Mar 142013

DUII driver slides toward slough but stopped by guard rail at E. Slope @ 10th Toledo

DUII driver slides toward slough but stopped by guard rail at E. Slope @ 10th Toledo

toledo pu crash sw corner tracks railtoledo pu crash 10th east slope front side

Toledo Police say a man driving an extended cab pick up headed south on East Slope or East on 10th was driving too fast for conditions and left the road, sliding toward the slough at East Slope and 10th. He narrowly missed a line of large river rock that marks the boundary of the river park. Fortunately the pickup was stopped by a guard rail, but just barely. The right set of wheels managed to get on the slough side of the guard rail, but the left set smacked up against it and stopped the vehicle.

A Toledo Police officer on scene said the driver appeared to be drunk. There were no injuries except for the damage to the pickup and to the guard rail which did its job. Again, it prevented the vehicle from rolling over into the deep mud of the slough and producing serious injury or even loss of life.

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Mar 112013
Irish musical favorites from Norm Halsey and SolaLuna co-owner Wayne Plourde of The Rusty Rovers

Irish musical favorites from Norm Halsey and SolaLuna co-owner Wayne Plourde of The Rusty Rovers

WHERE: Holy Toledo Tavern, 155 N Main St, Toledo
WHEN: Saturday, March 16th, 6pm to closing

Come celebrate St Patrick’s Day this Saturday, March 16th, at Holy Toledo Tavern. Live music will start at 6pm with Irish favorites from Norm Halsey and Wayne Plourde of the Rusty Rovers. At 8pm, Henry Cooper and Leonard Maxon will carry the party through the rest of the night. Irish drink specials all evening. Sláinte!


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Mar 012013

solaluna march 2-3

From Sola Luna Gallery

Just a reminder that this weekend is Toledo’s First Weekend Arts Celebration. Be sure to come visit all the galleries and studios in town – and definitely do not miss the SolaLuna Gallery! Sarah has been busy creating numerous new works – all in the theme of “Winging It.” Even the outside of the store has grown wings for the event!

Also – we hope you can all join us for a Wing Ding reception on Saturday starting at 6pm. There will be food, drinks, and great live music from the Paul Bogaard and his Trio. And there will be a few chances to win some of Sarah’s original art.

The gallery is at 147 N Main Street – next to Holy Toledo Tavern.


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Feb 172013

Toledo Pool

From Toledo Pool Manager Joe Andrews

For the next week, the Toledo Swimming Pool would like to invite pass holders from the Newport Swimming Pool to swim for free during our regularly scheduled programs. This will be good through Saturday February 23rd, or when the Newport Pool is able to reopen, whichever occurs first. Two years ago when the Toledo Pool faced an extended closure to make emergency repairs Newport extended a similar arrangement to Toledo’s swimmers.

As things become more clear over the next week regarding the condition of the Newport Pool, and the participation of Newport’s users coming to Toledo, we will evaluate if this offer will be extended longer. As long as we can still be fair to our citizens and pool users, we are committed to supporting our neighbors.

For further information please contact the pool at 541-336-3181 or by emailing


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Feb 072013

Olalla Center – Former Mary Harrison School
School shut down in 2005

Olalla Center, backside

Former kitchen area
Making way for child development/community center activities

Olalla Center
More space for possible artisan and photography shops
Other private sector opportunities offering educational experiences

Olalla Center/Floweree Center
Combining educational centers for learning

By allowing business sector educational and artistic uses
Their rents will help support the Floweree and Olalla Center’s financial and program goals

After public hearings and work by Toledo’s planning director, the Toledo City Council Wednesday voted unanimously to allow the land use zoning of the old Mary Harrison School to go to commercial. Before the school closed in 2005, its land use was “public use,” reflecting the desires of the pioneer family that donated the land on which the school was built. After the school closed down in 2005, it lay empty for a number of years until the Olalla Center took it over in order to house its programs for enhancing child development among local children.

Since the takeover, the Floweree Community Center has also found a home in part of the old school. A few businesses have tried to make a go of it at the school but so far it’s been difficult; partly due to the fact it was still zoned for being a school.

Behind the zone change was the Olalla Center’s desire to allow low key, commercial enterprises, possibly artisan shops, art galleries, photography studios and others that would help give a boost to Toledo’s burgeoning arts community while helping to further the goals of the Olalla Center and Floweree Community Center, the Floweree Center providing a home for child day care center, boys and girls scouts, 4-H activities and more.

