Feb 182014
Elk herd trying to stay out of the wind and rain up the Yachats River Valley. Ken Gagne photo

Elk herd trying to stay out of the wind and rain up the Yachats River Valley.
Ken Gagne photo

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Feb 182014
Georgia Pacific Mill Toledo

Georgia Pacific Mill

Georgia Pacific in Toledo has been fined $4,000 by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for violating emission standards coming out of their three kilns.

A routine inspection last September 30th of air emissions control equipment by GP workers produced a reading that was slightly above their legal limit for what can be released to the outside environment. The plant’s legal limit is .12 grains per dry standard cubic foot, corrected to 10% oxygen. The plant inspector got a reading of .143 grains per dry standard cubic foot, corrected to 10% oxygen.

DEQ said the overage was quickly corrected by GP workers, making adjustments and repairs to the equipment which put them back within their emission standard parameters.

DEQ says such emissions must be closely monitored in that “Many hazardous air pollutants are known, or suspected carcinogens and can cause other serious health effects.”

The DEQ went on to say that “DEQ appreciates your efforts to correct the violation by making quick adjustments and repairs to the scrubbers that control emissions from the kilns, and by conducting a subsequent source test that demonstrated compliance with the grain loading particulate limits on October 3, 2013.”

Georgia Pacific Toledo spokeswoman Sharron Kanareff told News Lincoln County that it was GP workers themselves who found the violation, notified DEQ about the problem and quickly went about fixing it. Kanareff said “The safety and health of our Toledo area community is very important to Georgia Pacific.”

A DEQ official said GP experienced considerable and therefore expensive downtime while they repaired and adjusted the kiln air scrubber system. He said the loss of production time to repairs and system adjustments cost GP far, far more than DEQ’s fine. The official said “GP’s air quality control systems have operated very well in the past and that the company has a good record of compliance with DEQ-enforced emission standards.”


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Feb 182014

Chris Burns Weather

Updated at 3:15pm

The High Wind Warning has expired and is no longer in effect, the event is over. This storm was predicted to be a ‘fast-mover’ and it was. Rain around a half inch accompanied the wind. Tuesday’s storm was quite similar to Monday’s with wind gusts of 50-60 mph. Below are the peak gusts* along the Central Coast.

Lincoln City: 65 mph
Depoe Bay: 46 mph
Newport (Airport): 49 mph
Newport (Yaquina Bay Bridge): 60 mph
Waldport: 59 mph
Yachats: 56 mph

*Wind gust speeds vary with location and the elevation of sensors (anemometers). For instance, Lincoln City’s is directly exposed to the highest winds, and the Yaquina Bay Bridge’s sensor is up at 160 feet.

The highest gust in our region was 87 mph at Mary’s Peak southeast of Newport, at an elevation of 4,137 feet.

The next issue is precipitation related. The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Advisory for the Central Coast, in effect until 7:00pm Tuesday evening. Excessive runoff from heavy rainfall will cause ponding of water in communities, on highways, roads and streets, areas with poor drainage and in low lying spots. Do not attempt to travel across flooded roads. Find alternate routes. It takes only a few inches of swiftly flowing water to carry vehicles away.

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Feb 182014

Be Jeweled Upcycle jewelry sale Feb. 8, 9-3 at Newport Shilo Inn

Be Jeweled Upcycle jewelry sale Feb. 8, 9-3 at Newport Shilo Inn


BE JEWELED Rescheduled for March 1, 9-3 at Newport Shilo Inn on Elizabeth Street

Be Jeweled, the annual jewelry sale extravaganza benefiting Food Share of Lincoln County, has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 1, from 9am – 3pm at the Newport Shilo Inns and Suites, 536 SW Elizabeth Street. Inclement weather caused the cancellation of the prior date scheduled.

This year’s sale features an especially good assortment of high quality jewelry. Jewelry of all types and prices is available at this fun event.

This is the seventh year of this popular sale, where there is something for everyone. Jewelry is organized by category and packaged individually when needed for easy perusal and purchase.

“Be Jeweled’s Best” debuts this year, and will feature pieces that reflect unique artistic expression and the highest craftsmanship. Items in this area are not based on value or style, but rather it is jewelry with a special quality that separates it from the rest.

All proceeds from this sale benefit Food Share of Lincoln County, which provides thousands of pounds of food each year to the hungry throughout Lincoln County by supplying the various county pantries with food. Your jewelry purchase could help feed a family of four for a week.

For more information on this event and on Food Share of Lincoln County, see www.foodsharelincolncounty.org


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Feb 182014
Winds were blowing hard in Toledo.

Winds were blowing hard in Toledo.


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Feb 182014

From ODOT: Valley, No. Coast: One lane of travel is now open on OR 126W (Florence-Eugene Hwy.) after an earlier log truck crash. A utility is on scene making repairs to a power pole damaged in the crash. Flaggers are controlling travel in alternating directions. Motorists should anticipate 5-15 minute delays. UPDATE

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Feb 182014
Chimney Fire 194 Crabapple Drive

Chimney Fire
194 Crabapple Drive

Report of a chimney fire at a residence at 194 NE Crabapple Drive in Yachats. The flames are no longer coming out of the chimney, but sparks are still flying out.

Firemen pulled up to find sparks still coming out of the chimney. The fire was extinguished.

Firefighters always say to have your chimney inspected and/or cleaned at least once a year. They say even if you don’t burn that much wood over the course of a year, it should still be done because no two chimneys are alike. Some hang onto unburned creosote more than others. Once a year inspections dramatically reduce the chance of a chimney fire which can end tragically.


