Apr 142013
Jonathan thinking to himself, "Where'd the sun go?  It was here a little bit ago?!"

Jonathan thinking to himself, “Where’d the sun go? It was here a little bit ago?!”
Ken Gagne photo

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Apr 122013
Safety First! plan is voted on by Yachats Shoreline Improvement Guild

Safety First! plan is enacted by Yachats Shoreline Improvement Bird of Directors.

A rash of recent vehicle crashes along both Ocean View Drive and Yachats Ocean Road triggered an emergency session this week of the Yachats Shoreline Improvement District Bird of Directors. From their ocean front perch, the Bird enacted an emergency order to install stronger and more strategically placed guard rails along both rights of way as well as launched an immediate public relations campaign against drunk driving entitled, “Mixing Alcohol and Driving Is Nothing to Crow About.”

newport.home 4-3-13

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Apr 112013
Yachats Ken Gagne photo

Ken Gagne photo

The Yachats City Council has hired a new Public Works Director. Lawrence Blanchard is a family man most recently employed with the city of Kent, WA (population 120,000). Mr. Blanchard has also worked for the city of Wilsonville in suburban Portland and held a post in Jackson County Oregon as well.

Mayor Ron Brean said he recently gave Mr. Blanchard a comprehensive tour of Yachats’ in terms of water, sewer, streets, and other facilities and familiarized him with what might be termed a “repair punchlist.”


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Apr 112013

Salmon Creek One source of Yachats municipal water

Salmon Creek
One source of Yachats municipal water

Concern about logging steep hillsides in the watershed - sediment loading could affect fish life and muni water treatment

Concern about logging steep hillsides in the watershed – sediment loading could affect fish life and muni water treatment

Water Treatment Facility

Water Treatment Facility

Migrating fish ladder Ken Gagne photos

Migrating fish ladder
Ken Gagne photos

Ken Gagne photos
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The Yachats City Council has received a letter of strong support from the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), encouraging the city to acquire some higher elevation timber parcels before they’re clear cut. The DEQ and the city council are concerned how the steep slopes might erode and cause sedimentation of the creek. Sediment could affect the city’s water treatment facility as well as the ability of the stream to support fish life.

The upper 300 acres are private timberlands owned by Yachats Ivestments, LLC, Michael Riggs. Riggs has already logged about 75 acres up top with another ten acres to be logged in the near future. All three hundred acres are slated for harvesting.

DEQ says

“if the parcels are harvested the creek, river and downstream estuary would be at increased risk of streambed sedimentation, increased turbidity and elevated stream temperatures. Any pesticides applied to control weed and pioneer species could also reach waterways and/or groundwater, affecting drinking water as well as aquatic health. These impacts could result in greater expense for drinking water treatment by the city, increased risk of treatment plant shutdowns, negative effects on salmonids, amphibians and other aquatic life and reduced watershed resiliency to coastal storm events and other natural disturbances. In addition, the resulting fast-growing plantation forest may reduce streamflows 20 years or more after replanting thereby reducing available water supplies likely to be already stressed by predicted dry-season reductions in water quantity due to global climate change.”

“By maintaining the parcels as mature forestland, Yachats will be securing not only the quality and resiliency of its drinking water supply for its 700+ residents, it will also help to protect the Salmon Creek aquatic ecosystem. In addition, preserving the mature hemlock and spruce forest will help to reduce negative effects of drought on the water supply through the moderating effects provided by a mature forest.”


The DEQ added that the purchase or otherwise protection of these parcels are of the utmost importance to the city, as well as for considerations related to the presence of habitat for Marbled Murrelet which is a protected species under the Federal Endangered Species Act.

Yachats Mayor Ron Brean says the city has been working with the Trust For Public Lands, a nationwide group that protects and preserves environmentally sensitive lands. The Trust has a long successful history of combining federal and private funds to achieve that goal. Mayor Brean said whatever package the Trust comes up with, the city of Yachats will be contributing something to it. He said Mr. Riggs is amenable to considering the acquisition of part of his property while adding he would like it done in an expeditious manner.


Mayor Brean said in addition to the area being home to the Murrelet, which is listed as “Threatened” under the Endangered Species Act, the area is also considered prime habitat for the Northern Spotted Owl which is also listed as “Threatened.” Brean says because of this, the U.S. Forest Service is also interested in being a party to the discussions on the future of the property. No word on how long the process might take.


