Albany man busted for drugs, endangering children.

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Aug 192010

Craig Snyder, 32, Albany

An Albany man was arrested this week on multiple charges after he was involved in a traffic accident near Yachats. Lincoln County deputies say that Craig Snyder, 32, of Albany was driving along 101 when the accident occurred. They say when they pulled up they noticed that Snyder was in possession of meth and that his girlfriend, Aleesha Wells, 27, of Albany had meth visible in her purse. In the back seat were four young children. None were hurt.

Deputies say they arrested Snyder on an outstanding warrant, possession of meth, and endangering the welfare of the four children. He was transported to the Lincoln County Jail where he’s being held in lieu of $77,500. Wells was cited at the scene but not arrested. Her children were turned over to relatives.

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Stranded beachgoer below Worldmark Depoe Bay

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Aug 192010

The Coast Guard and Depoe Bay Fire/Rescue are enroute to a report of a man on the beach or rocks, directly below Worldmark Resort, Depoe Bay.

They say they reporting party is watching the man through her binoculars and cannot tell if the man might have slid down the cliff to get to the water’s edge or if he crawled down. Authorities are not taking any chances. They will ascertain if the man has a viable exit route to dry land. If not he’ll likely be evacuated.

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Friday another “unpaid holiday” for most state offices.

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Aug 192010

Friday, August 20th, is another unpaid holiday for over 26,000 state workers. Friday is the 6th of 10 work furlough days that are helping the state reduce the ocean of red ink that none the less seems to rise by the day. Most state agencies will be closed except for law enforcement and state prisons. No DMV services will be available on Friday. Offices open per normal on Monday.

Reports say that for every statewide furlough day, it saves the state treasury two million dollars. So the total savings throughout the two year run is $20 million. It’s estimated that the state budget is now somewhere around one billion dollars, which is 1,000 million. So the work furlough days saving $20 million looks like a tiny drop in the bucket.

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How to live better despite a chronic medical condition.

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Aug 192010

Only two more Living Well with Chronic Conditions classes will be offered between now and the end of 2010. Lincoln County Health and Human Services announces that classes will benefit individuals living with a chronic or ongoing health condition and those individuals who care for others living with chronic conditions.

“Living Well with Chronic Conditions” is a six-week series of classes aimed to empower those who live with a chronic disease or ongoing illness. Two workshop series have been scheduled: Gleneden Beach on Friday mornings at the Unity by the Sea Church beginning Friday, September 3 through October 8, 9:30 am – 12:00 noon for six weeks. Classes will be held Tuesday evenings in Newport at Atonement Lutheran Church, beginning September 7th every Tuesday for six weeks, from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Continue reading »

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Runaway chip truck takes out two cars. Fortunately injuries were minor in the Wednesday afternoon crash.

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Aug 192010

Miraculously, no fatalities.

As you can see, it could have been a lot worse than minor injuries between the three vehicles in the picture series. Oregon State Police say a chip truck driver headed north on Highway 101 near Florence began fish-tailing his rig on some tight curves. Eventually he lost control of his rig and it went over onto its side, slid across the southbound lane and into a scenic pullout where two cars were parked, it’s occupants admiring the view.

For the black car, the view changed dramatically as the truck’s trailer lifted the car onto its side, tilting it to a 45 degree angle, dangling over the side. The trailer continued a bit farther and struck another vehicle. When all vehicles came to a stop, the OSP says truck driver Daniel Vader, 29, jumped out and immediately began helping the driver of the black car out of her vehicle. She was identified as a 19 year old Swiss tourist. She was not injured.

Occupants of the gray car, Travis Wilson and his pregnant wife Sarah, were treated at the scene by responding fire paramedics. Both were were transported to Peace Harbor Hospital in Florence where both were examined and later released.

No word was immediately released on what the OSP thinks caused Vader to lose control of his chip truck.

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Toledo public works scrambles to fix major sewer line failure.

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Aug 182010

Toledo Sewer Plant springs a big leak.

The Toledo City Council has been warning town residents for months that the town’s water and sewer systems have been living on borrowed time. This week some of the borrowing stopped as a sewer main feeding the town’s treatment plant off Butler Bridge Road failed. It sent raw sewage coming out of a hole in the side of the hill, inside the plant’s fenced area. City Public Works Director Adam Denlinger said they stopped the leak in time before it could become a major problem. But the bigger problem now is to fix it.

Denlinger said the city has hired a contractor to install a new 400 foot line from Butler Bridge Road to the plant. The contractor will have to bore what amounts to a “pipe tunnel” under the railroad tracks and the road. The “micro-boring” device will pull replacement pipe directly behind it all the way to the plant. Denlinger says the cost will probably run $20,000 to $50,000. The city’s sewer system emergency fund will have to be tapped. If the fund doesn’t have enough in it, other city reserves may have to be tapped as well. Continue reading »

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Government veteran Ralph Grutzmacher appointed new Toledo City Councilor

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Aug 182010

(Click image to play video)

Brief video statement about his approach to being a city councilor

Retired legal official Ralph Grutzmacher was unanimously appointed by the Toledo City Council Wednesday night to fill the unexpired term of Mary Young who left her seat when she moved outside the city.

Grutzmacher attended the Naval Academy and served many years in the U.S. Navy before launching a second career as a “legislative counsel” for a large county in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. Grutzmacher told the city council during his interview that he and his wife deliberately picked Toledo out of all other communities in Oregon to retire in. He said when the flower baskets went up in the downtown, “that was it. My wife and I decided on Toledo.” Continue reading »

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How should Seaport Air better promote itself?

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Aug 182010

Newport’s Airline Sustainability Committee Wednesday seemed to agree that Seaport Air must concentrate more on promoting itself along the Oregon Coast than just through it’s inflight magazines and minor print and low budget internet display advertising. Committee members said if Seaport is to have a successful airline after the state subsidies run out next March 15th, it’ll have to find better ways to let Lincoln County residents know the service exists and that it’s a worthwhile service.

A marketing consultant to Newport suggested that Seaport has not been taking it’s marketing responsibilities seriously enough to generate enough interest among Lincoln County residents and business people to fly on it. He suggested that Newport solicit other airlines to come in an provide airline service. That comment drew swift responses from several members that original bidders on the service, like Cape Air, has already indicated that they are not interested in supplying air service due to the condition of the U.S. economy which is not expected to substantially improve for several years. Others said they have been told “you’re lucky to have Seaport. Stay with them.” Continue reading »

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Mayor Bill Bain stepping down as mayor – wants to be a City Councilor again.

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Aug 182010

Mayor Bill Bain, now City Councilor candidate

Newport Mayor Bill Bain has formally filed to become a city councilor (again) after five years as mayor. Bain told News Lincoln County that there are two excellent candidates who have filed for mayor and that he feels re-applying to the voters to be a city councilor is a good move. Bain was asked whether the episode over the shredding of City Councilor’s Mark McConnell’s evaluation of City Manager Jim Voetberg had anything to do with his decision, Bain said simply “No.” Continue reading »

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Schools are back in session September 7th. Beware!

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Aug 182010

Newport Police and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office wants everyone to be aware that our children return to school September 7th. And that means school zones will be re-activated now that Summer is drawing to a close (did we even have a Summer??).

School zones are marked by signage indicating a 20 mph speed limit. Some crosswalks that carry a substantial number of children can also be designated a 20 mph speed limit area.

So be very aware of school zones and the speed limits. Local police and sheriff’s deputies will be using their radars to enforce those speed limits. Those who get a ticket will find that they can put a very large hole in any checkbook.

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