Library fine amnesty at Driftwood Public Library, Lincoln City

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Mar 262019

Lincoln City City Hall
and Library (2nd floor)

Last fall, Driftwood Public Library and the Lincoln City City Council agreed to eliminate daily overdue fines on library materials, ensuring patrons would no longer be assessed five cents per day per item returned late. On February 11th, the City Council took things one step further, and moved to forgive outstanding overdue fines on patron accounts.

The library has completed an audit of accounts blocked due to overdue fines of $25 or more, and has restored 439 accounts to good standing. This means that more than four hundred people – including 131 children — will once again be able to use the library. In conducting the audit, library staff learned that the most common items that were returned overdue were children’s items.

In January, the American Library Association’s governing council released a resolution identifying monetary library fines as an economic barrier to library use, and encouraging libraries to re-assess the collection of fines. However, the issue has been a topic of interest for Library Director Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney for much longer. “We held a major fine amnesty back in 2016, offering to forgive overdue fines for anyone who came to the library,” she says, “and what we found is that for many people, even the fear of having a library fine was enough to keep them away. We also learned that research doesn’t support the idea that fines encourage people to bring their items back on time.” For patrons such as children, teens, and people with disabilities who rely on others for transportation to the library, the risk of running up large fines is greater, and these same patrons often lack the monetary resources to return their account to good standing. “For someone on a fixed income,” says Brodbeck-Kenney, “accumulating $25 in fines might mean that they have to choose between groceries or using the library. We don’t want folks to have to make that choice.”

Patrons will still be expected to return their items to the library on time. If an item is kept for six weeks past the due date, the patron will receive a bill for the cost of the item. This bill will be automatically removed from the account if the item is returned to the library in good condition.

All residents of Lincoln County are eligible to receive a library card at Driftwood Public Library. All that is required is photo ID showing your Lincoln County address. If you’re new to the area and haven’t changed your ID over yet, bring your current photo ID along with something that shows your name and your physical Lincoln County address (a utility bill or piece of first-class mail are the most common documents we can accept). Visiting? No proof of address? No problem. DPL offers a Provisional Card to those who are in the area temporarily or who cannot provide proof of address. This card allows for two check-outs at a time as well as access to the library’s electronic materials. It is good for 90 days and can be renewed. Library staff encourage anyone who is not sure if they qualify for a card to call or stop by the library!

For more information, please contact Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney at 541-996-1251, or via email at Driftwood Public Library is located at 801 SW HWY 101 in Lincoln City on the 2nd floor of the City Hall building, across the street from

April 26th Annual Church Ladies and Friends Antiques and Collectables Sale

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Mar 262019

Trinity United Methodist Church

6th Annual Church Ladies and Friends Antiques and Collectables Sale
April 25, 26, 27 at Trinity United Methodist Church, Toledo

For 6 years the Church Ladies and Friends Antique and Collectables sale has provided the Central Oregon Coast community with an unparalleled opportunity to purchase a variety of collectable goods including furniture, vintage books, comics, cook books, jewelry, art and frames, clocks, dolls, doll furniture, kitchen items, quilts, linens, luggage, tea cups, china, glassware, toys, tools, and much more!

Delicious baked goods will also be for sale.

Thursday, April 25th – 6pm-8pm Opening night. $2 admission to benefit the Toledo Food Pantry
Friday April 26th – 8am-4pm FREE admission
Saturday April 27th – 8am-4pm FREE admission

Funds raised from the sale benefit local antiques/collectables vendors and our community through the United Methodist Women’s Toledo Chapter. The Toledo Chapter of the UMW support a wide variety of causes and organizations that help to make our community a better place for everyone to live.

The sale will take place in the basement of Trinity United Methodist Church at 383 NE Beech Street in Toledo, across the street from JC Market Thriftway.

More information about Trinity United Methodist Church can be found on their website:

Possible building fire in Seal Rock

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Mar 262019

Reporting party says lots of white smoke is billowing up into the air from near 758 NW Cross Street, Seal Rock. Fire units are enroute.

Arriving fire units say it may be a large debris burn in the back yard.

Confirmed “control burn.” Homeowner has a burn permit from the fire dept.

758 NW Cross Street
Lots of white smoke

Weather or Not: Spring Break

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Mar 262019

3/26/19 A break in precipitation today with mostly sunny skies, light winds, high 55F, increasing clouds tonight, low 45F, rain/showers tomorrow, high 55F. Outlook: showers Thu, chance of showers Fri, sunshine Sat, rain again Sun, showers return on Mon, the thermometer warming a smidge, highs 55-60F, lows 45-50F.