A number of neighbors living near the site complained that they fear the old school might become more commercialized and pose a threat to their neighborhood’s peace and quiet, especially on the weekends. However, Olalla officials told the group that the whole aim of owning the building was to improve Toledo’s quality of life and community culture. They said if they let the property go too far to the commercial side, it would jeopardize Olalla’s permission to hold onto the place. If the use of the property strayed to far afield of performing its education mission, the donating family would be in a position to take it back at that point. City Manager Michelle Amberg said it’s up to Olalla House to run it in such a way that it fulfills the goals of the donating family and of the children entrusted to them.

With this new commercial zoning taking effect, it’ll give Olalla Center a wider choice of possible stores or vendors to rent space that’s not being used currently.

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Feb 032013

Siletz Highway 2 miles north of Highway 20
Sunday evening

SUV left road – hit trees
Two dogs aboard, one injured

Pit Bull foot injured
While going out through windshield

Lady driver pulled herself out
A small fire was quickly extinguished by Toledo FD

A Siletz woman driving home northbound on the Siletz Highway Sunday evening suddenly left the road, careened down a shallow embankment and collided with several trees. Another driver who happened to be following her said they were going about 55mph about two miles north of Toledo, when, for some reason, the SUV slid off the shoulder, continued down the embankment and then slammed into several trees, the SUV’s rear end rising way off the ground, pivoting clockwise, coming to rest in a heap just beyond the trees facing the opposite direction. He said, by then, the car was smoking, but the driver got herself out safely.

Firefighters from Toledo handled the minor fire. The driver was very talkative to her family members who began arriving on scene shortly after the accident. She was transported by ambulance to PCH for evaluation and treatment of her injuries.

Law enforcement determined the woman was wearing her seat belt. One of the two dogs aboard suffered a foot injury.

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Feb 022013

Toledo High School
Home of the Boomer Booster Club

All of us would like to extend a personal invitation to you to become a member of our great organization. The Boomer Booster Club is a volunteer organization established to promote excellence, pride, and good sportsmanship among the student body and the community. Our primary purpose is to get students, parents, coaching staff and the community involved in programs to improve Toledo area sports. Our organization also allows families and schools to merge their efforts in building an athletic program that can excel at any level.

The athletic programs in our schools offers all students an outstanding opportunity. Academic excellence, sportsmanship, competition and personal improvement are the common goals of the school’s administration, coaching staff and your Boomer Booster Club.

Fund raising is a major and necessary part of what we do. The growth and success of our organization depends greatly on the success of fund raising abilities. Funding is necessary to purchase awards, supplies, equipment, uniforms, and capital items. We raise funds through membership, concessions and at various athletic events. Every year the Boomer Booster Club provides thousands of dollars to Toledo area athletic programs and our organization has proven to be a strong buffer during these volatile economic times.

We are now asking for your support. The sense of accomplishment you receive by becoming a member of this great organization will let everyone know you have stepped up to the plate and became a true team player.

Please feel free to come and join us. Our meetings are at 7:00 a/m each Friday at the Timber restaurant located on South Main Street. Go BOOMERS.

Jerry Pryor

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Jan 162013

It had to be a heart breaker for the Toledo High School Boomers last night at an away game at Chemawa Indian School in North Salem last night. In their 3-A contest with Chemawa, the Boomers were trailing 53-50 with one second left. When 6-foot 3 Boomer David Ammons got an inbound pass from Jackson Cross at the baseline, Ammons let it fly nearly full court to the basket and it banked in.

Unfortunately the shot was deemed no good because no shot can count if it’s made with less than three seconds, unless it’s off a tip. However, it’s a great watch. Our thanks to Joe and Cara Ammons for the video.

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Jan 032013

755 NE Sturdevant, Toledo, Thursday evening

Friday morning update: Fire officials determined the cause of the fire was accidental; it was started on a downstairs chair.

Toledo Firefighters were called to a home on NE Sturdevant on a report that the basement area was full of heat and smoke. They pulled up to find that whatever was burning was doing it in a fairly air tight area, so although the heat was intense and caused damage, the flames never left the basement area.

Two teenagers, who were home alone at the time, evacuated themselves along with the family dog. Unfortunately the family parakeet upstairs succumbed to smoke inhalation. Damage in the downstairs basement area was considerable. There was light smoke damage upstairs throughout the remainder of the home. Power was ordered cut to the home so the teens and their parents are not able to live there until repairs to the home can be made. The Red Cross was called in and have found the family temporary quarters for at least the next few days.

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