Apr 202014
This Scrub Jay certainly looks well scrubbed! Donna Plummer photo

This Scrub Jay certainly looks well scrubbed!
Donna Plummer photo

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Apr 202014

Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy has found the fire at milepost 133, which would put it a mile north of Beverly Beach, at or about the south end of Otter Crest Loop, northbound lanes.

Emergency responders say the vehicle is fully engulfed in flame. No word on whether there are any injuries.

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Apr 202014
Meat, fresh produce, corn based foods getting very pricey this past year...big forces at work...

Meat, fresh produce, corn based foods getting very pricey this past year – big forces at work.
The Oregonian photo

Have you been taking a double-take at your grocery store receipts lately? Going down the lists wondering where your cashier accidentally included a new car between the sirloins and the limes?

Well you’re not alone. Millions of other Americans are wondering the same thing. Well, there’s been pig viruses, droughts in California, corn being diverted as a blend to gasoline and rising demand for higher quality food in China.

China has the fastest growing economy in the world and is poised to become a bigger economy than the U.S. within the next few years. And their rising middle class has a lot of buying power and that, too, is growing.

In this article in The Oregonian some experts expect eventual price relief in some areas of your grocery shopping experience, but not in all, especially in meats. Here’s the rest of the story. Click here.

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Apr 202014
Ken Gagne photo

Ken Gagne photo

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Apr 202014

Chris Burns Weather

Sunday, Apr. 20th – Lincoln County

Summary: Two bands of rain swept across the Central Coast yesterday, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. But precipitation amounts weren’t all that heavy with Lincoln City collecting the most, 0.19”. Southwest winds had a punch to them during much of the day, 15-25 mph; a peak gust of 37 mph was recorded at Yachats. The mercury was mostly in the mid-50s, though Waldport was trying for a handshake with 60F. The overcast began to break up about 4:00am this morning; a few stars and the Moon found openings. At dawn, the Easter Bunny made his rounds under partly cloudy skies with lows in the low-40s.

Past 24 Hours High/Low/Rain/Wind Gust…
Lincoln City: 56F/47F/0.19”/27mph
Depoe Bay: 55F/44F/0.15”/33mph
Newport: 55F/41F/0.08”/33mph
Waldport: 59F/43F/0.10”/24mph
Yachats: 56F/44F/0.13”/37mph

Forecast: Wet grass but no rain for this morning’s Easter egg hunts, and partly to mostly sunny skies with light winds for the Wooden Boat Show, Crab Feed, and Ducky Derby in Depoe Bay today. Highs could nudge up close to 60F. Increasing clouds are expected by tonight with lows in the mid-40s. We’re back into unsettled weather again tomorrow with a 50-50 chance of showers, high 55F and light southwest winds. Outlook is for showers most of the week, with possible heavier steady rain Wednesday night and Thursday. High temps through the long term about 55F, with lows of 45F.

Travel: In the Coast Range, patchy fog early today then partly sunny with highs of 60-70F. Valley destinations will have partly sunny skies and temps of 65-70F. For the Cascades, spots of ice this morning, partly sunny with the freezing level at 4,500 feet, rising to 6,000 feet by this afternoon. Outlook for weekend travelers is for partly cloudy and dry through tonight in the Coast Range and Valley. For the Cascades, dry conditions and partly cloudy with the freezing level lifting to 7,000 feet tonight.

Cascades Snow Pack: Currently 117”, a gain of 2” since yesterday, or 68% of normal.

Ski Report – New Snow Inches/Total Inches/Condition…
Hoodoo Closed for Season
Willamette Pass Closed for Season
Mt Bachelor 1/101/Machine Groomed
Mt Hood Meadows 0/110/Machine Groomed
Mt Hood Ski Bowl Closed for Skiing/Tubing Open Sat-Sun
Timberline Lodge 5/147/Machine Groomed

Marine: The wind isn’t much to worry about this morning, S 10-15 knots, but the seas are big, 20 feet after peaking at 24 feet overnight. As of 8:00am, Depoe Bay and Yaquina Bay bars are closed to all recreational and uninspected passenger vessels. A Small Craft Advisory for hazardous seas remains in effect until tomorrow night. The swell is expected to subside to about 17 feet by this afternoon; winds S 5-10 knots gusting 15. Tonight and tomorrow a SW breeze of 5-10 knots and wave heights around 10-12 feet. Outlook is for SW winds 10-15 knots gusting to 20 Monday and Tuesday, seas of 10 feet. A front arrives on Wednesday with southerlies of 20-25 knots, seas 10 feet. A bit lighter winds are forecast by late Thursday, 15-20 knots, but the swell remains in the 8-10 foot range.

On the Beach… Sun and clouds, light winds, surf 12-18 feet (high). A High Surf Advisory is in effect until 10:00am this morning. Caution should still be exercised on all area beaches throughout today as high surf continues and wave run-up could quickly sweep you off the sand or rocks and into the ocean. For a safe and enjoyable time on the Central Coast, the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department offers these Beach Safety Tips.
04/20 Sun 10:58 AM -0.61 L
04/20 Sun 05:48 PM 6.48 H
04/20 Sun 10:57 PM 3.04 L
04/21 Mon 04:55 AM 7.74 H

In Short: Mixed sky, showers, then rain.