Beaches Today:
Surf Height…………..9 to 13 ft.
Weather………………Partly cloudy. Highs around 55.
Wind…………………Southwest 10 to 15 mph.
Tides (South Beach)…
High tide…8.3 ft at 04:40 AM PDT.
Low tide….0.4 ft at 11:24 AM PDT.
High tide…6.3 ft at 05:59 PM PDT.
Low tide….3.3 ft at 11:13 PM PDT.
Sunrise – 7:07 AM PDT. Sunset – 7:36 PM PDT.

Newport firefighters at house full of smoke on Elizabeth Street

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Mar 252019

39 SW Elizabeth Street
White smoke inside the house….
Google Maps

Newport Fire-Rescue personnel are on scene at 39 SW Elizabeth Street in Newport on a report of a lot of white smoke inside a vacation rental house.

Firefighters say they’ve found the source of the smoke and they’re ventilating the house. No word yet on a cause.

Lincoln City ponders growing the town by redirecting taxes

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Mar 252019

Roads End
Lincoln City
Getting a big boost?

Lincoln City City Councilors Monday night went back-and-forth, back-and-forth over what parts of Lincoln City need an economic shot in the arm.

Two areas of town got a lot of attention – Nelscott and Roads End. The Villages were also part of the mix. Nelscott rose to the top mainly because of its manufacturing and other industrial potential. The Villages because of new construction, and Roads End because of it’s need for infrastructure like street re-do’s, storm drains and the water system.

Other parts of Lincoln City were also mentioned, but the council seemed to be focusing on those areas that could give the city the best rate of return on their “urban renewal” tax investments.

Here’s how it works. Every year the city levies property taxes. And every year those taxes go up, however marginally. When the city council enacts an urban renewal area like Roads End or Nelscott, the city steps in and draws the tax line on a particular year – say 2020. Starting in 2020, a specific area continues to pay normal increases in taxes, but that increase from 2020 going forward is applied to municipal bonds which can be used for streets, storm water, drinking water, sewer and other utilities – money, by-the-way, that is no longer available to any other part of town. The North Lincoln Fire Chief was on hand to remind the council that if they move forward with investing the annual “tax increment” in a specific area, it’ll have an effect on the Fire Department’s budget and the budgets of other government agencies like police and schools.

The city council did not make any firm decisions on any of this other than to say they’re going to continue to confer with a highly skilled urban renewal consultant who has been evaluating all of Lincoln City for purposes of targeting improvements which typically accelerates growth in terms of population, jobs and the overall economy.

The city council decided to continue discussing the issue at a city council meeting next month.

Depoe Bay’s first-ever Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

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Mar 252019

Laura Furgurson
Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce
First chamber Executive Director

The Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the hiring of their first Executive Director, Laura Furgurson. In an effort to expand and enhance Depoe Bay’s marketing and tourism efforts, this part-time position is funded by a three-year grant from the Lincoln County Commissioners.

In this new leadership position, Ms. Furgurson’s focus will be tourism marketing, membership support and volunteer recruiting.

Laura has over 30 years of experience launching and leading both for-profit and non-profit organizations. She joins the Chamber with an extensive background in marketing, branding, market research, volunteer management, organizational development, tourism and hospitality. Ms. Furgurson teaches marketing courses through the local Small Business Development Center, is a certified leadership coach and a long-time business advisor.

Chamber Board President Bill Johnson says “the board is delighted to have found someone locally with such a broad and diverse background in both the business and non-profit arena. Laura’s wealth of experience will be a wonderful asset in promoting the Depoe Bay area. It was a unanimous decision to bring Laura on board and we’re looking forward to her leadership in promoting the businesses and tourism to the Whale Capital of Oregon.”

Laura Furgurson says she is excited for the new opportunity. “I am thrilled to be able to help visitors discover what I’ve experienced and loved since childhood. Depoe Bay is a unique, beautiful and fun place to share with family and friends,” Furgurson said. She’s also eager to support local businesses and expand volunteer opportunities within the community.

Patti Eisler, Chamber Board Member who led the hiring effort said “We are super excited to have Laura, on our team.  She’s already hit the ground running by supporting volunteer efforts for our upcoming Crab Feed and Wooden Boat Show. Laura has an extensive background in both marketing and tourism, we feel extremely lucky to have found her.”

Eat Pizza with the Blue Wave!

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Mar 252019

Pizza Fundraiser and Climate Change Discussion at March Democratic Central Committee General Meeting

The fundraising committee of the Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee will be serving pizza at our March General Meeting. In addition to regular business, our main topic and presentation this month will be on Climate Change.

Attending the General Meeting is free. Pizza, salad, and beverages can be purchased at the door for $20 per person.

The Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 27, in the Newport Visual Arts Center, 777 NW Beach Drive, Newport, Oregon. The meeting is from 6-9 PM and the public is welcome.
We are the blue wave! Join us.


Don’t sit on logs in the surf/wave area of any beach!!

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Mar 252019

Log rolls over woman sitting on it.
Nehalem Fire-Rescue

Over the weekend Nehalem Fire-Rescue responded to the beach for a woman who was crushed by a large driftwood log when it was struck by a “sneaker wave” while she was sitting on it.

The woman sustained serious injuries and was flown to Portland for treatment.

NEVER turn your back on the ocean! The beach may be called a park, but it really isn’t. It’s raw Mother Nature and she can kill in an instant. This woman was very, very lucky.


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Mar 252019

Do NOT disturb seal pups! They are very fragile and scare easily!
OCA photo

It’s that time of year again: Seal pups are appearing on beaches along the Oregon coast. Beachgoers are asked to stifle their desire to assist these animals in some way, and instead give them space.

Every spring, harbor seals give birth on secluded beaches or reefs along the Pacific coast. The pups are born ready to swim but cannot tread water for long; they need ample time on shore to rest and stay warm. They can remain there for days while their mothers forage at sea.

Click here for details

Concerned observers often report “abandoned” seal pups on the beach, not realizing that the mother might be foraging nearby, or swimming just offshore to maintain distance from curious humans and their dogs.

Humans approaching or otherwise trying to “help” these unattended pups may inadvertently cause them harm, as the presence of people may deter mother seals from coming ashore to nurse. Seal pups are vulnerable and they may yank at our heartstrings, but we often jeopardize matters further by intervening in their affairs.

Harbor seals are wild animals that face many challenges to reaching maturity, and pup mortality is a natural check on robust seal populations in our region. In general, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of indigenous wildlife when they are deemed injured by human interference. But in the case of harbor seal pups, humans should not be approaching these animals in the first place, and the Aquarium advises the public to obey marine mammal protection laws and let nature take its course.

“Concerned observers can call the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network [541-270-6830] if a pup is spotted,” said Jim Burke, Director of Animal Husbandry at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. “Their staff can post signs near the seal to inform other beachgoers of the situation.”

Stern warnings aside, finding a harbor seal pup on the beach can be an enchanting and poignant experience. To keep these creatures safe, watch with binoculars or take pictures from afar—let the seals take care of themselves.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium creates unique and engaging experiences that connect you to the Oregon Coast and inspire ocean conservation. An accredited Association of Zoos & Aquariums institution, this 501(c)3 non-profit organization is ranked as one of

Weather or Not: A Potpourri of Conditions

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Mar 252019

3/25/19 Light rain and breezy today, 1/10″ precip, SSW winds 5-15mph gusting 25, high 50-55F, showers this evening, then partly cloudy overnight, low 45F, sunny tomorrow, high 55F. Outlook: rain and/or showers likely Wed-Thu, showers with sunbreaks Fri-Sat, rain possible again on Sun, highs 55-60F, lows 40-45F.

Beaches Today:
Surf Height…………..10 to 14 ft.
Weather………………Cloudy with rain. Highs 50 to 55.
Wind…………………Southeast 10 to 15 mph with gusts to 20 mph, becoming south 15 to 20 mph with gusts to 25 mph.
Tides (South Beach)…
High tide…8.8 ft at 03:58 AM PDT.
Low tide….0.0 ft at 10:29 AM PDT.
High tide…6.9 ft at 04:57 PM PDT.
Low tide….2.5 ft at 10:22 PM PDT.
Sunrise – 7:09 AM PDT. Sunset – 7:35 PM PDT.

Attic fire in home north of Waldport on Sarkisian, west of 101

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Mar 242019

Firefighters from Seal Rock, Central Coast and Yachats are fighting an attic fire at 1505 Sarkisian Drive. Smoke is coming out from under the eaves.

The home is evacuated.

Firefighters are entering the home to knock down the fire.

Portions of the home are filling with smoke. Firefighters are about to enter the attic area.

The home has electrical problems. Fire department and utility company disable the home’s electrical system so electricians can repair the system.

Good save firefighters!!

Smoke inside Pig ‘n Pancakes 810 SW Alder

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Mar 242019

Smoke inside Pig n’ Pancakes at 810 Alder, reported by someone driving by on 101. Firefighters are enroute.

Fire Chief Rob Murphy on scene – says no smoke showing. Checking inside. Investigating the second story of the building.

Chief Murphy declares “false alarm.” Heading back to headquarters.

Yesterday, steam from hot food activated smoke alarms at Puerto Villarte Restaurant in Lincoln City.