Newport’s Fireworks Show!

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Jul 052011

[stream provider=video base=x:/ flv=newportfireworks.360p.flv img=newportfireworks.jpg hd=newportfireworks.720p.flv mp4=newportfireworks.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=560 height=315 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

Here’s a quik look at Monday’s fireworks show which emanated from an area just east of the old terminal on the far east end of Newport. Have fun!

The 15th annual Yachats La De Da Parade has passed into the annals of history…

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Jul 042011

[stream provider=video base=x:/ flv=ladeda.360p.flv img=ladedaff.jpg hd=ladeda.720p.flv mp4=ladeda.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=560 height=315 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

In Yachats on this Fourth of July, Yachats parade watchers and parade participants reviewed and re-sanctified their sense of mirth and merriment including some flirtations with the politics of invasive species, proper pest management, glorifying the community’s budding hiking trail system, proper government and human rights and walking with tall “height amplifiers” that makes oneself over ten feet tall.

It’s all in the video, for your enjoyment. Watch closely. There is a little big of Yachats in every “entry,” even among those who feature no more than their dogs giving truth to the claim that animals are frequently more interesting than their owners. Enjoy.

Nine year old Portland girl drowns in surf at Lookout State Park in Tillamook County

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Jul 042011

Tillamook Photos
Lookout State Park, Tillamook County
Photo Courtesy Trip Advisor

Provided by Oregon State Police


Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers, with the assistance of the Tillamook County Medical Examiner, are completing the investigation into the drowning death Monday morning of a 9-year old southeast Portland girl in the ocean surf at Cape Lookout State Park. The girl’s name will be released Tuesday morning to allow family additional time to complete any needed next of kin notifications.

According to OSP Sergeant Greg Plummer, on July 4, 2011 at approximately 10:30 a.m. the victim was part of a large family gathering at Cape Lookout State Park. She was playing in the surf on a flotation toy, described as a large inflatable whale, with three other juvenile-age children when a wave swept it out from underneath them. As the children were returning to shore a second wave hit them, taking the victim under water.

Several minutes later, nearby family members found the girl and pulled her from the surf. She was unconscious and not breathing. Two State Parks rangers arrived and started CPR before law enforcement officers and emergency medical services (EMS) got to the scene. They were relieved by EMS and she was transported by Tillamook Ambulance to Tillamook County General Hospital where she was pronounced deceased at 12:15 p.m.

The other children made it back to shore. Their ages are not available.

Five teens get real lucky on gravel road above Moonshine Park

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Jul 042011

Above Moonshine Park, Sunday
Click to enlarge photos

Five teens in a yellow Jeep are all lucky to be alive tonight. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies say that the Jeep, driven by a teen girl, was speeding northbound on the Gorge gravel road about a quarter mile north of the Moonshine Park turn-off. Deputies say the young driver lost control of the jeep. It went into a slide, and began flipping until it landed on its top on the opposite side of the road, facing the opposite way. Three teens were ejected leading deputies to suspect that they, at least, were not wearing their seat belts.

Although a medical airlift helicopter was summoned to the scene, arriving law enforcement and medics found that although they were banged up pretty well, the teens didn’t need a ride to a trauma center in Corvallis or Portland. Four out of the five teens were taken by ground ambulance to PCH in Newport for an evaluation and to ascertain treatment for their injuries. Deputies said there was no evidence of alcohol.

No names yet released but a deputy said they all appeared to be from the Toledo area.

Manhunt still on for man who abducted woman, held hotel workers at knifepoint in Lincoln City

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Jul 042011


Late Monday: Police now thinking the Wecoma and Tanger incidents may NOT be releated.

A law enforcement manhunt was still underway Sunday for a man who is suspected of holding two Lincoln city Wecoma Inn employees at knife-point Saturday afternoon and ‘possibly’ later carjacking a young Portland woman, also at knife-point, near her vehicle. She eventually escaped but was slashed in the process of fleeing the car. Her wounds were minor.

Lincoln City Police say it was at 3:10pm when a man threatened two Wecoma Inn employees with a knife and ordered them into a room. They were unharmed. He then left the building.

Then a short while later, just down 101 a short ways, a man with a knife threatened a Portland woman and her friend with a knife and ordered the woman to drive them away from the Tanger Outlet’s parking garage. The friend, who retreated, called 9-1-1 and the hunt was on for the young woman who was by then eastbound on Devil’s Lake Road with a man holding a knife on her.

Police say that the two drove out Hill Road where for some reason the car stopped, the woman opened her door and jumped out, but not before she was slashed by her kidnapper. Her wound was not serious, according to police. Police say the woman dove through a barbed wire fence and ran across an open field to a residence where she was able to call 9-1-1. When police arrived on scene her assailant was gone. Her Volvo was still right where it was parked. A search by Lincoln City Police, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies, and Oregon State Police produced no sign of the man.