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Apr 202014

The lines move fast...people want to get at that yummy crab!

The lines move fast…people want to get at that yummy crab!

Inside and outside the Community Hall in the harbor...

Inside and outside the Community Hall in the harbor…



The real thing!

The real thing!

Not just for kids, ya know!

Not just for kids, ya know!

Yes ma'am...it IS rather strenuous exercise...

Yes ma’am…it IS rather strenuous exercise…

And getting a tour of high powered Coast Guard rescue vessels...

And getting a tour of high powered Coast Guard rescue vessels…

The annual Depoe Bay Annual Crab Feed and Wooden Boat Show will continue Sunday down inside the World’s Smallest Harbor, Depoe Bay. The weather should be great…abundant sunshine and plenty of time to meander about the wooden boats that are on display. You can even watch some being made. Everybody young and young at heart can even build their own bathtub class wooden boat with expert instructors standing by to ensure your lovely little floatie gets a proper christening when you take it home!

You’ll also get a gander and some fance ocean and river kayaking safety tips in the harbor. A VIDEO BELOW SHOWS A FEW REALLY SIMPLE MANEUVERS THAT SAVES LIVES EVERY DAY, it would seem.

Then inside the Community Hall they’re dishing up half or whole crab, your choice. Fresh off the dock and prepared to perfection. Hardly any talking in or outside the hall ‘cuz people are just diving into the freshest crab of their lives! Bring a big appetite!

Buses stuffed full of crab lovers from the valley kept coming and the auto parking lots were pretty full throughout Saturday. Likely to be the same Sunday. But there were a ready supply of number of parking spots always available as the crowds ebbed and flowed.

Sunday’s schedule is the crab feed resumes at 11am…just in time for lunch. At 1pm the Kayak Safety Demonstration right there in the harbor. And at 2pm, the Ducky Derby run will be at the creek at the south end of the dock, on the east side. of the harbor. Winners will be announced in from of Dockside Charters.

A few pointers from the kayak safety demo team are on the following video at the bottom of the photos:

A couple of expert ocean and river kayakers put on a safety demonstration at the Wooden Boat Show and Crab Feed. In their lesson pack were some quick tips on how to recover if your kayak turns over. There are maneuvers you can do by yourself – other maneuvers a kayaking partner in another craft can use to help you get back right-side-up.

They do it all again on Sunday!!

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Apr 192014

kiwanis 54th annual

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Apr 192014

Some catch a quick glimpse of the sun and think bikini...

Some catch a quick glimpse of the sun and think bikini…

...while others say jackets, gloves and put their backa to the wind...

…while others choose jackets, gloves and put their backs to the wind…

...some want the day to last longer...so they stick the sun on a pole...

…some want the day to last longer…so they stick the sun on a pole…

....others take their time 'au natural' and prefer a sinking sun own its own schedule...

….others take their time ‘au natural’ and prefer a sinking sun on its own schedule…
Photos from CD at Bayshore

...and then there's Christian Flores Munoz who is a master at tucking the sun in for the night...

…and then there’s Christian Flores Munoz who is a master at tucking the sun in for the night…

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Apr 192014

Salmon Creek Estuary Restoration area - new Visitor Center at lower left of photo, box closest to edge of photo - Planned for this year.

Salmon Creek Estuary Restoration area – new Visitor Center at lower left of photo, dark box closest to left edge of photo – Planned for this year.

View north across estuary from new visitors center off Fraser Road.

View north across estuary from new visitors center off Fraiser Road.

A lot of Salmon River Estuary work has been going on for years by the U.S. Forest Service, the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council and other agencies to repair damage to the river’s outlet to the ocean caused by misguided urban-type development and extensive river and slough diking. Much of that damage has been repaired with further remediation still on the planning books.

Coming up this year the Forest Service will construct a formal Salmon River Estuary Visitor’s Center on Fraiser Road about a quarter mile in from Highway 101. Signs on 101 are expected to direct visitors to the Fraiser Road turn off and up toward the center.

Once they arrive at the center they will find interpretive graphics and photos describing the history of the wetlands and the years of trying to maintain an amusement park and r/v center on the site. Eventually the development went belly up, leaving not only a major debris clean up and a channelized Salmon River, but also decades of heavy diking that destroyed many sloughs necessary for rearing young fish. Those are in the process of being rehabilitated as well.

The visitors center will eventually be connected to a system of trails that meander through the area. The emphasis, say planners, is to designate official hiking trails to and from the estuary visitors center which will also link to trails already established in Lincoln City. Eventually they anticipate trails running from Roads End to the visitors center, and back up to The Knoll, the showcase piece of the city’s recent acquisition of The Villages development at the north end of town.

As for the remainder of the Salmon River Estuary restoration, the Forest Service and the Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council will be pressing ahead with plans to reconnect Fraiser Creek directly to the estuary. Some time after that they’ll try to do the same thing for the Salmon River.

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Apr 192014

ball team

baseball text

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