McArthur II joins four other NOAA ships at South Beach

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Nov 052011

McArthur II (top), NOAA photo
NOAA Ships at South Beach (middle)
McArthur II (bottom) Brad Taylor photos

There are now FIVE large NOAA research vessels tied up at NOAA’s Marine Operations Center-Pacific docks at South Beach. The McArthur II pulled in today and tied up at the west end of the docks, behind the other four which include the Rainier, Fairweather, Bell M. Shimada, and Oscar Dyson. The McArthur II is a converted U.S. Navy surveillance ship that was re-outfitted in 2002 for NOAA purposes, transforming it into an inter-disciplinary, multi-platform reseach vessel.

American Red Cross Blood Drives

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Nov 052011

11/8 Siletz Tribal Clinic, 200 Gwee Shut Road, Siletz, 10-3pm, 541-444-1030
11/9 American Legion Hall, 424 W. Olive, Newport, 1:30-6:30pm, 541-265-9017
11/10 Georgia Pacific, 1400 SE Butler Bridge Road, Toledo, 11-4pm, 541-336-8364
11/16 Newport High School, 322 NE Eads, Newport, 9-2pm, 541-265-9281

For more info: 800-448-3543
To schedule an appointment to donate at the above locations call 800-733-2767.

Benefit for Stephanie VanDamme: November 17 at Surftides

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Nov 052011

The VanDamme Family: front Corey and Kyle; middle Casey, Stephanie, Kody; back Jeremy.

“Girls Night Out,” a benefit for cancer victim Stephanie VanDamme, will be held Thursday, Nov. 17 from 5 to 8 p.m. in the Mist Banquet Room of Surftides Resort in Lincoln City. The benefit will feature hors d’oeuvres, local desserts, no-host bar, music, a raffle and lots of silent auction merchandise. All silent auction merchandise is available to the public for viewing and bidding from 1 p.m. until it closes at the event.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. However, only about 50 tickets remain. They are available by calling Karen at 541-994-2396, Jacque at 541-994-3734, or can be purchased at North Lincoln Sanitary and Sizzor Handz.

The community has been very generous for the silent auction, and the organizers of the benefit can’t thank them enough. Items include: many beachfront motel rooms, dinner certificates, good bottles of wine, space heater, quilts, blown glass, doggy basket, cat basket, spa certificates, orthodontist certificate, pizzas, subway sandwich certificates, veterinarian certificate, and numerous more! There really is something for everyone.

All proceeds go towards medical costs, which have reached $30,000 beyond what insurance has covered during the past 18 months. In May of 2010 Stephanie was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer with metastic liver cancer. On June 4, she had a full hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and colon resection, and 19 lymph nodes were removed. She then had six months of chemotherapy followed by two liver surgeries and two procedures to introduce chemo beads into the liver through the femoral artery. Now she is going through another six months of chemotherapy with a probable additional surgery. Stephanie is 44 years old. She and Jeremy have four children: Casey and Kody, twin boys 16 years old; Kyle, a son 10 1/2 years old; and Corey, a daughter 9 years old.

Additional donations can be made at the door or brought or mailed to TLC Federal Credit Union, 2004 N.W. 36th St., Lincoln City, OR 97367.

Andy Rooney dies at 92

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Nov 052011

Wikipedia photo

One of the country’s most poignant observers of American life has gone on to the great writers’ room in the sky. Andy Rooney has died after medical complications at the age of 92. The Oregonian has the story. Click here.

Andy Rooney’s last commentary on CBS’s 60 Minutes: Click here

Coast Guard rescues boy in the water off Brookings

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Nov 052011

Coast Guard photo

A 13-year old boy who fell off an 80′ rock into the ocean was rescued this week by the Coast Guard near Brookings.

Group North Bend Coast Guard received a report at approximately 3:50 p.m. Wednesday stating the boy had fallen from a rock into the waters of Macklyn Cove. Air Station North Bend launched an HH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew and Station Chetco River launched a 25-foot response boat crew as well as a mobile land unit. The Curry County, Ore., Sheriff’s Department, Brookings Fire and Rescue, Brookings Police Department and Cal-Ore Life Flight also dispatched rescue personnel.

The Coast Guard 25-foot response boat crew and other rescue assets arrived on scene and found the boy in the water, seriously injured and surrounded by a cluster of rocks. Rescue personnel were able to reach the boy to place him in a litter and wait with him for the Dolphin helicopter crew to arrive. They arrived a short time later and hoisted the boy up and into the hovering chopper which whisked him away to the Brookings Airport where they were met by a ground ambulance crew. The very lucky boy was admitted to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The growing season was a roller coaster, but it finally came up “smiles” for most growers…

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Nov 042011

Courtesy photo

Our long lingering spring rains had lots of Willamette Valley farmers wondering if they were ever going to get their seed in, and then the summer rains and clouds slowed the growing season down again. But the big blast of sunshine toward the end of last summer saved the day and the season. The Register Guard has the farm fun play by play. Click here.

