Newport City Council taking up “Ban the Bag” on Monday, and a number of other issues

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Nov 042011

Newport City Hall

Newport City Councilors will re-examine the way they appeared to be headed for banning single-use plastic shopping bags within the Newport City limits. City councilors have been approached by a number of city residents questioning the apparent rapidity of which the prohibition was being formed and put into city law. City Manager Jim Voetberg has informed the council that the process for possible approval of such a ban will run through early March with plenty of opportunities along the way for public input.

The council will also be reviewing city policies on the use of pesticide and herbicide use on city parks and public rights of way. The proposed policy basically says that such use will be rare, but justifiable if no other practical alternative can be employed.

The council will also get updates on storm drain work, construction on the new city water treatment plant and other issues. The council meets Monday evening, 6pm at city hall.

State Troopers seeking public’s help in tracking down elk poacher(s)

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Nov 042011

Burnt Woods

Photo and Information provided by Oregon State Police

Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish & Wildlife Division are asking for the public’s help to identify the suspect(s) responsible for the illegal killing and waste of a bull elk in east Lincoln County. A reward of $500 is being offered with contributions from the Oregon Hunters Association.

According to Senior Trooper Ryan Kehr, on the morning of November 3rd, 2011 a hunter found the remains of a 5-point bull elk on the Starker Forest Stutz Tree Farm in the Burnt Woods area off of Burnt Woods Harlan Road near Shotpouch Road. Initial investigation reveals the bull elk was killed the previous evening.

Kehr said the elk was shot and left to waste. The meat had spoiled and the animal was not salvageable.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to call the Turn-In-Poacher TIP line at 800-452-7888, or Senior Trooper Kehr at (541) 270-0097.

Important Newport meeting coming up on Oregon’s evolving approach to health care

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Nov 032011

Lincoln County residents asked to SPEAK UP!
Provided by Joanne Cvar, Progressives Coalition

Health care is a worry for everyone, whether it is a matter of life or death or a political hot potato. And the way health care is delivered in Oregon is about to change. Local residents will have a chance on November 9 to tell the state how they would like health care to be managed in our area under Oregon’s new health care reform plan.

A coalition of local citizens and providers is sponsoring a community Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 9, from 6 to 8 p.m., to present the state’s proposals, to get answers from key partners in local health care and to solicit public comments.

The meeting will be in the Newport High School library, 322 NE Eads Street. The Lincoln County Transit District will provide free bus service within Newport (call 541-265-4900 to make arrangements. For carpool information in the Lincoln City area, call 541-764-3276. For car pool information in South County call 541-547-5171. Child care will be provided and healthful snacks will be available for all attendees.

Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall will facilitate the discussion, and a panel of local providers and advocates for persons with disabilities, proponents of “single payer” universal health insurance, major local health care providers, and county and state agencies will be present to discuss the current situation and answer questions from the audience. Mike Bonetto, Governor Kitzhaber’s Health Policy Adviser, will also be present to discuss our concerns.
For more information on the Lincoln County meeting, contact Joanne Cvar at 541- 563- 3615

Contact: Joanne Cvar 541 563 3615
Betty Johnson 541-752-3207
Chandler Davis 541-272-4615

Major sea wave energy development company scaling back operations off Oregon Coast?

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Nov 032011

Aquamarine’s latest wave energy generator

November 4: See Update below

Scotland-based Aquamarine Company has issued a news release that may signal that push is coming to shove as Oregon continues its investigations into how many offshore ocean wave energy devices it may allow to be placed out there, where and under what conditions. In a letter to the news media, local outreach coordinator for Aquamarine Theresa Wisner said her company’s efforts to set up a wave energy testing site have been slowed by the state’s pursuit of it’s Territorial Sea Plan. Those conducting that plan have been taking considerable public testimony on wave energy potential off the Oregon Coast, some of it somewhat critical of the wave energy industry as it might complicate human access to recreation activities, wildlife habitat and whale migration issues. Testimony has also been recorded by those who are anxious to realize the local economic development potential of the emerging international wave energy industry.

In her letter, Wisner said, “In order to allow (Oregon’s) Territorial Sea Plan to conclude its work before Aquamarine Power continues its site selection process in Oregon, the company will be reducing activities in the State for the near future.” Wisner goes on to say that Aquamarine will still be maintaining its interest in Oregon as their own Aquamarine Sea Plan process continues.

Update: Oregon Coastal Zone Management Agency’s Onno Husing said that he notes that Aquamarine has been clear that they are still interested in pursuing their investigation of suitable wave energy sites. He said Oregon’s Territorial Sea Plan is in the home stretch of being completed. He said the planning process has been fairly lengthy but that it’s important to do a thorough job of assessing ocean resources along the Oregon Coast so that when financial investments are made that they’re made with the best knowledge of regulatory conditions that exist, or may exist in the near future. Husing said he expects Aquamarine to continue to be a significant participant in Oregon’s emerging wave energy research and production industry.

In a recent post to Aquamarine’s website, the company announced the receipt of grants from the state to ascertain wave energy potential along the Oregon Coast:

We are currently exploring the potential to site a small number of Oyster wave energy devices off the west coast of the USA.

Our US team is based in Newport, Oregon. Our team has been reaching out to local communities along the west coast, along with other key stakeholders and state agencies, to seek views on suitable locations to site a small number of Oyster wave energy devices. We have been particularly focusing our research on Oregon because of its extensive wave resource.

In August 2011 we were awarded a $100,000 matching grant by the Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) to gather data on the wave energy potential of the sea along Oregon’s coast.

