Sep 022014
Yaquina Bay Bridge Christian Flores Munoz

Yaquina Bay Bridge
Christian Flores Munoz

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Sep 022014
Skip Hoitink Depoe Bay City Councilor Investigation continues into his death.

Skip Hoitink
Depoe Bay City Councilor
Investigation continues into his death.

Those anxious to learn what took Skip Hoitink’s life last week will have to wait a little longer to find out what it was. Chief Deputy District Attorney JW Hupp said that the investigation is still ongoing and that it’s likely the findings won’t be released until Lincoln County District Attorney Michelle Branam is back in the office next week sometime.

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Sep 022014
Fresh perspective on Newport from a thousand feet up...Ken Gagne photo

Fresh perspective on Newport from a thousand feet up…Ken Gagne photo

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Sep 022014
Lincoln City City Hall

Lincoln City City Hall

Looks like a pretty easy election to get through in Lincoln City. Just three seats have challengers and the fourth seat has a non-incumbent filing.

For the Mayor’s race (current Mayor Dick Anderson is running for county commission) City Councilor Roger Sprague is running for that seat, being challenged by Donald Williams. Williams is the owner of the Nelscott Cafe and is a prominent member of the business community.

For City Council Ward 1, it’s Susan Wahlke vs. Nathan Long – Wahlke a legal secretary and has been a member of the Lincoln City Budget Committee, as well as the budget committee for the Devils Lake Water Improvement District. Nathan Long has served on the city planning commission.

In Ward 2, it’s Riley Hoagland vs. Jim Davis – Davis of Central Coast Builders, Hoagland a current member of the city budget committee.

In Ward 3, it’s Kip Ward all by his lonesome, so unless some write in candidate out polls him, he’s got the job. Ward runs The Historic Anchor Inn at the south end of town.

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Sep 022014

siuslaw national forest logo

A small forest fire is being doused by a 20 person crew up the Cummings Creek Drainage in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area not far from the Wilderness Boundary. It’s burning in an area that is not generally visited by people – no paths lead to it. It’s down inside the Cummings Creek Drainage.

A forest service employee said the fire grew to around 3/4 of an acre in brush, duff and some downed timber and that they just about got a line around it contained. Next comes the part of stirring it up and making sure it’s completely out.

The US Forest Service reminds everyone there is a “no use of fire” order out on all regional National Forest Lands. No campfires AT ALL outside improved forest service campgrounds.

No word on what caused this particular blaze to erupt. There hasn’t been any reports of lightning in the area.

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Sep 022014
Illegally caught chinook salmon out of Astoria.

Illegally caught chinook salmon out of Astoria.

Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish & Wildlife troopers cited an Astoria man late last week on several commercial fish-related charges after seizing 748 pounds of illegally caught Chinook salmon on the Columbia River near the Willamette River. Troopers also seized an illegal 1,200 foot gillnet used to catch the fish.

Two OSP Fish & Wildlife troopers on nighttime boat patrol were conducting compliance checks on commercial gillnet fishermen on the Columbia River near the Willamette River. The troopers were checking fishermen for proper licensing, gear and caught fish, and many commercial fishermen were found to be in compliance.

At approximately 10:30 p.m.Thursday, the troopers checked a boat belonging to DUFFY DUNCAN, age 66, from Astoria. While checking to ensure he was gillnetting in compliance with rules and regulations, the troopers determined his net mesh size was illegally too small and that he was a was in possession of 44 Chinook salmon caught in the net.

The troopers seized the 1,200 foot net and all of the salmon aboard which weighed 748 pounds. DUNCAN was issued citations for Commercial Fishing Prohibited Method (Mesh Size) and Unlawful Take/Possession of Commercially Caught Salmon (44 counts).

The seized salmon was delivered to a wholesale fish dealer and sold at the going rate of $2 per pound. The proceeds will go to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

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Sep 022014

Chris Burns Weather

Tuesday, September 2nd – Lincoln County

Summary: After paying our penance forward with rain at the beginning of the holiday weekend, yesterday was ideal for cookouts, hiking, camping, beach walks and other activities outdoors. Skies were mostly sunny, high temperatures came in on target at 65-70F and no precipitation was recorded. The afternoon was a tad breezy as northwest winds blew 15-20 mph with gusts to 25, but that didn’t appear to dampen Labor Day spirits. Fog and low clouds began nosing in off the ocean around sunset and lasted most of the night. This morning, it was still foggy around the beaches and bays but skies were mainly clear inland, a light northeast wind wafted through the trees and lows were in the mid-50s.

Past 24 Hours High/Low…
Lincoln City: 70F/60F
Depoe Bay: 67F/55F
Newport: 66F/50F
Waldport: 65F/51F
Yachats: 66F/56F

Forecast: Dressing the young ones for the first day of school should be a no-brainer with dry and mostly sunny conditions predicted (except for patchy fog near the beaches and bays). There’s a chance some mid-level clouds will move in later today as a small weather disturbance passes by to our north. The thermometer is expected to top out around 65F and winds should be fairly light. Mostly cloudy tonight, low of 50-55F and light north winds. Tomorrow, look for fog and low clouds early and then gradual clearing. High temps 65F or so and strong northwest winds in the afternoon and evening, 15-25 mph gusting near 30. Outlook is for warmer days, 65-75F, Thursday through Saturday, with sunshine and moderate northeast winds. Long range forecasts are hinting at a weather system arriving Sunday night that could produce cooler temperatures and a little rain during the early part of next week.

Travel: Watch for children and buses as school starts this morning. Slow down and keep your eyes peeled. In the Coast Range today, partly cloudy and 70-80F. Valley destinations will have mostly sunny skies with highs of 75-80F. For the Cascades, partly cloudy; the freezing level is at 14,000 feet.

Marine: The breeze is light easterly near shore but blowing N 10-15 knots at the Rockpile this morning; seas are 5 feet at 8 seconds. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay and Yaquina Bay bars are unrestricted. For today and tonight, N winds 10-15 knots gusting 20 with a 5 foot swell and 3 foot windwaves. Stronger N winds are expected tomorrow, rising to 15-20 knots gusting 25, a NW swell of 7 feet and 5 foot chop on top. Outlook is for mainly northerly winds 20-25 knots with combined lumpy seas 5-7 feet Thursday through Saturday.

Click here to download the Chris Burns book, "Family Voyaging"

On the Beach… Patchy fog, clouds and sun, surf 2-4 feet (low).
* The Water Contact Advisory remains in effect for Devils Lake in Lincoln City until further notice.
* For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
09/02 Tue 11:48 AM 3.31 L
09/02 Tue 06:15 PM 7.93 H
09/03 Wed 01:31 AM 0.84 L
09/03 Wed 08:14 AM 5.83 H

In Short: Patchy fog, mixed sky, light wind, then warming.

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Sep 012014
Sunsets with a small American flag still waving. Dr. G PhD, Bayshore photo

Sunsets with a small American flag still waving.
Dr. G PhD, Bayshore photo

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Sep 012014
GOP Hecklers make their point, but so does Gov. Kitzhaber...

GOP Hecklers make their point, but so does Gov. Kitzhaber…
The Oregonian photo

There were a number of GOP hecklers raising a few issues of their own when Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber took the stage at Oaks Park in Portland Monday, celebrating Labor Day and it’s roots creating worker rights for better pay and benefits.

The GOP roisters shouted out that women in his administration get paid 20% less than the men in his administration. Gov. Kitzhaber shot back with some thoughts of his own.

Here’s the rest of the story in the Oregonian. Click here.

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Sep 012014
Half Moon Ken Gagne

Half Moon
Ken Gagne

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