Pharmaceutical giant paying Oregon $1.4 million in settlement over alleged illegal promotion of “Seroquel”

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Mar 102011

Seroquel, anti-depressant

Provided by Oregon Attorney General’s Office
AstraZeneca will pay $1.4 million to Oregon under a multistate agreement that resolves unlawful marketing allegations

Attorney General John Kroger today announced a $68.5 million agreement with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP that settles allegations of illegal promotion of the antipsychotic drug Seroquel.

“Promoting drugs for illegal purposes undermines the public safety and trust in an already-broken health care system,” said Attorney General Kroger. “The resolution in this case should serve as a strong warning that we will not tolerate companies who attempt to mislead Oregon consumers.”

Oregon was among 37 states that participated in the three-year investigation into AstraZeneca’s alleged unlawful marketing scheme that promoted Seroquel for unapproved uses and specifically targeted vulnerable pediatric and geriatric populations. Specifically, AstraZeneca allegedly promoted the antipsychotic drug in nursing homes for treating Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, as well as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. Seroquel was not approved to treat those conditions at the time. Continue reading »

Oregon AG releases “Top 10” consumer complaints

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Mar 102011


The Department of Justice has improved its online business complaint search function and is making raw complaint data available to private sector software developers to create new applications

Oregon Attorney General John Kroger today recognized National Consumer Protection Week by announcing the Oregon Department of Justice’s Top 10 Consumer Complaint List for 2010.

“Scammers and crooked companies continue to target seniors, people who have lost their homes and other vulnerable Oregon consumers,” Attorney General Kroger said. “We will continue to aggressively pursue malefactors in and out of court.”

The Top 10 Consumer Complaints include telecommunications, international money transfer schemes, homeownership issues, collection agencies, financial institutions, motor vehicle sales, health products, internet retailers, telemarketers and construction contractors. Continue reading »

Big Creek Slide worsens. FEMA inspectors expected to approve emergency funds.

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Mar 102011

(Click image to play video)

As expected, the Big Creek Road slide between the Newport Swimming Pool and Big Creek Park has slid out some more. The second slide appears to be worse than the first, which occurred during heavy rains in mid-January.

City Public Works Director Lee Ritzman says the road provides back-up access to a number of homes in the Big Creek area, as well as to the city’s main water source and treatment plant. He said Federal Emergency Management Area inspectors were in town this week looking at this and other sites for which federal disaster funds have been requested to give cash-strapped cities and counties a hand at fixing what they can’t afford to do on their own. In this case, the fix is estimated to be at least $750,000. The city’s share would be around $185,000.

Ritzman says plans will be drawn up and a contractor hired to repair the slide. He said work on the road is not expected to begin for at least a few months.

Newport Intermediate splashed with ocean scenery!

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Mar 102011

Newport Intermediate School

Newport Intermediate to Celebrate, Dedicate Ocean Mural
Provided by Lincoln County School District

The walls at Newport Intermediate School/Isaac Newton Magnet School are awash with colorful images of ocean life in a mural conceived and created by the young students, thanks to a partnership between Let There Be Arts and the Lincoln County School District.

A Mural Dedication is planned for 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 15, at the school. Mo’s Restaurant has donated chowder as an appetizer for attendees.

Since 2000, Let There Be Arts has provided arts classes, support art clubs, materials and special guests artists for after school programs and in-school artists in residency programs, says Kaline Klaas, executive director of Let There Be Arts.
For the project at Newport Intermediate, art educator Linda Livingston from Depoe Bay and mural artist Krista Eddy of Lincoln City worked directly with the students. They nurtured the young artists’ vision while teaching important lessons in drawing, light and shadow, and more.

Every one of the approximate 500 students at the school was involved with the project. Parents helped during a wall primer painting party. LCSD School Board Chairman Ron Beck even joined in with a group of kids to add some detail to the mural.

The Sacred Art of Living & Dying

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Mar 102011

A Two-Day Workshop & Retreat Friday & Saturday, April 1-2, 2011 9:00AM — 6:00PM daily
Tuition: $350 includes Program Materials, Lunch & CEUs

Sacred Art of Living & Dying, Unit 1
“Understanding Spiritual Pain”
Atonement Lutheran Church— Lower Level
2315 N. Coast Hwy
Newport, OR

The Sacred Art of Living and Dying is a series of four highly-acclaimed workshops and retreats. Created by internationally acclaimed authors and teachers, Richard and Mary Groves, each program is a practical and inspirational learning experience for professional caregivers and the general public.

