Hit and Run outside Robert’s Books in Lincoln City

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Apr 162016

Hit and Run outside Robert's Books in Nelscott.

Hit and Run outside Robert’s Books in Nelscott.

Hit and Run at Robert's Books in Nelscott.  Know who it was?  Call 541-994-3636.

Hit and Run at Robert’s Books in Nelscott. Know who it was? Call 541-994-3636.

The owner of this Ford Focus came out to find her car had been punched hard, supposedly by a tall profile black Nissan pickup, which now should have a lot of front end damage. It was a hit and run, so the pickup driver didn’t stick around and own up to what happened.

Anyone who might know who was driving the black Nissan pickup should call 541-994-3636.

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Picture perfect Yachats morning – Ken Gagne

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Apr 162016

Yachats Bay with Blow Hole open for business! Ken Gagne photo

Yachats Bay with Blow Hole open for business!
Ken Gagne photo

Troller close in to shore! Just following the fish! Ken Gagne photo

Troller close in to shore!
Just following the fish!
Ken Gagne photo

The ONLY way to be hypnotized and remember everything! Ken Gagne photo

The ONLY way to be hypnotized and remember everything!
Ken Gagne photo

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Toledo needs some growing room and some help to keep the city pool open…

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Apr 152016

City Limits of Toledo

City Limits of Toledo

The Toledo City Council will be mailing out a survey rather soon to residents living just outside the city limits asking about their attitudes about annexing into the city – that is – bringing their properties inside the city limits.

While the first reaction might be, “Why should I annex inside the city – my taxes will go up?!” Mayor Billie Jo Smith says that may be true but there are both cost reductions and new freedoms given to property owners who might want to develop their properties to an extent not necessarily allowed by county zoning. Other benefits could include better police protection since very stretched county sheriff’s patrols frequently mean delayed responses for calls.

Mayor Smith also points out that those who annex into the city would have their water bills cut in half, if they’re already getting their water from the city. Sewer and water service extensions would be a lot easier to provide. And those who would like to develop their land to higher densities than allowed in the county, annexation into Toledo would mean higher density city zoning would translate into a much higher rate of return on anything property owners might want to pursue.

Annexation could also mean better street maintenance.

There is also a longer range benefit in having Toledo’s growth areas better planned and laid out – with parks properly created in the right places. Bicycle lanes and in-city hiking and biking trails could more efficiently connect neighborhoods. Such a plan could also establish shopping closer to residential areas so car trips to and from stores would shortened. Baskets on bicycles might once again come into vogue.

So if you live just outside the Toledo city limits, you’re likely to get an “Annexation Survey” in your water bill or in the mail. It’s also likely you’ll be able to take the survey on the city’s website: CityofToledo.org Depending on how the survey goes, it will determine what the next step might be in formulating costs and savings for those who are considering “living in the city” as something desirable. If the city comes up with solid figures of costs, savings and other benefits, the city council would then be in a position to put such an annexation expansion on a future city ballot.

Toledo Pool Archive photo

Toledo Pool
Archive photo

Should Toledo build a new municipal pool?

Another major issue facing Toledo is its aging municipal swimming pool. It’s at last 50 years old and the roof that was put over the pool as an after thought is getting…shall we say…rather worn. Incidents of torrential downpours, heavy winds or substantial snow loading can force the pool to shut down for extended periods – all in the interest of public safety.

Over the past few years, the city has studied the costs of renovating the pool but a consensus these days appears to point to a new pool. Fixing up the old one would be costly as well, and you’d still have an old pool.

A group of pool enthusiasts have been tasked with coming up with a plan for a new pool and to analyze various methods of funding it. The council this week said it wants to establish a timeline on getting the plan ready for action. And part of that action may involve establishing a special Toledo Area Parks and Recreation District that would spread the cost of the pool over a much larger area than just the city – since many people who don’t live in the city use the pool as well.

Mayor Smith says swimming lessons for youngsters is literally a life safer for many families. A new swim center would attract far more users, including Baby Boomers, who love to exercise in water – it’s easier on the joints – and it’s indoors! And the pool could attract some of the local, regional – even statewide swim team events.

So swim center boosters have their “grass roots” work cut out for them. The council says if they get busy and begin assembling the feasibility study for a new pool, the council will continue to subsidize the current pool through the end of this year. And if they come up with a viable proposal on the kind of pool the town would like to see and use, along with a funding scheme to reduce its load on the city budget (and it is quite heavy at the moment), the council would keep the current pool open through the end of 2017.

So we’ll see how it goes on a brave new effort to keep Toledo in the swim center business!

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Properly launching our graduating seniors into the world….

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Apr 152016

The Waldport High School Senior Parents are raising funds for the Safe and Sober Grad Night for our graduating senior class. Natures Bling and Marc and Jennifer Taylor have graciously donated a beautiful 4 foot Amethyst cathedral to raffle. Tickets are $5 each or 6 for $25. Tickets can be purchased at Natures Bling or The Chocolate Frog from now until the winning ticket is selected at the 9 Hole Golf Scramble on Saturday May 14th at Crestview Golf Course. Come support all of the hard word our seniors have done and maybe take home a beautiful piece for your home.

Here’s more to bid on!

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.46.14 PM

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Coming up in Lincoln City!…..

