Yachats burglary solved rather quickly…

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Jan 222015
Jessel Ferrel Yachats Burglary

Jessel Ferrel
Yachats Burglary

Wednesday evening Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to a burglary in the 200 block of NE Evergreen Lane in Yachats.

Deputies found that somebody unlawfully entered a residence and stole several items including firearms, knives, and jewelry.

After the initial report was taken, deputies located a suspect near the C&K Market in Yachats. Deputies were able to detain Jesse Ferrel, 38, of Yachats. Ferrel was found to be armed with one of the stolen firearms from the burglary.

Several items were recovered and Ferrel was placed into custody with charges including, Burglary in the First Degree, Theft in the first degree (Four Counts) and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. Ferrel was lodged at the jail and held on $365,000 bail.

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Another “Scam of the Day!”

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Jan 222015
...here's another one!

…here’s another one!

We just got this email from a reader who lives in Toledo:

I just received a telephone call from a man with a very foreign accent, claiming to be calling from Publishers Clearing House. He told me that I had won a Million Dollars and a new Mercedes Benz car. All I had to do was send $325 by Western Union to a woman in Mississippi. I would then receive the money and car by 2pm this afternoon. I checked online for the two telephone numbers he gave me. The company shows up as YMax Communications Mobile out of Nassau, New York. There were complaints online for the exact same prize-winning offer. I telephoned my accountant and the police. It appears this is definitely a scam. Please advise your readers to be aware.

Thank you dear reader! You just did!!

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And ANOTHER ONE just in…

We received a call yesterday here in Siletz from a “Windows Detective.” (Probably a computer scam). My son just hung up. The man had a heavy accent also. Area code 992. Found out it was from central Asia – Tajikistan!?

Of course, standard advice is when you hear the words:

* Congratulations!! You just won…
* Hi, I’m in jail in Mexico…
* You’re electric bill is overdue…
* We’re holding your son for…

…and on and on, you know you’ve got a snake on the line.

If you get a call like this and there’s a number on your screen, write it down, hang up, and immediately call police. After that call or email your friendly local news webpaper and tell them what happened. That way everyone in the community will know there’s a predator on the street prowling for victims.

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Fishin’ with Chris

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Jan 222015

Chris Burns - Fishing

Week of January 22nd

In the Creel: The emphasis remains on winter steelhead angling as most other river fisheries are either closed or rather limp right now. Offshore bottom fishing is good when the ocean settles down; lingcod is red hot. Bay clamming has been okay, but razors remain out of reach below the beaches’ low-tide lines. Crabbing in the bays hasn’t picked up much as recent rain events have kept a lot of freshwater flowing in, chasing the Dungies out to sea. Ocean crabbers are having better luck, but it’s still not great. Remember, before you dig a clam, pull a crab pot, bait a hook or cast a lure, take time to thumb through ODFW’s 2015 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations. There are several bag-limit and season changes this year. Click here for your downloadable copy.

Salmon River: Winter steelhead fishing is starting to pick up in many coastal basins. The Salmon River is open to harvest of wild winter steelhead through March 31st. You’re advised to read the new regulations (see above) as there are harvest restrictions and new deadlines in effect.

Siletz River/Bay: Steelhead fishing is slow to fair but should start to get better in the coming weeks. Fish can be found throughout the river for both bank and boat anglers. River conditions should be good through the weekend.

Yaquina River/Bay: The winter steelhead fishery is fair to good now in the Big Elk, with some nice ones being taken. River conditions should remain in decent shape through the weekend.

Alsea River/Bay: The winter steelhead fishery has been producing fair to good results recently. This week should be best in the middle to lower reaches of the river while flows are low and river temperatures are warming.

Central Coast Lakes: The 2015 stocking schedule for Central Coast lakes is expected to be announced in March and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available. Fishing for the various warm water fish species can still be productive during the winter months but anglers may need to target different areas of the lakes, typically deeper than when fishing in the spring or summer.

Saltwater angling and shellfish harvesting…
Continue reading »

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Weather or Not: Mixed Messages

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Jan 222015

Chris Burns Weather

Thursday, Jan. 22nd – Lincoln County

Summary: High and thin clouds filtered the Sun yesterday generating ambiguous shades of color until late afternoon when the overcast filled in and we became shadowless (if that’s a word). The thermometer once again recorded unseasonable highs in the mid-50s; the normal high for January 21st on the Central Coast is 48F. Winds were light and variable. Mostly cloudy skies lasted throughout the evening and overnight with low temps dipping to the low- to mid-40s. At daybreak, skies were mostly cloudy over a ruffle of east wind and, like a good fridge, we were frost-free.

