Nov 262013
"The End" Ray Woodruff Waldport First Husband

“The End”
Ray Woodruff
Photo by Waldport First Husband

Now begins the birthing of a new recreation playland for young and old alike at Crestline and E. Hemlock.


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Nov 262013
A tree adorned with one-of-a-kind, lathe-turned ornaments created by the Oregon Coast Wood Turners is available for bid in the Pacific Communities Health District Foundation’s online auction at  Dolly Ness photo

A tree adorned with one-of-a-kind, lathe-turned ornaments created by the Oregon Coast Wood Turners is available for bid in the Pacific Communities Health District Foundation’s online auction at
Dolly Ness photo

– An Ashland getaway, guided elk hunt on private property and premiere wine tasting are just a few of the items being offered in an online auction offered by the Pacific Communities Health District (PCHD) Foundation. Available at until Dec. 8, at 5 p.m. The Un-Gala online auction benefits the future Center for Health Education, to be located on Highway 101 adjacent to Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital.
For the past several years, the PCHD Foundation has been working with the community to build the center, which can help attract and retain health care providers, prevent disease, manage chronic illness, improve quality of life, and lower health care costs. The community is within $100,000 of raising the $2.5 million needed to complete the project.

For more information about the center, visit or contact the Foundation office at 541-574-4745.


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Nov 262013
Sen. Ron Wyden The long-awaited "breakthrough" all have been waiting for?

Sen. Ron Wyden
The long-awaited “breakthrough” all have been waiting for?

In a major announcement, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden today outlined details to what may be a tough, scientifically based plan to create sustainable timber yields as well as sustainable revenues for cash-strapped southwest Oregon Counties.

The announcement strongly emphasizes that the plan for the state’s O&C timberlands, found in a number of counties, can be managed in a way that produces substantial amounts of timber while protecting and even enhancing forest environments along with fish and wildlife habitat.

This breaking story is found in the Oregonian. Click here

Merkley, Jeff-020609-18427- 0008

Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after Senator Wyden announced new O&C lands legislation at the Oregon State Capitol:

“It is critical that we find a solution for our O&C lands that protects our most sensitive lands and drinking water, while providing a reliable and sustainable supply of wood for our mills and jobs for our forest communities. I applaud Senator Wyden for thoughtfully taking on this important issue and announcing legislation to advance these objectives. I look forward to working with him, the Governor, and the many stakeholders to finally put in place a long-term solution for the O&C lands.”

Governor John Kitzhaber Supports Wyden's Bill

Governor John Kitzhaber
Supports Wyden’s approach to the O&C challenge

“Thanks to Chairman Wyden for his strong leadership on one of the most intractable natural resources issues facing our state. I am pleased that the Senator’s bill incorporates and improves on the many concepts that Oregonians and I believe are required for long-term solutions to the O&C issue. I look forward to assisting the Chairman, Ranking Member DeFazio, and Congressmen Walden and Schrader in their efforts to pass legislation in 2014.”


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Nov 262013
Newport Senior Activity Center

Newport Senior Activity Center


For the month of December there will be no French Club at the Newport 60+ Activity Center.

Also, there will be no Line Dancing classes with Maggie Bice on December 16, 23 or December 30. Maggie’s Line Dancing classes begin again on Mondays, starting January 6th, 2014 in the Health and Wellness Studio. Come join the fun!

See you there and have wonderful holidays.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Newport 60+ Activity Center at 541-265-9617.

Visit our website:
Find us on facebook:
Give us a call at 541-265-9617


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Nov 262013
Senator Ron Wyden D-Oregon When is it legal to kill an American?

Senator Ron Wyden
When is it legal to kill an American?

wyden american killed 1 Continue reading »

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Nov 262013

Sunrise Depoe Bay Eva Harmon

Sunrise Depoe Bay
Eva Harmon

Sunrise Beaver Creek Kim Carlson

Sunrise Beaver Creek
Kim Carlson

Sunrise South Beach Julie Sacchetti

Sunrise South Beach
Julie Sacchetti

Sunrise Yachats Ken Gagne

Sunrise Yachats
Ken Gagne


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Nov 262013

Gilbert Schramm The human side to continued chaos and tragedy in the Middle East

Gilbert Schramm
The human side to continued chaos and tragedy in the Middle East

Continuous Crisis in the Middle East
Revealing False Stereotypes and Misleading Narratives

As the holiday season rolls around, the Middle East is again torn by conflicts. America pays a high price for this violence, yet a peaceful resolution remains elusive: the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in the Holy Land is the longest running unresolved confrontation in the world. America’s tension with Iran has now lasted almost 35 years. The civil war in Syria is only about two years old, yet threatens serious long-term consequences for the entire region. Iraq and Afghanistan remain in turmoil.

The Rogue Ale Public House at 748 SW Bay Blvd in Newport is the location for the Dec. 3 gathering at 7 pm to discuss issues in the Middle East with Gilbert Schramm, an expert long-experienced in the field. During the presentation and discussion, refreshments can be ordered from the menu
This presentation, led by Gilbert Schramm, will give context and background for better understanding of recent developments in this perpetually war-torn region. Military and political relationships between the US, Iran, Syria, Israel and Palestine will be the main focus to reveal choices on what can be done to promote peace and justice. Challenging false stereotypes and misleading narratives are a key part of this effort. 

