To Support a Homeless and Warming Shelter, They WILL Fool Around

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Mar 162018

Phyllis Thompson

Combining song, dance, jokes and more, the cabaret is the ultimate example of a group of performers becoming more than the sum of its parts and producing something special. And it was the lure of directing such a production that persuaded longtime theatrical impresario Phyllis Thompson to come out of retirement to helm the second annual Fools’ Day Cabaret — a rambunctious fund-raiser for the Lincoln City Warming Shelter.

“This is about coming together and making a better community,” Thompson said. “When people work together, there’s really nothing they cannot do.” Retired from a career teaching theater arts, Thompson rises to the challenge with sterling credentials: a bachelor’s in Music from the University of Connecticut, a master’s in Acting from Michigan State University and a Masters in Fine Arts in Directing from Florida State University.

Performers will include several returnees, back by popular request, including deadpan comedy from Lewis Smith, lively music from Nora Sherwood and Gary Burman, and a suitably saucy performance from Elizabeth Black and her Sisters.

Thompson’s troupe of performers will take to the stage on Saturday, March 31, serving up a smorgasbord of songs, dances, tricks, jokes, skits and music aimed at adult audiences.

Patrick Alexander
April Fools Emcee

Warming Shelter President Patrick Alexander, who will return to emcee the event, said the group is thrilled to have Thompson’s help in drawing attention to its mission. “Homelessness is no joke,” he said. “It comes with real costs to our society, on top of the personal pain for those who have to live without things the rest of us take for granted. With Phyllis on board, we are able to present an evening of light-hearted silliness in aid of a very serious cause.”

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As well as the ensemble performance, the evening will include a salute to slapstick, with guests invited to bid on a range of gourmet cream pies donated by local restaurants — each far too delicious to waste on throwing. Guests will also be invited to step into the spotlight themselves by telling their favorite joke for a chance at winning a gift basket — or paying a proxy to take to the stage on their behalf.

The Fools’ Day Cabaret launches on stage Saturday, March 31, starting at 7 pm in the auditorium of the Lincoln City Cultural Center, 540 NE Hwy. 101. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Lincoln City Warming Shelter, which offers emergency weather shelter during the winter in addition to a year-round homelessness resource center located in Taft.

Admission to the event includes a delicious dessert of Raspberry Fool. Beer and wine will also be available.

Tickets, $20 in advance or $25 at the door, are available from Warming Shelter board members or online at For more information, call 541-994-9994.

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Newport Drug Bust on the Bayfront

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Mar 162018

Newport Police received information of a known wanted person on the Bayfront in Newport. Officers responded to the area and observed Nicolette Wiley, who had confirmed warrants for her arrest, driving a blue SUV with passengers in the vehicle. Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle driven by Wiley. As officers walked to the vehicle, Wiley took off at a high rate of speed eastbound on SW Bay Blvd. Wiley continued driving at a high rate of speed until being slowed by roadway traffic. Wiley was unable to continue due to traffic. Officers were able to take Wiley into custody without further incident.

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Newport Police K9 Nero was deployed to search the vehicle. During the search, Officers located heroin, methamphetamine, drug packaging material, drug use paraphernalia, and evidence of drug sales.

Deputies with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office assisted Newport Officers with the vehicle pursuit and investigation.

Arrested at the scene and lodged in the Lincoln County Jail were the following persons for the following charges:

Nicolette Dawn Wiley, 25, Lincoln City

* Delivery of a Controlled Substance — Methamphetamine
* Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance — Methamphetamine
* Possession of a Controlled Substance — Methamphetamine
* Attempt to Elude Police (vehicle)
* Reckless Endangering Another
* Reckless Driving
* Resisting Arrest, and
* Several outstanding Lincoln County felony Warrants

Frederick Verilyea, 39

Frederick Charles Vermilyea, 39, Waldport

* Delivery of a Controlled Substance — Methamphetamine
* Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance – Methamphetamine
* Possession of a Controlled Substance — Methamphetamine

Jackson Hall, 24, Neotsu

Jackson Nephi Hall, 24, Newport, OR resident

* Possession of a Controlled Substance — Methamphetamine
* Probation Violation

Jessie W. Ramsey, 37, Neotsu, OR resident

* Possession of a Controlled Substance – Methamphetamine

The Newport Police Department encourages citizens to report any suspicious activity they witness, as it may assist law enforcement. The Newport Police Tip Line is available at 541-574-5455, or Text-a-Tip at 541-270-1856.

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Marion (Salem) Circuit Court Judge suspended for 3 years after refusal to marry gay couple…among other things…

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Mar 152018

Judge Vance Day, Marion Co. Circuit Court Judge
Suspended 3 years from the bend

A Marion Circuit Court Judge who refused to marry a gay couple, provided a handgun to a convicted felon and other allegations against him, has been suspended from his job for three years by the Oregon Supreme Court, a category of employment that does not continue his $124,000 salary.

Judge Vance Day told reporters after his 95% removal from the bench that he and his attorney will appeal the Oregon High Court’s ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court and hope they agree to hear it.

Here’s the story in The Oregonian. Click here.