Past 24 Hours High/Low…
Lincoln City: 54F/45F
Depoe Bay: 57F/41F
Newport: 55F/41F
Waldport: 52F/46F
Yachats: 56F/44F

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Forecast: Computer models and meteorologists are sending mixed messages about the next couple of days’ weather. Averaging it all out, apparently we’ll see mostly cloudy skies, potential sunbreaks and a 50-50 chance of rain today and tomorrow. The WON SUN-RAINmercury rises to 55F or a little above during the days and slumps slightly to 50F at night. Outlook is for partly sunny skies on Saturday, high near 60F. Forecasts are in agreement for Sunday and Monday anticipating sunshine and warmer temps of 65F, or higher. Clouds return Tuesday and Wednesday along with a slight chance of showers. Highs 55-60F, lows of 50F.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, a chance of rain, highs 50-55F. Valley destinations are expecting a chance of rain and a high of 50F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for a chance of rain, light east winds, temps near 50F. For the Cascades, there are spots of ice on Willamette and Santiam Passes this morning, bare pavement at Government Camp; a chance of rain with the snow level at 7,000 feet.

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 40”, a loss of 1” since yesterday; an overall gain of 5” in the past seven days; 10” less than this date last year; 77% below the 30-year average Snow Water Equivalent (total amount of moisture in the snow pack).

Ski Report – New Snow/Base/Condition…
Hoodoo 0”/8”/closed
Willamette Pass 0”/12”/closed
Mt. Bachelor 0”/46”/firm packed
Mt. Hood Ski Bowl 0”/5”/closed
Mt. Hood Meadows 0”/38”/hardpack and wetpack
Timberline 0”/28”/packed powder

Marine: There’s an offshore flow this morning with E winds 10-15 knots and seas 5 feet at 10 seconds. As of 8:00am, WON SCADepoe Bay and Yaquina Bay bars are unrestricted. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas goes into effect this afternoon and is in place through Saturday night. Winds veer to light southerly 5-10 knots today and seas build to 7 feet at 13 seconds. Tonight, expect mixed swells 8 feet at 12 seconds and S winds 10-15 knots. The swell continues rising tomorrow to 9-10 feet at 12 seconds though winds stay down to S 10-15 knots. Outlook is for the peak of a long-period swell to arrive on Saturday, 11-12 feet at 15-16 seconds, with a southerly breeze 5-10 knots gusting 15. Light S to E winds on Sunday and Monday, 5-10 knots, and seas subsiding to 10 feet.

Notices to Mariners… Cleft of the Rock Light on Cape Perpetua, located in a privately-owned lighthouse, is dark (apparently permanently) and has been deleted from nautical charts and the US Coast Guard’s Light List. Electronic editions of all 2015 Light Lists are available on the USCG Navigation Center’s website here.

On the Beach… Mostly cloudy, maybe some rain, light breeze, surf 6-8 feet (moderate).
* Sneaker waves are possible this weekend as a fair-sized, long-period ocean swell arrives on the Central Coast.
* Tides
01/22 Thu 07:05 AM 2.23 L
01/22 Thu 01:04 PM 9.83 H
01/22 Thu 07:42 PM -1.14 L
01/23 Fri 02:18 AM 8.93 H

In Short: Mainly overcast, chance of rain, light winds, then slow clearing and warm.

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Depoe Bay: Slip-slidin’ house – Fund funnel to NFK – Med MJ on 101 – Depoe Bay Foundation a la Whale Cove – Hiring new city attorney – Tightening rules on who gets to run for city council

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Jan 222015

Depoe Bay City Council Agenda big enough for five meetings.

Depoe Bay City Council
Agenda big enough for five meetings.

If members of the Depoe Bay City Council didn’t intend to take on the world during their Wednesday night meeting, then “the forces” must have aligned against them.

Their meeting ran over three and a half hours. So let’s get to it.

Slip slidin’ away?

