Newport area getting new, non-profit radio station

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Jan 122011

Future broadcast site atop Cape Foulweather for new Community Radio Station

After a long and arduous process of winning Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval, a Newport area non-profit organization has announced they are now soliciting public involvement with the actual creation of a non-commercial, home-grown community radio station. The FCC granted a group called Firebare a construction permit which authorizes the group to begin building the station. It will broadcast at 91.7mhz, which is on the left end of the dial where you’ll find religious, classical music and KLCC NPR radio. Part of the station’s construction includes a very important element – its transmission site. The group has hit a home run by getting a spot on an already existing tower atop Cape Foulweather. Cape Foulweather is where the majority of local commercial FM broadcast antennas are situated along with other communications companies. And by running a very respectable 1,000 watts of power, the new community radio station will cover a large area from well from well north of Lincoln City to down south just past Yachats. Interior communities like Toledo, Siletz and Eddyville will also receive a high quality signal which will be very comparable to what radio listeners are used to getting from the regular commercial broadcast stations based in Newport.

A Firebare official told that they are very excited. She said they are gearing up to raise the level of community involvement that will not only create the radio station itself, but also the station’s grass roots community news, talk shows, entertainment and other information to reflect what living on the Oregon coast is all about. To begin this process they have announced a “call to community” meeting at Cafe Mundo at Nye Beach, January 23, from 4-7pm. Besides celebrating the FCC’s permission to proceed with the station, they will be continuing an on-going dialog about the community’s interaction with the station and how that can drive programming content and support from residents of the central coast and beyond. All donations to the station are tax deductible since Firebare is a registered non-profit organization with 501c3 status with the IRS.

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Coastal Progressive Update

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Jan 122011

Network: Lincoln and South Tillamook Counties
Provided by Coastal Progressives,
A member group of the Rural Organizing Project *
Advancing democracy in rural Oregon

Announcements for January 12, 2011

Who Can Be an American?
Whatever else each of us may be, we are all Americans.
–Keith Olberman
In a nation shocked and dismayed by hate-based campaigns to divide our people and increasing outbursts of violence in politics, Coastal Progressives of Lincoln County will honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. with a panel discussion about who has the right to be an American.
Dr. King once said, The good neighbor looks beyond the external accidents and discerns those inner qualities that make all men [sic] human and, therefore, brothers.
Whose interests are served by organized Islamophobia right here in Oregon and by anti-immigrant legislation in a nation of immigrants? We all suffer when our communities are divided, so how do overcome our fears with understanding and acceptance of our new neighbors?
One way is by listening to them and getting to know them better. On Friday, January 21 at 7 p.m., the Immigration Information Response Team of Coastal Progressives will host a panel of Lincoln County residents who will share their experiences of immigration from countries as diverse as Turkey, Ethiopia, and Mexico and their hopes for a better life here in America.
Do they have the right to become Americans? Amanda Aguilar Shank of the Rural Organizing Project will address the question: Do we need a new civil rights movement in 2011? Join the discussion in the conference room of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, SW 9th and Hurbert, in Newport.
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Highway 101 restrictions in Seaside area

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Jan 122011

From Oregon Department of Transportation

6:30pm ODOT says water under 3″, no travel restrictions.

ODOT/Valley, No. Coast: Us 101 just south of Seaside at Beerman Creek is experiencing high water due to rain and high tide. The area is open but with a 5 mile per hour restriction. Odot is monitoring water levels.

For more information, contact:, 5-1-1, 800-977-6368

Governor Kitzhaber and others praises Fed EPA backing off on wood waste-to-energy ban.

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Jan 122011

Wood Waste

Governor John Kitzhaber is celebrating the Federal EPA’s decision to put wood waste-to-energy issues on the back burner for three years until it can clarify the debate over whether wood waste burning adds or subtracts or does nothing to the country’s carbon footprint as it relates to carbon loading of the earth’s atmosphere. The story is in the Oregonian. Click here:

Man accused of threatening Washington State Congressman arrested

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Jan 122011

Rep. Jim McDermott, Washington

A man who left threatening voice messages for Washington State Congressman Jim McDermott has been arrested, in what may be a growing crack-down on those who resort to threatening behaviors, either in the presence of a federal official or by remote devices. The FBI announcement itself can be read by clicking here

Community historian is making history herself by deciding to write the next chapter in her life.

