Lincoln County teams up with Lincoln City to improve Qwest phone service in north county.

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Sep 152010

Lincoln County Commission, Wednesday

Lincoln County Commissioners are teaming up with Lincoln City officials again in trying to win upgrades from Qwest to ensure that local phone service is not knocked out so easily during harsh winter storms in north Lincoln County.

Earlier attempts to win such cooperation from Qwest has proved unsuccessful before the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (PUC). County Counsel Wayne Belmont told his commissioners today that he’s hoping the county and Lincoln City will convince the state PUC to re-open the request for greater phone system technical redundancy now that Qwest is trying to merge with another large phone company, Century Link. Continue reading »

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Lincoln County road workers get a 10% pay raise over next two years.

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Sep 152010

Lincoln County Commission, Wednesday

The Lincoln County Commission Wednesday agreed to give nearly 30 county road department workers pay raises over the next couple of years. According to documents submitted to the commissioners, the workers will get a 4% cost of living boost, coupled with a six percent raise in what are called “step increases” for those workers who qualify for one.

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Crestview School gets a warm hand up….

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Sep 152010

From LC School District

Waldport resident Wil Hart displays a few of the 100 spiral notebooks and 100 pencils he donated to the younger students at Crestview Heights School, which encompasses kindergarten through eighth grade. Pictured with him are Principal Mary Schaer, center, and school secretary Patty Hunter. Hart credits Staples’ manager Jim Palmer, who offered a discounted price for the donated school supplies, and said he hopes others will be inspired to make similar gifts to their local schools. Continue reading »

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Helping the military and former military save on basics.

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Sep 152010

Because Oregon does not have a military base commissary anywhere in the state for its active military, National Guard or retiree families, the Oregon Military Department has arranged a special commissary weekend for those kinds of folks at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg on September 17th and 18th.

Military families and retirees usually have access to commissaries on base as a matter of their service in the military. Commissaries are wide-spread across the country and throughout the world. The one on September 17th and 18th in Roseburg will be set up at the Douglas County Fairgrounds and will run Friday, September 17th, 9am to 5pm, and on Saturday, the 18th, 9am to 4pm. Continue reading »

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All dressed up and looking for a venue!

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Sep 152010

Provided by LC School District
Youth, Families Invited to Style/Costume Workshop

Are you in search of ideas for a clever Halloween costume? Or, maybe you plan to try out for the Lincoln County’s Got Talent fund-raiser and want some help with costuming. Perhaps you’re a talented teen who likes to sew or create outfits after visiting local thrift shops.
Whatever your motivation, you can get some helpful guidance at a free Style/Costume Workshop planned for Tuesday, Sept. 21, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Family Literacy and Resource Center in Lincoln City, located at Taft Elementary School, 4040 S.E. High School Drive.
Jeanie Davenport, North County H.E.L.P Advocate, will begin the workshop with a clothing exchange (“New to You Swap”) and then will talk about the benefits of thrift shopping, individual preferences, and developing a personal style.

“Not only do I hope to bring students of all ages and backgrounds into the Family Literacy and Resource Center, but I hope this will help to alleviate any stigma students may feel about not having brand-name or new clothing,” she says. Continue reading »

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State workers’ next furlough “day off” is Friday, the 17th.

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Sep 142010

The state’s next “furlough Friday” is Sept. 17, when about 26,500 state employees are getting another unpaid day off. Friday will be the 7th of 10 furlough days the state enacted during the current two year budget. Each day without pay saves the state about $2,000,000 in personnel costs, according to Department of Administrative Services Director Scott Harra.

Harra apologized for any inconvenience the closures cause to the public, adding “we look forward to restoration of a full work schedule for all state agencies when the economy returns to its normal strength,” Harra said. He offered no prediction exactly when that might be.

State employees who provide essential services in public safety will remain on the job Friday which includes state police, corrections officers and various state hospital workers

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The Oregon Coast Aquarium wants YOU!

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Sep 142010

“When are you coming to see me??”

Oregon Coast Aquarium Seeks Volunteers
Fall Training Begins October 9th

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is offering a variety of volunteer opportunities during fall volunteer training. In addition to interpretive volunteer recruitment, the Aquarium is seeking volunteers to work behind the scenes in facility maintenance, in the gift shop, as event coordinators, on the exhibits team and doing clerical work. Enrollment is open for fall volunteer training, which begins October 9th and continues each Saturday through November 20th from 9 am – 5 pm. Volunteers working in positions other than as Interpreters will attend the October 9th date only.

Interpreter training is being offered for those interested in learning more about marine life and the coastal environment. Through a series of lectures and hands-on activities, volunteers learn about the history of the Aquarium, animal care, coastal habitats and animal biology. “It never ceases to amaze me when I witness a volunteer interpreter bringing that lightning bolt of ‘ah-ha’ and wonder to an adult visiting the Aquarium,” said Carmen Morgan, Manager of Volunteer Services. “Kids get excited all the time, and that is great to see, but it is really exciting to see an adult learn something new and have that sense of wonder in their eyes!” Morgan said the training offers people an opportunity to share the Aquarium’s mission of educating the public about the coast and its animals, as well as the efforts to protect and conserve marine habitats. Continue reading »

Alsea man charged with poaching elk.

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Sep 142010

Photo courtesy OSP

Oregon State Troopers have arrested an Alsea man for illegally taking two elk two weeks ago on private land west of Alsea. Troopers claim Adam Schreiber, 28, illegally killed a 7 x 6 bull elk which carries a fine of $15,000.

The charges contend that Schreiber exceed his bag limit for elk. That he illegally hunted on another’s cultivated enclosed land. That he borrowed a big game tag (archery/Elk), and that he illegally possessed a 5 x 5 antler elk skull.

Schreiber was arrested and transported to the Benton County Jail where he was booked on the charges, was cited and then released with orders to return to court at a later date.

Toledo’s big sewer fix moving along well.

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Sep 142010

Toledo Public Works Director Adam Denlinger says “so far so good” on the town’s repair job on a big underground pipe that carries raw sewage to the plant for processing. The line failed last month from a weakness in the pipe. Leaking sewage was quickly detected and contained. None was reported to have escaped the sewer plant area.

In the meantime, Denlinger hired a pipe tunneling company that is now drilling a route from a spot under the railroad tracks just northwest of the plant slightly uphill to the plant. Denlinger said the boring seems to be going smoothly although “you never know what you’re going to run into at those depths. I just hope we stay lucky.” Continue reading »

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