Kicking off the parade of issues was a woman who lives above the seawall in the world’s smallest harbor – and she complains that her house is being damaged by slipping ground – possibly headed to the bay and a recently mobile sea wall. But City Public Works Supervisor Brady Weidner doesn’t think thats happening. He has a hunch it’s just ground settling around her home after the sea wall was re-fortified by big pilings pounded down to bedrock not long ago to hold the seawall in place. Brady says the Army Corps of Engineers will be by soon to check marker monuments in the area to ascertain if there has, in fact, been any movement. The last check proved negative, Weidner said. But the council wants more than the corps involved. They want a certified geologist to make his or her own assessment. Weidner said he’d try to ferret out the issue for a report back to council next meeting

Paying more attention to homeless kids

The council then turned their attention to helping local non-profit “Neighbors for Kids” help more homeless children. Many down and out families live in cars, tents, under bridges and in the woods all up and down the Oregon Coast because temperatures stay within a temperate range. Never too hot, seldom too cold. And there are over 500 homeless children in the Lincoln County School District. Not all of them sleep outside but a good many do. And the city council wants to do more for them.

As a result, the council, with strong support from councilors Zeke Olsen, Steve Sparks, Robert Gambino and others, asked City Recorder Pery Murray to create a budget line item in the city’s general fund for Education and Technology for which Neighbors for Kids could apply and help disadvantaged kids. Murray said applications for funds could be legally applied for by any organization that deals in those two academic arenas. State budget rules seemed to stymie the intent of the councilors. They wanted city funds to go strictly and directly to Neighbors for Kids. They asked Murray to report back to them as soon as practical on the line item scenario to funnel funds NFK after school programs.

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Creating a Depoe Bay Harbor Foundation

A member of the quite wealthy Little Whale Cove Homeowners Association paid the city council a visit during their Tuesday night meeting. Pete Tuana said he and their community wanted to become more active in a charitable way toward Depoe Bay and worthy community issues and projects. Neighbors for Kids Board member and city councilor Steve Sparks said he would like to work with the Little Whale Cove Homeowners Association and see what sort of relationship the community might enjoy have it become a benefactor to the town. No commitment made, no promises placed on the table. Tuana said the association donated 700 pounds to food to the local food bank and some $600 toward coat purchases for Neighbors for Kids children.

More information as it develops.

No medical marijuana near Neighbors for Kids

With their self-imposed medical marijuana moratorium still in effect for Depoe Bay, the city council took the first toward developing some rules about where such dispensaries can set up. The state has rules but local governments can add a few of their own. After much discussions the council decided it wants to limit medical marijuana to just Highway 101 areas in town. State law bans them from residential areas.

City Planner Larry Lewis suggested the council follow the lead of other communities in the area that limit medical marijuana dispensaries to commercial areas and not within 1,000 feet of a school or another dispensary. Council President Zeke Olsen learned that the town’s business license requirements could ensure no dispensary could be located within a given distance from Neighbors for Kids. Whether that’s 1,000 or some other distance was not discussed. Lewis said he would return at the council’s next meeting and possibly produce an ordinance that would satisfy state law and the desires of the city council. Under state law Depoe Bay’s moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries within their city limits expires April 30th.

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Depoe Bay shopping for a new city attorney

Depoe Bay City Councilors are shopping for a new city attorney. Their contract attorney firm is based in Eugene and even though they say the firm has served them well they want a local attorney that they can more freely talk to and be guided by without having to drive 125 miles round trip – by either party.

So the council asked City Recorder Pery Murray to advertise for a new legal advisor for the council. Any qualified attorney living within the coast district served by Oregon House Representative David Gomberg is welcome to apply.

Who is qualified to run for Depoe Bay City Council?

Who is qualified to run for Depoe Bay City Council. Well, the requirements are not all difficult to fulfill but the big one is to get enough votes to be elected. But in order to get your name on the ballot, the city council wants to make sure that whoever files actually lives in Depoe Bay. And for at least a year before their eligible to file for office.

The council last year kicked City Councilor Skip Hoitink off the council since he had taken up what he described as his “home away from home” – an apartment in Newport. He continued to maintain that his legal residence was at his permanent residence in Depoe Bay, occupied by his wife. Hoitink said he was living in Newport temporarily until he and his wife could work out some marital issues.

At any rate, under advice of their attorney, the council allowed Hoitink to reclaim his seat. The council was advised by their attorney that they probably were on very thin ice doing what they did because residency, under judicial case law, official residency is pretty much where somebody says it is. In Hoitink’s case he still owned his Depoe Bay home and even if he wasn’t going through a rough patch with his wife, he could just as easily be on a vacation or on an extended business trip. He might have owned more than one home. Maybe ten. So where is home? Again, case law says a primary residence is anywhere you can make a good case for making the claim at any one location.