The suspect is a tall white male, average build with short reddish hair, last seen wearing jean shorts, a light colored shirt and carrying a white sweatshirt. The suspect was said to have bad teeth with several missing upper front teeth. The descriptions given by the carjacked woman and the two Wecoma Inn employees are very close. But as police further questioned the two employees at the Wecoma Inn, police now are beginning to think that the two incidents may not be related after all.

Police say they don’t know what kind of person they’re dealing with, whether it’s someone on meth or someone simply off their meds, or what. All they care about is that they find the guy and take him off the street. Police say the silver lining in all of this is that the carjacked woman was brave enough to do what was necessary to get away when she saw the opportunity. So many other similar incidents don’t end so fortuitously for the victim. Anyone with any information, or think they may have seen the suspect to call Lincoln City Police at 541-884-3636.

July 4th weekend momentum builds in Waldport. Fireworks on the “3rd.”

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Jul 042011

[stream provider=video base=x:/ flv=waldportfireworks.360p.flv img=waldportfireworksff.jpg hd=waldportfireworks.720p.flv mp4=waldportfireworks.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=560 height=315 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

Waldport threw a beach party Sunday night as huge crowds oo’d and ah’d for a half hour as fireworks launchers on the west side of Alsea Bay peppered the calm evening skies with gala displays of fireworks. Here’s the full “she-BANG!”

Swimmer stranded on rock off Spanish Head near Ester Lee Motel, off SW Anchor Street, Lincoln City

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Jul 032011

Lincoln City

One person is stranded on a rock off shore from the Ester Lee Motel, just off Highway 101 in Lincoln City. A surf rescue operation is underway by North Lincoln Fire/Rescue. One victim is on the beach. He escaped what may have been a rip tide. The other person is stranded on the rock with high waves pounding the rock.

Rescue swimmers are getting their suits on to go after the stranded swimmer. It’s at the peak of high tide so time is of the essence.

Three rescue swimmers are in the water headed for the rock.

One rescue swimmer has reached the rock. Total of six rescue swimmers now in the water.

Victim has been given life jacket. Now with swimmers, coming back toward the beach.

Victim safely on beach. Being evaluated. Coast Guard helicopter cancelled.

Victim being transported from beach.

Both victims claim they don’t need medical attention. Fire/Rescue units clearing.

Fire alarm at Newport’s Fred Meyer

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Jul 032011

Newport fire units are enroute to Fred Meyer’s at 101 and 20th for a fire alarm. Location pinpointed is a water flow alarm at “food riser #3.”

Fire units handled. Apparently no fire.

What Oregon lawmakers did, didn’t get around to doing, or consciously failed to do…

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Jul 032011

Oregon lawmakers adjourned the legislature last week with a list of accomplishments, near accomplishments, and outright flops. Here’s a list of some of what they did accomplish without federal stimulus money and without over-committing the state’s precious reserves. The story is in the Statesman Journal. Click here.

One legislative orphan left to die on the Capitol steps was House Bill 2009 which was the product of endless meetings on how best to gauge the health of Oregon’s near shore ocean. Supporters of the bill said the establishment of marine reserves, with either outright bans on human activity or near to it, is necessary to devise a near-shore regulatory framework to keep our coast waters healthy. Marine reserve supporters say there is research that proves that human activity is having a harmful effect on the health of oceans and along the Oregon coast. Opponents, however, vociferously contended that there has already been enough research on Oregon’s territorial waters to challenge those broad contentions. Their opposition to the establishment of marine reserves was muted, however, due to a not-so-veiled threat by environmental protection groups to launch a statewide voter initiative to mandate the reserves despite the reluctance of the legislature. House Bill 2009 never did come up for an up or down vote.

Some point to the fact that House Co-Speaker Arnie Robian is from Coos Bay whose community involvement with the marine reserves process has been somewhat contentious. The Port of Coos Bay, especially, has demanded that any legislation authorizing marine reserves carry with it “economic mitigation” for any commercial fishermen who are kicked off their traditional fishing waters for the sake of ocean research as well as for any lost jobs at Coos Bay area’s three major fish processing facilities. The port’s demand that the state compensate for such lost fishing related income was met with less than open arms in Salem.

A spokesman for Governor Kitzhaber’s office told that the governor is keenly aware of the political and environmental stakes and will work with all those involved to develop a way forward on the issue while plans are made to develop another attempt at legislative review. Funds for implementing part of the targeted marine reserves program are found in the state’s environmental protection and anti-pollution agencies. It remains to be seen how the environmental groups react to the governor’s efforts. If they’re judged insufficient, a statewide “Save Our Ocean” campaign could kick off with a voter signature collection campaign that would put the marine reserves issue on the ballot. Most political observers and pundits predict it would overwhelmingly be approved mainly on the strength of voters in the Eugene and Portland areas.