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Apr 152016

Lincoln City Community Center

Lincoln City Community Center

April is a busy month at the Lincoln City Community Center!

Special recreation swims will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Thursday, April 21st and Friday, April 22nd. These are both no-school days, and rec swims are a fun way to pass the time! Admission is still only $2.50 for children ages 2 through 17!

The Community Center pool will close at 3:30 Friday, April 22nd for the Lincoln City Swim Club’s annual Spring Invitational Swim Meet. The meet continues all day Saturday and Sunday, and both the pool and gymnasium will be closed throughout the meet to accommodate 300 age group swimmers from around the Northwest.

The Center’s cardio and weight rooms, indoor walking track and rock climbing wall will remain open during the meet.

The public is invited to stop by and enjoy some great competition, buy a raffle ticket and support the Lincoln City Swim Club!

Lincoln City Community and Recreation Center

Lincoln City Community and Recreation Center

We invite you to enjoy Community Days at the Community Center!
The Ducky Derby takes place at 7 p.m. Monday, April 25 in the Lincoln City Pool! This is a fundraiser for Taft 7-12 sports programs. You purchase a numbered duck for $7 and watch as the ducks swim down the giant water slide. Owners of selected ducks will win great prizes!

A special family night is planned for Thursday, April 28 at the Community Center.
The evening begins at 7 p.m. sharp with our annual Nickel Dive! Handfuls of change will be tossed into both the big pool and small pool, and it’s all up for grabs by children age 16 and under. We’ll even supply the baggies to help safe-keep your treasure!

A special recreation swim will immediately follow the Nickel Dive, so bring mom and dad for an evening of FREE family-friendly fun!

The Lincoln City Community Center is located at 2150 NE Oar Place. For more details call 541-994-2131, see www.lincolncity.org, or check out the Lincoln City Community Center Facebook page.

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Man gets too close to the edge at Rocky Creek – Swept away.

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Apr 152016

Far ledge where victim and friend were hammered by big wave.

Far ledge where victim and friend were hammered by big wave. Courtesy photo

Rocky Creek State Park Getting too close to the water proved fatal.

Rocky Creek State Park
Getting too close to the water proved fatal.
Depoe Bay Fire-Rescue photo

Here’s a report on what happened as compiled by Oregon State Police:

Preliminary information reveals that Kelly SMITH, age 26, from Athens, Georgia, was visiting the coast for the first time with five other friends after finishing up a job in Corvallis before flying back home. He and another friend climbed out on the rocks beyond the viewpoint to get as close to the water as they could to take some photos. Suddenly a rogue wave approached and struck them from behind. SMITH was pulled by the current out into the rough seas.

An emergency call was immediately made and attempts to rescue SMITH were made by friends. He was seen alive in the surf for approximately seven minutes before sinking below the water. He was also seen several times floating by emergency responders. But he disappeared from view a short while later. Coast Guard Station Depoe Bay personnel aboard a 46′ motorlifeboat continues to search for SMITH’s body.

According to Oregon Parks & Recreation Department website, “They’re called sneaker waves because they appear without warning, often surging high up on the beach with deadly force, and are impossible to predict. Sneaker waves also carry a large amount of sand that can saturate your clothes, weighing you down and making escape difficult if not impossible.”

The website also states, “How to play it safe: Never turn your back on the ocean.”


As the incident happened earlier today:

Surf rescue call out for fire rescue at at Rocky Creek State Park. Man said to be in the water. Was trying to swim back to shore. Now possibly unconscious. Doesn’t look good.

Witnesses say the man is getting hammered by waves and he may have been caught in a rip tide because he seems to be moving away from shore.

Depoe Bay Fire-Rescue has spotted him. Unconscious in the water. Can’t get to him. A Coast Guard Depoe Bay motorlifeboat is enroute to the scene.

Communication radios are scratchy. Coast Guard says they don’t have him.

Water temperatures are pretty cold. Without a wetsuit, survival time for average adult is no more than around 20 minutes. He’s been in the water pushing a half-hour. No word yet on how he wound up in the water

Searchers have lost sight of him.

Coast Guard in Newport refueling their search helo and will continue to search for the man.

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And then there were none…

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Apr 152016
Site for proposed LNG export plant near Astoria.  Company pulls out.  State said wasn't needed.

Site for proposed LNG export plant near Astoria. Company pulls out. State said wasn’t needed.

No sooner had the decision been made to scrap plans for a Liquid Natural Gas Sea Shipping Terminal near Coos Bay (it wasn’t needed) than another proposed LNG terminal has been similarly been dispatched to the scrap heap of fallen dreams on the Columbia River.

The company trying to build an LNG plant at Warrenton, near Astoria, has bit the same dust as Coos Bay. Local and state regulators predicted tough sledding for the plant because of a lack of a need for this one too, along with criticism of environmental degradation which was also a pox on the Coos Bay project.

Here’s more from The Oregonian. Click here.

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Van vs. Pedestrian at Safeway in Newport – Hit and Run

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Apr 152016

Report of a van hitting a pedestrian near Safeway on 101 in Newport, and then speeding away. The victim is a woman in her 50s complaining of pain. Medics are tending to her. The search is on for the light colored van with Arizona plates.

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