Lover’s spat…

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May 252016
I don't care how much you flap your wings, I'm not talking to you!!

I don’t care how much you flap your wings, I’m not talking to you!!
Ken Gagne

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Charles Hutton finally behind bars – Whopping Bail!

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May 252016

Charles Hutton LCJ photo

Charles Hutton
LCJ photo

The man who momentarily led Toledo Police on a short pursuit up Business 20 through Toledo and then through a construction zone, was finally caught today. He’s in the Lincoln County Jail, held there on $1.6 million bond.

Toledo Police initially tried to pull him over for a traffic violation but Hutton took off up Business 20 and headed for Highway 20 on the back way. The police officer saw the construction area ahead and backed off, but Sutton reportedly blew through it still at high speed, endangering the lives of workers – two of which sustained minor injuries.

But authorities managed to bag him today, charging him with seven counts of endangering the lives of others, reckless driving, hit and run with injury, hit and run causing property damage, attempt to elude police, auto theft and theft. His bail is $1.6 million.

Newport Police provides the rest of the story:

This week a Newport Police Officer responded to a report of a stolen vehicle. The victim claimed that on May 21st Charles Joseph Hutton, age 34 of Newport, made an agreement to make mechanical repairs on her car. He said he would return the
repaired vehicle on May 23rd. Hutton failed to return the vehicle, and the victim reported the car as stolen.

The stolen vehicle was located at SW 7th and SW Alder St. Hutton was seen exiting the vehicle. Officers arrived and contacted Hutton as he was leaving the residence. He was taken into custody without incident. The car was returned to its owner.

Hutton was lodged in the Lincoln County Jail on charges of Theft 1, and Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle in addition to the above charges. Another $100,000 was added to his already $1.6 million bail pertaining to earlier charges.

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“Try Five” is the term to apply to next week’s Marijuana edible startup!

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May 252016

Marijuana edibles Oregonian photo

Marijuana edibles
Oregonian photo

It’s like any 20 year old coming up on their 21st birthday. The soon-to-be “of age” adult is full of wonder and adventure, eager to be initiated in that supremely adult realm of drinking a beer, or having a mixed drink or wine with dinner.

But a week from Thursday, many of those who are already 21 will be facing that rite of passage without any real experience with marijuana – or in this case, marijuana edibles. Unlike the percent of alcohol number written on the side of the can or glass, there is going to be something ranging between 5mg and 15mg which, to the uninitiated, will appear meaningless. How much is THAT and how much is TOO much?

For this reason, the Oregon State Liquor Control Commission and the Oregon Health Authority have adopted a short but relevant piece of advice: If you intend to imbibe, “Try 5.” 5 milligrams. And then wait an HOUR before consuming more.

Here’s the rest of the story in the Oregonian. Click here.

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Traffic Message from Newport Public Works

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May 252016

File photo

File photo

Paving for Ferry Slip Road project in South Beach begins at 8:30 AM Thursday, May 26.



The intersections at Ash St. and Highway 101 as well as 32nd St. and Ferry Slip Road will be closed. Emergency vehicles and local traffic will be permitted; however, local traffic will not be permitted on the hot asphalt. Please plan your activities accordingly.

Paving will be performed in the following order:

West side of Ferry Slip Road from Ash St. through 32nd St. intersection.
East side of Ferry Slip Road from Ash St. through 32nd St. intersection.

Traffic control flaggers will be on site. Please use caution when driving in the area.

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Logging accident southeast of Eddyville – severed leg, helicopter rescue

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May 252016


A logger has been severely injured at a logging operation high in the coast range near Harlan and a rescue helicopter is just now arriving on scene to try to pick him up and fly him to a trauma center.

Reports from the scene indicates that some kind of accident occurred during which a logger lost one of his legs.  The term “rigging” was used to describe the victim’s immediate surroundings at the time of the accident.


Chopper still trying to find a safe enough place to land.  Sounds like they found a spot.


