Lincoln County Weekly Real Estate Report – Tammy Gagne, Broker

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Nov 152015
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Weekly Market Report

Brought to you by Tammy Gagne – Advantage Real Estate

11/8/2015 to  11/15/2015


  • FOR SALE                                           975
  • SALES PENDING                               201
  • SOLD11/8/2015 to 11/15/2015             19
  • 2015 YEAR TO DATE SOLD             1059
  • 2014 YEAR TO DATE SOLD             837                  

UNDEVELOPED LAND AND LOTS                     

  • FOR SALE                                             692
  • SALES PENDING                                   23
  • SOLD11/8/2015 to 11/15/2015                1
  • 2015 YEAR TO DATE SOLD              215
  • 2014 YEAR TO DATE SOLD              137


  • 30YR FIXED – 4.0-4.125%
  • FHA/VA – 3.75%
  • 15 YEAR FIXED – 3.25%
  • 5 YEAR ARMS –  2.75 – 3.25% depending on the lender

Average sold price of residential homes is  $262,670  Average days on the market to sell is 191 days.  Year to date sold properties are well ahead of last year at this time. 

*Data obtained from Lincoln County Multiple Listing Service Tammy Gagne is a licensed Realtor in the State of Oregon License #870600040

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Traffic Crash: Hwy 18 at No. Bear Creek Road

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Nov 152015

OSP is a three vehicle rear-ender on Highway 18 at North Bear Creek Road. There are fluids on the road.

OSP reports only minor injuries.

All vehicle occupants are out of their vehicles. Watch for traffic flaggers. Slowwww dowwwwn!

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Fundraiser for Lincoln County Hospice

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Nov 152015

Gallucci's Pizzaria Lincoln City

Gallucci’s Pizzaria
Lincoln City
Google Earth photo

Gallucci’s Pizza owners John and Jane annually collect donations from Lincoln County and fill a giant stocking as a fundraiser for local charities each Christmas. The trivia game and fundraiser will be held on December 9th.

This year, 100% of the money collected at this one event will go to Lincoln County Hospice.

However, this year the stocking is not nearly full enough.

Lincoln County Hospice is in great need for businesses and organizations to step up and donate to this great community fundraiser that is going to help Lincoln County residents and their families at their most vulnerable and difficult time.

No donation is too small or to big.

You can contact Jane directly at 541-418-1832 if you need more information regarding this worthwhile community event.

Your consideration and participation is greatly appreciated.

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Otis: Power lines down 3078 No. North Bank Road

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Nov 152015

Power lines down in the Otis area at 3078 No. North Bank Road. Small fire is burning in the brush. Probable that the immediate area is experiencing a power outage.

Pacific Power has been called to the scene. Arrival time about thirty minutes.

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Yachats fire alarm: Residential 6117 NE Mason

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Nov 152015

Report of a fire alarm sounding at a home at 6117 NE Mason in Yachats. Yachats Fire enroute.

Fire units are on scene. No smoke showing.

Alarm Company called it in to dispatch.

False alarm.

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Newport: Traffic crash 6th and Nye

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Nov 152015

Traffic crash at 6th and Nye. That’s the one with the confusing “who’s gotta stop sign?” intersection. Crashed cars are not blocking. No injuries but their vehicles are leaking fluids.

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Weather or Not: A Week of Wet

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Nov 152015

Chris Burns Weather

Sunday, Nov. 15th – Lincoln County

Summary: Southerly winds topped 50 mph and rainfall totals were between a half and a full inch along the Central Coast during the past 24 hours. The heaviest rain and highest wind gusts came overnight as a cold front arrived, though there was a decent breeze and moderate precipitation during the daylight hours yesterday. It was fairly warm as highs neared 60F, stayed in the upper 50s throughout the evening, and then dipped into the 40s after midnight. At dawn there were some hefty showers rolling through and the wind was out of the northwest at 10-25 mph.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Gust/Rain…
Lincoln City: 58F/47F/46mph/1.00”
Depoe Bay: 58F/45F/43mph/0.50”
Newport: 59F/43F/39mph/0.52”
Waldport: 59F/45F/50mph/0.69”
Yachats: 60F/48F/51mph/0.77”

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Forecast: A cool, unstable atmosphere is expected to produce showers today and possibly a thunderstorm with the WON WINDY RAINYmercury having its work cut out trying to make 50F. The wind, though from the northwest, could still hit gusts of 40 mph. Showers remain likely overnight, low about 40F. Another storm is tracking our way for tomorrow with rainfall over half an inch and southerly winds returning at 20-30 mph gusting 40. Outlook is for rainy and breezy Tuesday and Wednesday, a chance of showers Thursday and Friday, and then some light at the end of tunnel with partly sunny and drying conditions beginning Saturday. High temps 50-55F, lows 40-45F.

