Nov 272013

Nutrias - aka "River Rats" Steve Power photos Click photos to enlarge

Nutrias – aka “River Rats”
Steve Power photos
Click photos to enlarge

neutria cu steve power

Steve Power was out roaming with his camera this week and bagged a couple of shots of Nutrias near his native Lincoln City. As you can see from the photos, they look like beavers but have the tails of a large rat. The common name of the Nutria is “River Rat,” because they swim in rivers, lakes and estuaries and burrow into stream and lake banks. And by most accounts they’re a pain in the posterior for farmers, ranchers and anyone else who owns stream or lakeside property.

Wildlife biologists say Nutrias are prolific eaters of all kinds of wetland vegetation and they burrow deep into stream and lake banks which causes erosion and slumping. They produce up to three litters a year and give birth to fully-furred and eyes-wide-open young that can join their parents munching on grass and roots within hours of their birth.

Nutrias are an invasive species, so says MidCoast Watershed Council Director Wayne Hoffman. He said their native land is largely in the tropical areas of South America. They were brought to North America for “fur farming,” and over time enough of them escaped or were turned loose into the wild. And today, in Louisiana, they’re quite a pest.

One interesting aspect of the Nutria is that their meat is low fat and very low cholesterol. For those loathe to “go vegan,” there might be an entrepreneurial opportunity for somebody to make some money while clearing a region of an unwelcome and frequently damaging intruder.


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Nov 272013

shop local carpet one

A message from Carpet One, Newport

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, local businesses donate two times as much to local charities.* Supporting a local business allows them to continue supporting charities and community programs locally.

Local businesses hire workers in their communities. In fact, Local businesses account for over 65% of all new jobs. A thriving local business can help to reduce unemployment in the Newport area.

“We are proud to be part of the Newport community and contribute as much as we can to making our community the best it can be,” said Richard Keller of Carpet One Floor & Home. “We welcome our neighbors and friends to visit us to see how they can get great value and selection from a local business.”

Carpet One Floor & Home is a locally owned flooring store in Newport. As part of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, they are able to benefit from economies of scale such as lower product costs, but they remain independently owned and managed. As an independently owned business, Carpet One Floor & Home contributes to the local community in many ways – participating in community causes, employing local workers and contributing to the local economy.

Small Business Saturday occurs on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is day sponsored by American Express to spread awareness about the benefits of shopping at local businesses. With Small Business Saturday coming up on November 30, 2013, it is important to know that for every $100 spent locally, $68 stays in that community.

Learn more about shopping local and Carpet One Floor & Home at


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Nov 272013
Chris Burns Central Coast Weather Watcher

Chris Burns
Central Coast Weather Watcher

27Nov2013 – Newport, Oregon

Summary: On the heels of a mostly clear night, the clouds started moving in and we were overcast by noon yesterday. A few sprinkles developed by late afternoon and evening, though light enough that you had to run around in them to get wet. Highs along our stretch of the coast made it into the 50s, with Newport the chilliest. The clouds dissipated for the most part overnight, allowing lows to drop to around 40F or so. This morning a few high clouds were struggling to obscure the waning crescent moon. Winds are still from the east, 10-15 knots.

Past 24 hours high/low…
Lincoln City/Depoe Bay: 56F/45F
Newport: 51F/41F
Yachats/Waldport: 57F/40F

Forecast: A literal cornucopia of weather on the horizon just in time for Thanksgiving. Should have sun breaking through the kitchen window while you’re trussing up the bird tomorrow morning. Expect a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day, during dinner, and for the backyard pick-up touch-football game afterwards. High about 55F after an overnight low in the 40s. Outlook is where things get tricky. More clouds on Black Friday but you should be home from shopping before the first threat of light rain appears. By Saturday, probably overcast and thickening with the chance of rain increasing steadily through the day. Sunday looks like a rainy and breezy day, followed Monday by showers and much cooler temperatures, with the possibility that we’ll have to use the ‘S’ word. Yup, most weather models are now predicting a chance for snow showers early next week, maybe a rain/snow mix, but not much if any accumulation. Highs dropping to 40F or lower, colder mid-week, with lows again well below freezing.

Special Section – Holiday Travel: Should be no problems for those headed to and from the Central Coast today, tonight or tomorrow. The big issue is Sunday, and the timing of cold air arriving from Alaska. It’s going to be a close call whether the snow level makes it to the Coast Range passes on Highways 18/20 by Sunday evening. So, you may want to leave a bit early Sunday (you might have had enough quality time with the relatives by then, anyway). If your trip takes you over the Cascades, Saturday is probably a better bet for traveling.

Marine: Not much to worry about for the next couple of days with ESE winds around 10-15 knots, and seas 6-8 feet. This all starts changing Saturday and by Sunday a sou’wester arrives with lots of breeze and building seas: Wind 20-25 knots, waves in the teens, with rain. Snotty weather for the opening of recreational ocean crabbing on Sunday.

On the Beach…
Cool, sun and cloud mix, not much wind
11/27 Wed 01:57 PM 2.24 L
11/27 Wed 07:47 PM 5.82 H
11/28 Thu 01:20 AM 2.36 L
11/28 Thu 08:00 AM 8.25 H

In Short: Mild, mostly sunny, light winds, cold on the way

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Nov 272013

veterans bayside

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Nov 272013
American Legion Post 116 Newport, OR Thanksgiving Dinner

American Legion Post 116
Newport, OR
Thanksgiving Dinner

From Shirley Gilmore
Commander, Post 116
Newport, OR

American Legion Post 116 will be hosting our Annual FREE Thanksgiving dinner to anyone who would like to join us on Thanksgiving, November 28th from 12 to 4 PM.

