Check out a beautiful “macro” time piece. (Not so subtle advertisement)

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Dec 092010

An amazing, if not a refreshing look, at the Yaquina Bay Bridge. But as you’ll read below, the “author” took a little license with some technology. But the effects truly qualify as probably the most creative treatment of Newport’s iconic gateway to come along in a very long time.

Actually, it’s the front cover of Lazerquick’s annual 2011 calendar. And surprise, surprise! They’re on sale at Lazerquick, next to JC Market. Read on….below! Continue reading »

Oregon Attorney General lists of the Charity Dirty Dozen and then some

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Dec 092010

AG John Kroger


Oregon donors should avoid giving to charities that spend most of their funding on telemarketing and administration

Now that the gift-giving season is upon us, Attorney General John Kroger is releasing a list of Oregon’s 20 Worst Charities, offering tips to consumers on donating wisely and unveiling a landmark legislative proposal to combat unscrupulous non-profits.

“It is important that generous Oregonians make charitable contributions to legitimate organizations,” said Attorney General Kroger. “Many charities do great work, but some are little more than scams that do little to help the people they claim to support.”

In addition to increasing consumer awareness, Attorney General Kroger will ask the 2011 Legislature to pass a law making Oregon the first state in the country to use the tax code to fight charities that spend most of the money they raise on telemarketers and administration. The proposal will eliminate the Oregon tax deduction for donations to charities that spend less than 30 percent of the money they raise on the people they claim to support.

“This proposal will help kick sham charities out of Oregon,” said Attorney General Kroger. “If the rest of the country follows Oregon’s lead, we could end the rampant abuse of non-profit laws.”

Oregon’s 20 Worst Charities – 2010
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Fishing restrictions enacted in western Aleutians to help preserve Steller Sea Lions

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Dec 092010

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is further restricting commercial fishing in the western Aleutian Island in order to reverse what they call a deadly trend in populations of Steller Sea Lions. The story is in the Salem Statesman Journal.

Rep. Peter DeFazio takes a symbolic swing at President Obama’s tax compromise bill.

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Dec 092010

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D)

Although the vote was not binding, it showed the depth of Democratic anger at the compromise that President Obama is willing to agree to to avoid interrupting unemployment benefits for millions of out-of-work Americans and to avoid a tax increase for the middle class.

The story is in today’s Oregonian:

Fleeing suspect slams into back of sheriff’s car, dies at hospital

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Dec 092010

A fleeing hit and run accident suspect smashed into the back of a Douglas County Sheriff’s patrol car on northbound Interstate 5 last evening and died at a local hospital a short time later.

Oregon State Police say that James Pelkey, 44, of Marcola was involved in a hit and run accident and was spotted a short time later northbound on I-5. Officers say they tried to pull Pelkey over, but he failed to yield and sped off, reaching speeds of 80 miles an hour while using both lanes and shoulders. Troopers stayed with him with their lights and sirens on.

Just up the road a ways a Douglas County Sheriff’s deputy was preparing to lay out road spikes when the chase emerged from the south. As Pelkey’s pickup went for the shoulder, the deputy ran for his life. The impact destroyed the pickup and the patrol car. A badly injured Pelkey was pulled from the wreckage and transported to a local hospital where he was dead on arrival.

Officers say Pelkey was driving on a suspended license.

Majority of Oregon U.S. House democrats oppose Obama compromise on tax cuts. Even Schrader may oppose it.

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Dec 082010

Even Oregon’s conservative talking democratic member of the U.S. Kurt Schrader appears to be ready to condemn President Obama’s compromise bill on making extended tax cuts for the country’s super rich a requirement for extending unemployment benefits for millions of jobless Americans.

Democratic party anger is growing in the nation’s capital to where the bill’s passage may be tighter than predicted.
The story is in the Oregonian:

Dump Hunger with Food Share and Road and Driveway

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Dec 082010

Provided by Road and Driveway, Newport

12/07/10 3rd Annual Fill-A-Dump-Truck for Food Share

Cedar Creek Quarries and Road & Driveway Company will be sponsoring the 3rd Annual Fill-A-Dump-Truck for the Lincoln County Food Share this holiday season on Saturday December 18th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the corner of Highway 101 and Highway 20 in the JC Market parking lot.

The community is encouraged to donate any non-perishable food items or monetary donations at the drop off location, just look for the big red dump truck. This event has yielded over 9,000 lbs of food items in the last two years and we invite you to help us reach our goal of 5,000+ lbs this year. Help make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season and come see us at the 3rd Annual Fill-A-Dump-Truck for Food Share next weekend.

Emergency crews enroute to “car in the water” on Hwy 229, MP 1

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Dec 082010

Reports say emergency crews are enroute to a report of a car off the road, off Highway 229 mile post one. A witness driving by said the car is in the water with it’s windows down. No sign of anyone around. Car in the Siletz River a mile east of Highway 101, south of Lincoln City.

Car is a green Audi. Reported stolen this morning.

Confirmed, no one in the vehicle.

