Sep 222014

Chris Burns Weather

Monday, September 22nd – Lincoln County

Summary: Yesterday was indeed strikingly different from Saturday. Sunday’s cool southerly breeze, mostly cloudy skies, drippin’ drizzle and low Sun angle (during a brief clearing spell at midday) made it feel Fall-ish. Precipitation was just barely recordable from Newport north, and the southwest wind blew 15-20 mph with higher gusts (strongest was 40 mph on the Yaquina Bay Bridge). High temps were in the low-60s. Cloudy conditions continued through the evening and overnight with the mercury easing down to the upper-50s. This morning, it was overcast with a light southerly breeze.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Wind Gust/Drizzle…
Lincoln City: 65F/59F/23mph/0.01”
Depoe Bay: 61F/58F/29mph/0.01”
Newport: 64F/56F/32mph/0.01”
Waldport: 62F/55F/28mph/<0.01”
Yachats: 63F/58F/32mph/<0.01”

Forecast: If there’s anything left on the ‘Honey Do’ list to get done “this Summer,” you have until dark to accomplish the task(s). Fall officially begins with the Autumnal Equinox at 7:29pm tonight (see Weather Factoid below). For today’s final few hours of Summer, anticipate mainly cloudy skies, a chance of drizzle and/or fog, highs of 60-65F and light southwest winds. It looks like the calendar and the weather will be seamlessly aligned at the equinox tonight as that’s when we expect real Fall-like conditions to commence. Rain is likely with south winds 5-10 mph and low temps of 50-55F. Tomorrow, showers, highs of 60-65F and southerly winds rising to 10-15 mph gusting 20. Outlook is for a heftier Autumn storm front to push in tomorrow night packing heavy rain, amounts as high as 1-2 inches, and south winds building to 20-25 mph gusting 30 with blasts of 40-50 mph possible on beaches and headlands. Unsettled showery weather is the follow-on for Thursday and Friday, with drying and some sunshine by the weekend. Temperatures through the period are projected to range from 50-55F lows to 60-65F highs.

Travel: Smoke from area wildfires may affect travelers in Northwest Oregon today. The 36 Pit Fire southeast of Estacada is at 5,100 acres and 45% contained. The Scoggins Creek Fire near Hagg Lake is 200 acres and about 55% contained. In the Coast Range today, partly sunny and 70-75F. Valley destinations will be mostly cloudy with highs of 75-80F. For the Cascades, partly sunny, slight chance of showers and thunderstorms; the freezing level has dropped to 8,000 feet.

Marine: Sensible seas this morning, 5 feet at 10 seconds, and S winds are blowing 10-15 knots. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay and Yaquina Bay bars are unrestricted. Summer wraps up today with southerlies 10-15 knots, seas of 5 feet and areas of fog and drizzle. Ditto tonight. Tomorrow, look for S winds 10-15 knots gusting 20, choppy seas of 4-6 feet and rain showers likely. Outlook is for a storm system to barrel through local waters Tuesday night into Wednesday night with S winds rising to 20-25 knots, possibly gusting up to gale force, heavy rain and lumpy seas building to 10-15 feet. The breeze settles down Thursday and Friday to southerly 10-15 knots, but the swell is expected to stay up around 8-10 feet.

On the Beach… Mostly cloudy, fog and drizzle, surf 4 feet (low).
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
09/22 Mon 12:08 PM 7.58 H
09/22 Mon 06:05 PM 1.57 L
09/23 Tue 12:11 AM 7.67 H
09/23 Tue 06:19 AM 0.98 L

In Short: Mainly overcast, fog/drizzle, then wet and windy.