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Feb 182014

A large tree is down on one of the entrances to Pioneer Mountain Loop. The disposal of the tree may affect traffic on Highway 20. So travelers should pay close attention in those areas.

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Feb 182014

Chris Burns Weather

Tuesday, Feb. 18th – Lincoln County

Summary: We got to play outside for a while, but the teacher called us back in from recess early this morning. Yesterday, outdoor activities were possible if you didn’t mind hop-scotching around the showers. Temperatures hovered around 50F. The sun played hide-and-seek through much of the day after the high winds and overcast skies broke up around daybreak. The breeze couldn’t top 40 mph, and rainfall amounts were fairly light, though a heavy shower rolled through Waldport giving residents a quick drenching of half an inch. This morning, south winds are back up to mid-30s and steady rain has returned.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Rain/Wind Gust…
Lincoln City: 53F/49F/0.09”/30 mph
Depoe Bay: 50F/46F/0.07”/37 mph
Newport: 50F/45F/0.12”/37 mph
Waldport: 51F/45F/0.47”/34 mph
Yachats: 50F/44F/0.02”/35 mph

Forecast: The last of the strongest storms in the current series is blasting into the Central Coast today. A High Wind Warning remains in effect through 4:00pm this afternoon for the Central Coast and Coast Range. South winds 35-45 mph with gusts of 65-70 mph near beaches and headlands. For our coastal communities, south winds 30-40 mph with gusts of 55-60 mph. The highest winds are expected late this morning through early this afternoon. Also, thunderstorms with bursts of heavy rain are possible after the wind passes, due to colder and very unstable air coming in behind the storm front. The thunderstorms may continue through tomorrow. Tonight, winds should be down to 15-20 mph gusting 30, and falling off further tomorrow. Rainfall in the next two days could reach 1-2 inches, especially in areas with the heaviest showers. For tomorrow, showers, high 45F, low of 40F, and wind gusts to 25 mph. Tomorrow night another, albeit much weaker, weather system arrives with southwest winds of 20-25 mph gusting 30 or better. Outlook is for a slow but steady drying trend through the latter part of the week – showers sluggishly trailing off, more breaks in the clouds, and temperatures of 40F-50F. Saturday could in fact be mostly sunny, but more showery weather returns by late Sunday.

Travel: Heavy rain and high winds could cause localized water-ponding and debris on any street, road or highway on the coast and in the Coast Range today. So keep an eye peeled and be prepared for possible delays. As of 8:00am, Highways 18, 20 and 34 were open and in the lower-40s with wet pavement. Highway 101 is okay through the Central Coast, but there’s high water in the travel lanes up at Tillamook, use caution. Valley destinations will have heavy rain, strong winds and temperatures near 50F today. In the Cascades, highways have packed snow and windy conditions. A Winter Weather Advisory is posted for up to two feet of new snow over the next couple of days. Chains or traction tires are required at Santiam Pass and Government Camp. The freezing level is 4,000 feet, dropping to 1,500 feet by tomorrow.

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 102”, a gain of 13” since yesterday, or 63% of normal.

Ski Report – New Snow Inches/Total Inches/Condition…
Hoodoo 2/33/Packed Powder
Willamette Pass 0/24/Machine Groomed
Mt Bachelor 3/109/Powder
Mt Hood Meadows 17/103/Powder
Mt Hood Ski Bowl 1/22/Machine Groomed
Timberline Lodge 2/30/Powder

Marine: Another barnburner is coming into local waters this morning. The breeze and seas are already rising; currently S winds are 25-30 knots and wave heights are 11 feet. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay and Yaquina Bay bars are closed to all recreational and uninspected passenger vessels. A Storm Warning is in effect through this afternoon. S winds intensifying to 30-35 knots gusting 45 this morning, veering SW 45 knots this afternoon, combined seas building to 14 feet. Tonight, W wind dropping to 20-25 knots and seas 13 feet. For tomorrow, lighter winds and higher seas are forecast. Westerlies 15-20 knots gusting 25, wind waves 5 feet with NW swells at 15 feet. Another blow is forecast for tomorrow night; SW wind rising to 25-30 knots gusting 35 and seas 14 feet. Outlook is for a slowly moderating trend late in the week and into the weekend. Westerly winds down to 15-25 knots, then veering northerly 5-15 knots by Friday. Seas subsiding slowly to 10 feet by late in the week.

On the Beach… Rain, high winds, surf 11-12 feet (moderate).
02/18 Tue 08:09 AM 1.82 L
02/18 Tue 02:08 PM 7.46 H
02/18 Tue 08:10 PM 1.34 L
02/19 Wed 02:37 AM 8.31 H

In Short: Rain, windy, then slowly moderating.

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Feb 172014

After Tuesday’s all day deluge, the area’s homeless will be drenched to the bone, in need of food and a warm, dry place to sleep. The Newport Warming Center is open from 5pm Tuesday through Wednesday morning to help them get something to eat,dry out and sleep in a safe place.

Having said that…

The Newport Warming Shelter for the Homeless needs donations of prepared foods (lasagna, casseroles) , snacks, and juice. And some bakery sweets if possible. They also need tarps.

Drop your donations off at the Newport Warming Shelter, inside the Lincoln County Fairgrounds near 3rd and Harney, at the Pick of the Litter entrance. A 5pm drop off would be lovely.

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