Dungeness crab wins “Sustainable” certification

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Dec 082010

Provided by Oregon State Dept. of Agriculture

December 8, 2010… An historically productive Oregon fishery has achieved an even higher level of status, which should translate into stronger sales regionally, domestically, and internationally. The Oregon Dungeness crab industry is now certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), globally recognizing the nearly $45 million fishery as a well-managed resource, a distinction that is expected to increase sales to environmentally-conscious consumers.

“For a long time, we’ve viewed Dungeness crab as a shining star among our important Oregon fisheries, but now the industry has achieved a milestone the rest of the world can appreciate, ” says Katy Coba, director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture. “Oregon is a leader in sustainable resource management. This MSC certification is just the latest example of our status.”

ODA oversees Oregon commodity commissions. The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission did the work of documenting the fishery as well-managed. The certification allows Oregon Dungeness crab to be sold as a sustainable premium product.

“We feel good because the certification simply substantiates what we and a lot of other people have known all along,” says Nick Furman, executive director of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission. “This is a well-managed, sustainably-harvested, environmentally-neutral fishery that just happens to also produce a wonderful gourmet product.”

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Lincoln County Fair plans moving ahead despite funding disagreement with the Oregon Fairs Commission

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Dec 082010

Updated Wednesday 2:15pm

Lincoln County Commissioners Wednesday expressed visible consternation over the Oregon Fairs Commission (OFC) denying Lincoln County its annual “seed money” from the state toward next summer’s Lincoln County Fair based in Newport.

Lincoln County received a letter from the OFC stating that their inspectors, that toured last summer’s Lincoln County Fair had issues with reported attendance figures and exhibitor information that were part of the county’s official report to the OFC as it relates to next summer’s fair funding from the state. Contract fair producer Debra Jones said the inspectors showed up for only a very short time and then left. She and Lincoln County Counsel Wayne Belmont contend it’s hard to get a feel for fair attendance with such a cursory walk-through. The OFC report also complained of a lack of adequate promotion and advertising but Jones pointed out that they took out many ads in the local newspapers, on the radio and in other publications. Jones said one OFC inspector suggested putting banners across Highways 101 and 20 but she said, “that’s ODOT’s call and they don’t allow highway banners crossing over state highways.”

Belmont said Lincoln County’s performance report to the Oregon Fairs Commission was complete, in sufficient detail, in full compliance with OFC requirements and state statutes and was filed on time. Belmont said the OFC’s funding denial was a complete surprise to him. Belmont said the denial of funds appears to him to be arbitrary. He received direction from the Lincoln County Commission Wednesday to file an appeal of the Oregon Fairs Commission’s ruling. He predicted it will be filed by the end of the week, “and I expect we will prevail,” Belmont said. The amount of the OFC grant was around $40,000.

This afternoon News Lincoln County was told by Oregon Fairs Commission chief John McCulley that the denial of funds stemmed from several deficiencies in the county’s report to the OFC. McCulley said there was no clear description or tracking of how state fair funds were specifically used in the running of the Lincoln County Fair. He added that the the county’s report did not accurately outline the number of observed exhibits, exhibitors or estimates of attendance by state fair staffers who toured the fair. McCulley also reported his staffers determined that participation by local residents as fair exhibitors was unacceptably low. County Counsel Wayne Belmont responded to McCulley’s assertions by repeating that the county’s report was properly prepared with valid information. But Belmont said that “references to whether there were enough local residents participating as exhibitors or whether state staffers could count attendees better than our own is totally outside the evaluation criteria specified in guidelines as to how reports are to be prepared. We stand behind our counts.”

McCulley did acknowledge that the Lincoln County Fair had been on a downhill slide for a number of years and that there were continuous disagreements among fair organizers that many claimed contributed to that decline. The old fair board was eventually disbanded, a blue ribbon committee was formed, and from that a new fair board was appointed by the county commission. But after all that was done, it was April, long past the point that plans for the 2010 Lincoln County Fair should have been in place, exhibitors booked, entertainment locked in and a carnival under contract. At the time, fair organizer Debra Jones said creating a county fair from the ground up was going to take a huge amount of work in a very short amount of time. But she promised that she and her Town and Country Fair and Rodeo Association, in partnership with Oregon State University Extension Office and 4-H, would do the best they could.

In the meantime, Jones tells News Lincoln County that she’s deep into preparing for next summer’s fair at the LC Fairgrounds in Newport. She says she has already booked a carnival as part of the list of attractions. Many fair-goers last summer expressed disappointment that there was no carnival. Jones said the decision to even have a fair came in early spring, so all carnival vendors were already booked for the season. But this year, she said, “Newport’s on the list, and we’ll have one!”

Jones said they have already booked another Bull-O-Rama event, motor sports competition and adds that the county’s 4-H Horse Fair will partially coincide with this summer’s fair. She says there are other entertainment events she’s working on along with recruiting many vendors and exhibitors.

But while Jones and her team continues to create the 2011 Lincoln County Fair, County Counsel Wayne Belmont is concerned about the $40,000 that the state is withholding. He told News Lincoln County that the money is vital to the success of the fair and that not having it could have a major impact on the future of any Lincoln County Fair program. He said again he expects to prevail on the county’s appeal. He said the appeal is first to the Director of the Department of Agriculture. From there it could go to court. But all that takes time. And time is precious when having to plan nearly a year ahead for an event like a county fair.