Weather Factoid: What the heck is an equinox, anyway? Equinoxes take place twice a year; once in September (the Autumnal Equinox) and once in March (the Vernal Equinox). These brief events occur when the Sun shines directly on the equator, making our length of day and night almost equal. And, of course, the seasons change. In this evening’s case, at exactly 7:29pm we’ll go instantly from Summer to Fall, though it’s the other way around in the Southern Hemisphere where they’ll leap from Winter into Spring. Technically, the Autumnal Equinox happens at the precise moment the Sun passes from north to south across the celestial equator, which is an imaginary line in the sky perched directly above the Earth’s real equator. This event transpires on either September 21st, 22nd, or 23rd each year.

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Sep 212014
Uh oh...what now? Carpet One has answers!

Uh oh…what now?
Carpet One has answers!

From Carpet One, Newport

Much like preparing for a baby, preparing your home for a pet can be a difficult and long process. Since animals walk and chew long before a newborn baby can even turn over, it’s important to make sure to “pet-proof” a home well before welcoming a four-legged friend into the family.

The first thing to “pet-proof” is the flooring. From muddy paws to “accidents,” your flooring will be the first thing affected by your new furry family member.

“One of the most common requests from my customers with pets is for flooring that is durable and stain-resistant,” said Richard Keller of Carpet One Floor & Home. “But they also want a floor that looks great in their home.”

For pet owners, the flooring experts at Carpet One Floor & Home stores recommend their exclusive Relax, it’s…Lees collection, which is specially designed to protect against inevitable pet-related stains.

Lees is different from many other carpet brands in the market today. As an exclusive brand of Carpet One Floor & Home, Lees offers a variety of unique features such as:

Ultra25® 4X protection that repels most liquids including juice, coffee and other spills, four times longer than other carpet with traditional stain protection.
An exclusive 25 year “NO EXCLUSIONS” ULTRA 25 Stain Warranty®, which covers stains other carpet warranties don’t, including pet stains, grease, mustard , mustard, coffee, cola, and even bleach.

A Patented ExtraLoc® backing which has double the density of standard carpet construction, offering unheard-of stability and dimensional strength when you need it most.

Hard surface flooring can also be a good choice for a pet-friendly home. Most types of laminate and vinyl are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Plus, vinyl and laminate brands offer hardwood or ceramic tile looks, making it possible to maintain style and functionality simultaneously. Hard surfaces such as vinyl and laminate are easier to maintain and clean especially when dealing with liquid stains.

For more information visit Carpet One is on East Olive (Hwy 20) a few blocks east of Highway 101.

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Sep 212014
Camp Winema Neskowin

Camp Winema

Chamber music has long been a tradition in the family of brothers Regis Pasquier, violinist, and Bruno Pasquier, violist. They, along with Roland Pidoux, cellist, are the first performers in the twenty-first season of Neskowin Chamber Music, October 12th, at 3 p.m. at Camp Winema.

The three musicians have known one another since they were students together at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, united by their love of chamber music. After graduating with honors, they went on to teach at that institution. They also established solo careers, touring extensively in the U.S., Europe, and Canada. They have collaborated with such well-known artists as pianists Jean-Claude Pennetier and Abdel Rahman El Bacha, clarinetist Michael Portal, and flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal.

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Their father, the cellist Etienne Pasquier, founded the trio in 1947, although he had performed with his brothers, Jean and Pierre, as early as 1927. In 1941, he played Messiaen’s “Quartet for the End of Time” in a concentration camp with Messiaen at the piano. The trio gained fame quickly and by the 1950s were considered one of the two most well-known chamber performers in the U.S., along with the Budapest String Quartet.

Other performers in the twenty-first season at Neskowin:

Mousai Remix (cello, viola, violins) November 23, 2014
Carpe Diem String Quartet (cello, viola, violins) January 11, 2015
Meccorre String Quarter (cello, viola, violins) February 15, 20915
Amadeus Piano Trio (cello, piano, violin) March 29, 2015
Joel Fan (piano) April 12, 2015
Karkowska Duo (violin, piano) May 3, 2015

Camp Winema is located three miles north of Neskowin, just off Highway 101. Season tickets are $110. For more information call 503-965-6499, write Neskowin Chamber Music, P. O. Box 1044, Pacific City, Oregon 97135, or check the website:

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Sep 212014
This, That and Other Things and Medical Marijuana Dispensary, 320 SW Coast, Newport

This, That and Other Things and Medical Marijuana Dispensary, 320 SW Coast, Newport

From Art Hanson, This That and Other Things – Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Eight months of planning, working, worrying, and waiting have finally came together for the opening of This That & Other Things II Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Newport at 320 SW Coast.

