Aug 042014

Chris Burns Weather

Monday, August 4th – Lincoln County

Summary: The area of contention is a ribbon of atmosphere that’s several miles wide, hundreds of miles long and around a thousand feet thick. It’s the place where terrestrial air and marine air converge. This Summertime weather ribbon roughly parallels our coastline. Guessing its exact west/east position over the next 12-24 hours is beyond the realm of accurate predictability. On Saturday, for instance, the ribbon meandered inland past the beach and we had mostly cloudy skies. Yesterday, it snaked offshore a couple of miles and we were mostly sunny. Consequently, forecasts are necessarily vague, like yesterday’s which included a spread of partly to mostly sunny. High temps on Sunday were in the mid-60s and the northwest wind blew 10-15 mph with gusts into the 20s. As is often the case during the evenings and overnights, the ribbon drifted east around sunset giving us overcast skies, patchy fog and lows in the 50s. This morning, there was fog along the beach but blue inland a ways. Newport had the coolest temperature in the state at 51F, a far cry from this day in 1998 when the city hit 93F, setting a new record!

Past 24 Hours High/Low…
Lincoln City: 67F/56F
Depoe Bay: 64F/54F
Newport: 64F/51F
Waldport: 63F/52F
Yachats: 64F/53F

Forecast: For the rest of this week, the ribbon of mixed air will continue to vacillate, sometimes coming ashore and other times meandering offshore over the ocean. So, the outlook is for partly to mostly sunny days, low clouds and patchy fog during the nights and mornings, highs of 65F and lows of 55F, with northwest winds 15-25 mph. There is also a chance of drizzle tomorrow night.

Travel: In the Coast Range today, mostly sunny and 80-90F. Valley destinations will have sunny skies with highs of 90-95F. For the Cascades, partly cloudy; the freezing level is at 14,000 feet.

Marine: The breeze is light this morning, 5-10 knots out of the N, seas are running 5 feet at 8 seconds, and it’s foggy near shore. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay and Yaquina Bay bars are unrestricted. For today, tonight and tomorrow, northerlies 10-15 knots with occasional gusts of 20-25, lumpy seas 3-6 feet, and foggy at times. Outlook is for nearly the same conditions to exist through Friday with no significant changes on the horizon.

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On the Beach… Patchy fog, mostly sunny, surf 3-4 feet (low).
* A reminder for people from the warm Valley coming to the cool Coast to escape the heat; the ocean and area rivers are very cold and swimming in them can quickly lead to hypothermia and drowning.
* In Lincoln City, it’s no time for a dip in Devils Lake. A No Contact Advisory is in place due to toxins in the water from an algae bloom. Swallowing or inhaling water droplets, as well as skin contact with water, should be avoided. Drinking any water directly from Devils Lake is especially dangerous.
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
08/04 Mon 07:10 AM 5.38 H
08/04 Mon 12:13 PM 2.89 L
08/04 Mon 06:56 PM 8.03 H
08/05 Tue 02:08 AM 1.10 L

In Short: Partly to mostly clear, patchy fog and low clouds, then repeat.

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Aug 042014
Toledo Police 541-336-5555

Toledo Police

Warning: Story contains graphic language

Toledo Police are asking the public’s help in tracking down an obviously very troubled male who shocked a juvenile female over the weekend. Police say it was Saturday afternoon at around 4:30pm that a young girl was walking near Northwest 11th and Spruce when a man pulled up to her asked for directions. Through the car window the female said she could see the man was openly masterbating.

Police say this is the second incident with this male. A similar incident occurred last monday, July 25th near Southeast 6th and Elder Streets in Toledo.

In both incidents police say the male is white, between 20 and 30 years of age, with dark hair and a full beard. Average weight and height. His car is described as a small tan or cream colored four door sedan.

Anyone with any information as to who this man might be should call Toledo Police at 541-336-5555, or by email: [email protected]

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Aug 042014
Jessica Smith Arrested for murder and assault

Jessica Smith
Arrested for murder and attempted murder
Oregonian photo

Suspected murderer Jessica Smith was discovered Sunday hiding out in her gold colored Chevrolet Suburban parked on a logging road, just a bit east of Tillamook.

Once apprehended, Smith was taken into custody and booked into jail on charges of aggravated murder and attempted murder. She is set to appear in court Monday afternoon.

After a marital break up, Smith drove her two young daughters to a Cannon Beach motel where she is accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter and seriously wounding her 13 year daughter.

Here’s the latest from The Oregonian. Click here.

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Aug 032014
What it takes to make Highway 101 feel like a feather bed...

What it takes to make Highway 101 feel like a feather bed…

Vikki said she wanted to pass along some much deserved kudos to ODOT and their contractor which have made travel between Newport and Waldport an experience to behold.

Travelers and commuters can now go down that stretch of Highway 101 and engage in a long and pleasant conversation without having to say, “can your repeat that?” every 15 seconds. The ROAD ROAR IS GONE!!!!

Nicely done. Now, Highway 20, on the other side of Eddyville, is starting to get a little loud as well. Go ahead ODOT – spoil us rotten again!!!!

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Aug 032014
Depoe Bay City Council File photo

Depoe Bay City Council
File photo

A note to all Depoe Bay residents from City Councilor Barbara Leff

Hi to All –

The Monday, 8/11 special event to dedicate the City Park Bridge and Nature Trail, and honor our Coast Guard and Fire District folks, is on this meeting’s agenda. We’ll also discuss (once more) the street light request from Hour Lane and Council’s request that staff review costs and any possible cost savings for employee health insurance.