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Apr 112013
Hard core commitment to crabbing. Ken Gagne photo

Hard core commitment to crabbing.
Ken Gagne photo

Ken and Tammy Gagne were having dinner when they wondered where the bright light was coming from. And there it was, floating just offshore in what has to be right over one of those those crab-full flat sandy bottom spots!



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Apr 042013

Pickup in Yachats River Eastbound, ran off at curve in the 5000 block

Pickup in Yachats River
Eastbound, ran off at curve
in the 5000 block
Ken Gagne photos

yachats river crash 4-4-13 mailbox wideyachats river crash mcu 4-4-13

A woman driving a pickup eastbound on Yachats River Road at just before 1pm ran off the pavement and landed in the river in the 5000 block. A witness said she was on the pavement one minute then appeared to straighten out a curve and went over the side, wiping out a mailbox and a tree limb in the process. Her pickup splashed into the water, floated for a moment, then the wheels got hung up on a log on the bottom, which anchored the vehicle in place.

A witness said the woman managed to get the drivers side door open and then wade to the bank. She told a witness that an animal jumped out in front of her, causing her to swerve. No name yet available.

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Apr 022013

off the page logo

Provided by “Off the Page”

YACHATS, OREGON — A collection of Oregon writers will present Off the Page, a celebration of fiction, poetry, memoir and song on Saturday, April 13 at 7pm in Yachats.

The event takes place at the Overleaf Lodge Event Center, located on Highway 101, at the north end of Yachats. Doors open and music starts at 6:30pm. The reading begins at 7pm. Admission is free and open to all ages.

Now in its seventh year, Off the Page is an encouraging celebration of creative expression. Writers — hailing from Siletz, Newport, South Beach, Waldport and Yachats — will share their work.


Featured writers include: Scott T. Starbuck, Khloella Brateng, Theresa Wisner, Hallie Price, Ruth Harrison, Drew Myron, with music by Richard Sharpless.

About the Writers:

Scott T. Starbuck is author of “River Walker,” a collection of Pacific Northwest fishing poems. He was a commercial fishing and charter captain in Depoe Bay, a writer-in-residence at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on Cascade Head, and a 2013 Artsmith Fellow on Orcas Island where he finished a 24-page chapbook, Depoe Bay Poems. His new book includes poems about a girl he loved with mermaidian hair, drowned fishermen he had known, a homemade submarine rescued, words of colorful elders, a mythical salmon-beast who forgot his way home and grew so large he devoured coastal villages, and local gourmet chef Lee Gray playing his saxophone over Depoe Bay in the tune of a lost ship returning.


Khloella Brateng, of South Beach, is a writer, actress, musician and artist. She is frequently seen on stage at the Performing Arts Center in Newport, most recently in “The Producers,” “The Full Monty” and “Company,” and she provides voiceover narration for Pacific Dance Ensemble’s annual spring production. Her visual art has shown at the Newport Visual Arts Center, and she plays celtic harp for weddings, receptions and gatherings throughout Lincoln County.

Theresa Wisner, of Siletz, is host of the radio program Writers on Writing, co-director of Willamette Writers – Coast Chapter, and the founder of a Tuesday writing group in Newport. Her poetry and short stories have been published in literary journals and newspapers, and she is working on her memoir, “Tales of a Sea Sick Galley Slave.” Her work at sea began on the decks of west coast salmon and tuna trollers, and moved to the galleys of large trawlers, merchant ships and research vessels. Her work took her from the Pribilof Islands in Alaska to Antarctica.


Hallie Price, of Newport, graduated from New England College in 2011 with a Bachelors of Art in Creative Writing. She received the Creative Arts Award for her class and won the 2011 New England College Creative Writing Award. Her short stories have been published in online literary journals, “The Bright Light Café” and “The Autumn Sound Review.”

Ruth Harrison, of Waldport, is a retired professor of medieval literature. Several of her poems appear in the newest edition of Lewis Turco’s Book of Forms, and her work is included in a new anthology of poems for children. Her latest collection of poetry is “How Singular and Fine.”


Drew Myron, of Yachats, heads a marketing communications company and as a journalist has covered news, arts, entertainment and travel for AOL’s CityGuide, Northwest Best Places and other publications. She is author of “Thin Skin” (a collection of photos and poems), and creator and host of Off the Page.

For more information, contact Drew Myron at 541.547.3757, dcm@drewmyron.com, www.drewmyron.com.