REACH chopper cannot access the site.  Calling in the Coast Guard with extra equipment, including a rescue basket.  The Coast Guard helo can hover from a high elevation, drop the basket, have the victim strapped in, and then hoist him up to the helo – then make a B-line to a trauma center.

Apparently the Coast Guard couldn’t make it. Finally got the guy into an ambulance and met REACH out of Corvallis at a spot near Highway 20. NOW the victim is enroute to a trauma center in Portland.

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David Jincks is pulling up anchor and heading east…

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May 252016
Fisherman David Jincks resigns from the Newport Port Commission.

Fisherman David Jincks resigns from the Newport Port Commission.

Long time Central Coast fisherman and Newport Port Commissioner David Jincks is resigning his post on the commission, packing up and heading east to enjoy retirement and the wide open skies just east of Bend.

Jincks spent a total of 17 years on the Newport Port Commission including during the era of the re-emergence of the main shipping terminal that was recently rebuilt. Jincks says he enjoyed his time on the commission, he himself a commercial fisherman for many years. Jincks told News Lincoln County that he and his wife bought six acres just outside of Bend that has an old homestead on it that they’d like to add on to and of course build a “substantial” work shop to pursue his own creative imaginings. Jinck’s son is a successful businessman in the Bend area.

So that leaves a rather prominent seat to fill on the commission. Port Manager Kevin Greenwood has put out the word there is a vacancy on the port commission and that any applicants will need be carefully evaluated as to their qualifications, interest and commitment to keep the port moving ahead as one of the area’s primary economic engines for the Central Coast. It is also preferred that all applicants have some knowledge about the port’s strengths and weaknesses.

The successful applicant must be willing to begin his port commission duties starting June 21st and be willing to fulfill the unexpired term of Mr. Jincks which runs through June 30th of 2017.

For more information, call the Port of Newport, at 541-265-7758.

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An update of what’s going on with Devils Lake…

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May 252016
Sun imitating the Moon on Devils Lake Donna Plummer photo

Sun imitating the Moon on Devils Lake
Donna Plummer photo

A Message from the Devils Lake Water Improvement folks…

Dear Friends,
A lot has been happening at your Devils Lake Water Improvement District lately so I thought I’d send out a short update to keep everyone up to speed. First, we have hired Tom Wood as Interim Lake Manager. Tom started on May 16th and can generally be found Monday through Thursday in our offices on the Oregon Coast Community College Campus. Tom comes with outstanding credentials where he has provided management and leadership in facilities construction and natural resource management. His career included positions with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as Tetra Tech Engineering.

Second, several of the District’s committees have begun to meet. Each has been planning strategies to move projects and activities forward. In fact the SOS & Water Quality Committee has already begun their weekly testing for e.coli and HABS. In addition, the Special Projects Committee is planning a lake wide clean-up in conjunction with SOLVE for July 4th following the fireworks display held by the Devils Lake Neighborhood Association on July 3rd. If you are at all interested in being involved in what is happening with the District the Communication & Events as well as Septic Inspection committees still have openings available.

Thirdly, at last months board meeting the directors gave Dr. Alex Horne and HBH Engineering the green light to begin design of an aeration system for our lake to help control the growth of algae blooms. While this is taking place the lake manager will be installing a dissolved oxygen and temperature monitor for the summer to give them needed information to complete their Phase II design.

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting things happening in and around the lake. I hope you can find the time to join us in our efforts to make Lincoln City and Devils Lake one of the best places to live and spend time in Oregon.
Thanks for supporting Devils Lake Water Improvement District.


Kent C. Norris
DLWID Board Chair
(541) 994-5330

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Intoxicated man arrested after threatening to kill family east of Waldport

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May 242016

Reports say an armada of law enforcement roared south on 101 and then east on Highway 34 to Drift Creek Landing. They were responding to a report that a drunk male was threatening to shoot his family.

Upon arrival law enforcement took the man into custody and arrested him.

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