Location: 424 West Olive Street, Newport, OR.

We will also be providing home delivery if you are unable to come to the post to eat with us. Please call and make your reservation no later than Wednesday evening by 6 PM at 541-265-9017.

factory banner 11-24-13

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Nov 262013
Oregon State Capitol Short Legislative Session coming up

Oregon State Capitol
Short Legislative Session coming up

We’re two months away from a short session of the Oregon State Legislature, and already various bills are being formulated for introduction while others may fall by the wayside, based on the the fact they may be just too controversial to handle in such a short session – February 3 through March 28th.

Bills expected to be introduced include tax reform, legalization of recreational marijuana and whether Native American mascots will be permitted for local high and middle school sports teams.

Others may die on the front steps of the legislature. Here’s the story in the Oregonian. Click here.


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Nov 262013


Advertorial from Carpet One

Carpet One Floor & Home recently released several tools to help households to prepare for holiday entertaining. The first is their new fall issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple – a free digital magazine available for Apple iPads and Android tablets. The Holiday Entertaining issue features articles focused on beautiful design and entertaining tips that are essential during the holiday season. Features include “Setting the Perfect Table” with designer James M. Davie, “7 Simple Home Décor Tips for Entertaining”, “Hostess Gifts that Wow” and “Mani-Friendly Tips for Hassle Free Holiday Entertaining” by Julie Edelman, The Accidental Housewife.

The second resource is Carpet One Floor & Home’s new Beautiful Design Made Simple blog. The blog features additional tips and ideas not found in the digital magazine. The blog includes inspiration, cleaning tips, color trends and in depth flooring information. New posts are added every week. Continue reading »

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Nov 262013
Two Worlds Becky Miller artist

Two Worlds
Becky Miller artist
No, that’s not a photograph…

Toledo Artist Becky Miller continues to dazzle her fans – those who love her work and those who don’t yet know they love her work. Miller has just released her latest painting of a most unsuspecting subject matter – Bull Kelp. She combs local beaches searching for that “big look” as only she can bring to the canvass.

Here’s Miller’s thoughts about her latest work, “Two Worlds.”

This is my latest painting, a 36″x48″ oil on canvas I have entitled “Two Worlds.” It is an expression of my fascination with the juxtaposition of two very distinct worlds here at the Oregon coast – the woods and the ocean. This painting shows kelp that is freshly washed ashore after a storm, which also blew a leaf down onto the beach from the adjacent woods. Plant life in the ocean takes on the character of water – its generous flows and curves are what attracts me to it as a subject matter. By contrast, plant life on land must be stiff and more economical in structure to survive. The relatively tiny leaf from the tree stands in stark contrast to the broad, long, winding leaves of the bull kelp on which it rests. I was also attracted to the beautiful contrast of the red and green, and blue and orange that Nature created in this scene. This painting has already found a home, but prints will be available soon.

Miller tells News Lincoln County that it has always been her plan to compile a repertoire of sea vegetation paintings for a large exhibit somewhere. But a funny thing keeps happening. They all sell, almost as fast as she can create them.

Miller has a number of her works, both ocean going as well as land dwelling displayed in the region. They’re being shown at Ozone Fine Art in Newport, just west of Mo’s Annex on the Bayfront, as well as at Pegasus Gallery in Corvallis, at 341 SW 2nd, right next to the Post Office.

You can also catch one of works hanging in the art gallery at the Pacific Maritime and Heritage Museum on Newport’s Bayfront.


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Nov 262013
Small fishing boat washed up on Salishan Beach

Small fishing boat washed up on Salishan Beach

Oregon volunteer teams are needed for a seashore research study on the quantity and variety of marine debris washing up on Oregon’s shores.

Volunteers will gather data once a month over the next two years on a specific section of their hometown beaches. Each search area measures about the length of a football field.

Each team will be allotted $500 to cover costs of equipment and transportation for volunteers. The Oregon Marine Debris Team is offering $500 “community grants” to facilitate the participation of local groups in the program. The grants can be used to cover the costs of transportation to and from the monitoring site as well as equipment such as bags, measuring tape, and marker flags. Funding is available for up to ten teams.

NOAA, the Oregon Marine Debris Team and state Parks and Recreation Department are the lead agencies in the effort.

There are seven sites that still need be assigned.

* Columbia South Jetty to Camp Rilea
* Arch Cape to Nehalem Spit
* Mouth of Nestucca Bay to Salmon River Spit
* Government Point to Yaquina Head
* Siuslaw South Jetty to Horsfall Beach
* Bastendorff Beach to Seven Devils Wayside
* Hooskenaden Creek to Rainbow Rock

Volunteer groups can be comprised of unrelated individuals or from agencies or advocacy groups.

Persons or groups interested in volunteering for this chance of a lifetime opportunity to participate in a critically important scientific work should notify the Oregon Marine Debris Team and submit an application for funding by Jan. 7 at, or by clicking here.

For more information, go to

buy local banner 11-25-13

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Nov 262013

central coast fire rescue bannerette

Medics are enroute to a home on South Crestline Drive where a man, chopping kindling, accidentally slashed his hand with an axe- between thumb and forefinger. Bleeding is controlled.

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