Toledo group brainstorms with LC Schools Superintendent Tom Rinearson over Mary Harrison School.

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Dec 072010

At long last they shoved in an axe handle to stop the rumor mill in Toledo about Mary Harrison Elementary School. And what’s going to happen to it.

A group of Toledo residents and Lincoln County Schools Superintendent Tom Rinearson sat down to talk about possible options for the old school which now provides storage for old records and other minor functions. Resident Sandy Blackman and Brenda Brown, a member of the Lincoln County School Board, put forth the idea that the old facility might be re-dedicated as a Toledo public asset. Some asked what the school district would take for the old building and various figures were batted around. But in the end Rinearson asserted, “Put down $50,000 in an escrow fund and we can talk more seriously.” No one pulled out their check book. Rinearson told that if the district can’t make a few bucks on such a transaction, he would try to make sure the district didn’t lose any money either.

The group came up with ideas like turning Mary Harrison into a high school culinary arts or other form of economic incubator for Toledo. Other suggestions included children’s after school care, student learning center, etc. Continue reading »

Oregon takes huge step toward better stewardship of its coastal waters.

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Dec 072010

A two day meeting in Newport has just concluded with what may be an historic step forward to better understanding Oregon’s territorial waters which reach out three miles. It’s full of fish, marine mammals, marine habitat, sea-going commercial and sports fishers, recreationists and everyday folks who rely on the ocean’s good health.

During the Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) meeting, the health of Oregon’s territorial ocean as well as the economic health of those who fish and who otherwise enjoy it, were debated for hours. They also debated the relationship of Oregonians, especially those living along coast, to the sea and how it affects traditional as well as evolving contemporary culture. But front-and-center were concerns about the establishment of what are called Marine Reserves, and MarineProtection Areas that are proposed up and down the Oregon Coast from near Garibaldi on the north to Port Orford on the south. These areas just offshore are targeted to become real-live scientific laboratories to determine the health of Oregon’s near-shore ocean and the effects human interaction has had on it. However, under an executive order from the governor, none of the marine reserves, individually or as a group are allowed to cause “significant economic or social impacts.” Continue reading »

Newport City Council approves $110,000 to fix Performing Arts Center roof.

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Dec 072010

The Newport City Council Monday night decided to spend the last tax proceeds from the north Urban Renewal District to fix the roof of the Newport Performing Arts Center (PAC). A report to the council indicated that the PAC’s roof has leaked off and on for a number of years and that occasional patch jobs are no longer working. Water intrusion, said the report, is causing internal damage necessitating a new roof.

The council said, in approving the roof expenditure, that any money left over would be spent on repairing the PAC’s parking area to the east.

Former Portland armored car driver and family indicted for staging $3 million theft.

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Dec 072010

Provided by Portland Office of the FBI

PORTLAND, OR—Archie Cabello, age 64, together with his wife Marian Cabello, age 58, and their son, Vincent Cabello, age 39, all of Portland, were charged last week by a federal grand jury in a 51 count indictment with conspiracy to steal and possess bank money, false statements in credit card applications, filing a false tax return, and money laundering. Continue reading »

Federal investigation begins its rounds of “big banks”

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Dec 072010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, December 7, 2010
U.S. Department of Justice

WASHINGTON – Bank of America entities have agreed to pay a total of $137.3 million in restitution to federal and state agencies for its participation in a conspiracy to rig bids in the municipal bond derivatives market and as a condition of its admission into the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Corporate Leniency Program, the Department of Justice announced today.

Bank of America entered into agreements with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC), and 20 State Attorneys General. The global resolution with these federal and state entities provides for payment of restitution to the IRS and to municipalities harmed by Bank of America’s anticompetitive conduct in the municipal bond derivatives market. In a related matter, Bank of America entered into a written agreement with the Federal Reserve Board to address certain remedial measures.