Unit 1 provides the foundational work to understanding Spiritual Pain. The Sacred Art of Living and Dying series is grounded in the rich history and story of the world’s great spiritual traditions as well as contemporary clinical research. Participants explore the universal patterns of spiritual suffering and time-tested ways to relieve them. Proven results include relief from physical and spiritual pain, depression, death anxiety and the voluntary reduction of analgesics for the chronically ill and at the end of life. Discover why thousands of participants evaluate The Sacred Art of Living and Dying as a profoundly transformational experience!

 Discover life-skills based on clinically-proven practices that address spiritual and emotional distress at life’s transition times including end-of-life.
 Learn from the remarkable history and cultural diversity of spiritual caregiving traditions, practices and rituals.
 Experience the implications of the ancient teaching, “We are the medicine” in terms of quan-tum science and the healing arts.

Register on the web at or call 1-888-383-4171
Questions about the Sacred Art of Living & Dying series?
Call us or e-mail us at
*Application for tuition scholarship assistance available*

Woman uninjured in midnight crash just north of Newport

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Mar 102011

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Emergency responders got the call right around midnight that a car had run off Highway 101 north of Newport near NE 40th. The car was buried in thick brush off the east side of the pavement.

Responders quickly removed her small dog while others began preparing the woman driver to be pulled out herself. Slowly she emerged, looking rather confused. She seemed to talk briefly with her rescuers who soon had her walking toward an ambulance for a trip to Pacific Communities Hospital. It did not appear that she was injured, but she seemed to be slightly shaken up or in a daze. She was examined at PCH and soonafter released. She was not DUII, according to officers. She was re-united with her dog and was taken home, but not before she was give a ticket for the accident.

Her car is believed to have been headed south on 101, crossed over the center line, went off the east side of the pavement, drove through a long line of blackberry bushes, coming to rest deep in the brush between several trees.

Thumbs up for Celtic Games at the Fairgrounds, but for Roller Sports, a half-hearted “maybe.”

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Mar 092011

The Lincoln County Fair Board Wednesday formally gave a tip of their hat and a swish of their kilts in approving a Celtic Highlands Games event at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds in June.

The three day event will be pipe and drummed into a long weekend of highlands games, a kilted fun run, celtic heritage parade, live music and dance, celtic arts and crafts displays, explorations into celtic family and genealogy and lots of fun games and authentic celtic as well as traditional outdoor American fare.

When the Fair Board voted their approval it did come with some provisos, namely that any R/V parking inside the fairgrounds themselves is reserved strictly for those who are also vendors who want to stay close to their wares. All R/V’s will have to be completely self-sufficient with respect to gas, and electric utilities. The fairgrounds doesn’t supply that sort of thing. Celtic game organizers will also have to ensure proper placement of sani-huts, provide the fairgrounds with a clear schematic how everything will be laid out, from vendor locations to activity centers, and comply with all fire codes.

The Celtic Highland Games run June 10, 11 and 12 at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds. For further info call 541-563-7337.

However, another group wanting access to the fairgrounds for their events ran into some big question marks from the Fair Board. A group wanting to establish roller sports learned that the fairgrounds’ ability to meet their needs for an indoor roller rink is a big unknown. Fair Board officials told roller sports promoter Rebecca Loiselle that either modifying an existing building or providing a new one with sufficient space is not the table yet. The proposal, of course would involved costly alterations or big dollars for new building, neither of which the Fair Board could commit to at this time. They told Loiselle that they hope she and her group will, none the less, maintain their interest in the fairgrounds. They told her that there are some tentative plans at the moment that could accommodate roller sports but not for another two to three years. Loiselle told the Fair Board she appreciated their honest assessment and hopes her group can be a part of whatever eventually transpires at the fairgrounds.

Newport man caught burglarizing car in Waldport according to deputies.

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Mar 092011

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies report a man who had gone inside the C&K Market in Waldport for a moment looked out the store window to see somebody going through his car. Deputies say he ran outside and with another witness took off running after the now-fleeing car burglar. They said they tackled him and held him to the ground until deputies could arrive.

Deputies arrested David Berry, 32 of Newport. They say Berry admitted that he removed property from the car, property that was later determined to be worth about $700. Berry was transported to the Lincoln County Jail where he was booked for illegal entry to a vehicle, theft and criminal mischief. Berry’s bail was set at $45,000.

Governor Kitzhaber signs bill into law that gives tax breaks for college tuition and businesses for new equipment

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Mar 092011

Although revenue forecasts continue to look bleak for local and state government, bills continue to move through the legislature that are giving further tax breaks. But at least one of them helps families with sons and daughters away at college.

The story is in the Portland Oregonian. Click here