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Lincoln City Arbor Week event gets a boost from “Oregon Community Trees”

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Mar 152018

Sitka Spruce
GaryGuide photo

Lincoln City receives funding from Oregon Community Trees to help celebrate Arbor Week in April – 03/15/18

LINCOLN CITY, Ore. — Lincoln City Parks and Recreation has received a grant from the non-profit Oregon Community Trees to help with a planned Arbor Week event in Regatta Park in April. Parks and Recreation will center the celebrations around an old-growth Sitka spruce in the park which may be older than 400 years and over 200 feet tall. In addition to cutting a ribbon draped around the old spruce, attendees will enjoy music and freshments. They can also apply to be a Parks and Recreation volunteer. Parks volunteer duties including planting new trees in Lincoln City’s public spaces.

In addition to providing refreshments, the grant from Oregon Community Trees will help Parks and Recreation purchase a tent canopy to provide shade and shelter from rain at outdoor events, starting with this year’s Arbor Week celebration. One criteria for winning the grant is being a Tree City USA, a status Lincoln City has held for 10 years.

Oregon Community Trees promotes healthy urban and community forests. The organization assists community groups, local governments and schools throughout the state with expertise and grants that support leadership, education, awareness and advocacy for urban and community forestry.

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Sitka spruce grow naturally only along the Pacific coast from Alaska to northern California. These long-lived trees can reach over 300 feet in height, making them one of the tallest conifer species on earth.

Over 143 million board feet of Sitka spruce were logged in Oregon and other coastal states during World War I, mainly to supply wood for airplanes. Today, Sitka spruce is logged to make pulp for paper manufacture. Some wood is also used in ladders and to make soundboards for guitars and other stringed instruments.

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Tom Rinearson: “Our students make me proud and give me hope!”

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Mar 152018

Tom Rinearson
Interim Superintendant of Lincoln County Schools.

From Tom Rinearson, Lincoln County Superintendent of Schools

Our students make me proud and give me hope…

Yesterday we had over 800 students walk out of our schools for 17 minutes to honor the 17 students who died in the Florida shooting and to have their voices heard: schools need to be a safe place for them. These students were from grades 5-12. Students worked with principals to understand District policy and state law around consequences for walking out of school. At one high school, the student leaders were heard telling their peers… “We chose to have our voices heard this way knowing there are consequences. We now need to own those consequences”… in an elementary school, 5th graders, who had heard that high schoolers had consequences asked their principal what their consequences were, because they understood that actions have consequences. The principal gave it back to them and asked what they thought the consequences should be… they jointly chose a detention during lunch. Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B. Anthony are examples of great people who shared their voices knowing there would be consequences… they shared anyway…

Our students make me proud and give me hope…

We had students choose not to walk out and still shared their voice… some were concerned the national movement was only about gun control and was not truly about the roots causes of school shootings … some looked at the consequences of walking and chose other forums to in which to share their voice …. some did not have an opinion one way or the other. To my knowledge, no student was ridiculed, called a name or disparaged in any way by other students for their beliefs or actions they took. They all came to this day with an underlying belief that schools should be a place where they feel safe…. Adults and people in political power can learn from our students…

Our students make me proud and give me hope…

After watching multiple news outlets last night and seeing the narrow focus, I paused and thought about the message our students were trying to send, whether they walked out or stayed in… Our students honored those who died… our students understood that when speaking up there may be consequences. They spoke up anyway… Our students treated each other with grace and dignity, no matter where they were on the political spectrum… Our Students were beyond the narrow narrative portrayed by the media outlets. They want us to focus on root issues, not to get caught up in one solution…Our students want adults and politicians to stand up with them and come to real solutions… not to alienate each other because of beliefs… Our students rose to the occasion in a way far exceeding what I was seeing at a national level…

My concern now shifts to adults and the next couple of national walkouts coming in April… Parents, community members… Are we going to learn from our students and stand with them, in spite of consequences? Are we going to look at the consequences and decide to share our voice in a different way? Are we not going to treat those with different opinions with grace and dignity? Are we going to demand our politicians take a stand for making schools a place students feel safe? What are we going to do for our students in Lincoln County?

Our Students make me proud and give me hope!

Tom Rinearson Superintendent

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Newport: Law Enforcement arrests two attempted burglary suspects in South Beach

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Mar 152018

Rochelle Miller (L) Warrant
Shane Miller (R) Att’d Burglary, ex-felon with a weapon
Juvenile in middle (not charged)

Following an investigation, local law enforcement has arrested a couple following a burglary attempt at Bernie’s Universal Dispensaries in South Beach.

Authorities sat it was during the early evening of February 28th that two males tried to force entry into Bernie’s Universal Dispensaries in South Beach. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies were able to determine one suspect tried to gain entry into the closed business by shooting the door lock with a handgun. It didn’t work. Meanwhile, investigators were able to work with Bernie’s Universal Dispensaries staff and other local businesses to identify the suspects from images from a surveillance video camera that was recording at the time.

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Wednesday evening of this week, at approximately 4:45 PM, law enforcement armed with a search warrant went aboard a vessel moored at the South Beach Marina. Newport resident Shane Perry Miller 45 and a male juvenile were taken into custody. Miller was charged with Attempted Burglary, Criminal Mischief, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and Felon in Possession of a Restricted Weapon. His bail was set at $200,000. 45 year-old Newport resident Rochelle Deanne Miller was taken into custody on an unrelated arrest warrant.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Dep. Maleri Cates at (541) 265-4277 ext. 7194.

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