Surface Rescue

Call or email George today!

Travel: In the Coast Range, there’s wet pavement on the passes this morning with temperatures near 40F; showers, breezy today and 45F, the snow level is above the passes at 2,000 feet. Valley destinations are expecting showers, windy, the thermometer rising to 50F. The Columbia River Gorge forecast calls for showers, west winds gusting 25 mph, a high of 50F.

For the Cascades, WARNING WINTER STORMthe highways have spots of ice, it is snowing at Santiam Pass, temps 30-35F. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the Cascades until midnight with snow generally 5 to 10 inches but up to 14 inches possible at the highest elevations. 3 to 6 inches expected for the Cascade highway passes by late this evening; the snow level decreases to 3,000 feet this afternoon, carry chains or traction tires. Outlook for weekend travelers is wet and windy in all of Northwest Oregon except snow in the Cascades through tonight.

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Marine: The breeze has veered to NNW this morning but is still strong, blowing 25-30 knots gusting 35 and seas are WON GALErough 15 footers at 13 seconds. A Gale Warning is in effect through this evening for NW winds continuing at 25-30 knots gusting 35 with steep seas building to 18 feet at 14 seconds. Tonight, the breeze relaxes to W 10-15 knots after midnight and seas subside a little to 16 feet at 12 seconds. Tomorrow, the wind backs to SW 25-30 knots gusting 40 with rough combined seas 16 feet. Outlook is for sou’westers 20-25 knots gusting 30 on Tuesday, swells 15 feet, and then nor’westers 15-20 knots Wednesday and Thursday, seas slowly falling from 16 to 11 feet. Always check the latest Bar Reports before you venture offshore.

On the Beach… Showers, breezy, surf 12-15 feet (moderate).
* Stay off of jetties and offshore rocks, and be extremely watchful on rocky shores or sandy beaches. These areas may be periodically inundated by surf today, especially around high tide. Be aware of sneaker waves that will be significantly higher than those that precede or follow them. Never turn your back on the ocean.
* Tides
11/15 Sun 07:54 AM 3.53 L
11/15 Sun 01:49 PM 8.40 H
11/15 Sun 08:38 PM -0.26 L
11/16 Mon 03:30 AM 7.26 H

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In Short: Showers, windy, then continued wet and breezy.

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Big waves and yet adults let their kids get within their reach….

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Nov 142015

Heavy storm surf pounds the Central Coast. Cherise Glaze photo

Heavy storm surf pounds the Central Coast.
Cherise Glaze photo

Yet clueless adults allow their young children to play in the strong tidal surge that could carry them back out into the waves in 15 seconds.

Yet clueless adults allow their young children to play in the strong tidal surge that could carry them out into giant waves in 15 seconds.
Ken Gagne photo

When waves get this big up against the shore, the second picture is the last thing you want to allow your kids to do. Visitors to the coast who obviously have no appreciation of the power of the sea run a very high risk of losing their children. Messages of warning during periods of great danger at the beach like this are broadcast on radio and television and on internet websites all the time. Yet time and time again we see what really amounts to child abuse or even reckless child endangerment when adults stand or sit by and react with amusement when tons of water swirl around their children.

A year or so ago some little kids from Portland were down visiting Lincoln City and decided to dig a deep hole in the sand. They dug it as the tide was coming in. By the time they were done, the tide had come in so rapidly that a little girl at the bottom of the hole was run over by a big wave rushing up the beach. The walls of the hole collapsed around her. She was literally entombed in an instant. Despite frantic efforts by several adults to dig her out, she died right where she was playing.

The beach is Mother Nature’s playground. But children should never play without the watchful guidance of adults who know how to safely play at the beach. And those adults like the above need stern counseling from law enforcement on the danger they inflict on their children by letting them play so, so dangerously.

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