Mar 222013

Semi stalled in left turn lane on 101 southbound. Will remain until around 5:30pm.  Watch for traffic controls.

Semi stalled in left turn lane on 101 southbound.
Will possibly remain until around 6pm. Watch for traffic controls.
Thanks Jen, for the photo.

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Vehicles are squeezing into remaining left turn lane ahead of the truck

Vehicles are squeezing into remaining left turn lane ahead of the truck

A truck loaded with 93,000 pounds of cargo has stalled in the southbound left turn lane to Highway 20 off of 101. The trucker tried to get it fired back up, but it’s now been determined to be a rather large tow job. A tow truck big enough to move it won’t even be enroute to the scene until 4:15pm. So, with an hour’s drive time from Albany, plus a half-hour to get the rig hooked up, and we’re probably talking 5:30-6pm before it’ll be out of there.

In the meantime find a way around it.

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Mar 032013
What black ice can do to a commute to the valley on Highways 18 or 20 or 34 Bonnie Rios photo

What black ice can do to a commute to the valley on Highways 18 or 20 or 34
Bonnie Rios photo

The weather service in Portland is forecasting near freezing temperatures along the coast Monday morning, and freezing or slightly below on the coastal mountain passes. So give yourself a little cushion on the time it takes you to go anywhere. Keep your speed down. Watch for those who still believe four-wheel-drive prevents sliding on the ice. They’re usually the first to wind up in a head on or rollover accident – so heads up.

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Feb 142013

OSP photos

Oregon State Police Troopers will be stepping up their patrols along Oregon Highways where there is a high incidence of vehicles simply leaving the road and injuring or killing the occupants. These accidents are said to be caused primarily to speeding, failing to maintaining a lane, failure to drive on the right side of the highway, distracted driving and drunk driving.

Troopers say that that 53% of all fatal crashes nationwide are caused by ‘roadway departure’ crashes. But in Oregon it’s 66%, fully two-thirds. They offer a list of which Oregon Highways contributing to this lamentable figure:

* Highway 26 (east of Sandy) milepost 28 – 37 and milepost 45 – 55 (OSP Portland / Government Camp)
* Highway 101 (Bay City south of Tillamook) milepost 61 – 67 and 76 – 81 (OSP Tillamook)
* Highway 6 (east of Tillamook) milepost 10 – 16 (OSP Tillamook)
* Highway 6 (west of Banks) milepost 30 – 36 (OSP North Plains)
* Highway 26 (east of Seaside) milepost 10 – 15 and milepost 20 – 26 (OSP Astoria)
* Highway 101 (between Depoe Bay and Newport) milepost 127 – 133 (OSP Newport)
* Highway 101 (south of Newport) milepost 148 – 154 (OSP Newport)
* Highway 18 (east of Highway 101) milepost 0 – 10 (OSP Newport)
* Highway 20 (east of Newport) milepost 0 – 5 (OSP Newport)
* Highway 34 (east of Waldport) milepost 0 – 5 (OSP Newport)
* Highway 42 (west of Winston) milepost 75 – 77 (OSP Roseburg)
* Highway 38 (east of Coos Bay) milepost 0 – 10 (OSP Coos Bay)
* Highway 199 (north of Cave Junction) milepost 14 – 24 (OSP Grants Pass)
* Interstate 5 (north of Grants Pass) milepost 70 – 80 (OSP Central Point / Grants Pass)
* Highway 97 (north of Bend) milepost 128 – 133 (OSP Bend)
* Highway 97 (south of Bend) milepost 143 – 158 (OSP Bend / La Pine)
* Highway 20 (west of Sisters) milepost 92 – 97 (OSP Bend)
* Highway 26 (west of Madras) milepost 107 – 112 (OSP Bend / Madras)


As you can see, the Central Coast has a number of roadways that are targeted for stepped up OSP visibility and patrolling through the end of September. ODOT awarded OSP grant funds to provide over 1,600 hours of overtime enforcement through the end of September 2013. ODOT identified the highway locations after they reviews crash information that point at crash types, causes, dates, days and time of days/nights of occurrence. It is hoped that either through specialized law enforcement or modifications to roadways that these deadly fatality rates might come down.

To learn more about these efforts, click here.


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Jan 142013

12:51am Monday
Law enforcement traveling Highway 101 up and over Cape Foulweather north of Newport reports that there is a frost layer on Highway 101 that completely covers the roadway. Slow down, give yourself lots of room to stop. If you begin to slide, steer into the direction of the slide, then straighten out and proceed forward.

Roads are expected to remain icy through mid-morning Monday. Give yourself lots of extra time to get to work or any other destination. Highway 18 is likely to have black ice and Highway 20 is expected to have black ice, perhaps through the noon hour in shady areas on mountain passes.

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Jan 042013

Info from ODOT

A contractor for ODOT will begin a stream slope repair next week along OR 18 (Salmon River Highway), causing a lane restriction for motorists approximately 2.5 miles west of Grand Ronde, in Polk County.

The stream slope was scoured during a recent weather event and will be rebuilt with a rock buttress and a rock blanket to withstand further erosion. The roadway was not damaged during the weather event but would be vulnerable if the repair is not made.

Beginning Monday, January 7 and continuing until Friday, January 11, the highway will be restricted to a single lane of travel at milepost 18.6 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Flaggers will control traffic in alternating directions. Motorists should anticipate a 10-20 minute delay.

North Santiam Paving of Stayton, Oregon was awarded the $30,000 low-bid contract.

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Jan 012013

Oregon Department of Transportation crews will be doing emergency paving to repair sunken grades on U.S. 101 near Moolack Beach at milepost 134-137 and on OR 229 (Siletz Highway) at milepost 19-21 starting on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013. Crews will be working on U.S. 101 paving for most of the day on Wednesday.

One lane will remain open with flaggers controlling two-way traffic. On Thursday or Friday, depending on the weather, crews will be paving on OR 229. One lane will remain open with flaggers controlling two-way traffic. Motorists should expect only minor delays.

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Dec 272012

Flooding Hwy 101 near Seaside

It appears that ODOT’s need to create some wetlands to make up for wetlands they’re paving over somewhere else is going to fix a long running problem south of Seaside. Highway 101 at high tide south of that coastal town. It floods every time the tides and the rains join forces; but that commuter-hostile combination may be ending very soon.

The story is provided by reporter Lori Tobias at the Oregonian: Click here.

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Dec 212012

Road subsidence on Highway 18, two miles west of Grand Ronde, has created a significant road hazard. The eastbound lanes are starting to break up but traffic is being allowed through in the eastbound inside lane.

ODOT crews blame the recent heavy rains that caused local soils to become supersaturated and to slump toward the southeast.

ODOT crews are working at this hour to assess the level of subsidence and to put a big pavement patch over the whole area affected by the subsidence. They said they will have motorists shifted over to the two westbound lanes, with flaggers to regulate the traffic until the patch operation is completed. They say they’re shooting for 5pm or 6pm.

Use caustion in the area.

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