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Jan 122011

Jodi Weeber, LC Historial Society


Jodi Weeber will retire from her position as museum archivist and research librarian at the Lincoln County Historical Society on Thursday, January 27. A reception in her honor will be held that same day from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in the Carriage House located next to the Burrows House Museum at 545 SW 9th St. in Newport. The public is invited to attend.

“We will miss Jodi and the dedicated work she has done for the Society. She has been an amazing repository of information and worked in numerous capacities beyond her original responsibilities,” Loretta Harrison, executive director of the Society said. “Many researchers will miss her guidance and knowledge.”

In addition to working with researchers and managing the collection, Weeber currently is working on a project to digitize 2,000 photographs from the Society’s collection with a grant from Oregon State University and most recently led the installation of the exhibit, “Rough Waters: Shipwrecks on Oregon’s Coast.” Weeber has been with the Society for the past 11 1/2 years.

The Lincoln County Historical Society, which administers the Burrows House and Log Cabin museums, is located at 545 SW Ninth Street in Newport. The museums are free. Currently the Log Cabin Museum is open Thursday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Burrows House Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Lincoln County and the Central Oregon Coast. For information, call 541-265-7509 or visit

Submitted Lincoln County Historial Society

Newport Cubs vs. Junction City Tigers

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Jan 122011

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Tuesday night’s game was a real self-esteem booster for the Newport Cubs who had come off a disheartening loss last week to Tillamook. The Cubs showed the crowd and themselves last evening what a great team they really are by handling the Tigers in firm fashion.

Watch Your Lifestyle! You’re Affecting Future Generations!!

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Jan 112011

The Wonder of Epigenetics
By JD Adams

An emerging field of research is challenging former assumptions about our
genetic code and inheritance. Known as epigenetics, it is the discovery,
supported by clinical research, that a network of chemical switches controls
the expression of our DNA. In other words, our DNA is not etched in stone,
but selectively enabled or disabled by interaction with the environment. Not
all DNA is epigenetic, but enough that the epigenome adds another magnitude
of complexity over the Human Genome Project, which mapped out only about
20,000 genes in our DNA, not enough, in the opinion of many scientists, to
define the complexity of the human body.

Furthermore, the data indicates that our present lifestyle choices will
affect the genetic makeup and lifespan of future generations! Habits such as
smoking can alter the epigenetic switches that can disable natural
resistance to cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. This is a hitherto
unknown mechanism by which diet and exposure to chemicals can compromise the
integrity of our DNA, affecting not only our present state of health, but
strongly influencing the genetic makeup of offspring 2, 3, or more
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Governor John Kitzhaber hits the ground running on creating jobs

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Jan 112011

Governor John Kitzhaber has wasted no time in taking the controls of the state as he held his first news conference today announcing his commitment to job creation in Oregon. Today he raised the first installment in that goal. The story is in the Salem Statesman Journal.

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Fred Meyer workers volunteer time at Newport Recreation Center

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Jan 112011

It was raining Tuesday, a cold breeze was blowing and it was 39 degrees, but some good hearted Fred Meyer employee volunteers and their children were out at the Newport Recreation Center digging holes in planters and dropping in flower bulbs as part of a city beautification project. They came with boxes and boxes of bulbs of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus, irises and alliums. So come April or May, these planters around the recreation center should be exploding with bright summer colors.

Fred Meyer employees say it’s part of the company’s commitment to community service. Fred Meyer employees throughout their service area volunteer for various charitable or community events. The Newport Fred Meyer group routinely participates and raises money for Relay for Life for cancer research, as well as blood drives. Other stores pick their projects and carry them out throughout the year. All Fred Meyer employee activities like the one outside the recreation center Tuesday are conducted on employees’ own time. They are off the clock. But in this case Fred Meyer also donated the flower bulbs which filled the back of a large pickup. So when you drive by the recreation center this summer, you may have to wear sunglasses.