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Fishing Vessel runs aground off Grays Harbor – Crew safe

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Jul 312011

U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Coast Guard Sector Columbia River in Warrenton received a report at 4 am from the crew of the 40-foot F/V Miss Elora that two people were on board and that the vessel ran aground just off shore. The Coast Guard launched an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Astoria, Ore., and a 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew from Station Gray’s Harbor.

The response crews were called off after the two fisherman were able to make it ashore safely in a dinghy. The vessel eventually became beached at Westhaven State Park Beach, near the mouth of Gray’s Harbor.

The Coast Guard and Department of Ecology began working with contractors to have the diesel fuel removed from the vessel, but the vessel’s rapid deterioration by the heavy surf made it impossible.

No word on what caused the chain of events that ended on the beach.

The vessel owner was able to recover approximately 100 gallons of diesel; however, approximately 250 gallons of diesel were leaked into the water and have been deemed unrecoverable due to the heavy surf conditions.

The Washington State Parks Department is currently working with the vessel owner to recover the debris on the beach.

The news media continues to crank out stories on a horrific killer, Chris Longo.

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Jul 312011

As a documentary drama continues to be created in a faraway East Coast video editing room, the still unfolding story of Christian Longo lingers on in the front pages of Oregon newspapers and other media outlets. One quote in the following story stands out among all others in this update from the Eugene Register Guard. Click here.

Pick up in South Beach driveway burns after resident hears “a pop!”

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Jul 312011

[stream provider=video base=x:/ flv=sbfire.360p.flv img=sbfire-ff.jpg hd=sbfire.720p.flv mp4=sbfire.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=560 height=315 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

A Ford pick-up in the driveway at 226 SW 29th in South Beach gave off a loud “pop” sound Sunday afternoon which prompted the resident to come outside to discover the vehicle in flames. Neighbors used fire extinguishers and another manned a hose trying to put the fire out and to prevent it from catching an adjacent building on fire.

But the fire burned too quickly and too hot to prevent it from destroying the vehicle. Firefighters say the damage was so absolute, trying to trace the fire back to a source spot was impossible.

President Obama: “We have a deal…”

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Jul 312011

President Barack Obama

President Obama told reporters at the White House this afternoon that the long congressional nightmare playing out over the nation’s debt ceiling appears nearly over. “We have a deal…” Obama announced. CNN has the story. Click here.

OSP trying to track down stabbing suspect

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Jul 312011

Scott Brandon, 26

Oregon State Police (OSP) is asking for the public’s help in locating a suspect wanted in connection with a Saturday morning stabbing at a remote camping site in Clatsop County. The victim is in serious condition with a non-life threatening abdomen wound.

Saturday morning the suspect, SCOTT ROBERT BRANDON, age 26, from southwest Portland, and the victim were part of a large group of about 50 people camping off Wolf Creek Road about five miles north of Highway 26 in Clatsop County. The suspect and 30-year old victim became involved in a verbal argument during which the suspect allegedly sprayed the victim’s face with a chemical agent similar to mace. As the victim tried to defend himself, the suspect stabbed the victim once in the abdomen with a knife described as a bayonet. Others present at the scene overpowered the suspect and disarmed him. The suspect then fled on foot into the woods. Two people transported the victim to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Beaverton.

OSP Patrol and Fish & Wildlife troopers and Clatsop County deputies accompanied OSP Criminal Investigation Services Division detectives to the camping area that evening. An area search failed to locate BRANDON.

BRANDON is described as a white male, 5’9″, 150 lbs, with dark hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing black clothes. Anyone with any idea where Brandon may be should call the OSP Northern Command Center at 800-452-7888.

Big fire inside Highway 58/Oakridge tunnel. All escape with their lives.

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Jul 312011

Highway 58 Tunnel, east of Oakridge, Sunday
OSP Photos

OSP, local fire departments and ODOT personnel responded Sunday night to a multiple motor vehicle fire on Highway 58 east of Oakridge at the tunnel’s east side. Upon arrival it was learned that four vehicles were burning but all occupants were out of their vehicles.

Preliminary investigation indicates a 1983 Cruiseaier motor home towing a Volkswagen Bug was being driven by RICKY SIKEL,58, Centrailia, Washington eastbound when the motor home’s engine overheated. As it lost power and started to smoke, SIKEL brought it to a stop inside the tunnel just before it exited the east end.

Due to heavy smoke and limited visibility, a 1996 Ford van towing a small boat trailer driven by THOMAS HUNN, 67, Dexter, hit the rear of the Volkswagen and rolled onto its side. Shortly after this collision, an eastbound 1993 Chevrolet Suburban hit the boat trailer. Occupants of the involved vehicles escaped before the motor home, Volkswagen, and van were engulfed in flames.

Highway 58 was completely blocked and the fire burned for approximately one hour before it was extinguished by fire personnel from Oakridge Fire Department.

The motor home was occupied by four adults, one juvenile, and two small dogs. The Ford van had two occupants. Information on the occupants in the Chevrolet Suburban is pending, but troopers did confirm two occupants, including a juvenile, were transported to a Lane County area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

After the mass of burned and twisted metal was removed and the roadway cleaned up, a structural examination of the tunnel was made by ODOT engineers. After the examination, the tunnel was re-opened to traffic at 9 am this morning.

An invitation to Central Coast businesses!

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Jul 302011

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Newport Police: Tough day with drunks.

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Jul 302011

Click on pictures to enlarge

Newport Police had a bad day Saturday with some highly intoxicated drunk and disorderly people at the US Market, corner of 15th and 101. Police managed to disperse the first group, then were called back with two separate incidents, one with a very drunk male at the market, and another very belligerent drunk male at a nearby restaurant. In the first two pictures the man was led away from the market after fighting with a police sergeant who said he took the man down very quickly when the man went for a long bladed knife. The hood was to stop the man’s blood from touching anyone or his saliva from reaching anyone’s eyes. Shane Robertson, 25, a transient, was arrested and taken to jail. In the final picture, a drunk is handcuffed in the backseat of a patrol car screaming loudly for somebody to call the FBI and investigate. He was earlier thrown out of a nearby restaurant after becoming argumentative over not being given free coffee.
He too was taken to jail.

Rep. Schrader votes no on Boehner debt ceiling bill.

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Jul 302011

Blue Dog Democrat Rep. Kurt Schrader voted “no” on House Speaker John Boehner’s debt ceiling bill that contained a demand for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Schrader called Boehner’s bill “a charade…”

The story is from the Oregonian. Click here.

A Pox on Democrats, Republicans and the “big” News Media

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Jul 302011

We’re all struggling to find a clear, understandable perspective on what’s really happening in Washington. How much is drama, how much is honest and sincere debate focusing on one’s true love of country, state and community. This article insightfully bores down into those critical questions.

Click here.