A drive-by asteroid will knock on Earth’s door Tuesday

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Nov 042011

Wikipedia image

An asteroid that carries the “seeds of life,” and measuring about the size of your average aircraft carrier, will be flying by Earth rather shortly. NASA says it’s one of a type of asteroid that slammed into the earth eons ago, that brought with it the origins of life on this planet.

The story is in the Stateman Journal. Click here.

Newport’s insurance company to pay former city employee $180,000 in discrimination, retaliation and layoff lawsuit.

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Nov 042011

Newport’s Insurance Company reaches settlement in Ewing Case

Provided by City Manager Jim Voetberg

Attorneys for CCIS, the City of Newport’s insurance company, and Cheryl Ewing, the city’s former human resources coordinator, have reached a settlement in the lawsuit that Ewing filed against the city in 2010.

The terms of the settlement include an insurance payment to Ewing of $180,000 to settle claims against the city; dismissal of all claims against City Manager Jim Voetberg and former City Attorney Penelope McCarthy. The settlement also contains a provision that Ewing will not apply for any city position in the future. Ewing, a former city Human Resources Coordinator, was recently laid off after City Manager Jim Voetberg informed the city council that her position was expendable due to budget constraints. On the advice of Voetberg, the council went along with the elimination of her job.

Ewing had worked for the city for about five years, including under both previous city managers Allen O’Neil and Dale Shaddox, who reportedly both gave Ewing good marks on her job performance. But after Voetberg became city manager and Penelope McCarthy became city attorney, her job situation changed substantially, according to Ewing’s suit. Ultimately Ewing filed a discrimination claim and then another for alleged retaliation she claimed she suffered for filing the first claim.

In a 5:01pm news release, Voetberg said he was pleased that CCIS and Ewing’s attorney have agreed to the settlement. He stated, that “lawsuits of this nature often have an impact on employee morale,“ and with this issue behind us, the city can concentrate on moving forward and building on recent successes.”

When contacted by, Mayor Mark McConnell said he was aware of the settlement, but beyond that he had no comment. City Councilor Jeff Bertuleit said he too was aware of the settlement but would say only that “It’s good to settle and move on.” Bertuleit added “Our recent city employee survey indicated that we might need additional supervisor training for our department managers but we’ve already arranged to hire someone to do that.” Councilor Lon Brusselback said he was glad the issue is behind the city. But I’m glad the $180,000 came out of the city’s insurance company bank account and not the city of Newport’s.” He added, “Under the terms of the settlement Cheryl Ewing agrees never to apply for a job with the city, and that both sides in the dispute admit to no wrongdoing. And for that I’m grateful.” Councilor Dick Beemer said he had no comment.

Times are tough for many families – Help law enforcement make the season bright!

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Nov 042011

Donate to Shop with a cop!

Everybody knows how tough the economy has been and how many families will be lucky to have anything under their trees Christmas morning. Newport area law enforcement is hoping that we’ll all donate to their “Shop with a Cop” program that matches local police officers, state troopers and sheriff’s deputies with very deserving children from financially strapped families so they can have a Merry Christmas.

A child from each qualified family will walk with an officer up and down the aisles of Walmart picking out items their brothers and sisters have asked for Christmas. A separate officer will shop for the child as well. Once the children have made their purchases, volunteers will wrap their presents and ensure they’re under the tree Christmas morning.

The Shop with a Cop program very deeply needs donations from the community to make this season a bright one for the children. Donations are 100% tax deductible. Send your donation to: Shop with a Cop, Newport Police Volunteers, 169 SW Coast Highway, Newport, OR, 97365.

You may also send donations to Shop with a Cop, Oregon State Police Volunteers, P.O. Box 947, Newport, OR, 97365.

For further information or if you have any questions, please call 541-265-5354, ext. 300, or 541-270-4817.

Waldport Centennial City Mural to be formally dedicated this month

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Nov 042011

Waldport Centennial Mural and Artist Casey McEneny

Waldport civic leaders wanted a grand way to celebrate the city’s founding 100 years ago in a timeless way, and it appears they’ve done just that. Newport art teacher and muralist Casey McEneny has finished the project that depicts Waldport’s historic roots which includes honoring Native Americans who settled and enjoyed the Alsea Bay region long before the white man. McEneny’s historic masterpiece is to be dedicated on Saturday, November 19th, 12:30pm at the site of its new home; the wall of the Samaritan Clinic Building, between the C&K Market and The Flounder on the west side of Highway 101, aka Arrow Street.

McEneny worked his entire Summer off on the mural, which he lovingly created in a space under the bleacher building at Waldport High School. The City of Waldport and the Port of Alsea Bay provided partial funding for the project. By the way, an opportunity to become a donor yourself is still available. Contact Waldport City Hall or the Port of Alsea with your generous donation to what will become an iconic symbol of Walport for years to come.