The grant is for Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) installation. The ADCPs will measure the wave energy resource at a number of points along the Oregon coast. This is an essential first step in finding areas suitable for wave power projects.

Our goal is to find a potential location for the installation of a demonstration array of three Oyster wave energy devices which we aim to install by 2016. We will match OWET’s grant with $100,000 of our own funds.

This follows the award of a $50,000 matching feasibility grant to Aquamarine Power USA by OWET in November 2010.

A troubling story from Newport Police

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Nov 032011

Newport Police report that at two o’clock in the morning a Newport Police officer spotted a physical confrontation between Newport resident Tyler Allen and another man near a lounge at the west end of Bay Blvd. A third person waved the officer over and started talking to him about it. According to police reports the officer got out of his car and walked toward Allen and asked him some questions. The officer reported that Allen was uncooperative. The officer radioed for back-up from other officers and resumed talking with Allen in an attempt to ascertain if a crime had occurred.

Police say while other officers were enroute, Allen became aggressive toward the officer and used physical force against him, causing both to fall to the ground. While other officers were converging on the scene, they said they saw a crowd of about 30 people rush toward Allen and the officer, as well as toward the arriving officers. Some in the crowd demanded that Allen be released and yelled anti-police epithets. Police say the arriving officers became concerned for their own safety and so drew their guns on the crowd and ordered them to back up. They say most of the crowd complied. However, a few continued to make anti-police remarks.

Meanwhile, Allen was arrested and taken into custody and transported to the county jail on charges of Disorderly Conduct. No other arrests were mentioned in the police release.

Newport Police Lt. Jason Malloy reminds the community to not become personally involved with police actions during an investigation or an arrest. Lt. Malloy said if anyone has a concern about police incidents they are encouraged to contact the Newport Police Department and meet with a police supervisor to express their concern. Anyone with any information in connection with the above incident is asked to contact Sergeant Ken Real at the Newport Police Department at 541-574-3348.

“They’re beginning to quilt a lot like Christmas….”

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Nov 032011

LCHS Photo
“Christmas Rose-Stars” by quilter Jean Amundson


“Christmas Rose-Stars,” a quilt by Jean Amundson, is on display now through January at the Log Cabin Museum of the Lincoln County Historical Society. The quilt was started in 2000 at a workshop by noted quilter Arlene Stamper. It was finished in 2003. Amundson used her home machine to do the quilting on the all-cotton piece.

Amundson is a member of the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild and served as president from 2009-2010. She was the featured quilter at this year’s Quilts by the Sea event sponsored by the Guild. A quilter since 1997, she has finished more than 300 quilted items.\

A changing display at the Log Cabin Museum features historic or notable quilts. Quilts constructed prior to 1960 are documented by the Quilt Heritage Project of Lincoln County, which is sponsored by the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild in partnership with the Lincoln County Historical Society.

The goals of the Quilt Heritage Project are to register all quilts made in or brought to Lincoln County; create a photo archive of quilts with the Lincoln County Historical Society; encourage proper care and storage of heirloom textiles; encourage families to enjoy and retain these special heirloom textiles; and heighten public awareness of quilts as unique pieces of American folk art, especially Oregon folk art.

The Lincoln County Historical Society/Oregon Coast History Center, which includes the Burrows House and Log Cabin museums, is located at 545 SW Ninth Street in Newport. The museums are free and open to the public.

Siletz Tribe Council Meeting – Location Change!

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Nov 032011

The November 5th meeting of the Siletz Tribal Council has been changed to a new location.  It will be held at Chinook Winds, at the Golf Course Banquet Room, at 3245 Clubhouse Drive, Lincoln City.  Meeting date November 5th.  Meeting time is 1pm.


Posted by Natasha Kavanaugh, Public Information Assistant

Affordable Fashion Show & High Tea for RSVP

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Nov 032011


RSVP, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program is holding an affordable fashions show and high tea on Sunday November 13th from 2-4pm at Oceanview Senior Living Center. The event will feature delectable treats from the wonderful chef at Oceanview featuring Petit fours, hor’deovurs, tea, a boutique and fashion show.

This is a great opportunity to view fashions for the entire family that are affordable from Lincoln County’s consignment and thrift shops including the Pick of the Litter, The Salvation Army, My Girlfriend’s Closet, New 4 You and Rags to Riches. Local area models will show off the best these stores have to offer along with a great boutique where you can purchase a variety of accessory items. Tickets are $10 with a limited number available.

Proceeds will help RSVP with all of the services they provide for seniors including the grab bar program, friendly visitor, Sheeba medicare benefits counseling and mileage reimbursements for senior volunteers. Tickets are available at any of the participating stores and the Newport Bay Candle Company and Oceanview Senior Living Center.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors: the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport Bay Candle Company, Oceanview Senior Living Center and all of the participating stores, Pick of the Litter, The Salvation Army, My Girlfriend’s Closet, New 4 You and Rags to Riches.

For more information call 541-574-2684.

Federal judge upholds rules protecting salmon streams from forestry spraying

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Nov 022011

A federal judge has ruled that forest pesticide and herbicide spraying controls will remain in place despite Dow Chemicals contentions that the chemicals don’t harm fish. Testimony during the hearing contradicted that claim among other information that argued for having wide buffers between spray areas and nearby rivers and streams.

The story is in the Oregonian. Click here.

Long festering lawsuit filed by fired LC Sheriff’s deputy changes course. Possibly headed for a trial.

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Nov 022011

A former Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy, fired for alleged misconduct over an incident at a local casino, has apparently changed legal tactics in his lawsuit against the county and specific individuals. It all began when the then-deputy found money on the casino floor and….

The update is in the News-Guard: Click here.