According to agreements announced today, Bank of America employees engaged in illegal conduct, including bid rigging and other deceptive practices, in connection with the marketing and sale of tax-exempt municipal bond derivatives contracts. Continue reading »

Bank of America pays $67 million to Oregon to settle anti-trust claims

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Dec 072010

Provided by Oregon Attorney General John Kroger:

Attorney General John Kroger today announced a $67 million multi-state settlement that resolves allegations that Bank of America engaged in anti-competitive conduct that restrained competition in the $400 billion municipal bond derivative industry.

“Illegal conduct in the financial services industry helped cause the global recession that we’re only just beginning to emerge from,” said Keith Dubanevich, Chief of Staff and Special Counsel to Attorney General Kroger. “We need to take action against companies that break the law to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself.” Continue reading »

Newport Chamber of Commerce update

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Dec 072010

December 9th Business After Hours – Hosted by Festival of Trees

The December 9th Business After Hours will be hosted by the Festival of Trees. Chamber Members & guests are invited to attend this complimentary networking and socializing event at the Best Western Agate Beach Inn from 5:15 – 7pm.

Young Professionals Lunch Mob – December 8th

Calling all ‘Yo-Pros!’ We have an upcoming Lunch Mob set for Noon, December 8th at Nana’s Irish Pub. We hope to see you all there to enjoy a great lunch, network and support a local business. For more details, call the Chamber office @ (541) 265-8801.

Slight change in LC Schools bad weather “make up” days.

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Dec 072010

Lincoln County school students missed November 23rd due to a cold snap that iced up the streets. Originally the district thought the best way to make up the missed day was to hold school during one of the “Spring Break” days.

Well, district officials have changed their mind. They going to leave “Spring Break” alone. They’re now saying that Monday, April 25th will be the make up day for losing November 23rd. If it becomes necessary to make up additional days of school lost to bad weather, those days will be made up in this order: March 28, May 2, 9, 16, and 23; and, if necessary, March 29.

The Lincoln County School District master calendar now reflects the adjustment.

Waldport SUV driver leaves the road, slams into a house.

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Dec 072010

Crestline Drive, Waldport, Monday

Update: Tuesday, 3:15pm
Driver of the SUV is identified as James Stewart of, 75, of Tidewater. He was transported by ambulance to PCH. Later he was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis. Stewart is listed there in critical condition.

What was described as an “older man” drove his SUV off of Crestline Drive in Waldport early Monday evening. Witnesses say he drifted off the road, drove over a home’s front yard, took out a road sign, plowed through landscaping at another home and then through a thick hedge before hitting the north end of 1365 Crestline. No one inside the house was injured.

The occupants of the home and witnesses rushed to the driver’s aid, finding him unconscious and not breathing. They attempted CPR with mixed results. Arriving paramedics from Central Coast Fire Paramedics quickly loaded him aboard an ambulance and sped off “code 3” to PCH in Newport, working on the victim the whole way. There was no immediate word on his condition.

Officers on scene said it was not possible to know if the man suffered a heart attack before, during or after the accident.

Newport Walmart is going MONDO!

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Dec 062010

Newport City Manager Jim Voetberg let “Wally World” out of the bag Monday night by announcing that the long expected expansion of the Newport Walmart is now starting to happen. Voetberg and Community Development Director Derrick Tokos confirmed that Walmart has applied for building permits to expand their long outdated Walmart facility at the north end of town by another 20,000 square feet.

They said Walmart will expand their store into a “Super Walmart” which usually includes greatly expanded departments and merchandise selection, along with a fully stocked grocery store. Walmart is also expected to move the building’s main entrance more to the west which they say will make access to their new building more convenient for customers.

The expansion will also allow easier access for delivery trucks to drop off their loads of new merchandise. Tokos said it appears construction will take place around their existing store which will stay open during the expansion. Construction would be expected to continue into the summer with completion by Fall which would ensure they capture next winter’s Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping seasons.