Other agenda items include a possible extension of a temporary maintenance contract, water treatment plant security and surveillance, an event request and a memorial wall plaque request. The complete agenda is attached.

Thank you to those who attended the last meeting. We hope you can join us this week. Your opinion matters to us and your presence informs our deliberations. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Barb Leff

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AGENDA – City Council meeting, starts 7pm

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Call Meeting to Order and Establish a Quorum

III. Approve Minutes: July 15, 2014 Regular Meeting

IV. Accounts Payable

V. Special Orders
A. Interview/Appoint Applicants for City Commissions and Committees

VI. Reports of Officers, Boards, or Standing Committees
A. Depoe Bay City Park Nature Trail/Bridge Dedication and Community Picnic

VII. Public Comments

VIII. Unfinished Business
A. Directive to Shop Employee Health Insurance
B. Street Light Request – Hour Lane
C. Vista Pump Station Pressure Main – Engineering Request for Proposals (RFP)

IX. New Business
A. Request to Schedule Event August 16, 2014 in Whale Park – Treasure Depoe Bay
B. Memorial Wall Plaque Request – In Memory of Michael Miller
C. Extend Barrett Business Services Contract – Temporary Maintenance
D. Water Treatment Plant Security and Surveillance – Video Camera, Fence, Etc.

X. Correspondence

XI. City Staff Report

XII. Council Comments

XIII. Adjourn

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Aug 032014

8:30pm A man obviously high (or low) on something has appeared on top of one of the bridge supports, just south of the river’s main channel. He’s about 15 feet off the water. Police have walked out to near the end of the south side fishing pier, out from Rogue Brewery. They’re shining a bright light on him. He’s standing on the top of a bridge support, 5th major support structure from shore. He was shouting obscenities.

10pm Sounds like deputies in a sheriff’s river boat has rescued him.

10:03pm Man is in custody. It’s theorized that the man went over the outside railing on the main roadway of the bridge, then shimmied himself down to near the water. He was obviously very cold, clad only in shorts and what appeared to be a pull-over shirt of some kind.

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Aug 032014
Boomer, Chocolate Lab Lost on the Bayshore Please call 727-480-0744

Boomer, Chocolate Lab
Lost on the Bayshore
Please call 727-480-0744

We lost our 50 pound chocolate lab puppy Boomer at 8:30p on Saturday in the Bayshore area of Waldport. He is wearing a purple collar with a blue Sacramento California County tag. Light hazel blue eyes and just lost his front baby teeth. He was just about to enjoy his first beach vacation when he was startled and ran off. We are offering a reward… Please contact us anytime at 727-480-0744.

Brian & Christina

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Aug 032014

12:10pm Report of a multiple vehicle accident (without injuries, thus far) on eastbound Highway 20, just west of Toledo, near Tom Jack Road.

Watch for emergency vehicles. Ambulance already on scene.

12:20pm Confirmed: NO injuries. Vehicles are now off the roadway. Traffic on Highway 20 is back to normal.

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Aug 032014
Holly Grigsby (L) Joey Pedersen (R) Last of the sentencing Monday.

Holly Grigsby (L) Joey Pedersen (R)
Last of the sentencing Monday.

With Holly Grigsby already sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole, her partner in a murder spree that spanned three states in September of 2011, Joey Pedersen will likely get his second and third life sentencings on Monday.

On a mission that was described as helping the white race regain control of the world, Joey Pedersen and his girlfriend Holly Grigsby started out their journey of terror by killing Pedersen’s parents in suburban Seattle, then murdering Cody Meyers (Pedersen said he had a Jewish last name) of Lafayette, OR after he offered to give them a ride near Newport, and finally killing a black man, Reginald Clark, in Eureka, CA.

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Pedersen’s additional sentencing Monday will cap a long running case in which the prosecution made, according to court documents, strategic errors in prosecuting Pedersen, errors however that did not sink the case.

But there was an interesting twist to how prosecutors managed to get Pedersen to plead guilty despite the mistakes. Here’s the story in The Oregonian. Click here.

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Aug 032014

Sen. Jeff Merkley D-Oregon

Sen. Jeff Merkley

Dr. Monica Wehby GOP Senate Candidate

Dr. Monica Wehby
GOP Senate Candidate

This is the week when Oregonians will begin to see, in their living, dining and bedrooms, what has been unleashed on the country by the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling “Citizens United.” It’s a huge crush of political advertising that those paying for it are hoping is the MAIN thing voters think about when they’re mailing in their ballots in late October.

Throughout Republican Monica Wehby’s campaign for U.S. Senate, she’s had trouble raising money here at home. But that campaign funding deficit has been erased with the entrance of the Koch Brothers and their “Freedom Partners” funding machinery which is spending lavishly in states where they think there are vulnerable Democratic candidates. Despite Senator Jeff Merkley’s strong lead over Wehby in the polls, Freedom Partners appears ready to invest millions of dollars to see if a thunderclap of attack ads can turn the tide.

Regardless of whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, it’s an interesting “experiment” to see just whether the country has as much to be afraid about from Citizens United as many claim we should be.

The Oregonian’s political reporter Jeff Mapes weighs in on the topic. Click here.

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