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Mar 292013
Yachats Consulate Jonathan L. Seagull greets his classmates from "Seagull U." as they land at Yachats State Park Airport for a final weekend Spring Break party! Ken Gagne photo

Yachats Consulate Jonathan L. Seagull greets his classmates from “Seagull U.” as they land at Yachats State Park Airport for a final weekend Spring Break party!
Ken Gagne photo


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Mar 282013
Two very intoxicated men in a pickup off Yachats Ocean Road were just feet from going over a drop down to the ocean

Two very intoxicated men in a pickup off Yachats Ocean Road were just feet from going over a drop down to the ocean

Yachats Ocean View Drive recently had a couple of cars either flying off a cliff or rolling down a cliff. On Yachats Ocean Road a few months back had a van nearly plunge into the sea but was stopped at the last second when it high-centered on a big boulder. Thursday, they had another incident – this one a “near miss” as two extremely intoxicated men in a pickup backed off the pavement toward an ocean cliff, also on Yachats Ocean Road. The two men were found highly inebriated according to one witness – the presumed driver rather sick in fact, still sitting in the pickup which was very close to the drop off.

A deputy sheriff arrived on scene in time to deal with the situation before it got worse for the two. No word yet on final disposition of the incident.


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Mar 132013
Yachats Ken Gagne photo

Ken Gagne photo

The Yachats Ladies Club is pleased to announce their 11th Annual Spring Bazaar on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, and Saturday, March 30, from 10-4 all 3 days at the YLC Clubhouse, 286 W 3rd and Pontiac Streets in Yachats, Oregon. On both Saturdays only, lunch will be served from 11-2. Admission is free to this family-friendly event.

The Yachats Ladies Club is the longest continually running women’s service club in Lincoln County. This group of hardworking women create fun events to raise money for community needs. The 11th Annual Spring Bazaar affords the public an opportunity to find wonderful and unusual hand made gift items and support the local community at the same time.

Come to the lovely Yachats Ladies Clubhouse where creativity is in full bloom. Discover a huge variety of clever, beautiful and useful items including journals, spring decor, beautiful and sturdy tote bags, wall hangings, small quilts, cards, bookmarks, aprons, afghans, knitted items from slippers to hats and scarves, vests and much, much more. For the sewing enthusiast there will be a selection of lovely and unique pin cushions. Unusual beaded jewelry will also be featured. All craft items are handmade made by club members.


Delicious edible goodies, including baked goods and candy, will be sold at the Bake Table. Find something special on the White Elephant Table where you never know what treasures you will discover.

A wonderful array of Easter Baskets for children of multiple ages will be offered. These baskets are thoughtfully created and each may include a stuffed animal and candy along with other treasures. Come early for the best selection.

Each year the Yachats Ladies Club creates Easter Baskets especially for the children residing at My Sister’s Place, a safe haven for women and children coming from domestic violence. You buy the basket and the members of the Club will deliver them to the shelter office in time for the holiday. The club also creates special totes with towels and bath products for the women at the shelter that can be purchased and will be delivered at the same time.

This year the Yachats Ladies Club is also creating baskets for the Yachats Library Summer Reading Program. Baskets purchased for this cause will be delivered to the Library by club members as well.



For Easter, Mother’s Day, weddings, birthdays and graduation your choice is always right with a Gifts-On-The-Go Gift Basket. The Yachats Ladies Club is famous for these carefully created, themed gift baskets that make gift giving fun and easy. They mail very well. A huge array of baskets will be shown during the 3 days of the Bazaar featuring ideal gifts for adults and children. A special opportunity to purchase Gift Baskets will occur on Wednesday, March 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

Lunch will be served on Saturday, March 23, from 11-2. The menu is a variety of delicious quiches and broccoli slaw salad. The famous Yachats Ladies Club pie will be served all day starting at 10 a.m. On Saturday, March 30, from 11-2, tortilla soup will be the lunch offering and a selection of bundt cakes will be the featured dessert. Coffee and other beverages will be served. To go boxes are available so you can eat some pie or cake and take some home.

The Yachats Ladies Club’s 11th Annual Spring Bazaar is on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, and Saturday, March 30, from 10-4 all three days at the Yachats Ladies Clubhouse, 286 W 3rd and Pontiac Streets, Yachats, Oregon. Admission is free. The Yachats Ladies Club encourages women who live in the South County to join this fun service club. For information about the bazaar or about becoming a member, please call Sandy Dunn, 541-547-3205.


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