Art and Heidi Hanson first purchased the business in March of this year with the intent on bringing their agricultural and business backgrounds into this new venture. Art having a studied agri-business for five years at the University of Idaho and being in some facet of the cattle industry for the last sixteen years after college has a vast knowledge for lineage, breeding and genetics. Heidi grew up in a business setting, where her family owned a metal fabrication business. She brings an upbeat personality, great customer service and a great business mind to the shop.

Currently the store is still Buy-Sell-Trade in the lobby section and Dispensary in the office. The Dispensary has three to four different strains available along with concentrates and edibles, in the form of hard candy. They are also looking to expand their strain variety and have a plan in the works to start the cultivation of the world renowned Charlotte’s Wed Strain. This strain is low in THC (the chemical that gets you high), and high in Cannabinoids, which are the natural compounds that stop seizures and has other helpful properties.

If you have your OMMP Card or are a registered grower please stop in and see the product and possible discuss placing some of your product in the Dispensary for sale. The shop is also a stopping point for Analytical laboratories, out of Portland, that do the testing of product. All products sold through the dispensary are tested and come from registered growers.


Another Newport based medical marijuana dispensary has opened, this one on the Nye Beach Turnaround at 861 NW Beach Drive. They’re Nye Beach Holistic Health. There is another location that was intending to open on NW 15th, a block west of 101.

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Sep 212014
Ricky Pharr, Siletz Assault, Menacing $265,000 bail

Ricky Pharr, Siletz
Assault, Menacing
$265,000 bail

Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched this past week to another stabbing at a residence in the 200 block of SE Bagley St. in Siletz. Deputy Gautney was in the area and arrived on scene and located an adult male subject inside of the residence with badly bleeding stab wounds to the head. Deputy Gautney escorted the subject to an ambulance that had arrived in the area. There were three other adult males inside the residence at the time of the stabbing.

The investigation revealed that Ricky Pharr, 58, of Siletz was in the residence with the other three males when he attacked the victim with two knives. After he stabbed the victim, Pharr turned toward one of the other males and threatened him with the knives as well. When Pharr put the knives down one of the subjects exited the house and went to a neighbor’s house for help.

The stabbing victim was transported to Pacific Communities Hospital where he was treated for two stab wounds to the head, and released. Pharr, who was on scene during the investigation, was arrested and lodged at the Lincoln County Jail on one count of Assault in the second degree and one count of Menacing. His bail was set at $115,000.

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Sep 212014
Swim Lessons at LC Pool begin September 29

Swim Lessons at LC Pool begin September 29

The fall schedule of swim lessons begins Sept. 29 at the Lincoln City Community Center Pool. Lessons are held twice a week for five weeks, on Tuesdays/Thursdays and on Wednesday/Fridays.

Morning and afternoon classes are offered for Parent/Child (ages 3 months to 3 years), Preschool (ages 3-4 years) and Levels 1-3 (age 4 years and older). Private ½-hour swim lessons may also be arranged by appointment, based on instructor and pool availability.

For a complete class schedule and for full class descriptions see or call 541-994-2131.

The Lincoln City Community Center is located at 2150 NE Oar Place.

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Sep 212014

central coast fire district

Report of smoke coming out of the woods off SW Park, near Crestline in Waldport. Central Coast Fire Rescue is enroute to investigate.

Firefighters on scene. See smoke. Investigating.

Firefighters have traced the smoke down a trail. Calling for law enforcement as backup.

Firefighters move into the fire area, find a campfire smoldering. Extinguishing the fire.

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