Balloon sponsors include Diamonds by the Sea and Oregon State Credit Union.

Donations from merchants are being requested for the silent and live auction. No donation is too small or too large. The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the organizations who have already donated. For those interested in purchasing tickets, reserving a table and/or donating to the event, please contact the Newport Chamber of Commerce office (541) 265-8801 or

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Up to date parenting insight for new moms and dads….

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Mar 212016
North Lincoln Hospital Lincoln City

North Lincoln Hospital
Lincoln City

Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital offers prenatal parenting classes

Women who are pregnant or have recently given birth are invited to a nine-week attachment-based parenting class that will be held at Samaritan Early Learning Center in Lincoln City on Mondays beginning April 4. The class will be taught by clinical psychologist Jennifer Cooper, PhD.

According to Cooper, research has shown that the attachment-based parenting method helps to develop secure children who have healthier and happier relationships with their parents, solve problems on their own, get along better with others and have higher self-esteem.

“This class is designed to give your child the best possible start in life and to give parents the tools and tips they need to fully enjoy the parenting experience,” Cooper said. “You will learn valuable parenting skills to help your family be physically and emotionally healthy.”

The class runs from 4 to 6 p.m. April 4 through June 6, with a break on Memorial Day. Each class will include a healthy dinner and free child care. The cost is $30, and scholarships are available.
For information and to register, call 541-994-4208.

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“La Vie en Rouge!” at Lincoln City Cultural Center

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Mar 212016

“La Vie en Rouge” at LCCC, April 2nd

LINCOLN CITY – On Saturday, April 2, the Cultural Center will reverberate with the sultry, charismatic sound of Siri Vik and her popular tribute to Edith Piaf, “La Vie en Rouge.” Vik will be bringing her full band and her visceral understanding of Piaf and the French chanson tradition, for the Cultural Center’s Spring Renewal Concert. Showtime is 7 pm.

“La Vie en Rouge” will be the finale of the nonprofit’s annual Membership Drive. The goal is to log 100 renewals and new members, supporters of the center and its programs. All donors who have given in the last five months – our “spring renewals” – will receive a $10 discount on tickets to “La Vie En Rouge” and a $2 discount on all LCCC concert tickets throughout the year.

Who is an LCCC “member”? It’s anyone who donates $35 or more, within a calendar year.
“Big donations are always welcome, but during Membership Month we concentrate on increasing the number of donors in our supporter base,” said Niki Price, executive director. “The more members we have, the greater our community-wide support. We use these unrestricted monies to pay our everyday expenses, like copier paper and vacuum cleaner bags. And we strong membership numbers as proof of our local support, when we write larger grants or request bigger gifts. It all starts with membership, and I encourage all those who love the Center to consider giving this month – and to join us for ‘La Vie en Rouge.’”

This Spring Renewal presentation of “La Vie en Rouge” is made possible through a generous lodging donation by Seahorse Oceanfront Lodging, and by the members of the LCCC. March Membership Month is also sponsored by Pacific Grind, which is donating complimentary coffee drinks for all those who donate during this membership drive.

Tickets for “La Vie en Rouge” are $30, on sale at the LCCC box office, 541-994-9994 or The box office accepts VISA, Mastercard and American Express, as well as checks and cash. All renewing members will receive their coupon codes in the mail, or they can purchase in person, by phone or by mail.

“We are extending Membership Month to April 2, so even if you renew your membership right before the show, you’ll still get your discount,” Price said. “Mon dieu! What a deal!”

Doors will open at 6:30 pm. A selection of Northwest beers and wines, My Petite Sweet cookies and bars, and Mountain Man savory snacks will be sold before the show, and during intermission. For details and tickets, call 541-994-9994.

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