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As an example the Bend City Council recently allowed a candidate, who hadn’t lived inside the Bend city limits for over a year, to take his oath of office and then take his seat on the council. The council’s reason was that they believed him when he said he was building a new home in Bend and fully intended to move in to it when it was finished.

So under city charters, city councilors have wide discretion in who meets or does not meet minimum requirements to file for office.

Still Mayor AJ Matilla contended that by simply putting language of the state constitution into the city charter, that would fix any confusion surrounding what residency means. Matilla said to qualify to file for office one must live within the city limits for the past year. Period.

When the dust settled, the council asked City Recorder Pery Murray to examine some city charters from around the area to see what wording might survive legal scrutiny.

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Newport: Apartment fire at 225 NW 6th Street – UNIT 23

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Jan 222015


A fire in an apartment building at 225 NW 6th Street – PINEWOOD MANOR APARTMENTS, UNIT 23. Emergency responders are putting on their gear and are headed over.

Firefighters on scene. No smoke showing but fire alarm is going off. Reporting party is pointing out which apartment may be the one with the burnt food.

Firefighters say burnt food inside apartment 23. Door locked. No one home. Firefighters preparing to enter causing least damage to the apartment.

Firefighters inside. Burnt food on the stove. Ventilating the apartment.

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All the more reason to spend more time with Chris Gary!

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Jan 212015
Chris Gary, Instructor Tai Chi at Senior 60+ Activity Center

Chris Gary, Instructor
Tai Chi at Senior 60+ Activity Center

Chris Gary receives Tai Chi instructor certificate

Chris Gary has led a variety of exercise classes over the past 20 years. She has taught for the Newport 60+ Center for over 2 years. Last May a training opportunity came up to learn 8 form Tai Chi (Moving for Better Balance) from Master Trainer Suman Barkhas.

She trained in Portland for two days and received her instructor certificate through the Oregon Health Authority. This was her first exposure to Tai Chi and she became enamored with the exercise program. Her background has been mostly in aerobics, circuit training, step and pilates. Chris sought out other training opportunities to increase her practice in Tai Chi. In November she attended the Tai Chi Yang style 24 form Tai Chi. She will complete her training the end of February.

“Tai Chi Moving For Better Balance” is an evidenced based program which means it has been proven to work! Tai Chi not only improves balance it also falls and improves physical function. Tai Chi Moving For Better Balance has been approved by the National Council on Aging, Center for Disease Control, Oregon Health Authority and the State of Oregon Public Health division as a fall prevention program.

Chris teaches for the Newport 60+ Center. Her classes are held on Saturdays in the Wellness studio at 10:00am. No experience is necessary to join this class. She wants people to wear comfortable clothing and shoes without tread. That’s all that is required. Drop Inns are welcome. Come try Tai Chi for Free. The 60+ Activity Center is located at 20 SE 2nd St. You may call if you want more information at 541 265 9617.

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Toledo boat lift project sailin’ right along…

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Jan 212015

A lift similar to this one will soon be enroute to the Port of Toledo...

A lift similar to this one will soon be enroute to the Port of Toledo…

The lift they have now...

The lift they have now…

Port of Toledo Commissioners Tuesday learned that their $4 million-plus boatyard project is moving right along – everything is on schedule and within budget.

The project, which will thrust the Port of Toledo into the big leagues of west coast boat repair and renovating, is scheduled to have a giant boat lift arrive in late summer and be ready to swing into action by late fall.

Port Manager Bud Shoemake says Berguson Construction is making great headway getting the new pilings in during the “in water works” period and that the on-land pilings will be in with all the concrete that goes with it, including the aprons, by April 1st. Then he’ll figure in the costs for moving Central Lincoln’s big power lines farther away from the water to make room for their expanded operations.

Shoemake says at that point his port commission will take a take a deep breath, step back and do an assessment of the money they have left from their big state grant. Then they’ll determine how big of a boat lift they can afford to buy – bigger the better, of course. Shoemake says they’re still hoping to get a big one that will lift a 550 ton vessel, if it has to. It’ll mean that the Yaquina Boatyard will be able to work on 98% of the fishing boats on the west coast, including Alaska.

Again they’d like to have all this wrapped up by fall.

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