Schramm has BA degrees in English Literature and History, with a focus on US foreign policy and the Middle East. He served two tours in the US Peace Corps in Yemen and Bulgari. He has lived and taught in Pakistan, South Korea, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Schramm also earn his Masters Degree in applied linguistics (TESOL) with special emphasis on intercultural issues.

The Interfaith Community for Peace and Justice is sponsoring this event. For further information, call Gilbert Schramm at 541-265-7302.


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Nov 262013

Counterfeit twenty dollar bill has shown up in Lincoln City.

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Nov 262013
Sheriff Dennis Dotson Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Dennis Dotson
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

* Choose a tree with fresh, green needles that do not fall off when touched.
* Cut 1-2” off the trunk of the tree before placing in the stand.
* Make sure the tree is at least 3 feet away from a heat source.
* Add water daily to the tree stand.
* Never use lit candles near a tree or as decoration.
* Always turn off the Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed.
* If you have an artificial tree, make sure it is fire retardant.

Winter Sports Safety

* Skiing and Snowboarding: Take lessons and wear a helmet! Stay on marked trails and always go with a buddy.
* Sledding: Find a good hill where you won’t run into something at the bottom. Sit up with feet forward. Make sure an adult is with you.
* Ice Skating: Don’t use the neighborhood pond. Stick to public indoor and outdoor skating rinks. Wear a helmet.
* For all winter sports: Dress in layers and wear a hat. Even on cold days, the sun can burn you. Drink water and wear sunscreen.
* Don’t walk on a frozen pond.

Poison Control, 800-222-1222

* Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning: an odorless, colorless, poisonous gas created from burning fuel. Install a CO detector in your home.
* Don’t use the oven, gas range or unattended space heaters for heating your home.
* Holly berries, mistletoe and poinsettias can be poisonous if swallowed.
* Keep ornaments out of reach of children and pets. Some ornaments may contain lead or have sharp edges if broken. Snow globes contain dangerous ingredients.
* Swallowing hazards: any small object that can fit through a toilet paper roll.
* Children are curious. Secure all medications, cosmetics and cleaning products when children are visiting

For more information and tips, visit our web site at and on your Smartphone via the “MobilePatrol” app and Like us on Facebook at Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Oregon.


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Nov 262013
Chris Burns Central Coast Weather Watcher

Chris Burns
Central Coast Weather Watcher

26Nov2013 – Newport, Oregon

Summary: Already a number of visitors are showing up at the coast for this holiday week, and they enjoyed another sunny and relatively warm day yesterday. A few high clouds drifting by, a light east wind of 10-12 knots, and temperatures pushing 60F. It was nearly ideal for anytime of year, let alone the end of November. Central Coast communities had remained above freezing overnight so it was an easier rebound to the warmer afternoon highs.

Past 24 hours high/low…
Lincoln City/Depoe Bay: 59F/43F
Newport: 58F/38F
Yachats/Waldport: 55F/38F

Forecast: A definite change this morning as some clouds moved in, but this is only expected to be a short term issue. Now through the first part of the weekend, there should be a mix of both sun and clouds, and only a very slight chance of some sprinkles tonight. Then, dry for Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday shopping. Highs in the mid-50s with lows around 40F or so. Could see a quick blast of SE breeze tonight, up to 20 knots, before it falls light again tomorrow. Outlook is for a major change by the weekend, probably sometime Saturday, to a more typical pattern. It appears a front will be arriving then with increasing southerly winds and a decent potential for moderate rain and seasonal temperatures in the 40s and 50s. By early next week, there is a possibility of colder air arriving from the arctic with a chance for some mixed rain and snow showers to start off December. For our holiday travelers, it still looks like good conditions to and from the coast on Highways 18/20 tomorrow and Turkey Day, with wet and breezy conditions on the way home Sunday. Passes look to be well above freezing throughout the period.

Marine: Benign conditions this morning with seas running 3-4 feet and SE winds in the 10-15 knot range. With the minor weather disturbance coming through tonight, there could be gusts up to 25 knots, and a Small Craft Advisory has been issued for the waters past 10 miles offshore. Seas are expected to build a little through the next couple of days, probably into the 6-8 foot range, but lightening winds again tomorrow and Friday. The Depoe Bay and Yaquina Bay bars remain unrestricted today. With commercial crabbing season pushed back to at least December 15th, the fleet can watch this weekend’s storm system from shore. Will probably see just under gale force winds and bigger seas by Sunday.

On the Beach…
Sun and cloud mix, light winds, surf 3-4 feet
11/26 Tue 12:59 PM 2.97 L
11/26 Tue 06:29 PM 5.77 H
11/27 Wed 12:28 AM 2.03 L
11/27 Wed 07:21 AM 7.77 H

In Short: More clouds, mild, storm by the weekend.

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